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Risk was btter than his dad in bed
We all slept well, waking fairly early, Liz saw Grant’s cock standing up, and without saying any thing, took him in the bath room and lay him down, sitting on his cock, she let her morning pee loose, as it run down his cock and over his body, he smiled and with a bit of effort pushed up filling her pussy with his piss, seeing this set me off, so standing over him I aimed my first squirt at her boobs and then worked down onto Grants chest, when we had finished, we showered, leaving Liz to use the douche ready for more fun today.

As Grant and I ate breakfast, Liz came down, and called Prince in, laying him on his back, she worked on his growing member, then laid over the bench, lube in hand, she guided his hard cock in her butt, Prince fucked her hard for some 20 minutes as we watched, Grant now with his cock firmly in her mouth, me under her playing with her clit, then Prince’s knot hit home, causing him to slow and growl, then within a few minutes, his balls shot their load off doggy cum deep up her arse, he remained knotted for 3 or 4 minutes, then as I moved further under her, his cock came out, his cum poured out onto my face, I took what I could. Then Liz swung around, sitting over Grants face and filled his mouth with doggy cum too, saying she wanted to save some for the guys on the beach today.

Around 10.30 we took of to the beach once more, ready for another day’s fun, around a dozen guys waited for us. All to soon, we began to have them fill us with cocks and cum. Mark fucking Liz’s doggy cum filled butt, as she told him about her mornings fun, then he slipped into her pussy, then her mouth, after fucking her for some 15 minutes, he came over to me, my butt took him first, then my pussy, I told him he was going to do us all today in every hole, as he fucked me hard.

As he fucked my mouth, Grant moved over ready to take his cock, cum leaking out of his butt already, after taking a double tag, from 2 new guys, Mark fucked his mouth first, then swapped to fuck his arse, a short time later a loud grown told us, Mark had cum, Grant letting him empty his balls in his butt, before sitting over my face and filling my mouth juicy cum. The new cock going in my butt told me Jim had arrived, cum lubricating his cock, he screwed me hard, I slipped a new guy under me and got them to dp me, letting them get into thyme, I then told Jim to put the other guys cock in with him, he did, oh boy it felt good, as they began to work together sending me into orgasmic bliss. The two cocks worked my butt to the maxes until the guy under me blew his load.

The lunch time rush arrived and we took them all, it was good fun, as one guy filled a hole with cum, another slipped in and began it all again, several times, either Grant Liz or myself, would sit over the others faces and empty out a load of cum, I took 3 or 4 dp’s with two cocks either in my butt and pussy or both in one or the other, Grant, seemed to double just about all the time now, and at one time, Jim fisted him, to the elbow, as guys looked on.

Off course we had to have a piss session too, as Jim got the guys to rally around both Liz and I, shooting streams of fluid at our faces now and boobs, before washing of in the sea, then it was back up the beach for more fun, around 2pm as guys left, we took of home.

Quite a few guys followed us home, Mark and Jim, took control, as we set up the bench ready for Prince’s show, Grant wanted him first, as Prince licked the fresh cum, running from his butt, I told Mark to slide under the bench, and slid his cock in Grants butt, his huge cock, went all the way in, then I got Prince, held his cock, and aimed it at Grant’s cummy hole, Prince pushed hard, his cock bending a bit with the pressure, then it popped in, Marks eyes lit up, and Grant let out a loud gasp, as his orgasm hit him, then Prince began to pick up speed, his cock going in deeper and deeper each thrust, until his knot was banging against Grants butt, some 15 minutes pasted, Prince was enjoying the tightness, then without warning, the knot went in, Grant screamed in orgasm, Prince slowed, held firm, as Mark tried to pump upwards, his cock squashed inside the tight hole.

Then as always Prince howled, his cock jerking inside Grants butt, as Mark, let loose too, doggy and human cum filled his arse, the look of the guy’s faces was priceless. Prince was held firm the knot locked in tight, as he then turned back to back, how the hell can a dog do that, but what a sight, cum leaked out, but the knot held, then Prince pulled away, and cum shot out every where, Jim licking up as much as he could, brought load to me and shared it in a kiss, then went back doing the same to Liz.

Marks cock, fell lifeless out of Grants butt, drained of cum and squished dry, Prince wandered of to rest, Jim had other thoughts, going behind Grant his fist once more disappeared to the elbow, as they both put on a show, cum covered Jim’s arm, often he would pull it out, and present it to Grant or us, to lick dry, then he pulled the huge 12 inch dildo out, pushing it in fully first time, what was left of any cum, going so far up, it would take hours to seep out. He kept fucking Grant for ages, until Grant fell limp, over come by to many orgasms.

It was then Liz’s turn to take the huge dildo, Jim fucked her arse fully, with a cock in her pussy, she screamed in delight, cum flowed into her mouth, stopping her screaming, as Jim removed the dildo and fisted her too, this time she took him just about to the elbow too, his cock found enough room to fuck her while he did, that was all it took to make him cum, flooding her butt with his juices. She took another 2 cocks in her arse, before having to leave, today was a short day for her, work called. But the look and cum running down her legs would let any one know she had been enjoying herself over the last few days. We arranged to meet again soon.

It was around 5, when Prince showed signs of interest again, I took Mark’s cock in my butt too, not to be out done by Grant, I got Jim to aim Princes cock at my butt too, it was tight but he got in, fucking me with the same eagerness he had done before, Mark now used to the tension inside us, took his time, fucking up into my wanton hole. It seems like a long time, but then time seems to fly past as both tried hard to fuck deeper and deeper, and Marks cock let loose first, his eyes showing his orgasm had once more filled me with cum, then Prince possible feeling the wetness, growled, the heat and pressure of the huge amount of dog cum felt great, I knew I had some 5 or 6 orgasms while they had been fucking me, but later I was told I passed out to, for a while, what a fuck.

I was ready to relax, as Grant took a few more cocks, then again the guys headed home, leaving Jim and a new guy to tidy up with us, the floor was soaked in cum, as we cleaned up, the new guy Andy I think, said how much he had enjoyed the days fun, and hoped he might get to meet us all again, I told him for sure on Monday, as the weekend would be to busy on the beach to have fun, and I needed to do some work around my friends house as well, on Sunday, he said if we needed help his young son was looking to make some pocket money, I told him 10 am Sunday would be good, and send him over.

Saturday, we had to do some family stuff, getting back to our friends place late Saturday night, we slept until late Sunday, when the door bell rung, I slipped a thin dressing grown on and opened the door, the young guy said his dad had sent him to help us, his eyes glued to my tits as he spoke. I told him to mow the grass and I’d be out soon.

I went out some 30 minutes later, after getting myself cleaned up, and using the douche, still dressed in my sexy thin dressing grown, that showed all my body off. I took him a drink, his eyes stuck fast to my tits once more, now feeling horny, I let it slip open more, and looked down, his cock was growing proud, I asked him about a few things and he said he was nearly 17, and hoping to start work soon. I also asked if he knew how his dad had met us, he went shy, saying, “At the nude beach”, I smiled and said yes, we love going there, and being naked, his large cock, now straining at his shorts, I then said I am always naked at home, unless we have guests who don’t like that. His eyes lit up, and very shyly he said, I’m a nudist too.

I didn’t hesitate, I dropped the grown from my shoulders, and stood naked before him, now his eyes didn’t know where to look, but I dropped to my knees and pulled his shorts down, saying fairs fair, his hard cock sprung out, hitting my face, I looked up and said, ‘now that looks good, pity to waste it’, and slipped it quickly in my mouth and softly sucked from one end to the other. His hands gripped my head, a look of total disbelief on his face, he stood frozen, my lips locked on his member, as my pace picked up, but all too soon, my mouth filled with boy juices. His knees gave way and he dropped to the ground, as I sucked the last of his cum from him.

After he gained some kind of composure, he said, he was, until then, a virgin, and I was his first lady, I said well lets go inside and rest, while you recouped, showering on the way in with him, his rock hard cock told me that wouldn’t be long, by now Grant was sitting naked in the lounge, seeing me licking my lips and both naked, he knew what I had been up too.

They shook hands, Rick introducing himself to Grant, sat nervously between us, I went down sucking Grants cock, as Rick looked on, then Grant swung me around, his cock buried to the hilt first push as Rick’s eyes popped out, my mouth once more gripping Rick's cock tightly, Grant fucked me for a few minutes, then moved back, allowing me to sit on Rick’s cock, I thought he was going to explode straight away, as his cock pulsed inside my wet tunnel, I sat still, allowing him to control himself, then slowly began to work him in and out of my pussy, as Grant stood face fucking me, Rick began to pump upwards into me.

I then stood, pulling Rick up and getting him to fuck me doggy, Grant went back to face fucking me as both sped up. I knew Rick wouldn’t last long, and the groans of delight told me he had just shot his first pussy load of cum, as his cock fell out I swung around sucking him dry.

Grant banged my cum soaked pussy, then pulled out, aimed his cock at my butt and with one hard push it went right in, Rick’s eyes again trying to take in all that was going on, his cock sprung up once more. As my butt took a good long fucking, I gave Rick a slow easy blow job, keeping him warm, as I knew what I was going to do next with him. I love young cocks; they never seem to go soft for long, so when Grant blew his load in my butt, I let out a loud scream, as my first good orgasm hit me. This nearly caused Rick to cum again, but I let his cock go, and laid him down, with out warning I sat over him Grants cum dripping onto his cock, slidding down onto his rod.

I let him fuck me a couple of times like that, and pulled of him, swiftly shoving his cock in my arse, and sitting back down, Rick had no idea, until he was balls deep in me. Then I rode him, lubed by Grants cum he fucked me for some time now, his 3rd orgasm taking longer to happen. I pulled of and got on my knees, telling him to fuck me doggy, Grant grabbed his cock and aimed it straight at my butt before Rick could, he was getting better now, fucking me for some 10 minutes,

I had a couple of good orgasm too as Grant face fucked me again, and fingered my clit. Then Rick began to go into a fit, his body shaking wildly, strange noises came from him as my butt took a huge load of hot cum, oh wow, I shot into a orgasm, pulling his cock and cum deeper and deeper inside my hunger hole.

We both lay for a while; I congratulated him on a great fuck, and said you are no longer a virgin, in any hole. Grant said well not quite but for a first timer he had done very well. I went into the bedroom, and grabbed some toys, Rick looked puzzled, as I put on my strap on, slipping the 12 inch dildo in the hole. Grant was on his knees, I lubed up the dildo and with one push it went in,.

Rick sat silently, as Grant took it all, and began to orgasm on his toy. I kept this up for some time, Grants butt opened up easy, then I pulled the huge 12-inch dildo out, and swapped it in the strap on, Rick’s eyes once more showed signs of shock as Grants butt took it. Orgasm after orgasm rocked Grants body, as I pumped faster, and deeper, all of the thick dildo went in, now Grant was my fuck slut once more, I lubed my fist, and without warning, pulled the dildo out, and rammed my left arm in deep.

Rick was now in total shock, Grant went into a orgasm fit now, as my fist sank in close to the elbow. Grant moved over, his mouth wrapped around Rick’s cock, as I reassured Rick that it was ok, and not to panic, his cock stayed hard as Grant sucked it all in, so that told us both he was ok with what we were doing to him.

Working his cock, between orgasms Grant knew it wasn’t going to be long, Rick was pulling away, but holding on too, then as a huge orgasm raced though Grant, Rick’s cock shot another huge load of cum, splashing over Grants face, then into his mouth as he sucked him dry. One last orgasm and I let Grant go for now, sitting next to Rick I held him and kissed him, then I went down kissing Grant, taking some of Rick’s cum from his face I went back, letting Rick taste his own cum on me. He seemed ok, and we kissed some more, and then stopped for a drink.

As we talked Rick told us he had never thought sex would be so good, and that now he had done all the different kinds of sex he could, it was going to be hard to find a lady to fulfill his sexual needs, Grant said he had found other ways to have fun, as he had just seen, and that was and could be just as good.

Rick looks of pure innocents was priceless, but to give him a hint, I shoved the smaller dildo back in Grants butt, as he sat down hard on it and began to wriggle. Rick was stroking his cock, more out of habit I think, but it was hard and my mouth went to work on him again, this time, he wasn’t in such a hurry and slowly face fucked me. Grant was still working the dildo in his butt, as my pussy wrapped itself around Rick’s cock once more. He took pride now trying to make me orgasm and fuck me better, so I let him take the lead, as he pushed me flat, his cock going in deeper still. It was then Grant slipped my fist back in his butt, Rick’s face inches away from him, his eyes locked on Grants cock, I took hold and pushed it into his mouth, he sucked on it like a pro, Grant told him how good he was at it too.

Then as Rick seemed to be more at ease, I told him I wanted to see him try one more new thing today, by now he was up for any thing. Grant slid off my arm and knelt up. Rick, eased out of me as I held his cock, and took control, aiming it straight at Grant’s butt, Rick pulled back, but didn’t say no, so with a gentle push his cock went in, now there was no turning back. As he held Grants waist and began to fuck deeper, I kissed him saying how good his cock looked and played with his balls, Grant began to jerk as his first cock orgasm hit home, Rick seemed to like that, knowing he had got Grant to orgasm and began fucking him harder still, Grant responded by having orgasm after orgasm, I went under Grant sucking his cock, watching Rick’s cock bury itself right inside my hubbies hole.

All to soon Rick jerked his cock harder, pushing in as far as possible, he let loose, Grant had one more anal orgasm as the heat from Rick’s cum filled his butt, then both fell quite, Rick’s cock slipping out, his cum leaking slowly from Grant.

Grant still wanted more, so being as kinky as I am, I got Rick to lay down, and told him to put both arms up, bent at the elbows, I sat on his left fist, at first he didn’t want to fist me, but I said go for it, try every thing, so he slowly pushed into my pussy, I let him work me for awhile, then moved up some, and aimed his fist at my butt, the look was priceless, as I devoured his fist, he was so busy, he didn’t seem to notice Grant sitting on his right arm, until his hand went in, then the biggest smile ever came across his face, and he began to work my innards with his fingers. By the look on Grants face he was doing the same to him, as he had another anal orgasm, followed shortly by me.

Grant’s was wanking his cock, Rick looked at him, I told him to suck it, he did, Grant gave a loud moan, this spurred Rick on more as he took more and more in his mouth, then Grant began to shudder, his cock cum close, again at first Rick pulled back, but I held his mouth over Grants cock. Any body could hear Grant cum, as his cock swelled and pulsed, ream after ream of man juices going deep in Rick’s mouth, some he coughed out, but he swallowed most, Grant then pulled back, shooting a couple of strings of cum across Rick’s face, it looked great, I slipped of Rick’s fist and took Grant’s cock in my mouth sucking him dry, before kissing Rick and sharing cum between us.

As we all rested, Grant thanked Rick for getting him to cum so hard, saying he loved finishing his sessions like that, as the mix of anal and cock orgasm is so intense, Rick blushed, but said it felt hot inside our bodies and sexy too. I took both my men for a shower before feeding them, talking about the days fun, Rick was in pure envy of our fun together, saying how he wished he could be with some one that kinky too. Grant told him that we had been swinging for many years and had hundreds of guys fuck us both, and still he loved seeing me taking guys cocks and cum, as I did with him too. And how it was after seeing me take a cock in the arse, he thought about trying anal, and loved it too.

Rick looked shy, saying did we mind if he asked a question, of course not, we both replied. “ How do you know that you will not make a mess, I have seen it in porno’s but this is the first time in real life,”
We told him about our water douche, and that we don’t do anal, unless we have used it, a look of curiosity came across his face, so I took him to the bath room and showed him, telling him to try it as it felt good. I set it up and left him.

Some time later he came out shyly, but smiling too, saying how good it felt with the warmth and flow of the water in his butt, Grant and I both said wait till you try a cock, better still. And with that, Grant moved behind me, and slipped his cock up my butt, fucking me for a short time, he then pulled his cock out and replaced it with Rick’s fist, pushing his cock back in with Rick's cock to hold inside me. Then Grant pulled out for Rick to fuck me in the arse, as he did, I noticed Grant move back, with the lube.

Rick was kneeling behind me, and then his cock shot forward, pushing me hard against the seat, as he let out a loud scream, I realized Grant was trying to enter his butt too, then Rick kept moving around, not saying no, but I sensed not comfortable either, then he stopped, Grant said, its in now, how does that feel.

Rick began to move slowly at first, pushing his cock in me, and I could only guess, onto Grant as he pulled out, then he got faster, making noises, like a animal, he pumped my arse, slamming harder each time, then he stopped, but I could feel Grant ramming his cock deep in Rick’s arse now as he did. Then he took control again, moving between us both, by now he was surely enjoying this new found fun, Rick’s cock grew bigger, as he let out a loud orgasmic scream, my butt flooded with cum, his cock felt huge, I know I had 2 or 3 orgasms then, he seemed to loose control as he shook, arms going wild, Grant’s cock must be buried deep in him now, as he couldn’t move out of me, then another orgasmic moan, from Grant this time, telling me he had filled Rick’s butt with man juices too. We all fell into a sweaty heap, holding onto one another as our bodies came down from their highs, Rick had a glazed look in his eyes.

It would have been some time before I said well, you have tried all the different sexual ways now, whats your favorite, Rick smiled and said, all of them, kissing me tenderly as he did, thanking us both for the fun. We both said, your welcome back, you and your dad, are good in bed,

"Oh hell", Rick said "Dads fucked you as well', I looked him in the eyes and said, "Yes but he didn’t cum in every hole like you, or fist us both, or swallow Grants cum". His face lit up, with pride, ‘’I’ve done more than my dad in one day’’,

Wait till next time, your in for more fun too, especially if you like group sex. What are you doing tomorrow around lunch time, Nothing, Rick said, well come down to the nude beach, and have some more fun, maybe later we will show you another kinky thing we like to do.

"Whats that" he asked, " wait till tomorrow your see" be here around 10.30
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