Alyssa Breeze is a 38 year old semi retired adult film star, turned adult film talent agent. She hires 42 year old private detective Joe Mason to be her bodyguard. After a fanatical killer kidnaps and murders her old friend, adult film star Alexis Carlisle then threatens her life as well. Erotic sparks fly when she invites Joe Mason to come stay at her home in Malibu, along with two of her young live in porn starlets, 19 year old Missy Sky and 18 year old Amber Blue.
Chapter 1. Joe Mason, private detective.

Its been a slow month for Joe Mason’s one man private investigation service, as a mater of fact it has been a slow year. He used to have his own secretary, to answer the phone and make appointments for prospective clients. But lately things have gotten so slow, Peggy Fair, his long time faithful employee and friend left to find a better paying job. Now the forty-two year old ex L.A homicide detective sits alone in his office, leaning back in his office chair reading today’s lead stories in the L.A. times. One of the headlines catches his eyes. Missing adult film star, Alexis Carlisle’s body has been found.

Joe claims he’s not into watching porn, but he knows a little about the ageing porn star. Alexis was a big star back in the mid eighties into the nineties. She has been retired from the industry up until she disappeared without a trace two weeks ago. Reading into the article he sees the name of his old friend L.A police detective Mark Sanger, they were patrol car partners in the early days, and they both worked homicide together up until Joe quit the force five years ago. The reporter who wrote the article quotes his old friends statement to the press.

“All we know as of now is, some sick freak kidnapped and murdered Alexis. Her body was discovered by hikers at the bottom of Fernando canyon this morning. No suspects have been apprehended, but we are following up on some good leads. Ms. Carlisle was in the porn industry for a long time, It’s possible that over the years she’s gained a few nutcase fans who might have done something like this.”

Reading the article evokes his homicide detective experience, he begins concentrating on the grisly facts of the porn stars murder. Suddenly his concentration’s interrupted by the sound of a woman’s voice emitting near the door of his small office. “Excuse me,” her voice trembles. “Are you Joe Mason.” Startled by the voice he looks up seeing an attractive auburn haired blue eyed thirty something woman standing near his secretary’s old desk, his brown eyes trace there way over the woman’s well toned body.

He’s a trained observer, he cant help but notice every detailed curve of the alluring woman’s body. She’s wearing her shoulder length auburn hair tied back away from her face. Her face is beautiful, naturally long eye lashes a slender elegant nose, her lips are pouty and full. “Kissable” he thinks. Looking at the woman’s face a bit closer, he thinks to himself. I’ve seen her somewhere before, but where.

She’s dressed elegantly, wearing what looks to be the latest fashions from Rodeo drive. A white silk blouse with about five buttons undone exposing a slight bit of cleavage and just a hint of the black lace pushup bra accenting her full firm breast. The snug fitting black skirt she’s wearing comes just about six inches above her knees, making her legs appear long lean and sexy.

“Yes, I’m the one and only Joe Mason…What can I do for you sweetheart.”

She steps forward smiling offering a handshake. “Hi my names Alyssa Breeze.”

He stands abruptly pushing his chair back while reaching out to shake her hand. Although his ex-wife might disagree, he at least tries to be a gentlemen. Some might say he sometimes over does his gentlemanly appearance when it comes to an attractive woman.

“Its a pleasure to meet you Alyssa…,” he stops in mid speech. “Are you, thee Alyssa Breeze…The adult star?”

She flashes a quick smile replying almost reluctantly. “Yes I am, thee Alyssa Breeze.”

Realizing who she is he suddenly becomes a star struck fool, he keeps shaking her hand acting like an overzealous fan. He’s usually calm and cool, but he knows she’s one of porn’s most successful stars. She hasn’t been in the industry quite as long as the late Alexis Carlisle, but she’s been around long enough to be well known. Finally he gains control of himself and lets loose of her hand. His voice trembles slightly. “I’m sorry…please have a seat.” he says.

She looks around, not seeing one nearby. “Oh sorry,” he says flashing a nervous smile. “The cleaning lady must’ve moved the chair.” He tells a little white lie not wanting to admit, business has been so bad lately the rental company repoed some of his office furniture. “Here have a seat in my secretary’s chair,” he lies again. “She’s out sick this week.” She takes a seat, he loosens his tie leaning on the edge of his desk needing to be close to the only famous person ever to grace his office.

“So Miss Breeze, how can I help you today….Or is it, Mrs. Breeze.”

She smiles leaning over placing a hand on his knee. “Please there’s no need to be formal.” she says gently stroking his knee. “All my friends call me Alyssa,” she smiles sweetly. “And no, I’m not married.”

Just the feeling of her hand on his knee causes his heart to beat a little quicker, he becomes aroused as well. He hears his own voice tremble. She hands him an eight by ten vanilla envelope, he takes it noticing fear in her bright blue eyes. “Okay Alyssa…What can I do for you.”

Her voice trembles. “I came to hire you…to be my bodyguard.”

He shakes his head. “Alyssa....I’m a PI, not a bodyguard.” Tears begin to run down her face, she speaks frustrated and angry. “God Dammit, my life’s in danger I need your help,” she points to the L.A. times laying on his desk. “Alexis was one of my best friends, she helped me get into the industry,” she points to the envelope. “The envelope your holding was mailed to my home in Malibu yesterday.”

Her body began shaking, tears ran down her cheeks. He kneels next to her, trying to comfort her by massaging her back. “I’m sorry Alyssa, please don’t cry,” holding up the envelope he asks. “Okay tell me, what’s in this envelope?”

“Pictures of Alexis. Whoever kidnapped her took pictures of her before he murdered her. The bastard tortured her, he killed her slowly. Apparently he took these pictures in sequence to show what she went through before she died….Please help me,” she says in panic before laying her face in her hands sobbing. Her emotional state makes it clear, she’s completely terrified.

He opens the envelope then slowly dumps the contents onto his desk, making sure not to touch any of the photos. What he sees almost turns his stomach, during his time as a homicide detective he’s seen a few gruesome sights, but the pictures of Alexis Carlisle’s beaten bloody body made him fight the urge to vomit.

The first picture stood out to his trained eye, its of Alexis she’s dangling by her wrist her thick blond hair is tussled and frayed. Mascara is smeared down her face, indicating she’s been weeping, her toes are barely touching the cement floor below. She’s been stripped completely nude, apparently she’s alive but her face his badly bruised.

“Alyssa…Have you shown these to the police,” he asks in a concerned tone.

She sniffles wiping her nose with a white handkerchief trimmed in lace and looks up with pleading eyes. “Yes, I gave detective Sanger the copies,” she pauses, her lips quiver. “The fucking bastard who did this, made sure to send extra copies.”

He begins looking at each photo, using the tip of his ink pin to move the gruesome sights around on his desk. There’s about ten photos in all of Alexis in different states of torture and bondage. He found one final disgusting scene, it’s of the poor once attractive woman’s dead body, her throats been cut. Swallowing back vile he flips it over, on the back of the photo he reads a short unsweet hand written statement.

I took this whores life for her sins of the flesh. Your next Alyssa Breeze

Joe doesn’t speak, he seems to be in deep thought. Alyssa spots a bewildered expression on his ruggedly handsome face, she watches him rub his hands over his dark brown eyes. He suddenly seems tired, the crows feet wrinkles at the corners of his eyes stand out a bit more than before. He leans back in his chair, running his long fingers through thick dark hair flecked with streaks of gray.

Alyssa recently turned 38, she knows he’s at least four years older but she likes the older mans rugged good looks. But his good looks aren’t enough, fear of ending up like her old friend comes to mind, she begs for his help once more.

“Please help me, I’ll pay you well. I met your friend detective Sanger today, he told me you’re not married and that’s good….I mean, being as you’re not married you can stay in one of my guest rooms at my home in Malibu. Detective Sanger said he’ll do the best he can to help but he cant look after me around the clock. He said you’re good at what you do,” her voice trembles as she begs once more. “Please help me…I’m so afraid.”

Not wanting to read about her mutilated body, being found in some remote canyon in next weeks headlines he gives in. Moving from his chair to where she’s sitting he kneels down hugging the frightened woman. Tears flow like raindrops down her face smearing her mascara. Looking into her blue eyes he notices even with smeared makeup, she’s still a beautiful woman. Without thinking how unprofessional it might be, he kisses her cheek.

“Alright Alyssa, you’ve hired yourself a bodyguard. I have a few things here in my office I’ll need to bring with me, then I’ll need you to follow me to my apartment over on Rosecrans avenue so I can pack a suitcase and grab a couple extra suits.”

He looks into her eyes, she flashes a slight smile trying to show she feels better now that he’s agreed to help. He wipes a tear from her cheek with his finger tips. “Don’t worry sweetheart,” he says with a smile. “I’ll keep you safe. Detective Sanger’s right, I am good at what I do,” he kisses her cheek once more. “And please, call me Joe that’s what all my friends call me.”

She watches him walk to a gun safe located across the room, he takes a black leather shoulder holster containing a Colt 45 automatic pistol. Next he picks up a box of 45 ammo along with two preloaded ammo clips, he slips the holster over his broad shoulders then slips both ammo clips into small leather pouches under his right arm. She thinks he’s done arming himself, but he’s not.

He pulls out a medium length dark grey plastic box, opening it he removes what appears to be a pump shotgun. She’s never seen anything like it before, its lightweight shoulder stock folds over making the weapon more compact. There’s a pistol grip behind its trigger guard. He loads four in the magazine, pumps it then loads one more slug inside the chamber. The way he handles the menacing weapon makes it clear, he knows exactly how to use it.

“Um…Joe,” she says nervously. “Aren’t you over doing it.”

He lays the shotgun back in its case, adding an extra box of slugs before closing it then looks her sternly in the eyes. “No….I’m not over doing it. I think this asshole truly means to harm you, considering what he did to Alexis. My goal is to harm him, if and when he tries.”

Chapter 2. Malibu

Joe drove his black late model Cadillac Coup Deville, following behind Alyssa’s red Porsche 911. It’s a good long drive from his small L.A apartment to Alyssa’s home in Malibu. All along the way he kept seeing the grotesque pictures of Alexis Carlisle’s bloody body, but memories of what he saw keep him focused on the task at hand to protect his attractive client.

He remembers all too well what the killers little note said. Your next Alyssa, It kept flashing before his eyes. He tells himself. “No she’s not next, I won’t let this sick fuck take her life.” Looking ahead he sees Alyssa’s right turn signal flash, she turns off the main road and stops in front of a wrought iron security gate, he pulls in behind her. She steps from her car waving him over.

“Come here Joe, I need to show you my security code,” she says.

“Do you live alone, does anyone else know your code?”

She types the code in. “I have two of my starlets living with me. Missy Sky, she’s almost 20 and Amber Blue, she’s a little over 18,” she smiles in thought. “Being as I’m the ripe old age of 38 I’ve decided I’m a little too old for the business. I’m an agent now, although I have done a few short walk-on roles,” she smirks. “If you can call fucking and sucking an actual acting role. The industry loves the young ones, I make good money recruiting and managing new girls and I really enjoy what I do.”

When the gate opens she steps back to her car. “Follow me in, I called Amber and Missy on the way over, they’re both looking forward to meeting you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me, you had roommates,” he says sternly, sounding a little angry with her for not telling him about her young starlet roommates.

Alyssa looks up from her car window flashing a charming smile. “I’m sorry Joe…I should’ve told you they’re living with me,” she smiles aluringly. “I’ll make it worth your while by paying you double if you’ll watch over Amber and Missy too,” she winks. “Besides I think you’ll like them, now come on follow me in. Missy’s cooking dinner tonight, she’s a great little porn star and she’s a great cook too.”

From there Joe followed Alyssa up a small hill, passing a few different style luxury homes. Finally they came to her large ultra modern two story home, located on a bluff overlooking the ocean. He steps from his Cadillac eyeing her luxurious dwelling. Walking back to his trunk he exclaims in awe. “Damn…I’m in the wrong business.”

Reaching in his trunk he grabs his suitcase along with the shotgun in its case, he turns around finding a pretty young platinum blond haird blue eyed teenage girl standing next to him, she’s dressed in an extremely skimpy white thong bikini. The girl flashes a charming smile. “Are you really a private dick.” she says, in a cute almost childish voice mixed with a southwestern draw. Joe frowns, hating the term private dick.

“No…I’m not a private dick, I’m a private detective,” he replies in annoyance.

The blond cocks her head seeming confused. “Oh…What’s the diff,” she says. “Private dick, private detective…They’re all the same aren’t they.”

Alyssa comes to his rescue, placing an arm around the young woman’s shoulder she kisses the girls gloss pink lips then introduces her. “Joe I’d like you to meet Amber Blue, one of my newest and most talented stars.”

Joe reaches out to shake Ambers hand, but she’s not into handshakes she’s more of a hands on type of girl. She pushes his hand aside, wraps her arms around him and plants a wet kiss on his lips while grinding her firm young body into his.

She pulls away commenting. “It’s so nice to meet you Joe. And if ya don’t mind me say’n, your a fine looking man, for an older guy that is.”Alyssa gives her a friendly slap on the ass. “Oh Amber, don’t be rude.”

Amber smiles flirtatiously, her blue eyes seem to sparkle with sexual energy.

“I’m sorry Joe. I didn’t mean to be rude, please forgive me darlen.”

Being courteous Amber takes the shotgun case from his hand, looking the case over she exclaims. “Oh cool, my daddy back in Texas has one just like this…Its one of theme assault shotguns Ain’t it….Can I shoot it sometime.” She rolls her bright blue eyes flashing a big smile, exclaiming gleefully in her sweet Texas draw. “Fucking for a living and shoot’n guns are two of my favorite things in life.”

Alyssa takes Joe by the hand. “Come on inside, you can drop your things off in the bedroom next to mine upstairs, then come and meet Missy. The poor girls been a nervous wreck since those pictures came in the mail yesterday. When she found out I hired you and had you come stay with us, she decided to cook you a little thank you dinner.”

After placing his things in the bedroom, he slipped out of his tan blazer leaving his holstered 45 pistol on, never being one to like neckties he took his tie off then walked down stairs. It didn’t take him long to find the kitchen, all he had to do was follow the intoxicating aroma of freshly grilled steak along with something else. As an ex cop, he knows the sweet scent of Marijuana smoke all too well.

He stands in the kitchen doorway quietly observing Amber and Missy as they cuddle with each other passing a joint back and forth. He thinks Missy looks younger then 19, and she looks more like a preachers daughter then a porn star. Her dark hair mixed with streaks of blond is cut shag style. As the smoke clears from her face she opens her big brown eyes and grins mischievously seeing he’s watching. Just to tease him she gently pulls Amber’s face to her lips for a kiss. Amber sees him watching from the corner of her eye, they kiss passionately.

He becomes aroused watching the girls show lesbian love for each other, or maybe, it’s just plain teenage lust he’s not sure. His eyes roam over Amber Blue’s body, her backs turned to him, the only thing she’s wearing now is a shear white see-through knee length beach robe. He speaks in an authoritative voice, joking with the girls to get their attention.

“Excuse me girls, but do you have a prescription for that weed your smok'n.”

They brake from the kiss giggling like high school girls. Missy’s wearing a thin black lycra robe it comes wide open exposing her breast. Noticing where Joe’s eyes are looking she smiles making eye contact, her voice is sweet and seductive as she walks towards him across the kitchen floor letting her robe flow open. Joe’s eyes lower to her bare breast, she hugs him he feels erect nipples against his chest.

“No detective Mason, we don’t have a prescription. Alyssa told me you used to be a cop, so I hope your not going to report us to your old friends on the force,” she kisses him on the lips, he doesn’t resist. Its as if she has him under some kind of mystical sexual spell. Breaking from the kiss she introduces herself. “Hi, I’m Missy Sky.”

Alyssa comes into the kitchen finding Missy flirting with Joe, she hugs her dark haired young starlet giving her an affectionate kiss on the lips. She speaks caressing the girls soft young cheek with her fingertips.

“Is dinner ready, because I’m completely famished,” she glances at Joe. “and I know you must be too.” She takes him by the hand leading him to the dinner table. “I hope you don’t feel my girls are coming on too strong, but please understand, its because they’re so glad you’ve come to protect us.” She pulls a dinner chair from under the table. “Have a seat Joe, Missy grilled us filet mignon for dinner. I think you’ll enjoy it, because like I said before this girl can cook.”

Amber speaks up, sounding a little jealous. “Hey now, I can cook too.” Alyssa hugs her, Joe watches her gently fondle Amber’s pert breast.

“That’s right Amber, you cook a great southern breakfast. I love your biscuits and gravy,” she kisses the girls cheek. “That’s what I want you to cook in the morning,” she says in a sweet almost motherly voice.

Amber replies with a smile. “Okay darlen, you’ve got a deal. I’ll make y’all biscuits and sausage gravy in the morning,” she winks at Joe. “I just know you’ll love my breakfast cook’n, just as much as you’ll like Missy’s dinner tonight.”

During dinner conversations Joe learns a lot about the unusual but interesting world of L.A.’s pornography scene. But he’s a detective, he knows during any criminal investigation everyone’s a suspect. He needs to know a little more about Alyssa’s sexy young employee’s, he hopes to god neither of the girls have anything to do with Alexis Carlisle’s murder, or the threat written on the back of the last photo. Amber’s sitting to his right, Missy’s sitting across from him, Alyssa’s sitting to his left. He takes a sip of beer then turns his attention to Amber, casually asking her a question.

“I’m just curious sweetheart, is Amber Blue your real name, or is it your porn star name.”

Amber smiled took a sip of wine, then snuck her hand to his upper thigh. She’s a little high, her Texas draw slurs a little when she speaks.

“I’ll tell you my real name handsome…If you promise to keep it secret,” she moves her hand to his crotch giving his cock and balls a gentle squeeze.

He lurches quickly replying . “Hey, okay I promise, take it easy babe.”

She flashes a playful smile. “Okay then darlen, my first name is Amber, but my last names Dunkin. Eight months ago when Alyssa hired me, we were trying to come up with a good last name, because I didn’t wanna use my family name. Alyssa liked my blue eyes, so that’s how I got my new last name,” she rubs his cock, fluttering her eyes. “I do have such pretty blue eyes…Don’t I, detective Mason?”

He feels his cock growing hard, and thinking how unprofessional it is to let one of his clients fondle him in this manor he pushes her hand away.

“Why yes,” he replies. “You do have beautiful eyes.” Gaining his composure he turns his attention to Missy. “Okay Missy,” he says with a charming smile. “what’s your real name, and we all know Amber’s from Paris Texas, she proudly told me that during our dinner conversation, may I ask where you’re from sweetheart.”

Missy smiles then sips some wine, not answering right away. His detective perception of her body language is she seems to be contemplating if she should say who she really is. After a few long seconds she answers his question.

“Okay, being as you asked. I’m originally from Detroit.”

Amber chimes in playfully. “She’s one of them, sexy yankee girls.”

Missy winks at Amber. “You’ve got that right girl….But anyway, my real name is Melisa Beletsky, it’s polish. I’ve always hated my last name,” she shrugs showing reluctance. “When Alyssa hired me a year ago, I decided to change my entire name. I changed my first name to Missy, because it sort’a rimes with Melisa. And just like Alyssa did with Amber’s last name, she picked my last name too.”

Joe feels Alyssa’s fingers stroking his crotch, she speaks sounding a little high from the wine she’s been drinking. “Her last name has the word Sky in it, so I just erased the first letters. I thought the name Sky fit her beautifully,” she caresses his cock flirting with him. “Don’t you think Sky is a much better porn star name than Beletsky Joe, giggle. Hey Missy, his cock seems to really like your name.”

Joe finds himself unable to resist his clients touch, without thinking he spreads his legs letting the pretty auburn haired woman fondle him. He hasn’t been touched by a woman in quite some time, his voice trembles. “Well yes…It does sound better.” At the same time, he feels Amber’s fingers stroking his crotch along with Alyssa’s. He looks across the table at Missy, she winks and flashes a playful smile before disappearing under the table. He suddenly feels her fingers unbuckling his belt.

“Hey now girls…I’m here to protect you. I don’t think this is approp….” He stops in mid speech feeling Alyssa kissing his sensitive earlobe, she whispers seductively. “Its Okay Joe, just think of this as our way of thanking you for your help.”

Looking to his right, Amber’s no longer there. Now he feels two sits of hands tugging on the waistband of his pants and boxer shorts. Looking down he sees Amber and Missy giggling and smiling up at him from under the table, Amber’s sweet Texas accent sounds out with a childish giggle.

“Come on darlen, lift your ass up. You cant have any fun with your britches on.”

As a detective he’s found himself in a few unusual situations, but this situation tops the cake. He gives up any resistance to these three sexy ladies, even though he knows he shouldn’t let things go this far. Since his divorce six years ago, and even before his divorce he became a workaholic. Burying himself into his work is one of the reasons why his marriage ended, now he finds himself falling under their spell.

He lifts his butt from the dinner chair as ordered, without complaining one bit. Amber and Missy remove his dress pants and underwear, he looks to his left seeing Alyssa slipping out of her light blue terrycloth robe, she’s completely nude underneath. Her body is perfectly toned, her breast are full and firm with quarter sized areolas surrounding long dark pink nipples.

She smiles down at him, pulling on her nipples, pinching them between her slender fingers. He smiles back, looking her nude body over from her breast to her perfectly flat tummy, displaying just a hint of washboard abs. Below that he sees just a hint of reddish brown pubic hair, trimmed to a thin line stopping just above her sex. She teasingly moves her hand down between her legs and fingers herself.

“Are you enjoying my girls,” she says seductively. “They seem to be enjoying you.”

He looks down at Amber and Missy, both young girls have slipped from their robes they’re now both completely nude too. Missy’s sucking the head of his cock while Amber’s kissing and licking his cock shaft.

He moans. “Oh fuck yes…I am enjoying your girls.”

Alyssa joins Missy and Amber under the table, he watches her playfully nudge her way in between each young starlet. Missy guides his cock to Alyssa’s hungry mouth, she begins sucking the head of his cock while Missy and Amber play with his balls at the same time kissing and licking his cock shaft. He feels like he’s woke up in a triple X rated Mickey Spillane novel. Now he feels more like the hard nosed fictional detective Mike Hammer, then normal old boring Joe Mason private I.

He begins feeling the long time unfelt tingling sensation of an intense orgasm about to happen, he feels cum churning deep within his nuts, he begins thrusting his hips upward shoving his cock deeper into Alyssa’s warm mouth. Suddenly he grunts out of breath. “I’m going to cum, if you girls don’t stop doing what you’re doing.”

Alyssa doesn’t stop, she’s been craving her need to suck the ruggedly handsome mans cock since she met him earlier today. Sex has always been her way of showing a man she appreciates him. And if truth were to be known, she’s almost as lonely as Joe is. Back below the table the hot scene continues.

Missy and Amber keep licking and kissing his cock shaft while playing with his balls. Alyssa began mouth fucking his cock, she’s so into what she’s doing Missy and Amber move out of her way. They both begin egging the veteran porn star on.

“Suck that big cock Alyssa,” says Missy, sounding like a cheerleader at a high school football game. “Yeah make him cum…Suck that cock,” says Amber, adding to Joe’s excitement of an impending earth shattering climax. He watches Alyssa deep throat his manhood, without gagging. Her blue eyes peer up at him, she seems so happy to be the one who’ll make him cum.

The girls keep cheering her on. “Suck that cock Alyssa…Yeah make him cum.”

Alyssa began vigorously bobbing her head up and down, Joe cant hold back any longer. There’s no winning this battle, not with Alyssa sucking his cock as if she’s starving. Not with Missy and Amber’s soft young hands and fingers stroking his balls. He cums and he cums hard, moaning out. “Ahhh, oh my fucking god.”

Its been a long time since a woman made him cum, and he’s never had more then one woman make him cum, it’s one of the most adventurous things he’s ever done. His heartbeat quickens, his knees shake. He holds on tight to the edge of his dinner chair, fearing his sexually weakened body might fall off.

Alyssa takes his hot seed in her mouth, her smiling blue eyes peer up at him as if to say. Did I do you good baby. Finally she releases his cock, but the other girls aren’t done yet. Amber takes his cock between her pouty pink lips, he watches Missy guide Alyssa’s lips to hers, the younger girl French kisses the older more experienced woman, licking his seed from her mouth and lips. Amber’s hot young mouth causes small orgasms to rush over his body, after a while she gives his shrinking cock to Missy, she licks it clean before exclaiming happily.

“Thank you for coming to watch over us…detective Mason.” Joe enjoys looking into Missy’s big brown eye’s as she peers up at him, while licking him clean. His body stops shaking and he finds his voice. “And thank you ladies….That was the best after dinner dessert, I’ve ever had in my entire life.”

All three woman crawl from under the table, then they all give him a kisses on the cheek and lips. Alyssa looks at the clock.

“Hey girls, it’s getting late. You both should get some sleep, we’re scheduled to meet Slut Productions director Dick Larson up in Santa Barbra by ten a.m. We’ll be leaving the house by seven. We don’t wanna be late, he’s renting a mansion up there by the hour. Dick’s an old friend of mine, but he can be a real asshole if any girls arrive at one of his sets late.”

Amber complains. “But Alyssa, its only nine o’clock.”

Alyssa raises her voice just enough to make herself clear. “Stop your bitch’n and get to bed Amber. I’ve got you both a good paying gig with Slut Productions, we don’t wanna piss the producer off. Dick Larson has a lot of clout in this town, if you piss him off, you might not work again so get your ass to bed baby.”

Missy takes Amber’s hand leading her away telling her young friend. “Come on Amber lets get to bed. Alyssa told me Jake McKinley and Dale Peters will be there. I’ve fucked both of these guys before so trust me Amber, we’ll need all the wrest we can get.”

After the after dinner oral entertainment, Joe’s knees feel a bit weak as he stands to pull his pants up. Alyssa watches him speaking satirically, with a giggle in her voice. “Are you okay Joe.”

“Oh yes…I’m just fine,” he says while zipping his fly and buckling his belt. “Its just that, it’s the first time I’ve ever let three ladies do what you girls just did.”

“Did you enjoy it.” says Alyssa with a pleased smile. Joe shakes his head in approval. “Yes I did….But Alyssa, you and your girls are my clients. What I just let you do was very unprofessional….Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going up to get my shotgun. I wanna check the outer perimeter of your home, before I turn in.”

As he comes down from upstairs carrying his shotgun, Alyssa meets him at the bottom of the stairs, she’s wearing her robe and a pair of running shoes. “Do you mind if I join you. I usually step out for a little fresh air before going to bed anyway, and you don’t know much about my neighborhood or my property. I’d like to show you around, if you don’t mind.”

“Okay, you’re right. And besides that, I’d like to ask you a few questions in private. If you don’t mind.” She agrees with a smile. “Okay detective, follow me.” she says.

It’s a beautiful midwinter southern California moonlit night as they step from the double entry doors of her home leading towards the driveway. A cool breeze blows their hair back, Alyssa pulls her terrycloth robe close around her neck.

“Whew…its a bit chilly tonight,” she says. Joe’s wearing an old dark blue L.A.PD windbreaker, he takes it off and wraps it around her shoulders. “Here this should keep you warm,” he says in a kind reassuring voice.

“Oh yes thanks, that’s very sweet of you,” she replies holding his jacket around her shoulders enjoying the warmth of the mans body who wore it before her. Joe looks out over the street checking for anything or anyone out of the ordinary. “Do you see any cars, or anyone that might not belong here.” he asks.

She looks over the street. “Nope, just my neighbors and their cars…I don’t think the sick prick that murdered Alexis and threatened me can ever get passed the security gate. There are security guards monitoring the gate and fence with closed-circuit cameras. If anyone tries getting past the gate, or the fence around the community. Security and the Malibu cops will be on them in a flash.”

He thinks of his unexpected clients. “What do you know about Amber and Missy’s home life and families.”

Alyssa takes a breath before answering. “Both girls have told me bits and pieces about their lives. Amber’s somewhat close with her father, they talk on the phone from time to time. It wasn’t always that way I guess, she told me she ran away and came out here when she was 17. I don’t think her father knows she’s making a living in the porn biz.”

“What do you know about Missy Sky….Or should I say Melisa Beletsky.”

He spies a look of concern in Alyssa’s face, as she thinks of his question.

“She told me she started living on the streets of L.A. when she was 16. From what I’ve learned, the girl had a happy life back in Michigan. That is until her mother past away, after her mom died her father became one of those born again Christians. She rebelled, her father became physically abusive. She told me she snuck out through her bedroom window one night and ran away,” she sighs. “I don’t think she’ll ever go home again, and who can blame the poor girl, I wouldn’t go home either if I had a prick for a father like that.”

As they walk and talk they come around to the beachside of her home, they’re standing on a stone patio just below a secondary upper deck of her home. Joe stands listening to Alyssa tell Missy’s story with his back turned towards her, he’s looking for anything out of the ordinary, the beach area seems deserted.

He sees a few large boulders illuminated by the moonlight on top of a steep sand bluff to the left, a little over one-hundred yards to the south. Alyssa’s home is located to the right at a lower elevation. He turns around looking at her face in the moonlight, he sees a red dot appear on her forehead. Thinking quickly he tackles her without a warning. As they fall away, he hears a silenced bullet whiz passed the back of his head.

Alyssa’s body hits the stonework patio floor hard, she begins struggling fearing he’s trying to rape her. He’s laying on top of her, covering her body with his. They fell behind a short stone and concrete wall, she never heard the bullet whiz by or saw the red dot appear on her forehead from a laser sight.

She yells at Joe. “What the hell are you doing…Get off of me.”

He replies gruffly. “Calm down Dammit, someone just took a shot at you with a silenced rifle. He’s using a laser scope I saw a red dot appear on your forehead. Lucky for you I took you down, before he did.”

“Oh my god,” she gasps her body trembles. Suddenly from the darkness another bullet whizzes almost silently passed them, a potted plant explodes in pieces about two feet away. Alyssa screams, he feels her body lurch in fear beneath him. He snarls a warning. “Stay down, don’t move.” Sensing the shooters on top of the high bluff to the south, he speaks sounding a little cocky “Stay down. I’m going to let my little friend here show him, we’re not taking any shit tonight without a fight.”

Unlocking the shotguns safety, he quickly raises up on his knees and begins firing pumping off four rounds towards the boulders above. The shotguns report echoes over the beach, and throughout the once peaceful neighborhood. Twelve gauge slugs ricochet off the boulder above. He sees the sniper take cover, whoever it is never expected his counter attack. Sensing the snipers about return fire, Joe quickly drops back down. Another bullet smashes into a flower pot behind them, potting soil and terracotta pottery pelts his and Alyssa’s body’s.

She begins to cry, her body shakes in fear, he tries calming her. “I think he’ll run off soon, hopefully someone heard my gun shots, they’ll call the police. I don’t think he wants the cops interfering, stay down I’m going to reload then take a quick look around.”

Not wanting to raise his head above the wall again, he works his body around towards the end of the wall In hope, if the snipers still out there he won’t figure were he’ll be next. At the end of the wall he sticks just enough of his head out to look around. His heartbeat quickens as he looks up at the bluffs hoping he’s right about the shooter fleeing, but fearing he might be the shooters next target.

Suddenly from a short distance away he hears police sirens and they’re getting louder as they come closer to Alyssa upper class housing community. Then to his delight he sees a moonlit silhouette of someone dressed in dark clothing running away from the boulders above. He was right, his shotgun did make enough noise to attract someone’s attention, someone did call the police. From the porch above they hear Amber yell out. “What’s going on out there. What the hell are ya shoot’n at.”

Joe yells back. “Dammit Amber…Get back in the house, take cover and stay way from any windows.” He hears Missy yell out. “Is everyone okay. ”

Alyssa yells back, still hiding behind the wall. “Yes…We’re fine, now do as Joe says. Get inside, call the police. Tell’em, there’s someone up on the bluffs with a gun,” her voice trembles. “He tried to kill me.” Joe moves back to Alyssa.

“We’re going inside the house, when I stand up you get beside me. I’ll protect you with my body, now come on.” As they both stand, Joe yells out. “Lets go, and don’t stop no mater what happens.” He takes her by the hand and they both start running up a long flight of steps leading to the safety of her home. It’s the longest most terrifying run of both their lives. As they run Joe glances towards the boulders above. His heartbeats furiously in his chest, because he’s not sure if the sniper actually ran off, or if he’s just waiting patiently for another shot.

Finally their long run to safety is over, once inside Joe finds Missy talking with a 911 operator on the phone. She’s sitting with her back to the wall taking cover, he takes the phone from her hands and begins giving orders to a the female operator, his tone of voice describes the urgency of the mater.

“My names Joseph Mason, I’m a private investigator. A sniper just tried to murder my client. I need you to dispatch a chopper, tell the pilot to fly over the bluffs to the south side of the Sierra Madre housing community.”

Within minutes they hear a helicopter flying above the bluff where the sniper made his almost deadly attack. While they watch the pilot hover above the ridge shining a bright spotlight there’s a knock at the main door, Joe opens the door finding two Malibu patrolmen waiting outside. He starts explaining who he is when the older patrolmen he’s speaking with remember his name from the past, the officer reaches out and shakes his hand. Alyssa hears the grey-haired cop tell Joe of an incidents from his past.

“I remember you detective Mason. I’ve always thought, the L.A.PD really screwed you over. The pricks forced you out of your job, just because you shot that child murdering asshole.”

Joe shrugs the patrolmen’s comment off. “That was a long time ago sergeant Jenkins, now please tell me you caught the son of a bitch that shot at my client tonight.”

Neither Joe nor Alyssa like what sergeant Jenkins has to say. “No sir, we haven’t apprehended the suspects as of yet, but I’m the watch commander for this area. I’ve given the order for all squad cars to spend more time in this area, and the chopper will keep a flight pattern over the area throughout the night as well.”

A loud voice suddenly blares out from the sergeants walkie talky startling Alyssa.

“Sergeant Jenkins, this is air one, do you copy.

“That’s my chopper pilot,” says Jenkins. “What do you see up there, sky one.”

“I’ve scoped things out up here for at least a five mile radius, it looks like our shooters long gone. I have a hunch he parked his vehicle at the beach parking lot about a quarter mile away, then humped his way in. I need to head back to base now I’m running low on fuel, but I’ve radioed L.A.PD they’re sending a chopper to take my watch until I come back. Over and out.” They hear chopper fly away.

When the police chopper arrived earlier, Joe hoped the pilot would spot the sniper and help apprehend him before he got away. Now he fears, whoever’s trying to kill Alyssa, won’t stop until he achieves his morbid senseless goal. When they step back inside, Alyssa wraps her arms around him holding him tight. He feels her heart beating rapidly against his chest, her bodies trembling. She looks into his eyes, her voice trembles. “Thanks for saving my life tonight.” As she hugs him, Missy and Amber come over and hug him too.

Alyssa suddenly reminds them from out of the blue. “Girls, we’re still going up the coast to do the scenes in Santa Barbra in the morning,” her rebellious side shows through. “We’re not going to let this bastard stop us from living our lives. I’m not going to hide in fear, so girls go to bed we’ll be leaving at seven a.m.”

Amber speaks up like a true Texan as she walks away. “I’m bringing my gun with me tomorrow. If this asshole tries to hurt Alyssa again, I’ll shoot the son of a bitch right between his fucking eyes.”

Missy hugs Amber walking beside her. “Do you mind if I sleep with you tonight.”

Amber replies cheerfully. “Why sure thing sweetie. And to tell ya the truth, I don’t really wanna sleep alone tonight either.”

Missy makes one request. “Please don’t leave your gun under your pillow, like you told me you do. I don’t want you shooting me by accident in my sleep.”

As the girls walk down the hallway to Amber’s room Alyssa’s still hugging Joe, she looks up at the taller man with pleading eyes. “Please sleep with me tonight. I know you think its unprofessional, but I’m so frightened. I just know I won’t be able to sleep, if I’m alone tonight.” He caresses his hand over her back showing a reassuring smile. “It is unprofessional for me to sleep with my client,” he pauses hugging her tightly. “But tonight, for you. I’ll disregard my rule of never sleeping clients.”

Chapter 3. Getting to know Alyssa Breeze.

In the bedroom they’re both silent as they undress. Alyssa doesn’t bother dressing into any of the many pairs of pajama’s she owns, or even slipping into a nightgown. As Joe undresses, he watches her slip out of the dark blue robe she’s been wearing since dinner, then slid her beautifully toned body under the gold satin sheets covering her king-size bed. She lays on her side watching him undress.

“Amber’s right,” she says eyeing his body. “You are a fine looking man Joe Mason.”

He replies with a chuckle. “Yeah. For an old guy.”

“How old are you, anyway,” she asks with her voice sounding a little more at ease.

“I’m 42. How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?” She didn’t expect the question, it makes her chuckle. “I’m 38. Does that mean, I’m too young for an old guy like you.”

“No,” he says with a smile. “You’re not too young.” He takes all of his clothing off with the exception of his paisley print boxer shorts then lies in bed and rolls over on his side facing the pretty auburn haired blue eyed woman. “As a mater of fact,” he says looking into her eyes. “You’re just the right age.”

She scoots closer, pulls his face to hers and gives him a kiss.

“Make love to me,” she says. “We’ll both sleep better, if we have sex.”

He pulls her body close and begins kissing her the way he’s wanted to kiss her since they met, almost eight hours ago. His cock grows hard, Alyssa feels it nudging against her tummy. She reaches into his boxers and begins gently stroking it. He moans his approval, kissing her thrusting his hips with the strokes of her soft fingers. She brakes from the kiss, kneels and pulls her satin sheets away from his body. She jokes tugging on his boxers.

“Take these ugly things off. Don’t you know, paisley went out of style a long time ago.”

He chuckles helping her take them off. “Yes, but I love paisley. Every pair I own is in paisley.”

Without another word she wraps her full soft lips around his erect cock, once again tonight she gives him oral pleasure. He thinks to himself, this bodyguard gig does have its rewards. Wanting to taste her sex, he decides to pleasure her too.

“Move your pussy over my mouth sweetheart, so I can return the favor your giving me.”

“Mmm…I thought you’d never ask,” she says before moving her cunt over his waiting mouth. “Eat me real good baby, get me nice and wet so your big cock will slip right in when we fuck.”

He begins licking her puffy pink clit, enjoying the salty sweet flavor of her sex. But as he licks and sucks her clit and pussy, the way he’s always done with the few woman he has made love to. He thinks of all the experienced men she’s been with in so many unknown porn movies. He suddenly feels like a virgin school boy, having sex for the first time with the prettiest girl in school. Not wanting to be out done by any oversexed male porn stars, he licks and sucks the woman’s pussy like a starving man. She moans her approval when he inserts, one then two fingers inside the folds of her sopping wet sex.

“Mmm,” she moans her voice trembles. “That feels so damn good.”

After sucking his cock and letting him eat her pussy to her first climax of the night. She rolls away turns her body around and lays by his side. She doesn’t speak, the look in her blue eyes tells him what she wants they’re saying, make love to me. He obeys quickly but gently laying his body over hers, she spreads her legs then reaches down helping guide his hard cock between the wet folds of her cunt lips.

“Do it Joe,” she says breathlessly. “Make love to me….I need it so bad tonight.”

He doesn’t speak quietly moving his body over hers. Feeling his cock going deep inside her cunt, she wraps her strong slender legs around his backside. He cradles her head in his hands, thrusting in slowly at first building up speed with every other thrust of his hips. The walls of her sex feel so warm and inviting around his invading cock. It has been at least three years since the last time he had sex, the pleasure of her warmth is almost too much to bare. She begins thrusting back into his thrust whispering. “Fuck me harder, make me cum.”

Once again he obeys her sweet commands and begins fucking her much harder than before, he slams into her hard enough for his hips to make slapping sounds, as they make contact with her inner thighs. “Fuck me…Yes fuck meee.” she exclaims passionately. Her passionate request cause him to loose control, he’s trying to hold back but its of no use. He feels warm tingling sensations of an orgasm rushing from his groin. His cock shaft begins to pulsate, she feels it throbbing against her sensitive vaginal walls. She nozzles her face into his chest moaning out loud. “Oh fuck yes…I feel your cum inside me I love how it feels.”

He feels her heart beating against his chest, he’s cumming but he doesn’t stop fucking her. He’s enjoying the feeling of her cunt as it pulsates around his cock. He’s glad he made her cum, when he began making love to her he was afraid he wouldn’t hold up to the experienced woman’s standards of men. After cuddling for a while Joe rolls away from her warm body, she lays her head on his shoulder.

“Joe I heard that Malibu cop say something about the L.A police department forcing you out of your job because you shot someone, what was he talking about?”

He takes a deep breath, remembering the events that lead to the reason he quit the force. “Do you remember a child killer named Alan Prichard?”

“Yes I remember hearing, he was shot by the police In a shoot out or something.”

He laughs satirically. “It wasn’t exactly a shootout. It was more like, he took a knife to a gun fight and lost. But anyway, Mark Sanger and I had been working the case for two long years. We were both taking the case a little too personal, in fact maybe I took it a little more personal then Mark.” He strokes Alyssa’s soft auburn hair, thinking back to what happened a little over five years ago.

“Prichard became our main suspect, but by the time we figured he was our killer he had already raped and murdered four young girls. When a fifth girl came up missing I went a little crazy. The girl was reported missing on a long weekend, my partner was out of town. I had a hunch Prichard might be keeping the girl at his home in Riverside, so I took maters in my own hands and went to his home by myself. Prichard wasn’t home when I arrived so I searched his property, but without a warrant. I stepped into his back yard, and that’s where I found the girl. She was stripped naked and hog tied, laying on an old mattress in a small storage shed. I untied her and gave her my jacket, then radioed for backup.”

He takes a breath, Alyssa feels his body tense his heartbeat quickens as he tells what happened next. “I had my back to the door, the girl screamed. I turned around just as Prichard came at me with a hunting knife. I fought with him, I ended up with a few knife wounds, he ended up with a bullet in the head.” He pauses taking a deep breath before going on. “At first the department hailed me a hero, then internal affairs investigated what happened. They said I violated Prichard’s rights by searching his property without a warrant, I got pissed off and quit the force.”

Alyssa rolls over leans her breast on his chest and gives him a kiss on the lips. “I’m glad you quit the force. If you hadn’t, I’d be dead right now,” she kisses him again. “You’re my hero, and that little girl you saved, your her hero too.”

He kisses her cheek flashes a smile then asks her a question, something he’s been wanting to ask since dinner. “Being as I told you my story, now you have to tell me your’s,” he looks into her eyes. “For starters, is Alyssa Breeze really your name?”

She smirks. “Shit I should’ve known better then to sleep with a detective, you guys ask way too many questions,” she rolls her blue eye and smiles. “Okay, I guess being as my life is in your hands. I should tell you my real name,” before telling him she sneaks her hand to his exposed nuts giving him a gentle, but firm squeeze just as Amber did at dinner.

“Hey now, be cool sweetheart.” he exclaims in surprise. She keeps a grip on his nuts telling him. “You better swear not to tell anyone, what my real name is.”

He flashes a nervous smile. “Okay…I swear. Now let loose of the family jewels.”

She lets loose of his nuts, but keeps playing with his half erect cock while telling her best kept secret. “Okay, now that I have your word and your full attention here it goes. My real name is Alyssa Johanson, I was born and raised on an old farm just a little west of Walcott Iowa.”

He smirks. “Ahh yes, one of those wild Midwest farmers daughters,” he strokes her cheek. “So what was life like, back in Walcott.”

She strokes his cock telling her story. “Well you’re right about one thing Joe I was and still am A wild farmers daughter. With the exception, my father isn’t a full time farmer, he’s a veterinarian, and my mother’s his assistant,” she looks into his eyes, seeing disbelief. “What! Are my folks to normal to have a daughter who gets paid to fuck on camera.”

He shrugs. “I’ve never met’em, so how would I know if they’re normal or not.”

Alyssa giggles. “Believe me Joe, mom and dad are way too normal,” she pauses. “I know what you’re thinking, your thinking. My father molested me and turned me into a promiscuous nymphomaniac, but nope you’re so wrong, if that’s what your thinking,” she snickers. “Well…I guess I am a promiscuous nympho, but being a nympho is in my nature, giggle. You might say, I’m a natural born sex addict. I had my first lesbian experience at twelve. I lost my virginity when I was thirteen, to a fifteen year old boy,” she looks into his eyes. “No, he didn’t rape me I seduced him,” she flashes a playful grin. “What can I say, I like older men.”

“Okay that explains your happy home life in Iowa, now tell me how you ended up in California.”

She smiles thinking back. “I graduated from high school, with high honors. My father wanted me to attend Iowa state, but after living in a small town like Walcott all my life. I wanted to see what big city life was like. I rebelled against dads wishes and signed up for four years at UCLA.”

“What did you study?”

“Business and finance, but I dropped out in the middle of my second year. I wasn’t ready, I came out here thinking I was, but I wasn’t. I was seeing a different guy, and sometimes a different girl every night. One of my girlfriends was a stripper. Julia never went to college, I noticed she was making big bucks almost every night. Just for dancing to her favorite music, and showing her body off to all kinds of different men. So I started dancing, that’s where I met Alexis Carlisle. She owned the club. I knew who she was because my older brother had a big stash of porn video’s,” she smirks. “Yes I was addicted to porn at a young age, but anyway she became my agent, and one of my best friends.”

Her voice trembles when she speaks of her old friend, the late Alexis Carlisle.

“I know the public might not think so, but Alexis was a good person. She took good care of me, and all the other girls in her agency. She made sure her girls were treated right. And she cared about people too, she gave her time and money to local charities,” she pauses thinking of what the killer did to Alexis. “The bastard who murdered her, called Alexis a whore, but she wasn’t. She was just a girl, with an extremely high sex drive. When she was away from the set, she was just an average every day lady…Just like me Joe, you might think I’m a slut, but I’m not.”

“About four years ago, I told Alexis I wanted to retire, she talked me into taking over her agency. Once I took over the money really came rolling in,” she pauses. “Alexis discovered Missy, she was dancing at the strip club she owned. She found out Missy, or should I say Melisa was into porn. To make a long story short she sent Missy to me. I took her to a producer for a couch test, the producer loved her skills,” she winks. “If you know what I mean. But soon after Missy signed on as one of my girls, she was evicted from her apartment. I invited her to come live with me, Alexis did the same with me after she met me. I guess my old friends motherly ways rubbed off on me, because now I have two of the sweetest girls in porn living with me.”

Joe yawns then asks another question. “So tell me Alyssa Johanson, have you ever been married.”

Her demeanor changes, he knows he hit a nerve asking about her love life. She tries hiding a frown with a quick smile. “Oooh, you like asking tough questions don’t you detective Mason…..Okay, yes I was married,” she sits up in bed and leans against its solid oak head-board.

“His name was Rock Jansen, yes that’s his real name. Anyway he was in the biz too. For the first two years it was like living in a romantic Hollywood movie, but the one downfall of the porn industry is drugs,” she turns her face away wiping tears from her eyes. “Sometime after that romantic second year, Rock started snorting his wages up in cocaine. His once sweet personality changed, when I griped at him to get help one too many time, he became aggressive with me. At first, it was a push, then a slap. Of which at first, I forgave him. But me being a stubborn bitch, I kept at him to go to rehab. About eight years ago, he got upset with me and beat me up.”

“The cops put him in jail for a month,” a tear ran down her cheek. “After that I told him, I wanted a divorce. About a week later, he was found dead in a cheep motel room over on Sunset strip. The coroner said it was an overdoes,” she wipes tears from her cheeks. “But I know, he took his own life.”

Joe’s heart goes out for her, he sits up in bed hugging her. As an L.A cop, he’s seen his share of what hard drugs can do to a persons sole.

“I’m sorry,” he says. “I should’ve never brought it up.”

“It’s ok Joe, to tell you the truth. I’ve kept what happened bottled up inside me way too long,” she pats his arm and tries smiling. “Okay I told you about my fucked up love life, now its your turn. Why did a nice guy like you get a divorce.”

“I was married to my ex wife Maggie for ten years, then I made homicide detective. In L.A. homicide detectives are kept pretty busy. You might say I’m crazy, but I loved my job. I got off on tracking the scum of our society down and taking them off the streets. I thought my ex understood, but she didn’t….I didn’t realize it back then, but I was a workaholic. I was called away from home way too many times. After too many times of me being away from home on a case Maggie found herself another man, who wasn’t married to his job like I was.”

Alyssa leans over and kissed his drossy face. “You look beat,” she says. “And I am too, so now that we know about each others fucked up life stories, lets get some sleep.” she pauses thinking one last thought. “Joe, Alexis Carlisle’s funeral is this coming Friday. It’s important for me to go, she was the best friend I’ve ever had,” she looks him in the eyes. “But I’m afraid to go alone, do you mind going with me.”

“Alyssa, you should know I’ll be going with you. Its way too dangerous right now, for you to go anywhere alone. Remember sweetheart, you hired me to be your body guard.”

She kisses his cheek. “We best get some sleep,” she says. “tomorrows going to be a long day. With this nutcase on my ass like he is, I’ll need you to be on your toes until the police, either catch him or kill him.” She suddenly became angry with the killer, but not because of his attempt on her life. “The fucking guy shot my garden up tonight, that pisses me off more then the fact he tried to kill me. I worked hard on my garden by the beach, the son of a bitch owes me some new plants.”

They scoot down in bed, she lays her head on his shoulder. Soon after her little rant about the garden, he hears her breathing calm to a slow steady pace. She fell asleep, he’s glad she did. He knows the poor woman’s been put through hell since finding out whoever murdered her friend, now wants her life as well. He lays back and relaxes knowing she’s laying safely in his arms, listening to her soft rhythmic breathing he soon falls into a deep much needed sleep as well.

Chapter 4. Pillow talk.

In Amber’s room downstairs she and Missy aren’t sleeping, they’re laying together in a heated 69 position. Ambers laying under Missy leaning her platinum blond haired head on a set of pillows, busily licking and sucking Missy’s clit and pussy. Sticking one red nailed fingertip in the older girls pussy, and one fingertip in Missy’s anus. Doing all this while Missy’s laying over her doing pretty much the same thing.

Missy moans out. “Mmm. Amber, that feels so good, keep fingering me like that.”

Amber feels Missy’s fingertip slip inside her anus, she moans humping the older girls finger and tongue. “Oh…god-damn girl, that feels good, shove your finger deeper I like that.”

The more sexually excited Amber becomes, the more her Texas drawl sounds out. Both girls are on their third orgasm of the night, they both speed up the pace, fingering sucking and humping each others faces and tongues to one final explosive orgasm. Amber drinks in every drop of Missy’s girl cum, Missy swallows every drop of Amber’s cum as well. Finally after almost an hour of continues lesbian love making, Amber cums so hard she fears she’ll die. She mumbles from under Missy wet cunt, in an almost panicked request. “Please stop….I cant take it any more!”

Missy rolls from Amber’s slender body onto her back and lays panting out of breath, Amber brought her to a massive climax as well. Missy’s voice trembles. “Amber…That was fantastic, thanks I needed that.” She moves her sexually spent body around on the bed to lay near Amber. Before laying down she kisses her exhausted young friends gloss pink lips. “Mmm…I taste good on you,” she says playfully before laying her dark haired head down nearby. Amber rolls on her side facing her friend.

Missy speaks softly. “So Amber, what was life like for you back in Texas.”

“Well ok girl, if ya really need to know. I was an only child, although I did have an older brother, but he died in a horse riding accident when I was young.”

“That’s so sad,” Missy says remorsefully. “It must’ve been hard on your family.”

“Yes it was. I think daddy took it the hardest, because momma couldn’t have any more children after me. To make up for not having a son to do guy things with. He decided to try an raise me like a boy. It worked for a while, heck that’s why I’m into guns and such. Daddy taught me how to hunt, shoot and fish. Daddy and me, we were pretty close up until I turned twelve. But that was when I started fillen out and becoming a woman and such.”

She giggles. “When daddy wasn’t looken after me, I started experiment’n. I guess being as daddy raised me like a boy, I ended up like’n girls and boys. I had my first lezzy experience when I was thirteen, with my best friend Beth Olson. I lost my virginity that same year to Timmy Larson.” giggle. “I’ll never forget the look on that boys face when I sucked his dick down on my knees, Just like I saw Alyssa Breeze do in one of her movies daddy had in his porn collection. I let the boy fuck me, just to see what fucking was like. After I lost my cherry, I went wild. But in a small town like Paris Texas my reputation spread like wild fire,”

“I guess I should be ashamed of myself, but I’m not,” she becomes serious. “I really went off the hook when my parents divorced. Daddy caught momma cheat’n, he threw her out of the house. I think mom cheated on dad, because he was such an arrogant redneck asshole,” she wipes a tear from her eye. “Being as daddy caught mom screwing around, the judge put me in his custody. Momma moved to Dallas, I never saw much of her after that. I became totally rebellious after she left,”

“Is that why you ran away?” says Missy. Amber giggles. “I was barely seventeen when daddy caught me in our barn with two of his best ranch hands.”

Missy cuts in joking. “You really did go wild, didn’t you girl.”

“You’ve got that right Missy. I wish you could’ve been there, because Toby and Bobby Keith were some hot look’n cowboy’s. I grew up with my eyes on the Keith brothers for years, so when I got my chance to seduce daddy’s best ranch hands. I went wild and did both those studs at the same time,” she giggles. “Me and the boys spread a old horse blanket on the barn floor. Then both brothers took turns rotating between fucking my pussy and my mouth….Mmm I still remember the taste of their cocks, and how each brothers cock felt when they took turns shoving them up my pussy while I knelt doggy style on the floor.”

“We were have’n so much fun…That is until daddy caught us. I’ll never forget how red his face was, when he saw Bobby fucking me from behind while I sucked Toby’s cock. To make a long story short, dad fired the brothers right then an there. I thought he was going to killem, he was so angry. Toby and Bobby hightailed it out of there without looking back, they didn’t even stop to help me. My dad stood there looken at me with such anger in his eyes.”

“He gave me just enough time to put my cloths on, then he walked over to me and back handed me right across the face,” a tear ran down her cheek, she wiped it away. “He told me, I was a dirty slut, just like my mother,” she pauses wiping tears. “I reared back and punched him in the face, just as hard as I could.”

“You hit him,” Missy says in surprise. “Did he hit you back. I know my poppa would’ve, if I ever would’ve hit him.”

“Yeah, he hit me back alright. His punch knocked me on my ass, as I sat on the floor holding my bruised cheek with my ears ringing like church bells on Sunday morn’n, he told me to get out of his house.” she exclaims proudly. “I stood up, dusted myself off and said Gladly asshole. After that I went to my bank, drew a total of a thousand bucks out of my account, the only money I had, then I caught a Greyhound bus to L.A.”

She nudges Missy. “You’ve never told me why you ran away from home at sixteen. Being as you had me spill my guts, its your turn now Missy…Or should I call you Melisa?”

Missy falls silent, Amber has asked her about her life before she ran away a few times before, but she always dodges the question. She frowns then flashes a smile. “Okay, Amber Dunkin I’ll tell you my story….. But my story will make your cute little ears bleed, so I hope your ready.”

Amber shrugs. “How much worse could your life be then mine. Now tell me, you’ve got me sittin here on pins and needles.”

Missy takes a deep breath. “Okay, being as your one of my best friends. I’ll tell you about my whacked out life back in Detroit. My mom was the only good thing in my life, she’s the one who taught me how to cook, she’s the one who brought me to my dance lessons of which I enjoyed by the way.”

“But poppa, he’s a total ass. He and momma owned a small restaurant, just down the street from our house. He and my older brother Jimmy didn’t do much of anything around the business, he had me and momma do most of the work. Jimmy was his pride and joy, my older brother could do no wrong in his eyes. Me on the other hand. All I had to do, was look at him wrong and I got in trouble.”

“As I grew up, it seemed mom worked more and more long hours at that fucken restaurant,” she sighs. “One night just before I turned sixteen, she supposedly, slipped and fell on the restaurants greasy floor. Poppa said, she hit her head on a stainless steel table when she fell….She died that night, but for all these years, I’ve believed poppa killed her.”

Amber gasps. “Did you ever tell the cops.”

Missy shakes her head. “No, but I just have a feeling he did something. He was a jealous man, and he was abusive to momma. I saw him get angry with her once, just because she talked too long with one of the male customers,” she sighs and shrugs. “In the end, the police ruled her death an accident.”

Amber spots a look of disdain in her eyes. “My uncle George, poppa’s older brother. He’s a real piece of shit, he claims to be a born again Christian. He’s supposed to be a pastor of some sort, he came to town from Poland a couple years before mom died. She was Catholic, and so was dad. But he brainwashed my father and my brother into following the phony religion he invented.”

“Mom and me, we didn’t fall for it. She didn’t like George’s hell fire and damnation hate speech bullshit. George always preached against pornography, homosexuality, and abortion…You know, that kind of crap. Everything I’m into, he hates.”

She speaks defiantly. “That’s why I started doing everything my asshole uncle, and father preach against. Just like you I had boyfriends, and girlfriends. My girlfriend Andria had a collection of porn movies, we would get together and watch them during sleep over’s, then do what we saw on the movie. Me and my boyfriend Jeffery did it too, it’s a wonder I didn’t end up pregnant.”

Amber spies a faraway look in her brown eyes. “What’re ya think’n about,” she asks.

“I’m thinking of the fucked up night, Me and Andria got caught sixty-nineing each other during a sleep over at my house,” Amber pipes in. “You got caught too.”

Missy giggles. “Yep, but I wasn’t fucking two studley cowboys. Shit maybe poppa wouldn’t have freaked out like he did. He got so pissed, he called Andria’s parents, they came and picked her up. Then he called uncle George and my brother Jimmy. Uncle George instigated my father and my brother to punish me.”

“Punished you?” says Amber. “Like how?”

“George talked my father into making me strip down to my panties and bra, then he had them tie me face down on a coffee table in our living room.”

“What…that’s fucking child abuse,” says Amber in disbelief.

“Yes it is, but my uncle, my father and my brother thought they’d beat the evil lesbian demons out of me. I begged my father and brother, not to listen to my uncle. I tried to make them understand, I like both girls and boys…But it just made’m angrier. Uncle George gagged me with an old dish towel. He told my father. “The demons are trying to fool us, we need to keep her quiet.”

“You’re fucking joshing me, Right?” says Amber. Missy shakes her head, Amber notices her sadness she hugs her friend. Missy continues.

“My uncle talked my father and brother into taking turns whipping me on my back and ass with their belts. I was completely helpless tied down to that table at their mercy. They all took turns whipping me, finally after what seemed like an eternity they stopped. My father took the gag from my mouth, he told me the beating would continue unless I repented my sins. Although I knew I did nothing to repent for, I lay there and repented every sin, I either did, or didn’t do,” she pause wiping tears. “Poppa untied me, then sent me to my room. I should’ve ran away right then and there, but I laid down and cried myself to sleep.”

“Some time later during the night, my uncle came in my room. I woke up yelling at him to get out. I called out to my father, but George just laughed and told me my father and brother left the house for a while…Then without warning he held me down and ripped my panties off,” her voice trembles. “He rapped me, and while he did it, he told me. I’m going to make you like men,” she lets out a sarcastic chuckle. “I told the bastard. I’ve been with more boys, then you’ve been with women. And you cant show me anything, I don’t know…The fuckers cock went limper than a wet noodle. He rolled off me and stormed out, saying. Melisa, If you tell anyone what happened, I’ll make you wish you kept your mouth shut.”

She takes a deep breath regaining her composure. “That’s when I decided, I had enough of Detroit, and especially the Beletsky family. I had five hundred bucks in waitressing tips stashed in an old shoe box under my bed. I got dressed took my money, then climbed out my bedroom window. Just like you did, I took a bus to L.A…But once I arrived, I couldn’t get a real job, so I turned tricks on Sunset strip and the Hollywood boulevard for a while. It wasn’t the best job in the world, but I learned to take care of myself.”

“A friend of mine gave me a switchblade knife. She told me, if a john gives you any crap Stickem where it hurts. A few nights later, one of my tricks started roughing me up. The fucker screamed like a bitch when I stuck him in the leg. After that, no one messed with me. A couple years later I took up striping for a living,” she smiles proudly. “And now I’m an almost famous porn star living in Malibu.”

Amber reaches over to her bedside table and picks up a silver plated snub nosed 38, with pearl handle grips. “I hooked for a while too,” she says proudly. “But I carried old pearl here with me. I almost shot a guy once, when he pulled a knife on me, giggle. he told me. I’m going to cut you, if you don’t fuck me for free,” she giggles waving her gun around. “I whipped old pearl out then stuck her in the guys crotch. I said pay me now asshole, or loose your manhood.

“Did he pay you?” says Missy fighting back laughter.

“Hell yeah he did. Shit he gave me his entire wallet. I got out of his car, and the fucker took off like the devil was on his tail.”

“Can you teach me, how to shoot that thing?” says Missy eyeing the gun.

“I sure can sweetie.” she opens the ammo cylinder, unloads it, then hands it to Missy. “Pearls pretty easy to shoot,” she points to the guns front and rear sights. “The main thing about hitten your target is, look right down the sights, line’m up and shoot. Go ahead sweetie, point old pearl at my Keith Urban poster on the wall, over there.” Amber giggles. “Pretend that handsome hunks your uncle George. Shoot that niece raping son of a bitch right between his fucken eyes.”

Missy imagines her now fifty-two year old uncle standing before her, she looks down the sights aims, then repeatedly pulls the shiny chrome plated revolvers trigger, saying. “Die, you son of a bitch.” Amber sees her brown eyes glazing over. She’s never seen her usually mild mannered friend behave in such a hateful manner. Missy keeps pulling the empty guns trigger, clicking it more then six times.

The insane hateful look In Missy’s normally kind brown eyes makes Amber uncomfortable, she takes the gun from her hand. “Okay Missy, that’s enough uncle killing for the night.” She looks at her bedside clock, seeing its going on midnight and yawns. “It’s late and all this talk about our screwed up families has worn me out. Lets go to sleep.”

She reloads pearl, places the 38 back on the bedside table then turns her bedside lamp off. She kisses Missy’s cheek. “Good night killer,” she jokes then rolls over with her back to her friend. Missy cuddles in behind her, laying an arm over her shoulder, placing a hand on her bare breast then kisses Amber’s cheek.

“Good night, little sister.” she says affectionately.

“Giggle…I like the thought of having you, for a big sister.” says Amber.

“That’s nice,” says Missy. “Now go to sleep, little sister. We’ve got some fine looking studs to fuck in the morning, we’ll need our rest.”

End of part 1

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to the fucker down below: a lot of stories take a long time to read. if you wanted a quicker wank then boo-hoo poor you. get over it. i really liked the story, because it was well-developed, and the sex was good too. dont let motherfuckers get you down :)

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