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It was a quiet afternoon on the Dunphy house, only Luke was in the house. After going through the tv channels Luke decides to go look around the his parents room. After looking through his mom's things, he starts to look in his father's stuff and, then one of his father's used boxers caught his attention. Luke has always had a good relationship with his father, her was kind of a hero to him, and a good looking one too. In Luke's opinion his father's legs were very strong, and so were his arms, his pecks were all there - all the 6 - his shoulders were wide and his ass... Luke remember seeing it one day in the pool at his grampa's place. Phil was getting out of the pool and his speedo got caught in the pool ladder, his hole magnificent bubble but appeared, Luke got a instant hard on, which his mother noticed, but attributed to Gloria's rack. In Luke's head, Phil was the perfect example of a man.

While thinking about all that stuff, Luke got a major hard on, his cock was to his full extent of 4 inches, poking in his trousers and even hurting a little bit. Luke removes his clothes allowing his average prick to pop out, he lies on his parent's bed with his father's dirty underwear still in his hands and starts to remember his father's but as well as he could. His hard on was pulsing and then suddenly, like almost a reflex, his father's boxers were in his dick and he was jerking it hard. He kept thinking of his father and jerking off, a great sensation started to build up, almost like he had to pee, but much better. His left hand started to explore his body, touching his nipples, abdomen, pubes and even his asshole.

When he was almost cumming he opens his eyes and sees his father standing there in front of him. He freezes, says, "oh dad" and can't stop his orgasm. He cums all over his father's boxer, in his own chest and torso and even in his parent's bed. After recuperating his breath he covers his still hard prick with the underwear and looks frighten at his father:

"WHAT TH HECK ARE YOU DOING LUKE?!?!?!?!? Wait a minute is this my underwear?" Luke starts to sob

"Sorry dad... i didn't mean to... i just... i started thinking about some things and my penis felt funny, next thing i know i was doing this and... I'm sorry, please don't hate me, i dont wanna be a freak..." His father sits at his sides and touches his shoulder making Luke's dick pulse again:

"It's ok son, I don't hate you, and most definitely you're not a freak, you' re just jerking off, and it is a perfectly normal thing to do buddy!"

"It is?"

"Sure, I do it all the time when i get hard" Luke looks at his father's crotch and notices a bulge on it

"You do? Really?"

"Of course I do, it is nothing to be ashamed of. You don't have to hide it, it just means that you're growing into a big men buddy" Luke takes of the underwear from his still hard prick, Phil takes it into his hand and jerk it a little bit " See, you're already very big "

"Are you sure it is ok for me to do it dad?"

"Sure i am buddy, here, just so you know it's okay, i'm going to show you"

Phil takes of his clothes, first the pants, then the shirt, then his underwear, it all gives an intense image to Luke whose dick got hard as ever. His father's dick pop out already very hard and Luke can't take his eyes from it, his 7 all hard, pube covered and uncut inches even distract Luke from Phil's perfect hairy abs and bubble but. Phil sits in front of Luke in bed and with his right hand he starts to jerk calmly his hard dick.

"See Luke, it is nothing to be ashamed of, go ahead buddy jerk yours too!" Luke starts to jerk his 4 inch prick again while looking firmly to his father doing the same. They both jerk for about 5 minutes in front of each other in pure silent - apart from the occasional moans of pleasure - Phil them decides to break the ice "Hey buddy, everything ok?"

"Yeah... It's just... Your penis is just... it's so big"

"Haha thank you little men" Phil says while pets his sons hair, which makes him moan a little.

"Is mine ever gonna reach this size?"

"Sure it will buddy - Phil grabs his son dick - you are already pretty big for your age, - he says analyzing his son's penis with his hand, which gives Luke waves of pleasure - I think I was about your size when i was your age I remember that my cock was the star of the school lockers back in the day, one of the top 5, everybody used to sneak a pic, and some wanted even more haha! What about you?"

With his father still holding his dick Luke answers "I do... Hmmm... I do okay in there, I think only Reuben and the kid who failed twice are bigger then me, and both not by that much, I do attract a lot of attention, it's hard not to get hard with it Haha"

" That's my boy!"

The silent returns while Phil jerks both dicks as hard as he can, Luke stops moaning for a second to talk

"Dad, may I ask you a question?"

"You even got ask? At this point you can ask me anything buddy? What do you want?"

"Can I... May I... eh... Can i touch your dick?"

"Sure buddy, I would be a hypocrite if i sayed no" Phil takes his hands up and lies on the bed, Luke goes on top of him and looks at his father's dick, almost like his afraid to touch it. He looks at it, memorize his long, hairy, veiny pole, his foreskin covered, big, purple and a little turned to the right head. He has a strong craving to kiss it, but instead he puts both hands on it, making his father moan. He slides both hands slowly up and down the hole length of his father's cock. He then starts to jerk his father with his right hand ,making him moan as loud as ever, and with his left hand he starts to explore Phil's body. He moves his hand down from Phil's pubes to his perfectly hairy abs, to his perfectly hairy chest, to his afternoon bearded face, to his silk like hair and back to his face. There Phil licks Luke's middle finger, sucking it to inside his mouth. Luke is as hard as ever and so is Phil, them, Luke, without taking his hand off his father's cock, moves his head down and stars to suck Phil's toe and moves his mouth though all over the feet, Phil's ecstasy is enormous. Luke then moves his tong up Phil's hairy leg, reaching his but, he then inserts the middle finger lubed by Phil's saliva slowly and calmly into Phil's anus which closes in his finger. Phil's holding his orgasm as good as he can, not wanting this sensation to be over. When Phil´s Anus finally accommodates with his son's finger inside, Luke starts to finger fuck his father's asshole, inserting faster and faster the finger into his father's ass, while jerking furiously his big hard cock. Phil is screaming like never before, making sure the whole neighborhood listens when suddenly Luke"s Finger comes out. When Phil was about to ask why he feels Luke's tong going from the end of his balls all the way to his asshole and then licking it and entering hard and fast kissing his father's asshole in a way his mother never managed. Phil then starts to scream " I'M GONNA CUM, I'M GONNA CUM". Luke quickly takes his mouth out of his father's asshole and shoves it in his dick who trows 8 ropes of cum into Luke's throat. Luke gags but manage to swallow it all.

Luke recover his breath and lays on top of his father's chest. " Uau buddy, that was awesome, I never..." Luke all of the sudden kiss his father on the mouth, astonished, Phil pulls back, look his son in the eyes and kiss him in a very passionate and loving kiss, while fondling his hair. Luke pulls out, lays in his father's chest again and says "I love you dad". Phil answers with a calm voice " I love you too son"

They lay there for about 10 minutes when suddenly they here Claire's voice screaming: "Honey I'm home..."


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2014-02-09 22:09:22
The story it self was good. I would suggest you do more editing before posting; it was a little hard to fallow. I wondered how Dad could be on his back having his toes sucked then suddenly with out movement have finger in his ass.

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2014-01-05 05:52:31
Nice story, anxious for part 2 :)

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