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use to repair old houses now i just have sex in them
I live in a little community made up of exclusively of turn of the century homes and with the larger than life homes comes the constant care of these old masterpieces.
I’m retired now and of late a widower when my late wife died of breast cancer and the long drawn out treatment that in the end caught up with her and took her from me.
I’m Mike Zolfman; I’m 63 years old and love this home but for one person it’s way too much home and thus I’ve got it listed for sale.
Now in this home I have four bedrooms, all new electrical and HVAC done with new windows but I had the replacement ones done to fit the old windows so it looks like original.
There is a full basement, two main floors with a full size attic that we use for storage but it’s insulated so you could make it another large bedroom.
I was sitting on my front porch one nice afternoon, it was pleasant and there was a slight breeze blowing to keep the bugs and sweat away while I sat there sipping my crown and coke reading todays newspaper my phone rang.
I picked it up and it was my neighbor behind me and she needed some help and was wondering if I could come over like now she said to assist her and I said sure thing, give me two minutes and I’ll be right there.
She says great, I’m upstairs come on in the front door and up the steps.
I grabbed my shoes and headed to the gate that separates the two lots and around to the front door.
I started to ring the bell and remembered she says come on in and upstairs.
Now I’ve known the Gregory’s for going on 12 years now and have helped them restore their old lady to her rightful charm and luster and so I’ve been in every inch of this old home as I have most of these in my area.
I traversed the stair case and yelled out for Jeannie, she says in the end bedroom I’m in here.
I said ok almost there and when I came into that room I could see clothing laid out on the bed nicely with shoes and pearls next to them, she was obviously going out later.
I yelled ok where, she moaned saying somewhat softly and aggravated at herself saying in the bathroom, hurry.
I went around the corner and there laid Taylor in the tub naked as a jay bird with her toe stuck in the faucet spout and she was red as a beet of embarrassment.
Now let me see if I can describe her, she’s approximately 5’7” tall, maybe 130 lbs with sandy hair and modest breasts probably 36c’s and very nice figure and her she is now lying there with water just to her sides of her reclining body with me seeing her fully naked for the very first time and I had to chuckle saying how in the hell did you do this?
She tries to cover her breasts but that was too late as she instinctively says close your eyes and help me.
I said well can do the first part and besides there is no way in hell I’m not going to look at your nude body girl you’re too good not too.
She says help me, it’s stuck.
I went to the end of the tub and that afforded me a very nice look at her clean shaven pussy and I had to admit she was looking so fucking hot lying there like she was.
I grabbed her foot and tried to twist it saying relax ok, let me turn your foot.
But nothing like that helped.
I said ok tell me what happened maybe that will help me understand how to get your toe out of there.
She says she was relaxing in the tub, she got in and was soaking and stretched some and her toe hit the spout, she says she cursed saying ouch damn it and she went to for some reason she didn’t know why but she kicked at it and her toe went up in the old spout and is now stuck there.
I said I see with a huge grin on my face as she says oh come on Mike help me please?
I said ok, ok, let me think as I scanned her nude body and she relaxed letting me see her fully now and damn it’s been too long without my wife and I started feeling the twinges of my cock starting to stir in my trousers.
I said do you have any spray cooking oil or something in a squeeze bottle that is a lubricant?
She says I have Pam in the kitchen pantry what will that do?
I said well maybe by squirting some around your toe it will lube up the spout enough for you to slip it out.
She says that sounds like a good idea, hurry, my leg is falling asleep.
As I turned to leave I mumbled I wish my cock would go to sleep and she says what did you say?
As I turned I said oh nothing, I’ll go get the spray.
I walked into the kitchen and opening the pantry it was so neat and organized, I said damn she’s got way too much time on her hands that’s for sure.
I came back upstairs and said ok, now here’s what I want you to do, just lie there and relax and don’t try to help, I need to get some of this all around your two ok?
She says ok I’ll do my best.
I shook the can, then taking her heel in one hand and the can in the other I squirted some on each side and then front and back of her toe to get it well lubed up.
I pushed her toe slightly upwards and then twisting it slightly to one side it popped right out and she says oh god that feels so much better thank you so much Mike how can I ever repay you?
I chuckled saying see you totally naked did that for me really.
She blushed and when she tried to stand her leg was indeed asleep so I had to help her out of the tub and into the bedroom where I got her a towel to dry off with.
When I came back into the room she was sitting on the side of the bed wriggling her leg and rubbing it to revive it so she could walk.
She kept thanking me for rescuing her for that tub as she dried herself off.
I chuckled saying well you’ve certainly made my day by this.
She says oh please, never mention this to anyone, I’d be so embarrassed if anyone else found out.
I chuckled saying don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.
She giggles saying well this isn’t how I was going to look when I asked you for a favor later you know.
I said oh another favor and she gives me that look as I said ok, sorry, what’s up?
She says well Mandy and I were talking with Amelia one day having some girl time you know.
I smiled, she was telling us of the time you and Jeannie were at their house and you all went skinny dipping in their pool and then for some reason Taylor got really soft spoken as if not to let anyone else hear this and we’re the only two in the house now but she says Amelia says that when you dropped your trousers and she saw your horse cock she got all wet inside and wanted you right then and there, so I was wondering, no really hoping you’d let me see it please in a little girly voice.
I chuckled saying are you sure; I mean I don’t want to lose you and Jeffery over seeing my cock.
She says oh he’s in Europe on another business trip and won’t be home for another week, please, can I see it, pretty please, you’ve seen me now, can I see you, please.
I said well I supposed so, it’s not like you’re going to have sex with me or anything.
She smiled saying exactly.
I kicked off my boat shoes and then unbuckling my belt then unzipping my trousers letting them drop off around my waist.
When my cock sprang free it was semi hard from seeing Taylor nude still and she gasped saying oh my god in heaven, it’s huge.
She looks up at me saying and Jeannie took that monster?
I laughed saying hell yeah, sometimes four times a week she loved riding me as I would suck on her boobs.
Taylor closed her eyes as I said this and then she shuttered moaning with a low murmur saying oh god.
When she opened her eyes she says I’ve never ever in my whole life seen such a large cock, can I touch it?
I chuckled one more saying well yeah, but, if you wake him up you gotta put him back to sleep, understand me?
She giggled saying yes silly I understand you, jeez.
She reaches out and taking me in her hands she feels me slowly.
I moan.
She looks at me and then starts stroking me slowly and I groan again.
She is stroking me faster now and soon she’s got her hand wrapped around as much of me as possible because now I’m fully erect and hard as a rock as she is got a locked vision on my shaft as she’s jerking me off.
I’m not sure if it was reaction or what but I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her to me as she opens her mouth and gets the head and a little more of me inside it and is working her tongue around it making me groan and say oh god yes, just like that.
Soon she’s going full throttle and I yell out oh god I’m gonna explode and she clamps her lips tighter around the head as I groan letting out what she later describes as a bucket full of cum into her mouth that she can’t swallow fast enough to keep up with it and it’s running out of her mouth and when she lets up she gets squirted all over her face and chin.
I’m almost falling down atop her I’m so weak in the knees and when I regained my composure she’s wiping her eyes off so she can see saying damn it Mike how long has it been?
I said a long, long time and thank you so much for that.
She takes her towel saying damn it mister you nearly drowned me with that load.
I said well it’s been since before Jeannie died so you do the math.
She frowns saying sorry I had no idea you haven’t been with a woman since she’s died?
I said nope.
She says hells bells I know half the women around here would do you in a heartbeat and I’m one of them.
I said what did you say?
She says with a large smile half the women in this neighborhood with have sex with you in a heartbeat and that includes me.
I said but why, you all have husbands and families.
She says because of this as she lifts my cock up some.
She says Amelia has spread the word around here how large you are and most us ladies all have secretly wanted to see it and even have it inside them.
I said I’m confuse but curious why?
She says because two reasons mainly.
We’re all married like you say, but our husbands are always gone on business and we’ve all come to the conclusions that they’ve probably got other women they have sex with or as we say fuck.
Plus it’s the size of your cock we’re all curious about, like how it feels, how much can we take and a few other details that all revolve around your cock.
I said wow I had no idea?
She says so, can we with a little smirk on her face, can we see how much of this monster I can take and believe me, it one be a one-time thing for sure.
I said well if your certain that you want this then sure, I’d be glad to help you ladies out in any way I can.
She giggled saying well after we’re done here today by tomorrow the word will be out and you’re going to be in high demand if you know what I’m saying.
I smiled saying well then, let’s get humping shall we and she giggles saying let’s.
I laid back on her bed, she took her outfit and all the accessories off the bed and laid then in a chair then coming back to me smiling saying just lay there and enjoy.
She worked my mouth on my cock getting me hard once again, she sucked me for a couple minutes and I said spin around here and she did as I ate her pussy and damn does it taste good I brought her off several times and then she gets up, turns around and says now to settle my curiosity as she straddles me, takes my shaft and rubbing the head up and down the slit of her pussy lips lubing me up she sits down on it and I moan saying oh god in heaven yes.
She wiggles a lot getting more and more of me inside her very tight pussy and when she feels me hitting her pussy wall and I still have some left she growls saying oh god you’re so fucking huge as she starts riding me and riding me faster and faster.
We’ve been fucking for nearly twenty minutes, we’ve changed positions twice and as I feel my balls tighten I tell her as she nearly screaming at me to fill her cunt up in her words I push forward and let it go.
I’m still pumping as I spray my juices inside her body; she’s shaking and twisting under me as I flood her pussy.
When I’m done and pushed downward once more she growls oh god that was the best fucking I’ve ever had, whew, I’m drained.
She pulls me down to her face; she kisses me saying this was only the beginning for us if you want me again?
I kissed her once again saying umm as long as you want me.
She smiles saying thank you for that, it was so fabulous I hate to have you pull out of me but I am curious on how much you’ve stretched me open though.
She says would you grab that hand mirror off my dressing table?
I pulled out, she moaned saying umm first come here and when I did she rolled around and sucked my cock clean saying damn and you taste so good too.
I got her that mirror as she giggles saying somehow I thought you would have stretched me more and I say wait a second and I opened her outer lips and she says oh my god it’s like I can could walk into me now with a huge smile on her face.
We stayed together that day and night, I went back to get my crown because they don’t drink that and she made me my first home cooked meal in a long time and with that I called my realtor and told him I’ve changed my mind I’m staying put and he says well let me know if you change your mind ok?
I said sure thing, thanks and I hung up.
She smiled saying wow that would have been tragic if you left us before fucking all of us.
I said exactly why I took it off the market.
It was three days before the first woman called wanting me and the code phrase was I need help with my drain.
I was seeing a different woman almost every other week and that suite me just fine.
Most just wanted a quickie but that soon turned into an all dayer and that was better for me, and they all knew all I wanted was a home cooked meal and they were glad to do that for me.
I’ve been with Taylor the most, she just shows up on my door step smiling carrying a plate of food for payment and we have sex all night some times and that makes me very happy and now I’m glad that I’m known as the home fixer and that’s what the men call me because their wives tell them all I’ve fixed for them for just a home cooked meal.

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2015-11-29 19:18:51
Good but no details and more action like tree some Ass to mouth etc

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2014-01-11 16:42:15
Pretty good story even though I absolutely hate cheating whores, but I understand cheating has been acepted as normal and expected in todays relationships so I'll just ignore the missing tag. I would sugest proof reading though. It would catch most of the little errors.

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