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There was this 25 year old male, jogging through the park one day, when he runs by this old man sobbing uncontrollably. The

jogger decides he'd better stop and see if he could be of some help.
"What's the matter old man... why are you crying?"
The old man replies, "Just this morning, I woke up to my beautiful 25 year old wife riding me like she was in the Kentucky

Derby.... Boo hooo hooo" the old man continued to cry.
The jogger asked, "Ok, and why are you crying?"
"Well, later that afternoon, my wife invited over her best friend, who's centerfold material, and they both stripped off all their

clothes strutting around in their high heels, and then proceeded to give me the best three way a guy could ever dream of...

Boo HOO HOO" the old man cried even louder.
"OK, Sooooo, WHY are you crying???" the jogger was baffled.
"Well, then, for dinner my wife and I had a romantic meal and then she took me into the bedroom and proceeded to give me

the best blow job I've EVER had... she made me pass out... BOO HOO HOO!!!" the old man was in hysterics.
The jogger couldn't contain himself, "OH, C'MON OLD MAN, tell me, WHY are you still crying???"
The old man sucked back his tears and said, "I can't remember where I live."

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2012-10-21 01:31:30
The ol bugger got laid and fucked hisself silly

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2012-09-12 00:56:38
I would be crying too.

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2012-08-09 17:07:40
Alison!!! Can I just say how GLAD I am that you decided to do this as a job???? I alwyas knew that so many people could be blessed by your talents. What precious memories you have preserved for this couple. Amazing moments captured by you! Way to go!

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2012-01-15 13:40:05
Stupid old man with old balls..

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2012-01-14 05:28:59
Thats so sad!! He shouldn't have to forget where he lives! Makes me cry!!! :.(

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