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It was a warm summer day, the 23rd of July to be exact and I had a long day ahead of me. Today, I turned 21. Me and a few of my friends had made some big plans for the night, plans to go clubbing. Here in Miami, you have to be 21 years of age to enter bars after a certain time of day so we decided tonight was going to be my night. It was mid-day, around noon when I had decided to pop over to my friend, Jeff's house to pick him up. We had made plans the previous nights to go out during the day to get some shirts, go play pool; you know. The usual. I got into my 2001 VW Jetta and left for his house.

I arrived there around 2:15pm and noticed that his car was gone. None the less, I figured that his mother could have borrowed it to go run some errands so I parked my car in his place and exited the vehicle. As I approached his walkway, I noticed the curtains moving and figured that someone was home.

You see, me and Jeff grew up together. We've known eachother since we were around 6 years of age so we treat eachothers homes like our own. Ie: Walking in without knocking.

I opened up the door and called out. "Jeff... Jeff you home?" I heard the water running in the kitchen and could smell freshly cooked food. "He's gone to meet Robby, he told me that you might drop by. It's okay by me if you want to stick around and wait Jeff. The remote is on the couch, make yourself at home." Ah. His mother. "Oh ok Mrs.McConnel. That's fine. I'll just watch some TV and wait for him." Wow. Jeff's mom. She's not too hard on the eyes let me tell you. In fact, she's very attractive and fit for a women her age. I've never asked her age but she has to be at least in her late 30's or early 40's. Appearance wise, she looks like a 25 year old. I mean it. She's about 5'9" and weighs about 130Lbs. About 15Lbs of that 130Lbs can be blamed on her tits. She has a washboard stomach, long slender legs, and the nicest CSL's I have ever seen. Even nicer than those of Angelina Jolie. Her skin is tanned, toned and looks to be well moisturized. She has big brown eyes and dirty blonde hair which she usually keeps back in a pony tail. As I flick through the channels on the TV, my mind begins to wander. In fact, it wanders back to when I was 17 years old and spending the night here because my parents were out of town and didn't trust my party-throwing ways.

I can remember hearing the shower running while I was trying to sleep. The constant sound of the water was bothering my bladder, causing me to have to urinate. I waited for the shower to stop before climbing up out the bed in the spare bedroom right next door. The bedroom is right between the bathroom and Mrs.McConnel's room. As I opened the door, I rushed out without looking; bumping into someone and knocking them to the floor. "Hello?" I asked, nobody answered. I reached into the room closest to me and flicked the switch. I was both astonished and afraid because what I saw excited me and made me nervous.

Mrs.McConnel lay there, dazed and confused. Holding her head. Naked as a newborn baby and spread eagle. The towel on the floor beside her. She slowly noticed me standing there and quickly covered up. "I'm sorry Mrs.McConnel... I had to use the washroom so bad that I hurried out of the room not paying attention to my surroundings..." I helped her to her feet. She seemed un-concerned at the fact that I had just saw her naked. Shaved pussy and all. I let her lean on my arm and use me as a crutch as I accompied her to her bedroom. I helped her sit on the bed. I quickly left the room in a panic and fled to the bathroom where I pissed and kept picturing her naked, wet and sexy body lying there in front of me. I quickly zipped off and walked towards the door. As I opened it, I stepped back a few feet as Mrs.McConnel was standing there. Wearing a medium sized T-shirt as a nighty. Her hair still wet and messy. The shirt just came down low enough to cover the bottom of her ass. God she was sexy. "Sorry, I forgot my hairbrush..." I smiled. "It's okay Mrs. McConnel. Listen, about what happened..." She cut me off while grabbing the brush. "Accidents happen." She stated. "Let's just keep what you saw between us okay?" I nodded. "Agree'd. Anyways, I'm off to bed Mrs.M... I'll see you in the morning." She smiled. "Goodnight." I walked back into the spare bedroom and lay there. Thinking about her body. I pulled out my penis and began to masturbate for a bit, at least 15 minutes before cumming and going to sleep.

"Would you like to join me for lunch?" I sat back up and opened my eyes. Mrs.McConnel stood there, wearing a pair of loose jogging pants and a tank top. Her nipples visible through the shirt. "I must have fallen asleep... Of course I'll join you for lunch." She walked out of the living room, I watched her ass wiggle through the entrance into the kitchen and I stood up. I quickly sat back down, noticing that I had a very visible bulge in my pants. The outline of my 8" penis clearly shaped in my jeans. I sat there for a moment, letting myself calm down before proceeding into the kitchen. I walked in and sat down, she came from behind a placed a plate in front of me. Vegetables and dip. She walked over to the other side of the table and sat opposite of me. We began eating, it was a fairly quiet lunch. I felt as though tension was building so I had to break the silence. "So... How have you been doing?" I asked. She looked up and smiled. "I've been doing great. I've been going to the gym often and recently took up kickboxing." I laughed. "Well, it sure does look like it." WHAT HAVE I SAID?! Did I say that out loud? Oh my god. How's she going to respond? I shove some food in my mouth. "Why thank you... I'm glad it's paying off somehow. What about you? How are you doing?" The question completely passed over my as I found myself hypnotized by her perking nippled peeking through her white shirt. No bra. Her areola's where about the size of loonies. Her purple shaded nipples were perfect.

She noticed me staring at her tits. "Chris... Are you looking at my breasts?" She asked. No response. I was so into them that I couldn't take my eyes away from them. She reached in front of herself and touched them. That got me. I looked up quickly and saw her smiling. Her face almost more inviting than those knockers. "Do you like what you see?" She asked. "Uh huh." I blurted out. "Do you remember that night when you spent the night here?" She asked. "Uh huh." I blurted out again. "You've been thinking about that since it happened haven't you?" She giggled. She licked her lips. "Mrs. McConnel." I stated as she sat up straight. "I've been thinking about it since I got here earlier. Your so attractive and mature. There is just something about you that draws me in." She blushes. "Chris... That night, I heard you." I coughed. "What do you mean?" I asked. "I heard your groaning from the guest room. You were masturbating weren't you?" She asked quietly.

"Ummm..." My mind wandered off. "It's okay to admit it because... So was I." I choked for a moment. "Wh-What?" She slowly stood up and made her way towards me. "I laid there in my bed, rubbing my wet slip thinking about you..." She cooed as she came closer. Taking me by the hand, she stood me up and pressed herself against me, kissing me. My cock was growing quicker and quicker by the moment as she shoved her tongue into my mouth. As she pressed against me, my cock had been rubbing up against her inner thigh when she let out a slight moan. She reached down and gave it a firm squeeze and a hard rub before pulling away quickly and smiling. "Come upstairs..." She whispered as she jogged into the living room playfully. I followed. As I enter the living room, she had been entering the stairwell, her shirt lay there on the stairs. I picked it up and walked up the stairs, my mind running wild. By the time I had gotten to the top of the stairs, her jogging pants lay there on the ground. Her pink thong panties lay inside them. I pick up her pants and thong up and walk down the hall. I notice that her panties are wet and grin. I walk into her room and stand there for a moment. Nobody in there. I throw her shed clothes on the bed and walk into the hall where I hear water running. The bathroom. I make my way back down the hall and get to the door. By this time, the shower is running and I hear the shower curtains move.

I slowly open the door and walk inside. It's already steamy. I slowly make my way over to the shower where I stand for a moment. "Mrs.McConnel?" I ask. "Call me Erin." She says back. "Are you going to join me? I need someone to wash my back for me..." She coo's. I quickly pull off my white tanktop and then my jeans. I then pull off my socks and boxers. I stand there for a moment, completely naked. I reach down and notice that my cock is rock hard so I move the shower curtains aside and enter slowly. There she stands, facing away from me. Her wet, tanned body glimmering. Her ass is so perfect. I reach forward and rub her back. She lets out a small moan before leaning back onto me and grabbing my cock. "I've been waiting for this..." She explains as she begins stroking my swollen member. I groan as she slowly gets down onto her knees. She looks up at me and licks her CSL's before grabbing my cock and shoving it into her warm, wet mouth. I let out a sigh as she begins bobbing her head, taking me in more and more with each attempt. After a solid sucking for about 5 minutes she stands back up and turns around, rubbing her ass against my hard dick.

I slowly kneel down and turn her to face me before leaning her against the wall of the shower and lifting one of her legs onto my shoulder. I dive right into her shaved cunt. Soaking wet with water and her juices. Her lips spread and my tongue lashing her swollen clit as I insert two fingers. I begin to finger fuck her furiously while I tease her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, sending her into a frenzy. After about 3 or 4 minutes of that, she cums and she cums hard. All over my face and in my mouth. She's sweet tasting. Instead of stopping there, she brings me up off the ground and wraps one of her legs around my waist before grabbing my rock solid seeker with one hand and my ass with the other. She guides it into her twat as she pulls my ass towards her, driving my cock deep into her. She lets out a loud gasp as I continue to pump away. Deeper and deeper, faster and faster. She begins moaning incredibly loud as I bury myself deep in her love hole. I pull out and flip her around so shes facing the wall. I bend her over and spread her ass cheeks before inserting back into her vagina. I begin thrusting, but she interrupts me with words. "Uhhhhhmmm fuck me in the ass...Uhhh" She blurts out.

I've never had anal sex before so I didn't know what to do. I slowly pull out of her cunt and spread her ass cheeks once more before spitting on my fingers and lubing the area. She reaches back and inserts a finger into her ass. She begins wiggling it around while moaning before grabbing my cock hard and slowly pushing it in. She lets out a loud scream of joy as I push it in past the head and begin rocking back and forth. At first, I do it slowly. Until she begins ramming her ass against me, causing a loud clapping sound because of the impact of my ballsack and her wet and sloppy pussy. After fucking her for about 5 minutes in the ass, I feel that feeling. I'm going to cum soon. I begin fucking her harder and harder up the ass, she is now screaming instead of moaning. "Ohhhhh f-f-fuck! I'm going to c-c-c-cum! Ohhhhhh!" She's going crazy! She pulls away from my cock and sits me on the ledge of the tub before getting on top of me. She shoves my cock into her pussy and begins bouncing up and down like mad. Her tits flopping around. I grab them and begin rubbing the nipples while I burrow deep into her. She lets out a loud scream and then begins twitching while pushing down all the way. "Oooooooooooh Uhhhhhhhhh!!!" She relieves as I pull out. "I'm going to cum!" I yell as she takes my big, hard, wet cock into her mouth. It's covered in her own cum yet she doesn't even care. She begins sucking hard while jerking me off. "Oh my God!" I yell as I cum hard. I shoot 3 loads into her mouth and she swallows them all before pulling my cock out and jerking me off on her face and tits where I shoot out another 3 streams. She wipes the cum off her face and tits before licking it off her hands...

We washed off and got out of the shower, just in time to dry off and make everything seem normal by the time Jeff came home... It was a close call but it was most definately worth the risk. I',m at Jeff's all the time now... I think his mom is trying to divorce his dad... Either way, I'm still getting all the mature pussy I want.

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