Shopping for a surprise toy for her ends up surprising him.
"Get those white boy clothes off that bitch." Black Master yelled, pulling out into the street.

"Lay down on the floor and don't fuckin' move or we'll cut you."

Black Master's companions pulled knives from their pockets and approached me. Their dicks bobbed in front of them as they approached me. I quickly laid on the floor of the van, keeping my eye on their blades, wondering what they were going to do to me. One of them stradled my hips and pulled on my shirt, untucking it from my pants. Then with his hands ripped open the front, spraying buttons throughout the van, causing me to gasp with shock. He pulled my shirt from under me so that he could get my arms pulled out of the sleeves. As he did this, he moved his body up onto my chest and his cock bounced against my chin. A few more inches of adjustment and his dick was resting on my face. He yanked my shirt free and positioned his legs on top of my arms, pinning me against the cold steel van floor. One of his hands wrapped itself around his exposed meat while the other pulled on my hair, lifting my head of the floor.

"Open that pussy mouth wide, bitch. Prepare to take your Black Knight's sword."

He yanked on my hair hard, making me yelp with pain. My open mouth was immediately filled with a stiff cock. He was large, probably seven inches long and fairly thick, but no where near as large as Black Master. He pulled my head forward, straining my neck and filled my mouth with his manhood. I thought that his size would be a relief from the monster that raped me previously but I was wrong. My mouth, not having to accomodate the immense girth, was able to take a lot more length. His head reached my throat and continued pushing forward. I had nearly his whole dick in my head. Only a couple of inches hard rock cock separated my nose from his nest of pubes, my chin from his balls. Even as my gag reflex kicked in, he held steady determined to see me swallow his rod.

"Better relax your pussy, boy. You are about to take it all whether you think you can or not."

My eyes started to water again, wetting the already dry cum on my face. I snuck in a final breath of air before it was cut off by the intruding shaft. His hips edged forward and his hands held tight onto the back of my head. I grunted helplessly against the dick, trying to control my gagging the best I could. I concentrated hard on relaxing my throat and as I did so his remaining two inches of manhood slid into me. He moaned loudly as his sack came to rest on my chin. He ground his hips holding my head tightly against his abdomen, teasing his cock with my throat. Panic rose quickly as my lungs ate up the small amount of air left in them. I needed to breathe soon. I struggled weakly against the rapist.

"The more you struggle, the tighter your throat is on my dick. It feels so good."

I could barely hear what he was saying. I was fading fast, I was going to pass out. My head swam near unconciousness and I was barely aware of the pubic hair tickling my nose. Then suddenly his hands released their grip and the intruding cock slid out of my throat, out of my mouth and my head crashed sharply against the van floor. Jolts of pain flashed threw my head while my lungs gasped for air. I lost my vision and my body went completely limp, unable to control itself. Somewhere distantly above me a voice was talking. Then there was nothing.

Something rubbing against my face woke me. It was cold. I was cold. I was lying on my stomach now against a steel floor completely naked. Someone grabbed my jaw, forcing my mouth open. I opened my eyes as the black dildo was inserted into my mouth. The reality of my situation came crashing back to me as I looked into the eyes of the one who called himself the Black Knight. He grinned wildly at me. I tried to move my arms and realized that they were bound behind my back. I wanted to struggle but my own will was wearing thin and didn't see the point. He slid the fake cock into the back of my mouth and released it. The mental image of myself was too much to bear. Naked as the day I was born, face down on the dirty cold steel floor, my hands tied behind my back so tight that I couldn't even feel my fingers when I tried to move them and a dildo limply lying half in my mouth and half on the floor.

"Our little bitch is wakin' up. I knew that the faintest taste of cock would do it. Even if it isn't real. You did real well, boy, swallowing your Black Knight's dick. Next time you may want to take in a little more air." He lauged loudly. Black Knight and the other guy went to the back of the van where a seat was set up. They pulled down their pants to their ankle, sat down and stroked their dicks. "Now get up on your knees and crawl over here so we can service ourselves."

I struggled to my knees, having to lay on my side fetal position and then throw my weight to get myself in a doggystyle position. I lifted my head up, letting the dong fall from my mouth, and came to rest on my knees. I was completely exposed to them. They ordered me to walk on my knees toward them while making fun of my cold limp dick. I lowered my head and hobbled on my knees towards them. When I was within range Black Knight reached out his large hands and grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me towards him, shoving my face into his crotch.

"Open that pussy mouth of yours wide."

I did and he pierced my mouth again with his dick. Pulling and pushing with his hands, he made me fuck his rod. Thick drool flowed from my mouth as I concentrated on not gagging and choking.

"Don't forget my friend here." He said, lifting my head off his cock and literally shoving me to the side. His cohort wasted no time, being the only one to not have a piece of my mouth, he grabbed my head quickly and jammed me onto his dick.

"Yea, 'bout time bitch. Suck my meat."

He was about the same size as Black Knight, perhaps a little thicker. He made me orally ride him as he berated me with insults, calling me his slut, his bitch.

"Do you love my black cock?" He pulled me off from him.

"Yes.." I muttered.

He held onto my hair with one hand and grabbed his dick with the other, slapping it back and forth on my cheecks.

"Look at me, call me Black Daddy and tell me what you love."

"I love your cock Black Daddy." I looked at him.

"And what do you love about it?" Black Daddy leered at me.

"I love to suck on it, Black Daddy."

"I knew you did. Haha."

He rubbed his bulging head on my lips, commanding me to kiss it gently and between pecks to beg for it in my mouth. I did as I was told, pleading for his manhood. I begged and I kissed. I told him how much I needed it, wanted it, all of it. I sobbed as I sputtered desire for his meat, taking little pecks at his head. Each time he bobbed my puckered lips off his cock he would glare at me, waiting patiently for my pleads. Finally, after teasing himself for several minutes, he began to push harder down on my head, his rock hard penis pressing wantingly against my lips. I parted them and let his hands guide my mouth over the head of his dick. He stopped there and instructed me to suck on his head. Specifically, suck on his cock like it was a lollipop. Black Daddy warned me that any use of my teeth, even if by accident, wouldn't be tolerated. I took his word for it and wrapped my lips around his shaft, very conscious of where my teeth were. I sucked on his knob gently, swirling my tongue clockwise. I lapped my tongue across his piss slit and and flicked over the top of his head, slowly sucking on it as if it were a baby bottle. Black Daddy smiled down at me and moaned compliments of my technique.

"I knew you was no amateur the moment I saw you." He said and without warning pulled my suctioned lips of his cock creating a loud popping sound. "I like that sound. The sound of a dicksucker. Let's do it again."

He lowered my mouth onto his heat again and I sucked. POP. And again. POP. He laughed at me every time he made me make that sound. He must have had me do it twenty times before finally impaling himself into the depths of my throat with one brutal thrust and shove. I choked on him briefly trying to relax my throat. With my hair again, he lifted me slowly until only the head of his cock rested inside my mouth.

"Now you are going to take this whole cock into your throat and we can't have you passing out everytime we need that pussy throat of yours around our dicks. Now relax and take a deep breath and learn how to swallow cock."

His hands pushed slowly and strongly against my head. I was breathing rapidly, scared that I wouldn't be able to handle it. That I would pass out. Relaxed was the farthest feeling from my mind. The dick pushed farther into me and he warned me to take a deep breath. My lungs filled with as much air as I could get into them and then my air supply was cut off. I concentrated on my jaw and throat, wanting to relax and stretch them as far as I could. I desparately fought off my gag reflex, keeping the feeling of vomiting to a mininmum. My throat choked slightly as Black Daddy's dick explored deeper. I struggled with my panic, trying to keep it in check so I would be able to hold my air. And then, there I was. Pubes pressed against my nose and at least seven or eight inches of raging hard black dick buried into the back of my throat. Black Daddymoaned, almost grunted. He told me to look up at him so I raised my eyes to him.

"I knew you could do it white boy. I knew you wanted to do it. Now you probably would like to breath so just nod your head if you are proud of yourself and what you've done."

I nodded at him, causing him to moan as his cock got massaged by my throat. He released his hands and I lifted my head, dislodging the dick from my throat and pulled in scared breaths of air rapidly through my nose.

"Now practice your new cocksucking knowledge on me until I come in your mouth."

By this time, my back and neck were killing me. My hands were numb from their bondage and holding myself in this kneeling position with the use of my arms was becoming painful. Nevertheless, I bobbed my head on his shaft and orally fucked him. I was slow at first, practicing my new deepthroating skills, knowing this would please him. My first attempt failed, unable to control my gagging, but my second attempt found my nose nestled in his pubes. Black Daddy showed his pleasure with load moans. I facially rode his dick slowly for nearly five minutes, swallowing him whole several times. I was amazed at how easy taking all of him in me was becoming. I started bobbing faster on his rod until I was almost frantic about it. He moaned louder now and I felt him stiffen even more in my mouth. God, I could even feel his pulse beating against my lips. With a final plunge, I buried his dick into the back of my head.

"OH FUCK...Oh MY GOD...aaaAAHHAhhhh..."

He held my head in his lap as he exploded cum into my gullet. His hot semen coated my raw throat. As if in slow motion, cum was fed into me. With each new load being emptied, my tongue felt his cum make its way from the base of his shaft, dumping into me. Finally, he released his grasp and his body went limp. His softening dick slid from my throat as I withdrew from him. His semi-erect shaft slapped wetly against his leg as if fell from my mouth. I looked at him and he smiled at me.

"Goddamn..I knew you was a cocksucker but...Goddamn..." He slapped Black Knight next to him. "That was one of the best goddamn blowjobs I've ever had. This bitch swallowed every damn bit of me. You like eating cum, don't you?"

"Yes Black Daddy."

"Yes Black Daddy what?"

"Yes Black Daddy, I like eating cum."

"I gotta get me some of that. Do like you did to him, bitch. Make me cum."

I dragged my knees across the steel van floor and put myself in between Black Knight's legs. His dick pointed lustfully at me, pulsing with anticipation. Opening my jaw, I lowered my face into his crotch. His dick was definitely big, but not quite as thick as Black Daddy's. I found it humiliatingly easy to swallow his shaft. Black Knight was definitely a fan of my newfound knowledge and let me know with crass insults and humiliating slurs. He apologized for making me pass out and not teaching me how to deepthroat properly. Occasionally he would slap me lightly on the back of the head if I was doing something he wanted done, like I was supposed to read his mind. It took nearly twice as long to get him to cum because he wouldn't let me speed up. When I did get the chance, like Black Daddy, he groaned and moaned like he had never had his dick sucked before. When I went for the final plunge, he practically screamed as my throat opened up and took all of his manhood into my head. But just as fast as it was buried, he pulled on my ears and lifted me. His first explosion of cum shout me in the open gaping mouth. The next shot me in the face, blasting my nose and up my forehead and back down across my left eye. I gasped with shock as another blast of cum sprayed across my other eye and arced across my forehead dumping more semen onto my left eye again. I squeezed my eyelids shut out of fear of getting a dircect blast into my eyes. I felt his dick rest on my lips and his head slid into my open mouth. Two smalls loads of cum emptied into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his head and sucked cum out of him. He laughed and moaned.

"Open though cum covered eyes of yours. And don't close them again."

I opened my eyes, my eyelids resisting against the cum sticking to my eyelashes. It burned as some semen leaked onto my eyeballs but I feared closing them.

"Your Black Daddy was right, you are a good cocksucker. And you look so pretty with Your Black Knight's cum painted on your face." As though his dick was a brush, he smeared his seed over me. "I hope you have as sweet of a manpussy as you do a mouth pussy."

They both laughed. Black Knight roughly pushed me backwards and I fell to the van floor. I was used. I was a whore.

"Crawl over to that fake dick of yours and show us what you learned today."

I looked up through blurry eyes towards the rubber dong and dragged myself the best that I could to it. I struggled to get it upright on the floor by my captors didn't seem to mind the show. When it was pointing up to the sky I looked at it briefly in disbelief and started to give it a blowjob.

"You boys dicks satisfied for now? We're almost to his house. Another five minutes and we'll be strolling through his front door." Black Master spoke for the first time in awhile.

"Yea, we're satisfied for now. When do we get some of this white pussy ass?"

"Patience, we'll be there soon enough and then I'm sure we'll be able to give him what he needs."

"Keep sucking that dick boy until we tell you to stop. And show us how you swallowed such big dicks."

Cum was starting to dry on my face, crusting it more than it already was. Jesus, these guys were taking me to my house. They were going to fuck me in the ass. Black Master's cock was big enough to destroy my anus to an unusable point. Thank God my girlfriend wasn't home and wouldn't be for eight or nine more hours, who knows what they would do to her. Would they keep me prisoner that long? I was supposed to fly out at seven in the morning and it had to be 11 o'clock or midnight. Was I even going to be let go?

My head spun and I felt sick to my stomach. I began crying once again. I took a deep breath and tried to clear my thoughts, to thick of an escape plan of some sort. I lowered my head on the fake phallus and lost all thought of escape as I concentrated on deepthroating this unforgiving rubber. My jaw stretched and my throat flexed. Eight inches of rubber lay in my throat as my nose touched the floor and the two person crowd jeered with delight, counting how many seconds I could hold myself in that position. 'Again, again.' the crowd jeered and I repeated myself. And repeated. And again.

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