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This is part 3 of the story. You will probably want to read the other parts first.
This is part 3 of the story. You will probably want to read the other parts first.

Kevin takes Monifa on their first away business trip.

The time had finally arrived for Kevin, in his new position, to go on the first trip to represent the company. There was going to be a big convention in Las Vegas and Kevin was expected to meet with several of the company's clients and close some sales. If everything went as they hoped, he would come home with well over one million dollars in new orders for the company. Mr. Wilson, his boss told him to do whatever it took to get that business. Kevin was excited about the business challenge but he was also excited that he was going to be able to take Monifa, his new and very attractive nineteen-year-old black secretary with him for the three nights that they would be in Vegas. Mr. Wilson gave Kevin a company credit card and instructions to use it as needed but not to get carried away and he told him that he had made reservations for him and Monifa at the hotel where the convention was going to be. He smiled as he made it clear that the room had only one bed. Kevin, "You had better go tell Monifa about the trip. You leave one week from today."

Kevin called Monifa into his office and told her. She ran to him and gave him a kiss. "I can think of one problem. You are only nineteen so there will be a lot of things that you will not be able to do in Vegas." Monifa smiled and showed him a very realistic fake ID that showed that she was twenty two. Kevin smiled, "Well, I guess that takes care of that little problem." Kevin also thought about his wife, Nancy and he decided that he was not going to mention that Monifa was going with him. She would beg to go but he had to come up with a good reason why she could not go.

They were in coach but the flight was not really full so no one was sitting with them. The flight was cold so Monifa asked for a blanket and the stewardess brought her one. At least that was why she said that she wanted the blanket. Monifa lay her head on Kevin's shoulder and put the blanket over both of their laps and in minutes she had snaked his prick out and was stroking it. She would stop whenever someone passed so they did not see the blanket moving. She was a little late one time and a guy saw what was happening and gave them a smile as he passed. Kevin had to stop her before she brought him to a climax and messed up the blanket. He stuffed his manhood back in his pants and rushed to the toilet where he finished himself off in the sink. He left without thinking and left a puddle of cum in the sink and streaks on the mirror. Monifa had the window seat. When she got up one time to go to the toilet, she squeezed past Kevin rubbing her breasts against his face and she giggled.

When they got to the hotel, there was a line about five deep at check-in but before long they got up to the desk. They handed the clerk their reservation paper. He asked for a credit card to process if they made any charges to the room. Kevin gave him the company card. The clerk ran the card thru a machine and then stopped and asked Kevin to please wait. He went and got his supervisor who looked at the card and at the screen. He asked Kevin to step to another line. Kevin was afraid that there was a problem with the card.

When they got to the other line they noticed that the sign above it said VIP check-in. With a big smile the manager said how pleased they were that he would be staying at their hotel and said that he wished to give them a free room upgrade. He also said that they would like to send the first night’s dinner up to the room. He suggested that the restaurant offered a very good Maine lobster and prime rib and asked if they would enjoy that. Kevin smiled and said sure. Next he was given two VIP tickets to the night's prime show and lastly the manager said that they would like to start his stay off with some chips, no charge of course, and he handed Kevin a stack of twenty, hundred dollar chips that could only be used at that hotel. Kevin was in shock. The manager then said that they needed to see Monifa's I.D. to see if she was of legal age to drink and gamble and go to the show which included nudity. She showed her fake I.D. and it was accepted with no trouble. The manager entered a notation in his computer.

When Kevin turned to pick up the bags, they were already on their way to the elevator. That elevator did not stop at any of the first ten floors. It finally stopped and they were shown their room. One of the double doors was opened for them and they walked in and stopped in shock. The living room was huge with at least ten foot ceilings. One end had two big leather couches, a wet bar and a flat screen TV that must have been 60 inches or more. The other end had a fancy dining room set that seated six. There was art on the walls and three slot machines. They were hundred dollar machines. The bellboy pushed a remote control and the far wall curtains opened and there was a solid glass wall leading out to a large balcony overlooking the strip. They stepped out to see the view. Monifa was holding his hand. Kevin noticed that there were walls at either end of the terrace which gave the balcony total privacy.

Next they were shown the bedroom which was just as fancy with a bed that was bigger than king sized and a mirror on the ceiling. There were three more hundred dollar slots in the bedroom. The bathroom did not disappoint, with its spa tub and large walk-in shower big enough for four or more. There was even a slot within reach of the toilet. Kevin was not sure why they were given this treatment, but he figured it must have something to do with the credit card he used at check-in.

The bellboy then stood by the door. He told Kevin that if there was anything he wanted, "And I mean anything" that he could get it for him, "Just ask." He slightly held his hand out showing that he was expecting a tip. Kevin gave him a ten dollar bill for a tip and thanked him. It was looked at as if it were no more than a dime. After all, Kevin was thought to be a whale. (A whale is a very high roller who spends a lot of money while he is in Las Vegas.) He shrugged his shoulders and left.

Monifa was so excited that she was jumping up and down. Kevin enjoyed watching her braless boobs bounce inside her thin but tight blouse as she did. Monifa took hold of the bottom of her blouse, pulled it over her head and tossed it aside, exposing her large chocolate breasts. Her even darker nipples were hard and stood out straight in front of the young black beauty. Monifa was wearing a wraparound skirt that came half way down to her knees. The only thing that held it on was a large safety pin looking fastener at her waist. She removed the pin and the fabric dropped to the floor and she stood there, naked in front of Kevin, except for her shoes. Kevin held her tight and gave her a kiss, pressing her tits against him. She could feel his erection even thru his pants.

Kevin went over to the slot machines. He took five of the hundred dollar casino chip coins that he had been given at check-in and played three, one at a time, and did not get a winner. He had never lost so much money so fast in his life. Then he smiled and gave Monifa two of them. She looked at them for a minute, picked a machine and for the first time in her young life gambled. The first coin was a looser. She pouted. When the wheels stopped spinning from the second coin, the machine made a musical sound and five coins dropped into the tray. Monifa squealed and jumped up and down making her bare boobs bounce. She gave Kevin back the two he had given her and gleefully said, "These are mine."

About ten minutes later dinner arrived. Kevin opened the door. Monifa did not bother to either cover up or hide and the server got a very enjoyable eyeful. The meal was rolled in on plates covered with silver domes. It was set out on the table and Monifa's chair was held out for her by the attentive young server. The server asked if there would be anything else needed and told Kevin that he could either put the dirty dishes back on the cart and put it outside the door or leave them and he would come in to get them. The meal was super. The lobster tail was bigger than what you would normally get in most restaurants and the prime rib probably weighed a half pound and was medium rare just like Kevin had told them he liked. A bottle of pretty good wine came with the meal and a fancy petite cake also did, and it was all on the house. Kevin gave another ten dollar tip.

When they finished, Monifa threw her arms around Kevin's neck and kissed him long and hard. "This is fantastic. I never dreamed it could be this special. I'm so glad that I agreed to be your secretary. I can't wait to thank Mr. Wilson too, when we get home. Now get out of those clothes and fuck me till I can't take it anymore." She gave him another kiss and reached for his belt. Soon Kevin was as naked as Monifa and looking at his cock, there was no doubt that he was ready to go. Kevin tossed Monifa onto the bed but she popped right back up. "No, I want to do it out on the deck." She took his hand and led him outside.

Monifa dropped to her knees and quickly engulfed Kevin's manhood in her mouth. Kevin stood there in the warm evening air, looking out over the Vegas landscape while he was getting a blowjob from his beautiful young black secretary. After a couple minutes of cock sucking, Monifa got up. Leaned over the railing with her brown tits hanging fourteen stories in the air. Kevin got behind and reached between her legs to make sure that she was nice and wet and ready for penetration. She was dripping wet.

Kevin squatted down a little to get himself properly aligned and then he slipped his arrow into her quiver. Monifa let out a loud moan as Kevin entered her. He held her hips and started a series of long deep slow penetrations of her inner most private parts. His balls bounced against her pussy lips with each thrust and her breasts swayed out over the city below them. If anyone had binoculars and knew where to look, they would be watching as good of a show as any on the strip. Monifa's eyes were focused on the lights of the strip but her mind was focused on the pleasure that Kevin's cock was giving her, deep in her fuck hole.

She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit as Kevin stroked into her throbbing cunt. It wasn't long before Monifa started a mind blowing orgasm. Her eyes lost visual focus and she almost collapsed. She knew that if the railing had been lower, she might have gone over and fallen to her death. Being out in the open like that made it all the more thrilling.

Kevin held her hips and kept pounding his strong prick deep into Monifa's tight twat with long hard strokes. He picked up speed and force. He could feel her vaginal muscles tighten and release as she orgasmed. Finally he could not hold off any longer and his cream blasted into Monifa's cunt. She joined him in a final spasm as he held still, deep in her and filled her with his seed.

"Time for a shower and then some sleep. We have real work to do tomorrow. I guess I should have said today. It's 2 o'clock." Kevin took Monifa by the hand and they entered the shower. The shower in the suite could have held probably six people and Kevin though about the fun that could be. He pictured three couples sharing it and then he thought about it being just him and five beautiful women.

He was brought back to reality when he felt Monifa's lips slide down over his cock. She had been stroking it with her hand when she felt it come back to life. She knew that she could coax one more eruption out of it before calling it a night. She worked him over for several minutes, taking it deep in her mouth, licking her tongue around the head and massaging his balls with her hand before she finally got the midnight snack she was craving.

One final rinse of their bodies and the settled into bed for a few hours sleep. Monifa cuddled up to Kevin. He enjoyed the feel of her tits pressed against his back. He drifted off to sleep not thinking about his job but about all the fucking he was going to give his secretary for the rest of the trip.


When the cat's away the mice will play.

Kevin had been gone for one day when Nancy got a call from Mr. Wilson. "Hi Nancy, we know it must be lonely with Kevin gone so Maria and I want you to come over to our house this evening." Nancy replied, "Oh, Hello Mr. Wilson. I don't know." Nancy knew what was in store for her if she accepted the invitation. "Remember, you're supposed to call me Don. I won't take no for an answer. I'll text you our address. Be here at eight. It will be fun." Nancy felt her pussy tingle as she thought about it. "OK, I'll be there."

The more Nancy thought about the upcoming night, the sexier she felt. She rubbed herself to completion while she took a hot bath. She did her hair and went to the closet to pick out some clothes. After thinking about it she decided to be bold and just wear her long coat with nothing on under it.

As she drove, she let the bottom of her coat slide open, exposing her naked pussy to the warm night air. Her hand drifted down between her legs to her freshly shaved pussy and she slid a finger as deep in her box as she could with that angle. She was passed on the road by a jacked up pick-up truck. She saw the guy in the passenger's seat look down at her. A naughty thought went thru her head and she unbuttoned the two buttons that held her coat closed. The coat parted, exposing her tits and her entire front while she kept her legs open and kept fingering her pussy. The driver matched her speed and stayed next to her. The passenger motioned for her to pull over but she stepped on the gas and pulled away from them.

Nancy drove up to the gated driveway and rang the buzzer. "Who is it?" the speaker box said. Nancy spoke back into the box that it was her and the gate opened. She drove up the long circular driveway and parked by the ten foot tall front door, buttoned her coat and walked to the door and rang the bell.

The door opened and Don Wilson stood there. He had on a robe but it was open. Nancy looked at his hairy chest and his cock standing at attention between his legs. She smiled as she stepped inside. "Come in Dear. We're so happy you decided to come. Let me take your coat." Nancy unbuttoned her coat and let it slide off her shoulders, exposing her beautiful sexy body to her husband's boss. "How very nice. I'm happy that you are looking forward to the same kind of evening as we are."

Don turned and Nancy followed him across the massive living room with its twenty foot high ceilings to the glass wall at the back. As they walked, she could see that the house sat above the city and the lights of the city were coming on as the sun set. Then she spotted the large hot tub. Maria was in the tub and on either side of her sat a young naked man with a hand on one of her large breasts.

As Nancy and Don walked out on to the patio, the three others got out of the tub. Both of the young men were well taller than Maria although one was taller that the other. They walked up to her. Maria gave Nancy a long deep kiss that Nancy reluctantly returned. "I want you to meet our sons." She looked at the shorter one. He was a little heavy and had the deep olive tan that matched his mother's Hispanic skin color. He was sporting a nice six inch erection. "This is Nick." Nick leaned into Nancy and kissed her as he fondled her breasts. She could feel his cock pressing against her stomach. "Nice to meet you, Nancy."

Maria looked at her other son. He was about six inches taller than Nick and had much lighter skin but what Nancy noticed was his manhood. It was limp and hanging between his legs but it was as long and as thick as his brother's was hard-on. "This big boy is Jason." As Jason kissed her, Nancy reached down and took hold of his pole and was happy to feel it start to respond. "Everybody back in the spa", Maria said.

Don and Maria sat on one side. Don had his arm around Maria's shoulders as he held one of her large but saggy tits. Nick and Jason sat on either side of Nancy and quickly they each took one of her nipples in their mouth. Nancy moaned from the pleasant feeling. She reached under the bubbling water and took a cock in each hand. She was pleased to feel that they were both fully hard. She stroked them as they nursed on her breasts.

Soon Nancy was told to sit up on the edge of the spa. When she did, Nick got between her legs and pressed his mouth to her mound. His tongue snaked between her labia and when it touched her clit she jumped from the electric shock feeling. He started lapping at her pussy, from her clit to her fuck hole and back again. Jason got up and placed his man meat in front of Nancy's face. She marveled at how wonderfully huge and hard it was.

She leaned forward and took him in her mouth. She had to stretch her lips to get around it but she took half of it in and worked at getting more of it. As Nancy bobbed up and down on Jason's manhood, he started flexing his hips and mouth fucking her. Soon she had most of it in and it was touching the top of her throat. She had to concentrate to keep from gagging.

Nick kept working her over with his tongue and soon she felt an orgasm building. She knew that it was going to be a big one. When she came, she pulled Nick tightly to her and squeezed his head with her legs. She tried to scream out with her pleasure. This allowed Jason to give a strong push and shove his large cock head into her throat.

Don and Maria smiled as they watched the bulge that Jason's cock head made in Nancy's throat move up and down with his thrusts. Nancy had to concentrate on breathing each time Jason was far enough out to allow her to. Soon, Jason held her head tightly to him with his balls against her chin and he shot blast after blast of cum straight down her throat and into Nancy's stomach. She felt his shaft swell and throb with each ejaculation. He pulled out and Nick stopped his oral attention. Nancy almost collapsed as she tried to catch her breath and come down from her sexual high.

Nick moved up and quickly slid his rock hard erection into her tight fuck tunnel. Nancy wanted it so bad that she almost came again just from the feeling of it entering her. He started plunging in and out of her. Don got out of the spa and walked around to where he could bring his pecker to Nancy's mouth for the pleasure that he wanted. In the meantime, Jason walked to the other side. Maria had gotten out and was laying on a pad beside the spa. Jason joined her in the sixty nine position. He started eating out his mother while she tried to suck his cock back to life.

Back on the other side, things had changed again. Nick was now lying on his back on the deck and Nancy was on top, riding him like a cowgirl. Don was standing in front with his hands on Nancy's head, enjoying a good cock sucking. Her cheeks pulled in as she kept her lips tightly around Don's shaft and sucked hard while Don pushed his prick in and out of her welcoming mouth as she bounced up and down on Nick to get his erection as deep in her cunt as she could. Don was the first to come and at the last second he pulled out and sprayed his thick cum all over her face. Then he put his prick back in her mouth to have the last little bit sucked out.

Nancy's ass did not miss a beat as she used her cunt to stroke Nick's cock. Nancy came next. She increased her speed and squeezed her pussy as tight as she could around Nick, causing him to blow his load deep in her. She collapsed and lay next to Nick.

When Nancy opened her eyes, Maria was bending down next to her face. Maria proceeded to lick her husband's cum off of Nancy's face and kiss her deeply, sharing the mouthful of cum back and forth. Nancy felt someone climbing between her legs. She looked down and saw Jason with his huge penis approaching her pussy. Nancy felt an anticipatory thrill in her cunt and then she felt herself being stretched wide as Jason's forced himself into her already well used cunt. She had never felt so full or so sexy.

Nancy thought that it felt like he was pushing all the way into her stomach. Each time he thrust he hit bottom causing both pleasure and pain. She had never been stretched so wide or plugged so deep and Jason showed her no mercy. He fucked Nancy hard and fast and as deep as he could. "Damn, Bitch, you're so nice and tight. I may have already come three times tonight but you are going to make me come again."

Jason's hard fucking was driving Nancy wild. She was thrashing around and moaning so loud that if there had been neighbors close by, they would have heard what was happening. Nancy had her eyes closed but she felt someone touch her shoulder. She opened her eyes and saw that it was Maria who had put her knees on either side of Nancy's head and was now squatting down, bringing her cum filled pussy to Nancy's face. Nancy was so far gone in sexual pleasure that she quickly opened her mouth and placed it over Maria's dripping slash as it came down to her face.

Nancy licked and sucked while Maria rubbed her cunt back and forth on Nancy's face. She got another big mouthful of cum. She wondered if it had come from one, two or all three of Maria's men. While this was happening, Jason was fondling his mother's tits and deep tongue kissing her. Jason's hard fucking with his huge member brought Nancy to another strong orgasm and she screamed into Maria's cunt while she came. She bounced her hips up and down, fucking Jason back as hard as she could. Jason couldn't hold off any longer and he filled her sperm receptacle to overflowing.

Everyone was exhausted and they sat around and talked and drank for the next half hour. Don said, "It is almost 2 o'clock. There is no need for you to go home. Why don't you spend the night? As a matter of fact, you should spend tomorrow with us." Nancy just nodded her head. "You and I will spend the night in the guest room. The boys like it when I take company in there because then they both get to spend the night in bed with their mother." Don led Nancy to the guest room.

They were both tired from all that had just happened so very soon after they got in bed they were both asleep. Twice during the rest of the night Don woke up and each time he did, he climbed between Nancy's legs and fucked himself to an orgasm without any thought to her pleasure, but she enjoyed it anyway.

The sun was just coming in the window when Don woke. His movements also woke Nancy. Don smiled at her, "I'll go put on a pot of coffee." Still naked, Don headed for the kitchen. He hadn't been gone a minute when Jason walked in with his male member standing straight out and climbed into the bed next to Nancy. "Good morning. I was waiting for him to leave so I could come in and be with you again." ..................



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