Private detective Joe Mason continues his job as a bodyguard for his attractive client, porn star turned porn talent agent Alyssa Breeze. Along with her he’s also protecting two of her starlets 19 year old Missy Sky and 18 year old Amber Blue. In this half the story Joe accompanies Alyssa and her starlets to murdered porn star Alexis Carlisle’s funeral, but not before enjoying a few fringe benefits of his job.
Chapter 4. Filming Triple X in Santa Barbra.

They had planned on waking early, but due to everyone’s nerves being on edge after the snipers failed attempt on Alyssa’s life they woke late. Joe drove Alyssa, Missy and Amber to Santa Barbra in his black Coupe Deville, to an old but stately mansion located near the coast. It’s an impressive white home, enhanced with color by red terra cotta shingles. Its landscaping’s amazingly beautiful, with some of its green shrubbery artistically trimmed into various shapes of animals. There are two fountains with dolphin statues spewing water from their smiling mouths, located on each side of the walkway leading to the entrances hand carved oak double doors.

Now everyone’s outside near the homes marble swimming pool. Joe and Alyssa stand off to the side watching director Dick Larson explain the scene he wants to film. Missy and Amber are dressed in short blue and white cheerleader uniforms. Porn star Jake McKinley, a tall muscle-bound white man with long black hair tied back in a ponytail and an impressive array of tattoos adorning his arms and chest he’ll be doing a scene with Amber Blue. Missy Sky’s doing her scene with a tall muscle-bound black man named Dale Peters. Both men are wearing California style surfing shorts. Joe feels a bit inferior to each younger man, seeing tell tail signs of Dale and Jake’s half erect cocks showing tent shaped bulges under their shorts.

Suddenly the director speaks up for all to hear. “Quiet on the set…Action.”

The camera man zooms in on Dale’s face as he looks into Missy’s big brown eyes. “Suck my dick baby.” he says sternly. Missy drops to her knees smiling up at her big black co-star. When she pulls his brightly colored Hawaiian print shorts down his massive cock flings out slapping her on the cheek. She giggles looking up at him then speaks in a sweet innocent voice doing her best acting job.

“Oh Dale, you’re so huge. I’ve never sucked one this big before.”

Joe hears Missy’s line, it makes him think back to last night when she and Amber sucked him off like the pro’s they really are, under the table after dinner. He almost brakes out laughing hearing the girls seemingly innocent statement. To Missy and Dale’s right Amber’s kneeling on the floor. She pulls Jake’s shorts down acting shocked when the ponytailed studs long thick girthed cock pops out.

“Wow Jake, its really big. I don’t think it’ll fit in my little mouth,” she says playfully stroking the studs huge cock. Her platinum blond hair’s tied in pigtails on each side of her head. Jake grabs hold of each pigtail, roughly pulling her face to his cock.

“It’ll fit Amber. Now suck it.” he says gruffly.

Joe feels the urge to attack the muscle-bound stud, Alyssa watches his reaction to Jake’s rough treatment of one of the young women he’s supposed to be protecting. She touches his arm whispering. “Be cool Joe, its part of the act.” He calms down and turns back to the unfolding scene. He has seen a few movies before, but before this he thought maybe the male actors penis size is some kind of trick photography or something. Now as he watches Missy suck Dale’s thick cock and young Amber sucking Jake’s massive cock, he thinks to himself.

Holy shit, have these fucking guys been bred with horse DNA or something.

As he watches the scene unfold, his cock begins to grow hard in his pants. When the head of his cock binds up in his underwhere, Alyssa watches him reach down to adjust his manhood. She startles him placing her soft hand on the back of his hand. He glances at her, she smiles seductively whispering. “Having fun Joe?” His face blushes slightly red, he smiles shaking his head in a yes gesture. Suddenly the director yells Cut, disturbing their moment. Larson instructs his actors.

“Okay girls. I wanna shoot you both, taking turns fucking Dale and Jake over on the lounge chairs.” Since Missy and Amber arrived at the mansion Larson noticed both girls seem tired. When they move too slow after he gave orders for the next scene he begins acting like real jerk almost yelling at them.

“Come on girls, move your asses girls. You were both late getting here today as it is, now stop wasting my precious time.”

Alyssa’s nerves are on edge this morning, especially after what happened last night. She storms across the pool deck yelling at the director.

“Watch your damn mouth Dick. Don’t talk to my girls like that.”

Joe stands back enjoying the sight of his attractive blue eyed auburn haired client. She’s dressed in a blue camisole top and a short black pleated skirt, her outfit sways perfectly with her body as she walks away in anger. The sound of her high heeled shoes clicking across the cement pool deck is music to his ears. She comes face to face with Larson and begins verbally laying into the fifty something ex porn star turned director. He fights off laughter hearing her give the arrogant prick a piece of her beautiful mind.

“Look here Dick,” she says with her face close to his. “My girls and I didn’t sleep well last night. I called and told you on our way up here, that the son of a bitch who murdered Alexis Carlisle took a few shots at me last night. Now Give’m a break damn you, they’re worn out and so am I.” Larson doesn’t back off.

“Watch it Alyssa, because I’m about to fire both you and your girls. Slut productions is paying an outrages hourly fee for this fancy set. You know how it works, I have a tight time schedule. Now back the fuck off or get fired, what will it be Alyssa.”

Hearing him threaten her like this after what she went through last night angers Joe. He walks over stands between her and Larson and grabs the man by the front of his yellow polo shirt. “Look here buddy. My client and these girls are worn out, just like she said. Now I suggest you reconsider firing anyone. And further more, I want you to apologize to Alyssa. Well lets hear it Mister Larson.”

Joe’s 6’3 190 ponds, Larson’s shorter by at least five inches. He’s half Jewish, mixed with Italian, his long curly black hair is mixed with streaks of grey. His trademark ocean blue eyes are now open wide with fear as he stares into Joe’s dark brown eyes. Joe feels Larson’s body shake in fear, the mans voice trembles.

“Okay….okay, I apologize,” he glances at Alyssa with pleading eyes. “Call your man off babe. You know how I get sometimes….Don’t you babe. C’mon Alyssa you’ve known me for almost seventeen years…I apologize okay babe.”

Alyssa doesn’t speak right away she’s enjoying seeing Larson tremble in fear. She remembers back to when she was a young up and coming starlet, and the way some of the old directors treated her when she didn’t have anyone to protect her on the sets she worked on. She actually likes Dick Larson, but over the past few years she’s noticed her old friend has become somewhat of an ass since he took on the role of director. Watching Joe scare the crap out of her old friend, she decides today’s the day Dick Larson, ex porn stud will learn a quick lesson in humility. Finally after wiping a pleased smile from her face, she gives in to Larson’s plea for mercy.

“Okay Joe, let him loose. I accept his apology. Oh but wait Dick, I think you should apologize to Amber and Missy too while your at it.”

Once let loose Larson gives her a hug, saying an old term of affection he gave her years ago. “Sorry sugar plum, I should’ve never lost my temper like that. Alexis’s death has spun me for a loop too,” he waves the girls over smiling. “Come here girls, I should’ve controlled my temper. I’m sorry, please forgive me okay.” He gives Missy a hug and kiss on the cheek, then gives Amber a hug and kiss too. Then like a pro he regains control of his set. “Okay everyone, lets get back to work,” he looks at Dale and Jake, they seem confused. “Well boys. Do ya wanna fuck these two fine looking babes, or should I fire you guys and fuck them myself.”

Within minutes after the tense situation Larson has Missy kneeling doggy style on one of the pools comfy lounge chairs, letting her dark skinned stud Dale Peters thrust his oversized penis inside her snug nineteen and a half year old cunt. While at the same time, having Amber lay on her back with her long legs spread wide. Showing her perfectly pink vulva to the camera for a closeup, before Jake McKinley slowly inserts his ten inch monster inside her velvet walls.

Joe’s standing next to Alyssa, they’re both watching intently as each well endowed male porn star thrust their oversize members into Amber and Missy’s small pink cunts. From Joe’s angle, seeing petite young dark haired Missy Sky being fucked hard by Dale Peters from behind. He fears her overstretched vagina might be permanently damaged. Dale’s fucking Missy so hard, the dark flesh of his hips make smacking sounds each time he comes in contact with Missy’s pure white ass. He looks away, not wanting to see Missy’s situation.

Looking away he sees Amber laying on her back, her sex is being pummeled by Jake’s thick cock. The way she’s laying with her long slender legs wrapped around his backside, Joe see how well stretched her pussy is too. He leans down whispering in Alyssa’s ear. “These guys are too big. Doesn’t it hurt to have something that big stuffed inside you?” His curious question makes Alyssa cover her mouth trying to quell laughter, she winds up laughing anyway.

“They are pretty large,” she says. “But us girls relax our muscles and big cocks like that slip right in.”

“But doesn’t it hurt, when they do it hard like that.” He sounds like a worrisome father. Alyssa fights the urge to laugh. “Well sometimes it does hurt, but when I did guys like Dale and Jake, the pain became pleasure for me.” She smiles looking into his eyes. “Speaking of pleasure, that’s what you gave me last night,’ she flashes a flirting smile. “I’d really like you to do that again tonight, when we get home.”

He’s about to speak when her cell phone rings, she takes it from her purse. “Excuse me, I need to answer this. Hopefully this is from my girl Charmaine.” Being preoccupied with Joe she doesn’t checks to see whose number it is on her caller ID. “Hi Charmaine,” she says in a friendly voice. But the caller isn’t one of her girls, a mans voice at the other end replies in a sadistic cold tone.

“Are you the famous whore, Alyssa Breeze?” The mans rude comment angers her. “Who the fuck is this,” she asks. His cold reply sends chills down her spin.

“I’m the one who’ll soon be taking your sinful life. I’m the one who made you and your bodyguard piss yourselves last night….That’s who the fuck I am, whore.”

“Listen here asshole,” she says defiantly, but her voice trembles showing fear. “You missed, you son of a bitch. You couldn’t hit the fucking broad side of a barn if you tried.”

The man chuckles. “That was just a few warning shots whore. I was letting you and your…So called body guard know that my angels and I are watching you,” he chuckles. “I know where your at right now.” She turns around studying her surroundings. “You and your sluts are at that decadent mansion, on walnut street in Santa Barbra,” he chuckles arrogantly. “I know where you are at all times Whore.”

Joe stands away letting her take the call, but he’s keeping an eyes on her. Since he met her yesterday it’s been hard not to admire her beauty. Observing her he sees fear in her blue eyes. She suddenly runs away towards the house, fearing the mans sighting her in for a sniper shot. He watches her run passed an open sliding glass patio door, he runs after her. Inside he hears her talking, there’s fear in her voice as she speaks.

“Why are you doing this,” she asks the caller. The man laughs sarcastically hearing her voice tremble in fear. “Because you and your friend that whore Alexis Carlisle, you corrupt the minds and bodies of innocent girls. You bring them into your perverted world. My angles and I will stop you, we’ll make you pay for what you do to their soul’s.”

She’s standing in the middle of the mansions spacious sunken living room. From a short distance away Joe sees her body shaking, her blue eyes are watering up she’s beginning to panic. He sees her chest heaving, she’s not speaking she’s listening. He pulls the phone from her hand. “Who is this,’ he asks in an angry tone.

The man on the other end speaks in a cold voice. “I’m the one whole cleanse the earth of sinners like Alyssa Breeze,” he chuckles. “I’m giving her a break today detective Mason. Keep looking out for her, but don’t work too hard, you’ll only prolong the sinners life for a short while.”

During Joe’s time as an L.A homicide detective, he’s met a few cold hearted psychotic killers such as this man. He knows he’s trying to scare him.

“You’ll fail asshole, because you’ll have to get passed me. And if you do try, I’ll take your miserable life.” he pauses feeling out the killers mental state, he decides to play his own form of mind games. “You murdered Alexis Carlisle,” he says calmly. “Murder’s a sin, you’re judging my client. I do believe Jesus said. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” he pauses hearing the mans breathing intensify. “Are you ready to cast the first stone, sinner.” He wants to rattle the lunatics cage and he does.

The callers voice trembles. “I’m not a sinner….I’m a good Christian, my angels tell me so!” The killer slams the phone down, the line goes dead.

Joe turns to Alyssa, she’s standing behind him her blue eyes wide with fear. She folds her arms around him, he feels her body shake. “Its okay sweetheart, you’re not alone. I’m here with you, he’s just trying to scare you that’s all.”

Her voice trembles. “He knows we’re here. He must’ve followed us.”

He feels her heart pounding against his chest, what she said sends his mind into action. There’s a tan leather loveseat nearby, he coaxes her to sit then uses his own cell phone to call 911. In a voice of urgency, he gives the operator his location. He also gives the female operator the phone number, which came up on Alyssa’s caller I.D. “Have someone trace it down, find out where the call came from.” He has to argue a bit with the overworked underpaid operator for the trace, in the end he won the battle. Before hanging up he tells the operator to dispatch a helicopter over the mansion and the surrounding area, along with patrol cars. After that he calls his old friend in L.A homicide detective Mark Sanger.

Sanger answers quickly, he must be near the ocean because he hears seagulls in the background. “Why hello Joe, how’s your new job as that sexy ladies bodyguard going.”

Joe’s reply isn’t what he expects. “Mark, old buddy. I’d really like to say It’s all fun and games but its not. Did you get the report that someone took a few shots at Alyssa last night, from the bluffs south of her home?”

“Yes, I got the report alright. Speaking of the bluffs, that’s where I am right now. The Malibu police report said you fired a few shots at the guy last night. Shit Joe you must’ve scared the crap out of him. He left a decked out 308 Winchester rifle behind. He tossed it in the brush up here, our sniper must’ve figured if he got caught leaving the scene last night, we won’t have his weapon as evidence. It’s just like you thought, it’s equipped with a fancy laser scope and a silencer. I’d say this guy’s either a gun smith, or he knows someone who is.”

“Have you dusted it for prints?” said Joe, sounding like the homicide detectives he once was.

Mark breathes a negative sigh. “Our perp wiped it clean, he most likely wore gloves. I’m sending it to the crime lab, they’ll look it over closer there. I have the rifle in my hand right now, looks like the guy filed the guns serial number off. This creeps a smart one, he’s done everything he can to keep us from ID’ing him. We found three empty 308 cartridges, no prints on them….But at least we know his shoe size, the crime scene boy’s took plaster castings of size eleven running shoe’s….But for right now Joe, that’s all we have.”

“Hey partner, I have a request,” says Joe. “We’ll be leaving this film shoot location up in Santa Barbra in a while. Can you pull a few strings and get us an air and land police escort back to Malibu. It seems this nut’s bound and determined to harm my client, I’d like to make it difficult for him to do so.”

“Why sure,” says Mark. “I’ll see to it, you and Miss Breeze and her two young friends make it home safely.” Sanger pauses, he hears him snicker. “Now on a less serious note old buddy. Is your client giving you any fringe benefits while your staying at her place.”

“Fringe benefits. What do you mean by that?” Joe replies curiously.

“Oh come on Joe, the ladies a porn star for gods sake. And she told me, she has two young starlets living with her…..I mean you know, have you slept with her or one of her friends yet. Shit Joe, how longs it been since you took that lady home, my wife Sarah sat you up with,” he laughs sarcastically. “Shit that was three years ago….You haven’t been laid in three fucking years Joe.” There’s a long pause at Joe’s end, he thinks he might’ve hung-up. The pause ends with Joe telling a lie.

“Mark…You know me better than that. I don’t sleep with my clients…Its not professional.”

Alyssa sits on the leather loveseat listening in, she finds it a bit funny that Joe won’t tell his friend he slept with her last night. Listening closer, she hears him telling his friend.

“Once you catch this guy, I’ll go back to L.A and work my usual cases of insurance fraud and unfaithful spouses.”

These words hurt, she’s still shaken after the phone call from the killer. Now she feels insecure over being alone again once the killer is stopped. She knows he’ll most likely go back to Los Angeles after his job of protecting her is done. She tries shrugging it off, telling herself. I hired him to protect me and the girls, that’s what he’s here for. Shit I’ve only known him for two days, why would I want another man in my life to complicate things. I’m a free independent lady, I can have any man I want, anytime I want one.

Joe ends the call then sits beside her, laying his arm over the back wrest of the loveseat close to her upper back. Feeling her body trembling, he does his best to comfort her by telling a white lie.

“Just talked to our friend detective Sanger, he and some L.A crime scene techs found a rifle and shoe prints up on the bluffs south of your home. They’ve found prints on the gun. Once they match the prints to the killer, they’ll take the guy down.” Caressing his hand over her back, he feels tension in her muscles he flashes a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry we’ll have us a police escort with eyes from the sky when we leave.” He hears a helicopter flying above. “Alright, that’s the chopper I asked for from Santa Barbra PD, when I called 911.”

She caresses his cheek running her fingertips over the crows feet wrinkles near his eyes. “Thanks Joe, I’m glad you’re here,” she says smiling. “I don’t know how me and the girls would’ve ever handled this without you…..Oh shit, Missy and Amber are still outside working.” She stand quickly gesturing him to take her hand. “Come on guy. If its not too late, we’ll get to watch Jake and Dale’s money shot scene.”

He takes her hand and stands up asking curiously. “The money shot scene, what’s a money shot.” She pulls him towards the open sliding glass doors, leading to the pool. “Come on hurry, we don’t wanna miss it,” is all she says.

Stepping outside they find platinum blond blue eyed Amber has switched over to the muscular black stud Dale Peter’s. He’s laying on his back, she’s squatting over his massive member riding it for all its worth. Dark haired brown eyed Missy Sky and Jake McKinley are laying near the edge of the pool, Jake’s on his back Missy’s riding his cock reverse cowgirl style.

Dick Larson’s operating a second camera, zooming in on Jake’s massive cock as Missy stuffs as much of his manhood inside her cunt as she can. Both Missy and Jake are sweating profusely. There’s another cameraman moving slowly around Amber and Dale, zooming in to catch the amazing sight of Dale’s huge cock as she lowers her almost bald cunt energetically up and down over the handsome black mans cock. Amber trims her light brown pubes to a small diamond shaped pattern just above her cleft. The camera zooms in on Amber’s unusually shaped pubes, catching beads of sweat rolling down her midsection.

Joe finds himself staring at both Missy and Ambers scenes, he’s never thought of himself as a voyeur but watching Amber and Missy fuck Dale and Jake excites him sexually. He feels precum leaking from the tip of his cock, it’s a beautiful sunny day and it’s almost quiet with the exception of Missy, Jake, Dale and Amber’s sexually induced grunts and moans of pleasure. Larson breaks Joe’s concentration.

“And cut,” he says, stopping the scene. “Okay Jake and Dale, it’s time for your money shots. Are you ready guys.”

Jake replies sarcastically. “Shit boss I’ve been ready !” he smacks Missy’s ass affectionately. “Are you ready to eat some cum darlin,” he says jokingly. Missy giggles raising her body from his cock. Jake stands up, she kneels in front of him exclaiming. “Feed me some protean…big boy.” Larson zooms his camera in Missy begins sucking Jake’s cock, just a few feet away Amber’s doing the same to Dale’s dark-skinned cock.

Joe finds himself completely turned on by the sight of Missy and Amber’s pink lips wrapped around Dale and Jake’s cocks, priming both their costars for their final scene. He remembers the way they both sucked his cock last night under Alyssa’s dinner table. He also feels a bit small compared to Dale and Jake’s tools of their trade.

Jake tells Missy. “Okay baby, open wide.” She tilts her head back, her big brown eastern European heritage eyes look into Larson’s camera as he zooms in close. Jake’s jerking off, aiming the head of his cock towards her wide open mouth. She’s fondling her small pert breast with one hand, masturbating with the other. She’s moaning, some moans are faked and some aren’t.

Jake moans. “Ahh ugh, I’m cumming....Eat it all up girl.”

Joe is amazed at the way Jake’s thick white cum shoots from his cock in gushers. Missy sticks her tongue out catching thick ropes of semen as it shoots into her hungry mouth. Jake keeps cumming, another shot lands over the bridge of her nose then another lands in her dark hair. The white sticky semen mixes with her blond streaked highlights. Feeling a little disgusted Joe looks away, only to see Amber’s pretty face being plastered with Dale’s thick white semen. Dale jacks off grunting like a cave man, one last thick rope of his seed lands in Amber’s platinum blond hair. Some of his seed runs down her chin, using her fingertips she wipes it off and licks it from her fingers playing to a nearby camera as it zooms in.

Seeing his male actors are spent Larson ends the scene, commenting on Missy and Amber’s fine performances. “Girls that was fantastic, but you’re both a fucking mess go hit the showers.” He sounds like a high school girls basketball coach giving orders after his star players won the home coming game. He gives them both a hug, Amber playfully kisses his cheek smearing Dale’s seed into his skin, Missy does the same on his left cheek. Although disgusted with their antics Larson takes their playful joking lightheartedly. Amber takes him by the hand, pulling him along with her and Missy towards the showers.

“Come with us boss man.” said Amber in her sweet Texas drawl. Missy takes his other hand. “Yeah come shower with me and Amber, we’ll get you all cleaned up.”

Joe places his arm around Alyssa as they walk inside the mansion. “What the heck are the girls up too.” he says.

Alyssa laughs amused at his question. “They’re doing what starlets have done since the early days of Hollywood, they’re screwing the director,” she smirks. “I called it job security when I first started working in the business.”

Chapter 5. The ride home.

Joe’s driving his black Coup Deville on highway 101 south, with one black and white CHP cruiser following close behind and one CHP cruiser in front. There’s a helicopter flying in wide circles above, Amber and Missy are in the back seat, Alyssa’s sitting next to him. He glances over seeing fear in her blue eyes, he smiles caressing his hand over hers.

“Everything’s going to be okay,” he says reassuringly. “He’ll see the police presence and give up trying to harm you.”

Missy looks up at the helicopter flying in circles above. “My asshole uncle George flew helicopters at one time, for the Polish army.”

Amber chirps a sarcastic reply. “He did! Well it’s too bad the fucker didn’t crash and burn, then he would’ve never came to the states and raped you.”

Hearing Amber, Alyssa looks back at Missy. “Your uncle raped you baby, you never told me that. Did you report him to the police.”

“No, I didn’t. It happened on the same night I ran away…I got my ass as far away from him, and my poppa as fast as I could,” she tries shrugging it off. “To tell ya the truth, I’m over it Alyssa,” she looks at Amber scowling. “That was supposed to be, just between you and me…Little sister.”

“You didn’t say that last night…Big sister. And beside that, I think its time you told somebody.” Amber reaches up patting Joe’s shoulder. “You used to be a cop, can you help her out.”

“How old were you when it happened.” He asks looking at Missy in the rearview mirror. She replies reluctantly. “I was 16.” He thinks back to a college course he took on state statutes. “If I remember correctly Missy, there’s no statute of limitations for rape in Michigan. You can still press charges.”

Missy shakes her head no. “Thanks for the info Joe, but it’s all in the past. And that’s where it’s going to stay.”

Amber cuts in. “Last night, you told me you have an older brother what’s he like?”

“Jimmy and me used to get along great, but that was before my uncle George and poppa brainwashed him to believe in their religious propaganda,” she smiles thinking back to better days. “Jimmy’s two years older then me, at one time he was into photography. He and I used to go to a local park and take pictures of birds and stuff,” she chuckles. “He’d take pictures of me too, I used to pretend I was a model doing posses like I saw fashion models do in the magazines. He’s got big stacks of photo albums in his room back home, at least he used to anyway. My father and uncle told him his hobby’s for sissy’s. They’re both hunters, when Jimmy got old enough he started going hunting with them,” she frowns. “Soon after that, my relationship with Jimmy faded away.”

She changes the subject, reaching over caressing Amber’s shoulder. “Hey Amber, what do’ya say we give Alyssa and Joe a little special attention tonight when we get home.” She playfully runs her fingers through Amber’s blond hair. “They both stuck up for us today, help me make’m a nice dinner.” She smiles at Joe, seeing he’s watching from his rearview mirror. “Then after dinner, you and I can give them both a nice hot oil massage with some of that organic massage oil I have.” Amber’s wearing a white midriff top, Missy lifts it up teasing Joe, playing with Amber’s breast.

Amber giggles. “Stop that Missy, it tickles.”

Joe tilts his rearview mirror back in place, directing his attention back to the road. His cell phone rings from the inside pocket of his tan blazer, taking it out he sees detective Sanger’s name on his caller ID and answers.

“Hey partner, what’s up. And by the way, thank you for the CHP escorts.”

“Why your so welcome, but anyway Joe. I’m calling to let you know there’ll be two Malibu patrolmen standing guard in front, and in back of Miss Breeze’s home tonight. Their plan is to work different officers in shifts, tonight, you’ve got two rookies their names are Mike Jones and Frank Sanchez.” Sanger laughs.

“What’s so funny.” says Joe.

“It seems officers Jones and Sanchez are big fans of Amber and Missy, when Malibu PD offered the assignment these rookies volunteered quicker then shit.”

Joe laughs at the thought of the rookies falling all over themselves when they meet Amber and Missy. “Well that’s great, I’ll tell the girls they’ll have fans helping out tonight Thanks Mark.”

Mark comes back speaking seriously. “I think I should tell you, the crime lab went over that rifle we found out on the bluffs both inside and out. The weapons completely clean, no prints, no DNA, not shit. The shooter made sure it wouldn’t be tied to him….This case has me fucking baffled Joe. I hate to say it, but. The only way we’re going to catch this guy. Is to take him down the next time he makes an attempt on Miss Breeze’s life.”

Joe doesn’t like his ex partners report, but he knows he’s right. “Then that’s what we’ll do then,” he says. “If he shows himself, we’ll take him out.” Joe takes a deep breath thinking of a worse case scenario. “Mark, Alexis Carlisle’s funeral is tomorrow can you be there with a little back up.”

“Sure partner I’ll be there, and I’ll bring some L.A.PD black and whites with me…Hey Joe, looks like my wife’s trying to call me, I’ll talk with you later okay.”

“Okay partner, tell Sarah I said hi,” said Joe. Mark ends the call.

Chapter 7. Sweet home Malibu.

By the time they arrived home the sun’s going down over the pacific. After Joe talked with detective Sanger, he told Alyssa and the girls about the young rookie cops who’ll be standing guard outside the house tonight. When Amber steps from the back seat she spots officer Jones. He’s a young looking white man, sporting light brown hair trimmed neatly into a policemen’s regulation crew cut. He’s leaning against his patrol car smoking a cigarette. She quickly walks over to meet him, smiling and flirting as she came closer. “Why hello handsome, I feel safer already seeing you here.”

Jones’s face seems to light up seeing his fantasy girl Amber Blue for the first time in real life. “Wow,” he says nervously. “your Amber Blue. I have some of your most recent DVD’s,” he smiles like a fool. “Wow, you’re even hotter in person.” He reaches out to shake Amber’s hand, but she pushes it aside and wraps her arms around the twenty something rookie cop.

“I just love men in uniform,” she says enhancing her Texas accent for attention. She’s barley dressed in a revealing white midriff top and a pair of daisy duke shorts. Officer Jones didn’t expect the sweet young Texan to be so friendly, he’s not sure where to place his hands as he hugs the friendly girl back. The sight of Amber hugging the young cop like he’s her long lost lover causes Joe and Alyssa to breakout laughing.

Missy decides she’ll go meet him too, as she steps in closer the second Malibu cop assigned to guard duty pulls his cruiser in the driveway. Seeing patrolmen Sanchez arrive Missy changes directions to the arriving officer, she’s wearing a short floral print sundress a sudden gust of wind blows her skirt up revealing black thong panties. She giggles seeing the dark-haired Spanish cops brown eyes open wide at the sight.

“Oops,’ she says acting cute. She leans on his car introducing herself. “Hi handsome, I’m Missy Sky.”

Sanchez reaches out shaking her hand, smiling like a schoolboy. “Its so nice to finally meet you Missy, I’m a big fan of your’s.”

After Amber and Missy introduced themselves, Missy asks the officers to join them for dinner. Both officers declined saying they’re on duty and they brought their own lunch with them. Missy exclaims her disapproval.

“Throw those nasty sandwiches away, you boys are here keeping us safe tonight. Me and Amber will bring you something nice and hot to eat.”

Amber flirts as she walks away. “And you boys, can have us for dessert.”

Chapter 6. It’s good to be back home in Malibu.

While Amber and Missy prepare dinner Joe explains to Alyssa that it’s safe to step outside on her open air patio overlooking the ocean. She’s apprehensive, he’s holding her hand standing near the sliding glass doors leading outside.

“There’s a Police helicopter hovering above the bluffs shining its spotlight where the sniper laid in hiding last night, and also I’ll remind you of the two officer standing guard outside, one walking the beach the other at the rear of your home.”

Feeling safe to do so she steps out holding Joe’s hand with one hand and holding a glass of red wine in the other, Joe’s sipping a much needed cold beer.

“I love it out here Joe,” she says. “This patio overlooking the ocean is why I bought this place. Now there’s someone trying to stop me from living my life.” He sees her hand shake a little as she raises her wine glass to her lips, he places an arm around her back. “This won’t be forever,” he says reassuringly. She takes another sip of wine then speaks, he hears anxiety in her voice.

“Alexis Carlisle’s funeral is tomorrow, and I’ll be damned if this bastard stops me from seeing my best friend for the last time.”

He caresses her shoulder reassuring her. “Don’t worry sweetheart. I’ll make sure you get there.”

Alyssa sips the last of her wine then looks into his eyes, he looks into hers. Without thinking he lowers his lips to hers, they kiss passionately. He pulls away to quickly.

“Why’d you stop so quick,” she says in confusion. “I was enjoying that.’

“I suddenly remembered, I’ve only known you a little over two days. And to top things off, I’ve already broken my no sleeping with my client rule last night.”

She smiles in thought. “And you let Missy, Amber and Me give you oral sex under my dinner table last night too….Detective Joe Mason, you are such a bad boy. And do you have a no showering with clients rule, because you showered with me this morning. Remember, you washed my back and I washed your’s.”

He looks into her eyes laughing. “Yep. Since I met you, I’ve broken all my rules…But you know what,” he says playfully. “Its been worth breaking all my rules.” They kiss once more, this time he doesn’t break from the kiss. At least not until Missy steps onto the patio disturbing their embrace.

“Alright get a room or something, you two.” She spoke loudly, they split up quickly, like high school kids getting caught making out in the hallway. “Sorry to break up your little love nest here guys,” she says sassily. “Dinners ready, come inside. Amber and I sat you a nice private table.”

Walking to the dinning room, Missy tells Joe. “You know what, I’ve been thinking. I’ve known Alyssa almost two years,” she nudges his arm, smiling up at him. “She hasn’t been on a date with a guy in at least a year. I know you’re here as our bodyguard detective Mason, but tonight. Can you put business aside and act like your on a date.”

Entering the kitchen, they find Amber lighting candles sat in the middle of the dinner table. The lights in the room are turned low, there’s light jazz music playing from a small stereo system.

“Have a seat you two,” says Amber. “This is just the first part of our special night we’ve planned for you.”

While Joe and Alyssa take their seats, Amber pours them both a glass of wine. As she pours their wine, Missy sits plates of her specially made Chicken Gordon Blue in front of them.

“Joe your going to love this,” said Alyssa. “It’s one of Missy’s best dishes.”

Amber cuts in making sure she’s recognized. “I helped too, it wasn’t just Missy cooking all this stuff.”

“Thanks Amber.” said Alyssa, like she always does when Amber feels left out. Joe holds back laughter, thinking how Alyssa sometimes acts more like a mother to her young starlets then their agent.

Both Missy and Amber pick up plates, covered with aluminum foil. Amber explains what they’re up to. “Me and Missy will be eating with those fine looking cops outside.” She starts walking from the kitchen carrying two plates of hot food. “Hurry up Missy, your man officer Sanchez is down near the beach. My officer Jones is sittin in his car.”

Missy took her plates telling Joe and Alyssa of their plans before leaving.

“Amber and I will be back in a while, to give you both a special massage,” she winks at Joe. “Don’t go getting too frisky with Alyssa before we get back, you’ll ruin our plan if you get started without us.”

“Okay sweetheart. I promise no friskiness while you’re gone.” says Joe. But when she leaves them alone Alyssa slips a foot from her shoe, then begins rubbing her bare foot up the inside of Joe’s leg flirtatiously teasing him. “Hey now, you shouldn’t be getting frisky with me either. You heard what she said, you’ll ruin their plans.”

Alyssa giggles playing with his cock with her toes feeling it growing hard. “Mmm” she says slowly taking her foot away. “I’m looking forward to their plans, how’ bout you.”

About an hour later Amber and Missy come back inside. Joe and Alyssa are sitting at the table drinking wine and making small talk. Amber disturbs their quiet moment, exclaiming cheerfully. “Okay you two, time for your special massages.”

Missy stands behind Alyssa fondling her breast through her teal-blue camisole blouse speaking in a playful singsong voice. “Has Joe been a good boy, while we we’re gone Alyssa?”

Alyssa lays her hands over Missy’s, her body shivers with pleasure. She winks at Joe flirting with him. “He was a good boy…But I was a bad girl.” she said.

Amber takes Joe’s hand, Missy takes Alyssa’s hand. They lead them from the table speaking cheerfully almost in unison.

“Come with us you two, its time for the rest of our special night.” As they guide them upstairs, Missy lets loose of Alyssa’s hand telling Amber. “Take them to Alyssa’s bedroom, get them undressed. I’ll go heat the massage oil.”

Amber flirts with Joe and Alyssa. “Oh boy…I get to help you undress. Come on you two, times a wasting.”

With that said she tugs on Joe’s hand leading him up the steps. Following behind her, he cant keep his eyes off of the sexy teenage ass hiding underneath extremely short daisy dukes. Amber’s legs are long and lean “Perfect” he thinks to himself. His cock grows hard, for what seems like the hundredth time today. As they climb each step he thinks back to the erotic scenes each girl did with their male co-stars, at the mansion in Santa Barbra.

In the bedroom Amber began undressing Joe, he’s still wearing his shoulder holster and 45 pistol. She helps him take it off. “You won’t be needing your gun tonight detective Mason. We’ve got two of Malibu’s finest guarding us outside,” she giggles. “And I do mean finest!” Unbuttoning his white dress shirt, she looks back asking Alyssa. “You don’t mind sharing him with me and Missy do you boss lady?”

Alyssa’s reply seems unsure. “Why…no of course not Amber…It’s not like he’s my lover or anything like that.” Alyssa removes her black lace bra exposing firm double C breast. “I think this will be fun…Don’t you Joe?” she says looking into his eyes.

Missy comes in sits the warm massage oil on a small bedside table, then begins helping Alyssa undress. And Once again she brings up Alyssa’s love life.

“Amber, you’ve lived with us for almost eight months right. Shit Amber, Alyssa’s hasn’t been with a guy for at least a year.”

Amber pulls Joe’s pants down then drops to her knees. She plays with his growing cock, caressing her fingers over the bulge in his paisley print boxer shorts.

“Well she did sleep with Joe last night,” she says. “I saw the smiles on their faces, when they came downstairs this morning,” she kisses his cock. “Did you enjoy Joe’s big cock last night boss lady?”

Alyssa replies to Amber’s curiosity, remembering what Joe said to his friend Mark Sanger on the phone earlier today. “You know a real lady, never kisses and tells.” Her reply causes Missy and Amber to break into girlish laughter. “What’s so funny girls. Believe or not, I am a lady,” she said sounding a bit hurt.

Missy speaks in a reassuring voice. “Yes, you are one fine lady.” She begins kneeling down, kissing licking and sucking Alyssa’s breast. On her knees she gently tugs Alyssa’s black bikini panties down, taking time to give her attractive female talent agents thin strip of auburn pubes a kiss while at the same time caressing her hand between her boss’s legs.

Alyssa glances at Joe, Amber’s on her knees eagerly sucking his erect cock. His brown eyes are closed, he appears to be enjoying it a little too much. She feels a hint of jealousy although she’s only known the man for two days. But since they’ve met, she’s had a feeling there’s something more to their chance meeting. She speaks with irritation in her voice.

“Hey Amber, your supposed to give Joe a massage Not a blow job.” Amber quickly takes her lips away from his cock, when she moves her mouth away Joe opens his eyes finding Alyssa’s blue eyes staring at him. Shrugging her jealusy off she flashes a smile. “Sorry Joe. I know you were enjoying that, but I wanna massage Don’t you?”

“Why…um yes. Sure I do,” he says wiping away a big smile.

Amber stands up telling him. “Go lay on your belly Joe, then I’ll give you a massage you’ll never forget.” He lies down lengthwise on the bed, Alyssa lay beside him. Their eyes mee, she speaks softly.

“I bet you never expected this when I hired you, did you.”

“No…I didn’t.” he says with smile. “But I will say sweetheart, the fringe benefits of this job are the best.”

Looking up he watches Missy slip out of her short floral print sundress, then out of a skimpy pair of black thong panties. She’s not wearing a bra, her breast are small round and perfectly firm. From the corner of his eye he watches Amber remove her white camisole top, she’s braless too. Her breast are just slightly bigger than Missy’s, she removes her daisy duke shorts along with a pair of red panties. A thought rushes through his mind. “Damn, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.” Amber climbs on the bed straddling his back. Missy dose the same over Alyssa’s back. He watches Missy pour warm massage oil over Alyssa’s bare back, looking at Alyssa’s face he sees a very pleasured smile appear.

When Amber pours oil over his back he realizes why, the warm oil mixed with the sudden softness of Amber’s hands and fingers brings complete ecstasy to his troubled mind and worn-out body. Amber’s sweet Texas accent adds to his pleasure.

“Doesn’t Missy’s special oil feel good darlin.” she says sweetly. “I just love lettin Missy give me a massage with this stuff. After she does me, I do her real good then we go take a long hot shower together.”

Missy speaks seductively, massaging Alyssa’s neck and shoulders.

“Yeah Alyssa I bet you’d like to take a long hot shower with Joe, wouldn’t you.”

Alyssa replies breathlessly. “Mmm. Yes, that does sound nice,” she opens her eyes looking into his eyes. “Are you enjoying this as much as I am.” she says.

He smiles approvingly. “Oh yes I am.”

“Hey Amber,” says Missy. “Lets swap, you do Alyssa, I’ll do Joe.”

Within seconds both teens swap their massage partners. Missy leans down speaking seductively in Joe’s ear. “Roll over handsome, I wanna do your front.”

Amber does the same with Alyssa’s, having her roll over too. She massages her neck and earlobes then gradually works her hands to her full breast. Her long nipples are erect and very sensitive, Amber pays special attention to her nipples. She’s helped Missy give their beautiful auburn haired manager massages before, she knows exactly what she likes.

On Joe’s side of the bed Missy begins teasing him, rubbing her bare cunt over his extremely stiff cock. While teasing him she massages her soft hands over his chest. The feeling of the young woman’s bare cunt caressing over his cock, almost drives him insane with lust. Looking up at the dark haired girl, he admires her youthful beauty. He likes her short shag hair style with slight blond highlights, it gives her an exotic appearance. Her breast are small firm orbs, with nickel size areolas and long pink nipples. He reaches up with both hands and plays with each nipple, she smiles at him her eye lids flutter.

Amber works her way down massaging Alyssa’s inner thighs, occasionally caressing her fingers against the soft pink folds of her vulva. Alyssa’s body shakes with pleasure, she begins thrusting her crotch against Amber’s fingers. Teasing her Amber stops caressing her boss’s clit then begins massaging her way down each of her slender legs. She and Missy planned the whole evening perfectly, their plan is to get Alyssa and Joe aroused to the point of no return, teasing their massage partners to the brink of sexual orgasms then leave them alone, in hopes once they leave passion will ensue.

Missy teases Joe, gently stroking his stiff cock rubbing massage oil into its sensitive flesh. She suddenly stops and moves to his inner thighs. He protested. “Missy…I was enjoying your little hand job.”

She chuckles. “I know you were buddy, that’s why I stopped doing it.” Missy glances at Amber, giving her a wink. The wink is a signal they worked out earlier, the girls have other plans for the evening and Missy is ready to get going. Amber pretends to notice the time.

“Hey Missy, look at the time. Remember, we told those fine looking cops outside we’d bringem dessert before their shifts end.” she stands up from the bed. “Come on Missy, because I wanna seduce officer Jones into to asking me out for a date.”

Missy quickly moves away from Joe’s oily body, exclaiming her plan for their own romantic needs. “Yeah Amber, that’s a great idea. I know the way into their hearts, and their pants. We’ll do it the old fashioned way, right through their stomachs.”

They both begin dressing, Alyssa sits up looking completely relaxed due to Amber’s massage. Joe sits up watching them dress, his cock is so hard he thinks he can use it for a pry bar if he has to.

“Sounds like you girls, have a crush on those rookies outside.” says Joe.

“Its about time too,” said Alyssa. “They’ve been picking on me about my lousy love life. Ha, the only dicks they’ve had lately are a few brainless porn studs.”

“Hey girl,” said Amber. “At least we’ve been getten laid.” She slips back into her white camisole top. “Joe,” she says. “I hate to pry, but I know what you two did up here last night. It’s been a long time since Alyssa’s had a man in her bed,” she flashes a sassy grin. “Do it to her again tonight, she’s easier to get along with after she gets laid.”

Missy cuts in adding her two cents. “And beside that Joe, she needs a good man in her life.”

Once the girls finish dressing they give Joe and Alyssa kisses goodbye then leav them alone. Alyssa stands up offering Joe her hand. “Come on good man, lets go take a shower,” she says.

“Okay sweetheart. I’ll wash your back, if you’ll wash mine.” She tugs on his hand leading him to the shower. “Sounds like good clean fun,” she says. “Lets break all your rules tonight Joe!”

In the shower they began slowly soaping each others bodies. Joe pays special attention to her breast, gently massaging each firm round orb.

“Mmm…I love the way you touch me, you’re so gentle,” she says.

He pulls her wet soapy body to his, gently tilting her head back for a kiss. At first the kiss was meant to be just a kiss, but it quickly turns to passion. He feels her tongue licking his lips, his tongue touches hers. As they kiss she feels his erection pressing against the folds of her sex, she reaches down and begins gently stroking his cock.

Grasping Alyssa’s ass cheeks he lifts her from the shower floor, pressing her back against the wall. Wanting his cock inside her cunt so badly, she wraps her legs around his hips. He guides his erection between the fold of her sex, she gasps. “Yes…Make love to me, now.” He doesn’t speak, he just begins thrusting inside her.

She wraps her legs tighter around his hips as he thrust inside her they, kiss with every ounce of passion they have. Their steamy shower love making builds to full speed like a run a way locomotive through a rain storm. His hips smack against her inner thighs, they continue kissing never breaking away. They feel their hearts beating against each others chest. Just for a second they break the kiss.She moans. “Fuck me…Oh yes fuck meee.”

Hearing her passionate plea he begins trusting harder, his knees feel weak but he continues pressing her body against the marble tile shower wall. Feeling hot cum trying to rise from his groin he fights the urge to cum. But the feeling of her vaginal walls gripping his cock like a vice becoming warmer with each thrust, he knows he cant hold back much longer. She’s on the verge of an orgasm as well, hearing his grunts of passion sends her over the edge. They cum at the same time.

It takes all of his strength to hold the auburn haired blue eyed beauty up when he cums. Still driving his cock inside her, his wet hips smack against her thighs. She feels his erection throbbing as it buries its hot seed deep within her body. Weak from her orgasm she lays her head on his shoulder not able to speak. Finally he lets her down, her voice trembles. “Wow….That was fantastic.” Is all she can say.

Finally after their long hot shower Alyssa turns the water off, taking his hand she leads him from the shower. Using a soft fluffy royal blue towel she dries his body, he takes a towel from a nearby shelf and dries her as well. She kisses her way down his chest kneeling as she kisses him, on her knees she takes his half erect cock between her warm lips. During her seventeen years as a porn star Alyssa Breeze became well known for her oral talents, with her oral expertise it doesn’t take long for her to arouse his cock to another completely stiff erection.

The feeling of her soft warm red lips and wet tongue, licking and sucking his manhood as if it’s an ice cream cone on a hot summer day makes Joe a very happy man. “Ahh…You know exactly what I like baby.” he exclaims gently thrusting his hips slowly fucking her mouth.

She looks up smiling. “You really like my skills, don’t you baby.” She winks seductively then goes back to her task, bobbing her head slowly stopping occasionally to lick and kiss his shaft. “Mmm,” she says looking up at him.
“Your cock taste sooo goood.” He loves the way she looks at him with her bright blue eyes, he’s never been with such a beautiful woman before. His ex wife is attractive, but to him Alyssa’s much more attractive then she is. He looks down caressing her auburn hair.

“Lets take this to your bed baby, I’ll make love to you there.”

When she stands up he lifts her entire body cradling her in his arms, she screams in surprise then breaks into girlish laughter. He carries her to the bed, lays her down gently then lays over her. Starting from her lips he begins kissing his way down her body, taking time to suck and lick her breast. She gasps with pleasure enjoying the feelings of his tongue and lips on her long pink nipples. While sucking her nipples he fingers her clit, she humps his invading fingers. He stops rolls onto his back then points to his mouth.

“Have a seat right here,” he says with a smile. “it’s my turn to suck your pussy.”

“Well aren’t you the adventurous one tonight.” she says fighting laughter.

“Yes, I am…Now hop on my face and take a ride beautiful.”

She does as he says, holding on to her beds solid oak headboard she slowly lowers her pussy down over his waiting mouth. “Mmm…You taste good,” he says after licking her clit.

“Giggle. I bet you say that to all the girls, you big stud. Now eat me baby.”

“Oh you bet I’m going to eat you. Now sit on my face and enjoy the ride.”

Opening her wide with his thumbs and forefingers he begins licking her clit, while at same time covering her entire pussy with his mouth. Within seconds Alyssa’s moaning and gyrating her wet pussy over his mouth and tongue. He shoves three long fingers deep within her sex, and suddenly her body stiffens and shakes.

“Oh…yesss, that’s the spot…Oh yesss.” Her juices drench his face, he drinks them down enjoying her salty sweet flavor. He licks and sucks her cunt for what seems like an eternity, she came twice. But feeling the need for cock instead of tongue and lips, she pulls herself away from his mouth and tongue. Slowly moving her body back to his stiff cock she guides it to her sopping wet sex.

“Thanks for the mustache ride cowboy…Now can I take your cock for a ride?”

“You sure can sweetheart.” he replies sounding like a cowboy.

She reaches down guiding his cocks head to her wet opening, then slowly lowers herself down stuffing all eight inches of cock inside. Her body shivers with pleasure she moans softly. “Mmmm…that feels so fucking good.” He grasps her hips enjoying the softness of her skin. She begins lifting and lowering her body, all the way to the head of his cock then slowly dropping back down. With each stroke of her cunt over his shaft she slowly builds up speed.

He enjoys the feeling of being inside this remarkable ladies sex, the inner walls of her vagina clutching his stiff member feels like soft velvet caressing his cock flesh. Their eyes meet but no words are spoken, there’s no need for words. The passion between them says it all. She leans down they embrace and kiss, he shoves inside her as they kiss. She moans, her body shivers from a small orgasm. He thrust inside her a little faster, she cums again. He rolls her over, taking charge of their love making he begins speeding his thrust. She moans. “Yes…Fuck meee.”

He speaks softly in her ear. “Whatever you want sweetheart.”

She wraps her long slender legs around his backside, he begins thrusting faster and harder. She gasps. “Yes…yes…Oh fuck yesss.” Hearing her response to his gained speed he continues thrusting inside her hot cunt, she begins humping back against his thrusting hips. Sounds of their bodies crashing together echo from bedroom walls. Its mid December, there’s a cool pacific ocean breeze blowing through an open window, but they’re both sweating.

They kiss, as they kiss she forces him to roll back to the bottom. Now on top she begins riding his shaft, building speed her thighs smack against his. He feels another orgasm building within and once again he holds back as long as possible, its hard for him to do the warm wet feeling of her velvet glove is a pleasure too much to bare. He grunts. “Fuck me baby…Make me cum.”

She rides him faster, he grasps her hips with both hands and begins thrusting upwards. Their flesh smacks together, he feels hot seed rushing up his cock shaft. “I’m…cumming,” he grunts. “Keep riding me.”

Feeling his throbbing cock pumping warm seed inside her body she smiles at him, all the while continuing her wild passionate ride. As she builds up speed another orgasm rushes from within her own body. Suddenly weakened by her last orgasm she collapses laying her sweat drenched body over his. They both lay silent catching their breath. He feels the inner walls of her sex flexing around his cockshaft, she feels his cock throbbing inside her body. Small aftershock orgasms rush through both their bodies. She speaks sounding out of breath.

“I think we’re going to need another shower…Whew, damn that was nice baby.”


After showering once more, they both lay back in bed. Alyssa’s laying her head on Joe’s shoulder, she speaks with sadness in her voice. “I guess we better get some sleep,” sigh. “Alexis Carlisle’s funeral starts at eleven A.M. At the Santa Maria funeral home, back in L.A.”

When Joe doesn’t reply she lifts her head to see why, he’s fast asleep. She feels angry at first, but seeing the content smile on his masculine face she quickly calms down. Her blue eyes take in his manly features, his thick brown hair with flecks of gray, the gray being a little more prominent along the hairline of his temples. There’s a slight crook in his nose, apparently its been broken, possibly in a fight. His mouth is closed tightly, she admires his thick almost red lips. She feels the urge to kiss him, but she doesn’t want to wake him.

She thinks back to last night, and how he saved her life when the killer tried shooting her with a high powered rifle from the bluffs south of her home. Thoughts of almost loosing her life last night sends a chill down her spine, but being near him makes her feel safe and secure. Looking into his face she remembers what she heard him say to his detective friend Mark Sanger. It was something about, when the killers caught, and his job of protecting her is done. He’ll go back to L.A, to work as a private detective again. Suddenly overcome with fears of being alone she tells herself.

“I’m not his type. I’m an ex porn star, shit I’m way too wild for a good man like him.” Watching him sleep she says a silent prayer. “Lord god in heaven, maybe I’m not worthy of a guy like Joe Mason. But lord If I’m still alive, by the time this horrible ordeal is over with Can you please make him stay. I’ve only known him for two days, but Dammit I really like this guy.” She crosses herself before adding one last thought. “I’ll be a good girl, if you make him stay.”

Chapter 5. A funeral for a friend.

Joe wakes early feeling a chill from the open window. Alyssa’s sleeping with her back to him, he takes in the sight of her long thick auburn hair and the soft white skin of her bare shoulder protruding from the edge of a thin blanket. Looking at the clock he sees its going on nine A.M. Knowing they need to get ready for Alexis Carlisle’s funeral, he gives her shoulder a quick shake. She doesn’t respond, he leans over kisses her shoulder and says. “Wake up Alyssa.” Finally she slowly wakes up and rolls onto her back. Stretching her arms above her head, she smiles seeing he’s still in her bed.

“Good morning.” she says in a groggy voice. “Good morning sweetheart.” he replies.

“What time is it.” she asks.

“Its nine in the morning,” he says. “We need to get ready, the funeral starts at eleven.” Her mood changes, tears run from her eyes. He holds her close. “Its okay sweetheart, I’m here for you.” he said hoping to it will help. She pulls away and quickly stands from the bed wiping her eyes, her mood changes to anger.

“I hope her killer pays dearly for what he did.” She turns away quickly stepping into her bathroom. Hearing the shower running. He walks in finding her in the shower leaning against the shower wall sobbing, he hugs her from behind. Seeing her this way breaks his heart. He speaks reassuringly.

“He’ll pay for what he did, and I’ll make sure he doesn’t hurt you.”

After showering Alyssa seems to be in a better mood, she began getting dressed. “Can you go get the clothing you’ll be wearing, then dress in my bedroom.”

“Sure I can do that,” he replies. “Oh and make sure you wear something black,” her voice trembles. “Its my best friends funeral, We should both wear black.”

The spare rooms just down the hallway from her room, once inside he finds the only black suit he owns, luckily its not too wrinkled. After laying his black dress jacked and trousers out he digs through his luggage for something he most likely should’ve been wearing under his shirt since he came to work as her bodyguard. The item is an old lightweight Kevlar bulletproof vest, the vest was issued to him by the Los Angeles P.D. He hasn’t worn the vest since he quit the force five years ago.

Knowing there’s a possibility the killer might strike at the funeral. Even though Detective Sanger told him he’s ordering L.A PD black and whites to be at the funeral for a show of force, he decides today would be a good day to wear it. He slips into a white tank top T-shirt then a fresh pare of paisley print boxer shorts. After the straps the white Kevlar vest over his chest. After making sure the vest is secure on his chest and upper body, he grabs his black suit and walks back to Alyssa’s room.

He knocks before entering. “Is that you Joe. Come in, I need your help.”

Opening the door he finds Alyssa slipping into a knee length form fitting black cotton dress, her backs to him. “That dress looks good on you.” he says meaning every word. “Can you zip me please.” He zips her up, she turns around noticing the vest. “Why are you wearing that,” she asks sounding puzzled.

“I’m just being cautious, that’s all.” She looks him over caressing her fingers over the white tank top style Kevlar vest. “Why are you wearing it now.”

“Because I know we’ll be out in public places, at the funeral home and the cemetery. I’ll feel more at ease wearing it, and I’ll be able to guard you and the girls better too,” he spots anxiety in her eyes. “Don’t worry, it’s most likely nothing will happen. Detective Sanger’s helping out, there’ll be a few L.A PD black and whites at both places. If the guy tries anything he’ll be taken down, either by the cops or by me.”

She helps him dress buttoning his white dress shirt, even helping him tie his necktie. She stands back looking him over and smiles. “You Look good in black.” she says. She hugs him, they’re about to kiss when they’re both startled by a sudden knock on the door.

They hear Missy’s muffled voice. “Hey are you guys awake in there.”

Missy opens the door, poking her head inside. “When you’re ready, come to the kitchen for breakfast Amber’s making breakfast for us,” she looks at Joe. “You look nice,” she says. “And So do you Alyssa,” Missy flashes a nervous smile. “I hope you don’t mind Alyssa, but Amber and me invited officers Mike Jones and Frank Sanchez in for a sleep over.”

Alyssa chuckles. “A sleep over?” she says. Joe cuts in joking. “Did their mothers say they could stay over.”

A few moments later Joe and Alyssa came to the kitchen dinning room. They find both twenty something Malibu cops sitting at the table, they’re both half dressed. Mike Jones is wearing a white T-shirt and his tan police trousers, Frank Sanchez is wearing a white tank top and tan trousers, they’re both sitting at the table. Amber’s dishing them plates of Texas style sausage gravy and buttermilk biscuits. She’s dressed in a low-cut black sundress, wearing a white apron over the front of her dress to keep it clean. “Good morning you two,” she says. “I hope your both hungry, cause I made y’all a big breakfast.”

Joe sits between Jones and Sanchez. “Well good morning officers, did you sleep well last night?”

Both young cops nod their heads smiling. “I slepped like a rock,” says Jones. Amber sits beside him, adding a little to much information. “More like, rock hard.” she says.

Missy sits beside Sanchez, and kisses his cheek. “You slepped, like a rock too. Didn’t you baby!” Everyone with the exception of Alyssa laugh at Sanchez, noticing his tan skin blushing beet red. He flashes a broad happy smile.

“Yes baby, that was the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time.”

Alyssa never took a seat with every one else, she’s leaning against the kitchen counter sipping black coffee. Missy looks back noticing sadness in her eyes, stands stood and walks to her friend. Everyone watches her hug Alyssa.

“I’m sorry Alyssa, Alexis was my friend too,” she kisses her cheek. “We shouldn’t be joking around like we are on the day of her funeral.”

Alyssa tries a smile. “Oh, I’m not worried about that Missy.” She smiles thinking of her old friend. “You knew her as well as I did Missy, I’m sure she wouldn’t want us moping around like a bunch of sad-sacks,” she kisses Missy’s cheek. “You go have breakfast, I’m going upstairs to touchup my makeup.”


Services at funeral home went well. Joe, Missy and Amber found out Alexis Carlisle had enormous amounts of loving friends. Some were in the adult film business, some were just old friends. Before leaving the funeral home a few famous adults stars chatted with Alyssa, she introduced Joe to Ginger Lynn, Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, Amber Lynn and Christy Canyon. When Amber Blue met Amber Lynn, she told Miss Lynn how she got her first name.

“My daddy’s such a fan of your’s, that’s why he named me Amber.”

Police escorts guide everyone out of L.A to a cemetery close to Malibu. As they arrive Joe notices a crowd of grieving fans at the entrance of the graveyard. Some are holding signs with slogans such as. We love you Alexis. We’ll miss you Alexis. The crowd of fans sits Joe’s nerves on edge, and to top things off. Once the police escorts finish their job, the squad cars pull away leaving detective Sanger’s tan unmarked police car behind. As Joe drive slowly through the cemetery he calls Mark Sanger on his cell phone, when Sanger answers Joe growls his displeasure.

“Where the hell are those black and whites going. We need some uniforms out here to hold that crowd back.” There’s a long pause at Mark’s end, he hears him sigh.

“Sorry, but your old friend chief Robertson called them back. That son of a bitch doesn’t want his officers guarding a porn star, looks like its just you and me partner.”

Joe’s history with Chief Robertson goes back to his ordeal with child killer Alan Pritchard. Robertson was the internal affairs officer that forced him to quit the force. Trying to look at the bright side he tells his ex partner. “At least I have someone I can depend on, thanks for staying Mark. Now can you keep an eye on that crowd for me.”


The service at Alexis Carlisle’s grave last at least an hour. Joe doesn’t pay attention to her service, he looks out over the grave stones and trees looking for anyone standing where they shouldn’t be as a catholic priest reads a eulogy and says prayers over her coffin. Missy and Amber stand with their arms around Alyssa, she begins sobbing when her old friends coffin is lowered into the ground.

After the priest speaks the final words of his prayer. “Earth to earth, ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.”

Alyssa sobs throwing a traditional handful of earth into the grave as the caskets lowers down. Everyone does the same then slowly begin walking away. Joe turns around finding Missy and Amber hugging Alyssa, as she stands looking into the open grave. He reaches out caressing her back. “Its time to go home sweetheart.” He takes her by the arm steadying her as they walk away. Amber and Missy follow a few feet behind.

As they walk across the cemetery towards Joe’s car, they walk past a male fan. He’s standing about thirty feet away, his dark blue ball cap with a large gold M above its bill and his black and red Detroit redwings sweatshirt catches Joe’s eye. He’s wearing the cap low over his eyes, Joe shrugs him off as just another overzealous fan. The man is holding a sign that reads. I’m Your biggest fan Alexis Carlisle. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye, Joe sees the man drop the sign withdrawing what appears to be a nine millimeter pistol. The man runs at them firing the gun. Everyone around the cemetery dives for cover hearing gunfire.

Joe responds quickly shouting GUN, shoving Alyssa behind him at the same time. Standing like a stonewall in front of his client, he reaches inside his jacket trying to pull his 45 pistol. But four nine millimeter bullets slam into his chest. The impact of each bullet hitting his bulletproof vest knock him backwards, one of the bullets grazes his lower right gun arm, he screams in pain. Alyssa’s behind him, she’s knocked to the ground. As Joe stagers back, he falls on top of her. His sights blurry, his breaths been knocked from his lungs. He tries to move but he cant, there’s a sharp pains in his chest. He feels blood running down his right arm, he’s not sure if his old vest worked as he lays on the ground gasping for breath.

Mark Sanger runs towards the killer shouting. “L.A PD. Drop your weapon.” The killer doesn’t seem to care who he is. He turns towards Sanger aiming his gun at him, Sanger begins firing at the gunmen with his nine millimeter Glock, each shot Mark fires hit’s the man square in the chest, but the man in the ball cap just stagers back. Everyone’s startled when they hear Amber Blue shouting from eight feet behind the man.

Her Texas drawl trembles. “You heard the man. Now Drop it or die asshole,”

The killer flashes a devilish grin and turns around quickly with his gun ready to shoot the young female with the Texas drawl in her voice. To his surprise he finds Amber aiming the chrome plated 38 special, of which she’s affectionately named pearl at him. Not saying her warning twice she fires five quick shots, four hit him in chest one grazes his neck. He screams in pain, blood sprays from his neck but he doesn’t fall. Realizing he’s wearing body armor she fires one last shot, hitting the man in the head. His head snaps back, his blue and gold university of Michigan ball cap falls off, blood splatters from the back of his head, he falls backwards and lays dead on the ground.

Detective Sanger slowly approaches the man with his gun drawn, Amber does the same. He’s the first human she’s ever shot, in her shock she doesn’t realize her guns empty. Missy walks nervously alongside Amber, coming closer she screams in disbelief. “Oh no…Its my brother Jimmy.” Mark Sanger checks for a pulse on Jimmy’s neck, he looks at Missy shaking his head remorsefully. Missy falls to her knees beside her dead 22 year old brother, with tears flowing from her brown eyes.

She grabs the front of his black Redwings sweatshirt, shaking him screaming. “Why…Jimmy…Why.”

Amber places pearl back in her purse then she peels Missy’s finger from her dead brothers sweatshirt, telling the girl she refers to as her big sister. “I’m sorry Missy, but he’s gone. You need to let go sweetie.”

Back on the driveway where Joe and Alyssa fell, Joe pulls himself up kneeling beside Alyssa. Searing pain shoots through his badly bruised chest, his arms bleeding but he’s not seriously injured. He’s overcome with fear seeing Alyssa laying motionless beside him, fearing she’s been shot he speaks to her. “Alyssa come on sweetheart, talk to me.” When she doesn’t respond to his voice, he’s overcome with panic. He sees fresh blood on the cement driveway pavement near her head and blood matted in her auburn hair.

He yells out to his old partner. “Mark. Call an ambulance…she’s been shot.”

Mark runs towards Joe, he’s already on his cell phone calling for backup and a med-flight helicopter. He kneels beside Alyssa and begins describing his observations to a 911 operator.

“I have a possible gunshot victim, she’s in her mid thirties. She has a wound to the back of her head, there’s not much blood,” he checks her carotid artery. “She has a strong pulse.” Looking at Joe, his hazel brown eyes open wide at the sight of four bullet holes torn into his old friends white dress shirt. He sees blood dripping down Joe’s right arm. “I have another gunshot victim, he’s taken multiple gunshot wounds to his chest and at least one shot to his right arm.” Joe grabs Mark by the arm.

“Dammit Mark, don’t worry about me. She’s the one who’s hurt, get her to a hospital Now,” he yells. Tears begin streaming down Joe’s face, Mark pats him on the shoulder speaking reassuringly.

“Calm down Joe. There’s a Med flight on its way, when it lands I’m sending you both to the hospital.”


At the hospital Joe’s giving his fifty something female emergency room doctor a hard time.

“Dammit doc. I’m okay, just finish wrapping my arm. I need to go see my client.” His doctor explains his conditions. “You took four bullets in the chest. Your vest saved your life, but you have two cracked ribs and a wounded arm. I want you to lay back and wrest.”

He scoffs at her orders. “Like I said doc, I’m fine. My client Alyssa Breeze, she’s the one who needs your help.” The doctor forces him to lay back, pushing him down by his shoulders. When he lays back she explains Alyssa’s condition.

“Luckily for Miss Breeze, she wasn’t shot. She must’ve hit her head on something hard when she fell. She’s my patient, she’s in stable condition, but still unconscious. Her pulse and heart rate is strong so I think she’ll be okay. But you need to let her wrest, and you need wrest too. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to check on some of my other patients.”

He watches the doctor leave then stands from his bed. Pain shoots through his chest, but he’s bound and determined to go find Alyssa he won’t be able to wrest until he sees her with his own eyes. Doctor Highland took his bullet riddled vest and dress shirt off, she tried making him wear a hospital-gown but he refused it. He’s wearing his T-shirt black trousers and tan loafers, with pain in his chest and a very sore right arm he steps into a brightly lite emergency room hallway. He stops a young blond haired nurse as she walks by.

“Do you know where my friend Alyssa Breeze is located.”

“Yes, she’s in the room right around the corner. There’s pretty blond haired girl in there with her,” said the young nurse.

Once she leaves he quickly makes his way to the room around the corner. Inside the room he finds Amber sitting on the edge of Alyssa’s bed. Alyssa’s still laying unconscious but a heart monitor shows a steady heartbeat. Seeing him come in Amber stands up and wraps her arms around him, he cringes in pain because she’s hugging him too tight.

“I was just getting ready to come and see you.” said Amber.

“Thanks for help back at cemetery,” he groans. “You did good sweetheart.” She brakes away crying. “Don’t cry sweetheart, your the hero of the day. I wouldn’t be standing here talking with you, if you didn’t shoot Jimmy Beletsky the way you did.”

She sniffles wiping tears from her eyes. “Yes…But Joe, I shot Missy’s only brother. She’s like my big sister…And the best friend I’ve ever had, sniffle. Now she’s going to hate my guts.”

Pain rushes over Joe’s chest, but he ignores it. “Don’t worry baby, it’ll be okay,” he looks into her blue eyes. “Speaking of Missy, where’s she at.”

“Last time I saw her she was down in the waiting room speaking to your detective friend.”

She wipes tears from her cheeks, they’re both started when they hear Missy’s voice from the doorway.

“How’s she doing guys.” she says sadly. Amber rushes over wrapping her arms around her.

“Please don’t be mad at me Missy, I’m so sorry I shot your brother.”

Missy’s reply surprises everyone. “No I’m not mad at you, as a mater of fact…I’m glad you killed him,” she sighs. “The man you shot wasn’t the Jimmy Beletsky I knew back in Detroit…My father and my uncle turned Jimmy into a monster.”

As she speaks detective Sanger steps in. He’s slightly shorter then Joe, he keeps his light brown hair neatly trimmed in a perfect flat top crew cut, his eyes are hazel brown. Missy speaks of thoughts that have been going through her mind since she found out her brother was the killer.

“Like I told you in the waiting room detective, it’s hard for me to believe Jimmy’s the one who murdered Alexis Carlisle and tried to kill Alyssa.” her voice trembles. “I saw those pictures he sent to Alyssa, but I’m having a hard time believing Jimmy tortured Alexis like that. And the way he stalked Alyssa and tried to kill her…I’m just having a hard time believing my brother could’ve done anything like this at all.”

“Yes,” says Mark. “I understand how you feel, but those pictures were developed in a makeshift photo lab. You told me, he knew how to develop film. I’m sorry Missy but your brother is still my prime suspect.”

Thinking of the rifle Mark found on the bluffs south of Alyssa’s beachfront home, Joe cuts in. “Missy, does your brother know anything about gunsmithing.”

“No…but my father and my uncle know a lot about guns.”

Detective Sanger cuts in. “That’s interesting Missy…or Melisa, whatever your real name is. I’ll need to contact your father back in Michigan, can you write his number and address down for me on my note pad.”

“My fathers name is Paul Beletsky, my uncles name is George. I haven’t contacted the assholes since I left Detroit over three years ago.” She hands his pen and note pad back with one last request. “When you talk with my father. Make sure you let him know, I still hate his guts.”

“Okay…I’ll let him know….Now do you have anything else for me to say.”

“Nope, at least nothing you’d feel comfortable repeating detective.”

Suddenly from behind they hear Alyssa’s groggy voice. “Where am I?” They all stop talking and gather around her bed. Joe stands on the right side of the bed holding her hand. “Your in the hospital.” he says. She replies in a groggy voice.

“Why am I in the hospital…?”

He chuckles glad to hear her voice. “You fell and hit your head, then I fell on top of you.”

She opens her eyes wide, in a confused voice she asked. “You fell on me.”

As he’s about to explain Doctor Highland comes in, the doctor pushes her way in beside Joe.

“I thought I’d find you here Mister Mason, now move aside you stubborn old man I need to check Miss Breeze’s vitals.” With that said doctor Highland places a stethoscope over Alyssa’s heart. “You’ve got a strong heartbeat,” she says to Alyssa. Using a dim light she checks her eyes, then she holds two fingers up in front her eyes. “How many fingers am I holding up Alyssa.”

“Two,” Alyssa says groggily. “Your holding two fingers. Everything’s blurry, but yes two fingers.”

“She’s okay,” says Amber. “All she needs is a little love’n from detective Mason and she’ll be good as new after that.”

Chapter 6. Three days later.

It’s a beautiful southern California day. The suns sitting high in the sky over Alyssa’s Malibu beach front home. Joe’s standing on the upper deck of her home, looking down at. He’s taking in the view, admiring the way she looks in a very revealing white French cut bikini. She’s wearing dark sunglasses sunbathing on a lounge chair at the lower beachfront deck of her home. Half asleep she doesn’t hear him as he comes down the steps shirtless wearing bright colored paisley print swim trunks. He’s carrying a glass of wine for her, and a cold beer for him. She screams when he touches the bottom of his cold beer to the soft skin of her breast.

“Joe don’t, that’s cold baby,” he hands her the wine. “Thanks,” she says with a smile. “I’ve been waiting patiently for this.”

He helps raise the back of her lounge chair then takes a seat on a lounge chair next to hers. As he takes a sip of his beer, Alyssa lays her hand over his knee.

“Well hero,” she says smiling. “Are you going to stay here. Or will you walk off into the sunset, back to your little apartment in L.A.”

He thinks of her question, looking out over the ocean surf as it crashes along the shoreline. He takes a sip of beer then teasingly replies. “I don’t know sweetheart, this place is a way too nice for me….What do you think, should I stay.”

She sits up then kneels before him. “Yes, you should stay. If you want, we can rough the place up a little so it looks more like that nasty little apartment you live in back in L.A.” She slips her hand under the leg of his shorts stroking his cock. “You love my fringe benefits…I know you do,” feeling him grow erect she smiles. “Oh…You really love my fringe benefits, don’t you baby.” she says playfully.

“Okay yes I’ll stay,” he chuckles. “I was just teasing you anyway.”

She takes her hand from his shorts giggling. “I was just teasing too,” she said than sat on the edge of her lounge chair deciding to change the subject.

“Missy told me your going to Detroit with her, to help press rape charges on her perverted uncle,” she smiles sweetly. “Thanks Joe. She’s held what happened buried inside for over three years, that must’ve been tough on her.”

“Yes,” says Joe. “I’m going to enjoy watching the cops slap the cuffs on dear old uncle George Beletsky….And while I’m in the motor city, I’ll coax the local police to reopen the case involving her mothers so called accidental death. I’ll enjoy putting the screws to poppa Beletsky as well. Those pricks created a monster out of Missy’s brother….Its time a little justice is served to those bastards.”

Joe guzzles his beer then kneels beside Alyssa’s lounge chair, without warning he lifts her in his arms. Pain shoots though his cracked ribs, but holding the new love of his life in his arms helps him ignore the pain.

“Joe put me down, before you drop me.” she says in shocked surprise. He looks into her eyes. “I’ll put you down in our bed, that’s where I’ll put you down.”

“Oh so now my beds your bed, giggle. Hey I like the idea of my bed being your bed.” She playfully belts out an order. “Hurry up lover boy. Take me there, before I change my mind.”

The end of part 2.

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