My on going True adventures please reread in order Parts 1-15
From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 15. First; before you read Part 15 and those who made all the comments. I guess you all didn’t disapprove as much as you said because it sounds like you all read my adventures before you commented on them. So you guys can’t pretend to be as upset as you all make out to be. Oh yes one more thing, those who made remarks that I only enjoy black men fucking me. That’s not true. I just love muscular, dominate aggressive, any color or raced men, as long as they want to fuck me. But I do have admitted I want them to have big cocks. I don’t give a shit if all the men that fuck me only think of me as a cheap whore. I just have needs and needs are more important than what men think of me.
Somewhere while posting to I posted my adventures out of sequence. I hope everyone can manage to reread going from Parts one –two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen and now fifteen in order. I left off in part fourteen tricking Paul’s brothers (and his sisters husbands into coming over to plan their brother, Paul’s surprise birthday. They were more surprised when I made myself available to them instead of planning Paul’s surprise birthday party. I am trying to write about what happened as closely as possible but actually it was a lot more thrilling when it happened than I could express in words. Here is where I left off in Part fourteen.
I read all the messages left following Part 14. Paul really doesn’t have a clue I am a slut. Don’t forget it’s not like I was a slut when he married me. He is one lousy lover that is for sure. It just needed Vincent to bring the real out of me. He told me he knew I was a slut the first time he saw me and started dating Sandra to get to me. They dated a year before he got Sandra to ask Paul to have a one year party for him and my daughter. I hope everyone has read Parts 1-14 but in order if not please go back and read them in order. By the way since all this happened my daughter has moved out and she never found out what Vincent started with me.
A lot has happened actually. I found out my mother is a slut and still is a slut and she is age 47. I was the stupid one for not knowing my mother was a slut and never even thought about it until after Vincent fucked me. I did a lot of thinking after that and ended up calling my mother. She asked me if I really believed her about the black ancestry was the reason my 24 brothers were black and I was the only white one in the family. Since then I have done a lot of thinking what I saw and heard while I was growing up and realized I was stupid not realizing my mother was and still is a slut. I have been trying to talk mom into writing about her life and posting on here. She is thinking about it but say she may if men will encourage her at the end of this part of my own true adventures. Her name is Alice by the way. Oh yes it seems my daughter has shown her true self as well and I sure won’t tell her dad. I did her the favorite when I saw when she brought her boyfriend home she was showing the same signs I had shown before the night Vincent and his buddies brought the real me out.
My daughter got married four years ago. Mom told me we should have the wedding at her house and she would arrange everything. Well she arranged everything all right. I do mean everything so it ended up Sandra being a virgin after she got married but not a virgin her wedding night. Mom told me that was her wedding present to her granddaughter. I even thought it was out of line the way she went about it. I do have to admit it was kinky the way my mother arranged everything for Sandra. It goes to show you the women in my family know how to choose wimpy husbands because Sandra’s husband of almost four years is good looking a good provider but even I can see he is worthless when it comes to sex. I’d love for Sandra to write her adventures as well but do not know if she ever will.
Oh yes one more thing mom found a very old diary in her addict. It was written by our first ancestors when she came to the U.S.A. south during the slave days. She had been given to the man who would marry her by her dad to pay his dept. The guy was a plantation owner in the 1800s before the civil war. So our ancestor from Ireland had married a plantation slave owner. It sure is an interesting diary but upsetting and sad parts in it as well as happy parts. Anyway I’ll continue with my own adventures. For those who made all the comments I guess you all didn’t disapprove as much as you said because it sounds like you all read my adventures before you commented on them. So you guys can’t pretend to be as upset as you make out to be.
I had left off in Part 14 with my husband’s brothers Tony, Ted, Jason and Mark as well as his sisters’ husbands, George, Jeff and Greg coming over to help me arrange Paul’s surprise birthday party and I easily persuaded them to fuck me. Don’t forget; only Paul and his sisters Sara, Tina and Margret have the same father and he died in an auto accident before his mother remarried and went on to have his four brothers Tony, Ted, Jason and Mark. I would have had Paul’s father over the day Tony, Ted, Jason, Mark, George, Jeff and George but he was out with Paul’s mother that day. Oh yes we did get around planning Paul’s surprise birthday party. I also had a surprise to tell Paul at his party and that was I was pregnant. He was sure surprised because he was thinking one of us must have been unfertile since I hadn’t been pregnant since giving birth to Sandra. I am positive which one of us is not fertile and it’s not me.
Yes it was an entire weekend of enjoying Tony, Ted, Jason, Mark, George, Jeff and Greg fucking me over and over. Wow they were hot and aggressive the way they all fucked my pussy, ass and throat. I tried them out actually and they all had naps in-between fucking me but I didn’t stop spreading my legs, pushing my ass back and opening my throat the entire weekend. I am horny just thinking about that weekend and those who made remarks that I only enjoy black men fucking me that am not true. I just love muscular, dominate aggressive men who love to fuck. I don’t give a shit if all the men that fuck me only think of me as a cheap whore. I just have needs and needs are more important than what men think of me.
The next week was Paul’s birthday and I invited his brothers, their wives, his sisters, their husbands, his parents of course and bunch of his closest construction friends. I hadn’t had anything else planned for Paul’s birthday except trying to arrange for him to enjoy himself. Unknown to me I also got nice hot surprises. Tony, Ted, Jason, Mark, George, Jeff and Greg had all arrived together along with their wives and husbands. I had found places in the basement for them to hide. When Paul came home from the construction site I talked him into going down the basement and everyone leaped out and shouted happy birthday.
Paul hugged me and led me to the basement back door. “I’m sorry but you didn’t surprise me as much as you tried to surprise me Joan. The crew at the site told me they heard about the surprise party for me and volunteered to come over and help you with the party. Wasn’t that nice of the guys?” Paul said stepping back after he opened the door. “That means I get to spend more time with my brothers and their wives as well as my sisters and their husbands tonight. Thank you everyone for throwing this wonderful birthday party for me. Everyone have a seat and I’ll start the party off as the bartender since I know what my brothers, your wives, sisters and your husbands all like to drink.”
“You may know what we like to drink Paul but I don’t you know as much about us as you think you know.” Paul’s brother Jack said. “You brought all those volunteers over to help your dear wife with the party and I guess you never thought we’d all pitch in and help Joan as well. It looks like you just have to stay down here all weekend and enjoy the party. Yes we decided it should be an entire weekend party for your birthday brother.”
“There is only one problem Paul.” Greg yelled. “What the hell’s the matter with your air conditioner? It’s like an oven in here.”
“That’s right brother.” Tony called out; it is like an oven in here. I need a drink and my birthday brother knows exactly what my favorite drink is. Why do you have to have it so hot down here Paul?”
“Don’t tell me the air-conditioners broke again Joan.” Paul said looking at me.
“I’m afraid so Paul.” I answered knowing full well I had done it on purpose hoping to get Paul’s brothers and brother-in-laws all hot and bothered to come upstairs to throw a good fuck in me when Paul was occupied at the party hopefully by his sisters and sister-in-laws. Not the way some of the readers may be thinking. Paul’s sisters and sisters-in-laws were as dorsal as Paul was. They were all wearing dresses that went past their knees with neck lines that were up to their necks. None of them had any kind of cleavage and even if they did they were all, practically flat chested compared to me and my 45 DD breasts that were barely covered. “If the guys get too hard they can undo a couple of their buttons of their shirts around their necks.”
I was surprised when Paul undid two of his top buttons of his shirt revealing part of his smooth muscular chest. One thing about Paul he has one fantastic body but his cock is no more than four inches long when it was rock hard and he didn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. I had been loyal to him for thirty five years until just over a mouth previously when Vincent and his muscular white teenage friends had changed that in one night in my upstairs washroom.
I couldn’t believe what was happening. Not only was the room full my hot looking brother-in-laws and his brother-in-laws, two of the black young apprentice construction workers Paul had been instructing downstairs the previous week waked in. “Hello Mrs. Johnson we’re sorry to have spoiled your husband’s surprise birthday party but when we found out the two of us wanted to help you out so you wouldn’t have to work all during your husband’s party. My name is James and this is my friend Frank. The rest of the crew are on a site today so they couldn’t join us. That’s the reason we brought our entire college basketball team players to help. Do you remember the two of us?” James asked.
I didn’t want to let on to Paul I did meet both James and Frank a few nights earlier a lot more personal than Paul would ever have guessed. I’d gotten fucked so many times that night though it took me a couple of seconds to remember who James and Frank were. I walked over to James when he held his large hand out to me. “I remember you both. You’re two of the apprentice construction workers that were over the other night. But please call me Joan, Mrs. Johnson sounds so formal.”
James and Frank had both began to undo the front of his white shirt to his waste. “Thanks for the idea of allowing us to undo our shirts boss, but I’m taking mine off. You don’t mind, do you Joan.”
“Go right ahead James and you also Frank. It doesn’t bother me.” I answered.
“Thanks Joan, I didn’t see you very long because we were busy with your husband going over the new blue prints and working out in your basement gym. Frank and I think we have a great boss, so when we heard it was his birthday and you were throwing a birthday party for him, we wanted to pitch in and help. We didn’t get to spend much time with you after we met.” James said smiling and winked tugging his shirt out of his dress pants and taking it off. “Would you like some of us to help you upstairs Joan?”
Paul was standing behind the bar pouring a drink while James introduced himself and Frank to me. “It’s nice of your apprentices James and Frank to offer to come to your birthday party along with their basketball teammates to help me out Paul.” I said. “I actually need them upstairs to help me with some things in the kitchen. You don’t mind if I put these young men to work upstairs. Do you Paul?” I asked. “By the way boys my name is Joan so there is no need to call me Mrs. Johnson.” I felt my pussy begin getting wet looking around the room at the black, muscular, teenager basketball team players, who were either in the middle of taking off their shirts or already had taken them off. All I could at the think of for that moment was James and Frank as well as the entire basketball team fucking me upstairs while Paul was down in the basement enjoying his party.
“Of course I don’t mind. You go upstairs Frank and James along with the rest of your team mates and help my wife out with whatever she needs. I just hope my wife doesn’t work you boys too hard.” Paul said and smiled. “Oh yes Joan these men are here to help you not the other way around so you make sure they handle the hard jobs. I remember from the other night they slaked off a lot and I don’t believe any of the guys had to go to the washroom as much as they said they did. I think they were probably upstairs goofing off, probably watching some TV instead of staying the entire evening paying attention to my instructions. You have those two as well as their basketball team mates work up a good sweat helping you out Joan. It won’t hurt any of them to get some real hard work down for a change.”
“I’m sure since they both aren’t forced to help me out and volunteered to help me out they won’t be goofing off Paul. Come on boys let’s get going.” I said looking down and looking at the huge bulge in both James’s and Franks tight blue dress pants. I felt like dropping to my hands and knees in front of Frank and ripping his tight pants off him and wrapping my lips around his cock. By the looks of the big bulge in his dress pants he had nothing to complain about. I moved until I was standing directly in between Frank and James with each of them pressed close to me. “I’ll be upstairs with your kind young men Paul.” I felt the back of my dress being pushed up at the back and felt James large hand on one side of me and Frank’s large hand on the other side of me rubbing each of my bare ass cheeks. I volunteer by spreading my legs to give James and Frank’s large hands easier access to my wet pussy. I looked to my left at Frank who smiled at me and I felt his hand pushed between my legs and a couple of his large fingers push into my pussy. Then I looked on the other side of me at James and felt his hand doing its best to spread my ass cheeks and pushed a couple of his large fingers in my ass hole. I felt like I was about to have the biggest orgasm ever standing directly in front of my husband being finger fucked by two of the most muscular young men in the room. I started to grind my ass back allowing James and Frank to push their fingers further in my pussy and ass hole.
Then I heard Paul answering that snapped me back to reality. “That’s fine with me, I’m glad James can help you Joan.” Paul answered.”
I pushed back and James removed his finger from my asshole the same time Frank removed his fingers out of my wet pussy and hard clit. I pushed my dress down at the back and stepped back. “Speaking of getting some hard work down, we better get going guys. I’m going to need all your basketball buddies as well guys. I’m willing to get on my hands and knees and even swallow some hard things if it will make you muscular young men work up a good head of lather. Let’s get going guys.” I wanted to see how far I could push my good luck having not just Paul’s brothers, brothers-in-laws but also Frank, James and their entire basketball team to keep me going the entire weekend.
“Let’s get going. I’d love to shove it up that hot ass of yours.” James whispered in my ear taking a hold of my hand and pressing it against the front of his dress pants. “This is for you.” “Have a good feel slut.” “Fuck that is one hot ass. Can you feel my cock pressing against your ass?”
Frank leaned over and whispered in my other ear taking a hold of my other hand and pressing it against the front of his dress pants. “I can’t wait to ram that in your hot ass.”
“Well let’s not stand around Frank, James gather up your friends and let’s get a move on it.” I said trying my best not to moan with lust.
“No problem slut. I’ll shove it up your ass alright.” James groaned. “How many guys fucked you today?”
“Never mind James, just ram your cock in my ass.” I moaned. “Then lead me upstairs you can really fuck me hard.”
“No problem slut.” James whispered in my ear and I felt his cock pop through my ass. I looked over the same time was pouring his brother Jack a beer. Jack turned around and held up his beer as if to salute me. I knew Jack knew what James was doing behind me and he was lifting his glass of beer as if saluting James for pushing cock inside me right in front of my stupid husband.
“Hay boss I hope you don’t mind but I’m going upstairs with your lovely wife to help her clean up.” James, halliard from behind me. Then I felt him squeeze me around my waist and shove his huge cock even further into my hungry ass.
“Go toward the stairs slut. I love pushing my cock in your hot ass while your husband is standing there watching us thinking you’re such a sweet, honest, loyal wife. Meanwhile you’re nothing but a fucking slut. Aren’t, you bitch?” James asked.
I had to admit it was hot walking slowly toward the staircase leading to the first floor with James’s huge cock thrust all the way up my ass. I looked over to the bar where Paul was. He had turned his head and was talking to Tony. James withdrew his huge cock from my ass and my skirt fell down at the back and I walked upstairs. I didn’t look behind me so didn’t know if James had pushed his hard cock back inside his dress pants. When James and I got upstairs I led him into the living room, undid the top of my dress and let my dress fall to the floor standing in front of James totally nude. “Now that’s what I call one fine body. Your husband is a fool ever to trust you the way he does. But I could give a shit what he does. I just to fuck you bitch.” James said and whistled pulling off his T-shirt and undoing his dress pants. I dropped to my knees as soon as he hand pushed his dress pants down and his huge cock popped out. I had been so eager to get on my knees and worship James huge cock I didn’t look around the room. Now on my knees pulling James’ dress pants down to his feet I looked around and saw the room full of all his buddies. They were all nude looking down at me, some stroking their thick black cocks and others cradling their big cum filled balls. I leaned forward and licked James huge cock head at the same time moving from my knees until I was on my hands and knees.
“Oh yes bitch, I’ve waited all day for you to suck my cock. I told my teammates about you. You can see how turned on they are. I bet you want them all to fuck you good and hard like the fucking slut you are.” James moaned.
I sure hadn’t expected this kind of surprise when I had organized Paul’s birthday party with his brothers. I had organized for Paul’s brothers to fuck me good and hard with the pretence of planning Paul’s surprise birthday but sure hadn’t expected two of Paul’s black, muscular, teenage apprentice construction workers planning a good gang bang for me.
I felt as James grabbed the back of my head pulling me toward his huge cock. Not that I needed him to pull me toward his huge cock. I opened my mouth without him saying a word and took his huge, purple colored, mushroom shaped cock head in my mouth. From behind me I felt hands take a good hold of hips and I pushed my ass in there air like one would see a female bitch in heat. I felt the huge cock head pressed against my puffy pussy lips and then his cock was inside my hungry puss. “Ram that cock in the bitch’s pussy Leo. She’s pushing that ass in the air for you to fuck. So don’t disappoint her.”
“No problem James. I’ll be fucking that hot snatch alright.” Leo said from behind me. I felt his cock enter my pussy slowly pressing against my hard clit then he held my hips tighter in his huge hand and slammed his entire cock in my hungry puss. “Fuck that’s hot.”
“Fuck this is hot. I never thought I’d see anything like this before.” One of the tall, muscular black teenagers moaned looking down at me. “I can’t wait to get my cock in one of your hot holes bitch.”
I had forgotten all about Paul and his birthday party down stairs as I pressed my hands into the rug and pushed my ass higher and higher in the air. I could feel Leo’s big hands holding my hips tighter as he rammed his entire cock inside me and then pulling it out of me again until only his cock head remained in my ass. At the same time James had pulled his cock out until only his huge cock head was in my mouth. Then I felt as Leo rammed his entire cock inside me again pushing me forward at the same time causing me to swallow James’s cock all the way down my throat. Swallowing James cock wasn’t a problem what so ever I had grown use to swallowing huge cocks with in the last month. It was over a month since Vincent and the rest of his muscular white buddies had first taken me in my upstairs washroom for the first time. I knew James and all his muscular black teenage friends only saw me as a hot slut to fuck. There was no question in my mind they wanted to please me by fucking me. The only thing these black studs wanted was to get their rocks off. But wasn’t I doing the same thing only wanted to be controlled and fucked by nice big muscular men over and over again.
The only thing I could think about or wanted was all those hot muscular black teenagers to ram their cocks in my pussy, ass and down my throat. I wanted to yell as loud as I could. “Fuck me men, fuck me hard. I need all you men to fuck me hard.” Of course I couldn’t say a word because James’ lovely thick cock was being rammed down my throat.
“Fuck you’re a great fuck slut. I never had a women take my cock down her throat before in my life. I love watching your neck expand and take on the shape of my ten inch thick cock. Fuck your throat is damn good. You’re so fucking hot, too hot because I’m ready to shoot my load already.
“You’re not the only one ready to shoot your load.” I heard behind me feeling Leo holding my hips and plowing his huge cock in my pussy again. “Shit I’m ready to shoot my load.” He moaned.
It seemed all too soon James was practically squeezing my head with his huge cock down my throat and behind me Leo was gripping my hips with his huge cock rammed all the way in my pussy. I knew from experience they were both ready to pop their big loads in me the same time. I pushed my ass back as much as I could while pushing my head forward. Then James held my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth. Just as James had finished pulling his cock out with my mouth still wide open and my tongue out he shot another big load in my mouth. I closed my mouth and tied to keep James’ delicious cum swirled in my mouth to enjoy his tasty salty load and swallowed it.
I looked around the room at all the hot, nude black teenage muscular men and their huge cocks. “Don’t stand around with those huge cocks in your hands get over here. I need another cock down my throat and rammed up my pussy or ass. Hurry up studs I need cock real bad.” I moaned.
“You heard the bitch Steve, get over and ram your cock down her throat and Van your always bragging how no woman can take your huge cock in her ass. Well get over there and fuck the slut.” James said letting me lick the rest of his cum dripping cock head.
Thank goodness I didn’t have to wait long before Van walked over. “Do you think you can handle my eleven and half thick inch cock in your ass bitch?”
“Wow, you bet I can and I need it in my ass in the worse way.” I answered pushing my ass in the air. “Get behind me and ram that beautiful eleven and a half thick cock in my hungry asshole.”
I looked up and saw Steve walking beside Van. “How would you like my eleven and a half thick inch cock rammed down your throat the same time Van is fucking your hot ass bitch?” Steve asked and rubbed his huge cock head across my lips.
Van turned and walked behind me slapped my ass hard and I felt him spread my ass cheeks. “Are you ready to get this rammed in that hot ass bitch?”
“You bet I am.” I answered. “I’m ready to swallow Steve’s nice thick cock too.” I pushed my ass back and wiggled it to show Van just how much I wanted him to ram his big cock in my hungry ass. “Fuck me Van. I need you to fuck me hard.”
I didn’t have to wait very long to feel Van holding my ass cheeks open and ramming his entire cock in my ass. I opened my mouth and Steve wasted no time shoving his huge cock head in my mouth. Once more I was being rammed full of huge cocks. I didn’t give a fuck what was going on downstairs at Paul’s birthday party. I was sure he and his sisters and sister in laws were having a boring time talking mostly business probably.
“Dam your right James she is a good fuck.” Van groaned from behind me. “I love fucking this hot ass.”
“You’ll have to try her throat sometime.” Steve said holding my head between his big hands and pulling his big cock out until only his huge cock head was still in my mouth. I barely had time to take a deep breath through my nose and let it out before he rammed his entire eleven and a half, thick cock down my throat again. “Dam I love the way her throat expands when I shove my cock down her throat.”
“Hurry the fuck up guys we want our turn too. Maybe one of us should grab some beer from the kitchen fridge and take it downstairs before someone gets suspicious were not doing anything up here.” Frank said. “I’ll head down with a case and be back soon. I don’t want to miss any of the action. It’s almost as much fun to watch the fucking slut perform as much as actually fucking her.”
I could see Frank pulling his dress pants up and walk out of the room. He didn’t bother to put his white shirt back on. “I’ll be back soon and tell you what’s going on downstairs.”
“Take my cock you fucking bitch dog in heat. I love fucking that hot ass hole of yours slut.” Van moaned and then I felt his open hand slapping first one of my ass cheeks and then the other ass cheek. “Dam I could fuck you all day but I know there’s a long line of studs that want to fuck your incredible ass and pussy.
“Shit I’m ready to shoot my load down the sluts’ throat. I wonder how many loads she’s swallowed already today.” Steve moaned holding my head between his two large hands. I could feel his cock vibrate in my throat and knew his big balls were pumping out a big load. He pulled his cock out of my mouth. I didn’t close my mouth hoping he would shoot another load all over my tongue. I wasn’t disappointed either. He shot a hot tasty salty load all over my tongue before stepping back. “Don’t keep the slut waiting guys. Get over here and ram your cock in her mouth and down her throat.” Steve said. I need to sit down and rest after shooting my big load. I don’t know how you do it Joan. You never seem to tire of men fucking you.”
“I guess that’s because I love all you nice muscular hot men fucking me so much and you all have such huge cocks to look forward to fucking me.” I groaned. “Steve’s right one of you studs get over here. I need your big huge cocks in my mouth and down my throat.”
“No problem.” I heard one of the muscular basketball players saying as he walked over to me with his big hard cock in his hand and his cum filled balls swinging between his muscular legs.
“Hay is one of the slut’s holes available?” I heard Greg call as he walked in the living room. “I need some hot pussy.”
“No problem Greg, I’m shooting my, cum filled balls in her hot ass right now. Since you’re her husband’s brother-in-law you can bud in next. I can tell you she’s hot for another hard fuck especially her pussy since I fucked her ass. Get over here stud.” Van said pulling his hard cock out of my ass and stepping back.
Greg didn’t take long going behind me and spreading my pussy lips with his huge cock and pushing inside me. “I hope you don’t mind a nice white cock for a change slut.” He said.
“Your huge cock is always welcomed Greg especially with those big muscular legs to ram it in my hungry pussy. Ram that big cock in me hard.” I moaned. “I am just waiting for the stud beside you to push his big cock in my mouth.”
“Don’t worry slut I’m ready to push my hard cock in your mouth.” The six-four black man holding his thick long cock in his hand said walking up and pushing his large cock head in my mouth. “Oh yes that feels good around my cock. Get ready because I’m really horny and ready to really give your throat a good fucking. Mine isn’t as big as Steve but I hope you won’t complain about my ten inch cock.” By the way my name is Randy and I’m the team captain.” Randy said twisting my shoulder length hair in his large hand and ramming his entire cock down my throat.
“Fuck your pussy’s hot.” Greg moaned pushing his entire cock in my pussy pressing against my hard clit causing me to spurt.
I wanted to yell out my approval but could only manage to moan around Randy’s huge cock, feeling my spit run out the corners of my mouth. I did manage to wrap my arms half way around Randy trying to pull him closer to me so he would ram as much of his huge cock down my throat he could manage. I felt his huge balls slapping my bottom lip then he began pulling his huge cock out of my throat until only his huge cock head remained in my mouth. From behind me Greg hadn’t missed a stroke as he rammed his huge cock in and out of my wet pussy.
“Fuck I can’t believe your so fucking tight after all the cock you have in you slut. Dam you took every one of Paul’s brothers as well as me and your other two sister-in-laws’ husbands. I love you being the best bitch in town. My dam wife Sara turns over and goes to sleep as soon as she gets in bed. Did I ever make a mistake not testing her out before I married her? Now I’m stuck with her because we have three sons’ and I don’t want to pay alimony. As it is she spends money like it’s going out of style. Take my cock. Oh yes I’m ready to shoot my load in that hot pussy.”
The end of Part 15 but please reread from the beginning of “From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut” starting at Part 1-15. I especially want all the guys that have made comments to go back and reread staring at the beginning. I am not forcing men to fuck me it’s their idea to fuck me and I am just providing a service to them and to me what better way than to let them fuck me as close to my husband as possible because it makes it all that more exciting for me. Also I know my grammar is not perfect but I never claimed to be the writer of the year I just enjoying writing about my adventures.


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I am the eldest in mom’s family and I am now 36 and mom was 11 when she gave birth to me. Yes lots of women in other parts of the world get married at 11 or even younger and start having children. Mom was 37 when my youngest brother was born and he is now 10 and already around 5’8” and black. There were lots of families in Quebec especially that had babies every year and there are lots of families in Africa that have 20-30 children year after year that are perfectly health. So I having 24 brothers am not unlikely in the least. I don’t live in a small town. I live in a metropolitan city. I guess one would not believe how stupid my dad was mom giving birth to only one white child and 24 black sons.

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You may not give a damn about your fat slovenly self, but do you think that it is even cool what you are doing to your husband? Is that even remotely cool what his brothers are doing? I guess that if the stories stop we can know that your husband found out and you are thankfully removed from the gene pool. Hopefully along with the bitch ass disrespectful family. I hope that they also get and give you a drug resistant STD

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