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My wife tells me about our daughter's first hair.
It all started when my wife told me that our daughter got her first pubic hair. We were lying in bed ready for sleep. "But she's only 9.", I said. "Yes, I also got my first pubic hair at 9 or 10. And got my period at 11." My wife replied. "Do you think she will show me?", I asked, knowing full well what the answer would be. "No, and you shouldn't even ask her or me that, you perve. Ok?". "Ok."
But I could not get the thought out of my head. I was lying next to my wife in bed and all I could think about was my petite little daughter with her dark blond hair and green eyes looking shyly at me and saying "Yes daddy, let me show you."

I was rock hard at the thought, and moved my left hand onto my wife's stomach. She was lying next to me filling in a crossword puzzle. I moved my hand down her silk covered nighty, over her stomach and I could feel her panty elastic under my fingers just before I felt her pussy bulge. My right hand moved down to my hard cock, and I slipped it out the side of my boxers, just as my left hand slid down the front of her panty, over her clit and onto her pussy lips. She opened her legs and I covered her pussy with my hand. My index finger and pinky rested on the sides of her panty right next to her pussy lips and I slipped my index finger under the elastic. Her pussy was wet and open. I moved my right hand and started jerking my cock, thinking of my daughter's young naked pussy with it's one hair. My finger entered my wife's wet pussy and I felt how my cock oozed precum making it slippery. I knew I was going to cum quickly, and by the sounds of it, so was she. She moved her one hand down, over her stomach, under her panty, onto her naked and swollen clit. I could feel her fingers touch mine, as she flicked her clit. I heard her moan, then take a deep breath and I felt her pussy contract around my finger as her orgasm hit her. I shot my cum load in my hand and on my stomach when I heard her. She orgasmed for another 10 seconds after I stopped. When she caught her breath she turned to me and said "That was quick....for both of us...Can I clean you up you dirty old man?" As if she knew what brought on this sudden orgasm. "Yes please my sexy." She moved down to my cock and hand, removed my fingers from around my cum covered cock and started licking them clean. She then licked my cock, starting right at my balls up to the tip and sucked the last bit of cum from it as it went limp and finished off by licking the cum from my stomach. She opened her mouth showing me it's all gone.

She moved over the bed to her side, switched the light off, moved back to my side and kissed me. I could taste my own cum on her tongue. "Goodnight my love." She said as she snuggled in my arms and we fell asleep.

The next morning I woke with a huge hard on again. My wife was already up and getting ready for work. I saw her getting out of the shower and she dried her self. I could not help but start to rub my cock again. It was wet instantly. She did not see me rubbing myself, but I could see her as she bent over to dry her legs. Her ass was towards me and I had a perfect view of her ass hole and could also see her pussy lips hanging between her legs. She always had long pussy lips and I wondered if my daughter also had such long pussy lips.

Then I heard a nock at our door and in walked my 9 year old daughter, Ashley. She was wearing her pink nighty from last season and it was very short. She had a nice pair of legs, and tight little bubble but and breasts that were just starting to form. Her tits were just big enough to form a round protrusion above her flat stomach. Her nipples seemed very small, but I have never seen them.

I continued to rub my wet cock as she walked in talking to my wife about her school day ahead. Ashley turned around and walked towards our bed where I was lying. My legs were bent and my legs were spread so that I could rub my cock under the blankets without them seeing what I was doing. Suddenly Ashley got onto the bed and climbed under the blankets on my wife's side, and she lay down next to me. As she lifted her legs onto the bed I got a glimpse of her white panties she wore under her pink nighty.
She lay on her side, looking me straight in the eye, smiled and asked "Mornin daddy. What ya dooooing?", like the girl on that kids show Finneas and Ferb always does.
The question caught me of guard and I stammered, "Just looking at you and your mother." "Why?" She asked again.
"I was just admiring your beauty. You both look so similar."
She turned around, and looked at her mother. My wife was now facing us, still naked, drying her hair with the towel. All her finest parts were showing. My wife is petite and really well built for her age, even after giving birth to 3 girls over the last 9 years. She had B cup breasts with small pink nipples, and she always kept her pussy nicely trimmed, so it formed a nice line towards her clit and those long pussy lips.
Ashley looked at her mother, for what seemed like an awkwardly long time.
I also kept on looking and this in turn helped my cock to get a bit wetter, and I could now hear the faint squishing of precum between my hand and my 6inch cock.
Ashley turned to me smiled and said "You are right, we are looking more and more the same each day." Then she whispered "but mommy has more hair than me."
"Where?" I asked innocently.
"You know down there, on her mouse." She whispered. (We always called our little girls pussies their mouse.)
She turned around again, and I could see her looking at my wife's pussy, then turned back to me and moved closer, so she could whisper again. She was lying on her side facing me and she curled her legs up towards her stomach, and her knees pushed against the back of my thigh. I continued to rub my cock and I was now sure she could feel my movements.
She moved her head closer to me and whispered "I think my mouse lips are a bit longer than mommy's though, but I'm not too sure."
I did not know what to say, but I whispered back, "Maybe you can show me some time and then I can compare you and mommy nicely."
"That will be cool. You will know best." And she lay her forehead against my lips so I can kiss her. She kept it there waiting for my traditional butterfly kisses I give them. I lay a couple of butterfly kisses on her head while I continued to stoke my cock while feeling her legs against mine. Then I felt the cum explode from the tip of my cock, into my hand. The last kiss on her head lasted a bit longer as the orgasm hit me and she looked up to see why my lips were pressed so tightly against her head. My eyes were fixed on hers as I emptied my balls in my hand. She frowned, and asked "are you alright daddy?"
"Yes baby, yes. Perfect." And I moved the last kiss down on to her soft lips. "I love you baby."
Just then my wife came closer to the bed, now fully dressed, looked at both of us in an irritated way and said "Stop your loving you two. Ashley, go get dressed and ready for school."
Ashley threw the blankets open and stretched her legs and arms out to make a lazy yawn and I got a nice view of her panty covered pussy, just before she rolled over to get out of my bed. My wife was walking out of the room. Ashley waited for my wife to clear the room then turned to me and said, "I'll show you later." Then she blew me a kiss and skipped out of my room leaving me to clean my cum filled hand by my self.

To be continued.....

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I'm experiencing the same thing sex with my own daughter

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nice waiting for more

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2014-01-07 00:52:12
I'm divorced and sleep naked so when my eleven year old daughter got into bed with me wearing just a nitiey with no panties and crawled up on top of me. I woke up with a hard on to find my daughter rubbing her pussy up and down on it. It wasn't inside of her but it was between her hot, wet pussy lips. It was dark.. nobody knew.. I had a hard on.. she wanted it... I helped her get it into her and fucked her.... twice..... Then often.

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