This story is 100% fictional. Its my 3'rd story ever, and my first one to be released to the public. I hope you will enjoy, and if you see something I could improve on, then let me know in the comments. Part 2 will be made if the first part gets a positive response.
Hi there, my name is Matthew and I am 15 years old.

First let me tell you a bit about myself and my family.

We live in the edge of a medium sized town, and our house is secluded a bit from the other houses, meaning we could make a lot of noise without making people angry.
This meant we (or more to the point my sisters, who I will tell you about in a sec) often had parties at our house, since we could play very loud music, and act like idiots all the time.

I am about 5,7 ft high and pretty average of build, brown hair, and brown eyes.
I like to try and keep my body healthy, but it does not mean I am working out 3 days a week.
Mostly, I just make sure to be physically active a lot (not that hard for a 15 year old boy who loves parkour running, and skateboarding), and don’t eat too much unhealthy stuff.

There is however one thing about me, that is not very average for a boy my age.

My penis is almost 10 inches long (9.8 to be excact).
It may sound like a dream to a lot of guys, but often this actually is a problem.
You don’t believe me? Try running around town or skateboard with (almost) 10 inches of meat between your legs, it can get uncomfortable fast.
Also, one time, when I was in the school shower after gym class, I for some reason thought about my gym teacher (she had pretty nice tits), and got a hard-on.
Trust me, if you get a 9.8 inch (or about 8 inch at the time of the incident) hard-on in the boys shower, people WILL know.

Luckily, my mother got me permission to shower at home after that (our house is pretty close to the school), and also bought me some special pants, and underwear, that can help keep my “little” problem secured, and make me look a bit more normal out in public.
Despite this I am a virgin still, the girls my age would probably be scared of getting hurt, and I have never tried making approaches to adult women, as I figured my time would come in a few years.
My penis size is a condition I got after my dad (his was about 14 inches), and I feel that its probably one of the biggest (!) reasons my mother married him.

My dad himself however, sadly died while I was 9 years old.
He drove his car too fast one night, after having drunk a few too many beers, and slammed into a tree at 120 mph.
My dad only drunk alcohol on very few occasions, so this came as a pretty big shock to us all, and his death took a great toll on my mom.

My mom is a strong minded, and pretty attractive woman, even at 41 years old.
She has black hair, brown eyes, a nicely shaped body and pretty nice boobs, which I must admit I have a tendency to stare at on occasions (mom never says anything about it, even though I know she has seen me watching some times).
It often surprises me how well mom kept her figure, despite having had 3 children.

And that brings to my 2 sisters.

Alyssia & Gina are twins, and currently 19 years old.
Both have jet black hair, and brown eyes.
They are 5,4 ft high, and weigh about 114 pounds (I can’t tell all the times I have heard them on the scales, complaining to each other about putting about a feather’s weight on since their last weighing).
Also, like our mom, they have very nicely shaped and well kept bodies, and two pairs of 36C boobs (ok I admit it, I stare a lot at them as well).

Both of them are highly popular in school (and wherever they are really, with their looks, they would be popular even in a fucking monastery) , and pretty smart as well.
They always got pretty good grades (though most of their teachers were men, and that might explain it), and they were pretty nice to everyone who needed something.

My relationship with my sisters were pretty normal, we had disagreements, and the occasional fight, but nothing serious.
Or well, there was sort of a problem about 3 weeks ago.
We had been in the pool (me, Gina & Alyssia), and they had on bikini’s.
Very small, very sexy bikini’s.
I often looked at their boobs, and in a bikini I could not avoid it.

This time however, I got a hard-on as well, and since I was only wearing normal swimming trunks at the time, my erection was impossible to hide.
Gina & Alyssia noticed, and gave me weird looks.
They knew I was “well equipped” of course, because mom had told them, but they had not seen it (at least not after I was 3 years old, and back then its was still pretty small), and now they saw a 9.8 inch flag, in their 14 year old kid brother trunks, and knew that they had caused it.
They definitely looked at my cock, and for a split second, I could have sworn I saw their nipples getting hard.

A few seconds later however, they both looked at each other, and left the pool without a word.
Even though we had been in actual fights before, this felt WAY worse.
Would my sisters think I was a pervert now?
They didn’t talk about it afterwards however, and they behaved normally around me the following 2 weeks, so assumed they had decided to pretend it never happened, and I was not going to remind them about it.

That was 3 weeks ago, but 2 weeks later it was my 15’th birthday, and it would become a birthday that would change our family forever.

I woke up early in the morning, excited about the presents I would (hopefully) get, and the friends I would spend the day with.

I also had another reason for being happy.

This would be my first birthday without my mother being home (she was a consultant in a big law firm, and needed to travel out of the country for a job), and that made me very happy.
This may sound cruel, but this was the first time she allowed me to do WHATEVER I wanted on my birthday, and I had asked for money, so me and 3 friends could go to the amusement park for the day, which she accepted, and I felt like this was the first step in a new life for me.

There was a present at the foot end of my bed.
I leaned forward and picked it up.
The note read: To Matthew from Mom
I opened it, and found a brand new video camera.
Mom had heard me a few days earlier, saying to my friends that I would like a camera for my birthday, so I could film some hot chicks
I smiled to myself.

I threw of my covers, and headed down into the kitchen for breakfast.
As I was halfway through the cereal, the doorbell rung.
I didn’t want to across the house to answer the door (I REALLY hate being interrupted during meals), and called out for Gina or Alyssia to answer the door.
No response, and after a seconds the doorbell rung again.

Irritated I got up, and went to check who was out to make me grumpy on my birthday.
I opened the door, and saw….. nothing.
I closed the door, and was about to turn around to get back to my cereal, when I saw I note, that must have been pushed through the letterbox.

The note said:

“To Matthew.
I have a gift for you on your birthday, and I hope you will like it.
The gift is placed behind the garage, in your greenhouse.
Enjoy it”.

There was no sender.
I turned the note, but the backside was empty.
I was now irritated, but curious at the same time, so I put on a pair of shoes, and went out to the greenhouse.
True to the letter, there was a small brown package under one of the shelfs, and a note on it said:

“Only open this when you are alone”.

I quickly went to my room, and locked the door.

With excitement I opened the package, and found a USB stick.

I fired up my laptop, and plugged it in.

There was only one single file on the drive.
A video file, with the title “Happy birthday Matthew”.

I started the video.
The first few seconds the screen was black.
Then some text appeared on the screen:
“Watch until the end for a REAL surprise”.

After a few seconds, the text vanished, and a room with a chair appeared.

I watched as a pair of legs come into view.
The camera was placed so that it cut off at the belly, and thus I could not see the persons face.
The black panties, and well shaped legs however, left no doubt that this was a woman (and a very sexy one, by judging by the legs).

The person started dancing, and wriggling their hips.
I quickly felt my cock swell.
The woman in the video, teased the camera, and showed off her ass and legs to perfection.
Suddenly she turned around, and slowly slid her panties down her long legs, while making sure the camera did not catch her face.

The woman got back up, with her panties in her hand, and then threw them at the camera.
I was rock hard at this point, but in too much shock to masturbate.
The woman’s pussy was completely shaven, and a small tattoo was visible just above her mound.
I leaned closer, and saw it was a skeleton of a small snake.
I didn’t know of any woman that had such a tattoo, but then again, most girls would not mention that to everybody, and I had never seen a naked pussy before now (unless you count porn of course).
After a couple of minutes, the woman sat on the chair, but adjusted the camera first so that I still could not see her face, but I now could see a nice pair of tits.

The woman started running her fingers over her pussy, and slowly inserted a finger inside her pussy.
She then started to masturbate, and after a few minutes her body tensed up, and she obviously had an orgasm.
The woman then left the screen, and the screen went black for a few seconds.

Before I could do anything, more text appeared on the screen:

“Hey Matthew, I hope you enjoyed the show.
After watching this video you now have to make a choice.
You can either keep this video, the USB drive and the other contents of the box as a gift (what other contents, I thought quickly), and never hear from me again.
Or you can let me know you want more, and then I promise you this:
I will give you 2 birthday presents you will never forget.

If you want more, then here is what you need to do:

Send a response to the following E-mail (an E-mail address unknown to me appeared on the screen), and write “I accept”.
When the mail is sent, make sure to have your house empty of other people from 9 pm. and a few hours forward (leave the backdoor unlocked).
After doing that, use some of the remaining contents of the box to secure yourself to your bed, and wait for 9 pm.
At 9 pm. you will get your 2 presents.

Love from your secret admirer.

PS. The box has a trick bottom.

The screen faded out to black one last time, and the video stopped.

My heart was almost pounding through my chest.

An unknown and obviously very sexy woman, had sent me a tape of her stripping & masturbating, and offered me more.
I had no idea what the”more” involved, but I was sure as hell eager to find out.
I looked to the box, which I had thought empty, but now I could feel there was something under the bottom.

I found a pair of scissors, and cut one of the edges of the bottom, and peeled the fake bottom out.

Under the trick bottom, there was 3 things.

A pair of handcuffs
A pair of bigger handcuffs (I guessed they were for securing a foot, rather than a hand).
A pair of panties.

When I saw the panties, I thought they looked familiar, and in a second I realised it was the ones the woman in the video had been wearing.
I picked them up, and gave them a smell.
The distinct scent of female desire and perfume was enthralling.

I started to wonder if meeting the woman was a good idea.
I knew nothing about her, and it could be dangerous let a stranger in my house, while I would not only be alone, but also helplessly tied up with handcuffs.
Aware of the risks, I was also aware of a beautiful woman who had stripped for me, masturbated for me, and given me her panties, and even offered MORE.

I knew my decision was made, even before I had really made it.

With shaking hands, I opened my E-mail, and sent a message with “I accept” to the unknown E-mail address.
The next few hours I opened my E-mail about every 10 minutes, to check if I had recieved a response , but no E-mails came, and I had no way of knowing if my E-mail had been delivered.

The expectation of the things that would happen at night, kept me from being fully focus while me and my friends was in the amusement park.
Normally time is flying in the amusement park, and I always want to stay longer.
This time however, it seemed to take forever, and I just wanted to get it over with, knowing that something exciting would happen later that night.

At about 7 pm. I arrived home, and found Gina & Alyssia at home.
I got a bit mad, because them being here would be a problem 2 hours later.
They asked me if I had had a good day, and I said yes, trying to sound polite, and they gave me a smile.
This was the first time they had smiled to me since the day at the pool, but I guess they were being nice to me on my birthday.
I used the next hour to try and figure out something that would get them out of the house for several hours.
The clock showed 8 pm. which gave me 1 hour to get rid of my sisters.

A few minutes later however, they both appeared in my room.
I turned and saw them both dressed in hot-pants, and t-shirts.
As usual they looked really sexy.
Alyssia went over to me.
“Matthew, I am sorry to do this on your birthday, but do you mind if me and Gina went out to a party? It will probably mean we wont be back until tomorrow.”
I felt like god must had answered my prayers, and tried not to sound too eager when I answered her.
“Umm, sure sis, I don’t mind. I am tired after being in the amusement park for the entire day anyway, I think I will go to bed early.”

Alyssia looked back at Gina, and they shared a weird smile.
They could make me do anything dressed like that, and they seemed to know it.
Alyssia bent over, and gave me a hug.
“Thanks Matt, we have a gift for you as well, but we will give it to you later”.

She then turned around, and I could swear she was wriggling her ass at me, while she walked towards the door.
I heard them both giggle all the way out of the door, which then slammed.

At 8:45 pm. I walked down and unlocked the backdoor, and then ran to my room.
I didn’t know what to expect, but I quickly secured my one foot with the big pair of handcuffs, and then looped them through the iron bars at the end of my bed, and attached the other cuff , to my other foot.
After that, I clapped the regular handcuffs onto one of my hands, and then around the bars on my headboard, and (after a bit of trouble) clapped if on my other hand.

Now I was literally tied on hands and feet, and unable to move at all.
I still had the key to my handcuffs in my hand though, just so I could release myself if needed.

I kept looking at the clock, and when it changed from 8:59 pm. to 9:00 pm. my heart felt like it stopped beating.
Nothing happened.
The clock showed 9:05 pm.
Then 9:10 pm.
At 9:15 pm. I decided the woman in the video had gotten seconds thoughts, and was not going to show up.

I started to fumble around with the key to my handcuffs, and in my frustration I dropped it on the floor.
“You gotta be kidding me” I mumbled angrily.

Just then I heard the backdoor close.

I froze, my ears were trying to catch every noise in the house.

Now I heard steps approaching my door, and knew someone was just on the other side.

I watched as the handle was slowly turned, and the door opened.

I got a shock, when I saw Gina & Alyssia.

Typical, they had a change of heart just when its most inconvenient.
I looked at them in horror.
They both stood still and looked at me, still wearing their hot-pants and t-shirts.

Alyssia smiled at me.

“Hey bro, you look pretty tied up, is that a new sleeping aid?”
I now became angry, not only had my mystical woman not shown up, but my sister was taking advantage of an embarrassing situation, and teased me about it.

“No, now that you mention it, its not a sleeping aid, now untie me will you?”
“No, I think you are perfect the way you are” she just answered, with a strange smile.
She bend down, and picked up the key to the handcuffs, and put it in her pocket.
I looked at her with building anger.
“Alyssia, seriously, untie me now!”
She just smiled at me.

I looked at Gina.

“Can you please untie me Gina, it seems your sister is having a mental breakdown”.
Instead of answering, Gina turned around, and locked the door to my room, before putting that key in her own pocket.

Now I was starting to get worried, what the hell was going on?

Without saying anything more, Gina turned towards Alyssia, and started to kiss her.
Not a light sisterly kiss, but one where I could see their tongues going inside the others mouth, and they seemed more like lovers than sisters.

“What the hell do you two think you are doing?!”

Gina and Alyssia broke their kiss, and looked at me.
Their eyes now was filled with lust and excitement.

Alyssia answered me with a voice that didn’t sound like her own.
“We are going to fuck your brains out tonight little brother, that’s what we think we are doing”.

I just looked at both of them.
I must had heard wrong, they couldn’t just have said that.
“You are going to what?!” I asked with a shocked voice.
Gina looked at me with an obvious and evil smile, and repeated her sisters words “Fuck you”.

“ARE YOU TWO INSANE?!” I yelled.
They did not answer, but Gina found the scissors I had used to open the box, and without anymore words, she cut away my shirt and pants, leaving me in my boxers.


Gina just smiled again, and said in a calm voice.
“Actually we do, because we bought some new clothes, and made sure they were the same as the ones we just took of you”.

I was too shocked to speak.

Alyssia & Gina used this moment to resume their kissing, which made me realise that they were serious.
They actually planned to fuck their own kid brother.

Despite the wrongness of the entire situation, I felt my cock starting to swell.

The girls noticed, and giggled.

“Look Gina, he likes what he sees”
Gina laughed.
“Then lets show him a bit more”.

Without any warning Gina took off her t-shirt, showing a white bra under it.
She then unbuttoned and unzipped her hotpants, and slowly slid them down her legs, showing a pair of white lace panties matching the bra.

Gina now stood in her underwear, and turned towards Alyssia, who still was dressed.
“Strip for our brother sis, let him see what he is about to get” Gina said with an excited voice.
Alyssia stood and watched me a bit.
She then said “no, I wont do that”.

I started to think that at least one of my sisters was regaining some sense, when Alyssia followed up saying: “I want you to undress me with your teeth sis”.
Gina broke out in laughter, and walked slowly towards her sister.

I could only watch in awe as the two beautiful girls were slowly being exposed for my eyes.
After pulling Alyssia’s shirt of, revealing a black bra, Gina started to work on her hot-pants.
With her teeth she pulled them down slowly, and after a few minutes they were of, leaving a pair of black panties to match the bra.

Both girls were now standing in bra and panties, and looked at me.

“Do you like our underwear Matt?” Gina asked.
I didn’t answer, but then again I didn’t need to, as my cock started to swell again.
Alyssia’s looked kind of stunned.
“I think he likes it very much, just look at that thing” she said.
“Yes, I think the time to look has indeed come” Gina said with a grin, and without any warning she went over and cut of my boxers, releasing my cock.

Both my sisters jaws dropped when they saw my semi erect cock, lying in plain view.
I could not help but feel a bit happy about their apparent shock.

Alyssia bit her lip, looking kind of nervous.
“That thing will rip us open, I think it could reach my fucking chest”.

Gina looked like a lion, sizing up its prey.
“I will take it all, I swear to god”.
Alyssia looked shocked, but then started laughing.
“Well, anything you can do, I can too sis”.

I looked at them both.
I needed to talk some sense into their heads.

“Look, this is seriously not funny” I was both afraid, and (despite myself) excited about what was about to happen
“Let me go now. If you fuck me now its rape, its incest, its FUCKING NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!” I screamed.

Alyssia looked at me.
“I think our little brother is making a bit too much noise, how about we gag him Gina?”
Gina smiled, and then quickly slid of her panties, revealing a perfectly shaved pussy.
Before I could react, she had showed them into my mouth, and then tied some tape from my desk around it, making sure they stayed there.

“Now that’s better” Alyssia was an obvious grin right now.
I knew I no longer had anything I could do to prevent this.
I was helpless, and the thought actually excited me.
The thought of being raped by my stunning two older twin sisters, was so wrong, and made me extremely mad.
But at the same time the thought of doing it turned me on.

“Oh look Gina” Alyssia pointed towards my once again swelling cock.
“It getting bigger, and becoming ready to fuck its two sisters pussies I think” she said with an evil grin.
She turned towards Gina.
“Hey Gina, I guess you are not the only one with a snake around here”.

Gina? A snake?
My sisters had no pets, so I had no idea what they were talking about.
But since I was gagged I could not ask them about it.

Then Alyssia looked towards Gina’s pussy, and what I saw nearly made me faint.
Just above Gina’s pussy, was a tattoo of the skeleton of a small snake.
My sisters had sent me the box this morning, it had all been a trap.

The girls laughed when they saw the horror on my face.
“You see brother, we have wanted to fuck you for weeks” Alyssia started.
“Ever since we saw the size of your cock by the pool a few weeks ago, we knew we had to fuck it.
So we made a little present for you, and I guess you liked it, since you agreed to have more”.

“Well” said Gina.
“Time for talk is over, its about time to get to business”

She took of her bra, and Alyssia slipped of her remaining clothes as well.

“Who goes first?” Gina asked.
“Well, how about I suck him first, and you fuck him first?” Alyssia responded.
“Works for me” Gina said with a smile.

I watched in horror (and to be honest, a lot of excitement) as Alyssia took my cock in her hands, and slowly opened her mouth, which was seconds later engulfed around my cock (well the tip at least).
It felt amazing.
Either Alyssia had a lot of experience, or she was just a natural, because I had never felt anything thing wonderful in my life.
At one point she had about 5-6 inches inside her mouth, and she kept eye-contact with me during the entire time.
I could not belive that I was being raped by 2 stunning 19 old girls, and more than that, I was being raped by my own sisters.

I soon felt ready to burst, but Alyssia must have sensed it coming, and pulled her mouth away from my cock.
“I think he is about to blow sis, guess its your turn”

Gina looked at me with a smile, and just said:
“Time for your present Matthew”, and with that she moved her pussy over my cock.

I looked in shock as the head of my cock slowly spread her pussy apart, and after a few moments popped inside.
Gina moaned.
“Fuck me, this thing is splitting me in half”.
She started to impale herself further upon my cock, which now was about halfway inside her pussy.
Gina looked down in amazement.
“Holy shit Matt, I honestly don’t know if I can take all of this thing”.

With those words, Alyssia went over to her, and started to push down on her shoulders, making another 2-3 inches vanish inside Gina.
Gina looked both in pain and pleasure, and yelled:
She started to move up and down on my cock, and whenever she was going down, Alyssia would push on her shoulders, pushing my cock further inside every time, until about 5 minutes later, she was finally completely impaled on my cock.


I was in total disbelief.

I was stuck in a place between nightmare and heavenly dream.
This was so wrong in every way, but I loved it. I could not deny, that I did not want them to stop.

Alyssia looked in amazement at the sight of her twin sister impaled on their younger brothers cock.
“Holy shit sis, I can see the outline of that thing inside you, its going all the way up past your navel.”
She looked at Gina with a hint of fear in her eyes, and then asked her:
“Does it hurt?”
At this point I could not decide if Gina was even listening to Alyssia, she looked to be in her own world.

After a few seconds, she answered:
“Of course it hurts, how could it not hurt, but it feel wonderful at the same time, and the pleasure by far outweighs the pain. This is heaven!”
With that she started thrust up and down on my cock furiously.
“Fuck me Matt, fuck me like no normal man ever could”.
Her eyes rolled, and she started to look like a woman gone mad.

Alyssia looked at her sister in a mix of concern and lust.

I could feel my own fears growing bigger, as I felt my climax nearing.
I did not want to cum inside my sisters pussy, I had no idea if she was on the pill or not, and I had no interest in making her pregnant.
I made some muffled protests, but Gina’s panties efficiently muffled any sounds I made, and both my sisters ignored my silent protests.

After another minutes or so, I felt the cum shooting up through my cock, and inside my sisters hot fertile pussy, just as Gina had a massive orgasm of her own.
She collapsed on top of me, and we just lay on the bed silently and exhausted.

After a few minutes, Gina kissed me on my forehead, and pulled of my cock, while looking back at Alyssia.
“You seriously have to try this sis, its more awesome than you could ever imagine.”
Alyssia just stood there and looked at me for a few seconds, her eyes stopping on my currently drained and limp cock, and then said:
“Well, I would like to, but the snake seems to be a bit weak right now. How about we see if we can bring back to life together?”

Gina just laughed, and went over to Alyssia, and they started to kiss again.

If they had looked hot kissing with their clothes on, then seeing them kiss each other while being naked seemed un-worldly.
Alyssia suddenly bent down and started kissing Gina’s tits, circling around her nipples.
She then started to run her tongue all the way down Gina’s legs, and back up to her tits again.
They kept licking each other for several minutes, and before I knew it, my cock was hard as a rock again.

The girls noticed and broke of their play.
Both of them giggled.
Alyssia looked at my cock with an excited look, and said laughing to her sister:
“You see Gina, that’s one of the great things about boys at 15, they can go forever if you let them.”

Without hesitation, Alyssia went over to me and mounted my cock, which quickly popped inside her pussy due to it still being slick from fucking her sister.

I felt both humiliated, to be degraded to a sort of sex toy for my sisters, and excited that I was now about to fuck another stunning girl.

Alyssia got about 6 inches inside her pussy on her first try, aided a bit by my still-slick cock.
“Fuck Gina, you are right, it feels like I am being split in two.”
She didn’t stop though, and instead she started to follow her sisters strategy with thrusting up and down on my cock.
Gina went over, and pushed her down, just like Alyssia had done with her, and after a few minutes my cock was buried inside my other sister.

“Shit, THIS FEELS SOO GOOD” Alyssia managed to scream.
“Why didn’t you get a hard-on at the pool long before this Matt, we could have enjoyed soo much time together” She looked like a hungry wolf now.

I couldn’t really answer, and just gave a few muffled sighs in my gag.

Alyssia was not thrusting up and down and my cock at an even faster pace than Gina had done.
“Come for me bro, fill your two whore sisters with your fresh young cum, THIS IS THE BEST FEELING OF MY FUCKING LIFE!”

Due to having come inside Gina not long before that, I held unusually long inside Alyssia.
But after having fucked my cock for about 15 minutes I came long and hard, and shoot a pretty huge load inside her as well.

Alyssia collapsed on top of me like Gina had, but she was a lot sweatier, due to having fucked me a lot longer.
Suddenly she got up, and slid of my cock.
“Thanks Matthew, that was wonderful”.

She looked at me like she was trying to read my mind, and then said:
“It’s a shame, but we cant do this again, the risk of someone finding out is too big.
And don’t tell anyone about this, we will deny everything.
And if you think about showing mom the tape we sent, just remember that you cant see our faces, and mom does not know Gina has a tattoo.
We could also just say you broke into our computers, stole the video from there, and just added the text effects yourself, which would make mom think you are a real pervert”.

Gina looked at me, and continued:
“And you know mom would believe us and not you. In fact….”
She grabbed her tits and wriggled her ass
“…everyone would believe us over you, and you know it”.

I could not say anything (like literally, I was still gagged).
I just watched in amazement as they got dressed, and Alyssia pulled out the key to my handcuffs from her pocket, and put it in my hand.
“This time don’t drop the key Matt, I don’t think sleeping like that would be very comfortable”, and then she walked over to Gina.

Gina found the key to my door, and unlocked it.
Just as she opened it, she turned towards me and said:
“I hope you enjoyed your 2 presents Matthew, we sure enjoyed it”.
Alyssia turned towards me as well.
“Oh and Matt.” She had a very unsettling grin on her face.
“We are not on the pill right now, and so you might have just knocked up your own sisters”.

They giggled a lot as they left and closed the door after them, leaving me stunned and still tied up.

After about 5 minutes I managed to unlock the handcuffs, pulled of the tape and removed Gina’s panties (I now had 2 pairs of her panties), and then the handcuffs holding my feet.
I went up, and quickly got dressed.

I could not really cope with this.

My sisters had set me up, raped me (although I guess I did not put up much of a fight), and laughed about maybe being pregnant, and assured me nobody would believe what had happened.

I knew they were right.

Anyone would believe my two stunning, perfect, sweet, always helpful sisters over me,
There was no question about that.

A very evil, and very perverted thought entered my mind.
Something I would never have considered before, but Gina & Alyssia had now unleashed a new side of me.
A side that wanted revenge.

I hatched a plan, and my cock grew hard once again.

As I masturbated, I sniffed Gina’s panties, while I watched the video they sent me again
I soon shot my load in her panties.

My sisters were going to get a few surprises of their own soon.


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2015-04-09 21:24:00
I'm Honestly astonished by this story it's amazing please post part tow

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2015-03-31 06:19:40
Yo VG, I have gotta say I was a tad skeptical but it went above and beyond what I expected. Flawless delievery, entertaining dialogue, and I chuckled throughout. Twas some beautiful writing and you got yourself a fan. Hope to see the 2nd part soon.
Sincerely yours,
The Slave

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2015-03-24 10:41:01
fucking great, man. I WANT U 2

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