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part 3
Ten year old Lisa Simpson awoke with a start when she felt her father's weight on her bed. Her back was to him and she quickly shut her eyes and pretended to still be asleep, even though she knew in her heart that it would not stop him.

She had hoped that he wouldn't come to her in the middle of the night any more and at the same time feared that he would not. She loved the way her daddy made her feel when he touched her and felt so close to him at those times. But it had to be wrong or else why couldn't she tell anyone? She was pretty sure none of her friends had let their daddies stick their thingy inside them (daddy had taught her to call it a cock, but she preferred to call it his thingy).

But she couldn't ask them because she didn't want daddy to go to jail. Besides it was her fault. If she weren't so pretty he wouldn't think about her all the time and his thing wouldn't get hard. And once it was hard he had to shoot the hot white stuff out or it would hurt he said. So since it was her fault he got hard she sort of had to help him feel better didn't she?

The warmth of his body made her feel snug and secure as his arm went around her waist and his hand cupped her tiny budding breast. She could feel the fiery heat coming from his hardened thingy he had pressed up against her panty clad bottom. His breath brushed against her ear as he whispered softly and nuzzled against her earlobe. He knew this always made her nipples get hard and made her feel funny down below. As her body automatically responded to his attentions she felt her misgivings melting away. She was powerless in so many ways to stop him even if she had wanted to.

"Princess? Princess, wake up. Wake up honey."

Lisa pretended to be awakening and stirred slightly. Homer was pushing his thingy up against her rhythmically and had his hand inside her pajama top and was rubbing his palm on her pointy little titties making her tiny nipples harder. He kissed her neck and tickled in a way that sent shivers through her spine and further warmed the flesh between her legs. A moment later when he slipped his hand inside her panties she felt almost like two different people. One was physically responding to her daddy's sexual manipulations and the other was watching from a distance. She parted her legs slightly allowing him better access to her hairless mound.

"Oh, Lisa... you are so beautiful. Daddy thinks about you day and night. Did you know that? Daddy's cock even gets hard when he's at work thinking about how good it feels to be inside you."

Homer had found the little puddle of moisture between her legs and was rubbing it all in her slit making it slick. Lisa parted her legs further mentally surrendering to the needs of her prepubescent body and inviting him to go even further. He pushed her panties down and together they got one of her legs free from the restraining clothing.

"Sweetie, Daddy needs to put his cock in you. I've been thinking about you all day and how tight your little pussy is. If I don't get some of that soon I'm going to explode."

Without waiting for a reply He grabbed his swollen cock and ran the head up and down his daughter's preteen slit, getting it wet before locating the opening to her innermost region. When the heat radiating from it touched her little clit a tiny moan escaped the little girl's lips, exciting the grown man even more.

Lisa felt herself being speared by her father's invading tool. He was impatient spurred on by his lust for his daughter's immature body and as a result he hurt her tender tissues slightly. She didn't say a word as her father worked his rock hard cock deep inside her. With about three or four thrusts he was pushing up against her cervix. He was too long for her and he sometimes felt bruised after a marathon session with his daughter but she never once complained so he assumed she tolerated his length without difficulty. The truth was she wanted to be a big girl and make her daddy proud so she never said a word when he got too rough with her.

"Ooooh, sweetie. You feel so good. You have the tightest, hottest pussy I've ever had my cock in. I just can't believe how good you feel."

He pressed deeply into her and Lisa bit her lip as her stretched flesh could expand no farther. She didn't really enjoy the little bit of pain but she associated it with sex and had no knowledge that sex could be any other way. She could feel every bump and vein through her taut flesh as her father slowly and rhythmically moved his big hard cock in and out of her tight cunt. Sometimes he would come all the way out and she could feel the ridge of his big head sliding back and forth over her pelvic bone. Other times he pushed deep inside her and held, pushing hard on her cervix. And the whole time he spoke to her getting more and more crude as he fulfilled his desires with her preteen body.

"Oh god, princess. Your little pussy was just made for fucking. You're so hot and tight. I love fucking you, baby girl. You're such a good girl for letting your daddy put his cock in you. Your little tight pussy is all I think about day and night. You feel so damn good." His voice was deep and dripping with the lust that consumed him to the core day and night.

He reached around front and found her little clitty. While he fucked her he began to squeeze it between his thumb and finger rubbing and pressing it. Lisa threw her head back and pulled her pillow over her face to keep her mother from hearing her moans as her entire body became electrified.

Her father had done this many times before but never had her flesh responded like it was now. Her whole world was suddenly focused on the sensations coming from her hairless sex and she shamelessly spread her legs even farther inviting her father to have his way with her. Homer picked up the hint easily and began fucking her in earnest while continuing to work her tiny love button. She was wetter than she'd ever been before.

When she began bucking her hips and fucking him back her inexperienced actions were erratic and it was difficult to maintain a working rhythm with her. Quickly her father turned on his back pulling her on top of him and turning her to face him. Lisa didn't need to be told what to do and she bobbed up and down with abandon.

Her daddy watched in amazement as she impaled herself on his thick cock over and over while he gently pinched her baby nipples. All of a sudden her clit brushed against her father's pubic hair and she nearly went wild. She ground herself into him, oblivious to the pain deep inside her as she slid back and forth still skewered on his adult sized cock.

As the first wave of her very first orgasm took hold of her body it was all she could do to keep from crying out loud. Every single muscle in her tensed up and was racked by wave after wave of exquisite energy. Nothing existed in her world except her wet pussy and her daddy's wonderful cock so firmly entrenched in it. She rode him harder and faster than the best porn star while her father struggled to hold his own orgasm long enough for her to finish pleasuring herself on him.

This was no easy task as he could feel her muscles pulsing and pulling on his embedded organ as she bucked and ground her clit into him. When it was finished she slumped over onto his masculine chest all her energy gone and every fiber of her being relaxed and at peace with the world.

Lisa was vaguely aware when her daddy laid her on her back pulled her legs apart and sank his full length into her sopping wet hole. She was so sexually sated that her flesh was practically numb and her insides felt like butter. Luckily she was so tight that the wetness of her orgasm did nothing to lessen his pleasure and in less than a minute he felt his own cum boiling up from inside him. The preteen beauty felt the heat as his fatherly hot sperm erupted into her scalding her insides and adding more wetness to her already drenched interior. Lisa's daddy came hard and he came a lot, spurred on by his daughter's emerging passion.

When his rock hard cock finally stopped twitching and spurting he fell on top of her gasping for air but without pulling his softening cock from it's warm wet berth. A minute or so later his shriveled manhood slipped from her tight wet preteen hole and a huge gob of spunk mixed with his little girl's cum followed it out. Lisa was oblivious to the mess between her legs having fallen fast asleep the moment the action stopped.

Homer kissed her forehead lovingly before reluctantly pulling away from her to get a washcloth. After cleaning them both up he pulled his little girl's legs back together and tucked her in leaving her dreaming of the things they had done. As soon as his head hit the pillow he was out.

Lisa awoke to the alarm clock and the first thing she noticed was the smell of her father on her pillow. She smiled still basking in post coital bliss and hugged it tightly to her. Thoughts of the night before brought that now familiar feeling to her pussy and almost unconsciously her hand drifted between her legs. Gingerly she explored what she found there marveling at how such a small hole could hold her daddy's huge (to her) cock. She rubbed her clitoris and it felt good but nothing like it had a few hours before when she was so enthusiastically fucking her father. Before she knew it she had drifted back to sleep with her hand still between her legs and a smile on her face.

The next thing she was aware of was her mother gently but urgently shaking her awake.

"Lisa! Lisa wake up! You're going to be late for school. The bus will be here in 20 minutes. Get up, honey."

Lisa bolted upright and jetted for the shower. She'd have to skip washing her hair today but if she was quick she just might make it. When she got out her father was peeking in the door.

"Princess, take your time. I'll drive you to school this morning."

Lisa smiled gratefully at him and relaxed. She was aware as she dried herself off that her father was still looking at her. Suddenly she felt very naughty and began to exaggerate her movements to put on a little show for him. Instinctively she knew just how to tease him. Her daddy could hear his wife in the kitchen, so he boldly unzipped his pants and fished his expanding meat stick out, watching intently and jacking himself as she rubbed the towel on her body focusing on her tiny hairless mound and the cute little slit that split it at the bottom.

His eyes nearly bugged out of his head as his ten-year-old baby girl bent over with her cute bottom toward him displaying her juvenile sex for him enticing him to stick his dick in her and fuck her silly.
When her little hand appeared between her legs he moaned and reluctantly pulled away from the door afraid that he would splatter the wall and waste his cum. As he zipped his pants he smiled. From the moment he heard Lisa was running late he planned to shoot another batch of his cum into her lovely tight pussy before driving her to school.

His wife wasn't even out of the driveway before he had pulled her shirt up and had his lips firmly planted on his daughter's small pointy breast and was suckling her nipple like a tiny baby while his big hands kneaded the firm globes of her bottom. Instructing her to get on her knees he once again unzipped his trousers and set his manhood free.
Lisa knew he was going to put it in her mouth. She didn't mind. Homer liked it so much and he said she was good at it. Of course he had taught her how to do it exactly like he liked it and she was a fast learner. She loved him and wanted to please him. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes and her daddy put his dick in her gorgeous, wet and willing lips.

He put his hands on her head not to force her onto him but to help guide her speed and depth. He often got carried away though and Lisa frequently gagged on the volume of hard flesh penetrating her throat right before her daddy filled her mouth with his sticky white 'spunk'.
But he had another target in mind today and fucked her face for only a few minutes. Her little wet pussy had been so good last night that he just had to have some more of it.

He helped his little princess onto all fours and knelt behind her unbuttoning his pants and letting them fall to his knees. Pulling Lisa's shorts down he let them fall also but kept her panties up. They were a blue silky material and her father rubbed his hard cock against her bottom enjoying the way the shiny nylon glided over his sensitive skin. Lisa felt the coolness of the air hit her genitals when he pulled aside the crotch of her underwear exposing her under-developed cunnie to his hungry gaze.

He aimed his cock towards the hole he knew so well. With more patience than the night before he worked his way inside astounded once again at how her flesh enveloped him like a warm soft glove. She was a perfect fit for him and why wouldn't she be? He had broken her in and his was the only cock that had ever penetrated her preteen body making her just the right size. No wonder he thought about fucking her all the time.

When her father's hard cock sank all the way into her she gasped and pulled away from him. Instantly understanding that she was sore from riding him so hard the night before her father lovingly pulled back and was careful not to hurt her again. It wasn't long before his balls drew up tight against him and his abusing member swelled even more. Molten hot jism exploded from the tip of his rod and filled his beautiful child's vagina once more with his love cream.
Squirt after squirt of his cum was forcefully expelled from his body into the waiting receptacle that was his preteen daughter's perfect tight fuck hole. When he was finished he pulled out careful not to let any cum drip onto his pants. Instead he replaced the crotch of her little panties and his cum instantly stained them as it spilled out of her overfilled little love-tunnel. Then they grabbed their things and headed out. All day long Lisa could feel her daddy's juices wetting her underwear and making her slippery and sticky at the same time. Oh how she hoped he would come to her again tonight, and every night for that matter.


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