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Sorry it took me so long to get this out; some time along the way I realized that I didn't want to be like the original author and make the story revolve around incest. That led me to divide the story into two branches, each having the same over plot and characters but involving them in different ways. Way to Dawn features incest and a Terrance Graves who wants to reconnect with his family. PLease enjoy and expect long periods between stories as I will be writing on others at the same time.
The next day was bright and sunny. I managed to sleep in despite the multiple people moving about early in the morning. I always made it a habit to sleep late on weekends and get up extra early during the week.

I woke up around ten o clock in the morning on a Sunday; that wasn’t abnormal; my family was neither religious nor strict on waking up early (unless there was vengeance to be gained in waking someone early). What was abnormal was that I woke up with someone sitting on my bed. My eyes didn’t open all the way the first time, but they opened enough for me to tell that there was someone there. I checked my surroundings: the door was shut and they were just sitting there, not disturbing my room or me. I didn’t want to invade their head, for fear it was Juliet. I had already promised myself I wouldn’t push into her mind. I decided to just wake up; it was the only way I could find out without risking my principles. Opening my eyes, I grinned at Katy. She was dressed in her pajamas, a pair of loose fitting blue plaid pants and a nice big Winnie the Pooh t shirt that hung low on one shoulder. I jumped into her head to make sure and was satisfied to discover that it was my lovely sister, the sister I had kissed the night before. When she saw my eyes open she smiled down at me and stretched out on the bed, placing her face beside mine.

“Morning sleepy head.” She giggled and pecked me on the lips. “You know, I bet it’s much warmed under the blanket than it is out here…”

“Well why don’t you come in and see.” I pushed the blanket down and watched in mild amazement as her knees bent up and nearly touched her chin before her feet slipped under the blanket. Her ass and legs, despite being covered in the thin material of her PJs, were incredibly sexy. As her legs began to extend again, I reached out and placed a hand on the underside of her thigh, stroking up to her ass and around. She giggled again and slipped under the blanket, snuggling incredibly close to me as she got comfortable. Her arms reached up and encircled my neck as our lips met. Her leg arced up and across my waist, the feel of her thin pants rubbing between us arousing me ever so slightly. Still, however slight it was, Katy noticed the rise in my dick as it pressed against her crotch.

“Ooh… little brother certainly has grown a pair recently! Mmmm… that feels good, Terry.” We kissed and rubbed each other for a few minutes, enjoying the company. Finally I decided I couldn’t stand it anymore; I pulled off her shirt and tossed it, stroking and caressing her breasts as her nipples tightened. She moaned as I took one of her sensitive points between my lips and suckled hard, almost wishing milk would come out. Her fingers ran through my hair and dragged her nails on my scalp, tantalizing my skin. My hands began to roam from her tits, down into her bottoms. She giggled and moaned as my hands found her thighs. “God yes, make me want your cock…”

“Baby you already wanted it; all I can do is make you need it.” She laughed out loud and kissed me for that, a full on make out session. Our tongues danced in one another’s’ mouths as our kiss grew more and more… carnal. My hands roamed faster, her breathing grew shorter and rougher. Finally my fingers found her wet slit and probed at her labia, making her groan and beg me for more. Finally I pulled away from her lips, gave each of her nipples a hard kiss, and slid her bottoms down to her ankles as I slid down the bed. Kissing my way back up her bare, sexy legs, I made a resolution to keep Katy safe from the others should she decide to be kinder to me.

“God, Terrance, you may be a god in bed, but you take an awfully long time…!” Hearing her words, I slowed, kissing her knees each and then moving my way up her creamy thighs. I kissed so slowly, to teasingly, that she reached down and grabbed my hair to pull my face to her crotch. I buried my face in her sex and pushed my tongue inside of her. Judging from the sharp intake of breath, she hadn’t had anything inside of her for a long while. Pushing two fingers into her slit, I rubbed my tongue against her clit, forcing her to whine like a wounded animal as her body rippled in intense pleasure. I pulled back and slid up her body, keeping as much physical contact between us as I could, and kissed her as I pushed my head against her glistening lips. Her legs spread and clenched around my hips, letting me know she was ready but giving me the ability to pull back or forward as needed. Pushing against her sex, we both groaned; she was sooo tight. I knew that she was a virgin, but the unexpected resistance was… difficult. The head of my dick slipped inside of her and stretched her, nearly tearing her in half. I could see a mixture of pain and intense pleasure on her face and smiled as I put more force behind my shaft. I wanted her to feel a little bit of pain; she had been quite a bitch for a very long time. Even if we were now lovers, that didn’t mean she got a free pass.

“Fu… Terry, go sloweeeeeerrrrrrr… goo- go- good GOD! Fuck… wait, please…” I didn’t stop, just kept pressing more and more of my cock inside of her sweet hole. I felt her hymen and pushed harder, breaking through it and making her squeak at the unexpected pain. But still I pushed. She came very close to screaming, and I loved every second of it. Finally I got a decent way inside of her; far enough, at least, that I decided to stop and retreat. She sighed and pulled me down for a kiss, clawing at my back as she forced her tongue into my mouth. I had forced her to take six or so inches of cock, breaking her hymen and stretching her hard. When only the head of my swollen cock remained inside of her, I pushed back into her. This time she moaned and arched her hips to the intrusion, loving every second of it. Pushing and pulling back in tiny increments, I pushed closer and closer to orgasm. Finally she tensed up and wrapped her legs around my waist as she came. I felt liquid spray against my crotch and grinned down at her trembling, writhing form and pushed harder, filling her with one long stroke and making her cum again. This time I pressed against the portion of her sex that I hadn’t filled and split her open again, making her scream and squeal and cum. I never managed to fill her all the way; with an inch left to go she came a third time and I felt my balls tighten and burn with pleasure as I grunted and filled her hot body with my cum. She groaned as she was finally released from the never-ending line of orgasms and set her hips back on the bed as I pulled out and collapsed onto the bed beside her.

“God why didn’t I do that sooner…” Katy rolled over and put her head in the how of my neck and placed a hand on my chest. I smiled and dropped mine on top of hers.

“Because I was your pathetic little brother no one liked.” Katy laughed.

“Yeah I guess that is true… But you weren’t ever pathetic. They made you seem like it, but you never were.” Turning my head and looking into her eyes a felt real, brotherly love for her. All I’d ever wanted was recognition and appreciation. She’d given me so much more right then. I felt bad that I’d hurt her. I searched her mind but the only sensation she felt was soreness and leftover pleasure. I stroked a bit of hair from her face and kissed her.

“We need to get cleaned up and you need to get out of here. No one can know about this.”

“That’s obvious, Terry. God, it’s gonna be hard though. I’m going to be in a lot of pain for the next week. I don’t know where you got that piece of steel, baby brother; Dad’s a bit too shy to have given you that.” I gaped at her until she laughed and looked sheepish. “What? I peeked on Mommy and Daddy a few times! It was just curiosity, god… Like you never tried to sneak a peek of me and Kathy in the shower?”

“Nope. Not you or Mom or little baby Clare either. I’ve kept my little excursions out of the family, unlike you and Kathy. I wonder how Mom and Dad would react to you guys sleeping together to get rid of that little itch…” She slapped me playfully and pushed me off the bed.

“Never peeked my ass!”

“You were loud and we shared a floor. You forget, this house has soundproofing, the last one didn’t.” She blushed and buried her face in my pillows as she laughed and cried at the same time. I sat beside her and held her.

“We… We never found a guy who would last. Hell, the ones that did either had some creepy thing or were a bit… small… God we were awful people! We just needed someone who could do something a bit more, and we had one another… Kathy brought up you once, and we considered it, but then we noticed how much you hated us and how much you stayed out of the house; we knew we would never get you unless we were nicer, and that would just make you think something was wrong.” She sobbed into my shoulder and I listened. I can’t say that it wasn’t true; I did hate them. I still did a little bit. What little brother doesn’t at some point despise his sister if they go to the same school?

“Hey, it’s alright. Things are going to get better, Kate. Hey, calm down. Hey!” She looked up at me, eyes red around the edges from crying. She sniffed and calmed down. “Kate, I care about you okay? But you have to understand a few things; can you listen for a bit and just let me talk?”
She nodded and I pulled the covers to her, making a little cocoon against the cool air.

“I’m going to make Mother and Father pay. They haven’t been fair and I plan on getting them back. I don’t expect you to help me, or to treat me differently. I hope that you will, but hey, I won’t control you. And this can only happen occasionally. Like rarely if you’re desperate. I would love to have you again, and I can’t get you pregnant anyway. But I’m… I want us to be normal siblings. I love you, you’re super… super sexy… and I loved what we just did. But I want this to be something special.” She nodded and smiled. True to her word she didn’t say anything. “Now, I want you to make sure and keep Kathy from Mom and Dad for the next few months. Distance yourselves. I’m going to break them and make sure that this family is normal from now on. See… I’m…”

I swallowed. I needed someone. I really did. And I needed to make sure she could help me make this plausible without pushing the limits. I didn’t want to control my entire family. I wanted her to know about my powers, but it could scare the shit out of her. I took a breath and entered her mind, noticing how easy it was. Like she accepted my presence.

Katy, It’s Terry. It was simple and stupid. But it worked: her eyes got wide and she stared at me. I nodded. Yeah, I’m inside your head. Don’t scream.

“Terr… Terrance… How are you inside of my head?” Her voice was shaky and her eyes were wide, her body was shaking like she might break. But her mind stayed intact.

“I got it before I left. It was… payment. For all the shit I’ve gone through. I’m not sure myself, but… I can make people hear me, hear their thoughts, make them think things, control them…”

“Then… did you make me want to…?” Her mind cracked. I swear that’s the sound it made, a soft snapping sound like frozen glass.

“No. You wanted that. You wanted someone who you could be true with and who could finally take your virginity and still be around. You found all that. I controlled nothing. There would be a blank in your memory anyway. You were just attracted to my new… charisma. It was almost all you and a little me. I promise, you were in control.” The snapping sound receded and she began to breath. I made a mental note that Katy was stronger than I thought.

“So… you didn’t make me want you or make me sleep with you. Can… can you make me do something? I want to know what it feels like.” I frowned and nodded. I was still half inside of her mind; I pushed deeper and found her primal instincts. I tapped her reproductive side and pushed her into a deep passion. It was like kicking her entire body into overdrive for attraction and sex. Even if she’d wanted, she couldn’t stop herself from doing anything. Her breathing grew shallow and her pupils dilated. She groaned and I felt it as she grew wet despite the pain in her stomach. Suddenly everything about her seemed wild; she became a demoness, worthy and demanding of lust. She tried reaching for me, but her body collapsed under the sudden increase of adrenaline and estrogen. Her skin flushed and goose bumps rolled over her entire body. She moaned a light moan, like a kitten makes. I touched her thigh as she toppled over backward and her hips jumped into the air. Inside of her head, everything was tinted red, not mad angry but romantic angry. Honestly I felt scared. I turned it off and she gasped as her body tried to return to normal. I assisted; it wasn’t hard after all I had learned. But it was a tense few moments before I could breath easily. She sat up and leaned against me, breathless and scared.

“If you could do that to someone… God, at least I know what it feels like now. It was like everything just went fuzzy and-"

“Kate, don’t. Please, this stuff scares me. I didn’t want to push you that far.”

“You know, it was very, very hot…”

“Yeah, maybe, but not now. You need to get back to your room, and I need to get dressed.”

“Next time, do that before we actually have sex. That was intense; I can’t imagine what the sex would be like with that feeling in my body.” She got up off the bed, pecked me on the lips, and sauntered toward the door. I watched her go and smiled. She didn’t redress, which surprised me. At the door she stopped and turned.

“Oh, and baby brother? Clair, Kathy, and Juliet… they should be made aware that you are ready and willing. I won’t say anything, but… I wouldn’t mind sharing.” She smirked and walked out of the room. I paused and checked; no one would see her walking naked down the hallway. I grinned and pushed into my baby brother’s head, delaying him from coming upstairs from the kitchen. I walked to the bathroom and got ready for the day.

By the time I reached the breakfast table everyone had finished and left. My dad worked every day of the week, which made that part of my life a little easier. My mother was outside going over the gardens, which also gave me a small reprieve that morning. I poured a bowl of cereal and sat down at the table just as Clair came down the stairs. When she saw me, she stopped. I grinned at her as I watched, from both my place at the table and from inside of her head, her body’s reaction to my presence. On sight, her breath shortened; her body grew warmer and her skin rippled with goosebumps. Her nipples hardened slightly and her sex grew moist. On the outside, it seemed completely normal. She halted for a second, one foot on the stairs the other on the floor, before she smiled hesitantly and walked into the kitchen.

“Morning Terry. Sleep well?” The question almost set me on edge but I knew too well she had no clue I had been inside of her head. I grinned and watched her walk to the fridge, enjoying the view of her ass swaying as she walked. She had dressed in a pair of shorts and a bikini top: apparently she was prepared to spend the day in the backyard with the new pool.

“Actually yeah; had a few interesting dreams last night, but I can already barely remember anyway. What about you? Anything interesting?” She tensed, and suddenly all her fantasies from the night before came to mind, including the one with the two of us and the thoughts of Juliet. She smiled and ran a hand through her hair, thinking of me in particular and not Juliet. Suddenly her mind turned to the htoughts of her orgasms, the second one that had come unbidden to her body. She grinned broadly and sat down across from me as the toaster heated up on the counter.

“Actually yes… I had a few very nice dreams last night.” She stared at the table and drew figures with her fingernails, throwing me some very suggestive looks as to what that could really mean; even without my telepathy, I think I would have known what she was really talking about. “But I slept like a rock, for the most part.”

“Gonna hit up the pool today?” I made a gesture with my fork at her dress and she looked down, embarrassed and flattered.

“Yeah. Want to join me after breakfast? The twins are gonna be going to some shopping mall today and took the little gremlin with them, so it’ll just be us and Juliet.”

Inside I was jumping up and down. It was too good to be true, almost. I agreed readily and we spent the day in the back, splashing and swimming and racing and talking. Juliet wore a very nice two piece that matched Clair’s and made it very difficult to stay close to them. It was easier than it would have been for any other guy, but it wasn’t easy. By the time we got out, my parents were both inside as well as my sisters and my little brother. Dinner was very happy, despite my parents’ grumpy attitude. The kids all laughed and talked. By the end of the night I was too tired to even try and get off with anyone. I fell onto the bed and passed out.

The next morning my alarm went off at five a.m. I silenced it quickly and slipped out of bed, slipping out of my room and heading for the shower. It took me a moment to register that it was storming outside and had been for some time. Before I got in, I went through the house. Everyone was asleep accept for one person, who was moving up from the second floor and heading for the bathroom. I rubbed my eyes, more than half awake but still struggling with that information. I opened the door and walked out, facing Clair with a finger to my lips and motioning her inside. She nodded, startled that I was awake at all. When we were both inside, I groaned.

“Clair, what are you doing? It’s five in the morning.”

“I could say the same for you. I’ve been having trouble sleeping, and the storm wasn’t helping. I heard your alarm… Is this really how early you get up, Terry?”

“Yeah… Normally I’m in the shower by now though. I have to get out early if I want to avoid everyone.” I realized how bitter it sounded after I said it and cursed at myself.

“Thanks, Terrance… Makes me feel great about having an older brother…” Clair tried to run by me, seriously hurt. I grabbed her and spun her around, keeping her in front of me. I didn’t realize how short she was until I held her by the shoulders; she was almost a foot shorter than me, maybe ten inches. She avoided my eyes as I looked down at her.

“Clair I didn’t mean that. Yesterday was great; you’ve always been nicer than the rest of them. But… ah fuck it, why am I even trying to explain this!” I threw my hands up in the air and groaned. It was too early in the morning and I hadn’t had my shower. Not to mention in my boxers I was getting hard. I had a thing for my sisters; seriously, why did I have to keep getting put in situations like that? “Clair, you know I love you. You know I care about you. But you’re too smart to pretend that you don’t see what’s going on!”

She was sniffling now, near crying. I felt awful. Getting revenge on the family you hate is very hard when that family is your innocent, hot fifteen year old sister who loves you. I groaned and pulled her into a tight hug, which she returned with as much pressure as I did. Eventually she stopped sniffling; eventually she started laughing.

“Terry… You’re poking me. Did you fall asleep up there?” I had to chuckled and pull away awkwardly. She was right; my dick had grown and started pushing against her. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist. Sadly that didn’t help much. Clair kept giggling at me and I started chuckling myself.

“Alright, Clair. I’ve got to get in the shower, and you need to get a few more hours of sleep. Are we okay?” She nodded and extended her arms for another hug. I smiled and leaned down, hugging her close. After a second I started pulling back and I went to kiss her on the cheek; apparently she’d had the same idea. Our lips met and I pulled back, startled. I loosened my arms around her and she sighed. In her head, I felt her arousal spike. I didn’t even realize I had pushed into her mind. What I realized was that my little sister was very hot and she wanted me. I leaned in and kissed her, lightly at first. Our lips barely touched. She moaned and pressed her mouth firmly against mine, pushing her body against mine. My arms tightened around her and my hands slipped down to her ass as I squeezed and picked her up, bringing a moan to her lips as we kissed. She struggled for breath as I set her on the counter and pulled off her pajama top, slipping my fingers into her waistband and ripping off her pants too, leaving her in only her panties. I was elated to discover that she didn’t wear a bra to sleep. The towel fell away from my waist, leaving only our underwear between our aching genitals. My dick pressed hard against her crotch and she bucked her hips against it.

“Terry, touch me… hmmm, make me cum, please… make me yours… mmm…” Her words were whispers in my ear as I kissed and sucked on her neck and shoulder. Picking her up again I leveled her tits with my waiting mouth and kissed her bare breasts. When she felt my lips on her tits, she ran her fingers through my hair, clawing at my scalp as she tried to suffocate me in her luscious skin. The thought that we were in the bathroom, and the fear that she would be heard, made me walk over to the shower and turn it on, letting the hot water run as I set her back down on the counter and pulled her panties off, sliding them down her hips as she watched me with the eyes of a tiger. I didn’t stop to taste her, even though I wanted to. I pushed my boxers down, stepping out of them and approaching my little sister. Her eyes grew wide at the sight of my large cock and she licked her lips. Reaching out, she stopped me with a hand on my chest as she jumped off of the counter and fell to her knees. Grabbing my cock, she stroked it and eyed the size; In her mind, questions of how it would taste, how it would feel in her mouth, in her pussy, in her ass, how it would feel when I came inside of her all rocketed around, making me wonder just how innocent my little Clair was after all that time on porn sites. Suddenly I felt her lips around the head of my cock and I shuddered. She quickly sucked me as deep into her mouth as it would go and then pushed the head of my dick into her throat, deep-throating me without trouble. The pleasure was unbelievable. Her tongue danced expertly under my shaft as she sucked me off. Looking down, I groaned; her fingers were deep in her pussy as she sucked my cock. Finally after a few minutes I groaned and grabbed the back of her head, pushing against her lips and shoving the rest of my cock down her throat. She gagged as she felt me pushing, but didn’t complain or choke. Her fingers massaged her clit faster, almost. She moaned as I pulled out and licked up the underside of my dick, frantic to have it inside of her in any way possible.

Grabbing her by the head, I forced her away from my dick, picking her up and pressing her lips to my own as I walked toward the shower. The sound of the shower curtain made her groan as we stepped into the steaming stall, moving into the stream of hot water. Despite my need to fuck something, I couldn’t tear myself away from Clair’s lips. Finally I put her back against the stall and grabbed my dick in one hand, aligning myself with her pussy and pushing. Her moans became muted shouts as the head of my dick penetrated her sex. I pushed gently, expecting a hymen or some trace of virginity; I was surprised to find nothing. I pushed harder and she clawed at my back, whimpering as I filled her sweet, tight hole with my shaft. Finally she slid my face down to her neck, still pulling me close and clawing at my body, biting at my neck and shoulder as I pushed into her. I felt the head of my cock press against her cervix and grunted as I pulled back, preparing to make her as sore as Katy would be.

“Fuck me… oh god yes big brother, fuck me, fuck your little sister, fuck me, cum inside of me, fuck me with your big dick… mmmmmmm, god…! Oh yeah, baby, oh fuck I love having a big cock inside of…” I shoved my tongue in her mouth, forcing her to shut up. Her words were pushing me closer to doing exactly what she wanted, a massive load in her pussy. Her moans were pushing too, but her cute little voice was working faster. Suddenly she ripped her mouth away from my lips and screamed. I felt her convulse around my cock, tightening and massaging my shaft as I fucked her. I couldn’t help it; I groaned and pushed hard against her cervix as my cock jumped in her tight sex and cum shot out. I came for a long time, filling her so much that it leaked from around my shaft. She came a second time around my dick, bringing to mind the orgasm I had given her two days before. I grinned and sucked one of her tiny pink nipples into my mouth, making her squeal. As I pulled out our lips met in another kiss, this time slow and tender. Before long I felt my cock get hard again and press against her crotch. The water had washed away my cum, but it still leaked from her pussy.

“Oh Clair… that was amazing…” Her giggles made my heart skip the way they always did.

“Big brother, we could get in a lot of trouble for this… but, God, I don’t care! I need you to do this every night…” I smirked as she kissed my cheek and wrapped her legs around my waist.

Claire was back in her bed, clean and dry, before anyone was awake. Of course by then there were two other loads of cum inside of her as well. I was out the door before she was asleep again. Throwing down my old skateboard, I rode the entire way to Hartford High; it wasn’t far and I wasn’t anxious to reach it. By the time I got there, it was seven o clock. I waited, reading a book and listening to my iPod while the school slowly filled up. Finally I pulled out a book and started reading. Two pages in I felt someone with a very strong mental presence. Looking up, I caught sight of a very charismatic student walking through the gate with a girl on his arm. His friend was the same but didn’t have the same peace of mind that the first boy had. His black hair was shaggy, like mine, but cut short; his eyes were a bright green. He glanced at me with a sort of curiosity that was obvious. Yet at the same time, his eyes were very intelligent and his thoughts turned from curiosity to welcoming.

I entered his head and learned about him: Edward Lichen, genius and leader of the school in pretty much everything. He’d only been at the school for a year, since sophomore to be specific. He hadn’t received the Gift, which meant that he was just naturally gifted. On top of that he had the social skills to make friends with everyone. Just after he walked in, I caught the feeling of someone probing at my head. It felt exactly like someone taking a stick and poking my forehead; pressure and pain wherever they pushed. Looking around, I caught sight of a boy walking slowly through the gates. The second he saw me he froze. I gazed back steadily at him as we sized one another up. He wasn’t scrawny but he was as close as one can get. His limbs barely had any muscle on them at all. He wore glasses and his face was covered in acne. His hair was blonde and cut close to his head. Somehow he looked like a regular person, but it still seemed to be an off combination on anyone. I felt the probing recede and I followed it back to the boy I was staring at. I pushed into his head despite his resistance and found exactly what I had been expecting and a little more; his name was Carl Harlow, he’d lived in Hartford all of his life, he had received the Gift just four months before me, and his Gift focused on physical manipulation. He had mental power but he wasn’t as strong as I was. Then again, I didn’t have any knowledge of my abilities as regarded physical transformation. I pulled out of his head and he walked over to me. I made a promise to stay out of his head the same way I’d stayed out of Juliet’s head.

“Who are you and why are you here?”

“My name is Terrance Graves; call me Graves. So you’re the third one huh?”

“Where are your guardians?”


“The angel and demon that are supposed to be protecting you, keeping you in line, where are they?”

“What are you talking about? Seriously, we might be the only two people in the country who can do the things we can; no need for us to be enemies.”

“We aren’t the only one. There’s another one: Conner Evans. He’s here in Hartford too. Now where are your guardians?”

In answer to his question, the shadow of the stone gate to the school suddenly grew darker and a figure rose out of it. The black changed to color and soon a woman stood there. Carl ignored me and looked at her.

“Why is he here? Can the others see us? Conner Evans is here in Hartford and he’s looking for the two of us. He wants to destroy the fucking country, why did you let him come here?!”

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