Tom is a truck driver. Amy is an orphan
It was the ending of spring, just as most schools were letting out. Graduation ceremonies
were happening all over the place. As school let out in a small town in Tennessee, one girl, who just graduated high school was beginning a new stage in her life. She had no place to stay, but had accumulated some money for the sole purpose of getting across the U.S. to California. She was headed in that direction because of the few clues she had about her parents, who abandoned her at birth. After being passed across the country as a small child in the foster care system, she was very far from her beginnings.

Amy Green was an average looking girl with an average IQ. Five and a half feet tall and about one hundred-fifty pounds with long brown hair, Amy had fairly pale skin and didn't have any outstanding features. Her breasts were a small C-cup, usually hidden behind a hand-me-down tee shirt that was too small. To look at Amy from the back side would reveal a normal sized, but tight little butt, covered by a ratty looking pair of blue jeans. Most people who had seen Amy to this point recalled passing her walking back to school or back from the girls' home in town.

A strange day this was for Amy though. She was going to attempt the cross country journey by bus. Amy already had her ticket stuffed away in her backpack full of belongings. She couldn't sleep the night before, just too anxious for what was ahead. So, as the day arose, Amy picked up her things and headed for the bus station. Once she arrived, she found the right number and picked a seat about halfway back. Soon other people started boarding the bus until it was about halfway full. Amy sat alone, looking off into the distance and daydreaming as the bus pulled away and cruised on out of town.

Amy was unable sleep as the bus made stops in Arkansas and Oklahoma. After 18 hours of travel time, little Amy Green was in Amarillo, Texas. Her current dilemma was that the next bus wasn't going to come until the next day. It was eleven o'clock at night and the bus would be there at five o'clock the next morning. Amy pulled a candy bar from her backpack and ate it as she looked for a quiet corner of this bus station to sleep in. Upon searching around, she found a bench down a hallway past the ticket windows and made herself comfortable. Usually a very light sleeper, Amy figured that when the place started to get busy she would awaken and watch for her bus or if nothing else, she would hear the boarding call over the intercom.

A woman employed by the bus station walked over to a sleeping girl on a bench, gently nudging her and speaking very softly. Amy woke up, still nearly startled, to a woman from the bus station asking her to leave. Amy explained that she had to catch the five o'clock bus to Flagstaff, Arizona. The employee informed her that it was now seven o'clock and there wouldn't be a bus running that route again for a week. Amy sat up and looked around for her bag, only to find it missing! She panicked as the woman escorted her out of the building and into the heat of the Texas morning.

Everything was gone! This girl from the middle of Tennessee was in the northern part of Texas with no money, no bus ticket, no phone, no other clothes, and no clue what to do now. She began to cry as she walked aimlessly down the sidewalk. Her hopes and dreams of making it the other sixteen hours to Bakersfield were diminished. She passed a playground, where she stopped to swing, something that had always calmed her as a child. Amy began thinking and the ideas began to come to her. She got up and headed back the other direction where she had seen an interstate sign.

Realized how hot it was, Amy walked into a gas station and asked to borrow a pair of sissors. She cut the legs off of her already torn up jeans and returned the sissors. Her pale white legs stuck through those cut-offs and glistened in the sun. Continuing towards the highway, Amy began to regain a bit of confidence. "I can do this," she said to herself. Upon reaching the interstate, she stuck out her thumb and began walking. She actually had pretty good luck hitchhiking at first. After being picked up twice, Amy finally made it into Arizona.

Arizona would prove to be more than she bargained for however. Two different times before getting near Flagstaff, she had to show her breasts for a ride. Amy was not clueless on the ways of the world, but had never been in those situations before either. Outside of Flagstaff, Amy was running out of luck again. Nobody would pick her up, they just kept on driving by and never slowing down. It was hot, traffic was slowing down, and she still needed to catch a ride. Seeing a tractor trailer off in the distance, she decided she would try something different. She stook in the middle of the road jumping and waving her arms. Luckily the truck driver saw her from ways off and began slowing down. He came to stop in front of her and motioned her around to the passenger side where she climbed inside a big, white, International with a double sleeper cab, pulling an loaded flatbed trailer.

Once inside, Amy flopped into the seat and felt the cold air conditioning against her sunburnt and sweaty body. The truck driver got the big rig moving again and asked,

"So, what's the emergency?"

They exchanged names and Amy began telling Tom her story up to this point. At first he didn't want to hear it, but after listening for some time, he learned that this girl has nobody that knows she is gone and nobody that cares at this point. A plan began to form in his head as she continued telling her story.

Tom was always a very strange man at 28 years old, with no wife or kids or interest in them either. A large man, at six and a half feet tall, average weight, and definitely tough enough to "hold his own" most anywhere. He stayed on the road most of the time, but had a place in Utah. It wasn't much, just a trailer on a piece of secluded land outside of a little town there. Tom had a dog years ago but when it died, he couldn't handle it well. He always wanted another, but couldn't take the thought of it dying eventually. Tom had been with lots of women, mostly hookers and bar flies. He had such a strange set of turn-ons, probably influenced a lot by the women he had been with.

As the truck hummed down the interstate, Tom decided he was going to put his plan into action. "How about I make you a deal? You seem like a nice girl..." he said.

"What kind of deal exactly?" asked Amy.

"Well, you want to find your parents, right? So what happens if either they don't want you or you can't find them?" Tom said.

"I hadn't really thought that far ahead honestly," said Amy.

Tom pulled the truck over to the side of the road and said, "OK, so you can either walk or take the deal. The deal is, I will help you find your parents. If they want you or will take you or whatever then fine, you stay with them and I go on about my way. If they don't want your or you can't find them and you have nowhere to go then you stay with me and become my property."

After thinking for a while, Amy was certain she could find them and that they would want her to be in their lives, so she took the deal and didn't really consider the consequences if she happened to be wrong.

Tom drove the truck all the way to the coast, making very few stops along the way. Once he dropped off the loaded flatbed, he went exactly where Amy told him to go. She searched and searched and ran into a dead end with no leads.

With nowhere to go and nothing to do, Amy climbed into the cab of the truck with Tom. While he drove back to his home in Colorado, he allowed Amy to sleep in the sleeper while he slept in the front seat. The next morning while Amy was still asleep in the back, Tom fired up the International and headed for Utah. Amy stayed in the back of the truck, crying, kicking herself for not thinking more rationally. She told herself that she should have seen this coming. Always known for her street smarts back home, but out here was totally different. It was almost as if nothing mattered as long as she could find some resolution.

Just over 10 hours later, the truck arrived back in Utah. Tom had only stopped way more times than he wanted too because Amy had to use the restroom. Now that they had reached their final destination, she began wondering what all he meant by calling her his property. It was a little weird the way he worded it, but she figured if she didn't like it she could always run away. She did fairly decent on the road before. Since Tom was so good to her during their time together, she figured she could atleast humor his request and see what happened.

"Let's go! Out of the truck and into the house," Tom said.

Amy got up from the bed in the back and climbed down out of the truck. She followed Tom into the house, looking around very curiously. Once inside, she saw a very plain and very clean trailer. There wasn't a single thing out of place and she could tell he didn't spend much time here. Tom walked into the back room and came out with a box of things as Amy sat down on the couch and slouched a bit.

"I'm going to the store," said Tom. "I need you to stay here until I get back, so come over here."

Amy looked up and said, "I'll be fine right here until you get back."

"No, no, no. I can't risk you running off somewhere. You are my property now after all," said Tom.

"OK. Fine. What do you want?" Amy said as she stood up and walked towards him.

Tom put a locking dog collar around her neck. She tried to fight him off, but he was much too strong. He pulled her outside by the collar and hooked her to the chain in the front yard with a lock, so she couldn't get free. As she began screaming, Tom went back inside and got a pair of hand cuffs and a ball gag that he had aquired some years ago to use on a prostitute he had frequent relations with. After Amy was cuffed, it was easy to put the ball gag on her. She was left sitting in the front yard in her tee shirt that was too small and her cut off denim shorts. She tried to scream, but the ball gag made that impossible and the cuffs had her hands bound up so that she couldn't do anything.

Amy was sitting in the yard, still angry and unable to move. Tom walked right past her to go inside and put his things away. He had an enormous box full of things. After he was done inside, he came out and unhooked Amy and brought her back inside. Tom explained to Amy that she was going to be his dog now. There was no getting out of it aside from getting killed and buried on the very property she was standing on. She would ride along with him in the truck at all times, she would obey his every command, and the better she was as a dog, the better he would treat her in return.

Tom's next delivery was in two weeks and it was an overnighter, he figured he could train her good enough by then. If for some reason she didn't comply, he could just leave her chained up at the house until he got back. He sat her down on the rug at his feet, still wearing the collar, cuffs, and gag. He removed the gag and sat it beside him on the couch.

"Are you going to be good and listen or do I have to put that back on?" Tom said.

"I, uhhh, I'll be g-g-good," Amy said.

Amy gave into his first wish and obeyed. This meant that there was hope for Tom's plan. If she would follow his rules, then he would regain the companionship on the road and also no long have to spend his hard earned money for his sexual needs. Tom began the training slowly and cautiously, watching over Amy's every move and disciplining her for improper action and praising her for good behavior. The training started with simply obeying commands, then escalated to changing the way she acted. After a couple days of being at the house, Tom allowed Amy to shower since she had not bathed in days. She was good enough to only spend two nights of sleeping out in the dog house, chained up.

In the big box that Tom returned from town with on their first day back at home was tons of diapers. Amy was initially very skeptical of wearing diapers and fought it, but after another night outside, she decided that she would wear them. Tom's reasoning for the diapers was because he couldn't always be around to let her use the restroom at home, and didn't want her peeing all over the living room floor where her chain was. Also, while on the road, Tom didn't stop often and Amy was having to stop very frequently to pee.

"While you are here with me, and I can let you go outside, you don't have to wear the diapers if you don't want to," said Tom. "But on the road, and while I'm gone, it's necessary. I also got you an engraved name tag for your collar that you will be wearing all the time, and finally, I got you a new outfit."

Tom pulled out a white nightie, and made Amy put it on for him. No bra or panties allowed, just the nightie and a diaper. Amy came walking out of the bathroom in her new outfit. The nightie came to about six inches above the knee and had shoulder straps about three inches wide and came down just enough to expose a bit of cleavage. It was short enough to show the diaper easily with a slight bend of the waist. Amy was unsure about all of this but knew that there was no way out of it alive and truthfully, this was the most attention she'd ever gotten from anyone. Aside from being really weird and strict, Tom was very good to her. Amy was not a stupid girl by any means and knew that he would be wanting sexual things in the near future and she prepared herself for that mentally as best as she could. A girl who knew only little bits about sex passed on from other girls at school and the sex education courses, couldn't exactly know all there is to know, but she felt fairly confident that she could handle it.

As the days passed, the two began to grow closer. Tom still had not seen Amy nude yet, but was very anxious. He started her on birth control almost immediately, knowing that if he didn't, that he would surely be sorry. Amy was getting better every day. Eventually, she was allowed to sleep at the foot of the bed, still locked on a chain though. The second week at home was nearing an end and Tom was very pleased with his new pet.

"Amy, I'm going on the road tomorrow. You've been really good. Do you want to go?" Tom asked.

Amy just nodded her head up and down to signal that she wanted to go. Tom got the dog cage out of storage and assembled it inside the sleeper on the truck. The cage took up pretty much all the floor room that was in there, but Tom saw it as a worthwile addition. The cage was just large enough for Amy to sit up on her knees or lay down curled up. It had a soft pad in the bottom to make it more comfortable.

Amy hadn't been wearing a diaper under the nightie around the house, Tom would just let her go outside and let her back in. He had been trying to sneak a few looks at her while she was squatting, but had no luck yet. Amy was quite secretive when doing her business. Tom explained the diaper situation to Amy for being on the road, she would wear diapers and primarily stay in the cage; however, when he decided to take a rest stop, she would be free to use the restroom wherever before she had another diaper put on and got back in the cage. He said the he would be the one changing her diapers and it would be at his leisure.

The morning of the run, Tom woke Amy up, let her go to the bathroom outside, and then let her get in the shower. After the shower, she put on her nightie and a diaper. Tom hooked her on a leash, locked the door behind them and walked her to the truck. She climbed inside where he locked her in her cage while the truck was warming up. Tom pulled out onto the road and a few hours later, they arrived at a warehouse. He let her out to walk around while they were finishing his trailer. Amy's diaper was still dry, so Tom put her back in the cage with some food and water, filled out the paperwork and got back on the road. He ate as he drove.

Almost four hours later, they were halfway to their destination. Amy was getting restless in the cage with a soaking wet diaper. She was also getting hungry for dinner. Tom stopped at a truck stop right off the highway and parked along the outer edge of the parking lot. He went in to get them some food. Once he returned, he let Amy out of her cage and laid her on the bed. He pulled her nightie up, exposing her soggy diaper and felt it to make sure it was wet. Amy laid there, unsure of what to do as Tom unhooked the straps on the front of the diaper and let it flop open, exposing her bald, virgin, crotch to him for the first time. He took a wipe and rubbed across it gently a few times, wrapped up the old diaper and threw it in a trashbag. Tom pulled out a new diaper and layed her legs over his shoulders and picked up slightly so that he could slide it under her tight little butt. Then, in a swift motion, he dropped her legs down, pulled up the diaper in the front, and strapped it. He gave Amy more food and water and put her back in the cage.

Tom drove on until it was close to nine o'clock at night. He pulled in a manufacturing facility to drop off the container he had been hauling. They would unhook the trailer and verify the contents the next morning before Tom could be paid and making the roughly six hour trip back home. Amy didn't have time to get out and about on the last stop, so she was still very restless. Tom had delivered to this facility a number of times and frequented the bar and grill about a half mile down the road. Knowing that he could not take Amy with him, and that there was nobody around, he put her ball gag in and locked her chain to the truck with about ten feet of slack so that she could move around. He took Amy's wet diaper off and put it in the trashbag with the other one, then headed off for a drink. Amy was very nervous out there by herself, she was chained up and couldn't get away if something or someone came after her. She stretched out and peed before sitting on the side of the truck waiting for Tom to come back.

About an hour later, Tom returned. He had a few drinks, but wasn't really even buzzed. Amy was glad to see him return. He unhooked the chain from her collar and opened the door for her, watching up her nightie as she climbed in. Everytime he removed her diaper earlier in the day, it had given him an erection. He hid it very well, so that she wouldn't notice, but this time when she looked back at him, she could see the bulge in his pants. Amy began to get very nervous thinking about what might be coming. She went to crawl back into her cage, but he patted the bed instead. Reluctantly, she climbed onto the bed and Tom joined her with his pants still bulging. She tried not to stare at it, but it was like her eyes were gravitated to it. Finally he caught her looking.

Tom turned the lights down in the back of the truck and began to rub on Amy's legs, working his way up to her inner thighs. She got chill bumps as he approached her opening. Her nipples stood up erect and were very visable through the cotton nightie. He could feel the heat coming from between her legs, and the nervous shake in her body as he touched the very edges with his big, strong hand. His other hand began caressing other parts of her body very softly and sensually. Amy had never felt like this before, the aching in her loins was making her feel like she'd never felt before. There was a very instinctive sexual desire that she now felt on top of the fear that she already possessed.

Breaking the silence was the sound of Tom's zipper as he lowered it and unbuttoned his pants, sliding them off. He pulled his erection from his boxer shorts and looked down at all eight inches of it. Amy's eyes grew extremely large at the sight of his protruding member. She was in shock at the size of it and wondered how it would even fit inside her. Nervously she reached over and touched it with the tip of her first finger. Slowly, Amy's hand began to wrap around the monster, she rubbed on it gently and tried to reach her thumb and middle finger around it, but they would not touch. Unsure of what to do next, Amy turned to Tom with a confused and innocent look. He put a hand on the back of her head and slowly lowered it closer and closer until she understood what he wanted. Amy opened her mouth and tried to please him, but didn't know exactly what she was doing. He wasn't getting the full effect of things because of her lack of experience.

Tom pulled Amy's head from his lap and laid her back, spreading her legs and watching her glistening crotch. After he had looked for a moment, Tom got down on his knees at the edge of the bed and pulled her in closer. He leaned over just enough to bury his face in her pussy. He licked, sucked, and rubbed his face in between Amy's legs for a little over a minute while she squirmed all over the bed, kicking and screaming out in pleasure. The only orgasm she ever had was from sitting on the washing machine while it was running. She knew the feeling that was about to overtake her body, but Tom stopped right before that moment arrived. Amy left on the bed, shaking and wanting to be completed.

She looked up at Tom with the most intense set of eyes he'd ever seen. He knew that it was time to take what he wanted all along. Tom rolled her over, legs hanging off the bed, cute little ass sticking up in the air and a tight, slippery, virgin entry way that was begging for him to enter. He grabbed Amy by her hips and lifted her slightly to meet the leaking, mushroom tip of his his penis. Amy wiggled slightly as his throbbing cock touched her, which allowed it to slide right past the lips. She knew he was in the right spot and bit down on her upper lip as he pushed into her. Once the entire head was inside, Tom adjusted their bodies and gave a huge thrust, breaking her hymen and plunging as deep as he could go inside her. Amy let out a blood curdling squeal as she felt him tear into her. She began crying from the initial pain while Tom was pulling back and preparing for another thrust. Amy began shaking a lot more as Tom pushed back inside her, bottoming out and taking her breath away. He continued to fuck her mercilessly, holding nothing back. She lay there taking it as best as she could, slowly beginning to get an enjoyable sensation as the pain subsided.

Before too long, Tom was nearing completion and Amy was in ecstasy as an orgasm overtook her body like nothing she had ever experienced before. She moaned out, over and over, awaiting Tom to finish with her. He picked up his pace for a few moments before grunting and unloading what seemed like a never-ending load of cum as far inside Amy as he pump it. Tom collapsed on the floor, still on a high from the orgasm. His cock twitched from the intensity of the climax. After he could move he stood up and got a new diaper for Amy, rolling her over and strapping it on. She still couldn't move her legs and Tom didn't want her to leak his cum on anything or for her to pee herself on the bed. He pulled her nightie down and left her in the bed while he went outside the truck to unload his own bladder.

Tom had never enjoyed sex so much in his life. It was a pretty quick session, but it was better than anything he'd ever done. The only thing that he wanted to do was teach Amy how to suck his cock better. Not sure of how to explain it to her, he decided that he would hire a prostitute and make Amy watch so she would learn. Tom climbed back into the truck to find Amy passed out on the bed, so he climbed in beside her and fell asleep as well.

The next morning, Tom awoke from a heavy sleep as someone banged on the door of his truck. He slowly got up and followed their instruction about what to do with the trailer. Amy was still asleep on the bed when Tom finished unloading and got paid. He gently peeled the soaking wet diaper from her body, seeing all the cum that had leaked out of her through the night amongst the pee she also left in there. A clean diaper was put on Amy and she was gently laid down in her cage, still sleeping. Tom began driving home. It would be roughly six hours of travel time with one stop around lunch.

Amy finally woke up around eleven o'clock, unable to stretch out well from being in her cage. She could feel the soreness coming from her groin area. She'd never felt anything quite like this. It was almost as if something were still in there, as if something was holding her open inside. Tom stopped the truck at one o'clock to get lunch and to let Amy stretch out. They pulled into the remote corner of a truckstop. Tom chained Amy up to the truck, removed her diaper and told her to stay out of sight. He got them food inside, meanwhile Amy was standing beside the truck and felt something warm running down her leg. She was peeing and couldn't even feel it or stop it. As she waited for it to finish, Tom walked around the corner and saw her.

"I told you to stay out of sight, now get up in the truck," said Tom as he unhooked her chain.

Amy turned to climb into the truck and more pee ran down her leg. Tom then realized that she couldn't control it, so he climbed inside to get wipes and a diaper. Once she was clean he put her back in the cage with her food and took off. In two more hours, they arrived home, where Amy was chained up outside and Tom was on the phone inside.

Sometime later, Tom loaded Amy up and drove out to this ratty looking building in a nearby town. He dragged her in by a leash. She was still walking very bowlegged from the previous fucking she had recieved and the diaper was only making it worse. The went down a long hallway and up a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs, they were greeted by a body guard of some sort. Amy was taken through a door and put in a room. There were two other women in there, sucking cocks through holes in the wall. Amy was in shock, she'd never seen or heard of something like this.

She heard Tom from the other side of the wall. "Ladies, this is your new student. Teach her how to suck properly. She disappointed me when she tried to please me with her mouth."

The first girl grabbed Amy's leash and pulled her across the room to a hard cock sticking through the wall.

She looked at Amy and said, "If you suck good, they will cum on you, but if you suck bad, they'll choke it down your throat."

Amy looked at the other girl in the room as she demonstrated good techniques. Following what the other girl did, Amy began sucking. The first few cocks ended up throat fucking her and forcing her to swallow. She would gag as the first girl held her head in place. Finally she began to get it as the cock she was currently working on pulled back and sprayed all over her face. This continued through more than ten more men. Amy was pulled from the room by her leash, covered in cum and taken into another room where she was sprayed off with a hose and given a towel to dry off. Tom dragged her back out to the car and went home.

Amy expressed her discontent with what happened during the car ride home. After they arrived, Tom pulled her from the car, dragged her inside and ripped her diaper off. He stuffed his cock in her mouth and reached in the cabinet and grabbed a bottle of lubricant, squirting it on her little mound. Tom pulled his cock from Amy's mouth, rubbed it around in the lube and stuffed it inside her violently. She screamed out in pain, crying, gasping for air. Quickly being bored of this position, he pulled out, layed down, and moved her over top of his cock. She was in a reverse cowgirl position, squatting above his cock when he grabbed her hips and slammed her down over his throbbing penis. She continued crying as the brutal fucking continued. Tom was bottoming out with every thrust and Amy finally just collapsed on top of him. After she collapsed, he gave up on this position and bent her over the couch, giving it to her from behind. An orgasm overtook her body while he continued to pound her harder and harder. In about twenty minutes, Tom finished inside of Amy. He carried her outside and chained her up. Her nightie wasn't quite dry from earlier yet. Tom pissed all over Amy as she lay there on the ground chained up. He went back inside and wasted the rest of his day watching television.

The next day, all was well again. Tom began counting the days until his next job and Amy's obedience got better every day.

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