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First story please tell me what you think
Jon was sitting in his favorite chair watching an old movie that he just ran across on late night TV. Next to him he had a full glass of rum and its almost empty bottle that he had just opened earlier that night. He keeps looking up at the clock it had just reach 2 am. Every minute he was getting more pissed off. He finally hears the loud music his daughters friends listen to. He turned off the TV and used all his strength to not go out the door yelling at his daughter and hurting her in a blind rang. He took a couple drinks and listened to his daughter laugh and tell her friends to quiet down and that her farther was sleeping. He silently laughed thinking oh how wrong she was and she was just about to find that out. He heard her walk through the door and shut it as quietly as she can and start to walk through the hall up to her room.

“ Where do you think your going young lady?” He said in a very stern voice as he turned his chair to look at her.” She had frozen in her tracks and slowly turned around putting on her best puppy dog look. “Hi daddy, I was just going up to bed its really late. You should be asleep by now.”

“NO. Shouldn't you? Actually I have a better question. Where the fuck have you been? I believe you are to be home no later then 10pm” She starts getting upset herself. “Dad I am 18 years old, I am an adult I don't have a curfew and mom lets me do as I please.” That just pisses him off more. “ I don't care what your mother does ever since that whore went to live with her little boy toy. Also as long as you live in my house your you will follow my damn rules.” He looks her up and down seeing that she has grown up so much. She is wearing a pink halter top that shows off her 34d cup breasts perfectly, a tight jean mini skirt that hugs her hips perfectly and if she was to bend over would show everything, her shapely legs went down 6 inch pink heels, and her hair was up in a high pony tail with her bangs swopped across her face which was covered in make-up that with any other outfit would be fine but with this outfits just adds to the whore look. “Let me guess you have been out skanking your way around with all the boys at school because that is how it damn looks with the way your dressed.” He slowly got up, downed his drink then walked over to her. “Do you like how all the boys look, touch and fuck you slut”

She looks at him scared. She had never seen her father act this way, “No, I swear I was at a party with Jessica. I didn't do anything with any boys,” She could smell the alcohol on him. “Daddy your drunk maybe we should just go to bed.” She started to head up the stairs when he grabbed her hair and pulled her back down slamming her against the wall.

“ I will tell you when its time to go to bed and I don't think when you get there your gonna be doing any sleeping.” He roughly starts to knead her right tit. “ I bet you love boys touching you here. But im gonna tell you girl, no boy will compare to a man and I'm gonna show you that.” He looks down at his daughter and starts to rip her shirt off her. Once he as his hands busy with trying to get the shirt off her she uses this time to try and run. She gets up the stairs he try’s to grab for her and gets her skirt pulling it down and then off her as she continued to run up the stairs. She runs into her room shutting the door as quick as she can. He slams into the door making her fall to the floor. She sits up on her hands as she cry’s begging her father not to do this.

He starts to undress himself as he walks to her. Once he gets to her, he drops his boxer releasing his 9 inch cock that is already rock hard. He grabs her hair pulling her mouth to his cock. “Come on baby girl stop your crying its not like you haven't done all this before.” After lots of urging from him she starts to think that if she gets him to cum he will go away and leave her alone. She finally opens her mouth to him sliding his cock into her mouth. She sucks hard on his cock slowly bobbing her head up and down his cock. She then Takes her mouth of his cock and slowly running her tongue and down his hard cock. Rubbing the tip of her tongue on the sensitive spot just below the head. She then moves her mouth down takes his balls into her mouth and starts sucking.

“Oh fuck yesss baby that's it.” His head fall back as he moans out. She takes her mouth off his balls and moves back up to his cock taking it back into her mouth. She sucks his cock hard as he grabs onto her ponytail guiding her head as he thrusts into her mouth. He pushes his cock all the way into her mouth making her gag. Once she gets used to it she starts running her tongue up and down his cock. She starts to hum on his cock as he hold her head. “Oooohhhhhh Fuck yessssss. I knew you were a slut. Only a slut can suck cock like this. He starts shooting his cum deep into her mouth making her swallow it all down.

He pulls her up by the hair and pulls her to his room “Now baby its time for the real fun” He says as he pushes her onto his bed. He pulls her heels off then climbs up her body kissing her deeply as he rubs her pussy through her panties. “See baby you want this, your soaked through your panties.” She starts crying again shaking her head as he moves down and pulls off her black lace thong. He slowly kisses up one of her thighs and starts to rub her clit . She try’s to muffle her moan not wanting her dad to know how it feels. He moves his mouth to her clit and starts sucking on it then pushing his fingers feeling that his assumption was wrong. “I guess you aren't a complete whore, you're still a virgin. This just got a whole lot more fun.” He moves his tongue to her pussy and starts eating her out. She starts moaning louder not able to hide it anymore. Holding onto his head pushing her hips up to his face. Her fingers had never felt as good as this. She knew she couldn't last long it felt so incredible. He kept eating her out relentlessly rubbing her clit in circles. Her orgasm washed over her as she started shaking in pleasure and cumming so hard almost to the point of screaming in pleasure.

He slowly kisses up her body stopping at her tits. He takes each one in a hand playing with the nipples. The sucks on the left nipples for a little bit then moves to the right. Once done he keeps moving kissing her deeply as he positions himself between her legs. She looks at him and just give a silent nod to tell him to continue. He smiles as he pushes he cock at her opening slowly pushing into. He reaches the barrier and bends his down telling her he loves her then kissing her as he pushes hard into her going all the way into her as she cry’s out. He stays still letting her get used to his size once he feels her push her hips up he starts to fuck her slowly moving in and out of her. After a while she is begging for him to fuck her harder and faster. He starts to pick up the tempo fucking her harder and faster . She starts to dig her nails into his back screaming in pleasure. His hard cock just slamming into her over and over again. He can tell he is close but he wants her to cum first . He starts sucking on her nipples as he fucks her as fast as he can

“Oh god daddy I'm cumming yesssssss.” she screams out. He whispers in her ear. “Yes baby cum on my hard cock cum for your daddy.” Her pussy squeezes his cock tightly as she cums harder then she knew possible. He moans loudly feeling her tightness and starts cumming so hard into her.

He rolls off her and pulls her to him kissing her head as they both start to drift off. He whispers “Next time I'm Fucking your ass.” she smiles up at him and kisses him. “Yes daddy. Anything you want.” She lays her head on his chest drifting to sleep. He falls asleep thinking of all he is going to be doing to his little girl.
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