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time I can’t stop thinking about it I’ve never had this urge before. I want to tie him up I want to tease him until he begs me to let him cum. I want to have total control of him.
It’s the same image in my mind every time I can’t stop thinking about it I’ve never had this urge before. I want to tie him up I want to tease him until he begs me to let him cum. I want to have total control of him.
I can see it happening in my mind we’re on a bed and I start to kiss you, gentle loving kisses that begin to deepen as the feeling inside me begins to grow. It doesn’t take long before were kissing and touching. My hands are running through your hair gently pulling from time to time your hands roam my body gently squeezing my breast and traveling down to grip my ass. You start to try and pull me on top of you. But I resist I move away from you quickly. I can see the look of disappointment in your eyes but I quickly return with a piece of rope. I see your face get red but your breath quickens. You sit up against the head board without me asking. I know you want this just as much as I do.
You know what I’m about to do but you let me anyways. I kiss you gently on the lips before taking your shirt off I throw it behind me. I place your hands behind you and tie them together. I ask you if it hurts and you say no. you’re scared I can tell but there’s gravel in your voice. Your face is red but your pupils are dilated. Your breath is quick and I know I am the reason why. I smile to myself as I know I have control.
I straddle your waist. Not touching your hips but hovering just above. I kiss you again I feel you relaxing as the kiss deepens again. I know you are hard without even feeling it. I sit down placing my pants covered pussy over top of your hardness. I feel you jerk slightly at the pressure. I kiss your jaw then gently bite your shoulder, I hear you stifle a moan. I smile as I slowly rock against your hardened member I hear you gasp and I decide to turn it up a notch I remove my shirt and give you a view of my breast in a tiny black bra. All you can do is stare because you know it’s pointless to try and move your hands. So I push my breast together in front of your eyes and ask if you would like a taste.
I hear you choke out a small yes and I smile once again. I remove my bra the cold air causes my nipples to harden as I lean down so you can lick them. For a moment you suckle like a baby and it causes my panties to dampen. I pull away much to your displeasure but this is all about you not me. I kiss your jaw line and leave tiny bites on your neck I slowly kiss down your stomach. I feel you start to squirm you know what I’m about to do.
Slowly I unbutton your pants and look up at you, your eyes are closed and I smile as I undo the zipper. I hear your breath hitch as I put my hand inside feeling your hardened member through your briefs. That makes you gasp and jerk upwards towards my hand. I move away and slowly pull your pants down. I stand up and as you watch me I remove my pants leaving me in small black panties. My favorite one, the ones with the tiny pink bows on them. I sit down on top of you again and grind against you once more I lean down and kiss you madly my hands tangling in your hair as my breath deepens. I move away from your mouth kissing your jaw line once more and gently nip at your ear lobe which much to my pleasure makes you jerk.
I continue downwards biting your shoulder and chest and the lower I go the more gentle my bites get. By them time I get to the waist band of your briefs my bites have turns to soft butterfly kisses. I reach under the elastic and barley touch the tip. You gasp loudly at this so I continue on. Gently touching, exploring your manhood with my hand while the other traces circles on your thigh. While you seem to greatly enjoy this I quickly become bored so I move on and remove your underwear. Gently I touch your balls moving them in my hands feeling the softness before going to the main attraction. This is a first for me I’ve never seen a member like yours before. I knew ahead of time but still my curiosity gets the best of me. I explore the tip and gently peel back the skin that covers it. I look up to see you watching intently I know what you’re expecting and it’s not where I’m going.
I look down again to the beautiful organ in front of me. And then I do the unexpected I lick the tip. Just barley but it’s enough for you to thrust your hips upwards and hiss out loud. I giggle when you do this before I go back to kiss your tip once then twice. I explore you with my mouth with gentle licks and kisses. I’m getting the desired effect as I see droplets of precum escape the tip. I lap them up which again seems to shock you. But as I continue my slow teasing exploration of your manhood I can tell your becoming agitated so I stand up. Your eyes following me as I slowly remove my panties I throw them behind me to land somewhere with your shirt. I straddle your hips placing my soaking wet pussy right on top of your member. I moan lightly feeling the heat and the softness and I begin to grind against you first from side to side my breathing becomes deeper. So I kiss you, I kiss you like crazy because I need something, anything to distract me so I won’t give in yet.
I can’t wait much longer but I need to hear it. I need you to tell me that you want it, that you need it. I want you to tell me that you need me. So I try one last trick I switch the direction instead of grinding against you from side to side I grind against you back and forth hopefully pulling back the skin so you can feel me and feel how wet I am for you. So you can know how much I want you. I feel your tip right at my entrance and I push down just for a second before moving back up and I feel your hips buck trying to get inside me. I had been watching you slide between my pussy lips but now I look up into your face. I watch you lick your dry lips I see your pupils dilated to the point there is no more brown and I lean down as if I’m about to kiss you.
But I whisper in your ear instead. I ask you if you want me and you tell me yes. I ask you how badly you want me and you tell me you want me so bad it hurts. And I tell you if you want me as bad as you tell me then ask for it. Beg for it. And I will give you release. At first you only whimper but slowly with much effort you manage to say one word “please”
I look you in the eye and say “please what?”
My hips are starting to move faster and after several moments I hear you say it. What I have been dying to hear. You tell me you want me. That you need me to give you release. That you ache to feel yourself deep inside me. As soon as the words are out of your mouth I kiss you and move my hand down between us. I lift my hips up just enough to position you at my entrance. I look down between us one last time before looking up into your eyes. Our eyes locked and slowly I slide down on top of you. You gasp and moan as I slowly move up and down on you. Soon my own need takes over and I start to move faster. You try desperately to move your hips up to meet me. The feeling in my stomach is becoming too strong I know I won’t last long. I begin moving faster my breath is becoming raspy and I try to kiss you but my lips are to dry. So instead I wrap my arms around your shoulders and bite you. I try desperately not to break the skin but I bite down hard. Your jerking madly trying to reach deep inside me.
I can’t take it anymore I let go with one arm and untie your arms. As soon as you’re free I feel your hands on my hips pushing downwards as you push your hips up. I feel you deep inside me and I start to moan. It’s getting harder and harder to breath the faster we move. I can’t take it anymore I’m about to cum I wiggle my hips and bite down harder. I hear you hiss and moan when I do and hearing your pleasure starts to send me over the edge. I start to scratch your back and shoulder as I push myself down hard against you and I start to cum. I’m gasping for breath my nails are digging into your skin and maybe that was it but something caused you to let go. I feel you push deep, as deep as you can get inside me. Your breath is ragged as you start to cum. I can feel it as you continue to move inside me a few more times.
We both collapse into each other’s arms spent and exhausted. I lay my head against your chest hearing your heart beat slowly return to normal as you rest against the head board. I smile before slowly drifting off to sleep in your arms


2014-02-07 14:20:58
Amazing story! Steaming hot! Can't wait for more...


2014-01-20 18:29:01
just to let you know all the anonymous website links will not be kept on the comments thank you

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