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sent to rescue one girl, got twins instead
This happened when I was charged to bring back an ambassador’s daughter alive if possible because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Now I’m Jack Walker and this happened during the middle of the Vietnam war in a region we weren’t allowed to be in but that’s why the contacted me via the Colonel that commands my squad when the mission we’re on is over.
My unit consists of three Green Beret Sergeants and one S. Vietnamese guide plus me, it’s a small a small squad but we get the job done and as quick as possible.
Seems this daughter of our ambassador was visiting with friends in a small town supposedly friendly to us, but my team as seen it too many times, the North comes in, takes their daughters and sons and says if you don’t do as we say we’ll torture them in front of you and then kill them slowly.
It’s not right but hey, that’s the way they do things.
My orders were to go into Cambodia a region no American’s were supposed to be in and retrieve this daughter and bring her back no matter what condition she was in.
The best intel we had placed her in an area that we called the Butcherer was running out of and that meant we were hopefully going to send this bastard back to his ancestors via air mail.
It took us a week to get there having to dodge the patrols that would have normally eliminated but we weren’t supposed to be there we had to keep telling ourselves.
Our intel told us that she is 17 years old, white female with a small rose tattooed to her ankle and that’s about it.
We got to where she was supposed to be, but this camp was long shut down and so we followed the tracks for about 20 miles and came to another with soldiers in it.
We observed for about an hour and decided we needed a more direct recon so I had Joel and Pan Hin go take a quick look and see what they could see.
When they came back about twenty minutes later Joel says Lieutenant you said we’re picking up one female correct?
I said affirmative why?
He says because there are two and their twins.
I said a few choice words with my guys getting the gest of my anger.
I said well twins or not, they’re what we came all this way for.
He says one more thing boss; he says they’re butt ass naked and locked in some kind of hanging cage.
I shook my head saying any other GOOD news Sergeant?
He says nope, that just about covers it, oh and they’re looks to be a full platoon here too plus we confirmation on the Butcherer is here, I saw him myself.
I said well set up two blocks of special air mail material, he’s gonna see Buddha real soon.
They all gave a thumb up on that order.
We waited for night fall, when we went in we used our knives only and crossbows, no sounds to alarm the camp until we sprung the girls and blew that son of a bitch out of this world for good.
It took us twenty minutes to set all the charges and had them on remote detonation so we could watch him going up to see Buddha.
We got to the cage; the girls looked like they’d been partying with the troops sexually that is.
They looked at us with fear, we told them we’re American’s and we’re here to bring you home but they got a little loud and we had to shut them up to get out of here.
The key to the cage was on the wall and it seems they had just partied with one barracks a day and they were all dirty and covered in cum and shit.
We asked where their clothes were and they didn’t know so we told them to be quiet and we’d get them some as soon as we could.
On the way out we killed two guards and got there shirts and trousers for them, they looked better but smelled really bad.
One was Jody she’s the one we were sent to get and the other was Jackie, she wasn’t supposed to be here she was supposed to be with some friends but at the last minute changed her mind and came along and now wishes she hadn’t.
When we were outside the camp I turned and said good bye Butcherer as I pressed the button and nine blocks of C4 sent that camp to hell fast.
We watched for a moment and the girls ate two rations each to get some energy for the trip back we got up and left the camp burning and shouting going on everywhere.
We passed by a waterfall and had the girls take off their uniforms and wash up to get the smell off them and they were grateful for that moment.
They also washed their uniforms to get that smell off them and while they were washing up all my guys including me wanted to fuck them too because it had been some time since we’d had a woman.
As they washed up neither of them seemed to care that we were watching them so intently.
When they came out and asked how long they had to allow their clothes to dry I said ten minutes more, no more.
They asked for some more rations and we handed those over and while they tore into them sitting there naked and not caring that we were watching them at all seemed a little odd so as they ate we talked to them and found out they’d been having ten to twenty soldiers a day fucking them in every hole as many times as they wanted and when the Colonel wanted one of them that was when she was washed by a soldier and fingered and sucked that man off for not hurting her.
It was after the Colonel got finished with the one that she was taken to the barracks and there she was raped by every soldier there at least two times each man.
I said well that’s behind you now, we’ll be back at base camp in two days and you’re safe with us for sure.
We found out that they’d been captive for nearly a month and that they’d both missed their periods and was afraid they’d bring another one of those bastards into this world; they wanted an abortion as soon as possible.
I told them they’d be looked after once we got them to safety but for now just stay as quiet as possible and they’d be ok.
When we saddled up to leave the girls just tossed their shirts on and left them wide open to stay cool and I had to admit, that was hard for us more than them.
They both have perky tits and little bushy pussies that made them look older than they were; hell what they’d been thru anyone would age with all that.
That first night they offered each of us a good fucking or they’d suck us off for saving them, we all declined knowing it was wrong but like I said it has been a long time since we had a woman.
By the time we got back to base, dropped the girls off and were heading for the nearest whore house to get us some there was a message to escort the girls back to home base to the ambassador’s home.
I said look you guys go on, I’ll babysit them for that part, have fun and fuck one for me and I’ll see you clowns in two days.
They all said can do boss, see you later.
We hopped onto a waiting transport; I didn’t have any clean clothes, let alone dress clothes to meet the parents in.
I grabbed some clean greens and as we traveled towards what is commonly called civilization and landed I was in at least something clean and neat, they felt like I was going to be strangled in them but I was meeting the parents and an ambassador too.
When we landed there was a car waiting, I had my side arm and knife ready for anything.
The trip took only minutes to finish and once seeing the consulate I relaxed and waited for all the bull shit to happen.
The parent grabbed their girls kissing them and hugging them, they introduced them to me and I shook their hands as he told me they hadn’t found out about Jackie until after we had left camp.
I said besides maybe being pregnant by North Cong and needing some good sleep and eats they seem to be fine, they do not, repeat sir, they do not want any babies from these soldiers, they said if they had too they’d kill them their selves.
He made me tell him what I saw and heard, I didn’t hold anything back, he says oh my god my babies, I said well no more babies, they’re fully women not sir.
He says yes you’re right, umm what can I get for you or your men for rescuing them for us and bringing them home safe and sound.
I said well some good eats and sorry to be so blunt but your young ladies made it rough on us guys by going nude a lot now my guys are getting their relief so I’d like some too sir if that’s at all possible for you to arrange, then we’re even.
He chuckled saying wow, it must have been torture for your men and yourself not to take my girls up on their offer but I’m glad you didn’t take advantage of them then, and for that you’ll have three women if you want my man, just give me an hour ok?
I said can do sir thank you sir.
He says there is a shower with lots of soap, I’ll have your greens cleaned and washed for you until then there is robes and things in this wardrobe for you to wear, just pick something out ok?
I said roger that sir.
He chuckles saying relax soldier, I’m just an ordinary man here.
I said yes sir as you wish sir.
He shakes his head saying ok.
I stripped down and went into the first shower I’d had in months maybe nearing a year.
As I stood there letting the hot water wash all the grime away I heard a noise in the room, I grabbed my gun and slowly cocked it and went to see who it was.
When I came out and turned around the corner of the wardrobe there stood the ambassador’s wife standing there looking at me nude and cringing seeing the gun pointed at her.
She says I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.
I said it’s ok mamme, I’m just alert to all around me, that’s how we stay alive out there.
She’s looking at me and my cock, she says I didn’t mean to interrupt your shower, please go on back in I can wait.
I said well if it’s important come on in and sit down while I wash off months of Condo dirt and filth.
She says yes please do, I don’t like dirt people.
I chuckled as she talked and I washed over and over again.
When I was done I opened the curtain and she was looking at me now and my cock, she says I understand all you wanted for payment is some good food for your men and some womanly company is that right Lieutenant.
I said yes mamme, the last time we had American food was about 10 months back, we live on rations and what we can find out in the jungle mamme.
She says please call me Diana.
I said yes mamme.
She giggles.
She says so my husband is arranging for some food to be taken back with you to your men and he asked me to see what we could do about getting you a woman for the night if that’s all you need her for that is?
I said well it all depends on the Colonel, mamme, I mean Diana.
She giggles saying well ok then; we’ll see what we can do for you, any particular type of woman Lieutenant?
I said breathing Diana.
She laughs saying well that narrows it down greatly.
She stands up, saying something like me or younger, older, built better, I’m needing to know to find the perfect woman for you that is.
I said nope, just like you is great Diana.
She smiled saying good then, she unzips her dress and letting it fall she’s standing there in her white bra and white panties saying so, bigger tits or are these nice enough as she lets her bra go and I say perfect.
She smiles saying good and what about her pussy, should it be like this or smaller, what’s your preference?
I said nope you’re perfect so now can we stop the games and go to bed, I have a lot of catching up to do Diana.
She says umm now you’re talking, by the way, what is your first name?
I said Jack, Jack Walker mamme.
She says well Jack, Jack Walker; let’s see what we can do about getting you caught up for now as we headed for the bed.
I gave her five heavy loads of my cum, she grunted taking each one and she sucked one out of me for fun.
When we got up for dinner she says tonight I want more?
I said oh yes mamme; I have loads more to give to you too.
She giggles saying good, let’s go eat and recharge for tonight shall we?
I said lead the way.
After dinner and some good whiskey and wine, we went back to the bedroom where I fucked her all night until maybe 2am when we went to sleep and at daylight I was dressed and out of the room drinking coffee as the twins came down almost naked saying wow, is mom still in your room Jack?
I said yep, sound asleep.
Jody says I wanted to be the one but momma says I needed to be checked out before I was to be with anyone else and see if we were pregnant.
I said she’s right you know.
It was about 9am when she came down to get me to fuck her some more and I was glad to oblige her.
I gave her four more loads and one in her mouth before I said I need to get back to my men, she begged me to stay another day but I promised to be back one day and we could do it some more, with each of us knowing that probably wouldn’t happen but we hoped.
As I boarded the transport with the food and drinks he’d arranged for us I thought back on the wonderful time I had with their mother and how good a fuck she really was.

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2014-01-11 08:28:01
Story was okay, but why did you rush through it so fast? Especially the sex scenes, you rushed through those even faster than the rest of the story. Would have been much better if you had taken the time to give better details all the way through it. Slow down and tell the story, don't throw it all at us in a hurry like you just want to get it over with and then forget it. (PuppetMaster)

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