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Claire has been made to take work experience at "Titcage", a lobby organisation created to degrade women. The work and its requirements are slowly degrading Claire and, in stages, turning her into the kind of slut they want.
Chapter 11

Monday morning, Claire lifted her skirt so her father could see she was wearing panties and then headed out to start her second - and hopefully final - week at Titcage.

When she got in, she discovered to her horror that she was the work again. Of course she should have realised there was a camera at Kitten’s. She’d even thought about it before. But she still hadn’t expected to see such a thorough record of her weekend sitting on her computer. There she was getting naked. There she was having her cunt shaved by Kitten. Here was where Kitten fed her her cunt juices, and here was where she was pissing in the sink.

Claire duly categorised each image, describing what a slut she was being and how she deserved to be raped. She talked about her slutty twat and her whore’s fuckmelons and how she was lezzing off with a rapeable little bitch. She tried to rise above it all, not taking it, but she could feel it settling into the back of her brain. She’d never thought of Kitten as a “rapeable little bitch” before but no sooner had she typed it than she found it impossible to get out of her brain.

Halfway through the morning Claire was called to Michael’s office.

‘Claire, I got a call from your mother on Friday,’ he said. ‘About your panties.’

Claire’s heart sank.

‘Apparently I’m to report to her on whether you’re wearing panties, or whether you have a naked cunt like a slut,’ he said.

Claire blushed and said nothing.

‘Do you think having a naked cunt is slutty, Claire?’ he asked.

Claire nodded.

‘And do you think you’re a slut, Claire?’ he asked.

Claire opened her mouth to say no, but what she said was, ‘Yes.’ It sounded right, as soon as she said it.

‘That’s good. I think you’ll do well at Titcage. Well, we’re going to resolve this dilemma like this. You’re going to take off your panties and give them to me, so you can be a good slut with a naked cunt. Then at 2 pm when I’m to call your mother, you can come in here, and I’ll give you some panties to put on so that I can truthfully tell her you’re wearing panties. Then you take them off again, and come back at the end of the day and if you’ve been good I’ll give your panties back to wear home.’

Claire didn’t know what to think. It was a horrid, degrading plan, but all she felt was grateful that he was going to tell her mother she was being good. She nodded her acceptance. He said nothing, and Claire realised what she needed to do. She pulled her panties down her legs, took them off, and put them on Michael’s desk.

‘Good slut,’ he said. ‘Now, we have one other thing to discuss.’ He pressed his intercom. ‘Twat, send Jim in.’

A moment later Jim entered the office. Claire blushed happily to see him, and then blushed unhappily when she realised her panties were still clearly visible on Michael’s desk.

‘Jim has a problem, Claire,’ said Michael. ‘He treats you like you’re a person.’

Claire was confused. ‘Jim just likes me, is all,’ she said.

‘Of course he likes you, Claire. You have big udders and you look like you’d be fun to rape. I don’t mean he doesn’t like you, I mean that he treats you like a person instead of a fucktoy.’

Claire was silent.

‘As you know,’ said Michael, ‘we expect certain standards of conduct from our male employees, just like we do from our female employees. They’re required to address women by talking to their tits or cunt, to remember that the status of women is above animals but below men, and to help women remember that they’re created to be raped and used.’

‘I…’ said Jim, but Michael cut him off.

‘You’re going to work with Jim, Claire,’ said Michael. ‘He’s going to take you off cataloguing duty and show you how to do some of our social outreach work. In return you’re going to help him learn how to treat women.’

Michael stood up and walked over to a whiteboard. He started writing on it.

‘There will be three simple rules for Jim. One: he is to only look at your tits and cunt, never at your face. Two: he is to only address you as ‘twat’ or ‘cunt’, never as Claire. Three: he is going to take his cock out right now, and keep it out while he works, so you can see how he is reacting to you. Do it now, Jim.’

Jim blushed, but unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. It was erect and bulging, six inches long. Claire was mesmerised. She’d never seen a boy’s cock in real life before, and now here was the cock of a very cute boy right in front of her.

‘Claire,’ said Michael, ‘if Jim forgets any of these rules, I’m not going to punish him. I’m going to punish you. You will be able to pick your punishment. Either Jim can whip your naked tits here in my office, or you can suck his cock until he cums, or I can report to your mother that you weren’t wearing panties.’

Claire was aghast. She was speechless.

‘Make sure he follows the rules, Claire,’ said Michael. ‘That’s all. You’re dimissed.’

‘Um, come with me, um… twat,’ said Jim, resolutely looking at Claire’s breasts. Claire blushed and followed him.

Over the next few hours Jim showed her how to do ‘social outreach’. It consisted of logging onto social media sites, forums, blogs and other internet destinations, and making comments that degraded, offended, threatened or demeaned women. They would log onto Facebook and make comments on photos of cute girls: ‘You look like you’d be fun to rape. Those fuckbags almost make up for your face. Legs like that make you almost deserving of swallowing a man’s cum.’ They would edit photos to add captions, such as ‘WHORE’ in large letters, or ‘Loves to drink piss’, and then re-post them. They would find photos of girls and re-post them on porn sites, or comment on news sites that prominent women had clearly fucked their way to the top. Claire turned out to have a natural talent for the kind of catty bitchiness it required.

All the time, Jim stood behind her, supervising. ‘That’s good, cunt,’ he’d say. Or, ‘Can you add that she probably fucks her dog, twat?’ And his cock was out and hard the whole time. Sometimes Claire felt it poking into the back of her neck, as she sat in her chair with him standing behind her. Or sometimes as he leaned in it would slap her cheek. Every time it touched her it left a little smear of his pre-cum on her skin, and every time he would gasp a little and his cock would twitch.

Finally near lunchtime Claire spun around in her chair to ask Jim something, and as she opened her mouth she felt his cock slip between her open lips into her mouth. Almost at once Jim gasped, and his hips bucked. Sperm began to spurt from his dick. The first glob went right into Claire’s mouth. When she pulled back in horror, the rest splattered over her face, hair, and cleavage.

Everyone in the office had seen. Everyone was looking at Claire, dripping with Jim’s spunk. She felt herself turning red. She tried to wipe the sperm away but only ended up with sticky hands.

Sluthole came over, grinning broadly. Jim was just standing there, as horrified and embrassed as Claire, his dick dripping. Sluthole took it in one hand, put her other hand on the back of Claire’s head, and pulled them together so she could wipe Jim’s cock clean on Claire’s cheek. ‘Like that, Jim,’ she said. ‘You use girls as your sperm rag, when you need one.’

When Jim’s cock had been wiped off, Sluthole pulled the traumatised Claire into the toilets. Claire was already crying with shame before they’d even stepped inside. When the door closed, Sluthole pulled off Claire’s clothes, then disrobed herself. She hugged Claire close, pressing her knee between Claire’s thighs, and then began to lick the sperm off Claire’s face.

Claire was too broken to resist. She’d liked Jim, and now she’d gone and been a total slut by accidentally putting her mouth on his cock. She’d made him cum in front of everyone. He must be so embarassed. He’d thought she was nice and now she’d just looked like a total whore.

She was so submissive in her shame that she didn’t even wait to be told. She started pissing against Sluthole’s leg, and Sluthole did the same shortly after. Sluthole’s hand dipped down to rub Claire’s clitoris, and when she’d licked all the semen from Claire’s face and neck she started to kiss Claire.

Claire didn’t cum this time, although Sluthole did. She was just left with a wet, aching pussy. When Sluthole left, Claire showered herself clean, vainly trying to get the sperm out of her hair, and when she’d done the best she could she dressed and went back to work.

When she came back out, Jim was looking at her guiltily, his cock still hard and out. He was, in fact, looking at her face.

‘Jim,’ she said, her voice still full of tears. ‘Look at my tits.’

He lowered his gaze. ‘Sorry, cunt,’ he said.

She sat back down and they went back to their work. And all the time she remembered the taste of his semen splashing inside her mouth. It had tasted good.

At 2 pm Claire got up and went into Michael’s office. Wordlessly, he gave her a pair of small cotton panties. They said ‘RAPE ME’ on them in pink letters across the crotch. Blushing, Claire pulled them up her legs. They were too tight, and rode right up her butt crack and into the crevice of her twat. Her labia splayed lewdly out to each side of the crotch, visible to the world.

‘Lift your skirt and show me,’ said Michael, and Claire did, blushing as he stared at the cameltoe in her pussy. She listened as Michael picked up the phone, rang Claire’s mother, and told her Claire was wearing panties like a good girl, all while staring at Claire’s groin. Then he put down the phone, pulled out his mobile phone, and took a picture of Claire. ‘For the record,’ he said. When he was done, Claire removed the panties and gave them back to Michael.

During the afternoon it seemed like Jim’s cock poked her in the cheeks and neck even more than it had in the morning. He stood right behind her, so that the warm thickness of his dick often rested right against her jaw. By the end of the day her cheeks and neck were smeared with a consistent glaze of his pre-cum. She was careful when standing up at the end of the day to avoid accidentally taking his penis in her mouth again. ‘Thanks for a great day, twat,’ he told her, staring at her tits. He extended his arms in a hug, and she awkwardly hugged him. Her boobs pressed against his chest, and she could feel his dick prodding at her groin, only her skirt standing between his phallus and her bare pussy.

At home Claire’s father checked her cunt; Claire had put her panties back on, so she got in no further trouble. Then he administered her routine spanking, which once again set Claire’s pussy to drooling. She ran up to the bathroom afterwards and masturbated to orgasm.

And at night she slept in bed next to her sister, with the vibrator pulsing in her twat, and the voice telling her, ‘Claire likes rape. Sluts deserve to be raped. Claire likes sucking cock.’

(To be continued...)

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