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i know it took me a long while to publish part 2. no excuse but i literally have 20 different half finished stories i just get one i dea then another and another. sorry hope you enjoy :-) .
" you ready Jess ? " I asked

" yeah let's go baby "

" alright... BYE MA! " I yelled


it had been three n a half months since I got hit by a car and two and a half since Jess and I had started dating, we were now literally kissing cousins.

My phone started ringing " hello ? "

" James where's your location at the moment ? "

" Danny I'm leaving the house now "

" you know where to go right ? "

" no, I'm just waking up three hours before the first day of school because its tradition. yeah I know where I'm goin I'll be there in five "

" man " he whined " I DON'T like you in the morning "

" neither do I " I agreed " but Jess... is another story "

I looked towards her, and she threw me the bird and a smug smile

" she's right there isn't she ? " he asked

" fuckin' right ! "

" hahahaha "

" dude I'll be there in a few "

" alright bud "

We hung up as I backed out of the drive way. Mom had given me dads SUV after getting the job at Steve's shop. I was finally able to pay my own insurance so mom finally signed the SUV over to me and traded her car in for a new luxury and was making payments with the extra money she had.

" James "Jess stated " remind me why were up two hours before the sun rises ? "

" because our friends.... like us enough to invite us to the last first day of school breakfast "

" again remind me why ? "

" c'mon Jess I thought you liked everyone ? "

" I did until they started compromising my sleep, you don't mess with my sleep "

" what about if I woke you up ? "

" it would have to be a legitimate reason "

" well its for me... legit enough ? "

" you are so lucky I waited for you, cause if you weren't my first and only crush It would be a hell no but since its you I'm making an exception "

" alright baby cuz "

" James be careful with that shit "

" hey were alone... chill, it just makes It that much better, and alot more exciting and fulfilling "

" I know its just we will be socially outcast if people find out ! "

" that's never gonna happen Jess "

" how do you know ? "

" I don't "

" then how James ? "

" hunches and gut feelings "

" your gut feelings are usually you taking a shit "

" they never lie do they ? " I laughed

" true, and by the way that's utterly repulsive "

" ooh big words, say more ? "

" you... are... a moron "

" your trusting this moron with your life right now so I'd take that back if I were you "

" and if I don't ? "

" Jess let's just say your life would be in grave danger "

" I'm sorry "

She smiled at me and I smiled back turning into the restaurant parking lot. I walked around the car and again she looked great she was wearing one of my oversized jackets a pair of blue jeans and black Nike's.

" I'm fucking tired " she rubbed her eyes

" buck up little lady, I'd do the same for you ! "

" I know... but your a guy common courtesy applies "

" but your my girlfriend and I love you "

" I know, that's just my exhaustion talking "

" the food will give you energy, so let's go eat "

" okay but warn them to try and not irritate me because I will snap at them "

" haha okay miss hard ass "

She smiled and reached for my hand which I gave her I took a step and my knee went out but I caught my self

" fuck " i said loudly " three months later and I'm still having issues "

" you okay ? " she asked

" yeah, could you get the crutch ? " I motioned to the back of the car

" yeah "

she opened the back door and grabbed my crutch and handed it to me.

" you sure your okay ? "

" no, but I'm not losing any more time to this accident so let's go in " I was annoyed and angered by how my knee periodically gave me trouble since my accident. She knew it was frustrating for me but stayed quiet which I didn't want. " Jess you think I should go see the doctor about it ? "

She paused before answering " yeah I do... it shouldn't be doing that... you know I mean its hasn't stopped so... "

" okay "

" so your gonna listen to me ? " she asked

" I trust your opinion, I mean if were going anywhere with this relationship your the person to count on "

" okay "

We slowly walked into the buffet restaurant. There were four or so tables end to end and they were all filled besides two seats next to Danny for me and Jess. He looked over with a smile but that instantly changed when he saw me limping and came over to me.

" dude you sounded fine over the phone, what the hell man "

" I am, it just gave out again walking into here "

" why ? "

It was a stupid question because he knew why but I messed with him " because all the blood from my left leg rushed to a different leg "

" oh did it now ? " jess inquired

" yeah, that waitress over there damn the things I'd do to her "

Jess punched me in the back of my bad leg making my leg buckle again Danny caught me thankfully.

" woman are you trying to kill me ? " I looked over my shoulder

" if that's what it takes to keep you with me then... yeah I am "

Danny started laughing " dude you got a good girl don't let her go "

" alright Danny i will just cause you said so "

" good man "

I grabbed Jess and walked to my seat and sat

" go get something to eat Jess " I

" are you gonna come with ? " she asked

" I can't really hold a plate "

" why do you gotta be so stupid some times " she exclaimed " I'll hold your plate "

" hey hey hey, I'm not stupid just a guy dif-fer-en-ce "

" alright difference let's get some food "

" alright "

I smiled and got up from my chair and walked over to the food with her. We ate and talked with Danny and others it was a good time and even Jess seemed to be enjoying herself. After about two hours we got up paid the restaurant.

" James ? "

" yeah Danny "

" you goin straight to school ? "

" no, I'm gonna go grab something at the house "

" okay "

" see ya at home room "

" alright bud " he replied

I jumped into my car and pulled out of the parking lot

" Jess ? "

" yeah ? "

" you like coffee ? "

" love is more like it "

" good cause were getting some "

" thank you lord "

I drove to the coffee place and got two large vanilla iced coffees and were on our way to school

" awake now Jess ? "

" yeah "

" cool "

I drove to the school and pulled into the student parking lot and drove to the section reserved for seniors and parked. It felt incredible to be the top of the food chain again in school. You got more privileges and meet the new freshmen and take one or two under your wings, its the feeling of being the boss you dont get that feeling often.

" earth to James " she snapped me out of my trance

" yeah sorry "

" you okay ? "

" hell yeah " I smiled and leaned into kiss her " I love you Jessie "

" I love you too babe "

I opened my door and stepped out inn to the cool'ish morning air. Limping to the back door I grabbed my crutch from the trunk along wth my backpack and Jess did the same we closed the door and locked it.

" Jess, do you got your schedule ? "

" yeah, what kinda question is that ? "

" i dunno just making sure, let me see it please ?"

She handed it to me I read who her home room teacher was and smiled.

" what ? " she asked

" you got my home room teacher from last year Mrs Rushmoore "

" and ? "

" she's the best teacher in the school "

" oh cool " she smiled

" well I guess you already know that I'm gonna walk you to your home room "

" yeah, after all that's what good boyfriends do "

I handed her schedule back to her and grabbed her hand with my free one. I was walking down the familiar halls seeing familiar faces and some that were not, it felt surreal knowing this was the last first day of " grade " school

" James are you okay ? " she asked again

" yeah just soaking in the fact that were getting older and in nine or so months this place will be a memory "

" you really love school "

" yeah I've got so many memories here, my life was formed around school. I probably like it more than most people but when you spend 13 or 14 years doing the same thing in the same place its weird knowing that its just gonna come to an end without you being able to stop it "

" have you ever thought of becoming a teacher ?"

" no "

" why "

" I dunno its never really came across my mind, I love the atmosphere but I know theirs asshole kids now imagine them in 5 or 10 years I dont wanna have to deal with that shit. I mean I can't even punch them when they deserve it now, let alone if I become a teacher and I get the same treatment then. When I'd flight back I'd get arrested, jail time, and I lose my job no fucking bueno "

" all I'm say'n is you could be a good teacher James "

We turned the final corner

" Jess that's her "

Mrs Rushmoore was a short pudgy lady in her mid forties she was always energized with a very open and friendly attitude towards people. She played music at the beginning of every period and actually talked to her students as if they were people not five year olds. Plain and simple she was the best teacher because she knew how to treat us like people instead of children.

" James I didn't know I had you in my home room again " Mrs Rushmoore said

" you don't, you have my girl friend Jess "

" hi Jess, I assume that's short for Jessica "

" yes ma'am " Jess replied

" just call call me Mrs Rush "

" okay " Jess agreed once more

" Jess do you want me come get you to take you to the next class or no ? "

" if you can manage then yeah " she smiled

" alright just wait for me "

" okay "

I kissed her and she turned and walked into the class room.

" hey James "

" yeah Mrs rush "

" I heard what happened at the end of last school year are you okay " ?

" mostly... my knee keeps giving out... but other than that I'm in one piece "

" good "

" hey Mrs Rush could you do me a favor ? "

" yeah "

" Jess is new to the school can you help her out and what not ? "

" sure not a problem "

" thanks "

I limped my way towards my home room and finally made it, I was the first one there. Me and my home room teacher Ms Wyatt chatted for a few minutes. She was new to the school and new to teaching period. She had just graduated from college, this i knew pretty quickly she was in her early to mid twenty's. She was really attractive blonde hair, blue eyes, an hour glass figure. What guys want in every girl.

" uhh... "

" James " helping her remember my name

" James! yeah sorry do you know any one else whose in my home room ? "

" yeah actually, I know one of the people in home room. our school is known to have rather small senior classes cause of drop out rates and stuff "

" do they follow directions ? "

" here's a trick if you want them to listen talk to them as adults and they'll respect you. I'm not a teacher and I'm not going to tell you how to teach but if theirs a joker or what not, go along with it then come up with a snappy come back you silence the joker make the others laugh and get more respect "

" and you know this how ? "

" Mrs Rush teaches like that she was the only class I didn't struggle with last year "

" well thanks "

" no problem "

I sat for a minute then Danny walked in

" James you forget anything ? " he asked

" no, why ? "

he held up my iced coffee and shook it

" well I guess I was,thanks man "

" eh what do you think I'm some kinda ass or something ? "

" as a matter of fact... no... no I don't not in the least bit "

" hahaha here ya go bro "

" thanks bud "

" did you see the new teach . "

" nah I climbed in through the window she dont even know I'm in here yet, what do ya think ? "

" yeah stupid question, stupid response. Bud she's pretty fappable "

" Danny don't hit on the new teacher, she needs the job "

" what I'm eighteen, man its legal " he laughed

" it may be legal, but its a violation of her contract. And I highly doubt a mid twenty's woman is interested to a person who's barely an adult and "

" what now ? " he groaned

" you have a girlfriend "

" and ? "

" what do you mean AND ? your in a committed relationship "

I looked towards the door and Ms Wyatt was laughing knowing what we were talking about

" but I gotta keep my options open Mann, unlike you and your perfect girlfriend you guys were meant to be together "

I smiled at the thought no one suspected me and Jess were cousins and at that we've kissed made out and fondled each other in public

" I thank you for that haha, I guess your right but if you even try please do it at the end of the year " i begged " I really do not want a teacher has a relationship with student news story in our time, in our school, were so close to not having anything majorly fucked up in our class, plus she's really down to earth "

" yeah that's reasonable " he smiled

" thank you that's all I want man that's it "

" hahahaha "

More and more people started to walk into the class room so me and Danny were greeting and meeting. As it happened to be I didn't know a bunch of people like I thought I would, and that me and Danny were overflow from the senior class stuck in a class with mostly freshmen.

" James and Danny I know your the only seniors if you want you can sit by my desk "

" see man we already get special treatment " Danny said with a grin

" were seniors, we always get special treatment "

" so you say "

" shut up "

The rest of the day was pretty simple we had six classes a day, so we didn't go by block schedule.'I had four electives and two primary which were reading and sign language. Jess and I met up after every class and I took her to each one explaining different parts of the school. We had different lunch schedules but my machining elective was during hers and she came and hung out. The teacher didn't care because I had taken it the year before and passed. I met her after the last period of school and started walking towards the parking lot.

" did you have a good day babe ? " I asked

" yeah "

" good "

We walked to the car in utter silence, when we got in it was still deathly quiet, and it was still quiet half way home and I was getting concerned she was never this quiet

" everything okay Jess ? Is something wrong babe ? "

" yeah, everything's fine" sighing

" Jess I'm not an idiot what's wrong baby ?"

" I miss home "

" you are home "

" my home James "

An idea popped up in my head she hasn't been home in months and I had enough money to take her there. why the fuck not ?

" do you still have your house key ? " I asked

" yeah "

" do you mind missing school ? "

" no why "

" pack enough clothes for five days our summer isn't over yet "

" were going to my home ? " she asked

" yup call my mom, your mom, and we'll leave tomorrow morning. I'll book the flight and the whole nine "

" I know I'm home sick but you didn't even think about it you just blurted it out "

" Jess your my awesome girlfriend, you made me happy when I needed it, why couldn't I return the favor ? I love you plain and simple "

" I love you too "

She called my mom, my mom called my uncle her brother Jessie's dad, who passed the phone to her mom, before we had even reached home all of our plans were set and aunt Michelle had already bought our tickets. We had a four hour lay over in another city which lasted the length if we got a plane from my city to theirs. They only have two flights a week that are a direct connection and the second was filled.

" I guess they didn't think I was gonna pay for the tickets "

" I don't care James " she smiled " I knew you would of but it doesn't matter its me and you in my home city, now I get to show you off "

" ohh I get to be flaunted in front of your friends now ? "

" yeah they'll be jealous as hell "

" but wait don't your friends know that you went to help your cousin ? "

" best part I said a friend of the family's son "

" why ? I didn't even know you liked me until you came down to help "

" remember that you were the only guy I liked, and still the only one. I'm not gonna jeopardize not being able to show you off if some how we did get together which ended up happening anyway "

I chuckled at the gesture, we finally got home and immediately started packing, mom and Jess went out and grabbed a few things that me and her would need. I finished packing our electronics and phone chargers, and went out and grabbed some food so we could eat when they got home.
I returned to the house with the food and stared piggin out when Jesse and ma got home, Jess had two or three bags filled with new clothes headed towards our bedroom and mom walked in with a new laptop.

" what did you get that for ? "

" skyping you and Jessie and... " She had trailed off her facial expression had changed " and me and Jessie were talking and I had told her I was lonely with you and her always having something to do and being here all by myself a lot "

" mom you are your own person if you wanna start trying to get back into the dating thing I support you. I know its been hard since dad died and that people get lonely, I don't think dad would want you to be alone the rest of your life either. When and if you meet a guy and he treats you like you deserve and makes you happy then I'm happy too mom "

Mom smiled at me she had tears running down her cheeks she came in for a hug which I gave back

" James I love you " she said

" I love you to ma "

We were still locked in our hug Jess had heard the whole thing she was leaning on the hallway wall smiling at me. She motioned me to follow her down the hallway with her hand and turned away. Mom finally let go of me.

" mom I'll help you set it up in five if you want "

" okay " she smiled

I walked down the hallway and into my room shutting the door behind me. I walked up behind Jess and wrapped my hands loosely around her waist. She spun around and gave me a kiss

" James do you know how much of a good person you are "

" good enough to be a god, and bad enough to have a beautiful girl friend with the brain of Einstein ? " I asked

She laughed and let a low sexy growl into her voice " I suppose " She pulled my head even with hers and stared into my eyes " I'm happy your mine because I know from a lot of my friends who only want a genuiene guy are only finding assholes and dicks "

" As far as I can tell you were with the popular crowd at your school right ? "

" yeah "

" tell them to go for the nerds and gamers p, I promise you they're the ones who actually care "

" how do you know ?n"

" alot and I mean alot of the coolest guys I've ever met were in a computer class they're the shit just nervous as hell when it comes to girls "

" okay, I be sure to pass it on "

I kissed her tenderly and every time we kissed it was like our first kiss all over again it shot electricity from my fingers to my toes it had those so called ' fireworks ' to it. Fuck it I knew I loved her, and everything about her. She was beautiful, smart, spontaneous, caring, and mine I kissed her and it sent shivers through me!.

" James " pulling away

" yeah baby "

" can I ask you a question and you be completely honest with me "

" yeah always "

" have you ever regretted what were in, do you regret us ? "

I had to think for a moment " there is one thing that I regret " Her face drained of color and her expression did the same " the only thing I regret is not putting two and two together sooner I knew I loved you but I didn't know what kind of love it was till that night " She let out a deep relaxing breath and the Color started returning to her face " what you thought I regret us hell no, your the best thing to ever happen to me. You know what's funny if it wasn't for my dad we would never be us. Five going on six years after he died he taught me how to be a man and set me up with the girl of my dreams, who also happens to be the girl with the softest lips, the cutest smile, the smartest brain, and the most loving heart "

She smiled at me and laid her head on my chest

" tomorrow can't come soon enough "

" you want me to speed it up "

I picked her up and started kissing her. I had always wanted to do it in the shower and there is no time better than the present.

" where are you taking me to ? "

" the shower "

" because ? "

" I guess you will just have to see "

I turned the shower on and stood there under the cold droplets of water still holding her up, she grabbed my face with her hands and tilted it up and kissed me, I finally put her on her feet while still kissing her because my arms were about to fall off. She pulled her soaked shirt off and surprisingly she had no bra on

" all natural today I see ? "

" you were gonna get some tonight anyways "

she grabbed one hand and shoved it down her pants between her legs, surprised as ever she was free down there too. I pulled her pants off and threw them over the curtain and heard them land with a wet plop, they were soon joined by my clothes. As soon as I went to dip a finger into her there was a knock at the door.

" yeah ma ? " I yelled

" I'm gonna go out for awhile, you two have fun " mom said

" oh we will aunt Marie "

I stood with my back against the water and got town on one knee, I kissed along her toned stomach and down her hip. I grabbed one leg an placed it on the edge of the tub and angled my head and gave her swollen lips a lick. Her legs wobbled as a mini orgasm rolled through her. I withdrew my tounge and continued kissing until her body calmed. I went and gave it another lick this time I was able to drag the tip of my tounge up her slit and it just brushed her clit and she let out a stifled moan.

" James don't play with your food eat it ! "

" but seeing you whimper is the best part " I said in mock whineage

She grabbed my hair and forced my head in between her legs. I gave her another lick and she thrust forward arching her back and a gutteral groan left her lips. I could tell she was already almost there but it was just too soon I play with my food before eating it. I knew she wanted me to attack the most sensitive spots but I tried to do that as little as possible.
I sucked on her swollen lips flicking my tongue back and forth. My plan wasn't working, with every flick her moans grew in intensity by ten fold. I wasn't gonna win this battle but I would the war. Giving up I licked up her slit and found the hard nub and swept my tongue along it.
Her whole body shook as she tried to moan but only a gasp of air came out.

" fuck " she whimpered " James I need it "

I could tell she did and went hog wild I licked down her slit once more flicking my tongue side to side letting her enjoy the sensation,. I found her clit and focused on the nub with my tongue. I quickly reached up and dove my fore and middle finger into her warm gushing snatch. She let it all go as her body shook and her breathing stopped. She looked like a rag doll being shaken by an over eager toddler. I helped her to quickly sit down in the tub as her body spasmed.

Her head arched backwards and she murmured " oh shit " before smiling and being pulled into another wave of extacy.

She pulled herself into the fetal position facing away from me she was coming off of her high but her body still twitched. Her whole body shook for a few seconds and she took another breath and her legs tried to kick from her own grasp. Her breathing was jagged and hard. I finagled my way to the other side of her and peeled her open from her ball and pulled her naked body over mine and held her in my arms. I hit the nozzle switch on the tub filler and the shower stopped and warm water directed to the nozzle opposite side of me and began filling the tub.

" you're a god among men James " she said quietly with her eyes closed and a content smile

" no I just know how to sex "

She chuckled and rolled her head facing me and kissed my cheek. I rolled my head facing hers and kissed her beautiful lips and she returned it. We were soon full out making out, I cupped her left tit with one hand and her supple pussy with my other. I tweaked her nipple and her body breathing stuttered.

" lift up Jessica "

She lifted her ass and my aching cock sprung from underneath her and was sticking out between her legs. She reached down and led it to her entrance and slid all ten inches into her tight snatch. It was the first time I didn't feel like being in her led to a goal of just cumming, but that being in her was the goal.
We laid still and quiet as we enjoyed the sensation and intimacy we were sharing. My body wanted me to just hump like a jack rabbit and get off but I didn't. I kissed her deeply and she returned it I could feel her milking me with her muscles. I slowly withdrew making sure too to rub her buddy and tweak her nipple.

I kept a steady slow pace for 15 minutes steadily building our orgasms she was groaning softly and constantly it was so sexy seeing her in this state of bliss. It wasn't like she was the only one enjoying it though with each moan my loins burned a little more. It was like we were not 2 people but a singular person. I don't mean that we were the same person but we both in a mindset of pure extacy we were experiencing the same thing, at the same time, every move affected both of us.

My balls began to tighten and I peeked my finger under her hood and found her hard clit and attacked it. Without warning her ass jumped up and slammed down at the unexpectedness of the assault the quick and hardness of the move pushed me over the edge when I felt the tip of my dick bottom out, and I came directly into her cervix, as soon as my first squirt left me she started shaking uncontrollably and moaning loudly.

I pulled her head to mine and kissed her silencing her moans, we held the kiss until her body had calmed down for the most part. I pulled away handheld her to me and at that moment I'd never felt closer too someone in my entire life then I did her right now.

" you do know how to sex " she smiled

I laughed " I love you Jess "

" I love you too babe "

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