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Chapter 6

Yasmin was the first to wake up, her hair was a mess, her body was sticky from all the cum and she had a bad case of cotton-mouth. She got up off the bed, trying not to wake her family and went into her parents bathroom to get a drink of water straight from the sink and while she was in there, to pee.
‘I have never been so happy in my life’ Yasmin thought to herself, feeling the pressure from her bladder get released, she wiped and flushed, then snuck back onto the bed, just as Beth and Jericho were waking up, Isabelle was still sound asleep.
“Good morning my beautiful ladies” Jericho complimented, leaning over to kiss his mother, and then leaning down to kiss his sister.
“Good morning sex god! How does your cock feel this morning?” Yasmin asked, stretching and feeling her joints crack, Beth did the same, but nothing of hers cracked.
“Sex god? I like it. My cock is fine....well horny and ready to fuck again” Jericho confessed, strocking his cock with his hand and winking at both his mother and sister.
“Well it’s my turn first. I basically got worse than sloppy seconds. I got cluster-fuck-thirds.” Beth pouted, she got onto her sons chest and kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue into his mouth and running her stubby fingers through his greasy hair.
“My pleasure” Jericho growled in a sexy low voice, he put his hands on his mothers ass, and slid his rock hard cock into her already wet and pulsating pussy.
Beth was trying to be quiet, so she kissed her son deeply, moaning into his mouth and pulling his hair at every powerful thrust. Jericho felt his mothers warm and unpleasant morning breath breathe on him, but he didn’t care, he bit her bottom lip and continued to fuck his mother harder and harder.
“Oh fuck” Yasmin whispered in pleasure, as she slid her fingers into the cum pile of her hairy pussy and began to finger herself to the movement of her brother and mother. Beth came, not heavily, just as the phone rang, echoing through the house.
“Ignore it” Beth pleaded, she was almost in tears as Jericho was hitting her G-spot, sending shockwaves through her entire body, making her eyes see specks of white wherever she looked, making her gasp for air at every thrust that his cock delivered.
“” Beth puffed, trying to gain control with her arms, or any part of her body, as she felt his cock get harder and her walls tighten.
“Cum on my cock mum.” Jericho told her, holding her closer and hearing his balls slap against the bottom of her.
“Take it...
“Oh god...fuck me”
“I’m almost there”
“Me too”
“Babbbyyyy” Beth squealed, as she dug her nails into his back, drawing blood, and gushed all over his cock, Jericho shot off into her pussy and felt his arms become heavy, almost dropping his mother, but doing his best to hold on.
“Yesssssss” Yasmin wailed quietly, as she came, making her hairy pussy glisten with fresh cum.
“Well that is one way to wake up.” Isabelle chuckled, looking at everyone who was cummed out. Beth was about to open her mouth to say something, when a knock from the front door interrupted her.
“Fuck...I’m all fucked out and now I want to relax. COMING” Beth shouted, getting off her sons cock and finding her gown to cover up her body.
“No I made you cum” Jericho teased, grabbing her by the waist, pulling her close and kissing her, making Beth feel light headed again.

The knocking was getting louder, as Beth finally made her way downstairs, she had to punch her son to make him let go of her, softly but still.
“Hello...Officers, how can I help you?” Beth was shocked at the sight of them, it was 7:30 in the morning and her husband wasn’t home, she fixed her gown a bit more as they looked down at her, their hats off.
“Mrs. Pellow?” one of them asked.
“Yes I am she.” Beth replied slowly.
“I’m afraid your husband got murdered last night. A Mr. Byron Pellow? (Beth gasped and nodded) He and his lover were killed by the lovers husband. From what we know and what he told us, Byron and Pam, were in a hotel last night, he caught them in the shower together and brutally killed them both.” The officer told her, he put a hand on her shoulder and looked into her eyes.
“Why..thank you for telling me. I...I need to tell my family.” Beth slowly said, they nodded and left and she closed the door as, Jericho came down the stairs in his boxers, fingering Isabelle through her nighty and kissing Yasmin who just had a sheet wrapped around her.
“Mum...what’s wrong?” Yasmin asked, seeing her face.
“Your father is dead. He had an affair last night, got caught and got killed.” Beth looked at her children and her sister, they were shocked and stopped touching each other for the moment.
“ don’t know what to say sis...but” Isabelle started, but was interuppted by a loud sigh of relief from Beth.
“I know its wrong to feel this way, but I am personally glad your father is dead. I knew he was cheating on me, and I’m just glad he died at the hands of someone else and not by me” Beth cheered, looking out the window to make sure the police weren’t within ear shot.
“He wasn’t around much for the last 4 years, and now you have me to satisfy your every need” Jericho said proudly, leaning down and hugging his mother.
“You can be sad if you want, I’m just saying, I’m not going to be, he loved me, stopped loving me and cheated on me, so fuck him” Beth said firmly, Yasmin was tearing up a little, but what her mother was saying was making sense, so she wiped away her tears and hugged her mother as well.
“And I’m moving in as well. You think just have that cock once was enough? Fuck no. I am going to have it all the time now!!” Isabelle announced, she pulled Jericho off her sister and hugged her as well.

The funeral was small, a few friends, some family and Beth, Jericho, Yasmin and Isabelle sitting on the chairs, watching as the priest said a few words and asked for people to say some things about Byron. Beth wasn’t happy that she had to pay for the funeral, but he left her and the kids a huge some of money in his will, and just for their own peace of mind, she did it just to have good karma.
While Yasmin talked about her father, the good times, the bad times and the times that were confusing, she noticed Jericho had his hand in his mothers skirt and was fingering her, it got her wet seeing it and he loved the feel of her pussy in her silk black panties.
Jericho went up to talk and while he did, he noticed Isabelle wasn’t wearing any panties and she had her legs open for him to see, she made sure to close them real fast as the priest came up to give his final blessing.
The grave was small for a tall man, but it was mostly a land mark, as Byron wanted to be cremated, which Beth was happy to do. The funeral party slowly dwiddled down to just Beth, Jericho, Yasmin and Isabelle, they stood at the grave and stayed silent for a few minutes.
“Jericho, I know it’s a lot to ask, but would you fuck me. Right here, right now. In my ass” Beth asked, looking up at her son and leaning against her husbands grave.
“Why your ass?” Jericho was confused, she didn’t ask for it before.
“Well, the last thing your father wanted to do to me sexually was anal. Now that he’s dead and that he cheated on me, I want you to fuck me up my ass, just to stick it to him” Beth told him, unzipping her dress and standing in front of him in her bra and panties.
“It would be my pleasure to fuck you in the ass” Jericho unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, which was slowly waking up.
The breeze ran through the grave yard, blowing Beth’s hair all over the place, as she undid her bra and pulled her panties down and bent over on her husbands grave. Yasmin and Isabelle looked around to make sure they were alone and that they wouldn’t get in trouble.
“Come fuck your mother” Beth begged, bending over and wiggling her ass.
Jericho put his hands on her ass cheeks, and Isabelle came forward and spat heavily on his cock, making it all slippery.
“Anal is very rough when not properly lubbed up, so here” Isabelle told him, she spat a few more times, then gave him the thumbs up.
Jericho smacked his mother playfully, causing her to moan, then he slid his cock slowly and deeply into her hole, his spit covered cock hurt a little going in, but the pain was going away as he began to thrust slowly.
“Oh god that feels good....See Byron, your son is fucking me in the ass. I....oh him more than you....he....oh fuck” Beth couldn’t finish, she held onto the grave-stone and took in a few deep breaths as Jericho picked his pace up, Isabelle spat a few more times and just watched.
“Does it feel good mum?” Jericho asked, his cock was pulsating in her tight hole, it was turning a shade of red that came from being opened to wide, and she was moaning in response.
“Fuck...yes....oh....fuck...yes” Beth purred, she looked over her shoulder at her son and he could see tears forming, he figured she was very emotional and continued to thrust in her. Jericho watched his mothers ass bouce up and down, pushing more onto his cock, he could see her tits bouce from the faint shadow that the sun helped to produce.
“I’m cum” Jericho groaned, holding her tighter as he was on the last stretch.
“Fill my asshole with your hot load baby. I’m cumming too” Beth cried out, she held onto the grave-stone and Jericho shot his load into her asshole, before pulling out and sitting on the ground, the grass making his own ass itch.
“How did..that feel?” Jericho asked, breathing heavily and watching his mothers asshole pucker and he could see his white hot jizz slowly leak from it.
“Amazing, now I can do this” Beth replied, she turned around and let all of her sons jizz squirt out onto his fathers grave-stone, big glops slid down his name and onto the grass.
“Ok, get dressed and lets go, before we get into trouble. I’m sure many people do strange things during their time here, but i dont want to explain to the grounds-keeper what happened here” Isabelle said firmly, handing her sister her clothes and watching her put them on.

Jericho sat in his room still wearing his clothes from the funeral, while he was on youtube just looking up random videos to pass the time. His mother and aunt were out looking for new cars, the money hadn’t come yet from the will, but they were just looking for a better one than they currently had.
“Can I come in?” Yasmin knocked at his door, he nodded and he saw that she was wearing her pjs, which were very revealing.
“What’s up?” Jericho asked, turning around and looking at his sister, who was sitting on his bed, her eyes were red from crying.
“Just trying to get used to the fact that dad isn’t here. I know he treated mum wrong and probably us, but he was still our father” Yasmin explained with a sniffle, Jericho got up and put his arms around her, she felt like she was fresh out of the shower and strong of honey, from the bodywash he got her for Christmas.
“Yeah, I know how you feel.” Jericho rubbed her back and put his hand under her shirt to actually feel her skin.
“Can we fuck? Please, I just want to feel you, feel you make love to me” Yasmin kissed his face, putting her hands through his hair, he put his hands on her face and pulled her in for a deep and slow kiss.
“It would be my pleasure” Jericho stood up and began to get undressed, Yasmin pulled her pjs off and he noticed she shaved her pussy and didn’t do a great job at it.
“I...I shaved my pussy, I did it while crying, so i may have missed a bit, I want you to eat my pussy, the same way you eat mums” Yasmin told him, she laid on the bed and opened her legs.
Jericho knelt down and kissed her pussy, she missed some patches of hair and it was red with up coming in-grown hairs already, but he didn’t care, he slid his tongue as far as he could, feeling her pussy get wet and taste her strong scent, which currently smelt of piss. He picked off little flecks of toilet paper that she missed and spread her lips apart so he could get to her clit and make her moan.
“Oh god....yes brother, oh eat me....oh fuck” Yasmin gasped, her legs raised a little off the bed and onto his shoulders, while her hands played with his hair and kept him stationary. Jericho tasted the faint smell of iron, as he must’ve popped one of her in-growns, but continued to dart his tongue in and out.
“I’M CUMMING, OH SHIT.....OF FUCK ME” Yasmin howled, she gushed over his face and pulled out some of his hair during her orgasm.

Beth and Isabelle didn’t stay long at the car lot, so they decided to go to a spa for a massage and relax after an emotional day.
“Do you think the kids are fine?” Beth asked her sister, signing her name to the sheet and grabbing a locker key from the front desk lady.
“I’m sure they are. Bet you they are knee deep in each other as we speak” Isabelle said firmly, pulling her phone out and calling the house, it rang 4 times, before she gave up.
“I could use another dose of cock” Beth groaned, waddling to the changing room, her sister following.
“Tell me about it. Best cock I’ve had since my husband” Isabelle admitted, she took her top off and undid her bra and Beth noticed a dry patch of cum on her chest and she reached up to scratch it off.
“Trying to cop a feel are you?” Isabelle joked, rubbing her small tits together and pouting a little as her sister took her top off and her tits bounced out of her bra.
“Please, I know you would like to feel mine. Go ahead” Beth chuckled and put her tits together, Isabelle shrugged and put her hands on them, squeezing them softly and pinching the nipples.
“Damn I wish mine were big. These just don’t do it” Isabelle explained, she took her hands off her sisters tits and stripped the rest of her clothes off, Beth did the same, till they were both naked and looking for a towel.
“Seems we are the only one’s here, nice. Well i’m going to free-ball it in the pool, I’ll take my towel if anyone comes, but free and naked. WOO” Isabelle grinned, as she placed the towel on the rail and slid elegantly into the water, her body began to glisten and Beth smiled.
“Why the hell not” Beth did the same and hopped into the water, shivering a little.
Beth did a few simple strokes, showing off her skills she had with swimming, her ass bobbing up and down as she did the butterfly, while Isabelle was simply floating on her back, her hairy pussy matted down by the water and her tits gleaming as the lights shone on them.
“So what else did your husband want to try?” Isabelle asked Beth out of the blue, once she stopped swimming.
“How do you mean?” Beth didn’t understand the question.
“He wanted to do anal and you didn’t want to until today with Jericho. My question is, what else did he want to try OR even you want to try, and he didn’t want to?” Isabelle explained, leaning against the stairs of the pool and looking at her sister.
“I wanted to try peeing on him. I saw it in a porno once, it looked interesting, but he didn’t want to” Beth told her, blushing as she did.
“Want to do it now?” Isabelle asked, swimming towards her with a cocky look on her face.
“With you and me....? Here?” Beth was surprised by her sisters offer.
“Yeah, you and me, unless you want to wait till you get home to Jericho, but I want to play with my sister and we can do it in the showers. It’ll wash away quicker there.” Isabelle told her, Beth was beginning to understand.
“Ok” Beth said with a grin and followed her sister out of the pool.

Just to be safe, Isabelle locked the bathroom/lockeroom door and took a big drink of water from the sink tap, Beth was laying on the floor in the shower, twiddling her thumbs in anticipation.
“Where would you like me to pee on you?” Isabelle asked, feeling the pressure build up in her bladder, each time she swallowed.
“Mostly on my stomach and tits, I probably know the answer to this, but do you want to fuck afterwards?” Beth looked over to her, seeing her sisters figure and she was beginning to get wet.
“Hell yeah I do. Dear sister, I don’t just pee and leave, I want to eat your cunt the way you will eat mine.” Isabelle explained, she patted her stomach, trying to put pressure on her bladder.
“I’ve never been this close to you before.” Beth admitted.
“I’m the only sibbling that loves you enough, to explore it with you” Isabelle told her, she took one more drink and made her way to her sister, she leant down and kissed her lips, which tasted a little of clorine, but got over that.
“Ready?” Isabelle squatted over her sister, her hairy pussy was inches away from Beth’s chest and she could see little grey pubes between her sisters legs.
“I am” Beth laid still and watched.
Isabelle released the pressure from her bladder, in small intervals and peed on her sister, the hot yellow stream of urine hit her belly button and trickled down the sides of her stomach,
Beth could smell the strong odor of clorine and oranges, her sister drank and ate a lot of weird things.
“Does that feel good?” Isabelle asked, holding back before peeing on her again.
“Its warm...keep going” Beth cooed, she raised her hands up her chest and flinched as she got peed on again, but now she was rubbing it all over her tits. The warm yellow liquid felt nice on her and her pussy was getting wet, as she squeezed her tits and felt her sisters piss touch her body.
“I’m almost out” Isabelle told her, holding back again, and looking down, she smiled as her sister, wasn’t paying attention, but in her own little world, playing with her tits and rubbing her piss over her body.
“I’m so horny” Beth murmered, her hands going down to her pussy and she bit down on her bottom lip as she played with her clit.
“Don’t cum before I get there” Isabelle laughed and peed her final stream over Beth, it bounced on her tits and slid all the way down her stomach. Isabelle got on the floor and moved her sisters hands out of the way and slid her tongue deep into her pussy, clock-work licking her labia and pussy walls, smelling her own piss and tasting her sisters honey flavoured pussy.
“Mmm oh...yes...sister” Beth moaned, putting her hands on her head and bucking her hips a little.
“Get on top of me and eat me, while I eat you” Isabelle demanded, laying on her back and opening her legs, she smiled as her sister got on top of her, kissed her quickly, before turning over and eating her hairy pissy tasting pussy, Isabelle went back to eating her sister out, holding her curvy thighs in the process.
“Does it feel good sis?” Isabelle asked, reaching down and rubbing her tits, that were on her legs, feeling a tingling sensation on her toes.
“Fuck yes...Don’t stop” Beth pleaded, burying her face in her pubes and letting her tongue dig within to tease her clit.
“I’m about to.....cum...don’t stop sister.....” Beth moaned, her toes curled up, as she was trying to hold on.
“Just a little longer...I’m almost there” Isabelle told her, she picked up the pace of her tongue, enjoying hearing her sister moan into her pussy, as she teased her pussy.
“I’m Cumming!!”
“Me Too!!!” Isabelle screamed. Beth’s pussy squirted in Isabelle’s face, drenching her, while Isabelle’s pussy leaked cum out.
“Relaxed now?” Isabelle laughed, spanking her sisters ass playfully.

It was 8pm by the time Beth and Isabelle came home, they opened the door and their nostrils were greeted by the smell of a freshly cooked meal and Yasmin and Jericho were on the couch watching tv.
“Hey guys, we’re home” Beth annouced, closing the door quickly, as Jericho stood up, stark naked and only wearing a very small apron.
“How was your day?” Jericho asked, kissing his mother, poking her in the face with his cock till she grabbed it and sucked it for a few seconds, then he kissed his aunty, who slipped him the tongue.
“It was great, my sister and I got closer as no doubt I believe you two did as well” Beth chuckled, seeing Yasmin with just a nighty on.
“Better believe it. Now come and sit and eat. I’m sure you’re starving” Jericho told them, they all sat at the table as he served up the meal of: Roast beef, carrots, gravy and chips.
They all sat quietly and ate for a while, the food tasted amazing, and their stomachs were filling up nicely.
“So now that your father isn’t around any more, I believe we don’t have to hide our feelings any more, just if we want to get kinky, we go upstairs, just in case people pop by” Beth laughed, knowing how the last couple of days were.
“Sounds good. I love you all and I love making love to you all” Jericho winked at them all, standing up and strocking his cock.
“Oh you don’t get to do all the fucking. Your mother and I had an amazing fuck session this afternoon. You may have that amazing cock, but remember, we know our sensitive spots” Isabelle teased, leaning over and kissing her sister, before going under the table, pulling her sisters pants off and began eating her out.
“Give that here” Yasmin drooled, she grabbed his cock and wrapped her lips around it and pumped and sucked on it, her tongue swirled around the vieny cock and she deep-throated it perfectly.
Jericho put his hands on her head and guided her head down, then back up, till drool was dripping from her lips and his cock. Beth was holding onto the table, as Isabelle was tongue fucking her sister, her head bobbing back and forth.
“I’m cumming” Beth and Jericho cried together, the kitchen echoed with their moans and Yasmin swallowed the mouthload, and Isabelle lapped up her sisters juices.
“Bedroom now!!” Isabelle demanded, getting up from under the table.

Jericho paired up with Isabelle, while Beth paired up with Yasmin, till they were ready to mix company.
“I want you to do me up the ass” Isabelle whispered, jerking him off and kissing his neck softly, she spat heavily on his cock, till spit was dripping off it, then turned around and wiggled her ass for him. Jericho slid his spit covered cock gently in her ass, and held her hips as he pushed all the way in.
“Holy fuck....Oh my fucking god!!” Isabelle roared, grabbing hold of the satin sheets on the bed, she looked over at her sister and niece who were fucking each other with a double headed dildo.
“It fits nicely....doesn’t it” Beth chuckled, leaning in and kissing her daughter, licking the nipple with the piercing.
“Fuck...Fuck...Yes...oh...fuck” was all Isabelle could reply, Jericho smacked her cheeks and pulled her hair, making his aunt wetter in the process.
“Take it you slut” Jericho hissed playfully, going harder and faster.
“Yes....oh...oh....fuck” Isabelle was losing her breath, her head leaned down onto the bed and she leant into the fucking.
“I’m about to cum” Jericho told her.
“” Isabelle pleaded, bracing herself and feeling the hot load of cum go into her asshole.
“AHHH” Beth screamed as she came as well, gushing over the dildo and onto her daughter.

This was how it went every night. Beth didn’t look for a new man, as her son satisfied her every need, as did her sister and daughter. Yasmin didn’t bother looking for a man either, even when she went abroad over seas, she got on skype and had video sex with her family. Isabelle loved living with her family, hard fucking every night and a place to call hers, she wasn’t dissapointed.
Jericho was living the dream, he had 3 beautiful women loving him, making love to him and they couldn’t get enough of him. During one of his classes at college, he met a girl, who swooned over him. He wondered if he could bring her into the family.

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Also you should do some reading which you already probably do, lots of ideas and learning to be had by doing that. I highly recommend you read the series "Pipe Crew" by Oregon david (not sure if the authors name is correctly written there I don't remember.). In my opinion that's one of the best stories on the site and is once again in my opinion, publishable. There is some homosexuality in it which is not my cup of tea so I just skimmed over those scenes. Trust me it is worth the read. Also works by Senorlongo he is another excellent and publishable writer. Read these I know you'll take something away from it. Let me know here after you read pipe crew and tell me what you thought about it. Best of luck to you and hope to be reading more of your work very soon friend!!!

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Good job!!! You covered all your bases and summed up your story nicely. I did notice a couple glaring spelling errors and or typos. For example, "strocking" which should be "stroking" nothing major but something to eliminate if at all possible. The anal scene between Beth and Jericho was a little flat and pretty rushed. You could've used a lot more deion in that scene. The other scenes were described much more fully and were much "hotter." The scene between Beth and Isabel was tremendously titillating!!! You described the golden shower expertly. Overall a good series for your first showing you should be proud of yourself!! Now the question...will you be continuing to other stories? I encourage ou to do so. Cont...

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