I am dedicating this to Truckerace
This happened when I was 15 driving on an interstate I-20. I was out driving to my Aunt's house in Mom's convertable Mustang and the evening air was beautiful and the stars and full moon were beginning to come out (I love full moons) and I drove back into Georgia. I was visiting my Aunt and she had given me several new outfits and I stopped and changed into a sheer gown that had thong panties. It was light bloe and all but transparent and tied at the waist below the breasts and that was all that held it together. It was made for the bedroom but I always thought that the world was my bedroom so I wore it and drove passing trucks and getting lots of air horns blown at me telling me that they approved. About 9PM I pulled into a rest area that was near a lake and pulled to the car side (this time). I had put the top up and locked the car and was walking to the rest roooms that I had parked about a hundred yards away from so I could see if I attracted any attention. The breeze blew my gown open and the thong was all that was under that and my nipples were hard and dark thru the material and very very visible. I went into the ladies room and sat for a good pee and one woman was there and she said I was dressed like a slut and I told her, "That is strange, cause I dress like I feel and I feel very much the slut tonight." she left and I finished and cleaned up and walked out to 6 or so truckers standing between me and the car and near the drink machines and so I walked to them and got in the middle and pulled some change from my bag and began to put it in the machine and a couple guys said, "We will get that for you Baby, just for the show." and they put money in the machine so I got a Sprite and some snacks.

Looking around most had bulges in their pants and I smiled and stayed and talked and they all had something to say about my appearence and so on. One guy, in his early 20s said, "Man, those sure are nice, are they real?" They all waited for my response and I stepped to him and untied the string at the waist and let the gown fall open, "See for yourself." I said and he took on tit in each hand and began squeezing them softly. "Oh you will not break them if you wanna do it harder." I said and he began massagging them harder and pulling the nipples. I saw two nice cock that had been taken out and were being played with by the men and they were standing up nice and tall. THe guy stepped back from my tits and another asked if he could see how they were, "Yes, you can suck them if you like." I said and his mouth was on the nipples making me moan loud, "Oh that is nice." I said. MY gown had dropped and one guy pickd it up and I stood there in my thong, "You guys have any place we can play?" I said. "I have a blanket and the woods are just there." he said pointing. "Sounds great guys, who wants to join me?" I said and they looked at me as if they did not believe me. "Guys, this is for real." and I walked away to the woods as the one went to the truck and got a nice thick quilt and joined me at the edge of the trees. THere was a trail and it led to the lake about 50 yeards away and I walked down it, the man with the quilt and the group of about 10 guys now following us. We got to a soft sand beach next to the water and I told them to put the blanket down and then took off my thong and sat on the blanket keaning back and my legs apart.

"I think the one that owns the blanket should have me first all alone, you guys can watch then jump in." I said and he stripped and laid on me kissing me gently. "Ah, I really do like it rough if that is okay." I said and he pushed me down and said, "Okay, if you want to do it that way." and he began sucking my nipples and I was crying out to suck them harder and to bite the and I had my first orgasm. I sprayed the blanket and then grabbed his cock and put it at the entrance to my starving pussy, "Shove it in there Baby." I moaned and he drove about a 7 inch into me and began humping hard. I was realy telling him to fuck me harder and not to stop and to cum in my cunt and soon he did and I looked at him, "Well, okay guys, whoever can do something then let's do it." "What do you wanna do lady?" one older guy said. "Anything you wanna do that will make me cum." I said. A nice sized cock slipped into my pussy and he began humping into me a little deeper and harder. Another cock was at my face and I sucked it in and down my throat and began really enjoying getting fucked. The next guy filled me with his load and I stayed sucking the one in my mouth and told them, "Lets see how many cocks we can get in me at one time." I was lifted and sat down on one nice cock slipping into my ass and then one in my pussy and I kept on sucking. We were all enjoying the hot sex and the scent that was in the air and it was making me hotter smelling the cum as they loaded me up with their loads. "Take this one slut." a guy said and he pulled my hair to get my head back and his huge cock was in my mouth down my throat in an instant. He did not wait for me to suck him he just shoved it down and in and out as he wanted to grunting as he did. The two cocks in me filled me and the globs of cum plopped onto the blanket as I had orgasm after orgasm each one spraying the cocks in me. Finally the ling cock in my throat filled me tummy cause it never shot in my mouth but right down in me past my gag point. I had a shattering orgasm as it pulsed and filled me.

"Okay, now lay her on her stomach" he said and he moved behind me and torn into my ass as if it were virgin. I let out a cry and he said, "Someone shut her up, shove a cock in her mouth." and one went in muffling my cries and making me hotter all the time. His nails dug into my skin on my hips as he shoved in and out of my ass and I do not know how long but he filled my ass and then turned me on my back and shoved into my pussy with his half hard cock that got hard quickly. All the men were watching him shove his cock deeper than one had ever been that was human and shoting for him to go hard and I was shouting with them, "Fuck me harder and deeper and really drill my cunt." and so he was. He filled my pussy and then dressed and left saying, "Good sex lady." and dropped a hundred bill next to me. "Guys, the money is not needed bu if you wanna I will take it." I said and then more began fucking me again and again. I was being pounded till my insides turned to much and then they kept on going as new guys joined the fun and I was enjoying some wine as they gave me short breaks. I looked thru the fog around me and was surrounded by men and women, the women watching and cheering their men on.

"Man I gotta piss" one guy said with a nice half hard cock. one woman said, "PIss in her." and he slipped his cock in my ass and began pissing making me go wild and flailing around like a fish flopping around out of water. AS he pulled out the piss gushed from my ass with a lot of cum and then I asked, "anyone else gotta go?" and a couple guys stepped up. "In the pussy" I said spreading my legs and one sank into my pussy and the orgasms began over and over. Another guy stood there and he said, "Okay, where do you want it, I gotta piss bad." and I took it in my hands and down my throat and as I went up and down I said, "anytime you gotta go man." and as he began I sank it down deep throat and left him there as he filled my throat and down to my stomach. I had to break it a couple times since he really had a lot but he finally finished and left me go and his girlfriend laughed, "She really is a slut." It went on for hours one man (and I think some women) after another filling me with whatever he had to dump in whatever hole he wanted to dump it in until the sun was coming up and there were only a few around. I was covered in cum from the loadds shot all over me and was guching each time I moved. A guy came over and smiled, "Well, you had a good night little lady." and he handed me a wad of bills. A few hundreds and some 20s and a bunch of 10s some 50s and 1s even. I counted it later and it came to 1574 dollars. He handed me a jump drive too and said, "Check it out later." and then he said, "So how old you you?" and I laughed and said, "No one asked me that when they were fucking me." He asked me again and I took him to my car and got in. I pulled our DL and showed it to him and his mouth dropped as he looked at the year of my birth and did the numbers in his head. "15?!" he said, "Oh shit, 15, I do not fucking believe it. 15." and I laughed. "You don't think 15 year olds need fucking?" and he just shook his head. I had slipped on the gown and thong again, not that they covered me and he said, "Come over to my rig." I followed him and he got on the CB and in veiled language let thoese in range know my age and told them to pass it on. Lots came back with a lot of comments and I walked to my car laughing and walked with me. I stopped and kissed him one last time and gave him my phone and told him I was available for parties like last night anytime. I drove the 50 miles home feeling great and sore as hell but tingling all over. Mommy greeted me and saw I had been well fucked and took my hand. "Come on, you need to get cleaned up" she said and took me to the shower and jumped in with me and began eating my pussy cleaning the cum from it and all over. We sank into bed after and I fell asleep all day and the next night and woke sore as hell at midnight.
MOre later all,.
Dedicated to Trucker Ace.
Hope you enjoy the truckin

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2014-01-12 19:01:25
Damn good that would been a great time at that rest area . Wish I found something like that on my runs I would gladly join in. Thanks for the dedication it was hot love to read more

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