Lust and Horny
I arrive home late from the office, when I go to the bedroom, I'm surprised as Heather walks out of the bathroom, She is wearing one of my dress shirts unbuttoned and no panties. God she looks so hot and sexy and I immediately feel my cock getting hard. Heather looks at me startled as I rip my clothes off, I grab her pulling the shirt off and throwing her on the bed. She is moaning into my mouth as her body is pressed back into the bed. My hands pinning hers above her head as I kiss her hard and deep. Whimpering as my tongue thrusts into her mouth again and again, the feel of my teeth bruising her lips.

I growl into her lips as my hands slide down her arms. she shivers and opens her eyes to see me watching her intently... my eyes dark and demanding. One hand wraps around the back of her head, tangling in her long hair as I wrap it around my fist. I pull her head back slowly while my other hand slides down her body. Rough fingers caress her shoulder, her neck. I lower my head and graze my teeth over the line of her neck as my hand slides lower. She gasps as I palm her breast and bite gently on her neck. " Mmmmm God I love the feel of you over my body like this." She whispers. She strokes her fingers through my hair raking her nails lightly over my bare shoulders to grip my upper arms. She reaches up and tugs my head back up to her mouth, groaning in excitement as I respond by crushing her with a kiss, my hands tightening on her body. " I love that baby, I love the feel of you holding me tight like you are afraid I might try to escape." She whimpers.

She nips at my bottom lip and I growl deep in my chest... a promise, a warning. The sound that makes her heart race and her body tremble. My hand slides lower, slowly, deliberately. I want her to know exactly what I have planned for her as I slide it over her stomach and push it between her thighs. My hand gripping the inside of her thigh and forcing her legs open. " God I am so wet baby. I know what is coming next. I can barely breath for wanting that first touch so much. Mmmmmm." She whispers. I part her thighs and bite her shoulder a bit roughly, making her arch into my hand. I slide my mouth over her skin and suck her nipple into my mouth, grazing it with my teeth.

She cries out " Oh God..John..YYYeeesss," then looks down to see me sucking on her nipple watching her face intently. As she looks at me, my eyes narrow and I slowly slide one thick strong finger between her wet pussy lips. She is so wet, I make a satisfied rumbling noise around the breast in my mouth and rub my finger harder, deeper into her pussy. Her hands gripping my arms. My hand tightens in her hair, drawing her head back as I slowly slide my fingers between her lips, circling the opening of her pussy, pressing slightly, but not letting her have more. She parts her legs further, whimpering my name, begging, pleading, " John please, please..." She starts to hump her pussy against m hand. I know what she wants, I raise my head looking her directly in the eyes while I slide my finger in deeper.

" Oh god baby that feels so good," She moans low in her throat almost a growl. I press harder then pull out and penetrate her again hard and rough. She bites her lower lip and hangs on to me. " Oh Baby..I want you." My mouth clamps down on her other breast, sucking hard, demanding more as my finger fucks her slowly and deep. She is drenching my hand and whimpering beneath me. " Oh Baby I need..I want you inside me..please..please." I bite and her pussy tightens on my finger making me grin evilly. I slide up and griping the back of her head in my hand turning her for a nice hard kiss. I suck and bite on her lips as she begs me for more. " Oh God..please..please..fuck me."
I keep fingering her while I fuck her mouth with my tongue.

" Mmmmmmm god that is so good. You know I like having my mouth and pussy taken at the same time." She whimpers. It makes me want more and I slide my finger out as she whimpers. Then I press two fingers into her, spreading her pussy wider. She is bucking beneath me, " I like that so much. God baby you know how wet I am right now." I deepen the kiss, so much she can barely breath and I press my fingers deeper enjoying her small whimper. She tenses because I'm being a bit rough and the pain almost overwhelms the pleasure. Her pussy drenches me, and she thrusts her pussy back on my hand. Her nails are digging into my arms as I say " Mmmmm such a good girl. You like that don't you baby, you like getting taking nice and deep?" I smile as she whimpers "Yes!"

Heather hears me say " I know you do baby. Mmmm such a good little fuck. I am going to enjoy every inch of you" I thrust my fingers harder once, twice, before pulling out suddenly. She thrashes beneath me and I tell her " Look at me!" My hands tightening in her hair forcing her face to mine. " Open your eyes Heather and look at me!" She opens her eyes slowly and gaze up at me... I look at her, her lips red and wet from my kiss, her eyes wide and pleading. I slide my two wet fingers in her mouth. She moans around them and let's me watch her suck on them. " mmmmmm." I growl deep and lean in closer my lips brushing her ear. " That's so fucking slutty, you sucking my fingers like that. I am going to find out just how much you can take baby."

I hold her head... my lips inches away from her lips and stare intently at her as my hand pushes between her legs again. She gazes into my eyes and gasps as she feels me pressing... pressing. My hand tightens on her hair holding her as I press into her pussy.
I rumble low in my chest " Give it to me Heather." She moans parting her legs wider....
" aaaaaahhhhhhh..aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh." I take that as an invitation and force my three fingers in stretching her out. She is soooo wet and still too tight. She gasps, forgets to breath, then cries out beneath me. " Oh God..John..OMG..John..please..please."
Opening her eyes she sees me watching my fingers pressing into her. Mmmm that gets her so horny.

I hear her groan and I turn to stare at her face. " oooohhhh..aaaaahhhhhh..aaaaahhhhh."
Leaning down I thrust hard, almost lifting her hips off the bed. She buries her face in the side of my neck as I slide up and whisper roughly in her ear " I am going to fuck you so hard, Heather. I am going to make you pay for being such a fucking tease." I'm fucking her roughly, my three fingers pushing as deep as I can while I hold her down by her hair. She whimpers, starting to beg me as I just keep thrusting over and over... She is imagining how it is going to feel when it is my big cock inside her. " God I want you deeper."

" Baby, please, please take me. I need you to fuck me please.... Oh GOD." Biting my shoulder, nails running down my back, begging me with her lips, her words, her body. Her pussy milking my fingers and I smile. I know she wants it so bad. " John, pleaseeeeee!" Again and again I'm fingering her... getting her ready. " You want it Heather? Tell me..."
" YES, John please! I want you, I want you to fuck me please!" She is struggling beneath me trying to pull my hand up so she can have what she wants. I growl and pull my fingers free. " uuuuuuhhhhhh..uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh..aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh."
She cries out in protest, " Oh John..No..No John," as I flip her over on her stomach and I pin her down and lift her hips to get her right where I want her. My hands are tight on her hips, finger tips digging into her soft flesh, as she feels the head of my cock sliding up and down an instances before I thrust forward taking her in one hard thrust.

" Oh God," She screams the instant before I yank her head back turning it slightly to me.
Slamming her harder with each thrust I then force my wet fingers in her mouth. She hears me say " Mmmmm such a beautiful woman, with my fingers in your mouth. You like the taste of your pussy on my fingers?" She nods yes and mumbles around my wet fingers shoved deep in her mouth. She is shivering beneath me, her pussy trembling around my cock as I thrust deeper. I never pull back as much as just relax then try to shove farther into her cunt. I shove my fingers roughly into her mouth, rubbing the rough pad of my index finger back and forth over her tongue. I like the way that looks and so I pull my cock all the way out of her pussy and then penetrate her hard, driving all 9 inches to the hilt. She cries out, " oh my god," my fingers in her mouth muffling the scream. I do it again, hard, rough, dominating her. I press deep, rubbing the pad of my finger over her tongue, my cock buried to the hilt in her trembling pussy, I press my lips to her ear and whisper gruffly, " If you scream like that again I am not going to be able to control myself baby and I might hurt you."

I hear a bit of fear in her gasp and see her eyes go wide in surprise as she wonders if this is me in control, what would happen if I lost control? I hold her gaze, knowingly, warningly, as I slowly slide my cock out of her pussy an inch at a time. She knows what is coming and still can't prepare for it. I slide my fingers from her mouth and wrap my hand around her jaw holding her face and bracing my other arm by gripping the iron head board above her. I press my hand into the side of her hair cupping her face, gently kissing her lips as I slide my cock up and down her slit.

I freeze and grip her hair tighter. I hold her face where our lips are touching each other. I lick her lips slowly then suddenly my entire body tenses and my nine inch long cock slams home again, hard, so hard. Heather gasping for air and loses the ability to breath an instance before she screams into my mouth. My hand roughly pushes through her hair as I wrap my arm around her neck. Pulling out and slamming into her again. She is struggling and finally collapses to the bed trying to retreat from the rough, hard thrusts, I'm riding her body down, pinning her to the bed. My arm around her neck arching her back a bit as I growl into her ear " DON'T move." Heather feels my cock growing harder as I slam deep inside her. I growl " UUuuuhhh..UUUuuuhhhh..AAAhhhhhh," as I explode shooting jets of hot cum inside her. She feels my cock jerking wildly filling her. She tries to remember how to breath and braces herself for the rest of the night, whimpering my name as a plea " John?! please..."

I have this dark side to me that she finds so intriguing. My green eyes and black and gray hair are her ideal, she is slowly adjusting to my sexaholic nature, and to the fact that I have six previous marriages, and that I stimulate her to new sexual experiences.
Our relationship is so intriguing and spontinous for her. Heather laid curled up on her side half asleep having recovered from our explosive sexual marathone. She realizes that I'm laying behind her stroking and massaging her bare ass as she lay there luxuriating in my touch. Her body is writhing in response to the stimulation, she slowly becomes aware of her surroundings. My hand is on her body, stroking, exploring. It slips over her legs, back and ass; lubricated by the sheen of sweat that the heat and our previous lovemaking had brought to her body.

I woke up early before Heather and slipped out of bed and the bedroom. Heather woke up and showered, dried and slathered herself with her best lotion and perfume. She found a skimpy little lace teddy in the top drawer of the nightstand next to the bed. Heather hears a small rap on the door. She is about to get up to open it when she hears my voice said, " Stay where you are. I'm coming in." Heather hears my footsteps approach the doorway to the master bedroom. " Lay on the bed face down and close your eyes." Heather did as she is commanded. Soon I'm grabbing her arms and forcing them behind her back. I tie her wrists together with a silk rope. My hands move swiftly up to her head jerking her neck back by pulling her hair and then tying a scarf around her eyes. " What a good lover. Are you ready for lovemaking again? " I jerk the lace teddy up and between Heather's ass cheeks making her shriek. " You like that don't you?"

My visual tour of her body makes me very horny again. I see, she is anxious and irritated by the situation, laying with her legs spread slightly as she impatiently rolls her hips from side to side. I can’t resist the sight of her sexy curves in the nude, and my cock swelling under my towel as my primal urges draw me to her. As she is laying there, she didn’t notice me standing near the bed. Heather draws in a surprised breath at the sudden feel of my hands caressing her legs. I crawl onto the bed sliding between her spread legs, she relaxes as I lay my body on top of her. Pressing my body aganist her, my hands laying on her shoulders as my lips caresses her neck.

I slid my hands slowly down the side of her ribs, then cup her breasts firmly and feel her lean into my touch. I kiss the nape of her neck and along the top of her shoulder, savoring the light scent of her perfume. My senses now aroused and inspired, I trace my lips over the soft smooth warmth of her shoulder and back up her neck. Kissing up her neck, I whisper deeply, " Mmmm, I love how sexy you are nude." She giggles softly and settles back into me, then turns her head to side, and our lips met in a deep passionate kiss.
My fingertips rub lightly over her nipples, causing them to harden. Our tongues tease and play between our lips, and she feels the bulge of my rock hard cock pressing against her ass from under my towel.

I raise my body off of her, kneeling between her legs, I slid one hand down to her thigh, then reach over the smooth warmth of her inner thigh and massage my hand up below her pussy, seeking the heat of her passion. My fingertips traces over her swelling pussy lips, and my palm lightly rubbing over her mound, pressing over her aroused clit. Feeling the heat of her lust building and the tingling pulse of desire for more. I untie her hands and remove the blindfold, then I whisper " stand up, lean aganist the wall. Looking into her eyes I see the gleam of her passion aroused, and know that her impatiences is weakened by her ache of desire. She feels the warm pleasure from my touch, and her smile widens as she glances down at my hard cock for her under the towel. With a mischievious grin I reach out and grasp her hands in mine, quickly pulling her closer to me, then wrapping her hands behind her back I slid my grip up firmly around her wrists. Restraining her hands against the curve of her back, I draw her against my chest and said " I’m not teasing."

My lips press firmly over hers, quieting her brief attempt to protest. I feel her relax and push her luscious breasts and mound against me as she returns my kiss, first tentatively lingering over my lips, then more anxiously playing her tongue against mine. I release her hands from my grip, and she quickly reaches up behind my neck and run her fingers through my hair as our passionate kisses wander from our lips, exploring each others flushed cheeks and neck. I reached down and slip my hands to firmly massage and squeeze the warm curves of her ass, then pulling her closer against me and pressing my hard towel-covered cock up against her stomach. I playfully run my finger down and up the crack of her ass and rubbing my hard cock against her moistened pussy, causing her to break our kiss with a surprised squeal and laughter.

Nuzzling down her neck, I reach around her then caress my hands over her hips. Massaging and spreading her firm ass cheeks, I hear her gasp as I lightly tease my fingertip over the rim of her ass. She lean into me, pressing her cheek against my bare chest, slightly bending and spreading her legs to invite my exploring fingers further between her legs. I slowly rub my fingers beyond the rim of her ass, and I hear her gasp again as I tease between her rim and the moistness of her pussy. I continue to slowly massage my fingers back and forth between her pussy and the rim of her ass, spreading her wetness, listening to her draw her breath in as she feels the pressure of my fingers tease between the warm wet folds of her swollen pussy lips. She urgently presses her mound against my thigh, rubbing against her clit while she slowly gyrates and pushes her pussy against my hand, encouraging my fingers deeper into the heat of her velvet aching hole.

I feel her heat and wetness as I slide my fingers deeper into her, and begin a slow rhythmic pumping motion, slightly stirring my fingers inside her slippery pussy as I glide them in and out, feeling her squeezing her pussy around my fingers. Gradually increasing the rhythm, I feel the slippery wetness of her juices flow over my fingers and hand. her wetness spreads over her swollen pussy lips, and I hear her breathing quicken as she moans softly, pressing her lips against my chest. She kisses across my chest to my nipple, circling and licking my nipple with her tongue. Pulling the towel from my waist, she pushes her hand between our embrace and clasps the warmth of my long thick hard shaft, and reaching her other hand behind me to massage and squeeze my ass, then lightly runs her fingernails across my ass and over my back. I shiver at the feel of her nails raking lightly over my back, and my cock twitching and throbbing with pleasure in her hand as she massages and strokes it.

She feels the wetness of my pre-cum over her fingers, spreading it over my swollen cock, making my hardness slippery in her hand as she strokes and massages it.
She feels me ease my fingers out of her pussy, drawing in her breath sharply at the sudden loss, then feeling my wet fingertips trace between her legs, spreading her juices and wetting the rim of her ass. I slowly circle and press my finger against her rim and hear her purr, " Mmmm, that feels sooo good!" Then feel her push her ass back against the pressure of my finger, wanting to feel it inside her. Teasing, I slid my hand back over her pussy, massaging my fingers between her slippery lips. Soaking my fingers with her warm juices and spreading her wetness over the rim of her ass. Circling her asshole with my wet fingertip, I increase the pressure against her rim, and feel her fingernails trail across my back in response as she slids her hand down to strum over her aching clit.

Her grasp around my hard thick cock tightens and her slowing rhythm of her stroking as she presses her ass against the pressure of my finger. I hear her gasp softly and feel her shudder slightly as the tip of my slippery finger eases past her rim, pushing slowly into her tight ass. Feeling the warm pressure of my finger sliding inside her ass, she thrusts her fingers into her wet pussy, filling her with more desire. With a deep moan she presses her ass back further, relaxing and slowly easing my finger deeper into her. I slowly and gently pump my finger inside her ass, feeling the heat of her lust increasing as her shallow breathing quickens to the sensation of my motion inside her. My cock twitching and throbbing in her hand and she increases the rhythm of her stroking, spreading my pre-cum over my shaft. I massage over her breast with my other hand, squeezing her nipple, igniting tingles of pleasure. She pushes her fingers deeper into her pussy, savoring the sensation of my finger pumping in her ass as she thrusts her own fingers within her pussy.

Rapidly rubbing and bumping her palm against her clit, sending hot ripples of pleasure through her, as she felt the throbbing of my hard pre-cum moistened cock gliding within her other hand. I slid my hand from her breast and grasped a handfull of her hair to expose her shoulders and neck to my lips. Leaning down I kissed along her neck while I'm slowly stroking my finger in her ass, then pressing my lips against her ear and whispering " Mmm, your ass is sooo hot..I want to fuck your ass…do you want me to fuck your hot ass!" She moans softly, " Mmmhmm, no, not yet!" Squeezing her ass around my finger. Pulling her hair back, I kiss down her neck, then ease my finger out of her ass and hear her draw in her breath sharply with a pouty " Ooohh!" at the sudden loss. Sliding my hand back down over her sopping wet pussy, I interrupt her masturbation, and she responds by squeezing her pussy soaked hand around my cock. Then spreading her juices over my swollen cockhead and hard shaft as I tease her wetness over her puckered rim. Easing my slippery finger back into her asshole, I feel her relax and lean back into my chest, lightly groaning with pleasure as I gently stroke my finger deeper in her.

Her fingers return to pleasuring her pussy, and I feel her thrusting her fingers deeper into her hole as I whisper deeply, " I want to feel my cock in your pussy and ass!" She gasps " Oohh noooo, noooo…not yet!" I turn her around to face me, grabbing Heather pulling her tight aganist me, kissing her full lips and savoring her tongue as it darts in and out of my mouth. I lean down slowly feather kissing her neck, continuing down licking and sucking her tits and nipples. I carried Heather back to the bed laying her onto the bed. She spreads her legs open waiting to recieve me, I crawl between her legs rotating my hips on her wet pussy. She feels how hard my long thick cock is again. I laid my long thick hard cock on her stomach watching her reaction. Heather is whimpering and moaning softly, as I push the bulbous head aganist her hot wet pussy lips, sending shivers through her causing her to squirm.

I kiss her deeply, as our tongues dance and she licks my lips and moaning louder with lustful desire. I slowly ease my way down to her succulent tits, licking and sucking them. Her nipples are hard and I'm savor them for several minutes. She continues to squirm under me and I feel her lust is growing to a peak. I continue kissing my way to her stomach and she bends her legs at the knees opening herself up for what is to follow. Slowly, I lightly kiss and lick her uppermost inner thigh, then just above her pussy, then did the same on the other side. Her sighs and groans of lust and passion tell me she is enjoying my tongue, and then I slide it into her slit she cries out " OMG! OMG! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!" in lustful desire. I continue to work my lips and tongue up and down.

Then I begin probing in and out of her wet cunt, she is writhing and arching as
I rim around her asshole and she gasps, " OOOOOOHHHHHHhhhh!" Then my tongue enters her ass, " OMG! OMG!" is a signal she is enjoying this experience. Heather grips my head in her hands " OOOOOHHHHH! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" whimpering with lust as I tongue - fuck her sweet ass. I went on and on, not rushing the pleasure, she is heaving and bumping as I ate her luscious ass. Then I slowly trace a path up her crack to her swollen and tender clit and again she cries out " OMG! OMG! OOOOOOHHHHHH!" in pure lustful escasty. Reaching her swollen tender clit, I let my tongue swirl and twirl around and over that hard little button again anad again.

I slowly slide to her wet pussy, tongue fucking her then slidding back up to her clit, then take long slow slides with my tongue from her ass to her clit. Suddenly Heather grabs my head tightly holding on whispering, " oh babe! oh babe! that feels ssssoooo incredibly good. You're going to make me cum. You're driving me sooooo crazy. Ooooohhhhh! Oooooohhhhh! here it is......" Her cum splashs onto my face and mouth. I suck and swallow the sweet nector as she is screaming in orgasmic relief, " OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH! OOOOOOOOHHHHHH! OMG! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Her juicies are running down from her pussy and dampening the cheeks of her luscious ass. I slowly follow the sweet nector stream with my tongue licking her cum from around her tight asshole, then licking back and forth from her pussy to her sweet ass.
I slide up positioning the tip of my bulbous cock head on her vaginal mound, she gasps " OOOHHH!" then I press the head of my cock aganist the soft base of her cunt. Heather jerks and shivers from the feel of my hot hard cock pressing aganist her wet cunt. " Thighten that pussy Heather, let me feel your pussy gripping me telling me how much you want me to fuck you." I feel her muscles clamping down on my long thick hard cock seeking more of the thickness, I push further into her, stretching and scraping her, slowly easing the baseball bat thickness into her. Her wetness is helping to ease the feeling of the baseball bat being shoved into her. Heather gasps " OOOOOHHHH! She screams " OMG! JOHN! YOUR SO BIG! I LOVE YOUR BIG COCK"

She raises her hips up towards me, trying to pull me deeper into her. She is being split in two again as I push harder driving the thick shaft futher into her. " SSSSSSHHHHH! SSSSSSSSHHHHHH! I pull out of her, then thurst into her again, her pussy contracting again and again around my cock, desperatlely wanting to feel the full length and thickness of me seated deep in her. " Your pussy is tight Heather, a wet velvet box wrapped around my long thick hard cock. " Oh Baby! I must feel your pussy squeezing my cock, milking it. Tighten it up again Heather." I murmur. Heather tightens her sheath, feeling me sinking further into her, " OH! OMG! That throbbing long thick hard cock feels ssssssoooooo incredible." she screams. My fingers once again find her hard stiff nipples, pulling, twisting the sensitive nubs.

The action draws her attention away from her pulsating pussy, focusing her increasing arousal on her tingling nipples. I bring her attention back swiftly, slamming hard and deep into her with force, she loves the feeling. The thickness of my cock taking her breath away, the thickness and length filling her completely. I continue thrusting deep into her, not stopping until my balls are slapping up aganist her ass, WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP! my pubic hair rubbing aganist her. Then I stop, holding my position and letting her feel my cock throbbing and jerking aganist her walls. Every movement of my cock deep in her sets off a firestorm in Heather, her back arches and she pushs back with all her might, matching my position and feeling me grinding into her pussy.

" Squeeze, Heather, squeeze." I growl. She complies, squeezing me with everything she had, feeling as if she will push me out. I keep pushing into her, forcing my cock into her tight pussy. She didn't want me to stop what I was doing, didn't want my cock to withdraw from her. " Hmmm, Heather that feels good. I'm going to take your tight pussy again." I withdraw my cock halfway, rolling my hips and my cock around. Heather follows me, her hips seeking my thickness, not wanting to lose the warm contact between us.
I pull out further, leaving the tip of my cock just barely in her entrance. Heather tenses, waiting for me to come back. I grip her hips hard and slam into her, driving my cock home, displacing all the liquid in one quick swoosh. Heather gasps, " Ooooohhhh, OMG!" I feel her body jerk with the force of my thrust. I drive into her harder and deeper with each thrust, she responds moving with me, driving her hips up and forward to meet my thrusts.

Slamming the full length of my long thick cock into her like a pile driver, Heather moaning " Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh," her pelvic area grinding aganist me. Her body rocking with the force of each thrust. " Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM!" Heather clamping her mouth onto mine, darting her tongue in and out of my mouth as I did the same. Our tongues intertwined as the pace of our thrusting is fast paced. I feel her clinging to me, her arms wrapped around my back and her legs wrapped around my legs. Feeling her under me, my weight pinning her down. Soon her moans become soft squeals of pleasure. I keep up the fast tempo, ramming my hard cock into her repeatedly. I'm loving the feel of her around my cock. " OHHH! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH!" Heather screams as she pulls me tighter against her. She feels the flames of orgasm growing inside her, feels her body responding more and more to my attentions. "OMG! OMG! OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO" Heather screaming as I thrust harder and deeper into her tight pussy.

" OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Heather screaming as her body is writhing from multiple orgasms. Her entire body trembling, pushing me over the edge as well. " Oh God!!" I moan as I begin shooting my load into her. She is still in the throes of her own orgasms as she feels the heat of my sperm filling her. The throbbing of my cock inside her causes her to groan as her orgasms begin abating. I hold myself in her until I had emptied all my cum, only then did I release her. Dropping down to lay on the bed. Heather collapses down as I release her, gasping hard for breath. I push myself up off the bed. Heather stares up at me, her breasts rising and falling as she breathes. I reach down, running my hand down her one long slender leg. Sliding my fingers along her soft skin, up her thigh. I brush my fingers over her ass, slowly cupping them around it.

Feeling the flesh of her buttocks, squeezing it firmly. God I love her ass, had loved it since seeing her the first time. I would watch her, staring at her ass. The shape, in her skirts and jeans. Ever since she started flirting with me. I had been fantasing about her ass. Now I was feeling it, rubbing it with my hands. I instruct her to lay on her stomach with one leg curled up and one leg out straight. I came up behind her, sat on her leg that was out straight and positioned my hard cock right at her asshole. I said, " This position will allow easy penetration then I will fuck you hard doggy style."

As I start to push my cock into her ass she easily accepts the first two inches. As we got to the thicker part of my cock, her asshole resists. She is feeling stretched, It feels like a baseball bat is driving up her ass as I continue to push and pull back and push again, each time gaining a millimeter at a time." OOOOOWWW, its soo big, please slowly stick it into my ass", she whimpers. I push harder and Heather's anus gives up to the assualt and opens to the thick shaft. " AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWWW, its tearing me, take it out, don't push it in," she yells. " You only got two inches, wait until you get all 9 inches fucked up your ass. You are going to be stretched." I push another inch in, than out. The next thrust gains four inches, than back out.

I pulled my cock out to the head and than begin the journey back up her ass. My cock is gripped tightly by her ass.I begin to fuck her ass hard and fast, riding her. My cock thrusting into her deeper each time, causing her to cramp as it is forced to accept my hard cock. Each stroke of my cock brings a mixture of pain and pleasure to her ass. Heather feels my cock swelling as I thrust into her, I groan as I explode in her. My hot cum flowing like lava in her. I collapse on top of her breathing hard in her ear. Heather is shivering and moaning as I pull out. After a few minutes both of us got to shower and dress to go out for breakfast.
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