Chapter 2
Emily Helps Her Little Brother Chapter 2

All through the day, Emily could not get what happened out of her mind. She was riddled with guilty and regret. She could hardly look Matt in the face. She mostly kept to herself all day long.

Her mother Sue noticed the blue mood that Emily was in and asked, “Honey, are you ok? You seem a little down today.”

“Yeah, I’m ok, just a little tired. I didn’t sleep very well last,” replied Emily. “It’s hard sharing a bed when you are not used it.”

Her mother smiled at her, “Well, hopefully that will be remedied by tomorrow. The cleaning people are supposed to be here today. So by Christmas Eve you should have your room to yourself.”

“That sounds good to me,” replied Emily.

Something interesting happened to Matt that day too. Matt’s Mom asked him to go to the den get a table cloth that was stored in the buffet cabinet. As Matt walked into the room he was stunned to discover his Aunt Ann feeding his baby cousin Sarah. Ann had opened up her shirt and pulled down her nursing bra so that one of her ample breasts was exposed.

Matt froze at the door unsure of what to do but unable to get his eyes off his Aunt’s breast. “Is there something you need Matt?” asked his aunt.

“Aw, yeah, aw…” Matt stammered, “Mom sent me to get a table cloth from the cabinet behind you.”

“Is ok,” smiled Ann, “You can come in and get it.”

Matt slowly made his way to the cabinet but without take his eyes off his aunt’s breast.

“Have never seen a woman feed her baby, Matt?” asked Ann. Matt shook his head indicating ‘no.’ “It is a very natural thing, Matt. I hope I have not made you uncomfortable.”

“No, I just have never seen, you know a… ah… woman before,” Matt’s tongue felt like it was stuck on the top part of his mouth.

“You’ve never seen a woman feeding a baby or a woman’s breast,” asked Ann sweetly smiling at Matt.

“Ah, neither,” replied Matt. “Oh, I see,” replied Ann, “Are you going to be ok, honey?”

“Sure, I just wasn’t expecting, you know…” stammered Matt again. “You are very beautiful Aunt Ann.” Matt wasn’t sure why he said that, it just seemed the right thing to say.

Ann smiled big and winked at Matt, “Well, thank you Matt. That was sweet of you to say.” Ann noticed that Matt had not taken his eyes off her breast the whole time. Even while he pulled out the table cloth he kept staring at her. Ann blushed a little thinking about the fact that her young nephew seemed to be taken by her exposed breast.

Ann then pulled the baby off her other breast and walked over to the crib and place the sleeping baby in the crib. She then turned to Matt and smiled at him while making no attempt to cover up her exposed breasts. Matt took the whole sight in and it was about to become information overload. He could feel his cock growing in his pants. It was obvious enough that Ann noticed the small bulge on the front of Matt’s pants.

She smiled and then slowly she put pulled her bra up and refasten it and then pulled her shirt up and began to button it up. Matt just stood there through the whole process without moving, barely breathing. The only thing that moved was the hardening in his pants.

“I think we better go and let Sarah sleep a little,” whispered Ann. Matt nodded and headed out of the room. As soon as he gave his Mom the table cloth, he headed for the bathroom to try his new found technique for relieving the pressure in his pants.

As the day drew to an end, everyone headed to their perspective sleeping rooms. Matt took a quick shower before bed. He noticed that, although this time he had his PJs, he forgot to get clean underwear. So he put his PJ pants on and vacated the bathroom. Emily soon followed with a shower and then her nightly routine. By the time she made it back to her bedroom, Matt was already in bed facing away from the door.

Emily turned the lamp by her bed off and climbed into her side of the bed. The only light in the room came from a nightlight that Emily had on the wall next to the door. She had always had that nightlight since she could remember. She had a hard time sleeping without it.

“Em, are you mad at me? Did I do something wrong?” asked Matt while still facing away from Emily.

“No, I’m mad at myself!” replied Emily.

“Why Em? What did you do?” asked Matt.

“Matt, you don’t understand this now but you will one day. What we did last night – correction – what I did last night was wrong.”

“Em, I might not be up on all the sex stuff, but one thing I know for sure, you have not done anything to me that I didn’t ask for or want. So, you have nothing to feel bad about. It was the most incredible feeling I have ever had,” explained Matt while turning his head toward his sister.

Emily turned her head to look at Matt, “Well, it’s nice for you to say that, but it was wrong on many levels. First, you are only 12 and I’m not sure you are ready for all these feelings and experiences. Second, I’m your sister which makes this really wrong.”

“Em, you are over thinking this,” replied Matt, “We really didn’t do anything wrong as I see it. You helped me discover something that I needed to know. I would have rather learned it from you, my sister who loves me than some guys in a locker room.”

“Well, I’m glad you are ok with it. It kind of makes me feel a little better,” sighed Emily.

“Well, I sure needed what you taught me for sure today,” said Matt.

“Why is that?” asked Emily.

Matt relayed the account of him walking in on Aunt Ann and seeing her breasts while she fed Sarah. “I got a ‘boner’ – like you call it – from just looking at her,” Matt explained. “That’s never happened before. I went to the bathroom and ‘jacked off’ like you did me last night. But, it wasn’t as good as when you did.”

Emily smiled turning a little more towards Matt, “Well, that’s called getting turned on or aroused. Boys do that when they see a pretty girl especially if she is naked.”

“Do girls get turned on too?” asked Matt.

“Well, of course they do,” replied Emily, “But girls get aroused more by touch and tenderness than by sight, although, a nice looking, hot guy doesn’t hurt.”

“So, do they ‘jack-off too, like boys do?” asked Matt.

Emily laughed and said, “Well, not really. Girls have different body parts which I know you aware of. Girls rub a special place on their privates which causes them to orgasm.”

“Do you ever, you know… touch yourself there?” asked Matt while turning towards his sister so now they were facing each other.

Emily smiled, “Well, that is kind of a personal question, but yes, on occasion I have been known to rub one out as it is referred to.”

“Wow,” replied Matt. “If you don’t mind, Em, can I ask you another questions?”

“Sure, what do you want to know?” asked Emily. She was getting more comfortable with Matt by now. She looked at her little brother and for the first time noticed how handsome he was. Although, he still had some growing to do, he was starting to fill in nicely. ‘He will be turning heads real soon,’ thought Emily.

“If it’s not too personal,” asked Matt, “What ‘turns you on’ when you, ah, you know, you ‘rub one out?”

Emily looked at Matt and smiled, “Well, it depends. Sometimes I just feel horny just like when you wake up with a boner and I need to rub one out. Sometimes if I’m thinking about a boy that I like and think he is hot it gets me hot. It’s really hard to say. Sometimes if I’m reading a good book that has some good romance it makes me horny. So, it just depends.”

“How do you know when you are horny?” asked Matt, “It’s easy for boys to know when they are horny.”

“Well, for girls it not as obvious as it is for boys,” answered Emily, “Girls get wet down in the opening of their vagina when they get excited. Sometimes their nipples get hard which can sometimes be seen through their clothing.”

“Wow,” said Matt with an amazed look on face, “So, when they get wet is like the boys when they come?”

“No, not exactly, although some girls do squirt sometimes,” answered Emily, “But the liquid that girls produce serves more as a lubricant for intercourse. It makes it easy for the guy to put his cock in her.”

“Awesome!” said Matt excitedly, “Have you ever let a guy put his boner in you?”

“No!” answered Emily, “You have to really like a guy to let him do that and I have not dated anybody I like that much to let him poke me.”

Matt smiled, “I see. Well, whoever that is he is going to be a lucky guy cause you very pretty.”

“Ah Matt, do you really think I’m pretty,” asked Emily while leaning in putting her forehead against his.

“Actually you are very hot,” said Matt, “But I guess I’m not supposed to say that about my sister. But it’s the God-honest truth.”

“Ah, now that’s the kind of talk that will get a girl wet,” smiled Emily.

“Does that mean you are getting wet right now,” asked Matt sheepishly.

Emily laughed, “Wouldn’t you like to know young man.”

“Can’t blame me for asking,” replied Matt, “It would be awesome to see you ‘rub one off’ as you say.”

Emily smiled, “Well, I don’t know that might be taking things too far. But I have to admit that all this sex talk the last couple of days has got me a little horny. Normally I would have the privacy of my own room to take care of my sexual frustration.”

“Geez Em, it’s not fair that I got to take care of my problem and you made me feel so good, and you don’t get to. If you want I will turn over and not look so you can have some privacy,” exclaimed Matt.

“Ah, that’s thoughtful of you,” answered Emily, “Tell you what, why don’t we do it together. How’s that sound?”

“Sure, that sounds good,” replied Matt.

Emily reached over and grabbed some tissues and handed them to Matt. She then pulled the covers down and pulled her night shirt up exposing her stomach and her cute pink panties. She reached under her panties and sure enough there was significant wetness around her opening. She dipped a figure in her hole moistening it and then began to rub her clit.

Matt snaked out his cock from the opening in his pajama pants (since he forgotten his underwear) and started to stroke it. It was already at full length. It seems that all the sex talk had gotten to him too.

Emily looked over and asked, “What happened to your underwear? Were counting on getting luck tonight?

“No, I forgot to get a pair out of my room before I took my shower and I didn’t want to go back into my room and wake up Uncle John and Aunt Carol,” replied Matt.

Emily smiled as she started to feel the excitement building.

“Em, can I ask you one more thing?” asked Matt.

“Sure,” replied Emily.

“What do you think about when you, you know, touch yourself,” asked Matt.

“Mmm,” moaned Emily, “It depends on the situation. Like I said before, usually if I’m reading some romantic story I like to imagine myself in it. I imagine the man kissing and caressing me, making me feel good all over.”

“Is that what you thinking about right now?” asked Matt.

Emily smiled as moaned deeply, “No, now I’m thinking about that thing in your hand and hot it looks.”

“Wow,” replied Matt, looking down at his hand around his penis. “But you are not even looking at.”

“I saw enough of it last night Matt,” answer Emily while taking a peek at Matt’s cock.

“Oh, I see,” said Matt.

Matt undid the snaps on his pajama pants and pulled them down to his ankles and opened the buttons on his shirt opened it up so his entire front was now exposed.

“Matt, what are you doing?” asked Emily as she took in the scene of her little brother almost completely naked next to her. He had no hair on his chest yet and just a small patch above his penis.

“I thought I would give you more to think about,” replied Matt.

Emily smiled and continued to rub her clit with her hand in her panties. She reached up with her left hand and began to knead her left nipple through her night shirt. Matt didn’t miss that move and watched with amazement. He watched as Emily’s chest went up and down through her deep breathing. Her right nipple was sticking up through her shirt and Matt could see it. “That means she is aroused,” he remembered.

He watched intently as Emily pleasured herself wishing he could see her naked body. He could see her thighs and her stomach both of which were very sexy. He could barely resist the temptation to reach out and touch her. But he didn’t want to do anything to break the mood.

Emily was moaning softly and her breathing was becoming more labored. Her left hand was working her left beast pinching, pulling and kneading. Matt couldn’t resist it anymore and reached out and touched Emily’s right breast through her shirt.

Emily moaned arching her back and under her breath said, “Matt, what are you doing?” Matt pulled his had back.

“I’m sorry Em, I just couldn’t resist it you are so beautiful and hot. I want to make you feel good like you helped me last night,” said Matt as he leaned over so he could take in all of Emily’s body.

Emily was really hot now and was begin to build to her climax. She was feeling really good and she didn’t want to hurry it but it had been building all day now.

Matt reached out again and touched her right breast very gently. Emily moaned but didn’t resist his touch. Matt used his fingers and hand to gently message Emily’s right breast. Her nipple was stiff and hard but her breast was soft spongy. Emily moaned at his touch. She had only let one boy touch her there up to now and this felt hotter. Matt leaned in placed a soft kiss on Emily’s cheek.

Emily opened her eyes and looked at Matt and asked, “What was that for?”

Matt smiled, “You look so beautiful I thought it was the thing to do, like, you know, they do in the movies.”

Emily smiled, “I don’t know what movies you are watching, but that’s not how they kiss in most movies.”

“Well, I know that,” replied Matt, “But I don’t know how to kiss that way.”

“Come here,” commanded Emily, “Just kiss me like you kissed my cheek but put your lips on mine.”

Matt leaned in and put his lips on Emily’s lips and kissed her gently. His hand was still working her breast. He leaned in several times to kiss her on the lips.

“Now when you kiss me,” instructed Emily, “Stay on my lips and open your mouth and let my tongue play with yours.”

Matt leaned in and kissed Emily this time lingering over her lips as she had instructed him. Emily licked his lips and then when he opened his mouth slow slipped her tongue into his mouth. Matt didn’t know what to do so he just flicked his own tongue out to meet hers. It was the most incredible feeling that he could ever remember.

They kissed and explored their mouths for few minutes. Occasionally Emily would moan into Matt’s mouth. Matt took his hand and moved down to Emily’s belly and gently ran his small fingers over her belly. Emily’s skin tingled and goose bumps appeared all over her body.

She moaned again as the touch Matt was giving her was heightening her excitement. She didn’t know why she did it, but she took her hands out of her panties and sat up and pulled her night shirt off exposing her beautiful young breast.

Matt gasped at the sight. “Wow Em, you are so sexy! I could never have imagined that you would be so hot!”

Emily smiled and went back to tickling her clit. Matt reached up and took her right breast in his small hand and gently petted her. He could not think of anything that felt as amazing as that moment. At least up to this point in his life, nothing came close. He leaned up and kissed Emily again this time he put his tongue in her mouth. She sucked it in and moaned. Matt then worked gently massaging Emily’s breasts with his fingers. They looked fabulous to him. Then something possessed him to lean in and kiss the nipple of her right breast.

Emily moaned and arched her back bring her nipple closer to his mouth. Matt opened his mouth and sucked on her nipple flicking his tongue all over it. This was all the Emily needed to bring her over the edge. She came harder than she could ever remember. Her body convulsed in the rapture of a powerful orgasm.

Matt was amazed at the sight of his sister’s orgasm. It seemed to involve her entire body. It took several minutes for her breathing to normalize and her muscles to relax.

She pulled her hand out of her panties and Matt noticed that her fingers were soaked. Emily brought her hand up to her side just under her right breast where Matt had been sucking. Again something possessed Matt to lean in kiss her hand.

Emily with her eyes still closed and still recovering from her orgasm, raised her fingers up allowing Matt to lean in and suck them into his mouth. Matt licked her fingers clean and the taste was intoxicating to him.

After a few minutes, Matt broke the silence and said, “Em, that was amazing! I had no idea the women experience that intensity in their orgasm. You are so hot and sexy. Thank you for letting me experience this with you.” Matt leaned in and hugged Emily.

“You are welcome, Matt,” replied Emily, “But what happened to doing this together?”

Matt smiled, “I’m sorry Em but I couldn’t take my eyes off you. You are the hottest thing I have ever seen.”

“Thanks Matt,” answered Emily, “But I’m sure you will see a lot better when you get older.”

“I doubt that very much, Em,” replied Matt, “You are incredible.”

“Well, thank you Matt, but now let’s take care of you so we can go to sleep,” said Emily.

“You don’t have to Em, I can go to the bathroom and do it there and let you go ahead and go to sleep,” Matt said as he started to pull his PJs up.

“It’s ok Matt, it’s too cold to get out of bed right now,” said Emily.

Without asking permission, Emily reached over and took Matt’s penis in her hand and started to stoke him. She did it gently and slowly trying to increase his pleasure. Emily was enjoying the feel of his cock in her hand. It was hard and yet felt soft as she moved it through her fingers. She loved the feeling of power that possessed her as she worked his cock.

Emily laid her head on Matt’s chest as she focused on his cock. She moved slow and deliberately as Matt moaned and groaned above her. Without giving it a second thought Emily leaned down and kissed the tip of Matt’s cock. Matt moaned and arched his back. Emily had never been this close to another man’s cock but she had this uncontrollable urge to put it in her mouth just to see how it tasted and felt.

She took a big breath and wrapped her lips around his cock and ran her lips around the head. Matt almost came out of his skin.

“Oh, Em, that feels so good!” Matt groaned.

Emily now began to suck Matt’s cock moving her head up and down. “Em, oh God, it’s coming, Oh my God!” Emily kept on sucking as Matt moved his hips to up to meet every stroke. Finally he could not take it any longer and he started bucking as he filled her mouth with his semen.

“Oh, my God, oh Em,” cried Matt, “That’s so awesome!”

Emily took the whole load in her mouth and she let it linger in her mouth for a moment as she contemplated what to do with it. Then she swallowed it and concluded that it was not that bad.

Matt settled down as his breathing relaxed, “Wow Em, that was amazing. Just when I think it can’t get any better you surprise me.”

Emily scooted up his body until they were face to face and she smiled at him as she leaned in and kissed him. Matt opened up and kissed her hard and soft at the same time. He could taste the residue of his semen on her tongue. He didn’t mind it one bit. He was so thrilled to overflowing.

“I think we better call it a night,” said Emily as she placed a few more kisses on his lips. They dressed and got under the covers and hugged each other and fell asleep.

To be continued….

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If I read it coltrcery (which I did, so I only typed If I read it coltrcery as a polite sentence starter) the statement was I invented Mission Mission . I don't think the author is claiming to have invented the web log just a hella funny times place.I invented the chocolate chip cookie though. Well not thee chocolate chip cookie but I've made some before. While we're on the topic of cookies, Anthonys are nomfukinlicious.

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HolaI lived in the Mission from 1993 to 1997 and painted mulars and read poetry and did art there. I worked on Clarion Alley with Rigo and Aaron and crashed there a lot, too.I also briefly worked the door for and helped with the dawn of Dalva in '94. I was at the Tuesday night Elbo Room sessions of Charlie Hunter Trio that year, too which was sublime.I wrote a novel in which the Mission is a significant character in a way, but it wasn't very good.I miss things which don't exist and explore the nw arrivals with trepidation, but begrudging acceptance things change.cranky though about it.miss my first $400/month apartment in SF, my first home in the years I became a man which will always have been in the Mission.sigh.Karthik

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