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Claire's reluctant work at the woman-demeaning lobby group "Titcage" is transforming her life into that of a slut.
Chapter 18

When Claire got home, her father quickly discovered her pierced clitoris.

‘What’s this?’ he demanded.

‘Work made me get it,’ Claire mumbled. She was lying on her father’s lap with her legs spread, ready to have her cunt spanked.

‘Don’t lie, young lady,’ said her father. ‘This is something you did so you’d look like your slutty friend Kitten, isn’t it?’

Claire didn’t know what to say so she just nodded.

‘And you did it knowing that the only person who sees your slutty little twat is your father, didn’t you?’ he asked.

Claire could feel her father’s dick hardening underneath her buttocks, his erection pressing against her ass. She still didn’t know what to say. She certainly couldn’t say that other girls saw her twat. She just nodded again.

‘We’re going to have a talk about this tomorrow night, Claire,’ her father said. ‘Tonight you’ll just get a spanking but tomorrow we’ll do something more.’

‘Tomorrow?’ asked Claire.

‘Yes. Tonight your friend Ben has come to visit; he’s upstairs in your room. Now spread your legs so I can hit your pussy.’

Claire did, letting her father slap her twenty times on the twat, driving her ass down against his hard cock with each slap. When he was done his hand was wet with her juices; he placed it against her face and Claire licked it clean, sucking her slut honey off each finger.

She was dripping wet and she wanted to masturbate but she had to go say hello to Ben. What was he doing here?

As promised, he was waiting in her bedroom. Claire gave him a hug, and per her Titcage instructions, didn’t release until he did. It felt good, hugging a man, given how wet her cunt was. She wanted to just grind against him. She contented herself with mashing her tits hard against his chest.

Ben held her for a long time, clearly expecting her to let go and being prepared to enjoy the hug until she did. Finally he let go.

‘So you weren’t at school today,’ he said. ‘I was worried and thought I’d come see how you were.’

‘I’m still at Titcage,’ said Claire. ‘Mum and dad pulled me out of school so I could keep working.’

‘What, for the whole term?’ asked Ben, incredulous. Claire nodded.

‘Are you still… you know, going bare?’ he asked.

Claire blushed. ‘You mean my panties?’ she said.

‘Yes,’ said Ben.

Claire blushed harder, and nodded.

‘And… oh, wow,’ said Ben. He had seen her ID. He was staring at the pictures of her bare tits and cunt on it, and her printed name of Fucktwat.

‘That’s the ID they make me have,’ said Claire. She wanted to curl up and die. She couldn’t believe her friend was looking at pictures of her pussy and boobs, or seeing that disgusting name Titcage had given her.

‘Are you… are you okay with this?’ Ben asked incredulously.

Claire wanted to say, ‘No!’ But she remembered her rules, and remembered what would happen if she didn’t make the next grade on schedule. ‘It’s what’s appropriate for me,’ she said. ‘I deserve it.’

‘You deserve to be called Fucktwat?’ Ben asked.

‘I… yes.’ Claire could feel herself starting to cry.

Ben moved over on the bed and put his arms around Claire. It felt good but at the same time it was exactly what Claire didn’t need. She was upset and still horny and her pussy was throbbing and having a boy so near to her just made her confused. She moaned. She intended the moan to be a “no” sound but it just came out like slutty lust.

‘It’s okay, Claire,’ said Ben. ‘I don’t know what’s going on with you but it’ll be okay.’

Claire looked up at Ben, her face very near to his. And then he leaned in and kissed her.

Claire had never kissed a boy before. She’d kissed Sluthole and kissed Kitten but never a boy. Now Ben was kissing her, and it felt good. She moaned again and kissed back. Ben began to push her backwards onto the bed and she let him. Soon she was lying on her back with Ben on top of her, still kissing her.

She could feel Ben’s hard cock against her groin, through his trousers. Of course his cock was hard; that’s what happened to men who she spent time with. Her father, Jim, Michael - she made them all want to fuck her. Because that’s what she was good for - being fucked.

The thoughts in her head sounded like her training tape but they sounded right. She wanted Ben to fuck her. She was just a waste of space if she wasn’t being fucked, just a little cocktease who deserved to be raped. She spread her legs, and the motion pushed up her skirt, so that now her bare cunt was rubbing directly against the front of Ben’s pants. She kissed him harder, moaning, as her tits were crushed against his chest.

And then suddenly Ben pushed himself off her.

‘No, I’m sorry,’ he said, gasping. He looked down at Claire’s exposed cunt. Claire blushed and closed her legs.

‘What? What’s wrong?’ asked Claire.

‘You’re vulnerable, you were about to cry a moment ago,’ said Ben. ‘God, Claire, you’re so sexy, but I don’t want to take advantage of you.’

Claire wanted to cry again. She was so horny and she’d just completely offered herself to Ben and now he was looking at her nude pussy and telling her he didn’t want it.

‘I’d better go,’ said Ben. ‘I’ll come back later in the week and check on you, okay?’

‘Okay,’ sniffled Claire. ‘I’m sorry, Ben.’

‘It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.’ And with that, he left.

Claire immediately lowered her fingers to her pussy. She needed to masturbate. She needed to cum. She fucked her fingers in and out of her cunt. Remembering the standards for W grade, she brought her fingers to her lips every ten strokes and licked them clean. Her cunt juices tasted good, a little like the Titcage cordial. She sucked her slut honey off her fingers eagerly.

Suddenly she realised someone was in the room with her. It was Steph. Claire jerked her fingers away from her cunt and hastily pulled down her skirt.

‘Oh, it’s okay,’ said Steph, grinning. ‘I know what a colossal slut you are, you don’t need to hide it.’

‘I wasn’t…’ started Claire.

Steph sat down on the bed and hugged Claire. ‘It’s okay, I’m not going to tell mum and dad. If I was going to say something I would have said it last week when you were falling asleep with a vibrator in your pussy.’

‘You knew?’ asked Claire.

‘I’m not stupid, sis,’ said Steph. ‘You grind up against in me in your sleep, you know. And you wake up smelling like wet cunt.’

Claire was mortified. ‘I’m so sorry! Steph, I’m…’

‘It’s okay!’ insisted Steph. ‘I used to do really slutty stuff with Jenna too so I know what it’s like to just be really horny and dirty.’

‘It’s Titcage,’ said Claire. ‘They make me.’

‘Really?’ asked Steph. She looked interested.

And just like that Claire found herself telling Steph everything - about the way the men looked at her tits, about her work, about Kitten, about Sluthole, about Jim. She cried for some of it and Steph held her and cuddled her. The only thing she left out was the cameras in the house. She just couldn’t bear to tell Steph she’d let Steph be recorded and seen by strange men.

‘And I need to sleep naked tonight,’ she finished, ‘for my W grade rules.’

‘Okay,’ said Steph. ‘But only if I get to too.’ She smiled, and Claire smiled back.

And so that night Claire went to bed naked, next to her equally naked sister. Steph watched as Claire put her vibrator in her twat. Claire knew she didn’t need it now, with her clit ring attached, but she also remembered Michael saying that good sluts kept their pussies full, and besides she had come to like the feeling of it stretching her cunt as she slept.

Steph put her arms around Claire and held her close as the earbuds started up with their soundtrack. ‘You’re a slut,’ they said. ‘Claire likes being raped. Claire likes the taste of cum. Claire is a little rapetoy.’ And as promised, her clit-ring started to buzz along with the words, even as the vibrator hummed inside her twat.

Claire moaned and hugged her sister tighter, feeling her tits mash against her sister’s. Steph just giggled a little and hugged her back.

Claire didn’t fall asleep for a long time - not until after her first orgasm. All through that time she was aware of her sister’s naked body up against her, and all she wanted to do was rub against it. As she came close to orgasm she started to fantasise about kissing her sister, about having her sister kiss her breasts, about Jim cumming on her sister’s face. She orgasmed to that image - Jim’s sperm dripping from her sister’s cheeks.

‘You are a disgusting slutty fuckpig,’ said her own voice in her ears as she fell asleep.

Chapter 19

Instead of the next day, Slutkitten took Claire out to buy new clothes. Michael had given the two of them the day off for the purpose. Getting the money for the clothes out of her father wasn’t easy, but when Slutkitten turned up to pick her up, and promptly hugged her father, kissed him on the libs, and rubbed his cock through his pants using her hand, he’d reluctantly parted with several hundred dollars.

As she wasn’t going to work, Claire wasn’t wearing any panties. When she got in Slutkitten’s car, Kitten leaned over and kissed her on the lips, and then reached down and touched Claire’s pussy lightly, playing with Claire’s new clitoris ring. ‘You’re so pretty,’ she sighed, and Claire blushed. ‘Why don’t you play with your cunt while we drive?’ she added. ‘You can get one of your masturbations done.’

Claire reluctantly followed Kitten’s advice, rubbing her twat as Kitten drove to the mall and frequently bringing her fingers to her mouth to lick them clean. By the time they got to the parking lot Claire was dripping wet, so she quickly used her hand to wipe up as much of the slut nectar as possible, licked her hand clean, and then followed Slutkitten across the parking lot and into the mall.

Inside, Kitten established the routine for the day. They would both go into a shop and find the sluttiest clothes they could. Then they’d go into a change room together, and both get completely naked. Then they would kiss each other, entwining their legs and rubbing their pussies till they were on the verge of orgasm, before separating and trying on their clothes. Whoever had the sluttiest outfit, in Kitten’s opinion, would win a “point”. Whoever had the least points at the end of the day would have to stay completely naked in the car as they drove home.

Claire worked hard to not lose the game. She found tops that were too small for her, which her large tits stretched out obscenely. She found cleavage tops that almost exposed her nipples. She found crop tops that revealed underboob and two bikinis that were so tight they were painful to wear. Along with these, she found short skirts of all varieties, some of which didn’t come down far enough to fully cover her pussy mound.

The whole day she was soaking wet and desperately horny. She kissed Kitten passionately every change, mashing her naked boobs against Kitten’s and exploring her mouth with her tongue. She soaked Kitten’s knee and thigh with her cunt juices and towards the end of the day started begging Kitten in a quiet voice to let her cum. But Kitten had more self-control, and wouldn’t let her orgasm. She repeatedly had to clean her cunt by wiping it with her hand and then licking her hand, and her mouth was full of the taste of her own pussy the whole day.

Early in the day Kitten gave Claire a water bottle filled with cordial to replace the juices they were leaking out their cunts. Claire drank it quickly and Kitten gave her another. By afternoon Claire badly needed to piss.

‘I need to go to the toilet,’ Claire whispered as they walked to another shop.

‘No you don’t,’ said Kitten. ‘You need to piss in public for your grade.’

Claire was mortified. ‘I thought I’d do in front of you, in private.’

‘No,’ said Kitten. ‘But here, put these panties on, they’ll catch some of it. I won’t tell your dad.’

Claire was almost crying but Kitten was adamant. They borrowed a nearby shop’s changeroom for Claire to slip the pair of lacey panties over her twat, and then they headed back out into public.

‘Piss,’ said Kitten.

‘Everyone will see,’ said Claire.

‘No, they won’t, unless they’re looking at your legs,’ said Kitten.

‘I’ll leave a puddle on the floor,’ wailed Claire.

‘Put your shopping bag between your legs and piss into that. You can always wash the clothes.’

Starting to cry, Claire obeyed. In the central thoroughfare of the mall she stood, her shopping bag placed between her feet, and tried to pretend she was alone as she released her bladder.

Soon her urine started to flow. She felt it spurt into her panties, soak through the material, and then dribble and gush between her legs down into her shopping bag. She could hear it splattering onto her new slutty clothes, soaking them in urine.

I’ll never be able to wear those clothes without thinking about how I pissed on them, she thought. She looked around, blushing. Surely someone could hear her? Or smell her piss? Or see her blushing? Or at least weren’t they wondering why she was standing so still?

And sure enough a couple of people were looking at her. But they didn’t seem to understand what was going on. They didn’t see her urine dropping from beneath her skirt into her bag.

Finally her bladder was empty. She picked up her shopping bag and heard the urine slosh around in the bottom. She felt her warm, wet panties cling to her cunt.

‘I’m done. Can we go home now?’ she said, tearfully. Kitten nodded, and led her out of the mall to the car.

She could feel her piss-wet panties against her twat the whole drive. Kitten took both of them back to Kitten’s house. As soon as they got inside, Kitten pushed Claire up against the wall and started kissing her again. Kitten’s hands massaged Claire’s vagina through the pissy panties, pushing the sodden material up between her labia into her sluthole.

‘Please,’ moaned Claire, ‘I need to cum.’ She felt so slutty asking for permission to cum like this, but it never occurred to her to just bring herself to orgasm without permission, after Kitten had told her not to.

Kitten was as hot and horny as Claire. ‘You can cum if you do something for me.’ She poked at Claire’s cunt, stroking her be-ringed clitoris.

‘What?’ asked Claire.

‘Change back into one of your new outfits,’ said Kitten.

‘But they’re all pissy!’ protested Claire.

‘I know,’ said Kitten.

Claire knew it was slutty, but she felt like at Kitten’s house different rules applied. It wasn’t as slutty to do things here. It was just friendly. And she needed to cum so much. She stripped naked as Kitten watched, and then pulled one of her new tight tops out of the bag. It was soaked, dripping with piss.

Kitten was already undressing as she watched, and fingering her own twat. Claire unhappily pulled the soaking wet cloth over her head, wrinkling her nose at the smell of her urine and gagging as she inadvertently smeared some of the wetness on her face. She pulled it into place over her tits. The cloth clung to every curve, covering her tits in warm, acrid wetness. It felt slutty and it felt hot.

She reached for a skirt but Kitten couldn’t control herself any longer. Naked now, she pushed Claire down on the ground and started kissing her. Her hand dove between Claire’s legs, and Claire responded by reaching for Kitten’s own twat. Kitten’s fingers felt amazing, pumping in and out of her sluthole. Her piss-wet tits rubbed against Kitten’s boobs, and she sucked enthusiastically on Kitten’s tongue.

But something wasn’t quite right. And she knew what it was.

‘Say things,’ she mumbled to Kitten.

‘What?’ said Kitten, breathing heavily.

‘Like my tape. Say things to me like my tape,’ said Claire.

So Kitten did. ‘You’re a slut,’ she whispered. ‘You’re a whore. You deserve to be raped.’

Claire’s cunt exploded and she started cumming immediately. She moaned and licked at Kitten’s lips as she kept talking.

‘You’re a pissy lesbo slut,’ said Kitten. ‘You’re a big boobed piss cow. You like to have your tits abused.’

‘MMMM! MMMM!’ moaned Claire deliriously, cumming again and again. Her fingers spasmed against Kitten’s cunt, and then Kitten had to stop talking because she was orgasming too.

Afterwards Claire felt enormously dirty and guilty. She almost cried at how slutty she had been. She held still as Kitten pulled off her pissy top, and then licked the urine from her breasts. She watched as Kitten put the top back into the shopping bag, and then pissed in the bag as well. It felt right to Claire. Her clothes were for pissing on. Because she was a slut. A lesbo, pissy slut.

(To be continued...)

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Her crying every time something new happens is the only thing I dont like in the whole story. The beginning fine and i know the timeline is slow but eh.

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