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Jared Luzzatto, a 28-year-old gym employee is looking to get out of his shitty, rundown apartment. One day while looking for a new place he reunites with former highschool chemistry teacher, now Realtor he had the hots for. And their Reunion was one to remember!
"You can tell me Jay, I've known you for years.You know I'm not the
gossip type".
"I know George,and I love you for that, but I'm not!",laughing.
"For the last and final time".
"Okay,if you say so.But if you need one, I got two other girls,
who are looking for that one. I wouldn't mine you as a son-in-law at all,
your like the son I wish I had".
"You gotta stop putting Nick down, he's young, he'll find himself".
"You call thirty-four young,nonetheless still living off your mother?".
Aye-yi yi he murmurs to himself.Jared chuckles.
"It's a Greek thing I guess".George his 84-year-old neighbour, laughs sarcastically.
"Your a wise guy, those are the Italians.And I was out my mother's house at sixteen years young,
working,school and everything".
"So that's why your living in this shit hole building with me now,right?".George now
shaking his finger slightly fuddled.
"Let's blame that one on the system,and a nagging,child pampering wife".
"I smell jealousy much".
"I'd never be jealous of my own son,that's absurd, but it was just Fiona and I were
not seeing eye-to-eye,financially,emotionally and even..",Jared cuts him off.
"Okay G,I know where your going with that last one", George laughs.
"Well,that's what happened with me and Paige,we just weren't on the same - "page",
I guess woud be the right word to use, in our relationship.So yeah, you've heard us
late at night too back in those days,so you need to get off my back with this nonsense".

Now both of them have just gotten off the elevator,floor 15,walking and conversating down the
hallway to their apartments.

"Yeah,I remember Barry White.But that was then,I'm talking about now",he continues.
"Well who's your leading lady,Romeo?",Jared replies.Giving him a suspicious look,then jokingly.
"Cause I hate to burst your bubble G, but I don't swing that way".

Now at their doors.
"Haha,neither do I".Jared now turned around at the door,with key in lock,self whispers,thank God.
"Aight G,I'll see you round man".
"Alright".As soon as Jared is about to enter his home.
"The parade is next weekend,y'know."
"I'm NOT GAY!!",Jared exclaims,and finally slams the door.George chuckling in distance.

Now at home in the small,quiet,four-walls of apartment 1512,Jared throws himself on his couch,
and turns on the TV.An old episode of Dallas is on.Flipping threw the channels,he settles before
getting up to fix himself a meal.
"Spaghetti or Mac",he murmurs to himself,deciding on what to make.
"Looks like it's you KD",talking to the box of Kraft Dinner Maccaroni and Cheese.Having had a long day
of several interviews for his desired position as a paralegal assistant,Jared decides to make himself
something fast and quick,as he has work at 6 'o' clock in the morning.Fifteen minutes in the kitchen,
and dinner is ready. It is 9:17 pm in Syracuse.
Jared now finishing off his meal, heads out to his balcony for a short,late night smoke,overlooking
the Onondaga County view.Cars are driving by,the trees are gently blowing in the night breeze and
the city lights are alive and well, in the city that never sleeps.One last puff and exhale on his
Malboro cigarette, before tossing,a ten minute shower,then he hits the sack.

Its Tuesday morning and Jared is now at work,at the local gym.
"Morning Boss",
"Morning Dane",he replies drinking a health shake and eating a banana.
"So still no luck,eh?",Dane asks.
"Nah Bro,I haven't even really got time to look, been busy trying to
get a paralegal position and working here ofcourse".Dane laughs.
"Haha, you make it seem like working here is a bad thing dude".Jared chuckles.
"Well not saying that, it's just you know, I'm trying to establish myself and have
a career,not just a job".
"I hear you bro",Dane continues,"but you can't be established living in that little treehouse
of yours".Jared laughs affably.
"Haha,yours isn't much better my man,looks like a gymnasium up in there,using a lazyboy as a benchpress much,huh?".
"Okay,okay you got me there dude,we even.But yea I'm definetly trying to get a new base myself,
here check out this",Dane tosses Jared the local newspaper and a New York Home Selling Magazine with
a variety of homes up for sale.
"I didn't find anything in there or classifieds that could really suit me, more importantly afford,
but you might find something".
"Thanks",Jared replies catching both the paper and mag.The main door opens.
"Excuse Me",calls out a young,blonde-haired,tanned woman in an outfit that is rather easy on the eyes.
In an excited voice,smirking.
"Yo Bro,I gotta customer to take care of,good luck",rushing to accompany the lady.
"You take care of her alright"Jared replies,as they both boyishly chuckle.Well,how may I help
you mame,we hear Dane say in the distance.Jared is now looking through classifieds & Homes.
"Mame,are you kidding me?.I don't use botox. Anyways I just wanted to know..",we hear the lady
say in the background.Jared laughs to himself and then heads on his way home. "Later Dane", he says. "Later Bro".
As he's now done his shift walking home.

Now looking through New York abodes,one of
the best home selling magazines.Going through the magazine he comes across a condominium apartment within his income,
and decideds to contact the realtors in order to purchase the place.
"Hi, Carbone & Morris".
"Hi, I'm just calling in regards to the apartment posted for $1,250/month".
"Ok, great. We already have 2 offers put down towards the place, but if anything happens and anyone of the two back out,I will give you a call back in due time".
"Okay, sounds good".
"Great. Can you just leave us your name in case we call back."
"Oh sorry, Jared, Jared Luzzatto". Then a deep pause. The lady responds.
"Jared Luzzatto? That sounds very familiar".
"Haha, well I'm just like any another New York Italian guy". Then she continues.
"Hmmm, did you attend Mount Arthur Caplan Catholic School?", she asks.
"Umm....yea, yea I did actually, how'd you know?".
"Well, when I was a teacher many years ago I remembered a very irritating, yet comedic student of mine,
everyone used to call Big J".
"Oh snaaaap, this". Jared pauses and then looks at the Realtor agency name and then it rings a bell. He continues,
"Ms.Carbone? Chemistry...?"
"Room 228", they both said in unison, and then both chuckle and laugh. Jared continues.
"Haha, wow that's crazy, when did you get into real estate?"
"Well,I left teaching in 2006, about a year or two after you graduated highschool and got into real estate with my husband".
"Oh okay, sweet. So I'm guessing that's Mr.Morris."
"Yep.." she said rather unenthusiastically.
"Cool cool".
"Well, nice reuniting with you in such a random and chancely way", she went on.
"Yea, kinda crazy, well I gues I'll be looking out for that offer..", she then quickly paused and then said.
"Well, why don't you come down tommorow and check it out, if you dont happen to get it, I'll see if I can get you something similar
within your means".
"Yea for sure, sounds good".
"Great, well...looking forward to seeing you tomorrow let's say for 5:30pm?"
"Yea 5:30 is good".
"Great see you tomorrow, have a goodnight Jared".
"You too". Now thinking back to his highschool days, Jared then remembers how much he used to fancy Ms.Carbone.
She was one of the younger teachers who taught chemistry at the school, no more than about 10 or so years older than Jared.
She was definetly a looker, long dark-brown curly hair, tanned olive skin, standing about 5"5 but always wearing some type of fancy heels,
green eyes and a nice smile, all the guys were infatuated with her, including himself. Although he recalls being a class clown and slacker in her class,
he always remembered how she would laugh at his silly jokes girlishly, but trying to keep a straight face and stay professional. He recalls barely passing the class,
and how they would stare at each other everytime he went to get extra help from her with his homework. Thinking back to how he had a huge crush on her,
fantasizing and having dreams of fucking her hard up against the wall, jerking off his 17-year-old cock to her picture in his yearbook. He always thought she had a thing for him aswell,as many guys...and even some girls did back then. Being an avid track star and gym buff back in those days, standing 6"2, jetblack slicked hair and chocolate hazel-brown eyes to die for.
At the time, he was dating a well-known popular girl and bitch, Stacy O'Brien, thr typical blonde haired valley girl who looked down on others who weren't as "pretty" as she was.
Thinking back to when they would hold hands in the hallways and make out back in school how Ms. Carbone would always tell them to take it somewhere else, wondering now if it was slight
jealousy. But who knows, all that Jared knew is that he needed to get out of his crappy apartment.

It's now 5pm, and Jared just got off work from the gym, now on his was to see Julia, Ms.Carbone.
Without a car, he buses to the location and arrives on time, thankfully. He's amazed at the beautiful
condominium, with 48 floors and a rooftop pool suite, indoor gym and resteraunts and grocery stores nearby
whithin walking distance. His back turned amazed and taking in the scenery of the condo, a voice then creeps up from behind.
"Heyyyy", he said happily, giving her a big hug and both exchanging kisses from cheek-to-cheek.
Trying not to let his eyes linger, Jared couldnt help but stare at the tight-fitting dark grey pencil skirt she had on,
with matching grey blazer, light pink blouse and 4-inch louboutin heels. Letting go of the hug, he couldn't help but slide his hands
off her by slightly getting a feel of her firm behind. Staring in a deep trance at her figure, she noticed happily, blushing before he snapped
out of it. Walking towards the elevator, they began to conversate about their days at Mount Arthur and asking one another what they have been up to
in the past decade. Jared began,
"So should I call you Mrs. Morris?".She laughs.
"You could if you'd like", she said smiling from ear to ear. In awe of her beauty, now 39, two kids deep, and married now for 8 years.
He couldn't help but complement her, "I just wanna say, you look great!", he said while blushing slightly.
"Thank You, you've kept pretty in shape aswell", admiring his muscular build.
"I work at the Gym down on St. Bryman's, Break's Health & Fitness".
"Oh, okay I head down there once in a while, I never see you".
"That's unfortunate, I work everyday 9 to 5, except Sundays though".
"Oh well that explains it, I usually only go on Sunday afternoons, because that's when I have more time".
The elevator finally arrives. "Ladies first", Jared says as they step in.
While in the elevator Jared notices some bruise marks on her left hand, not wondering if it was caused by an accident,
maybe she cut herself while cooking, fell, tripped while working out he began to wonder, but he couldn't help but think it
was something domestic. Trying to put the thought out his mind and avoiding to question her. He could help but admire her firm
body again. Looking her up and down thinking back to when he was 17 again wanting to grab her, throw her up against the wall,
pull down her panties and fuck her silly. While caught up in his erotic thoughts got him a little heated,he began to slightly let of faint moans,
catching Julia's attention. The sexual tension was present as she pressed floor 28. Jared cuts the silence,
"So I'm guessing you have kids?".
"Yep, glad you asked. A boy and a girl", as she began to pull pics of them out her purse wallet.
"This is Mario, he's 6 and this is, Lisa, she's going to be 3 in October".
"Nice, cute kids. There gonna grow beautiful just like their Mama I bet", he kindly stated. Now blushing beet red,
"Why Thank You", as they bashfully smiled at each other.
"So what about you Jared, any kids?".
"No, not yet, still lookin for that special someone to raise my kids right".
"That's good, you'll definitely find her in time", again girlishly smiling at him, while this time getting a good look
of the sleeveless, cutted up V-Neck Vest he had on admiring his toned arms.
"And how old are you now?", she continued.
"Same age as this floor, 28", Jared answered.
"Right right, that make sense, your an '86 baby graduated in 2004. That's the summer I met my husband while vacationing
in Hawaii". Now seeking a chance to find out more about him, Jared became engulfed with questions.
" does he do realting with you or..", before he could finish she took over.
"Not anymore..we used to, but about a year ago we've been taking care of clients on our own, but we still share the name,
as that's our firm", as she stated plainly.
"Oh okay",eager to get deeper under the surface he continued
"So is he out the city and does the real estate elsewhere so you guys can have a broader clientele I'm assuming?".
"I guess you could say that", as she took a deep sigh. They were now on the 28th floor and stepped out to check out the apartment.
Julia began, "So this is it", as they began to go in and navigate. "Your typical condo space,its 500 sqft., 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom over there.
There's free internet service, Wi-Fi and all that good stuff, balcony and utilities are just hydro and heat ofcourse, so
that's pretty much it.
"Sweet", he replied.
"And you know the price and all that, first and last of the month".
"Looks good, looks good", he simply responded.
They were now leaving the apartment, when Jared noticed her fixing the left arm of her blazer and seeing how serious th bruise actually was,
he couldn't help but ask.
"Ms.Morris, you okay?", as she picked up on him glancing at it. She finally broke he silence and sighed heavily.
"You can call me Julia, Jared, and I won't be Mr.Morris for long", she started. Jared began to notice the sad look on her face,
as he felt his intuitions were right.
"We're getting a divorce soon...real soon". Jared angirly interrupts.
"Sorry to hear that, but that doesn't give him the right to hit you!".
"I know, we just got into a very heated argument last week and he went a bit far", she admitted.
"Yea, that's evident, I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this. What an asshole!, doesn't he know
Italian girls got relatives in the mafia!", he joked. She began to laugh.
"Silly. I see yo still have that sense of humour after all these years, huh?", she smiled.
"Well, ya know", he began to sarcastically brag. It was now 6:30pm and they were now back down to the ground level and about to say their goodbyes,
as Julia was heading to the parking lot to head home. "So, if anything I'll try and make sure you can get another apartment, if this one is taken.
There are some more condominiums not to far down, just about 2 blocks East and their prices are just as reasonable, so we'll keep in touch, nice seeing you Jared",
she said as they gave each other big hugs.
"For sure", he stated. "Now I'm back to my shithole dumpster", he added.
She laughs, "It can;t be that bad. Whereabouts do you live?"
"Morgan Ave. area", she then responds. "Oh okay, I can see where you're coming from, but at least you have somewhere to live,
some people are barely getting by, turning to the streets everyday", she optimistically added.
"True, true".
"Oh, I completely forgot Jared, the buses going back to Morgan Ave. stop after 7pm and it takes about a good 40 minutes for each one to come.
Y'wanna ride home?", she kindly offered. With every thought and intention going through his mind, he felt as if she read his and willingly agreed,
smiling uncontrollably in his mind.
"Yea, sure".
The ride to his place wasn't long, about 15minutes, with them conversating about the old Mount Arthur days.
They were now at the entrance of his apartment, and Jared couldn't help but ask her.
"You wanna come up?", first unwillingly then with a sudden whim she agreed.
"Ok, I'll come check out your dumpster", she joked as they both laughed. The walk to the elevator was filled with questioning,
as Julia asked about his love life. "So that blonde you were with back at Arthur, you guys still going strong or..?", she asked inquiringly.
"Hell Nah", he started. "What was her name again, she was like the school bitch", Julia stated.
"Haha, she really was, in school, and out. Stacy, Stacy O'Brien".
"Rigggght",she recalled. Jared continued.
"I was a foolish 18-year-old, I don't know how I dated that freak for 3 years".
"Haha, she was quite the mean girl Jared"
"She was, I thought it was funny back then, but now I wish I could go back and stick up for all those
girls she called ugly", Jared regretfully admitted.
"Do you know what she's up to now?", Julia asked.
"Well, we broke up a bit after highschool, after she slept with one of my supposed buddies, that fuckin asshole. Heard she got knocked up
by some Hispanic gangster, and living in LA with their kids, who knows and to be honest I don't really care", he went on to say.
"Wow, that's a shame. But with an attitude like that, I couldn't see a bright future coming her way anytime soon", she added.
"Haha, I guess so".
Now in the elevator heading up to his floor, Julia's demeanor began to change. With more questions about his love life flooding thorugh.
"So are you dating around and whatnot?"
"Nah, not at the moment, just living one day at a time. I broke up with my ex, Paige about a year ago. She was another blonde headache".
She laughed. "You and these blondes, huh?", she remarked.
"Honestly,I guess it an opposites attract kinda thing", he replied.
"I guess so, my husband...well soon to be ex, is a blonde too".
"And he's an asshole, that's not cool. If I could get a hold of him I would".
They were now at his apartment door, 1512 and they both stepped in.
"So here it is, the trashcan". Julia laughed and stated it wasn't as bad as she expected.
While Jared went on to put down his gym bag and wash up in the bathroom, Julia made herself comfortable taking a seat down
on his sofa, and noticing the Mount Arthur Senior Yearbook he had out whilst in his nostalgia he was stricken with prior.
She couldn't help but look through, wondering back to what her 29 year old self looked like ten years ago.
"You want anything to drink?", he called out from a distance whilst still in the bathroom washing up.
"No, I'm okay", she replied back whilst flipping through the pages. Then she came across something that made her stop in sudden amazement.
Her picture with a heart drown around it in permanent marker. She turned beet-red in the face and then Jared came walking out finally from the bathroom.
Noticing her facial expression, he questioned .
"You alright J?",he asked suspiciously as to why she was blushing so hard.
Then he noticed the yearbook and page she was looking at, and began to turn fiery-red himself.
He took a deep breath and started to talk, for what he could say. Murmuring,stuttering and smiling bashfully.
"Uh, Umm...uh, that...that", as he could barely continue in obvious embarrassment. She began,
"You were one of those boys to that had a crush on me aswell, huh?", she stated.
He then began to relax and replied boyishly.
"Well...yea. I think every guy practically did."
"I see", she began smiling and staring at him deeply.
"I never thought you were one of those guys Jared, I knew your silly short nerdy looking buddy did..what was his name again?", she asked.
"Oh...Kyle", he chuckled.
"Haha, yea he was quite a character. It was kinda cute I must admit how he got hard everytime I walked by his desk".
Smiling heavily and a little excited, Jared stated.
"So you knew your affect on us back then huh?".
"I mean, I wasn't oblivious to the gossip Jared. I was 29, young, I knew some adolescent 16/17-year-old boys had to fancy me".
Jared laughed.
"But I didn't know you were one of them", she said while staring deep into his eyes, biting her lower lips.
Jared trying to hide the fact that he was getting turned on and now on blast like a deer in headlights.
"Well, were sexy. You still are". She began to look him up and down and then asked.
"You think so?", leading him on. As she got up from the sofa and closer to the couch he was sitting on, plopping
her self right beside him. Jared began to sigh deeply, with slight sweat forming on his forehead.
"Well...yea". Amazed at her questioning, she then candidly admitted. "Well out of all those boys in that chemistry class,
I thought you were pretty sexy too Jared, you and your little 17-year-old self",as she got up and placed herself right on top of him.
Trying to avoid his obvious arousal, he couldn't hide his hard dick protruding through his grey sweatpants, sighing and breathing even harder.
Rubbing his fit shoulders, she continued. "All those times you used to come in for extra help, you don't know how bad I just wanted to grab your belt buckle,
unzip your pants and grab your cock, with that sexy little smile of yours. Ugh, you don't know how bad I was trying to resist".
"Well why didnt you...I wouldn't have mind at all".
"Jared, I had to keep my job obviously. But I wanted to bang your little 17 year old self so badly, you don't even know!".
"Well...I'm not 17 anymore", he eagerly stated looking at her hard tits and flushed face.
Her hands couldn't keep to herself as she began to stroke his erect penis through his sweatpants.
"So what kind of fantasies did you used to have about me?", she asked in her flustered voice massaging his dick.
"Uhhh",he began to moan at the movement of her hand on his throbbing penis.
"Just...just you like...Uhhh, Ohhhh yeaaa", before he could finish. He could feel her mouth moving up and down his cock.
"Like me sucking your little dick", she stated.
"Ohh, Ms.Carbone...Uhh", he moaned in pleasure.
"Is this why they called you Big J, back in the day?", as she continued to suck his cock, licking and sucking harder and harder with her saliva
drenched all over his genetalia. "Uhh, Jared, you don't even know how bad I wanted to fuck you. When you used to practice shirtless in the gym
for your basketball practices, you were such a turn on. I used to go to the ladies room and just masturbate of thoughts of you doing me".
Now very excited, Jared began to spill his fantasies more in detail.
"Oh shit", he started as he bagan to cum.
"I always wanted to bang you on that chemistry table top, doors locked, after school everytime I went to get extra help from you".
Now with her skirt zipped off on the floor, she began to undo her blazer and blouse, letting Jared help her. He began to kiss and nibble on her nipples.
"Mmmm, just like that", she moaned and she began to toss her long, dark curly brown hair back and forth moaning uncontrollably at his motions on her breasts.
He then entered her, "Uhhhhhh", she exclaimed.
He began to sigh in deep pleasure at the noises she was executing and began to talk dirty to her, nibbling on her ears.
"You like it?"
"Uhhh, yea. I wish I could've gotten this 10 years ago", as she began to position herself and ride his cock to her motions.
He began to moan uncontrollably. With sweat lingering down her cleavage he licked it up with his tounge and kissing her on the neck grunting loudly.
"I can't believe this is happening, I've been wanting this since I was 16-years old, baby", he whispered in her righ ear. Now completely naked saddling him,
he couldn't help but grab her big, round, now moist ass, grabbing and groping it to his delight.
"Mmm, dat ass", he began as he started to slap it. She began to giggle. "When you used to be writing on the board, tuurned around
in those nice tight outfits you used to wear, I just wanted to slide my cock in from the back", he said in deep arousal, while the were in the cowgirl position.
Julia began to bite and lick her lips turned on, closing her eyes rolled back at the thought of his fantasy confessions. Rubbing and massaging his abs in between sighs of extreme pleasure.
"Uhh, you're so fuckin hot Jared, as she began to move up and down on him faster and faster, while her pussy was now sticky and soaking wet about to reach orgasm.
"Uhh, don't move. Fuck me just like that. Ohhhh", she exclaimed before cuming right on his throbbing dick. They both released deep sighs of pleasure, now breathing heavily, panting
trying to catch their breaths. Jared then walked her over to his bedroom, shut the door and threw on the bed. He went into his drawer to grab his last bit of lube and began to stroke it
all over his dick. He then grabbed the baby oil sitting on top of his chesterdrawer and told her to bend over. "Hssss", he panted still in his horny state.
"Bring that sexy ass over here", he demanded as he turned her into doggystyle position, grabbing her by her fit tummy. He then began to pour the baby oil all over her behind, with her
groaning at the feel of his touch. He then slid his penis inside of her, "Ohhhhh...shit!", he exclaimed. Now thrusting her from the back with his eyes closed again re-living his old fantasies
in his head about wanting to bang his hot chemistry teacher. She continued to moan and groan and his skills. "Ohh, Jared...yea", she started. "Is this how you used to bang your blonde bitch like this back in
da day?", she asked in arousal.
"Something like that", he began, then continued to tell her, "But not as bad as I'm doing you right now".
"Mmm", she responded andn turned him around and again began to go at his cock, enjoying every bit of his deep moans of pleasure until he let out a big load on her face that she gladly licked up and swallowed. They were now on top of each other in missionary position.
"Uhhh, that was amazing", Jared stated.
"I guess all your working out is for a reason, you freak, your stamina is mind blowing". She stated as he began to laugh. In between deep. long sensuous french kisses they talked and cuddled.
"So when's Carbone & Luzzatto gonna get into business", he joked as Julia laughed.

"I'm guessing you're gonna need another "ride" home tomorrow, huh?", she quipped.
"Haha....I guess your name is CAR BONE for a reason!", Jared replied as they both continued to make out and cuddle. Then a sudden knock at the door.
Jared inquisitive to who it could be. Looking through the peep hole, as he saw George giving him a thumbs up. He laughed.

"I told you so".
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