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This chapter is all about the way that darling Charlotte loses her virginity.
"I can't believe that your a virgin you act so much like a slut. Especially letting me rub my fingers all up within your cunt earlier tonight. Don't cry whore you are practically begging for this." Henry started to grind up against Charlotte Looking down into her eyes with a devilish grin, grabbing her boobs roughly in between fucking her tight virgin hole really really hard. Henry's big hard cock teasing the tip to Charlottes suddenly deflowered pussy. "You will never forget this first time. I'm going to destroy that pussy of yours even more." Screamed Henry as he thrusts in so hard that you can hear his balls slapping against charlottes ass you can see the pain in her face with each forceful and deep thrust of Henry's thick long 8" cock. Henry suddenly pulls out his cock and rubs all charlottes juices all over her pussy lips massaging her clit with his big hard cock and then slapping Charlottes enlarged clit with it before suddenly slamming his big hard cock into charlottes tight hole. Her whole body tenses in pain at the entrance. Henry moves onto his knees as Charlotte lifts her ass now starting to enjoy the orgasm slowly building inside her. Henry the dominant character he is hates charlottes efforts to join his fucking session and so grabs hold of her hips and forces her down still. "IM SHOWING YOU HOW TO FUCK PROPERLY DONT RUIN THIS FIRST TIME FOR YOURSELF SLUT"

Charlotte remembers what is happening to her and tries to escape again so Henry grab holds of her shoulder forcing his body weight onto her and causing her to become trapped between the table and his body. Henry's cock is once again balls deep inside Charlotte. Charlotte is in absolute agony as Henry's monster cock rips away at her virgin hole. Henry can feel Charlotte tense with every thrust he knows of the pain he is causing her and he smiles in his victory. Henry pulls out of Charlotte and turns her over roughly forcing her onto all fours and enters Charlotte from behind fucking her with all the force that he has. Henry grabs hold of charlottes hair and pulls her toward his cock making her scream out in pain. Henry tells Charlotte to fuck his dick for him. Henry starts to slap charlottes ass cheeks and red hand prints begin to appear. Charlotte stops with each blow and Henry grows furious he grabs her hair screaming in her face that she was not given permission to stop and that she belongs to him now and should just get used to it as if she disobeys Him again he will make sure her family are poor and shunned forever. Henry after now finding his rhythm starts to tease Charlotte my exerting his dominance by pulling her hair forcing her to turn and look at him in the eyes. The whole time telling her how much this makes her a dirty slut and that from now on she is his to do whatever he wants. Henry is still slapping charlottes ass and now she's cracking and starting to whimper and cry from the pain in her ass. Henry pulls charlottes hair and she screams but Henry doesn't care he pushes Charlotte over and takes his monster cock and shoving the whole thing down her throat causing her to gag. To further humiliate her he holds her nose and watches her squirm in discomfort and pain as he fucks her face with enormous force. Henry lets go of Charlottes nose but she continues to gag.

But Henry starts to moan as Charlotte begins to have tears stream down her face. He grabs hold of the back of charlottes head forcing her to take his cock down her throat charlottes eyes become wide with fear as they glisten over and start to water. Henry loves the sight of poor Charlotte struggling to handle his large monster of a cock forcing itself down charlottes small and petite throat. Henry smiles a sadistic and evil grin and then blows his thick gloops of cum down her throat but Charlotte can't swallow all of the cum as his monster cock is too far down her throat some of the cum escapes charlottes mouth causing Henry to become annoyed and as he slaps Charlotte around the face. He yells ah her "You stupid whore how can you be so pathetic as to not even be able to swallow a simple mouth load of cum. " Henry finishes cleaning himself of the mess that Charlotte has made of his balls and thighs and pats Charlotte on the head. He reminds her of how she cannot tell a soul of this experience and explains to Charlotte that she is forever his to do with as he pleases. You will never forget this as I am your first and your last your virginity is mine and now so is your soul. You have only started to learn what is pain and obedience. You will learn much much more. Henry grabs a sharpie from his blazer pocket and writes his digits on a dollar bill. Before sticking it to the remaining cum left on charlottes face and taking a photo. "Thanks for the fun cum slut. You have 24 hours to text me or else!" As Henry leaves and shuts the door Charlotte bursts into tears in the middle of the bed. A mixture of cum and blood leaking out of her destroyed virgin hole .

Henry heads back downstairs to join the party and finds his father and charlottes father in a corner drinking and smoking cigars. He walks over to them and joins the conversation. He turns to Charlottes father Matthew "Charlotte is a lovely girl sir. I hope that one day I can win your daughters affections and your agreement for her hand on marriage.

To be continued ....

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