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This is a follow up
This is a follow up to my three stories….but really one long episode in three parts…. “Too Much Red Wine”.
And continues my real adventures with my neighbours dog, and lover, René. As I explained, I am lesbian, and have never envisaged having anything to do with a real throbbing large cock. René, the weimaraner changed all that, but only in the doggy sense!

When René did not appear for a four days, after getting used to his daily visits to fuck me in all sorts of way, and everywhere around my house, I stupidly thought that he was no longer interested in me….”Jenni, he is a dog for god’s sake.” But I felt deprived of his tongue and beautiful large cock. I was even trying to recall the taste of his jism in my throat.
I was sitting outside my kitchen door when I heard a large vehicle in the track leading up to my neighbours’ house, and mine, at the end. Nosily, I went to the gate, and saw an ambulance collecting Monsieur Rennes, and about to drive off, when Madame Rennes saw me, and rushed over in tears. She told me that her husband was not well and going to the local hospital, and she was going with him in the ambulance. “Can you possibly take the house keys, and look after the house and René while I am gone? You will find his food and biscuits in a cupboard in the larder”
Of course I would and watched them drive off. Hum….so René is still around, and in the house? I opened the neighbours’ front door and the hound raced past me to the track to look for his Mum and Dad. Before he started to panic, I called him. He turned to look at me, and with a slight wag of his tail, reluctantly stopped looking for his parents and followed me inside his own house. I found his food and gave him a chew. He took it very slowly and rushed out to eat it in the garden.
I closed my neighbours front door, and walked over to my own garden, gently calling his name every four steps. I sat down on a chair outside my kitchen door, and sure enough René came bounding through my gate to say hello. I ruffled his ears and kissed the top of his head, hugging it to my chest. He raised his head and licked my face and, as if he had never been away. As he was washing my face with his rasping tongue, I sneakily slipped my fingers under my long shirt and wet my damp pussy onto my trembling fingers. Would he remember, and love my taste or had he gone off to pastures new? Now trying to invade my mouth with his tongue, he was interrupted by my fingers coated with my vaginal juices. His long tongue immediately swopped from licking my tongue to swallowing my fingers, in a frenzy of licking and sucking. “Good boy, René, you remember this taste, because I have plenty more, just for you?”
I shuffled my bum to the edge of the deat and leaned back, opening my thighs. As I moved my hand down towards the edge of my shirt, he caught the familiar aroma of delicious juices.Mine. No hesitation as his tongue found my now wet pussy lips, and was hungrily lapping at my cunt.
Joy, as my thighs went wide apart, and my fingers opened my lips to get his tongue inside me. With one leg thrown over the arm of the chair, René’s tongue could travel along my crack from clit to asshole and back. I was in extasy, and overjoyed to have my lover-dog back.
I was close to cumming, but I stood up and marched into my kitchen, the hallway and upstairs to my bedroom. I through of my shirt, sat on the edge of the bed and flopped back. René was there with me, returning to his task of licking me inside and out. With a passion rising in me, and not giving it a thought, I sat up grabbed him by the ears and stuck my tongue into his muzzle. His tongue invaded my mouth, and I fell back again onto my duvet. René was resting on my front, front legs on my shoulders and warm chest on my breasts. His lower haunches were pressed against my crutch and I could feel his balls resting on my crotch. I instinctively raised my knees, and began to scratch his back and try to pull him close to me. That move didn’t work as he jumped down and stuck his muzzle into my sopping crutch. Legs raised and wide apart, he again had access to all of my private bits, invaded both entrances. Lust was almost making me faint, when René raised up placing his paws either side of my shoulders and started to buck and push against my aching vagina.
OOOOOHHHHHH GOOD BOY RENE, and tried to reach down to guide him in…..No need, as at the fourth stabbing thrust, his beautiful cock found it’s mark and he entered me, a little as he was finding his way, and then with an enormous lunge, filled me as he started to buck ( and fuck) me. MMMMMMM, Missionary position, as I raised my knees up near my armpits.
He hammered inside my filling pussy as I held his front paws at my shoulders and wrapped my thighs about his muscly haunches. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I was being fucked in the missionary position, by a very beautiful randy dog. One final thrust, as his knot pushed in past my entrance, and he stopped, resting his head on my neck. I stayed still, to await his knot expanding and welcome his hot sperm inside. I was not disappointed, when his first shooting started, then the next and the next, deep into my wanting cunt, and seemingly flood into my cervix. Sheer bliss, as I held him close, listening to his post-sex panting, and warm breath on my cheek, as were locked together.
“Ello? Bonjour?”…….. I awoke with a start, SHIT, who is that, as I tried to get up with a cock tied inside me. ”Yes, bonjour who is it?” I shouted downstairs. “C’est moi, Giles, from the café. Madame Rennes has telephoned to ask if I could collect some pyjamas and toiletries for Monsieur Rennes, and said that you had the keys to their house?”
“Oui, of course, I was just having a nap after my shower, I think the keys are here on the dressing table” “Ok, shall I come upstairs and get them….save you coming down?” he shouted up the stairs.
“NOOOOooo, please not, I shall throw some clothes on and join you at the Rennes’ front door.”
René also recognized this voice and started to move away from me but we were still locked together. I held him tight, and thankfully, after a minute or two of being distracted, finally pulled out of me, to let me shakily get to my feet and find my shirt to throw over me. RENE…..”NO, STAY”….but too late. Dog, with large dripping cock hanging down, sped down the stairs and out through the kitchen door.
I staggered out through the garden gate looking right and left for a still rampant hound. Terrified, I walked to the neighbours front door, to be met by Giles. Heaven knows where René disappeared to, but Giles collected all the stuff for M. Rennes, and headed out. “AHH René” he said at the approach of the Renne’s dog, and leant down to tell him that he had not been in his café for treats in along time. “Woa, are you on heat or something, René, as you are smelling of sex. I think you need a bath my boy.” “Gosh, you are right Giles he does, I will bath him for the Rennes.” “Well make sure it is a cold shower as he is showing a little too much down there, hahaa”
Sure enough, to my horror, Rene’s dick was two inches exposed, and he was edging again close to the bottom of my shirt. “Naughty, randy René” I tried to laugh off, and with a merry wave, Giles walked off down to his café.
We walked back to my house, and, as it was too good to waste, got inside the kitchen, lay down with René on the cool tiled floor and pulled back his sheath to fully expose his still shiny pink cock. My longing lips to take in his engorged prick fully into my mouth, savouring it’s taste and to see if I could taste my cum mingled with his. I held him close and deep-throated him and gobbled down his cum like the bitch in heat that I was.
A glorious week with René went by, as I started to train him on certain commands, and to be by my side as we walked around the village, although he seemed to prefer to sleep in his own bed in his house. I was relieved as I would not have left him alone very long. He did however, love being let out in the morning, and to arrive in my kitchen for a titbit of croissant with butter and honey ….sometimes I would lustfully, slip his crumbs deep into my pussy for him to seek out.
But, I heard a knock on the door one morning, before I had let René out, and there was Madame Rennes with René on a leash by her side.
“Bonjour Jenni, I am sorry to disturb you, but my husband died yesterday and my daughter from Lille has arrived to take me home with her. We are leaving almost immediately, and the house is for sale. I will say goodbye and thank you for looking after René for us as he really seems to like you.”

A deep sadness hit me, as I looked down at her darling dog sitting looking at me. “Ohhhh OK, it was a pleasure to tend to him and I shall miss him very much. We had become sort of close” “Well I thought that, and I want to ask you a very big favour. My daughter’s house in Lille is not large enough to have René there with me, and would it be a terrible thing to ask if you could have him with you?”
OHHHH I almost fainted with relief and promised her that I would look after her dog and love him very much. Madame Rennes was so pleased, and relieved, and handed over the leash to me. She leant down and kissed René on the top of his head, and with tears rolling down her cheeks, embraced me, and turned back to her house and waiting daughter.
I was both crying with sadness, at Madame Rennes’ loss of both husband and beloved doggy, and relief to be given for keep, my special pet. I tugged on his lead to stop him watching his mum’s departure, and true to his nature, he turned to me and stuck his cold nose up under my shirt.

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