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The third installment of the Will's New Home Series! This one is more erotic, the plot will pick up, i promise. You don't have to but read my old stories first so you can have a grasp on what's happening, or just read it for the sex. Either way your call :)

Hayden sat in the back of the bus for what seemed like hours. She bought the cheapest ticket out of San Diego. At the moment, she was heading towards Las Vegas, anger brewing in her head washed in with the feeling of loss and regret. The grey hound passed the California-Nevada border, and Hayden’s thoughts went back to the events of the past few days.
Rev. Greene was arrested, through in jail. She heard on tv that he was being held without bail. Yet, Hayden was still not a suspect. While being taken into custody, the lazy cop who took her in had gotten sidetracked at the station, and left the unrestrained Hayden on a bench in the lobby, allowing for her to easily escape. And now, now she was on a bus, running from it all.
Mark was also on her mind. His black hair, nicely styled, short, those icy blue eyes, and perfect body. She was just starting to have feelings for him. He was the first person to care about her, and she wanted anything to be with him. But just like her beloved Rev. Greene, Mark was taken from her by the hands of Brook and Will.
She clenched her fists.
“I am going to kill them”, she thought, “They won’t get away. I promise.”


Will was shaken up after what happened. He had seen too much for someone as young as him. It had been a few days, and he hadn’t left the house. The sight of Rachel getting killed, Blane and Sam and Mark and–he couldn’t process it.

It was raining that day, and Will sat on the couch. Brook walked downstairs, and sat next to him, cuddling up against his shoulder. He leaned his head on hers and let her stroke his arm. She looked up at him, and kissed his lips.

“You ok?”

“I’ll be fine”.

“I love you”,she sad, and ran her hands through Will’s hair.

Will smiled and kissed her on the lips again. He smiled, as Haley began to rub his thigh, reached under his basketball shorts to feel is dick. He leaned back, and let her pull down his shorts and boxers. His dick now nearly fully erect.

“Brook”, he moaned and put his hands behind his head. She stood in front of him, and leaned forward to stroke his dick.

“What do you want, Will?” she asked, smiling seductively. Kneeling down in front of him.

“Please, Brook”, he moaned. She smiled, and opened her mouth to take the tip of his 6”. Twirling her tongue around his head. She slip her entire mouth over it, gagging a little, but still twirling her tongue all around his dick. She came up, and started to stroke his dick, before focussing on the head.
“Do you like it, Will?” She asked, and he nodded, “Want me to keep going?”

Will nodded again, and Brook started bobbing up and down on his dick. Letting her lips run up and down over the glands on his dick. The taste of cum started to appear in her mouth, and she felt her heart beat, and her pussy began to become wet. She instinctively put a hand down into her shorts and rubbed her clit with her index finger.

Will had his eyes closed, and his mouth was open. He looked down at her, and saw her arm moving up and down. He sat up, and pulled her arm away. She looked up at him confused, and a little angry. But he led her to stand up by her arm, and had her sit on the couch in his place. He knelt in front of her, and pulled off her shorts, then gently started kissing her pussy lips, letting his hands run up her slender tan thighs, finding their way to her ass, where he squeezed and rubbed each firm cheek in his hands. Brook moaned, and spread her legs wide, putting her hands on Will’s hands, and leading him under her shirt. It was a rainy saturday morning Brook didn’t put on a bra, so Will got a handful of her firm B-cup breast. Letting his fingers rub her pink quarter sized nipples. His tongue moved to her clit, and used the tip on his tongue to run back and forth across it. Brook moaned.

“Will”, she moaned, and put her hands on his head. He was rock hard, and feeling her hands keep him down on her pussy. He put his tongue inside her now, and wiggled it around, using his lips to suck her pussy and suck on her clit.

“I’m going to cum, Will”, Brook said and leaned back, letting the feeling come over her, while Will sucked and licked her clit. She arched her back, and pushed her twat forward into Will’s face. He stood up, smiling, and sat next to her on the couch and kissed her neck, letting his hand feel her firm breast from under her shirt.

He still wasn’t wearing shorts or boxers, and his hard dick stood straight up. Haley closed her eyes, and moaned. She loved it when Will would suck on her neck and she laid down on the couch and let him pull her shirt up over her head. She did the same to him, and let her hands run down his tight muscular body. He was on top of her now, and moved her hands onto his pecs. She could feel his dick rubbing up against her stomach.

“Can I?” he asked, holding himself above her with his hands, making his biceps and other arm muscles flex. She ran her hands up and down his lower arms. Will bent down, and began to kiss her neck again.

“Can I?” Will whispered into her ear, still kissing her neck. She felt her spine tingle and her body quiver.

“Keep doing what you’re doing”.

“I’m so hard”, he said, kissing her neck, and started humping her flat and tan tummy. Her skin was soft and warm and felt great on his dick. She reached around, and left his butt. Will’s dick twitched when he felt her warm soft hands running up and down his ass. She put her legs around his waist.

“I’m so hard”, he whispered in her ear.

Brook moaned extra loud now, and arched her back, she pulled Will closer to her body, squeezing his ass as he did. His humping picked up, and she moaned, loving the feeling of his dick rubbing between her faint abs. He kissed her neck again, and moved up, kissing her behind the ear before nibbling her ear lobe.

“Will”, Brook moaned, and threw her head back. Letting him kiss down the side of her neck, and down her throat, nibbling on her collar bone before working his way to her tits, and licking her nipple while squeezing around her breasts.

Suddenly, he moaned, and quivered, and murmured, “Oh no!”

Just like that, Will moaned and winced and shot cum shoot out of his dick, and cover Brook’s stomach, some of it reach her tits. He got up from her, and looked down on his cum, splattered all over his girlfriend’s smooth tan skin. He seemed unpleased and sighed. But Brook didn’t seem to notice. She was caught up in the glow of the incredibly sensual and romantic session she and Will had just had.

Brook smiled and kissed Will on the cheek.

“Did you like that?” She asked.

“It was...okay”, he said, and got up, wiping cum off his abs.

“I think that was the best thing I’ve ever”, she paused and fell back on the couch, “The best”.

“Maybe for you”, Will said under his breath.

“What?” Brook asked.


“Will, come on. You came, that thing, whatever we just did was so romantic, and loving, and it felt so good, and-you didn’t have an orgasm did you?”

Will turned to face her, at first he seemed somewhat upset, but his still boyish face quickly turned to surprise when he saw her face.

“Haley”, he said, tapping the side of his neck. Haley frowned, and automatically brought a hand up her neck. She ran into the guest bathroom adjacent to the living room. Flicked on the lights, and saw the enormous hickey imprinted on the side of her neck.

“Oh my god”, she said, gasping, bringing a hand to her neck, “Will!”

That night Lynn came home around six o’clock. She came in the front door, and headed for the living room. She threw her purse on the couch, and plopped herself in the lazy boy armchair next to the couch.

Brook and came downstairs and walked into the living room. A scarf wrapped her neck.

“Hey Lynn”.

“Hey Girl. What’s up”, she said, reaching into the side pocket of the old chair to retrieve the remote. She flicked on the tv, “You know it’s September, right?”

“UH. Yeah”, Brook said, sitting ladylike on the sofa.

“And that we’re in Southern California?”


“Then why do you have that scarf?”

Brook bit her bottom lip and fidgeted in place. Just then, Will came down, holding three bottles of skin tone cover up, eyeing each as if they were some sort of highly potent and mystical potion.

“Hey, babe, which one do you think-Oh”, he moved the bottles behind his back, “Hey Lynn.

“Let’s see”, she pointed at the scarf, “Okay. Winter clothing”, then to Will, “And skin tone make-up that we all know Brook doesn’t need to wear”.

“Thank you”, Brook meekly said.

“Well, all my suspicions lead me to think that-oh I don’t know. Brook, do you have a hickey?” Lynn said sarcastically.

Will and Brook eyed each other, then looked back at Lynn who rolled her eyes, and got up, pulling Brook’s scarf off her neck, revealing the now silver dollar sized hickey on the side of her neck.

“Well, you now know why I never sit on the couch, and come on guys. This isn’t that bad. Just throw on some make up and get over it”.

Hayden got off the bus in Las Vegas, and began to walk around the glowing Vegas strip. What she saw was shocking. Despicable. The sole remainder of an over zealous Cult focused on sexual purity, Hayden could barely believe her eyes.

A billboard advertising an escort service hung above a naked Marilyn-Monroe-isc woman with hardly any clothing.

Hayden gasped, and held a hand to her mouth, “Pornography”, she murmured to the confusion of passerby's.

She had about four hundred dollars left. A secret stash that the Rev. Greene had stowed away in the old apartment. She had had just enough time to retrieve the money before leaving for Nevada. She sighed, thinking about the reverent. About Mark. She looked around her. All the sinners, drawn in by electronic sex and nudity. She scowled and thought of the reverent. Not to far from here, in this same state, a city was founded that would redeem the world.

“I know what I have to do”, she said, “I won’t let the reverend’s good works got to waste.”


Pierce and Haley sat on the futon in the game room across the long well lit hall from Pierce’s bedroom. Since the incident with Rev. Greene, not much had changed. The couple had been together for almost three months, but their immaturity had led to a very slow sex life.

Today, the two watched a movie on HBO. Haley, slender, tan, perky tits and long, straight brunette hair, held Pierce’s hand. Pierce, like his girlfriend, has slender, with broad shoulders. He was very athletic looking, and had somewhat shaggy and wavy hazel hair and greenish brown eyes. Today he was shirtless, wearing only a pair of sweat pants and Haley could see his six pack and abs.

One problem that faced the couple, was making a move. Haley, innocent, unsure of herself, wasn’t sure how to start something with the ever attractive Pierce, who was not only equally sheltered, but just as awkward. Today she started by tapping his hand with her fingers, but all he did was turn and smile at her. She rested her head on his shoulder, and let her arm fall onto his lap.

He looked at her again, he had a nervous expression. He opened his mouth, leaned in to kiss her but she pulled away.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something?”

Haley shook her head, “No I just. I don’t know”.

“Well. Okay. So Brook always talks about sex, and Will, and-”


“All those things sound”, she paused, curling a lock of her brown hair, “Fun. And I want to try it with you but”.

Pierce leaned in and kissed her passionately. Extending a hand and feeling her breast. Squeezing the firm tit in his right hand. Haley let it happen, but something felt rushed, and she pulled away again. She looked at Pierce, but he wasn’t mad. Instead his face was red, and Haley could see sweat on his brow.

“Haley I’m so sorry–I didn’t mean to-”

“Pierce it’s fine”, Haley said, almost giggling. She looked down, and could see a tent under his grey sweat pants. Pierce followed her eyes, then blushed even more, but did nothing to cover up his covered erection.


“Pierce I mean, I gave you a hand job before, I’ve seen it”, she didn’t know exactly what to do, but automatically she reached for it, placing her palm around the outline of Pierce’s 5.5” dick.

Pierce moaned a little, more out of surprise. Haley could feel the warmth from his dick, as well as its twitching under her palm. She kissed Pierce on the lips, and he responded with a passionate kiss, moving his tongue into her mouth. The made out, Pierce moved his hands to Haley’s shoulders, and rubbed them. They were smooth, somewhat cold, but soft. She rubbed his dick through his sweat pants. Pierced pulled away this time, still gently holding her arms. She looked over his tanned body. His six packs was mesmerizing to her. She started to rub it while still rubbing his dick.

“Haley”, Pierce said, “Can I–um–Can I take it out?”

Haley blushed this time, but nodded. Pierce stood up and pulled down his sweat pants and boxers just enough so that his dick popped out. He was uncircumcised, and his foreskin came up under his head. His pubic hair was the same color as the hair on his head and his balls hung down below his erect penis. Pierce smirked when Haley reached out and tenderly felt his balls with her fingers.

“What’s funny?” Haley asked, half laughing.

“You go for my balls?” He said flirtatiously

“I mean, I’ve never seen them just, hanging there!”

The couple laughed, though it was more of a way to combat their awkwardness. Haley felt Pierce’s ball in her fingers for while longer. Pierce didn’t seem to mind. He was fully erect, a little bit of pre cum was leaking from the tip of his dick. He couldn’t help but smile watching Haley play with him. It made his heart almost beat out of his chest, and goose bumps pop up on his arms, and the tiny blond hairs all over his tan body to stand on end.

Haley moved from the balls to Pierce’s dick. She grabbed the shaft with her entire hand, and began to stroke it, pulling the foreskin back and forth over his head.

“Um”, Pierce had thought of this moment for so long, but he was nervous to ask. He was lucky she was touching him, he wasn’t sure if he could push it.

Haley looked up at him, and they made eye contact. Her deep, blue eyes, soft pink lips. He couldn’t help it.

“Um–Haley. Do you want to–um”, he was loosing his cool. Nerves made his erection began to face despite the fact Haley was jacking him off.


“Haley do you want to maybe, I mean it’s up to you, but”, he swallowed, “Put it in your mouth?”

He wanted to kick himself the minute he said it. Haley had done it once before, for about five seconds, but it wasn’t a real blow job. He had thought about this moment for so long, and now he couldn’t even do it.

“Pierce”, Haley began. She wasn’t sure if she did want to give him head. Brook didn’t mind it but Haley always thought it was a little weird to do it, but something about Pierce, the way he asked, not wanting her to be offended. He obviously had thought about it, he was just too nervous to handle it smoothly. It was cute. Too cute. She sighed, and scooted forward on the couch. She opened her mouth and leaned in. Pierce, dumbfounded, watched as she considered taking the tip of his dick into his mouth. She leaned in again, paused, then went for it and suck on the head. She felt Pierce shudder, and he put his hands behind him, resting them on his lower back.

It tasted weird, salty, mucky maybe. She remembered the smell of cum, and could feel Pierce’s pre cum leaking onto her tongue. She stopped and Pierce looked down at her, his expression defeated. But she just smiled, and went back, sucking on his head.

Pierce was enjoying it. His mouth instinctively hung open, just the way Brook said Will’s does, and he looked at Haley as if she was how keeping him alive. His breathing getting heavier.

“Can you move up and down?” He asked, surprisingly calm.

Haley stopped sucking and smiled up at him. She pulled off her shirt, and unstrapped her bra. Pierce gawked at her tits. They were B-cups, nice and perky. Her pink nipples were erect from all the excitement, and they moved up and down in time with her heavy breathing. She went back to sucking on Pierce’s head, following his guidelines, and moving forward and back over his dick head. Her soft lips tightly rubbing the area right under his head, while she still sucked his dick like a lollipop.

It was amazing, like nothing she had ever felt. She loved it. The feel of that hard dick in her mouth, on her tongue. The fact Pierce had been waiting for this, wanting her to do this, knowing that only she could make it happen. She felt almost powerful, and started going faster, almost ignoring Pierce’s moans and quivers.

But she was getting carried away, and wasn’t paying attention. Pierce kept saying something, but she had closed her eyes, and sucked and bobbed up and down on the tip of his dick.

“Haley! Stop! Haley please it’s going to be bad if you don’t! Haley!”

But she kept going.

“Haley! Ahh...Haley I’m cumming...stop...I can’t control it...Haley!”

Just like that Pierce came, releasing a loud moan and jolted forward, spraying cum deep into Haley’s mouth. She coughed, the large amount of cum unexpected, she took her mouth away from his dick, his remaining cum hitting her in the face, causing her to flinch.

She sat back on the couch, coughing into her hands, looking around the room for tissues. The lust she was feeling just a minute ago was overcome (puns <---) with disgust, maybe a little anger. Pierce, hovering on cloud nine from his first blow job, suddenly noticed Haley’s change in mood.

“Pierce!” She snapped

He ran into the bathroom, coming back with a box of tissues. He sat next to her, not sure if he should pat her back or say anything.

“Haley”, he finally said, as she blowed her nose, “I–I...Oh man”.

He sat away from her, and buried his face in the palms of his hands.

“I knew I would fuck it up. Girl’s don’t even like giving head, I knew I would fuck it up! I’m an idiot! I’m so sorry I didn’t know, I tried to tell you but I”. He stopped talking.

Haley coughed one more time, sub consciously doing so to punish Pierce. But she could tell he was upset. He shook his head, and sighed numerous times.

“Haley I–I didn’t know. I wanted it to be special, I always thought–I mean, I didn’t want you to end up–I’m so sorry. I-”

“Pierce”, Haley said, sliding over on the futon to rub his bare back, “It’s okay, it’s not your fault”.

“I’ve thought about this for so long”, he said, “I wanted it to be perfect. But I’m in sweat pants, and I gagged you with my–uh–semen, and pissed you off, and I know girls don’t get anything out of it, and I fucked it up!”

“You’ve thought about this?”

“Not like in the perverted way-”

“Pierce”, Haley laughed, “How can I get mad at my boyfriend for wanting me to suck his dick? And well, I’ve thought about it too.”

Pierce smiled, “Really? Did you think it would go so badly?”

“NO!” Haley smiled, “It wasn’t bad, Pierce! I was actually getting kind of carried away with it”.

“But you had to–I mean–taste it”.

“It’s not that bad”, Haley laughed.

“Cum is gross. I never thought you’d actually swallow, or let me cum on your face”, he paused, “Sorry. I mean, I just-”

“Pierce if I had a warning, it wouldn’t be bad at all”, she thought about what he had said about planning, “So, how did you think it would go down?”

“Well, I thought we would come back here at night”.


“Go to my room, lay on my bed, make out, then you would just sort of”, he paused, “This is so awkward!”

“No it’s not”, Haley leaned on his shoulder, “I pictured it on this futon. Just us, hanging out, cuddling-”.

“If my cum wasn’t in your mouth I’d kiss you”, Pierce said.


Jenna woke up handcuffed to the piping under the hotel room sink. She was only wearing a white gown, and felt light headed. She rubbed her forehead, looking around the small white bathroom for some clue of where she was. Just then the door swung open, and Hayden walked in.

“Who are you?” Jenna asked.

“How do you feel, Ms. Stewart?”

“Who ARE you?” Jenna screamed.

“Please. Do not scream, Jenna”.

“How do you know my name?”

Hayden, reached into her pocket and retrieved a piece of paper. She unfolded it and looked at Jenna.

“Who is, Barrett Warren?”

“Barrett!” Jenna screamed, “Barrett are you here? Barrett!”

Hayden calmly walked over to the handcuffed girl, and covered her mouth her hand.

“Please be quiet, and answer my question”.

Jenna starred at Hayden in panicked disbelief. Tears welled up in her eyes. Hayden removed her hand, and Jenna sniffled holding in tears.

“How old are you Jenna Stewart?”


“Who is Barrett Warren?”

“My ex-boyfriend!” She said, close to tears.

“Do you plan on marrying him?”


“Have you had intercourse?”

“What? I don’t have to tell you-”

Hayden bent down and quickly withdrew a knife from her pocket, holding it inches from Jenna’s face.

“Actually. You do have to tell me. Now, have you had sexual intercourse with him?”

“Yes”, Jenna said, “And NO. I don’t plan on marrying him”.

“Hmmm”, Hayden looked over the sheet of paper, “What about Thomas Barnes?”


“Would you marry Thomas?”

“I guess, I mean, between him and Barrett”.

“Good”, Hayden opened a drawer and removed a red gag ball. She shoved it in Jenna’s mouth, and left the bathroom.

“Thomas Barnes”, she said to herself quietly, opening the door of her hotel room, but not before hanging the Do No Disturb sign from the handle, “The Reverend’s generation will be here soon”.

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