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Master and his apprentice takes the slave to a farm for some fucking
Note : This is the first time I upload one of my stories on Internet. English is not my mother tongue so please forgive my mistakes.

I get off the train and my high heels click in the station. My dark blond hair is lose and waving in the wind. They almost cover my cup C boobs. In my pussy I can feel the vibrations of the egg. I bite my lip to prevent myself from moaning. I walk to the parking place and look around for my drive. I see that a head light goes fast on and off. I walk to the car and get in the back seat. As I step in I get blind folded and a hand goes over my mouth. “Listen slut, you better keep nice and quiet otherwise this won’t get well for you” Something pinches my nipple and I nod heavily “Good girl” My head turn to that voice. My pussy feels wetter as I hear His voice. I whisper softly ‘Master’ I hear a soft laugh. “Yes it is me slut.” After His words I feel two more hands over my body. I feel something metallic over my body ‘’Careful now, I don’t want to cut you.. yet. ‘’ My body stiffens and I hear the ripping of clothing. I feel that my hands get turned roughly behind my back and get cuffed. My ankles get cuffed too and I get pushed on the ground. ‘’ Drive Sir, she is secured.’’
I hear the engine start and that we ride. I try to follow the road but after a few turns I couldn’t follow it. I feel that my legs are lifted up by two hands. My vibrating egg gets removed from my wet pussy. A lick follows after that. I moan softly. I hear Master grumble “Mute the slut. I must concentrate on the road. “ I get lay down on the ground again and raised by my hair. I feel something pushing against my lips ‘’ Open wide slut’’ I open my mouth and something big get pushed in. I feel a hand on the back of my head and it gets pushed deeper ‘’ Swallow slut’’ I try to swallow it but I gag. I try to push it out of my mouth but the hand on the back prevents me from doing that. He pushes it deeper and deeper. I try to get air but the massive dick keeps pushing it inside my throat. I cough desperate for air.
He takes it only a bit out for me to breath and he begins to fuck my throat with his big cock. He pushes his dick deeper and deeper inside my throat. My body moves along with his trusting inside my throat. I feel that the car suddenly stops. “That is not how I mean Desmond!” My mouth gets released from the massive cock. I feel the strong arms of my Master around me. A ball gag gets pushed in my mouth and secured on the back my head. “That is how you mute a slut like her” I hear Him sighing “You got a lot to learn before you can be a Master like me. Put the vibrator in her and don’t touch her until I give permission, did I make myself clear?! “ ‘’ Yes sir’’ After a while I lay on Desmond’s feet with the vibrator inside me. It massages my shaft and clit. My body shivers of pleasure given by the vibrator.
I lost track of time and location. I only could feel Desmond’s feet and the vibrator deep inside me. Suddenly I feel somebody pinches my nipple and I give a moan. “We are at the farm slut. Here we are going to train you, Desmond and Herman.” He undoes the blindfold of my eyes and I sit up. I see a typical farm. He also undoes my cuffs and gives me a simple flower dress that reaches just above my knees and can be buttoned out under my breasts. “Dress yourself and follow me” ‘Yes Master’ I put on the dress He gave me and I get out of the car. I can feel the stiffness of my muscles. I look to Master His black hair and brown eyes check my body. On His mouth I see a slight smile. “Good girl, come there is much to do here at the farm.” I walk besides Him. I feel safe with Him.

We go into an empty stable and I look curious around. I see a German Shepherd come to us. He seems happy to see Master. “Hello Herman, I brought you something” He say while He pets Herman’s head. He guides us to blanket spread on the concrete floor. “Sit on all fours slut” I do as Master say and I spread my legs softly so my wet pussy appears. “Good slut” He pets my head. He looks to Herman “Herman, mount!” Herman climbs on top of me and wrap his front paws under my breasts. I feel his dick poking in my pussy and he trust it in without mercy. I gasp for air while I look up to Master. He is just standing there with a big black man. I can see they are aroused by this performance of Herman and me. Herman continuous trust in me and I let out loud moans and I move along with the thrusts. I can feel the cock grow in my pussy and I see Master grabbing the ball gag. My eyes meets his and his eyes calm me down like always. My moaning and Herman’s trusting continue. Master puts the ball gag in my mouth and pets my head “I am proud of you my little slut”
The fucking continues and I enjoy it while under me a pool of drool appeared. Herman and I are in good harmony with rhythm... Suddenly I feel something big come inside my pussy. Herman comes in me and I scream of pleasure when his cum fill my womb. I feel that my pussy is sore and I look down and pant hard through the ball gag. Herman pants too and slowly his cock grows smaller. After a while he mounts off and he wanders away. I still sit there with a pussy filled with dog cum. I hear Master and the black man coming. I look tired up and I see Master smirking. “Desmond and I aren’t done with you yet my little slut.”
He pets my head and undo my ball gag and Desmond walk to the back . I feel that he put something wet on my ass. Something slimy. I see that Master and Desmond are making eye contact and counting down. “Open your mouth slutty.. 3..2..1..” After one He and Desmond trust in the same time. Desmond in my ass and Master in my mouth. I get lifted off the ground. I am too tired to struggle against it. I feel my ass stretch out and I become known with the rhythm they fuck me. I use that to gasp for air. More drool is coming out of my mouth but also a lot of pussy fluid en dog cum is flowing richly out of my pussy. My moans are soft but horny. With each trust they get deeper and harder in my holes.
After a while I feel my orgasm building up in my pussy. My pussy is like a mixed waterfall of dog cum and pussy fluid.Master and desmond are fucking my holes like maniacs and I only can feel their dicks inside me, fucking me, recklessly and without any mercy. I feel my orgasm coming and my body shivers. More pussy fluid goes out of my pussy. Soon after that the guys come and fill me with their cum. First Desmond and then Master who pulls me close and trust it all in and comes. I feel that they carry me to somewhere else. I close my eyes.
I get woke up by a cold beam of water over me. I gasp for air and I see the dress is buttoned down and my breasts are exposed. My nipples are expended from the cold water. There is a soft breeze who makes it even more cold. I see Desmond with a water hose in his hands. Master stands next to him. “Clean her good with that hose. If I see or smell cum then there will be consequences” ‘’ Yes sir’’ I look up and I see my hands are above me shackled together and my legs are spread so far as possible. I look scared to Desmond, he pets my face ‘’ No worries Luna, you will be all right after this.’’

I put my face away from him but my eyes focussed on him. Master chuckles and walks away while Desmond takes distance from me and begins to clean me with the water hose. First the legs and makes his way to my pussy and the asshole who is expanded. Then up to my belly and boobs. He pays a lot attention to that. He also cleans my face while the hose is on a lower level of power. Desmond turns off the hose and dry me off with a fluffy towel so far it is possible. The softness of the towel is a good thing for me. And I enjoy the rubbing of it on my wet and cold body. After Desmond is done he walks away and I look worried to him. I see sorrow in his eyes ‘’ Sorry Master’s orders I must obey like you.’’ He leaves the cleaning area and close the door and turn the lights down. I close my eyes. Some sleep would do well for me.. I hope..
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