Remember it is just fantasy fun people. I hope you enjoy.
After bath 3

I tucked Sally in bed after our very erotic swim. That swim turned out more exciting than I could of ever imagined. While looking down at our daughter who was already falling asleep. I smiled and bent down to kiss her head. I picture the time in the pool and how turned on I was and could only imagine how turned on Kevin must of felt when he was fucking me in the pool while his baby girl was holding onto him. I feel my pussy tightening again at the thought it. I leave her room and walk down to the kitchen for a cup a tea.

Kevin was in the kitchen already, holding a beer in his hand. As I walk in he looks up at me and smiles. "What do you have in mind for tomorrow?" He asks. I laugh at him and grab a dish towel and throw it at him. It hits him in the chest and he laughs. He reaches out and takes hold of my arm to pull me onto his lap. I kiss him softly on the lips. "Do you want more tomorrow?" I ask a little shocked at what he is asking.

He takes a deep breathe and contemplates what he is asking. He groans and buries his head against my shoulder. "It felt so amazing fucking you in the pool and looking into Sally's eyes." He states. I wrap my arms around his neck and hug him. I know how he feels. It feels so good and Sally has no cue what we are doing.

He looks into my eyes. "I love you. Thank you for tonight." I giggle and kiss him firmly on the lips. "Your welcome" I tell him "but I think I enjoyed it almost as much as you did. Kevin groans and squeezes me tight. "I could tell. You horny slut." He says and I toss my head back and laugh.

The next morning I feel the bed move around and as I open my eyes Sally plops her naked body down next to me. Hi baby girl"

"Morning mommy" she yawns and lays next to me. I reach out and pull her under the cover. I feel her smooth back against my naked breasts. Mmmmm. I smell her clean hair and cuddle her close against me. We falls asleep again.

I wake up feeling Kevin's hand between my legs. I realize I am still holding Sally close to me. Kevin whispers in my ear. "You are wet my love. Are you having nice cuddle?" Hmmmm. I moan and smile up at him. Sally starts to wake up and rolls around to face me. I roll onto my back and lay her on top of me. "Morning baby girl". Then I feel Kevin's fingers moving in and out of my very wet pussy. I close my eyes and move against him for a couple strokes. Then remember Sally. I open my eyes and she starts to giggle. I smile up at her as I feel him put 3 fingers in. "Oh shit" I whisper as a gasp. Sally giggle again watching my face. "Oh baby, you think mommy is funny?" I barely get the words out with a smile. She sits up and straddles me. The blankets fall off her but is still covering me from the waist down.

Kevin is laying on his side next to us grinning ear to ear. "Your mommy is funny". He thumb starts to play with my clit as his fingers find their way to the g spots. I start to grind against his fingers. Sally starts laughing. Her hands fall to my tits to catch her balance. "oh god". I gasp and start really humping his hand. I hold her by the waist to keep her from falling off me.

"Hold on tight princess, mommy is taking you for a ride. He finger fucks me harder and fast. Her tiny hands keep loosing grips on my large tits but she is laughing with Kevin.

Kevin plows deep in me and hold his fingers tight inside me I start to cum. "Oh, yes". I barely yell and buck hard and grind against his hand as the orgasm over takes my whole body. I am breathing heavy and open my eyes finally and see my daughter looking down on me with a half smile and half confused. I smile at her "oh baby that was fun" and pull her down onto my naked breast and hold her. "Did you have fun"? Kevin still slowly moving his fingers around inside me and smiling at us.

Sally giggles. "Yep, and your face was funny when you were bouncing me around". I laugh and kiss her on the lips.

"I bet it was baby, I bet it was. But I had a lot of fun." I look over at Kevin who had just pulled out his finger from my pussy and smiling at me. He takes his fingers one by one and licks them clean. I lick my lips as I watch him.

"I am hungry" I hear Sally say. We both look at her in shock. Oh shit did she want to lick his fingers? I leave out a long breath. Nope she was looking at me and just wanting breakfast.

"Ok hunnybunny let's get you some breakfast. You and daddy head down stairs. I need to go to the bathroom first." Sally hops down and Kevin gives me a kiss softly.

"Come on daddy." Sally standing by the bed holding her hand up to Kevin. He looks down at his naked little girl and smiles and realizes he still has a huge hard on he should take care of first.

"Hey baby girl. Head on down stairs and turn on the tv. I need to use the bathroom first also." Sally rolls her eyes and heads out of our room. Kevin rolls back over and looks me in the eyes. I need to fuck you or I will be walking around with this all day. He lifts the covers to make his point.

I smirk and say "I would love to see that."

He climbs quickly on top and goes between my legs and then he grabs my hands and puts them over my head. "You think that is funny?" I giggle and squirm to try to get my hands free. Then I feel his hard cock against my still dripping pussy.

I look up into his eyes and he smiles as he shoves his his cock into me hard. "Oh god Kevin." Then he starts fucking me hard and looking me in my eyes.

"Oh baby, I so want to fuck my baby girl it is driving me crazy!" He says in a deep needing voice. He closes his eyes and continues to fuck me. I wrap my legs around him. "Oh yes baby".

"Mmmmm. Fuck me daddy". I moan.

"Oh, yes baby girl. Oh ..yes!!!" He pumps hard into me and I feel him shoot his cum deep inside me. He lays down onto me and kisses my neck as he catches his breath. "Oh baby, did I hurt you?"

"It did a little, but it felt so good. And watching you fuck me so hard was so hot." He kisses he hard on my lips. He finally releases my arms.

A small laugh comes out of his throat. "Baby, I am so enjoying having Sally in our bed." Then kisses my throat. We head for the shower and quickly clean up and head down for breakfast.

I call Sally to the table as I get out the bowls and cereal. Sally runs in and climbs up on Kevin's Lap. He has his comfy shorts on but no shirt. I see his eyes close as he wraps his arms around his little princesses naked body against his bare chest. He kisses her sweet little head. "Hi princess". Did you enjoy your cartoons?" Sally starts telling Kevin about her shows but I can tell he is very distracted. I see his hand gliding up and down her back. His right hand on her upper left thigh. His thumb gliding slowly against her smooth inner thigh. I feel myself getting wet as I stand there holding the gallon of milk, watching his thumb just inches from her little pussy. Kevin looks up at me and smiles. "Isn't our princess beautiful?"

I blink and finally set the milk on the table. I lean over and place my hand on his hand and lean over and kiss his lips so gently. "Yes she is." Sally looks up at me with a big smile and I lean down for a soft kiss on her lips. I hear Kevin moan and his hand tighten slightly on her leg. "Your kisses are so sweet baby girl. Give daddy a kiss." Sally giggle and looks up at Kevin for a kiss.

"you want a kiss my little princess?" He says so soft and gentle. His hand comes up to the back of her neck. He leans over and kisses her lips very soft while holding her head still while he kisses her softly again with a little longer kiss. His hand glides up her thigh and his thumb glides over her little pussy lips. He moans. "Oh baby girl you kisses are so sweet." And kisses her forehead.

Sally giggle and reaches her arms around his neck and hugs him. "I love you daddy."

"I love you, too baby." Kissing her again on her lips then down to her neck and kisses her neck as his thumb glides over her little pussy lips again.

Sally giggles and pushes his head from her neck. "That tickles". Kevin looks up at her and clears his head and smiles at her. Then goes down to kiss her neck again to tease her. She squeals and laughs as Kevin teases her. I smile and bite my bottom lip as I feel my panties are very wet.

They settle down and Sally straddle her daddy's legs as she eats her cereal. She finishes and head off for the tv. I gather the dishes and start loading the dishwasher. As I am bent over Kevin grabs me from the back and pulls my ass against his semi hard cock. I giggle as he grinds against me. "Good thing I fucked you this morning or I would have you over table again."

"I sure enjoyed being fucked on the table". I push back against him. "You would have to go in my ass because my pussy was a little abused this morning." He laughs and I turn to wrap my arms around him. "Baby, I was so wet with Sally on your lap and you kissing her." I kiss his lips. Mmmmmm

He moans "oh shit I think I was lost in the feel of her soft skin and then her soft lips sent me over the edge I wanted so bad to slide my thumb into her pussy." He closes his eyes as he remembers. I feel his cock start to get harder against my belly. "How about a morning swim?" He whispers in my ear.

"Mmmmm I would love it but I think her favorite show is on." Kevin turns and sees Sally sitting with her legs crossed naked in front of the tv.

He kisses my head and moans. "Damn her little body" he mumbles. I laugh. He turns and starts walking to the back door. "I guess I better go outside and mow the lawn to get my mind off of her." I smile as he walks out the door.


After lunch Sally and I head outside. I get started on pulling weeds around the pool area. Sally jumps in the pool with a barbie doll to play with. Kevin was on the phone with a buddy when we went outside. He finally comes out with a beer in his hand. "Cindy, jack is coming over to borrow my Chain saw. He should be here in about 10 min." He sits on a patio chair and takes a swig of his beer.

"Alright." I stand up and stretch. "Thanks for the beer babe."

He looks at me confused then realized he didn't bring me one. "I am so sorry. Come here and I will make it up to you." He grabs my arm as I walk by and pulls onto his lap. His hand goes up my T-shirt and grabs my breast. " I love when you don't wear a bra." He twists my nipple which always makes me moan. I lean in and kiss him as he plays with my nipple.

Mmmmmm. I moan in his mouth. I kiss him and then look him in his eyes "I love you daddy." I whisper. He pinches my tit hard. "Ouch." I frown.

"I am sorry baby. Let me kiss it. I stand with my back towards the pool and he pulls up my shirt as I put my hands on his shoulder to support myself. He takes my nipple into his mouth and sucks softly onto it. His hands grabs my ass and squeezes as he twirls his tongue around on my nipple. Mmmmmm
He moans.

"Oh yes honey. That makes it so much better." He licks it and then pulls my shirt down. " I need a harder drink than your silly beer." I wink at him. He smacks by ass as I walk away and laughs. "Watch our sweet princess please." I call over my shoulder.

"I already am." He yells back.

I come back with my rum and coke. "Look who I found." I say as I walk out the door. And Jack follows me out the back door to the pool with a beer in his hand.

"Hey, Jack have a seat, man." They shake hands.

"Hi Jack." Sally yells from the pool.

"Hey, Sal...." He stops short as he notices she is naked in the pool. Kevin laughs at him. And Jack point out at Sally. "Holy cow dude. She's naked".

"No shit?" Kevin says with a laugh. "She likes to swim that way."

Jack looks over at Sally with his mouth gapped open and takes her all in. "Wow, ok." He laughs nervously. "I just wasn't expecting that." You can tell he keeps not wanting to stare but his eyes keep going over to Sally.

I start to feel my heart beating faster and getting a little turned on watching how he is reacting to our little princess. Jack and Kevin start to chat about football or something but they are facing the pool watching Sally swim around and going in and out of the floaty. I smile and decide to turn the heat up a little. "Sally sweet heart. Are you thirsty? ".

Her smiles really big and yells. "YES!!!!! Pink kool aid please." And swims to the edge and Starts climbing out of the pool. Jack stops mid sentence as she pulls herself out of the water. She is dripping wet as she runs over to me as I hold up her towel. I turn her around so she is facing the guys. I start drying her hair first so her still wet naked body is facing them. I start down her back and she giggles as I touch her side with the towel. Jack squirms in his chair. I tell her to spread her legs and start to dry them one at a time. You can see Jack starring at her little bare smooth pussy front. I pull her up onto my lap with her legs spread out on each side on my legs. Now Jack and Kevin has a clear view of her pussy lips and even her little hole. I dry her belly and her boobie area with the towel so she has to lean back which gives them more time to look. I look up at Jack and his eyes meets mine. I see to lust in his eyes and he blushes.

He clears his throat and turns his head. "Sally sure has a great life with that pool in her back yard." He says with a slightly nervous laugh.

I give Sally a hug and a kiss on her head. "Ok sweetheart, I am going to get your drink."

She jumps off my lap and heads over to Jack. "Where is missy?" That is jacks 11 yr old daughter who Sally loves to play with.

Now Jack has to look at her again. "She out shopping with her mom, sweetie." He explains trying to just look at her face.

"Sally you haven't given Jack your special hug." She giggle and raises her arms up for him to give her a hug. Jack hesitates then feels obligated to give her a hug. He leans over and wraps his arms around her body as she throws her arms around his neck and pulls herself up onto his lap and straddles his lap as she gives him a big hug.

"Wow Sally, you have gotten so big." I in see his thumbs rubbing her smooth skin. He smells her hair and his eyes automatically close as he squeezes her a little tighter against himself. Sallly leans back slightly and gives him a kiss on his lips. He was startled just as much as Kevin and I were surprised. "Oh thanks Sally." He stutters out. He blushes up at me. " did you teach her how to kiss so good." He jokes.

Kevin laughs. "Dude, how would you know how my wife kisses?"

I laugh and head into the kitchen to get Sally's drink. I smile knowing exactly how Jack knows my kisses. Mmmmmm. I moan softly remembering his lips. Jack was drunk and cornered me in the hall at his house during a party. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard. I felt his hand going up my tanks top and cupped my breast. I moaned at his touch and his lips start to soften onto mine. Our tongues start to play in his mouth as he finds my hard nipple and twists it and teases it. I feel his hard cock start humping me through our clothes. He heard someone slam a door to come in from the party and he pulls away from me. We both are breathless. He pulled me into the door right next to us. It ended up being his daughters room. He leans me up against the door and pulls my shirt up and starts sucking on my nipples. My head went back and I moan softly as he sucked and bit my nipples. I feel his hand go up my mini skirt. I spread my legs apart and he easily finds that I don't have any panties on. "Oh god he moans with my nipple in his mouth. His finger instantly slides into my very wet cunt. He starts finger fucking me with 2 then 3 fingers. I am humping his and and moaning uncontrollably and then I cum all over his hand. I hear my juices hitting the wood floor. "Oh shit" he pulls his hand out and licks his fingers. My legs were so weak he steers me to his daughters bed and pulls up my skirt and then bends me forward over her bed. He kicks my legs apart as I hear him undo his shorts. "Oh shit" I think to myself and then instantly he rams his cock in my soaked pussy. He grabs my hips and starts fucking me doggy style. He gets rougher and rougher and I hear him say " oh yes missy......ohhhh yesssss" he moans. I feel his cum shoot in me very strong which cause my orgasm to start and respond to every squirt of his spirm. He falls against my back and catches his breath. I feel our cum dripping down my legs. He finally pulled out and we both stand and fix our clothes not says anything to each other. He goes to his daughter drawer and pulls out a pair of Dora the explorer panties. He leans over and wipes off the cum from my legs and up at my pussy. He sniffs the panties and licks some of the cum off the crotch of the panties. Then puts them up to my mouth. I look up at him and he smiles and nods. I take the crotch of Missy's panties in my mouth and such off the cum. I moan softly and he takes the panties from my mouth and kisses me. He moans as he runs his tongue in my mouth enjoying the taste of us mixed together. He finally releases me and I start for the bedroom door with a smile on my face. He grabs my hand and pulls me back to him. He kisses me softly and squeezes my ass. Mmmmm he moans. "Next time I want your ass". He whispers in my ear. I am in shock as I walk out the door. He never has tried anything like that again to my disappointment.

I laugh to myself now as I remember our kiss. "Holy Shit!!" I say out lowed I forgot about Jack calling out his daughters name while fucking me. And him pulling out her panties was him wanting my juices to be Missy's juices. Now that I think about it, Missy was probably 8 at the time, 2 years older than Sally. Jack wanted to fuck his daughter. He must of really be enjoying seeing Sally naked. I wonder if he ever played with missy like we have with Sally. I wonder if most people play with their kids and just doesn't talk about it.

I head out with Sally's drink and stop as I see Sally setting on jacks lap. I smile and walk over and hand Sally her drink. " Thanks mommy" Sally says as I hand it to her.

"Your welcome baby." I say as I lean over for a kiss. With our face inches from Jacks. Sally and I kiss on the lips. I hear his moan and as I pull away I see his hand pull Sally tighter against his crotch. I go and sit by Kevin who is smiling at us.

Kevin and Jack still trying to have a normal conversation about guy stuff pretending they don't have hard ons. Because that would be weird. I laugh to myself. Sally is straddling jacks leg facing us so we see her baby pussy. I watch jacks hand on her leg. His thumb is moving slowly up and down her inner thigh. Sally starts to talk to them about something. Then she jumps down off jacks lap. He adjusts his hard cock and watches her jump into the pool. He shakes his head and takes a long sip of his beer. "Well guys. I gotta go get some work done at home. But I would love to stay and play around with Sally in the pool." He blushes when he realizes how he worded it. " I mean play in the pool with Sally. It looks fun." As he looks over at Sally laying naked on the raft.

"It is very fun." Kevin says and laughs as he adjusts his hard cock. Hey let me get that chain saw for you. And heads out to the shed to get the saw.

Jack stands and I glance at his hard cock. He steps toward me and says in a low voice. "Do you miss my cock?" I looked up at his in shock. I thought he didn't remember what happened because he was drunk. I smiles at him and he winks. "If you are teaching Sally how to kiss she still needs a lot of practice to kiss as good as you. I can help with that." I am speachless as he turns and walks to the pool. He crotches down. "Sally, do I get a good bye kiss?"

Sally smiles and gets to the side to the pool and stretches up to give him a kiss. He gently puts his hand on the back of her head and kisses her again on the lips a little longer. "Your kisses are the best Sally." She giggles and heads back to her float. Jack stands and winks at me. I squirm in my chair as I feel my juices dripping into my panties. "Oh shit he is bold" I think to myself. He walks to the shed where Kevin is then heads for his truck.

Kevin comes back to the pool with a new beer. And sits next to me. "That was hot" he says to me as we look at Sally. I smile and nod in agreement.

I squirm in my chair feeling very hot and bothered. I stand and start pulling my shirt over my head. "Babe, I need you to fuck Sally....I mean me. " and giggle as my shirt falls in to the patio table. I see Kevin's eyes widen.

He reaches for my shorts and starts pulling it off me. I stand in front of him naked and he pulls me toward him and kisses my stomach. "Oh darling. I so want to fuck you both." Both his hands grabs my ass and squeezes. Then runs one hand to my wet cunt. "Oh, you are so wet. He releases me and then takes his fingers to his nose and smells my juices. Mmmmmm.

I walk over tot he pool. "Sally you want daddy to give us a ride on your floaty?"

Sally looks up all excited. And starts clapping her hands. "Yes!!!! Yes!!!!! Yea!!!!!!"

I jump in and grab her and pull her up against my bare breasts. "I love you hugs, princess." I lean my head back and look at her face. She smiles really big. "And I love your kisses."

Sally grabs my face and kisses me on my lips. "Mmm. Mommy I love your kisses." My hands are under her naked ass. I feel her little pussy rub against my fingers as she wiggles around. Then I hear Kevin splash in behind us.

Sally giggles and holds her arms out for Kevin. " daddy ride me and mommy. Ride me and mommy!" She says all excited.

He is holding her naked little body against is chest. He nuzzles her neck. "I will ride you baby." He says as he kisses her neck. I see his hard cock is just inches from her tiny pussy and I lick my lips. Then look at his hands that are holding her naked butt. I see his one finger slowly gliding into her butt crack and I hear him moan. He takes a deep breathe. " ok mommy lay over that floaty on your belly I am riding you from behind. I lay flat over the floaty so my ass is hanging just off the edge and my legs are hanging in the water. "That's right babe. Now Sally you climb on mummy's back. Here I will help you there." I feel Sally's wet body's lay against my lower back. Her tiny pussy on my butt and her legs straddling my hips. I can just picture her legs spread fully apart and Kevin looking right at her little cunt hole and her ass. "Oh God." he moans out load. " your butts are sooooo yummy looking." He grabs Sally's little ass. And she giggles and squirms.

"Daddy that tickles." She laughs.

"It does?" And he laughs a little. " your little tushy looks like two yummy cupcakes to me. He squeezes them again and she squirms. He pulls her back toward my ass again. Then I hear him makes some noise. And Sally squirms more but his hands are holding her still. "I am going to eat these to cupcakes." Her tells her.

Sally squeals. "Noooooo." And laughs. Kevin keeps play biting her bare ass. Then he nibbles at mine and I squeal.

"I will eat mummy's cupcakes also." He says as he play bites my ass. I feel my juices building inside me. "Oh look. I am going to lick the yummy frosting off your yummy cupcakes.

Sally squeals. "No not my frosting daddy."

"You won't share your frosting with your daddy." He says pretending to pout. And nibble on her ass again.

She squeals and laughs. "Ok daddy. You can have some frosting." My heart starts beating faster. Is he going to lick her pussy?

I hear him exaggerate his licking. He starts near her butt crack and she giggles and squirms. "Yummy princess your frosting is sooooo good. I am going to lick it all off." Sally squeals and giggles as he starts licking her little ass and every ounces in a while his tongue goes into her crack. Mmmmmm. I hear him moaning. He slows down a little and gently licks her cunt hole. "Oh God." I hear him moan softly and licks it again. I feel his chin hit my ass as he licks her pussy lips lightly.

Sally squirms a little. "Daddy that tickles." She says softer.

'Mmmm. But it tastes so good baby. Lay still so I can lick all your icing." Sally starts relaxing a little as he licks her softly and slowly up her pussy lips all the way to her tiny ass hole. Her circles there and she wiggles a little.

"Yuck daddy not there". She says softly.

"Yes baby your frosting tastes wonderful even there." And licks around the tiny flower hole. I feel his fingers slide into my pussy. He is still licking her hole and she is relaxed on my back. Her slowly slides his fingers in and out of my cunt. I start to moan and squirm. He starts to suck softly on her pussy lips. "Oh baby girl. " he moans. And his tongue slides up her pussy lips to her baby cunt hole and his tip of his tongue hovers over the hole aching to enter. He shoves his fingers in me deep. I moan. His tongue pushes slightly into her hole. A deep moan comes out of his mouth and I feel Sally wiggle slowly on my back. I think she is liking this.

"Does that feel good, princess?" He asks in a low sexy voice.

I feel Sally nod her head and then says "yes daddy." softly. "Can you lick there again? It felt good."

I gasp and clinch my cunt walls tight onto Kevin's fingers. "Anything for you." He lowers his head and licks her slowly again around her baby cunt hole. His tongue tip pushes just into the hole and out and makes another circle. "Oh shit, I got to fuck you." He said so softly and backs us up to the shallower on so his cock his at the height of my cunt. Sally raises her head slowly and before she looks behind her Kevin plows his hard cock into my dripping wet pussy. His hands on Sally's ass as he slides in and out of me. He squeezes her little ass and let's his thumbs glide over her tiny flower hole. As he starts to pick up speed he grabs pulls her ass down farther so it is touching his lower stomach as he plows into me. " hold onto mommy". I feel her grab me and start to giggle. He jerks us back and forth as he hard cock expands inside me even more. I know he is about to explode in me. "Oh Sally." He moan. "Oh yes, my princess." He pushes deep into me and hold it hard inside. My orgasm begins and I can't help but buck up against him. I hear Sally giggling as my mind is in over drive with my orgasm. Then Kevin's cum shoots into me and we both are moaning and grinding as he cum hard. Sally is still holding me tight enjoying the ride. Giggling and laughs.

We both are catching our breath as Sally sits up onto my back. "That was fun daddy." And I feel her struggle to turn around to face Kevin. His cock is still inside me. Sally finally turns and wraps her arms around Kevin's neck and sitting on my bare ass.

Kevin looks down toward where Sally's naked tasty little pussy is touching his belly. It looks like he is inside of her. So he slides just a hair in and out of me and moans as he pulls her against him and kisses her neck. "Oh baby I loved licking your frosting."

Sally giggle slightly. "Daddy it felt funny. "

He looks at her in the eyes and smiled. "Did it feel good baby? Did my tongue feel good?"

Sally looks at him with a shy smile. "It did daddy." And she stretches forward to kiss his lips. His hand goes up to the head and holds it still as he kisses her softly and longer than she expected. He pushes his simi hard cock around inside me.

"I am so glad you liked it." He licks her lips. And she giggles. He slides out of me and picks up Sally off my ass. I turn and see her in his arms and smile. He lets her go into the water. Then says. "5 more minutes princess then we need to go in." He pulls me close and kisses my lips hard.

"You licked your babies pussy." I whisper.

He moans. "My tip of my tongue went into her baby cunt. ". He kisses me softly and let's his tongue slowly slide into my mouth. Mmmmmm

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