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My adopted daughter Jewel is hot for me!
I met Jewel when she was 14 years old. I had just got married and we moved into the apartment next to her and her mother. Jane and Jewel were walking out of their apartment as I was carrying a box into mine. I introduced myself as Ron and told her that I and my wife April were their new neighbors. Jewel was a pretty, painfully shy, very overweight girl.

Over the next two years Jewel became friendly with us and she would stay at our house on weekends when her mother was going out. She was extremely shy with everyone even April, but from the first day I met her she was always close to me.

One day I got home from work to find Jewel waiting by my door crying. I took her into my apartment and it took a while but I finally got her calmed down enough that she could talk. She said that she had found her mother dead in her room when she got home from school and had no idea what to do.

I called the police and we found out that Jane had died of a drug overdose. We also found out that Jane had no family so to make a long complicated story short we adopted Jewel.

Looking at Jewel I could see a very beautiful person inside of a very scared shell. I had to find a way to bring the real Jewel out.

To give Jewel some self-confidence and help her with her weight I enrolled her in karate classes. I was already a black belt so I was able to help her with her lessons. I had her start swimming and working out with me also.

Over the next two years Jewel went from a shy very overweight girl to a very well-built lady with self-confidence. She was 5’ 2” tall with green eyes, long brown hair, and she measured 34D, 26, 38. She had honestly become a knockout. She still was shy around guys and I could not figure out why.

April and I had bought a nice house in the suburbs and for Jewel’s 18th birthday we had a big pool party for her friends and our family. A lot of the family did not recognize her because she had lost so much weight and she was no longer shy.

It was a Friday night a week after Jewel’s birthday party. The three of us had gone to Jewel’s friends birthday party and both April and Jewel had a few drinks while they were there. When we got home Jewel decided she was going to bed while April and I sat down to watch TV. About a half hour later Jewel came to the door of the room and looked in but then she got a strange look on her face and walked away.

Jewel looked so hot I had to stare at her. Jewel was wearing a thin white V-neck t-shirt that came down inches below her butt. I am pretty sure that is all that she was wearing because I could clearly see her nipples. I was very disappointed when she walked away.

She came over to the door a few more times and I finally got her to come over and sit next to me. When she bent over to sit down her entire butt came into view and she noticed me looking. She got a smirk on her face, kissed me and snuggled up to me.

Once the movie was over I turned to Jewel and said “OK babe what’s up with you tonight”?

She turned a little red and said “umm I need your help but this is going to be a hard one”.

I smirked and told her “you know I am always glad to help you babe”.

“Yes but” she said and then stopped for a little like she was trying to find words. She finally continued “this is about guys”.

“I am a guy and I can assure you that any guy would love to help you”.

“That’s just it. Guys are asking me out but I keep telling them no because I am afraid that I won’t know what to do. I lost my virginity to some guy who was at mom’s house when I was 12. We basically fumbled through a kiss, he put it in me and pumped in and out a few times and came. He mumbled sorry for being so quick and he left. For me it hurt like hell and there was no pleasure at all. “

“But dating isn’t just about sex” I told her. “You should only have sex will someone you really care about”.

“No dating isn’t only about sex but I am always so horny and I don’t even know how to kiss a guy. I care a lot about you and I know that you care about me. Will you please help me?

I looked over at April and she had a strange smile on her face. She then said “I am sure he would be glad to!”

“Thank You!” Jewel exclaimed as she spun around and sat on my lap facing me. She then leaned over and kissed April for the first time.

She then turned back to me and pressed her pussy against me tight. I was only wearing a thin pair of running shorts and a T-shirt. Her t-shirt had pulled up so the only thing between her pussy and me was my shorts. I could really feel the heat coming off of her pussy.

I started by gently kissing her lips and then moved on to sucking her lower lip into my mouth and licking it. I then licked both her top and bottom lips. She responded by shivering and pressing her rock hard nipples harder into my chest.

I pulled back and said “OK now you try it.”

She repeated what I did in a very sensuous way. By the time she pulled back to take a breath she was panting a bit and my cock was hard.

Unfortunately my cock got caught in my shorts so I had her move back a little while I adjusted myself. When I was done my cockhead was clearly out of the top of my shorts and she looked down at it and moaned.

I “accidentally” brushed my finger against her clit when I was adjusting myself and she jumped. I then brought my finger up to my lips and licked every bit of her wonderful pussy nectar off of it.

She was breathing heavy and her neck and upper chest were starting to flush. She started to slide back up to me but she noticed a bit of clear liquid on the tip of my cock and she put her finger on it and smeared it around a little on my cockhead. Then she brought it up to her lips and licked every bit off while pressing her pussy against the base of my cock through my shorts and moaning.

She then grabbed me and stuck her tongue into my mouth while gently riding her pussy up and down my cock through my shorts. I was sucking on her tongue and dancing mine all over hers and she was getting a bit frantic. I then pulled her t-shirt up a little, grabbed her naked butt and started pumping her pussy up and down my cock.

She started wailing and leaned back to push more of her pussy onto my cock. Her pumping up and down was slowly working my shorts down. When her pussy came fully into contact with my cock it felt like a lightning bolt passed between us. She got a wild look in her eyes and screamed “I’m coming!” and then collapsed forward onto me and passed out.

I looked over at April and she had her shorts down around her ankles and she was rubbing her clit with one hand and pinching her nipples with the other. Within a few moments she looked over at me, screamed and slumped down in her seat.

A few minutes later April came out of her daze and smiled over at me. Jewel was still passed out with my rock hard cock pressed against her hot wet pussy. I kissed Jewel on the neck but she didn’t react. I shook her a little and still nothing. Finally I picked her up and sat her gently on the sofa beside me and she was still out.

April sat down between my legs and started licking my cock.

“She tastes really good on you” April said as she licked all over my cock making sure to get every drop of Jewels cum.

April then looked up at me with a wild look on her face and started deep throating my cock. Her fingers were busy in her pussy and mine were busy tweaking both of her nipples. It only took a few minutes of her incredible talents and I was shooting loads of cum into her hot mouth. She pulled back so that only the head was in her mouth so that she could taste and swallow all of it.

A soon as I finished cumming April came again really hard and then passed out with her head on my thigh.
I picked April up and laid her down on the couch so that she would be more comfortable and she stayed passed out.

I then picked up Jewel and carried her to her bedroom, put her in her bed and covered her over. I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead and as I was standing up she sat up enough to kiss the head of my cock and then laid down and said “thank you” and went back to sleep.

I carried the sleeping April to our bed and she woke up just long enough to say “my biggest fantasy has always been to lick another woman’s cum off of your cock so thank you”.

As I drifted off to sleep I thought that this could be the start of something very hot.

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2014-01-05 02:22:40
Really good story, hope to read more soon. A little confused about the tag "males/females" since the only sex scenes only included one male and no fucking at all. Oh well still a good story.

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