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Introduction into bestiality
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It was a warm summers evening , we we’re sitting in the back garden drinking and listening to the radio, a random mix of oldies playing while the sun lowered in the sky, leaving some long shadows running across the lawn, I was just about to get up and get another drink when Karen said she needed the toilet, I leant over with my glass and said while you’re in there gimme a top up, she gave me a rolling eye kind of face like to say as usual. As she walked up the garden across the lawn, the sun shone through her dress allowing me to see the outline of her legs up to her curvy ass, as the dress was swinging from side to side from her hips.

I felt a twitch in my cock as I thought about her walking up the garden naked. I looked around and saw a neighbour packing the lawn mower in the shed and letting the dog have a run round the garden in as the shadows grew longer.

As Karen came back out the kitchen with drinks in hand I marvelled at her body as she walked toward me, her tits bouncing with the motion of her walking, I could see her nipples through the lightweight material of her summer dress, as she offered me my glass of wine, I stroked her breast and ran the tip of my fingers over her stiff nipple. She smiled a little but tutted, and pushed my hand away, as she sat down, I took a sneaky peak between her legs, in the fading sunlight I was able to make out she was wearing white lacy panties.

Mm I said …. Sexy white lacy panties hey …. Nice! She parted her legs and flashed them at me, my cock twitched again. I couldnt take my eyes off her sexy legs. Every time she moved I was getting a bit of show of her pussy hiding behind those panties.

I lowered my seating position on my garden lounger to optimise the view, while chatting about nothing in particular. I sat there peeping up her skirt and staring at her tits getting more and more horny.

The sun was pretty much below the skyline of the houses now and shadows had given way to dusk, thus making my peeping too difficult, It was good while it lasted I thought and hoped she would give me a peep later in the conservatory when the evening chill made us retreat into the warm later.

I noticed the dog next door had now settled down and was not running up and down the garden anymore, the birds were starting to sing the evening song whilst getting ready to roost and the occasional twit twoo of an owl echoed through the wooded area behind the garden.

We were chatting quietly as not to disturb any other neighbours enjoying the late summers night in the garden when I heard a few low moans from next door , followed by a few more noises,
I looked around but couldnt see anything,
I moved my head a peeked over the fence, I saw the neighbour on her lounger .
I could only see her head and shoulders but she looked asleep, her eyes closed and her head slightly leaning to one side, as I was just about to look away I hear those low moans again, it was her, she must have been dreaming I thought, as I turned away and took a swig of wine from the glass as I focused on Karen’s tits again ….. the moans from next door were more audible now and becoming more frequent,

I pushed myself up to see over the fence again to make sure she was ok and I got the shock of my life, her dress was hitched up over her waist and Bruno , her dog was nuzzling her pussy area. I beckoned to Karen to look and put my fingers on my lips to tell her to stay quiet.

she stood up and looked over the fence , her eyes grew wide in shock as she saw the dog sniffing his way in between her legs, as we watched , she let out a more noisier moan , which had a very sexual hint about it, we looked at each other , giggled slightly and continued to stare over the fence.

The more Bruno nuzzled her pubic area , she more she moaned, then amazingly her legs parted slightly , allowing Bruno more access to her area , I realised that she must be enjoying the attention of his tongue, and saw that she had no knickers on , Bruno was licking her pussy and the way he was going at it, he was enjoying it too.

Her moans were now frequent and intense, I could hear the dogs tongue lapping at her pussy lips. She twisted slightly and again her legs opened further, she was almost hanging off the lounger and for the first time this evening the security light in the garden the other side of hers was triggered by some movement in the garden. I realised our light may start doing the same so I went inside to override the switch so it stayed on.

I quietly raced back to the patio area where Karen had moved to get a better view, I stood behind her , getting a perfect view of the neighbours now lit up pussy as her dog licked her out, we could hear the noise of his tongue licking the entire length of her cunt. I could see her chest rising and falling quickly as her breathing is getting more intense.... hes gonna make her cum I whispered to Karen she just nodded and watched Bruno perform oral sex on his owner.

I was getting hornier by the second , I put my hand on Karen’s arse and felt her round buttocks in those sexy white panties, I leant forward and cupped her tit in my hand as I gave her ass a quick squeeze, I put my hand up her skirt and fondled her ass reaching under and between her legs , to my surprise she was warm and wet, the dog licking show had turned her on and she was already juicing up her own pussy.

I pressed her pussy through her wet knickers she gave a little moan, which I took as a green light to keep going, I reached in from the side and immediately felt the heat from her hot wet cunt, she was really turned on. I stepped behind her fully , put both hands on either side of her panties and pulled them down ….. as I got them to below her knees she kicked herself out of them

I grabbed them and brought them to my face, her wet gusset smelled so nice I sucked her juices from it.

I pulled up her dress above her waist and slid my hand between her legs, her pussy was so hot and flooded with her own juices, my fingers probed her feeling her juices covering my hand , I was rock had and my cock was struggling to get out , I undid my zipper, grabbed her hand and made her reach backwards, as soon as she felt it she started to wank me as I finger fucked her hot cunt hole, I parted her now very swollen pussy lips to reveal her clit to the cool evening air, she moaned as we wanked each other while we watched Bruno lick his owners pussy like his life depended on it,

he made her moan much louder now and her hips thrust upwards, we could see his tongue forcing itself into her dripping hole , her legs are spread as wide as they can possibly go, her fists clenching on to the lounger as Bruno eagerly lapped up the juices freely running from her, her moans were loud and heavy and with every lick , Bruno was bringing her closer and closer to her moment of ecstasy ,

Karen was frantically wanking my cock as I rubbed her big round swollen clit , her pussy was smothered with her wetness and her breathing was heavy. I could feel my balls stirring , wanting to shoot my load , I sensed all three of us were ready to cum so I kept rubbing and probing Karen’s pussy as she hand fucked me as we watched Bruno perfom the kinkiest sex show I had ever seen.

Our neighbour had now got her hands on either side of her faithful friends head and forcing his hot tongue even more inside her as she thrust her pussy as far into the air and started to scream, she was cumming loudly, her head thrashing about, her legs shaking as her whole body convulsed in an orgasmic explosion. Her pussy could hold back no longer and her juices flooded out of her like a river as Bruno drank her like he was dying of thirst.

I could take no more, my balls were ready to shoot my spunk out, my belly cramped, my legs shaking uncontrollably as I felt the feeling building deep inside my body …. I rubbed Karen’s clit with great enthusiasm as I began to groan out loud,

I could feel Karen’s orgasm building as I probed her cunt and spread her pussy wide. I couldn’t take any more as my cock spurted cum all over Karen’s hand and on her ass as I started to feel her pussy muscles start to pulsate , her whole body started to shake , she let out a stifled orgasmic release of moans and deep breaths as her pussy exploded of joyous orgasmic convulsions … my cock had by now finished shooting its load out of me as Karen let go and steadied herself by grabbing on to the fence with both hands as her whole body pulsated to the rhythm of her explosive orgasm, I begin to slow down with the rhythm and release the pressure on her clit as her cum subsided, I feel her whole body shudder and she slumped backward,

I guided her onto the lounger and slumped down on mine, we were sitting there in silence not able to speak for what seems to be minutes , my breathing still heavy and Karen’s pussy still exposed and wet as she tried to gain her composure. She wiped her spunky hand on her dress as she pulled it down, straightened it out, her legs still trembling.

How fucking hot was that I say,

She nodded her head and said how much the neighbour seemed to enjoy Bruno’s long tongue. We agreed and I peeped over the fence just enough to see her walking back to her back door with Bruno pacing round the garden, poor dog probably thought he was gonna get a fuck after all that action.

As we were still getting over what had just happened , I started to wonder whether Karen would enjoy a dog licking, I wondered whether I could get Bruno over here and see what happens , I got up and walked toward the fence and called Bruno in more of a whisper his ears pricked up and walked to toward me , I offered my hand towards his snout that was a few minutes ago rubbing Karen’s pussy , as soon as he sniffed the aroma of her pussy on my hand his tongue started licking my fingers.

I lifted the fence panel up and called him through the gap. His taste for pussy too great a temptation, I said to Karen, Bruno’s come to say hello, she looked at me and said I dont think so , I said lets see what he wants . I reached between her legs and smotherered my hand again with her cum juice, fuck off she said slamming her legs tight on my hand, I pull my hand free as Bruno sat patiently
waiting for more of his favourite drink.

He started licking my fingers again and as soon as its all gone he started sniffing to find the source of the juices. He sniffed my crotch and moved on over to Karen, within seconds his snout is sniffing her crotch ,

She pushed him away and said piss off Bruno you dirty dog, haven’t you had enough pussy for one night.

obviously not I gigglegand said go on, I dare you to let him have a lick and I will fuck you in the house straight after. She protested and pushed Bruno away again, im gonna get me a drink she said.

as she got up Bruno jumped up and probed his snout into her pussy area again, she dodged it and walked towards the house , Bruno followed closely sniffing at the back of her skirt and gave an optimistic lunge with his tongue up at her ass. Behave Bruno she giggled , she couldn’t help find it a little funny, Bruno sat by the door like a faithful friend waiting for her to come back outside.

Sure enough as soon as she appeared, he followed her back to the patio area, every now and again having a sniff and trying to find the pussy juice with is tongue, as she bent over to put her glass on the table , Bruno took a shooting lick up the back of her dress , she moaned,

Bruno! behave she said but his second lick was already in motion , she stood frozen as his third thrusting tongue shot hit the sweet spot, holy fuck , she said , that is amazing!

Really? I said

his tongue instinctively kept thrusting up at her arse and pushing through to her pussy hole her legs were as tight as she could get them but his tongue still mananged to get through her tight tensed up ass, she couldnt help but enjoy the feeling of the his tongue pushing into the crack of her ass and search for the wetness that lay just beyond. Stop him she said to me , I smiled as I looked at him keeping his tongue firing at her , everytime he licked her, her whole body stiffened up, but as much as she tried to resisit , Bruno was getting a taste of her juices.

I said , does it feel nice , yes she said but I don’t think I should let him, I said why not, you just saw how good a job he did over next door,
all this time the dog paid full attention to Karen’s naked arse and incessantly searched for more delicious drink,

the feel of his hot rough, but wet smooth long tongue sliding into her most private place was feeling better with every lick , she began to want the tongue to go further , her body was overriding her brain, her sexual arousal was telling her to bend over further while her brain was saying stay tight, the dog continued pushing his tongue further into the top of her legs , his tongue lapping upwards and pushing her legs slightly apart,
she moaned as his tongue managed to push slightly into her wet hole, oh fuck , that is so fucking nice she thought , she stopped clenching her muscles and just let the dog have an unrestricted lick,
he didnt need a second invitation as his snout parted her ass cheeks a little more and poked his tongue to get a good drink of her. She gasped and held on to the table. Omg she said that is unbelievably nice, I noticed a she had bent slightly down and seperated her legs to alllow him further access.

By this time my cock was getting hard again as I watch Bruno pleasure Karen’s pussy so expertly.
I need to sit down she said , so I adjusted the lounger in a way that she could get into the same position as the neighbour .

As she turned and sat down Bruno readjusted and insisted on more pussy, but this time Karen didnt fight the intrusion. He legs were slightly apart and I could see her wetness growing with every lick, she breathed heavily and lay back as Bruno worked his way into her pussy even further.

her hands and arms were raised above her covering her eyes , perhaps this was the way of detaching herself from what she was allowing happen to her, her desire for more of his tongue grew with every lick , her legs fell wide apart and Bruno for the first time could get a full lick, she moaned loudly as his tongue slid up from her asshole, into her pussy hole and curling up catching her clit as he drank her juices, I could see her swollen pussy lips wide apart and her blood engorged clit exposed to the full onslaught of Bruno’s tongue .

Bruno was licking her at a constant speed that was building in her some intense, feelings of desire, something more than she'd ever felt before , she was lost in her world of sexual awakening, her chest heaving erratically and her hips bucking forward in a thrusting motion as if begging for the tongue quicker and quicker , her moans ever increasing in volume and her hot gash begging for as much tongue as Bruno could give her.

I looked down and saw Bruno’s dick had slightly emerged from his sheath, his bright pink tip protruding outward.

Obviously all this licking had made the dog horny too. My cock was raging hard but I wanted to see Karen be licked to an orgasm before I cum again. I could see by the way she was pushing her legs as wide as she could that her moment of ecstasy was going to start building up soon , she grabbed Bruno the same way the neighbour did , hands both sides of his head and forcing his snout right into her pussy, she could feel his tongue ramming up her curling up and dragging her juices out of her.

She was the wettest that I had ever seen her and her wanton pleasure over coming her usual reserved nature. She wanted the dog to lick her longer and harder than she'd ever been licked before, I could see she was fucking his tongue frantically desperate now to feel the intense orgasm building deep inside her, she was grinding her pussy hard into bronos eager tongue and bringing her ever closer to ecstasy, she could no longer smother her moans and began to allow her body to fully experience the pleasure of Bruno’s tongue fucking orgasm as it builds uncontrollably within her,

her body was convulsing , her stomach being sucked in under her ribs as the convulsions took over her whole body , she screamed I saw her pussy hole contract tightly around Bruno’s tongue as her orgasm smashed into her body and the wave of pleasure took her to a sexual place she had never been before , her screams of pleasure echoed across the garden as her body experienced wave after wave of orgasmic explosions , her pussy gushed out a wave of cunt cum and Bruno enjoyed as much as he could, slowly the waves become less intense and Karen’s body slowly relaxed into a slump on the lounger.

I pulled Bruno away and sat in front of Karen to give her time to recover from her oral fucking. Her body was still heaving breathlessly as she lays there exhausted.

How fucking hot was that? I ask for the second time tonight. Karen responds saying very, that was the best tonguing orgasm I’ve ever had, a dogs tongue in designed perfectly for licking pussy she said.

I want to fuck u now, I said , and she responded by saying gimme me some time to recover im exhauseted , disappointed I stroke my cock in my trousers and get to thinking, if it works for a woman , it might work for a man, I reach down and sweep my hand over the lounger where Karen just shot her pussy cum , pulled my cock out and smothered it in her juices, here Bruno I whispers , as I lay down on the lounger , sure enough , Bruno started lapping away at my cock , I pulled down my trousers and let Bruno go to work, he licked away at my balls for a few seconds and then came back to the head of my cock, I was so turned on I began to wank myself off while he licked me randomly all around my groin.

Karen looked up and said you kinky fucker as she watched intently as Bruno licked my cock . I need some more pussy juice I said, come here and rub some of your cum over my cock, she got up and smothered her juices from her pussy over my cock and balls, Bruno continued to lick me while Karen took over from my hand and wanked me,

within seconds my balls were contracting and I could feel the spunk being forced from them and moving through my body, I tell Karen not to stop as I am about to explode, I could feel my cum racing from my balls and up the shaft of my cock as I breathlessly tried to control my moans . I thrust my hips forward as I shot my spunk out the head of my cock all over Bruno’s snout, the next lot shot all over Karen’s hand an Bruno immediately started licking my spunk of her hand and his snout, I relaxed back as my orgasm faded and my cock softened , Karen got up and wiped her hand on her dress. She passed me a glass of wine as I allowed Bruno to clean the last bits of cum off my cock before pulling up my truousers and doing my zipper.

That was fucking hot Karen says , I giggle …. yeah I agree, dogs can do good things with their tongues .

Bruno was pacing around the garden looking lost, the poor dog’s cock still sticking out of its sheath . aww I said poor dogs needs to cum himself now. Karen said, give him a wank then, hes just given you one. I said do you think u can wank a dog ? I dunno she said , give it a try , It is a shame for the poor thing, his done everyone esle a favour.

I called Bruno over and started stroking his back and patting him slowly moving my hand closer and closer to his sheath , tentatively I touch it and he begins to pant an lick his lips,

I need the loo Karen said as she got up and picked up the glasses , refill ? She asked … why not I laughed, u keep Bruno happy and ill bring the drinks , she said

I awkwardly stroked Bruno’s sheath and slowly his cock popped out further , by the time Karen came back with the drinks he was panting with his tongue out and his cock had grown to a bigger size than I thought he had. I was surprised and wondered how it all fitted in the sheath when soft .

Bruno seems to be enjoying it I said, Karen smiled and said yes , keep going, I wanna see him cum.

I stroke him further and tentatively reached for the unsheathed part of his dick, he jumped a little so I let go and stroked his sheath again. The next time I touched him I was much softer and he didnt jump , I began to stroke it as I would my own and he responded by panting heavy ….
I was wanking Bruno , his cock was getting really big now and the tip of his cock was leaking precum , I reached out to the tip and rubbed the silky smooth juice over his cock until he was wet enough to wank with a full hand, the more I stroked him the more stuffed dripped out of him,

As I continued to wank him I noticed Karen put her hand up her skirt, she started rubbing her pussy as I slowly massaged Bruno’s cock to its full size, Karen’s eyes was focused on his big doggie cock , she was only lightly playing with her pussy as I think she wanted to see him shoot before she made herself cum. I was also getting turned on again, with the knowledge I was doing something very taboo and that we were all getting pleasure out of it , I did feel a bit naughty but the heat of the moment was overpowering my brain , I wanted to wank this big doggie cock , and watch him cum, I wanted him to cum over Karen.

I said to Karen............ his juice is warm and slippery , let him stand over you and drip it on your clit while u rub it, you think I should? , yeah I said it’ll feel great , after about 30 seconds Karen slid off her lounger and pushed her body under him and pulling her dress up so she was naked from the waist dawn, Bruno was oblivious to what was going on now he was in his own sex world , his cock dripping , as if preparing his cock to enter a pussy , as Karen lay under him I aimed the drips on top her fingers as she slowly circled her clit with her fingers, as soon as she felt the warm silky cock juice sliding over her clit , she groaned out load , mmmmmm fuck that is nice she said , I dripped more on her clit and slit , and used my free hand to massage it into her pussy mound , I could tell she was enjoying it when she said , finger fuck me …. I need something inside me , I obliged happily ,

I first started with one finger and pushed in and out, she was less wet that she was earleir so I put my hand upto Bruno’s cock and got some drips of his cock juice, smothered it round my fingers and started fingering her again, as I inserted two fingers into her and them upwards towards her g spot, she groaned with intense pleasure again, I began making my wanking hand and fingering at the same pace, Bruno’s panting was getting faster and Karen’s pussy was getting wetter , I pushed my fingers deep into her and massaged her g spot harder , she moaned as her body spasmed involuntary with sheer ecstasy, I hadnt realised just how close Bruno’s cock was to Karen’s wet cunt , they were literally a few inches apart,

I moved my hand over Bruno’s cock , and gently pulled him closer to her pussy mound , he was dripping his dog juice directly onto her pussy and fingers as she teased herself, I continued fingering her and wanking Bruno when she looked at me and said I want to feel his cock, she reached under his belly and grabbed his cock and caressed it while I continued to play with them both, with her eyes full of wanton lust she said I want it in me, I want Bruno to fuck me, I want his cock , help him get in me, make him fuck me.

I wasted no time, I opened her pussy with my fingers and gently guided Bruno’s cock near to her tunnel of lust , he must have sensed he was gonna start fucking because he started thrusting randomly, on two occasions he got close but didnt quite make it into her pussy entrance.

push your ass up I told her and as she did I forced a couple of cushions under her ass. That was a much better angle and I brought him closer and pressed his tip into her slippery gash his cock dripping his juices directly into her hot waiting hole , his big cock pushed at the entrance to her waiting cunt, he’s a big boy I said , I know she said I want to feel that big cock fuck me , instinctively Bruno thrust his cock forward, he was the biggest cock she had ever had and struggled to accept it at first , but with a few more thrusts he was opening her up.

her hands were pulling her lips apart helping him to get inside her, his thrusts got harder and firmer and stabbed at her waiting pussy, as she felt his cock force her open and push into her she screamed in ecstasy , her legs were wide open, her hands still pulling her flaps open as far as she could to help him , his cock was so hot and stiff as he continued to pound her , slowly but surely getting more and more of him into her, his thrusting was getting harder and faster as he frantically fucked her, her moans we long and louds as she got the hardest fastest fuck I have ever seen ….. I could see his entire cock ramming all the way into her cunt . It was covered in hot slippy juices from both of them, I could see juice being forced out of Karen as his long fat dick filled her pussy to the hilt, her lips were stretched wide and swollen as he forced himself into her time after time, she was writhing around as she got the fucking of her life ,

I could see she was close to cumming so I made sure I was hard as I got my cock out and wanked myself furiously and watched her pussy convulse as she felt the waves of pleasure rush over her , she shuddered all over as the big doggie cock impaled her and made her cum I saw her juices squirt out of her again and his big cock slipped ever easier in and out of her , her body rocked forward and backward to meet his thrusting as yet another orgasm exploded deep inside her

I could see her pussy contracting has Bruno withdrew before forcing his big fat hot red rod back into her, her clit throbbed as she came again and her pussy ached as his rhythm increased even more, he's gonna cum I shouted as she furiously fucked his cock , he made some strange doggie noises as Karen’s pussy gave in to another full blown orgasm , as her pussy contracted onto his throbbing cock she let out a huge scream of pleasure as Bruno gave her is fuck seed, he thrust and thrust as his huge cumload emptied deep inside Karen’s now exhausted pussy , I could see his cum squirting out the sides of her pussy as he filled every part of her fuck hole with his hot spunk,

Karen could feel this hot doggie cum spreading all around her insides as she let out one last screaming gasp and collapsed on the floor, Bruno had by now stopped thrusting and was just standing there, his cock swollen to the point where he was too big to pull out straight away, Karen’s pussy still throbbed around him his cock squeezing every last bit of cum out of his him as his cock softened all I could hear was heavy panting from the dog and Karen and eventually the head reduced in size and he pulled out of her now hot well used sloppy pussy, he stepped backward and went down the garden, lay down and started licking himself clean.

I knelt over Karen’s body between her trembling legs and wanked myself in to a frenzy
The sight of Bruno’s cum seeping out of her pussy was so hot , I reached down and scooped as much as I could into my hand a rubbed it into my rock hard cock, it was so hot and slippery I exploded in seconds all over Karen’s wide open exhausted gash and slumped on the floor next to her.

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2018-01-19 08:55:33
Keep writing you will get better, but one thing you dont understand much about K9 and female sex.

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2017-01-28 09:36:04
Really turns me on. Had to wank myself as I read, it was wonderful. I love the idea of wanking off a large dogs cock and make him cum!

Anonymous readerReport

2017-01-19 17:00:29
Nice story but very poorly written. Use spell check and learn how to format dialogue if you want to write more. Good luck!

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2017-01-08 04:09:38
i came home from work to find our mastiff licking my new wifes cunt, she was in ecstasy from the dogs licking her, i got naked and started to jerk off, she said no, and led the dog to my cock, he began licking my stiff rod and it was hot, i began oozing pre cum, my wife began to wipe her cunt juice on my ass hole and she told me to get on my hands and knees, she helped the dog mount me and guided his cock to my tight ass, he rammed it up me and went to town ravaging my butt as my wife rubbed her twat, then he pushed his sheath into my tight ass and his knot followed, the wife started taking video with our digital as both the dog and i came hard, his cum squirted from my ass as my cum shot all over the floor. she said that she was gonna hide the film while i waited for his knot to grow small to get out of my ass, then she was gonna blackmail me with it, she said i looked hot with dog cock up my ass and she wanted to see it more with his cum oozing from my rear, so did i! :P"

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2016-12-21 20:34:37
Enjoyed the story. Agree with the other readers comment that the writer does not seem to have had k9 sex himself. Still story was a good read, pls write some more maybe have a dog fuck you first for more authenticity.

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