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addition to the Pendant
The Pendant 6 and 7

Introduction: You should read the Pendant. Pendant 1-5 are listed in my favorites Thanks to Base13 who wrote them. I wrote my extension of the Pendant, and it is over 23,000 words, so I am splitting it into 4 more pieces.
I liked the story “The Pendant” so much that I was really disappointed when it ended. Not at an end to the story, but while the protagonists were still planning on doing more. This is the final few paragraphs.

‘I removed the Pendant and got dressed. Bobby returned and we sat on the bed. I looked at him. “Tomorrow is the weekend and we can’t use my room.”

Bobby frowned. “I had been thinking about that. It sucks. It seems like there is always somebody at my house on the weekend so that is no good.”

We were both silent for a while. “Think on it tonight and I will too. Tomorrow we can talk and try to figure out a place.”

Bobby said OK and that he had better be getting home. He left and I waited for my mother. After I had asked her how her day was and she had gone down to start dinner I grabbed the Pendant and headed into the bathroom. I wore the Pendant while I soaked in the tub and diddled myself to an orgasm. Then I slipped it off and stroked my cock until I came again. Getting fucked had been nice but I had needed to cum and felt better after one of each.

Through the rest of the evening I tried to think of places we could go for more sex. There were lots of places where we might be alone but I could not think of any where someone might come walking along and see us. I would have to sleep on it and hope Bobby or I came up with an idea.’

Chapter Six

I thought about going to a motel, but could not see that the average motel proprietor would be ready to rent a room to a 18 year old couple, even if we had the money to pay for it, especially arriving on bicycles. I thought of all our friends who might have a shed or a room above the garage, but I couldn’t think of a way to explain who the strange girl was or what was going on. Besides, Bobby and I had gotten used to being in a comfortable place, not a clearing in a forest or an abandoned house. So unless Bobby came up with something, we were shot down.

I started thinking about the Pendant and its powers. I wanted to experiment with it. First, I wanted to see if it would turn a girl into a boy. Next, I wanted to see if the girl version was always the same age as the boy. What would happen if I wore it for say, 24 hours? What if I got pregnant while I was wearing it? I would have liked to try making out with Bobby when we were both girls. That would be really hot. How come I was attracted to boys when I was a girl, but not when I was a boy?

I put the Pendant back on and became a girl. I tried thinking about wearing a pretty dress and makeup. Strangely, it had a lot of appeal to me. I thought about the upcoming Prom, and either Bobby or I going as a girl. Damn. I realized that my dancing lessons had taught me how to lead but not to follow. Bobby would have the same problem. We had both gone to dancing class together, but had only danced with the girls in the class. Who would have known that would create a problem. Suddenly, I had a strong desire to go to the Prom with Bobby, and wanted to figure out a way to do it as a girl.

I suddenly realized that I was going to have to bite the bullet and let Mom in on the deal. However was I going to explain it? Well, Bobby and I accepted the Pendant for what its obvious effect was, but we were young and naive. We weren't worrying if it was going to give us Cancer or send us to Hell, but how would Mom look at it? Granted, my Dad wasn't in the picture, but moms tend to worry about things. I guessed the best bet was to show it to Mom and see how she reacted, of course, neglecting to mention all the sex experimentation Bobby and I had been doing. Mom wasn't an opportunist. She wasn't likely to try to take it away from me and want to sell it for 1 million dollars. But on the other hand, she had once in a while shown strong signs of wishing she had a daughter! I had never had my feelings hurt by this. I had more than once wished I could have been the daughter she wanted, but up until right now, there hadn’t been much I could do about it. Besides I was quite happy being a boy… Oh wait, I was a girl just now, and I was liking that too.

I took the Pendant off, and became me, again. Yep, I was quite happy being a boy too. Oh well, I guessed that I would go down stairs and see how Mom would take this.

I went down, and Mom was fixing dinner, so I decided that eating before creating a major family incident would be the order of the day. Mom and I sat at the table, eating supper, and I tried to make conversation. I asked how her day was, neglecting to remember that I had shown zero interest in talking about her job on prior occasions, and had the habit of rolling my eyes when she started talking about it. So, immediately, she knew something was up. “John, are you about to tell me you are failing algebra again?”

“No, Mom”, I said. “I’m making an A in algebra.”

“Then spit it out. It’s bound to be more interesting than work”, she said.

“You have no idea”, I thought. “You remember how my friends and I went swimming at the pond, last weekend. Well, Bobby found a box on the bottom., which had a Pendant on a chain in it. We looked at it a while, then Mike hung it around his neck. You won’t believe this, but he turned into a girl. He yanked it off, threw it down, and started running like hell, away from it. Bobby and Jake followed, but I hung behind, and picked the Pendant up. I then stuck it in my pocket and high tailed it after the rest of them.”

“Just a second. Have you guys been using drugs? Obviously that was a hallucination!” Mom said.

“No, we all saw the same thing. Mike had breasts while he had the Pendant on. When we caught up to him, he was so embarrassed, he made us swear that we would never tell a soul. I was astonished that no one asked about the Pendant.” We spilt up, to go home. I got home, and you still weren’t due home for 2 hours, so I decided to experiment. I pulled the Pendant out, and put it on my neck. Suddenly I was a girl.”

“You thought you were a girl.” said Mom.

“No, I was a girl. With breasts, a vagina, wide hips and long hair. I looked in the mirror. I was hot. I felt all over my body, and it was a girl’s body.” I said.

“It was a hallucination, all in your mind.” Mom said.

“No, it was real. I jumped up and down and my breasts jiggled. I touched my vagina, and it was there instead of a penis and testicles.” I said, defensively.

“I don’t believe you. Show me,” said Mom.

“OK, follow me to my room.” I said, and marched up the stairs with Mom right behind me.

I went into my room, reached in the drawer where I had the Pendant, and put it on. There was a shimmer, and I stood there as a girl. Mom looked thunderstruck. She said “Pull off your t-shirt.” I did. She, hesitantly, reached out and touched my breasts. “My god, they feel real.”

“They are real,” I said, and reached up and squeezed them, making the nipples get erect.

“What about the rest of you? “ She said.

I dropped my pants, and showed her my vagina. I spun around and showed her the lack of testicles.

Suddenly she laughed. I was dumbfounded. I had figured anything but that.

“Now I have a daughter, and a pretty one too”, she said.

“Well, what about your son?” I said, stung a little bit.

“Take off the Pendant.” She said.

I immediately did.

“Oops. Pull up your pants. That’s the first time I have seen THAT in ages.” She said.

I did. “Two kids for the price of one, a son and a daughter”, I said.

“Sure enough”, she said. Never asking, how is this possible, what are the side effects, what does this all mean?

“I asked her, “What do you think?”

“Arthur C. Clarke said, ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’”, she said. “It’s obviously possible, so I’m not going to worry about it.”

“Mom, you can answer two questions I had about it, at once.” I said. “Put this on” and handed her the Pendant.

Without hesitating, she put it around her neck. She shimmered and became a 25 year old man. She reached down her shorts, and felt her penis. Yep, I’m a man. Touching her penis, she rapidly became erect. “And horny, too. Not much I can do about it here. How about lending it to me tonight when I have some privacy.” She took it off, and shimmered back into a woman but noticeably younger. “Still horny”, she said.

“Too much information, Mom. Look at yourself in the mirror.” I said.

“Wow, the damn thing’s a fountain of youth too.” She said. “Don’t lose it. It’s priceless.”

“it’s co-shared by me and Bobby, Mom. We found it in a very old box. I hope no-body’s looking for it. The fewer people who know about it, the better off we are. By the way, how about going shopping with me this evening?” I said.

“Shopping,” Mom asked?

“For some pretty clothes; apparently my feminine side wants to look good.” I said, as I put the Pendant around my neck. ”By the way, the Pendant makes me horny too. I’ve been having sex with Bobby.”

“As a girl, I would hope.” Said Mom. Letting slip by that her beautiful young daughter was sexually active, without a pause.

“Give me a break, Mom, of course.” I said. Mom didn’t seem to be bothered by the revelation.

We left and drove towards the mall. As she drove, Mom was thinking, “I should call her Janine. She looks to be eighteen, and could pass for twenty-one with makeup. Bobby’s lucky to be fucking her. She’s a ten, and he’s about a six. Of course, John is only about a seven. Humm, no he’s an eight now, I wonder if it’s a side effect of the Pendant, to make the users more attractive. It sure has made me hornier. I got wet just looking at John. Glad he turned into a girl when he did.”

We were at the mall now, and Mom was making tracks in a direction that I didn’t usually go. We were rapidly approaching Victoria’s Secret. We went in, and rapidly accumulated well-fitting bras and panties for both of us. This was a trend I liked, Mom had been pretty inactive and withdrawn since Dad died, and her recently youthful appearance could use some nice things. From the pictures of her before I was born, Mom used to be a ten and she seemed to be getting there again. I could tell she was horny too, but she couldn’t be deterred from her major goal of bringing me to my full potential as a girl. Besides, even though I was horny too, I really did want to do what we were doing.

“Janine! Janine! That’s you dummy!” She said and poked me in the side. “Just what do you have in mind? “

“I want Bobby to take me to the Prom.” I said. “But, but” and here I sniveled a little bit, “I don’t even know how to dance like a girl.”

“Don’t even worry about that.” Mom said. “I can teach you how to follow in 30 minutes. The rest is easy, you just do everything backwards and in high heels. Oops, we need to go by a shoe store.”

Soon we had passed like a whirlwind through a shoe shop, a beauty shop, a dress shop and a place to buy makeup. We even bought a Prom dress, which we could return if I didn’t have a date for the Prom. But if I didn’t, Bobby would have a black eye. My brother, John, would see to that. AT that moment, I was more worried about how to walk in high heels than whether Bobby would take me to the Prom.

We went home, and Mom had to do without the Pendant for the night. I had decided to see what would happen if I wore it for more than 24 hours. But meanwhile, I had a place for Bobby and me to have sex. My bedroom. Mom Promised not to interrupt us. I called Bobby on his cell, told him the good news, that we could have privacy in my room. He told me that he would tell his mom that he was sleeping over at my house, which he would, just not that I was currently a girl. We were going to have a 24 hour video game marathon. ”Yeah right” I thought.

Bobby showed up promptly, and I spent the next hour modeling my new clothes for him, and amusing him with my novice attempts to walk in high heels. He didn’t laugh when I showed him my Victoria’s Secret wardrobe, but his hard-on clearly showed what he felt. He had been looking forward to wearing the Pendant, but he did understand why I wanted to wear it for 24 hours. If we never did the experiment, we would never know, and if it got me stuck as a girl, at least my mother was on board.

Anyway, as a girl, I found that I really thought I would like sucking a cock, so I thought I would give Bobby the blow-job of his life. I got him to sit on my chair, and I kneeled. I unzipped and pulled down his jeans and tightie whities. I grasped his penis in my small feminine hand, and put my full feminine lips up to its head. I licked his slit, and then ran my tongue around the head. From my knowledge as a guy, I knew what felt good to me, so I slid his penis into my mouth and closed my lips around it, then slid it all the way to the back of my mouth.

I had seen girls deep throat in porn movies, many times, and I was going to be darned if I couldn’t do what some ditzy girl in Burbank, California could, so I slid his penis further down my throat. I immediately gagged and pulled it back out. I knew that the gag reflex was a mind control trick, since I had seen sword swallowers defeat it many times so I tried it again, and again, and again. As I kept gagging, I realized that it happened when I reflexively inhaled. I figured out that it was impossible to breathe when his penis was all the way down my throat, so I took a deep breath and slid it in again and held my breath. .

Finally I was making some progress and although my eyes were watering profusely, the feeling of Bobby’s penis going all the way down was making my pussy tingle like crazy. I felt down with my left hand, and my pussy was really wet, the lips of my vagina were swollen, and my clitoris was sticking out like a little rod. I kept working Bobby’s penis all the way out to my lips and back end as deep as it would go all the time grasping his penis shaft as hard as I could with my lips, while very carefully not letting my teeth touch his penis, breathing when it was all the way out of my throat, and holding my breath when it was all the way in.

At the same time, I worked two of my fingers into my pussy, while stroking my clitoris with my thumb. My pussy was tingling more and more, and it was involuntarily clamping down on my fingers hard. The feeling was incredible. I was building higher and higher. At the same time, I was stimulating Bobby very intensely. He had reached down and was playing with my breasts and nipples, gently twisting and pinching them, then squeezing my milk glands, and then alternating back to my nipples again. I had his penis all the way into my mouth, and was licking his balls as best I could at the same time. Suddenly he started shooting his semen into my throat, so deep I couldn’t even taste it. He thrust into my mouth as hard as he could, and I exploded into a really strong orgasm. I held his penis in my throat as long as I could hold my breath, then slid it out carefully so that it didn’t tickle him. He collapsed with a sigh. “That was really great. That was the best blow job I ever had. John, I couldn’t imagine that you had it in you.”

“I’m Janine, right now, and 100% female. By the way, will you take me to the Prom?” I said.

“I didn’t think that you were into that sort of thing, but yeah.” Said Bobby.

“That’s really good. Then John won’t have to beat you up.” I said. “I already have the dress, and the high heels, you will just have to get the corsage, the tux, and the limo.”

“Janine, you are really getting into this. How are we going to explain to your mom that you are going to the Prom, as a girl, and being picked up by a limo?”

“How do you think I got all these clothes, shoes and stuff? Mom is already with the program. I told her everything. Even the sex. She was cool with it all. She even came up with a cool quote to explain everything.”

“We have fucked a lot, but we’ve never been out of the house on a date. I guess that this would not be a bad time. Want to see a movie? And make out.” I said.

“You’re on,” said Bobby. “Will your mom loan us the car?”

In the car, I scooted over to the middle of the seat next to Bobby, who was driving. He put his arm around my shoulders, and I reached over and grabbed his penis through his pants. He reached back and unhooked my bra with one hand, driving with the other. “I didn’t know you could do that”, I said.

He moved his arm back around and grabbed my right breast. “This is really fun’, he said. “I hope you don’t mind me treating you like a girlfriend, instead of my best male friend.”

“It feels great. It is making me really hot. I hope you don’t mind me treating you the same way, when the roles are reversed”, I said.

“you can count on it”, Bobby said, but it is really strange thinking of you as my buddy John, when you are cuddled up next to me, holding my dick.”

I gave his penis a few strokes, then unzipped him, and pulled his penis through his fly and started stroking it in earnest. We pulled to a stop at a light, and the guy driving the 18 wheeler next to us could clearly see what we were doing. He honked his horn. Just then, the light turned green, and we sped off. Bobby waved with his left hand holding the wheel with his knee. “I hope he jacks off to that when he stops tonight, or at least thinks of us when he is fucking a truck stop honey in the back of his cab.” I said.

“The funniest thing is that he will never know what he really just saw”, said Bobby.

“He better not”, I said with emotion. “No matter what, we can never let anyone know what we are doing using the Pendant.”

By then, we had pulled into the theater parking lot, and quickly started putting ourselves back together. We picked a movie that wasn’t likely to be very full, and then, we went into the theater, and found some seats in the back. The only people back there were another couple with the same idea in mind, sitting on the same row, pretty far away from us.

We had never made out in a theater before in our lives, so we, sort of, watched the other couple out of the corners of our eyes. Pretty quickly, the other couple were getting it on. The boy’s penis was sticking out of his fly and the girl sat down in his lap, hiding both of their legs with her dress. Bobby whispered to me, “They are fucking right there, in the dark.”

I whispered back, “Uh huh. What’s stopping us?” We had no idea if they were watching us too, but seeing them doing it was really turning us on, so I quickly pulled Bobby’s penis out of his pants, and started stroking it to make it hard. I was thinking ahead, and was wearing a dress and had gone commando. Pretty quickly, he was sticking up like a flag pole, so I got up, moved in front of him, and flipped up the back of my dress. I moved backward until my vagina was directly over his penis, and sat down on it. This was pretty unceremonious, no foreplay and all, but we were so aroused, I was wet as I could be, that it felt great. His penis was in me, as deep as it could go, under the circumstances, and I started moving myself up and down on it lifting myself with my arms on the arm rests, and with my feet on the floor.

I couldn't see exactly what the other couple was doing, but it looked like they were watching us too. I decided to put on a good show, and started moving up and down as much as I could, sliding Bobby’s penis in and out of my vagina. He grabbed my breasts and was playing with them through my clothes. My nipples were so hard, that he could feel them through my bra and blouse, and he was alternating between pinching them and squeezing my breasts. He was also kissing the back of my neck.

I guessed that the best buddy concept had gone out the window for the time being. We were so aroused by exchanging glances with the other couple, that both Bobby and I came, practically at the same time, biting our tongues to keep from attracting other attention than what we already had. Within a minute or so, the activity at the other end of the row was so intense that it seemed as though the other couple was inspired by us to come too.

I kept on Bobby’s lap squeezing his penis with my Kegel muscles, which, perhaps by the benevolence of the Pendant, seemed very strong, keeping his penis erect and trapped in my vagina. I just decided to stay there until he either got really hard, and we fucked again, or the movie ended, or the usher noticed I was in Bobby’s lap and told us to cut it out. No one could actually tell that Bobby’s penis was in me, except, of course, me. After a while, we realized that what I had done required so much exertion that I was actually too tired to do it again right then, so I pulled myself off of his penis, and slipped back into my seat. Bobby made himself respectable, and we started whispering. “Well, there goes our plan to neck in the theater, and to go back home to fuck.” I said.

“Well, plans only last until reality sets in. I think that we did the best we under the circumstances.” Bobby said. “Besides, we are still going home to fuck. This movie sucks, let’s go out into the lobby and make new plans.” Bobby said.

So we got up and started to leave. The other couple saw us leaving, and started out too. I wasn’t sure I wanted them to see us, but then I thought, what could it hurt? Out in the lobby, I recognized the other couple as Bill, the quarterback of our football team and Sue, the head cheerleader. They normally had no time for the likes of us, but this time, they walked over and said “Hi”.

Knowing that they didn’t know who I was, I introduced myself as Janine, and said that I was John,s out of town cousin a local boy, pretending I didn’t know them. They introduced themselves, and Bill said that they knew John and Bobby and he was pleased to see Bobby going out with such an attractive girl. Sue glared at him, but said nothing. Bobby and I were not sure if Bill was being snarky or sincere, but I was pleased that I passed his inspection. Bobby saw his reputation at the school being on the rise, since he was out with a really hot chick, who was clearly hanging all over him. I was, of course, putting on the best show possible to enhance the rep of my best friend.

Bill said, “What did you think of the movie?”

I said, “I didn’t really see much of it. Most of my attention was on my date!”

“Yeah, we caught some of the action. Looked like you were having a great time.” Said Sue.

“Yeah, no kidding, Bob is really great. Of course, we didn’t see anything and you didn’t see anything, right?” I said. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so to speak.”

“Well, we are known as a couple, but I guess it doesn’t need to be going around how good a couple we are, don’t ya know.”, Bill said. “But, it’s really nice to meet you, Janine, hope I’ll be seeing you around. I mean, we’ll be seeing you around. He made the change after a noticeable glare from Sue directed at him.

“John knows how to get hold of me.” I said. “See you later.” And we left.

Bobby said, “What was that all about?”

“I was just establishing you as a major stud, and me as the hot new girl in town.” I said.

By then we were back to my house, and we went back to my room.

I stripped down to the buff. “It was fun going out as a girl, wearing a dress and makeup, but I am ready to get down to some serious fucking. Eat me, Bobby.” I said.

“Huh? Oh I get it. Well, OK, but I have never done oral sex”, said Bobby as he also striped to the nude.

“Well, until today, I hadn’t done a blowjob either. Figure it out on the fly. You’ve been a girl; you know how a pussy works!” I said.

“Right!, I can do that”, said Bobby. “Lay down on the bed and spread your legs.” And with that Bobby dove right in.

Bobby began licking the lips of my vagina, working his way around until I once again became very wet. My pussy tingled, and I could feel it pulsing looser and tighter. I grabbed his head, and centered him on my clitoris then I started stoking my clitoris from each side as he licked in the center. Bobby’s tongue proved to be very talented and I could feel it moving around on my clitoris in some sort of random pattern that was very stimulating. I rapidly built to a very strong orgasm.

As my vagina spasmed, I felt a very strong need to have his penis in my vagina. I reached up and grabbed his hips, then guided the tip of his penis to the mouth of my vagina. He started by inserting the tip very slowly into my vagina, but I couldn’t stand it, and shoved his butt towards me as I arched my back to receive him as fully as possible. All the time my vagina was spasming like crazy. Whoever said that the vagina doesn’t have any sensual nerves and all sensation in women is at the clitoris, is wrong. I could feel his penis most exquisitely through my full length. Big may not be better, but big enough sure is, Bobby’s penis was big enough.

All this was not happening after my orgasm, it was happening during my orgasm, which was going full steam as Bobby began rapidly thrusting in and out. I could feel the head as he pulled it out to the mouth of my vagina, and I could feel it stoking my G spot as the head passed it both ways. I could feel the head sliding past my cervix, as it stretched out my vagina to the length of his penis. The sensation of fullness was incredible. I felt his penis nearly go all the way out. I would try to grip its head with my pelvic floor muscles to keep it in., wanting to feel it slid back in, to fill me fully, then wanting to feel it slid back out. The orgasm waned.

But I wanted to come again. I seemed to be one of the many girls who didn’t climax by fucking alone, so I was reaching down and stroking my clit along with the feeling of his penis going in and out. The combination of the two sensations was rapidly pushing me to a second orgasm. I could come for a long time, and I could come multiple times. It seems like I could have an orgasm that would never stop, until the fucking finished. All of this new information was really exciting to me. I truly enjoyed being a girl.

Bobby felt all of the things my vagina was doing and heard all of the sounds I was making, moaning, saying things like “fuck me deep. I want you deep inside me, pull it out, oh God, push it back in”, and it made him come too.

After he came, he started feeling all of the muscular exertion that he had been making, in response to my commands, and collapsed on me, exhausted. At this point, I started winding down, because I knew I had to stop, before I fucked poor Bobby to death. We pulled apart, and cuddled together in bed for the first time, with his limp penis in the crack of my butt, and one hand on my right breast. All was well in the world, and we fell asleep.

The Pendant 7

The next morning, as we got dressed, after, of course, taking care of Bobby’s morning wood, with a good morning quickie, I started talking to Bobby about my plans. “You know all those exclusive parties we don’t get invited to. Well, that’s about to change.” I said. “Too bad, we can’t both be girls at the same time. That could be really hot. You are as hot a girl as I am, and I know a way to get back at all of the girls at school, who gave us the brush. But let’s see what happens to me after 24 hours with the Pendant on. I have an idea that may change things.

We went down to breakfast in our regular clothing, except that I was dressed as a girl with a bra, a t-shirt for a girl and girl cut jeans, courtesy of my Mom. When we showed up at the breakfast table as a boy and a girl, Bobby knew for the first time with no doubt that Mom was on board. I had that freshly fucked glow about me, and Mom clearly knew what we had been up to in my room. Obviously not playing video games. Having raised a boy, she was not primed with all the protective instincts of the mom of a teenage girl. To the contrary, it was, sort of, turning her on, imagining the things that might have been going on in my room. I told her what my game plane was concerning the elite parties of elite guys and chicks at my school, and she said “Hell yeah! I have seen how disappointed that you were being left out by those stuck up kid.”

This was again not quite the reaction I had expected. Since dad had been a welder, and Bobby’s dad was a used car salesman, and we were boys, not sexy girls, we were just left out of those groups. We weren’t stoners, or into music, so we weren’t any in particular group. Just left out. Mom had seen this. Even though she had been a hot chick as a teenager, being a brain and making straight “A” was sufficient to keep her on the outside too. She compensated by having a number of different boyfriends, not upper class scum but nice. She had a high sex drive, and frequent but discrete sexual activity which culminated in getting pregnant and marrying my dad, which kept her from going to college since her folks, sort of, disowned her. Despite her folk’s attitudes, she was very open minded and accepting. She had a number of gay and lesbian friends, even though she was more or less straight. Mom probably would have been described as a bisexual leaning strongly towards boys. I learned all this later, when we started talking over the emotional effects of her having a boy who was also part-timing as a girl.

After I started learning all of this, I figured out that she would like to be an active participant in the use of the Pendant. Of course, we only had the one, but I was eager to see what wearing it for 24 hours would do.

So, Bobby and I decided to go to the mall, and start hanging out, trolling for connections with the hoy polloi of the teenage population of our town. It should be understood, that we weren’t interested in becoming them, but instead, just using them to having a good time with them, not being left out.. “Party On, dude.” So to speak. Heck we were teenagers, not adults.

We hung out with the high school power-players for a lot of the day. My extreme good looks and apparent devotion to Bobby, seemed to be the key that opened the door. Obviously I was hot, and Bobby, by having a hot girlfriend, gained a lot of cred. Several of the guys hit on me, but I was sufficiently coy with them that their girlfriends weren’t instant enemies

We blew off most of the day hanging out, and I gained a number of surreptitious phone numbers from various boys, much to both Bobby and my delight. Then we went home.

Mom was still there, it being Saturday, and she wanted to go off in another room to talk with me. “If I understand it right, Bobby is your best friend and not a boyfriend.” Mom said.

“Yeah, that is kinda right. As girly as I have been feeling, I guess you would call it friends with benefits.
Certainly if he wants to fuck another girl, or I want to fuck another guy, there will be no jealousy or hard feelings involved, at least from my part. I can’t actually speak for Bobby, but I think that it’s the same for him. We’ve been best friends for too long to screw it up by getting romantic.” I said.

“He’s seventeen, isn’t he? That’s the age of consent in this state, How would you feel about me hitting on him. It wouldn’t be breaking secret mother-son rules, would it? Mom said.

“WHAT?” I said with a shocked look on my face. “Just kidding! I just never thought about it. It’s been a long dry spell for you since Dad died, and you’re only 35. I guess I read that women aren’t even in their sexual prime until about your age.”

“Where did you read THAT? It’s true, but that’s more than I expected you to know.” Mom said.

“Playboy Advisor!” I said.

“OK. Well, we have never had a mother and son talk, but If we were to talk as two girls or two women, I would certainly be willing to tell you more than as mother to son.” Mom said.

“I can see that”, I said. “Telling me stuff, that would give me a hard-on, might make the conversation more complex. Since I’m not at this time a member of the penis carrying people of the world, I might not consider some things salacious that would otherwise turn me on.” I said. “On the other hand, it might make my vagina tingle”, I thought.

“Yeah,” That’s what I hoped. I’ve been needing a close female friend I can talk to.” Said Mom, sort of forgetting that in reality, when I change back, I will still remember all the personal stuff, or not caring.

Then we had an hours long conversation that told me about her high school years. How she had a lot of lovers when she was a teenager, but kept it on the down low. How a burst condom got her a husband and a child, and kept her from going to college. She didn’t mind the husband and child, both of whom she deeply loved, but she hated that she hadn't gone to college. She admitted that after Dad died, she sunk into a depression, and sort of lost her ambition and sex drive. On the other hand, wearing the Pendant had busted her out of the depression, and she found that her sex drive was back. And that figuring out what her ‘daughter’ was up to had a major effect on her libido. Some people might have thought it was weird, but she just thought it was sexy. Just thinking about me and Bobby fucking really turned her on..

Of course, I did not mention to her that thinking about a threesome, with her, me and Bobby really turned me on. But, then I did. “What about a threesome with you, me and Bobby?” I said, biting the bullet.

“But that would be incest!” She said.

“You wouldn’t be fucking me, you would be fucking Bobby, and watching me fucking Bobby would just be a perversion, not incest. “, I said.

“You had me at ‘Not incest’” Mom said, “Let’s do it.”

“Just a minute, while I ask Bobby’, I said.

Of course, Bobby said, “You shitting me? I’m in.”

So we all went to the master bedroom, and stripped down. My mom had beautiful breasts, but since she hadn’t been dating, her bush wasn’t shaved. Come to think of it, mine wasn’t either. Immediately, Mom and I set out to correct the situation and quickly I had a pubic patch the shape of a heart, and she had a landing strip. I looked that Mom’s breasts and mine in the mirror, and immediately I knew where I had gotten my beautiful breasts. I really liked Bobby’s breasts when he as a girl, but I avoided mentioning that. Bobby seemed to like mine just fine. And my Mom’s breasts after one pregnancy, and nursing were a little bigger and saggier than mine, but were really a little sexier from my point of view. I avoided mentioning that too. Especially the part about me liking her breasts. Probably too much information.

So we all got on the King sized bed, with Bobby in the middle. Mom started kissing him, while I went straight for sucking his penis, feeling like kissing him was a little too gay; perish the thought, since I was a girl right then. I held his penis in my hand, and began sucking it like a lollipop. I spent special attention to the sensitive underside of the head. Meanwhile, Mom started working her tongue into his mouth. Bobby and I hadn’t started out doing regular boy/girl stuff since we started out in an unusual way, with primarily male attitudes, so I had only kissed him a little, going more for second, third and home base. The previous night was my only experience with oral sex, and I had never eaten a girl.

Mom, meanwhile worked her way down to his nipples. Some males don’t have sensitive nipples, or pretend they don’t, but Bobby certainly did. He was starting to get hard with the oral sex I was doing on him, but when Mom sucked on his nipples, he got hard really fast. I was intending for Bobby to fuck Mom first, but I wanted to warm Mom up, so, throwing caution to the wind, I moved to Mom’s vagina, and started licking it. Mom didn’t seem to mind, even though it might be called ‘Incest’ in a court of law. So I stroked her perineum with my tongue up past the opening of the vagina up to the clitoris. From personal experience, one time, I had found that VERY erotic. From the movement of Mom’s hips, I guessed she was in agreement. I stroked her clitoris with my tongue. I had heard, probably also from the Playboy Advisor that spelling the alphabet on the clitoris was very exciting, so, I began doing that. About at the letter ‘O’, appropriately, Mom came to an orgasm.

“Quick, put your dick in my pussy” she said, to Bobby, obviously, since I didn’t have one, and continued a 10 minute long orgasm, in which she extended my vocabulary of sexually oriented words considerably. She sounded much like I did when I came the previous evening. I guess I know where I got my ability to have long, multiple orgasms. Meanwhile from the previous night, Bobby knew just what to do. He stroked my Mom’s vagina for all it was worth, fighting off the desire to come, admirably, partially because he remembered that when he was a girl, in our first encounter, (with me as a boy) I came too quick and left her disappointed. He didn’t do that to me, and he wasn’t going to do it to Mom. But, eventually, stroking quickly and stroking slowly by turns, he became so excited that he had to shoot his cum into Mom’s vagina. And his penis got soft, and Mom’s orgasm quit. Mom was happy. She hadn’t had a penis in her vagina in years, and that good an orgasm in perhaps, forever. I wasn’t disappointed. I just started sucking on Bobby until he got hard again, and then I climbed on top. This position, called many things, offers the woman the ability to control the speed and the pressure of the man’s penis in her, but also allows her to easily stimulate her clitoris. This I did, while simultaneously yelling “Rideum, cowboy.”, which was probably no less dignified than yelling “Fuck me, fuck me hard” which was my previous attempt at orgasmic outcry.

This experience was the first time that Mom had sex with Bobby and me. But what came next was that we realized that 24 hours had passed, and I got to test my theory. I lifted off the Pendant, and nothing happened. “Mom, I guess it’s a good thing that you got me a complete wardrobe. I think I’m going to be a girl for a while. Just to see what would happen, I put the Pendant back on. I shimmered, and became John once again. I took it off, and became Janine. I now had a new problem, I could no longer fuck Bobby, because if he had the Pendant on, both of us would be girls. Bobby put the Pendant on, and if I was a ten, he was an eleven. “Whoopee, more shopping.” said Mom, “but I sure am glad about the insurance settlement” Mom seldom mentioned the insurance settlement, which had been for I million dollars, with double indemnity but Mom had been too depressed to even spend. She had found a good financial adviser, and she had grown it considerably since Dad’s death. She was adamant that the money not change us, since she knew a million dollars could vanish quickly if we started living the Life of Riley, but apparently buying Bobby a feminine wardrobe didn’t qualify as an extravagance.

She reached out and grabbed the amulet from Bobby, and put it on, She shimmered, and became the hot 25 year old she had been previously He also had a big erection, as did Bobby, courtesy of the magic of the Pendant, They both looked at me. “I thought incest was off the books.” I said, knowing it was a losing argument.

“How can a guy who was a woman, and a girl who was a boy be related?’ She said.

I could think of several ways, but I didn’t care. I knew incest laws were to prevent closely related people from having children due to inbreeding, and I wasn’t planning to have children from anything that night so no inbreeding was possible, even if I and the man Mom had become had similar genetic markers. Besides, I knew that many cultures had married kings to their sisters for numerous generations without having two headed children, and that in 21 states marriage between first cousins is legal right here in the good old US of A. So I didn’t argue.

Meanwhile, there were two guys with hard-ons staring at me, and my vagina was pretty wet as well. I couldn’t imagine Bobby and Mom would have sex together, perhaps because as a male, Bobby did not have any attraction to another male. I wasn’t at all sure about Mom, but I wasn’t going to make any assumptions. So I just laid in the middle of the bed and gestured them to get on each side. I was willing to try out Mom’s oral skills, having already experienced Bobby’s which weren’t too shabby for a 1st timer. Mom had neglected to tell me if she had ever eaten a vagina or a pussy as she called it. So, I just pushed Bobby where he could get to my nipples, and pushed Mom’s head down to my pussy. Bobby immediately began licking my breasts and nipples, while Mom was down between my legs. I thought that I should quit calling this hot looking 25 year old guy, Mom, (sort of a buzz kill) and asked Mom, “What male name would you like to be called?”

“Frank”, she said. “I will be Frank with you,”

“Ha, ha. I hope so”, I said. “Frank, it is. Eat me, Frank.”

So she began eating my pussy. I reached down, and spread my labia open to massage my clitoris, holding the lips with my middle fingers, while stroking between my labia and my clit with my index fingers Frank began licking my clitoris down the middle, and stuck 2 fingers in my vagina.. She started massaging my G spot with her fingers, while licking my clitoris. This generated an orgasm so fast it made my head spin. I immediately pulled Frank up to stick his penis, which was very generous in both length and girth into my vagina. My vagina was already going about 1000 mph, and this helped it along.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.”” I said as literal waves of sensation moves through my whole body. My back arched. I lifted Frank a foot off the bed with my hips, forcing him to thrust even deeper in my vagina. Poor Frank didn’t know what hit him. This was his first ever male orgasm. He squirted come in me like he had been saving it for years. I could feel it jetting hotly inside of me, just adding to the already intense feelings I was experiencing. My nipples were so erect, that they may have been an inch long. I pushed Bobby’s hands out of the way, and started pinching my nipples. They ached, and my breasts tingled as I switched from my nipples to my milk glands. I squeezed them a little more gently, but the sensation of touching them was setting my whole body on fire.

Poor Frank’s penis was caught in my vagina by my spasming muscles and would not shrink because of the intense pressure on the base. He didn’t seem particularly bothered by this, but just kept pushing it in and out like he hadn’t already come. I kept going like this for more than 10 minutes, until magically Frank’s penis began getting fully erect again, and he resumed full thrusts into me from the mouth to the full extent of my vagina which was being stretched like it never had been before. His balls smacked my bottom so that I could definitely feel them which was a delicious sensation. It must have felt great for Frank too. Pretty soon, Frank started moaning and saying things too. “Oh God, Oh fuck, Oh, Janine, this feels so good. Feel my big cock in you. I’m cummmming.” Then Frank shot a lot more semen into my vagina, which again felt really great.” We both came down after that ending. Frank became really tired.

On the other hand, I noticed that Bobby had a really hard erection, from watching my Mom, as a man. fucking his best friend as a woman. It was hard to imagine the possibility of that happening, but he had just seen it. I crooked my finger at Bobby, and said, “Come here sailor.” I spread my legs and bared my wet vagina, full of my Mom’s cum, and said “Stick it in.” and he did right to the hilt.

”Don’t worry about me, just come.” I said, and he began thrusting rapidly, pushing deep into me. I could feel his balls banging on my butt, but I was about orgasmed out, so I was just happy he was getting satisfied. He came with a smile, and laid down beside me. Frank took off the Pendant, and as Mom, took Bobby in her mouth. Mom had done this before and she liked nothing better than to take an erect penis down her throat as deep as it would go. Unfortunately, Bobby had just come, so it did not immediately get erect.

“Put the Pendant on Bobby, Mom!” I said. Immediately, she put it on Bobby, who, of course, became a beautiful girl with big breasts. I immediately reached for Bobby’s breasts and started sucking on his nipples. Meanwhile Mom started eating Bobby’s pussy. Bobby very rapidly became very wet, and I wasn’t far behind.

“Take the Pendant off Bobby, Mom” I said. She didn’t know about the magical sexual rejuvenation effect of the change. Bobby became a male again, with a really great erection. Mom grabbed his penis and put her mouth around it. She immediately slid it down her throat to his balls, and then did her best to get her mouth around his balls. She couldn’t do that, but the sensation of her lower lip grabbing at his balls was so intense that Bobby once again shot his rocks right down her throat. Not a drop of semen escaped.

She sighed, and said “Wow, that was great.” She laid back in the bed, and looked at both of us laying there with her. She looked at me, and said, “Doesn’t your pussy get sore?”

“It hasn’t yet”, I told her. “It just seems to want more and more dick.”

“A problem I had when I was your age! That’s how I got knocked up! Speaking of which, what is stopping one of the three of us from getting pregnant?”

“I don’t know, Mom, but I think that the rejuvenating effect of the change does a reset or something that stops pregnancy. When we change from female to male, I think that pregnancy is no longer possible and the Pendant does not save the previous state and return it when we go back to female. Of course, brain function is not reset, but apparently the rest of the body is. If I were to break an arm, and then transition, I think the arm would be repaired. Of course, it does not explain why I can fuck for 2 hours without my vagina getting sore, or why I never had a hymen as a girl. I think we have a lot to learn about the Pendant. It seems to generate a really complex process and do it seamlessly. I will also bet that if I stayed female for 9 months I could have a baby. As it stands, I probably will stay female as my regular state until I wear the Pendant as a male for 24 hours.” I said, without taking a breath. “Hmmm, I can hold my breath longer too.” I thought.

“Sounds like you have thought it out, smart guy or girl!” said Mom. “Let’s get some sleep. We have got shopping to do tomorrow.” And we did.

The next day, Mom, Bobbi (As we decided to call her.) and I went to the mall and ran Bobbi through the same stores Mom and I had gone to before. We introduced my cousin, Bobbi, to everyone and completely fitted her out. The sales clerks were ecstatic. I was glad Mom had pointed out to me about our unused reserves, because otherwise I couldn’t have imaged completely outfitting two girls out of our pockets. We came out with Bobbi looking really hot. I won’t really say she was an eleven, but we were a pair of tens for sure. We put the packages in the car, and went back in the mall, all three of us turning head. Mom looked more like a sister than a mom. Mom, Bobbi and I turned a lot of heads that afternoon.

“Mom, when we are out like this, shouldn’t I call you Elaine so we don’t blow your cover.” I said. “Look at our reflection in the glass of that jewelry store over there.”

“Yeah, we do look close to the same age.” Said Mom. “And that reminds me, we haven’t been jewelry shopping yet!”

“Oh no. You are going to break us.” I said. “How much did you say we had.?”

“With investments, a little over 2 million dollars.” As long as we’re careful, we won’t have to ever even work for a living.”

So we went into the jewelry store, and bought us enough bling to put a nice edge on our appearance. We did find out the obvious, that neither I nor Bobbi had pierced ears. So we had some place else to go in the mall. We had our ears pierced and posts put in. It didn’t hurt any more than getting a shot, but we didn’t know what would happen when Bobbi switched back to Bobby. WE were faced with the idea that we might have to get our ears pierced every time we switched from male to female. Either we would have to go around wearing ear rings for unpierced ears, or we would have to find a solution. Well, we would figure that out later.

We hung around the food court for a while, drinking iced tea, and a number of guys hit on us, not all high school. We started having a contest on who would get the most phone numbers. We got so many we had to make notes on them to remember who gave them to us. Since we didn’t plan to be picked up by a guy… two of us didn’t have the experience to know how to handle it, and the third had too much sense, we planned to leave and go home as the evening started. Finally, we conceded the contest to Mom, who got 10 numbers, more than half from males under 20, and one from a female, and went home.

The next day was a school day, so we decided not to have another fuck fest, but instead, catch up on our homework and get some sleep. I thought seriously about going to school as Janine, John’s cousin, but it would only put me behind in my schoolwork, since it was unlikely I could keep my same class schedule as a new student, besides how would I be able to complete the class work as two different people at the same time, so I decided to just wear the Pendant, and cut gym class. Mom gave me a note saying the doctor didn’t want me doing gym for the rest of the semester. It was mostly just climbing the rope and playing dodge ball anyway, and the jocks punished the geeks at dodge ball. It didn’t matter which side you were on, you were the TARGET. I was a little small and slender compared to a lot of the older guys in my grade, and the fact that I had a bigger dick than any of them didn’t ingratiate me with them either. I had seen several of the older guys at the mall yesterday as a girl, but I blew them off (figuratively) and wouldn’t give them the time of day. They were too young for me anyway.

So Bobby and I went to school. Bobby had already gotten a measure of fame from being out with an incredibly hot chick, so I was just acting as his wing man. He had a good line of bullshit about Janine; she was a freshman in college, a professional model, my cousin, a year older than him, but had skipped two grades, from out of town, gone back to school, yadda, yadda, yadda, but one thing was true, she WAS going to be his date to the PROM. She was going to make a special trip back from Stanford, just to go with him, or so we said.

Somehow, his new glamor passed on a little to the trusty wing man, and several girls, none as near as hot as Bobbi, tried to get me to invite them to the Prom, but, and, while I was very nice and appreciative of their interest, my mom had grounded me, and I couldn’t go to the Prom. I was so sorry.

The pierced ear thing resolved itself. We found that if the posts were just left in during the switch, both ways, the holes would stay there. Just for giggles, we both got studs I wore mine on the left and Bobby wore his on the right, one week and then we would switch, since both of our ears were pierced. Everyone knew we weren’t a gay couple, and for sure, Bobby wasn’t gay, and I probably wasn’t gay since I seemed to ogle the girls and not the boys, but no one was totally sure. Several girls approached me, asked if I was gay, and would I like help switching teams. I always told them the same thing. I would like to make out with them, but I wasn’t gay and I didn’t want to do so under false pretenses. I actually got some dates out of it, and I got some sex too, but none as good as with Bobbi and Mom. These girls didn’t expect foreplay, and they just were ready to be fucked. So I did. They seemed pleased, and rumors about my big penis started flying around the school. It was strange. Wearing the Pendant may have made me seem sexier, but I don’t think it was that. It was just that I wasn’t a virgin anymore, and apparently it showed in my confidence level. Even the teachers seemed to like me better.

I was not wearing the Pendant for 24 hours though, and so when I took it off, I always switched to Janine. As Janine, I kept out of sight, since I was supposed to be at Stanford, but I had a lot of good sex with Bobby, who was welcome at my house for a sleepover at any time by Mom, and good sex with Frank on the nights that Bobby wasn’t there. The only down side was that I couldn’t fuck Bobbi, because whoever wore the Pendant was the same sex as the other. This problem was partially made up for by the fact that Janine (I) and Bobbi fucked (so to speak) pretty regular, anyway. We had gotten a Feeldoe, mail order, and using it was pretty great. The Feeldoe is a dildo with a penis shaped end, and on the other end at the appropriate angle, a large capsule shaped knob that fit into a vagina. It also had a small vibrator built in to stimulate the clitoris of the female who had the knob end. Inserted, it stuck out just like a penis. We would fuck each other with it, rubbing our breasts together, and pinching and squeezing each other’s nipples ad breasts. It didn’t feel quite as good as the traditional penis and vagina which is the tried and true method, but for two horny girls, it really hit the spot (G spot, that is) and I got to fuck Bobbi! I loved playing with her big breasts.

Mom (Elaine) didn’t quit her job. She was used to going, and now that she was out of her depression, it actually was fun. With her more youthful demeanor (Thank you, Pendant), and her more positive attitude, her boss noticed her more. Hard to miss, a woman blossoming from a five to a ten in one weekend, but easy to explain. “A new man in my life.” She said but didn’t say it was actually Frank… and me, and Bobby.

Elaine started going out on dates, and resumed taking birth control pills. Fortunately, she hadn’t gotten pregnant. It was the wrong time of month when the orgies with Bobby and I had happened, and perhaps she had switched sexes at a propitious time as well. Her boss, who wasn’t exactly her type, but not married, would occasionally take her on a date and fuck her, but it was never as good as with Bobby and I, so she didn’t take the relationship seriously. She didn’t want to think that she would judge a guy by how good in bed he was, or if he had a little fat or if he couldn’t run 100 feet without getting winded, but there it was, and she had sworn to herself that if she got in a serious relationship with a guy, he would be REALLY good in bed, and a really nice guy, and open minded, in case, she should want to fuck around a little, and in great shape. He really didn’t have to be tall, and handsome…or dark. But the first four requirements were deal breakers, especially since she didn’t plan to give up fucking Bobby and me.

Meanwhile the Prom was coming up like a runaway freight train. Mom gave me a note asking for a permission slip to visit several colleges, which she planned for me to do, but not just yet, so we could get ready for the Prom. I had to get my hair and my nails done, and it had to be during the day, so I wouldn't be seen, as Janine, by the kids from my school. I needed private dancing lessons so that I could learn to dance backwards and in high heels, which proved to be a skill which had to be learned. All Bobby had to do was to get a TUX and score a limo, and get a corsage of the right color, which Mom had told him. Mom was bankrolling him so that it wouldn't break the bank at Bobby's household. Bobby told his folks that he had gotten a great deal on a package, and told them it was only $100, which they forked over, and he tucked in his pocket for mad money, (at Mom’s advice)

The Pendant 8; going to the prom is coming soon.
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