Asia wants to take it to the next level with Marcus her new boyfriend and Marcus have private one on one meeting with Asia mom
I was in bed asleep when I felt something rubbing against me I open my eyes to see Marcus rubbing my tits. What are you doing in here ? “I wanted to wake you up and happy birthday” I smile then I moan “Asia” my brother yells from down the hall Marcus hides in the closet. I walk over to the door I open it Zane enters the room “yes” “I'm leaving and tell Marcus I got him the job application” Zane kisses me on the cheek goodbye I check my bedroom window to see if Zane pass by as he head for his apartment elevator. Marcus come out of his closet “i got to clean this closet it stinks”. I hop out of bed I had no underwear on me as I am walking out the bedroom door Marcus grabs my waist he kisses my neck I turn around and kiss him. We both kiss for like three minutes then I go in the shower with Marcus licks my pussy while I wash the top part of my body.
After my shower I change into some clean booty short and a green tee shirt. Let me see” Marcus says as I fasten my button on my shorts Marcus squeezes my ass “what a big juicy booty” I giggle a little.
I sit next to Marcus then we end up making out for five minutes after that I go in the kitchen I pour two bowls of fruity pebbles cereal. Me and Marcus both sit in the den to watch television on his small old television I enter the den to see Marcus eating I sit next to him I put my legs on his lap I rubs his dick with my feet. “I'm trying to eat your going to make cum if you don't stop” Marcus says loudly I put my bowl on the table next to me I stand in front of Marcus I swat I pull Marcus pants down I grab his dick I squeeze it when we heard the front door.
Marcus quickly pulls his pants up I grab my bowl of cereal off the coffee table.
“I got fired” Zane says as he enter the apartment “happy birthday baby sis” Zane pulls me into a hug “thanks big bro”. “So today we can all go to the water park” I say that what you want to do ? Marcus says “yes”. “Well lets all get ready then will be off” Zane says Zane goes down the hall to his room I go to Marcus room I pack my beach bag with new two piece, a towel, a brush, a comb, sunscreen, lotion, and my sunglasses. Once we were all ready we all hop into Zane truck and drives off to Great Valley water park once we got there Zane parks his truck. I get out the car when these cute light skin black girls walk by they wink at me that when a idea pop into my head. We all got on some water slides together there was one me and Marcus got on together without Zane knowing. As we slide out the hole I look up to see the same light skin black girls again “hi” they say to me as Marcus pulls the tube out the water the girls where holding hands. Are you.. “yes where bisexual, but my name is Camille an this is Sabrina we both think you and your friend is cute”.
“Why don't you call us” I say they tell us their numbers Marcus goes back to the bathrooms he unlock his locker he saves their numbers in his small notepad. It was four hour later when we were all dress and ready to leave.
Zane drives to diner by the water park call seafood wild everything there is seafood by when we got the truck I was tired I field asleep on are way back. Later that day I wake up in Marcus bed I go into the hallway to see Marcus asleep on the pull out couch. I sit next to Marcus on the pull out couch I shove Marcus he opens his eyes. “Yes”.
Wheres Zane ?
“He went out with some girl”.
“So my brother have a date”.
“Well get up and go take a clean shower were going out tonight”.
“You can't go anywhere your only sixteen”.
“I know the best teen club, but the club don't sell alcohol so don't bring any”.
“I'll be in the shower”.
As I walk to the kitchen Marcus grabs me “your coming with me” he pulls me to the hallway bathroom we enter he locks the door
we both undress and hop in the shower. Marcus grabs the soap he washes my back for me. “So I had a idea earlier why don't we have sex”. Are yo ready for this ? Marcus ask “yes” “well it's going to hurt since your a virgin” “I can handle it”.
I face Marcus he lather soap on my tits “I want you to suck my dick right now” I swat down I rubs Marcus dick that when I saw pre cum I keep rubbing his dick then I stick his dick in my mouth. I lick the head first then I start sliding his dick all the way into my mouth until mouth couldn't swallow no more. Then I start sucking his dick back and forth until Marcus cum three minutes then he shoots two loads into my mouth then he shoots the last load on my big tits. After that we both wash up then I quickly walk back to Marcus room to change into my night wear.
As I lay on the bed Marcus enters the room he sits next to me he kisses me when I see Zane and his date walk by they didn't notice us. “Join me in the den there a great movie on” “I'll make the popcorn” I go to the kitchen I pop on bag of popcorn then pour it in a big bowl we both were seated before Zane opens the front door. We stare at them as they enter the apartment then we face the television when something gross pops up on the screen I jump I hold onto Marcus. “It's just Freddy Kruger” Marcus says “well he ugly” “well he was burn to death”. After the movies I had my duffel already it was after ten when we all left to go church the church is only ten blocks away.
After we go home to relax later that day before Marcus took me home he help me make dinner for all of us to eat. It was after seven when Marcus pull up to my house.
I hop out Marcus grab my bag out the back trunk while we stood behind the trunk I quickly kiss Marcus goodbye. I drab my bag to my porch where my mom was standing “Marcus really change” “I know” I wave to Marcus as me and my mom enter the house.
I drag my bag upstairs to my bedroom the next day I was on my front porch when a car pull up the person rolls the window down it was Marcus. When you get a car ? “today I had this car on hold I finally paid for the whole car. “Come inside” Marcus parks his car he enter my house I lock the front door he sits in the den with my mom they talk while I'm in the shower. Once I was ready me and Marcus leave where you two going ? “were meeting up with Zane”. “Well tell your brother I say hi” we both step onto the porch I lock the front door I hop into Marcus car
So where were going ?
“To my second home”.
Where is it ?
“Don't worry just relax”.
I close my eyes when the car stops I reopen my eyes the house did look small Marcus open the car door for me I get out. Marcus locks his car doors then unlock the front door we enter then he locks the front door. Once he locks the door Marcus lift me up he carry's me to his guess room he lays me on the guess bed then he starts to tickle me I laugh. Marcus lays on top of me he kisses me while he slides my skinny pants down my legs Marcus throws my pants on the ground then then take my panties off he sniff them I giggle. Then Marcus spreads my legs open he starts to lick my pussy when we hear a knock at the front door “stay here” Marcus says he goes to the front door. I pull the blanket on me when Marcus enter “It was the new neighbor Marcie” “how she look” “she your height, she have a light skin an she like your size, but a little thicker and she bi sexual”.
“Invite her over” “I cant”. Why ? “I never got to have sex with you yet” “your right once we have sex invite her over” “okay”.
Marcus sits on the bed I sit on his lap I kiss him Marcus grabs my boobs that are cover by my tank top. I take my shirt and my bra off Marcus lifts me up he closes the bedroom blinds and closes the bedroom door. Marcus lay me on the bed again then he bends down to kiss my neck. I moan a little as he does that I unbutton Marcus pants I reach into Marcus pants and grab is nine inch dick I pull it out. Marcus starts to suck my left tit while I start to rub his dick then he suck the right one two minutes later while I kept rubbing is dick when I felt some
pre cum drip onto my finger I lick it off. “That must taste good” “it sure do” I reply once Marcus finish sucking my tits he goes between my legs he start to rub my pussy then he sticks two fingers in my pussy he finger fucks me I moan “keep going”.

I wake the next day to see Asia asleep next to me I quietly hop out of bed when I hear Asia voice “good morning” “good morning Asia” I say as I walk out the bedroom. I go to the bathroom when Asia enter we both take a shower together in the tub. After the shower we both change. I drive Asia to home then I drive home. Later that day I pull up Asia house today was her brother celebration for him getting a new job. I pull into her mom driveway I knock on the door Ms. Kim open the front door “Is Asia here” “no Marcus she went to the corner store you can wait for her” “Asia told me Marcus got a new job a very good one” “yes he did may I come in” “sure”.
We both sit in the den Ms. Kim faces me “listen up I know you been having sex with my daughter” “me and your daughter are not even dating” “boy don't play stupid with me I have a GPS in my daughter phone and I know you was at someone house today and it wasn't your apartment building”.
“So tell me for a boy who only nineteen and who should be jail for this but isn't, so what do you want from my daughter ?
“Nothing mam just a good time” Ms. Kim leans in and kisses me I pulls away in a weird way. “I always wanted to do that” Ms. Kim pulls closer to me she kisses me again then she pulls me down the hall to her bedroom we enter she pushes me onto her bed she quickly undress me and herself. She first sucks my dick “we can't do this I'm dating your daughter”.
“Son longest you make my daughter happy I don't really care now fuck me” I lays her down on her bed a couple minutes later she rubs my dick against her pussy for a couple of seconds then I slide into her she grab my back she claw her fingers nails into my back .“I haven't had sex in a very long now fuck me before my daughter gets home” that when Asia enters her mom house to hear noises she go down the hallway to see her mom bedroom door crack open she look in to see her boyfriend and her mom fucking. Asia slides the door open her mom try to cover up “I wanted to see if you guys wanted company” “come join us” her mom says I look confuse. You'll still a virgin ? Her mom ask “yes well tonight your going to get fuck” “okay” Asia undress I lay Asia on the bed “hold on, let me go put my strap on”. Asia mom come back two minutes later “while Marcus fucks you, you'll suck this dick” Asia mom says.

I lay their Marcus puts a condom on my mom helps him while I lay there then he slide slowly into my pussy my mom stood over me with her strap on she puts it in my mouth. I sucks it for awhile when Marcus started fucking me faster I moan in pain, I clinch my hands to the bed sheet. “Fuck her real good “pop her cherry” my mom says Marcus nods. I close my eyes as I kept getting fuck my mom slides the fake dick out of my mouth Marcus lift me up.
I wrap my legs around him as I started going up and down. Marcus lays on the bed he slides his dick in me while I'm on all four then my mom slides her fake dick inside my ass they both fuck me then Marcus cum three times into the condom. My mom lets us lay in her bed for the night while she goes get ready for work.
I kiss him “how about we fuck again” Marcus says “sure”
Marcus lays on the bed I stand over his dick I grab it I guide his dick into my pussy. I started riding his dick “ahh fuck” Marcus moans
after we fuck we both say bye to my mom then leave the house.
We drive back to Marcus apartment we enter as I face Marcus he kisses me. That when we hear the door we both go our sperate ways
“see you tonight” I say as I close the bedroom door. “Hi guys” Zane says as he closes the apartment door “hi” so what happen while I was at work “oh nothing” Marcus says as then he laughs.


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Love it, will you be making more parts to this Best Friend series ?

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