I just got back from holiday vacation in South Florida and had a wonderful time.
Hi all, I just got back from a holiday vacation in South Florida today. I hope everyone had a great holiday. I did not expect to have such a good one and went to see a friend that asked me to fly down but she was not good company at al and told me I could go do whatever I wanted and not wory about her. Well, I decided to do just that. I lfet Hollywood and went to the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Beach Resort. It was nice and really what I needed so I checked in and had a nice room that faced the ocean. The balcony was nice and I enjoyed sitting naked inside the room with the sliding glass door open and lounging looking out at the view. I did that the first afternoon and after I decided to go have some drinks and walk along the beach. I put on a halter top that was a little small and a thong bottom with a wrap around silk see thru skirt over and sandals. I brought a shoulder wrap so I could cover up if I needed to.

I walked to the beach and had more than a few looks and a couple offers by some guys but said "no thanks" to the offers. One guy tried again and I told him I was a total and fully lesbian woman so he was barkin up the wrong tree. I said sorry and left to go back to his friends trying to cover the rejection but I walked on. I went into a couple shops and looked at suits and dresses and I noticed 3 girls, all about high school age I supposed at a rack giggling and looking at me. I smiled when I made eye contact and they all smiled back. As I walked around the shop they all stayed so they could see me and whispered to each other. I figured they were talking about my boobs since they were all flat mostly and I made it a point to bend over and let the sway since the top did nothing but cover and not support them. The top barely covered my nipples and they were getting hard and so stuck out more. This was noticed and one girl came over and said, "Can I ask you a question?" I turned to her and said, "Sure, anything that you wanna ask me." She turned red faced and laughed a little. "Do you have guys always after you because of those?" she said pointing to my boobs. "They are breasts Hun, or boobs, or tits, Hun, and yes I get lots of offers from guys." They all looked at each other from my blunt description of them and using the names for them. "The problem is Hun that I do not like guys." I said. They all stopped giggling and looked at each other. "Are you, are you a lesbian?" one said. I stepped closer to her and my chest was inches from her, "Very much so Hun, women are so much better than men." I said. "Wow, that is wild, we were just talking about that and we just watched a movie." "How did that affect you, watching the movie, did it turn you on at all?" I asked her placing my arm around her shoulders. She moved towards me and not away and so I knew something was going to happen.

"Well, it made me, I mean, it made us all excited and we kissed some after it." she said. "Only kissed?" I asked them. "Well, yes, we did not know how to do anything else and we are all virgins." I felt my pussy quiver and begin to contract as if I had a dildo in me. "Oh that is nice, are you all interested in learning more from someone who knows all about it?" "Just a sec." one said and they huddled together and whispered and then smiled and said, "Would you teach us?" I really felt myself pulsing and getting wet thru the thong which did little to keep my juices from flowing down my legs. "I would love to teach you all I know." I said and hugged each of them making sure my boobs pressed against them. "Come on to my hotel with me." I said and then, "How much time do you have?" and they said that they had each told the mom of the others that they were staying at each others houses so they had all night. "MMMmm, nice, that may be enough time but we will see." I said and took two of their hands and the other girl walked behind us. I walked with them tp the hotel and then on the elevator to the room and opened the door. I walked in and they followed me looking around and came in. "Wow, this is nice." one said, "Yes, I like to have what I want when I tracel." and they all sat down on a couch and one in a chair. "Well, let us start with names, I am Susan." I said One said, "I am Pattie, the other Rachel and the other Elaine." All were blondish and maybe a 34A cup with slim hips and waists. "And how old are you?" I asked and they looked at me and each other, "Well, 16 is the oldest." Elaine said. "And that is who?" I asked them. Pattie spoke up, "Me" she said and so Pattie said Rachel and I are 15." and Rachel jabbed her, "I am almost 15." I laughed and said, "So you girls really wanna do this, I wanna make sure we are all in agreement, don't want anyone turning in a complaint on a horny older woman." They all shook their heads, "Yes, we all wanna do it."

"Well then Elaine, come sit here." I said patting the bed next to me. She got up and came over and sat down and I pulled her closer to me. "Now, first kissing." I said and she turned to me and was waiting. I softly touched her face and shoulders and then took her chin and raised it to my face and touched her lips with mine and then licked her lips softley as she sighed. After a little I worked to slide my tongue into her mouth and help her feel it then told her to do the same back to me and she really caught on fast. We did this for about 15 min. then I asked Rachel to come sit next to me on the other side. She did, "Okay, the sme with you Dear." and we did as Elaine and I had just donw but even though she was youngest she had more experience I was wiling to bet. I was soaking wet and the bed was wet under me. Pattie was next and I held my hand to her and she stood in front of me. I stood and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her like the others and she shivered all over, "Oh hell, that was great" she said after I stopped.

I sat her on the bed and the three were all next to each other holding hands from being nervous. "Know what comes next?" I asked. They looked at each other. "Getting these clothes off" I said and told them to stand and undress me. I was soon naked and they were looking am me and I movecd their hands to my body and they began exploring, touching my tits making the nipples get hard and my ass and Elaine moved her hand between my legs which I moved apart for her and she felt the soaking wetness of my pussy. "Oh you are really wet." she moaned. "I will get wetter I am sure." I said. "Now you three, get naked" I saidand they took off their clothes slowly. Elaine had the sweetest puffies I have ever seen and her whole tit was almost all nipple. I touched her and she shivered all over. The other two had budding breasts and their nipples got hard but they did not know why yet. All barely had hair on their pussies and so we all laid on the bed and I got in the middle as much as I could. Now, I am going to make love to one at a time but if the other two wanna play with each other or even with us that is okay, just do as you feel best." I saidand turned to Elaine and kissed her softly. Soon I guided her hands to my nipples and told her to pinch them, pinch them hard. AS she did I sucked her puffie nipples into my mouth one at a time and flicked them with my tongue making her gasp, "Oh that feels fucking great." she saidand I looked to see the other two playing with each others tits and carressing each other. I negan going all over Elaine's body, kissing her nipples and her tummy and then to her mound and softley kissed her clit that was barely emerging. I began sucking it and flicking it with my tongue and she was jerking her hips not able to stand the stimulation. She was all over the bed and yet I kept her down and after a while was rewarded with her orgasm. After she relaxed her body kept jerking and she kissed me again, "O that was wonderful." she whispered and Ipulled Pattie to me, "Okay you are next." I said and kissed her and began to go all over her body, kissing and licking and then my tongue went into her pussy and found her clit. She grabbed my hair and before we stopped she had two sweet orgasms. She rolled over and snuggled with Elaine. I moved to Rachel and kissed her and she almost jumped all over me. "I need an orgasm, I need and orgasm too, please lick me now." she begged and so I dropped to her pussy and gave her a furious licking and she sprayed my face. I held onto her hips and licked her thru another orgasm and she kept begging, :More, oh more, don't stop." and so after three more orgasms she laid limp and happy kissing me.

We all laid there a little then began touching each other and I laid back in the middle, "Okay gilrs, time to take care of teacher." Rachel was again on me and kissing me, "Just do like you did for us?" she said. "Yes Hun and I will tell you to do more." and she dove into my pussy and ate me like an animal. I sprayed her face and hair and she kept licking me. Now your fingers in the pussy baby." I told her and she began slipping one in then two then three. "Hun, just put them all in, that is okay." she did and I gasped and began moving to show her the rythum she needed to maintain. I told her to make a fist and she did and then put it at the entrance of my pussy. "Now, when I say just shove that into my pussy, okay?" and she shook her head. I told the others to begin kissing and sucking and licking me all over and told Pattie to bite my nipples hard and harder until I was moaning loud. My hips were bucking and then I felt my orgasm building. "Shove it in now, hard and all the way as far as it will go." I almost shouted and she did sinking mer small fist in all the way half way up her forearm. "Oh harder, hard and really fast, Fuck my cunt baby." and she did and after several orgasms I laid there glassy eyed. "Okay, next girl, do whtt she did to me." I moaned and they all in turn did what I showed them.

We laid there and I got a dildo out of my bag and said, "Okay girls, you will not be virgins after tonight, is that okay?" and they all got close. "Me first" Pattie saidand laid on the bed. I lubed her with my mouth, spitting and licking and making her as sloppy as I could and then began rubbing the dilco around the lips and then beyond as she held back a cry and then pulled a pillow to her face. "Just put it in, okay?" she said and I said "Okay baby, if you like." and she covered her face and I pushed it in feeling her chery give way as she screamed into the pillow. They her hips began moving on the dildo, the pillow moved and her tears flowed and I kissed her as she humped the dildo and after a long while her body shivered and she had her first orgasm with a dildo. "Elaine laid down and said "Now me and do it like her." and so I began again and as she covered her face I shoved it in deep and she grabbed my hand and began shoving hard against the dildo keeping the pillow over her face and screaming into it until an orgasm shook her body. She laid there and moved over. Rachel smiled, "My turn. Best for last." and she kissed me and pulled me opn top of her. "But lets make love." she said and so I began slowly to kiss and touch and lick and suck and her pussy was soaing wet and I licked an orgasm from it and then she said, "Oh please, now." and so in the dildo slipped and I voevered her mouth with mine and she moaned loud and as it went in she cried out and grabbed my tits and began humping like crazy against the dildo. After an orgasm she grabed my tits hard and pulled the nipples and made my pussy flow. "Fuck me more, do it really good." and so I kept going and then one of the girls had her hand in my pussy and I was humping it hard as it rammed hard and deep. The other was eating the one with her hand in my pussy and after an hour we all laid there gasping for air and kissing and licking each other all over. We fell asleep and the sun woke us and they showered and dressed and all had something toe keep them from leaking onto their clothes. "Can we come back later?" Rachel said kissing me. "Oh yesm yes, anytime and all night." I said and gave them my cell number.

That was the 23rd and I just got home today and at least one was with me almost all the time. It was great and I look forward to my next vacation.
Happy Holidays

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2014-07-19 11:06:03
KOiFNI Thank you ever so for you post. Much obliged.

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2014-01-19 23:56:30
Your stories are alright. But you need to proofread them, and fix the typos. You can do that on stories you have already posted.

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