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The final Chapter for the third series.
Monday morning. I’m pulling up to school all alone for a change, before anyone else has had a chance to get here. I do this to give myself some time to think about what I’m becoming; A leader? A vigilante? A monster?

I lock my bike and head into the cafeteria to sit inside and away from the gathering crowds as students get off the buses. I get about five minutes of alone time when my phone goes off and I see that Kori's wondering where I’m at. I tell her to send everyone to class, and to spread the word that I'll be in the field at lunch.

It does amaze me how the world can change in just two days. Friday, there was a tension that had the school gripped in anticipation and fear; even the teachers were feeling it. Now, here I am on Monday, after third period, and instead of heading to get a lunch, I head to my spot at the bleachers and find that people are waiting for me and wondering where I am. My girls and friends are there too, but, it’s the crowd of onlooking students that are doing the majority of the talking.

I calmly walk up behind a simple looking student and say "excuse me". I watch the kid turn and as soon as others notice where I am the mass of students parts at my
presence and I quietly head over to my family. I give a kiss to both Kori and Katy before ascending the bleachers to my spot--top corner--and face the assembled crowd. I can see everyone is waiting with anticipation as to what I’ll say or do; they have reason to be. The rumors of ‘what’ happened and ‘who’ got taken care of are buzzing around the school.

I look out and can even see Mrs. Jackson has reached the back of the crowd and is staring when I decide to show some real respect. "People, move aside. Our principal is here. Let her through,” I tell the crowd. I watch the crowd turn their attentions to her, make a path for her and start to whisper as to her intentions. Mercifully, I’m not stupid and don’t plan on any grand display of power that I don’t have.

I wait for her to get to the front before speaking. “Do you smell that? Do you hear it? Can you see it?” I get some confused looks from the crowd,”That is the lack of oppression in the air.”

I get cheering and applause for my words and I let it go for a few moments before raising my hand and quieting the crowd.

“Now, here I am with our principal in front of me and this is what I have to say to that: Welcome out to your field, Ma’am. Would you like a seat up here or are you okay down there?” I ask with genuine politeness.

“No, Mr. Donnelly, I’m fine. I'm just hearing what an unelected student leader has to say,” Mrs. Jackson tells me in a matter-of-fact tone.

“All right, Ma’am. I’ll get to the point, but, honestly, thank you for coming, because it helps me illustrate,” I tell her before turning my attention to the crowd again, ”...that this, here, is the person who tells us what we can and cannot do at school. Has she ever told you not to wear your clothes a certain way? Has she ever told you that the way you look is wrong? Has she *ever* just told you that who you are is wrong?”

I get murmuring from the crowd and even more confusion. Mrs. Jackson, on the other hand, doesn’t look phased by my questions for the crowd.

“I’ll help you out; she hasn’t. It’s not who this woman is. She looks out for you *because* of who you are, *NOT* what you dress like. This is the leader that I looked up to when I was chosen to be the person you see in front of you. This woman, Mrs. Jackson, has the power and the authority to tell you what to do and when to do it. She doesn’t. Why? Because she respects you.”

I get a level of awe with the crowds’ silence. ”As you walk your NEW school grounds, remember that you are not oppressed, you are cared for. You are treated like people because you *are* people.”

I get applause and more cheering from the students and find Mrs. Jackson waiting patiently for me when I get to the bottom of the bleachers with my friends. We walk with her back to the office and the whole of my family waiting in the office has the secretaries a little confused when Mrs. Jackson pulls me into her office alone.

“That was quite a speech, but, the question is, how much can I trust you?” Mrs. Jackson asks sitting down.

“Ma’am, you have real power, here, and I know that. I’m just telling people that when I stood up to something, I didn’t stand up against everything. I do respect you Mrs. Jackson,” I tell her still standing.

"Well, you made a very good point out there, I was wondering what those crowds I’ve been seeing were about, but, since I seem to have student support, I can’t really tell you to stop,” Mrs. Jackson says leaving a pause,” But, I will not have this ‘rumored’ aggression running around my school and I will not tolerate any bullying from either side.”

“I understand, Ma’am, and my people know to treat people with respect first. It’s when we aren’t left in peace that we return in kind what we were given,” I say politely.

I get dismissed and rejoin my friends and girls as we head to get a quick bite from the cafeteria before class. The rest of my day until homeroom goes by smoothly, save for a quiet level of peace that has been around all day long. I get to the Gym and see my whole crew and Kiante waiting for me. I beeline it to the Class VP with a level of urgency that puts everyone on edge till they see my smiling face.

“Class Vice President how good of you to come around to my neck of the woods,” I tell him smiling in a way that should creep people out,”What brings you to the gym during girls' practice?”

“Business, mostly. I need to bring you to a meeting after school, you and one representative from your group to meet with Kyle and one representative from his group,” Kiante tells me in a more official tone than I expected.

“Really? Why would I want to do that?” I ask politely.

“Because I’m asking you to. Despite the change of mood there are still people walking around scared only now it’s reversed from them scaring students to you scaring them,” Kiante informs me.

“Really, I’m scaring them? *We’re* scaring them?” I ask starting to laugh,” How are we scaring them? What could we have done to evoke such a strong response?”

“Listen, man, I’m not here to accuse anyone of anything,” Kiante says dropping his official tone and talking to me plainly,” I’m here because Kyle came before Yano at lunch and asked for her and I to sit in while you discuss some sort of a quick resolution to the fighting that’s been going on.”

“What is there to discuss? It’s not like we’ve done anything but stand up and not back down,” Jun says slowly standing up.

“What my associate means is there’s something going on and either you don’t know or you won’t say,” I tell Kiante leading him towards the door,” I will only meet in the cafeteria and I will only do so in public.”

I get a nod and head back to my friends at the bleachers and sit down before realizing that everyone is staring at me.

“I’m meeting him in the cafeteria. Think we can get everyone there in under an hour?” I ask my friends.

The phones come flying out and I even see Masha on her’s texting someone with the update on the day. I get through some homework while getting a pair of arms around my neck from Kori, who's in lovey mode since yesterday. It’s not a long wait till the bell rings and we head out to the cafeteria to see that it’s packed with students. I get my new treatment of people parting for me and my crew, but, see only Yano sitting at the table confused. I smile and sit down as my family takes other tables flanking me.

“Is all this really necessary?” Yano asks confused.

“Necessary, no. It’s fun, watch this,” I tell her before leaning back and raising my voice,” Can I get a round of applause for our class president for inviting you all out here?"

The cafeteria becomes deafening and after a minute I raise my hand and all goes quiet suddenly. Yano looks around and finally I have to laugh at the scene which gets everyone else to laugh. I’m waiting patiently for a minute when I see the crowd start to face away from me and towards Kyle and a bruised Hao. His nose has been reset and I can see his eyes got blackened by some great force; I casually turn to Devin and motion for him to get the crowd to part.

“Everybody clear a path and let them through. Guy has business with Kyle,” Devin bellows loud enough to make Yano jump a little in her seat.

I watch Kiante bringing up the rear as Kyle and Hao get to the table I’m sitting at. Kyle takes a seat across from me, but, Hao is looking around for his place with no luck until I wave Natsuko to have someone get him one. After sitting down and looking really nervous about having Natsuko so close to him Hao moves a little closer to Kyle. Kiante is seated to my left, and Yano at my right. Kyle's across from me and Hao's behind him looking worried; my crew's at my back and my believers surrounding us all. I feel so good, I pull my hood off and smile as Yano starts to speak.

“I was asked today to have two leaders of two decidedly different groups in this school meet so that a quick resolution to this tension could be resolved. Since Guy has decided to meet in a more public forum, I will ask that the students not at this table please remain as quiet as possible while this meeting takes place.” Yano starts looking between Kyle and myself.

“Well, I can ask them for quiet, but, sometimes they have a mind of their own,” I reply smiling and looking at the crowd while making a ‘shhh’ with a finger on my lips.

The whole time I’m smiling and making nice Kyle is sitting across from me with a serious look on his face. Not menacing but dire and desperate. I fold my hands in my lap and wait for someone to begin.

“A lot of violence and pain has been done to people on both sides from both sides…,” Kyle starts before I interrupt.

“Allegedly done by both sides,” I say smiling,” I don’t remember there being anyone caught when people were attacked over a week ago.”

“Fine, allegedly done by both sides. Now I’m here just to settle some differences and make some changes in how things work in my organization. Heather has been given a leave of absence until she is ready to take a more restricted role.” Kyle says barely choking out the words with his temper,”However, I’m here to see all this violence stop and to propose something very simple to end it all.”

“Ohhhhh, what’s that gonna be,” I ask with mock anticipation.

“We fight. Not our groups, not our friends, just you and me,” Kyle says taking a serious but aggressive tone,” You need someone to teach you some boundaries after bringing people in that had no business being involved in what happens at this school.”

"Do not try to tell me that I’m the first one to pull that. Look Kori in the eye and tell her that I’m the first one who went outside of our groups and decided to recruit some help. I did just what you did, Kyle...” I pause to bite back my growing rage before smirking,” ...but, I did it better.”

“Both of you need to calm down.” Kiante says intervening. ”So, we have a proposal for a fight, but, what are the terms?”

“Easy. I win, and he lets my people walk the school unhindered, we don’t bully, but, he leaves them all alone,” Kyle says plainly but with controlled anger,” You win, and the whole thing is disbanded. We all walk away and we don’t get bothered about it anymore as a result, since it doesn’t exist. You can say you officially destroyed the group.”

“Terms are set. Guy, do you have an answer?” Yano asks keeping a good level of decorum.

“'I win, you disband? You win, we let you do what you’ve been doing?' I’m not sure how I feel about this.” I turn to the crowd. ”Should I fight him?”

The assembled students start cheering "Yes!" loudly, and I can see even my crew smiling, but, I turn my attention to my three girls; they know where I’m going with it when I raise my hand to get the crowd to stop. I stand up from the table and stare Kyle straight in his eyes.

“No,” I hear a level of discord and unrest in my believers and I let them speak their piece before silencing them with a quick wave of my hand. ”I say 'no' because you have nothing I want. Your people won’t bully anyone ever again, period. We beat you. I beat you. I have nothing to prove and nothing to gain by it.”

I sit back down and see some of the crowd is working over what I said. However, I am watching Kyle’s reaction to my refusal. I’m watching the gears turn in his head when I sit back down and Kori squeezes my shoulder, lightly getting my attention. I turn and see her face; a light smile and wink tells me it’s time to make a move.

“But, there is something I want *and* there is something you want, isn’t there?” I tell him leaning back and looking at my hands,” and I’ll be the first one to say, she is a real beauty.”

“What…No. You will not even think about going near her,” Kyle says coming to his senses about my direction for the conversation.

“Here’s the thing, I think she likes me, and I have room for another tigress in my life and on my body...” I tell him rubbing my tattoo through my shirt, ”...but, I think I know a little bit about her and she’d like to see two guys fighting over her, so, here’s the bet. No clubs. No school. No bullshit. No holds barred. One on one. You and me. Winner gets Rachael. Oh, and for an added bonus you have to either admit defeat OR your girl has to throw in the towel when she thinks it’s been enough for you. Now, I like this game, what do you think?”

“Fuck you. I’m not putting her on the table just to fight you,” Kyle says standing up and pissed off.

“Not my problem, I can put her on a table soon enough.” I reply smiling with confidence.

I can see Kyle shaking his head and sitting back down in his chair. Hao is whispering something into his ear. I let them talk when a faint memory hits me and gives
me a smile as I sit my chair right and start talking behind me.

“Hey Kori, you’ve met Rachael. Doesn’t she smell like strawberries?” I ask like Kyle’s not there.

“Yeah, a little bit, I don’t know if it’s body wash or perfume,” Kori answers me not hiding our conversation.

“You two stop talking about her,” Kyle snaps getting a hush from the crowd,” The bike ride home you gave her was as close as you’re going to get to ever touching her.”

“Really? You really think that, Kyle? Would you look behind me at the three girls here? Or, maybe outside at the hot Latina biker waiting for us? You really think I have a
problem getting women?” I say smirking. ”Let me prove my point; Miss President, you must see how attractive you are in that sweater top.”

“Ummm, I didn’t think it was much of a fashion statement,” Yano stammers getting a giggle from the crowd that I silence with a raise of my hand.

“Oh it’s not the top as much as the person who fills it out, and I wish you’d get contacts but the librarian glasses work for you,” I tell her like nobody else is there.

Kyle's confused, my girls are almost purring behind me, and the crowd is a hush, but, I drown all that out and focus on Yano. She’s a little flushed and definitely turned on when I take her hand and calm her down a little before giving her a wink.

“Yeah, I don’t lie to women or keep secrets. I treat them like the goddesses they are when they need it and the women they pretend they’re not when we’re alone. Oh yeah, I’ll ‘never’ touch her again… until she wants me to,” I explain to Kyle plainly.

I got him. He’d never admit it, but, it’s like when you’re playing a game with someone and they realize they just lost after your turn. Kyle’s angry, a little confused and I know he’s hurting after yesterday with Rachael. Not to mention that everyone around him in his group is watching him to see if he’s going to get them hurt, now. I’m waiting for him to make his move or accept the challenge when he starts to get up from the table and tries to walk out. A level of disgust comes from the crowd, but, I hear something that almost makes me cringe come from Kyle’s pocket; ‘Hey handsome, your Princess is calling’. Kyle freezes in place and calmly answers his phone.

“Hey, Rachael… No, I’m still at school... Are you home...? You’re here at school now…? Yes, I did like you said but he said no… No, he didn’t like my terms and he has his own, but, I said no,” I listen as Kyle start to answer to ‘his’ better half. ”We’re in the cafeteria, honey. I’ll come out and meet you.”

I watch him hang up and start to try to reach the door when I see people turning away from the conference and part to let Rachael through. Kyle starts to try to lead her
out, but, she moves towards the table. I watch as one of the crowd gives her a chair to sit in. Quietly, Kyle moves back to his chair and sits back down across from me.

“Hi, Rachael,” I say smiling from my seat.

“Hello, Guy, What’s wrong with you two just duking it out once and for all,” Rachael asks politely.

“Honestly, I just don’t get anything out of his terms. Now, MY terms are much more interesting,” I reply with a casual smile.

“Honey, he wants to fight me for you,” Kyle tells Rachael who seems a little put off at the idea.

“Okay, but what do you get if you win,” Rachael asks confused.

“We’d be fighting for you,” Kyle tells her quietly.

“Well, I think you need to,” Rachael says dropping the bomb on the room hard. ”You’ve been hiding and keeping secrets from me for over a year and I think either I should start looking at a new relationship or maybe you need to do something to show me that I’m more important to you than some club.”

“I like you,” I say standing up from the chair and staring down at Rachael.” But here’s what you don’t get, girl. I don’t want a fight, I want to hurt him. IF he gets into a fight with me I will not stop until I’m dead or he’s broken and bleeding in at my feet. And when I’m done ‘princess’, I want to fuck you like an animal.”

Kyle bolts up from his chair and slaps me right across my face with more speed than I thought he had and the whole crowd start to erupt. I am still standing and my head is turned from the slap but I simply raise my hand again and they start to calm down before turning my face back towards Kyle and smile. I can almost taste his rage but I watch as Rachael pulls him back into his seat. I am still standing as Kiante motions me to sit down but I’m not in a mood to listen.

“This will come to order, Guy you need to sit down,” Yano says regaining control of the situation.

“I’m done here unless Kyle’s answer is 'yes',” I tell them. I turn from the table and I'm being led out from the cafeteria by Kori, Matty and Katy, but, I don’t get far.

“YOU WANT HIM, YOU BASTARD?!?!” Rachael screams over everyone.

I turn and see her standing up. She's really pulling out all the acting chops for me. I turn back to the table and stare her down as Kyle stands up to face me.

“I’ll fight you. Name the time and place, and my girlfriend will get to watch me kick your head off,” Kyle says with more determination than I’ve seen from him, today.

I start to laugh; it’s a laugh that I’ve become known for when something really bad is about to happen and I can hear the cafeteria get silent as my laughter dies and I turn to leave.

“Time…Is on my side…,” I sing while being lead out by my three girls.

I get to my bike and watch as students pile out in droves and start talking about the fight. I sit back and come to terms with the fact that I don’t have a time or place yet, but, he agreed and that’s what is most important. My girls, on the other hand, seem to be handling the logistics as I listen to Katy on the phone with Johnny about a spot to use. As I watch, I shake my head as Devin and Ben go on alert; someone is approaching our group. I step off my bike and see Yano being held back. I nod to Ben, and they let her through.

“What the hell was that display there all about,” Yano asks a little flustered.

“I was making my point to him and her about what I really am and what is going to happen once I get a hold of the both of them,” I tell Yano as Katy moves over to us.

“No, not that, I mean the flirting,” Yano says a little put off,” Were you just making fun of me in there or were you serious?”

“Oh, girl he was serious, I think he left you with a bug,” Rachael tells her coyly,” You want us to come by today and help you out with that?”

“Wait, 'us'? What do you mean 'us',” Yano asks a little embarrassed.

“See, he told us about you, and while the others thought it was hot,” Katy says with a quiet dominance,” I thought that sometime soon we need to fuck us a little slut. Now, take my number, and you call me when your free today. Yes?”

I watch as Yano calmly takes Katy’s number into her phone and slowly walks away towards her vehicle. Once Katy turns back towards me, I get Kori’s attention from her call, and listen as she’s talking to Johnny.

“No, I don’t know what the odds are but apparently the guy studies martial arts or something.” Kori says before turning her attention to us. ”What? I’m trying to work the details out.”

“Katy wants to take me away to make the Class President our bitch,” I tell Katy getting a wide eyed response” ...Can we go when she calls, please?”

“Oh, and can we grab a few toys from the chest?” Katy asks cuddling up to Kori like a child.

“No, not for you, Johnny; Guy would kill you,” Kori says in the phone, ”I want a ride home and Guy you need to talk with your Dad about the fight, we got a window for Saturday night and Johnny has a few spots for you to look at.”

“Okay, but, look at Katy...she really wants to go have some fuuuuun.” I cuddle up on the other side of Kori.

“You can go when she calls, but, for now, can we please attend to the fact that you are going to be fighting for our new sister in less than a week,” Kori admonishes me.

“Look in my eyes, Kori. He’s a martial artist in America. He fights in soft-striking tournaments at best. What is he going to do to me?” I ask with a little more sarcasm than expected.

“He slapped you, and you didn’t stop it. You can play it off like you wanted him to slap you, but, you didn’t stop it.” Kori's retort gets some seriousness from everyone. ”You need to talk with your father about a plan.”

I got to admit it when she’s right, and she is. I didn’t quite see that shot coming and that *is* a problem. He’s fast. Very fast. While I have some speed and power, my only real trait is how well I can take abuse and keep from tiring out under normal circumstances. It gives me pause for thought as everyone heads out.

I take my bike back home; as soon as I’m inside the door, I start to go over what I know in my head about this fight, almost immediately I find myself in workout gear in Dad’s gym working on my striking. Liz is the first one to come in and try to break me out of my mindset.

“Hey, bro? Aren’t you jumping the gun a little?” Liz asks taking a seat.

“Nope, Kyle might not fight like I do, but, he can fight, and that means getting myself ready,” I reply without breaking my concentration.

“Okay, but, I think you should wait for Dad to get home and have him run you through this,” Liz says trying to break my mindset with words.

“If I’m not busy when he gets here, I will,” I reply putting my fists to the bag.

I can hear her thinking. Something is up and I’m pretty sure I know what it is, but, I’m figuring she’ll either tell me or she’ll just explode it all over me when it becomes too big to hold inside. I’m working out for what feels like another thirty minutes when Katy comes bounding in with a purpose.

“Hey, Sexy, we got a date and I got what we need,” Katy says almost chipper,” You ready?”

I stop my workout and back Katy up against the wall and start to sniff up her neck, I can see the goose bumps forming on her neck and shoulder. I back up and see it in her face; she’s almost considering not heading out and keeping me here. I towel off and get jeans and a tank top on before putting my leather jacket on and we head out on my bike with her hauling a small backpack. We pull up to Yano’s house and I see an overweight white woman about to get into the only car out front.

“Are you the kids from school my daughter is waiting for,” She yells getting into the car.

“Yes, ma’am; is she home?” Katy asks politely.

“She’s inside, just go on in. I’m glad to see she’s having friends over.” She closes the car door and Katy and I smile and wave at Yano’s mom as she pulls away from the house before heading inside. I’m greeted with the familiar clutter and don’t waste time heading upstairs to Yano’s room. It’s the same as when I was last here except Yano is sitting at her desk and jumps a little as we enter.

“How did you get in?” Yano asks confused.

“Your Mom said for us to go on in,” I tell her closing the door after Katy.

“Okay, well why did you bring a bag?” She asks Katy.

I watch Katy drop the bag and start to strip down, I follow suit and soon Yano is the only one in the room still fully dressed. Katy's opted out of her bra, but, the thong she’s wearing has my attention. I, however, am completely naked and showing a little life. Yano's still confused and still sitting at her desk as I figure I need to help this situation along a little and grab Katy lightly by her hair. I pull her ass against my hips and feel my cock go between her cheeks. I let her head go and move my arms around Katy’s body to her front taking one hand up to fondle her breast and the other down into her thong and start pushing her mound. Katy leans her head back and I get to bite her neck lightly which gets her to moan a little. I’m glad that even after the hardest fucking she’s had in a while from me last week, she’s still a horny little minx.

I can feel a little moisture from Katy and with her grinding against me, I'm already half hard and I want more. I take my hands away from Katy’s mound and breast and turn her around; as soon as she sees my face, I don’t even have to help her. Katy gets on her knees and puts her arms behind her back before taking me in her mouth and working up and down my shaft in long, slow strokes. Katy is getting me most of the way in and it’s wonderful as I see Yano looking over at us with confusion and anticipation. I stroke Katy’s cheek as she’s working me over and glance in Yano’s direction, I can feel her smile while my cock is buried in her face and it’s a bit funny to me.

“Are you still fucking sitting there?” Katy asks pulling her mouth off me.

“I guess.” Yano answers nervously.

Katy gets up and asks, “Well, do you want to fuck and get fucked, or do you want to just sit there?”

Yano stands up and I move over to her. She still has her skirt-sweater combo on from school, today, as I start to pull it off over her head. I get it off and see a similar button up blouse from last week and decide to take a different route.

“Take your panties off,” I tell Yano.

I can see she’s nervous, but, she remembers last time and pulls them down under her skirt before handing them to me. I motion Katy over and we both watch as she crawls over and starts to help me undress Yano. We get her skirt and blouse off and I watch Katy’s eyes widen at the sight of the blue bra that is barely containing Yano’s breasts. We sit Yano back down and get her bra off before I watch Katy latch onto a nipple and start to suckle frantically.

Yano's moaning and I make it a point to get Yano to lean back and spread her legs before I take the other nipple in my mouth and start to rub her clit in small circles. Now, Yano's moaning and writhing as Katy and I work her breasts when I feel another hand and glance down to see Katy start to push two fingers inside Yano’s pussy. I can feel Yano gripping at me and while normally, I’d enjoy it, she needs to learn some control. I grab the back of Yano’s head and let go of her pussy before standing up.

“Suck me, slut,” I order her.

Almost like she’s hungry, Yano pushes more than half my cock into her mouth. I can feel Yano moaning as works me over, her soft face greedily taking me in with a sloppy noise. I look at Katy who has a smile on face as Yano’s tit fall from her mouth. Then, I watch as she uses her free hand to grab Yano by the hair and pull her face off my cock.

“Are you going to cum, you fucking slut?” Katy asks fingering Yano harder and faster.

“Yes,” Yano gasps looking up at Katy and me.

Katy shoots her a glare. “No, slut. You didn’t ask. Now, you hold onto that orgasm until I hear the right words, you pudgy cum dump.” Then, Katy moves back down to Yano and continuing to finger fuck her harder.

“Please, Guy, can I cum? I really need to cum,” Yano pleads to me.

“I’m not the one finger-fucking your pussy, am I?” I tell her turning my attention to Katy.

Yano is shifting in her seat and trying keep from cumming, but, I’ve seen Katy go to town on the other girls; she’s a determined little thing. I can see Yano is desperate to cum and soon without permission she starts squirting all over Katy's hand and on the floor. I watch as Katy stops completely, I can tell she’s waiting for Yano to stop shaking from her orgasm and as soon as I see Yano start to calm down I watch as Katy slaps Yano in the pussy hard. Yano yelps and covers up before Katy grabs her by the back of the head and drags a crawling Yano to a bed post.I get to see the first tool in Katy’s bag of tricks, handcuffs and Yano is secured to the post by one hand before Katy start to admonish her.

“You stupid, fucking cow. You ask permission, you dumb slut. You really must want me to punish you, so, now you get to watch as Guy fucks me like he was going to fuck you.”

I move behind Katy, push her down to her knees and drop down myself as she leans forward and rests her forearms on the carpet. I line my cock up with Katy’s pussy and both of us are staring at Yano as I push inside Katy. Katy's a soft, warm glove compared to the hole-in-the-wall making fuck-fest I gave her last week; we keep our pace slow and I spank her ass a little as we watch Yano languish attached to her bed. I pull Katy’s hair a little and speed up lightly and while I’m enjoying the softness, I’m not really in the mood for it.

I make eye contact with Yano and she sees that I’m trying to get her to speak or do something. “I’m sorry, Ms. Katy; I was being a selfish slut because I haven’t been fucked like you have. Guy is so good at fucking and you made me cum so quickly, I didn’t know how to stop. I can’t get better if you don’t help me learn how to be a patient slut.” She says it meekly, but, she says it loud enough to get Katy’s attention.

Katy stops my slow advances into her pussy and crawls the few feet to Yano and takes the cuffs off. Yano sits up and Katy shoves her tongue into Yano’s mouth, and they start kissing. Hard. I’m waiting on the floor for my next turn as Katy stands up and guides Yano’s face to her pussy.

“I know you can make me cum. Get to work, slut,” Katy tells Yano.

Yano wastes no time shoving her face into Katy’s mound. I watch with interest as Katy takes Yano’s hair in both her hands and bends her head back to ride Yano’s face. I can see Yano’s hands gripping her knees and while she might not be the most comfortable right now, Katy's breathing hard and moves her hips a little fucking our new Asian slut's face. I stand up and move behind Katy and spank her ass again getting a little yelp as I see Katy looking back at me.

“Save that fucking cock, I’m gonna make sure you get off, baby,” Katy tells me quietly.

“I wanna see this slut give you an orgasm then I’m gonna fuck her,” I growl to Katy who smiles wickedly.

I watch the orgasm creep across Katy’s body and she’s leaning forward almost too far bending Yano’s head at a bad angle before I help her lean back. Katy steps back on shaky legs and I watch her move over to the chair and take a seat as I move onto Yano’s bed and beckon her up with me. I watch as Yano, confused, starts to try to get me to lie down on top of her.

“Slut. I am on my back for a reason. Now get your pussy on my dick now or I’m gonna fuck Ms. Katy,” I tell her sternly.

I watch Yano hesitate a bit--probably about her weight--before she moves over me and straddles my hips. I feel her line me up with her pussy and I get a feel for her warm folds again as I push up and inside. Yano's leaning forward and using her hands to keep her weight off of me and it leaves my hands free to squeeze her huge tits. I take long hard thrusts into Yano’s warm cunt and it’s a good fuck as she is moaning almost happily and starts to fuck me back with her pussy. As I move my hands down to her ass and we start slamming our bodies together in hard slapping thrusts, I can see Katy rummaging around behind Yano. I then pull her back to lie flat on top of me so I can take hard fast thrusts into her pussy. I start to feel her clamp up and watch her face go from enjoying herself to concentrating.

“Are you waiting to cum,” I ask Yano playfully.

“Yes, sir. I really want to be a better slut since you and Ms. Katy came over to fuck me," Yano tells me as she slows down her movement, allowing me to make her cum.

A shift in weight on the bed and I can feel Katy standing up behind Yano, both of us are confused and I only slow down as I see Katy’s face come into view before she pulls Yano’s face towards her so they can see each other.

“You really wanna cum hard, Yano?” Katy asks Yano who nods emphatically,” Now, Tell me who is in charge.”

“You and Guy are in charge. I’m a greedy slut who needs to learn,” Yano gasps trying to focus on Katy.

“And what if I want to do something to you that would hurt, but, make you cum hard and have Guy come in your pussy?” Katy asks with a wicked grin. ”Do I get to do that, or are you just selfish?”

“I want him to cum hard. Can I cum with him, Ms. Katy?” Yano asks while consenting.

I’m buried in Yano’s pussy when I feel Yano’s body go rigid and watch her eyes widen. Then, I feel another pressure inside Yano and I see her eyes start to tear up. Yano's frozen in place and I see Katy’s hands on her shoulders as she winks at me; The pressure starts to feel more and more like a fucking other than me in Yano’s pussy. I take my cue from Katy and the idea of the two of us making Yano our fuckdoll is good enough for me to push myself into a hard fast pace to match whatever Katy is using on Yano.

“Are you a good slut, Yano?” I ask hammering her pussy.

“Yes…Guy…I want you…to cum in me...hard, sir.” Yano whimpers shaking from the team fucking she’s getting.

“Tell Guy what I’m doing Yano; he’ll cum faster, if you do.” Katy takes a fistful of Yano’s short brown hair.

“She’s fucking my ass…It’s almost as big as your cock,” Yano gasps arching her back.

I have the mental image of Katy pounding Yano’s ass as I’m fucking her pussy and the two of us start to harden our thrust into Yano trying to break her holes as I start to get close. I watch Katy’s hands pull Yano’s face back and Katy starts to lightly slap Yano’s cheeks taunting.

“Cum for us, slut. I wanna hear that fucking sow face of yours making noise,” Katy says with sinister glee.

Yano start to make whimpering and squealing noises as Katy stops slapping her and focuses on bringing her orgasm around for the second time; I’m also starting to feel mine. Yano’s soft, warm folds start trying to push me out as I jackhammer my cock into her and shoot my load into her. I tense up and grip onto my hefty Asian as my cum fills her up. Yano groans loudly enough that if anyone were home, they would have heard. I feel liquid all over my legs and feet and I watch as Yano convulses in a mind breaking orgasm. Katy and I hold her in place as she collapses on me and I feel Katy’s strap on come out of Yano before she helps me roll our now exhausted toy off of me.

I finally pull myself out of Yano’s worn pussy and survey the damage. Katy is standing next to the bed with me as I get up and I see Yano squirted off like a hose drenching the foot of her bed in her cum. Katy takes the strap on off and pulls the blankets off from under Yano which gets no reaction before kneeling in front of me and cleaning me off with a corner. Once I’m clean, we both pin Yano in and slowly rouse her back to the land of the living. After what seems like ten minutes, Yano starts to wake up; She has a confused look on her face as the two of us are tending to her.

“How was that?” Katy asks quietly.

“That was unbelievable, Ms. Katy,” Yano says submissively.

“You really are a good girl, but, after that, I’m just 'Katy' until the next time we come by and fuck you silly,” Katy says grinning.

“I didn’t know I could cum that hard...did I do anything bad?” Yano asks politely.

“You’ll need to do the laundry and get a different bed set...and you’ll want to clean me out of your pussy,” I tell her standing up.

The three of us get dressed and talk a little about school. Yano tells me that she’ll be there when I fight Kyle. I thank her and I get a kiss on the cheek from her, and one on the mouth from Katy. I feel my member twitch at the sight. Katy and I head back home on my bike refreshed and alert. Thankfully, we get in just in time for dinner. Katy and I sit down and nobody says anything until the plates are clear, when Dad is staring at me, looking like he's expecting something.

"Boy, how long are you going to wait to tell me about what happened today,” Dad asks in an aggressive tone.

“It’s nothing, Dad. I’m gonna fight Kyle one on one this Saturday,” I tell him before looking to Mom,” Is there a desert?”

I don’t often get manhandled by my father, so, when he pulls me out of my chair by my shirt collar and walks me to the gym, I take it as a serious moment. He shuts the door after getting us both inside, and I watch him take a seat.

“You got a fight coming, and I have to find out from Kori. That girl is sounding a whole hell of a lot smarter than you, today,” Dad tells me starting in with how I fucked up,” I already got all the information from her, so, now you get to go and change into your workout gear before we go over the rules.”

As I head back to my room, I notice how quiet all the Mom and the girls are when I pass. I get changed and head back into the gym to find Dad is wearing his fight gear. I got a feeling what is coming and I know I’m not gonna like it as I take my seat and start gearing up.

“So, this is a surrender match and Kyle is faster and trained up in martial arts. That Jun boy told me he’s won a few tournaments and that means he knows how to win. Now, here are the rules until the fight is over: No girls, no sex, and nothing outside of school, homework and this gym. Do I make myself clear?” Dad tells me as I blanch at the rules.

“Dad, I don’t think we need to go that far,” I tell him getting my fist pads on.

I get to my feet, and as soon as I’m standing, Dad knocks me down with a straight shot to the face. I start to get back up, and a second one I didn’t see coming hits me in the temple, leaving me struggling to get away. I finally get back and see Dad is waiting for me on the mats.

“Boy, you might be good; you need to be in front of a gun for this whole fight. Each move is a game ender, and this kid can probably kick your head off before you see it coming,” Dad says as I get back onto the mat.

My world--'til Friday--is literally:
Wake up at five in the morning to work out with Dad until I have to shower for school...
sit through the classes...
not touch my women sexually...
go straight home after school,
back into the Gym for more fight training,
eat dinner,
more fight training,
then sleep to repeat the next day.

I am looking at Friday lunch and everyone is wondering how I’m doing considering I haven’t been talking or letting my feelings be known to anyone. To be honest, I’m feeling really angry all the time. Finally, Jun is the one to try to talk to me.

“Hey, man. We got everything arranged for Saturday night. Apparently, Johnny’s arranged a few other fights and your girl, Imelda, made a few calls to get some people you know to make the place secure. I’ve been to the site and we have everything set up,” Jun says starting to show some pride,” It’s gonna be a fight night, so, we need to go over some details with you on feel and music.”

“What fucking music?!” I ask nearly spitting my food as I talk.

“Honey, he’s got this fight theme idea to make it a big event. Johnny's taking money on this and that helps to pay him back, but, he needs us to be in on the thing, since you and Kyle are the main event,” Kori says trying to cheer me up before asking,” Any ideas?”

“Okay, the two of you need to not be asking him so many questions. He’s got Dad on his back driving him forward and this is a distraction,” Katy says getting an odd look from the table.

“Katy, this is important too,” Kori says.

“I get that, but, Guy isn’t going to be able to help considering his Dad has him on a regimen of work, training and school,” Katy says informing people as to what I’ve been doing,” He doesn’t get any free time or playtime. We don’t get to have him until after he’s done with Kyle. Hell, I tried to get into the gym when they were training on Tuesday, and I got a locked door and a 'go away' from Dad for my trouble. Whatever they’re doing in there, I know it’s going to be for the best.”

I *could* tell them what the entire plan is, but, that’s for Dad and I. I don’t like keeping secrets from everyone, but, this isn’t negotiable considering my Dad is the one with the plan.

"I want the four of you to try to come up with something to wear. Try to look as similar as possible and as hard as hell,” I tell them.

I get some approving stares before Natsuko quietly says, “Okay, but define what you mean as hard.”

“He means 'bad ass bitches',” Katy says with a wicked grin.

I let the girls get into the planning and I find out that Natsuko is set up for a fight on Saturday against some girl that volunteered to a fight. Thankfully, their fight
restrictions aren’t as hardcore as mine are, but, then again, I got a fight the way I want it and--better than that--I have a plan.

After school, I get home and go right into the gym where Dad is waiting and I give him the update on the fight progress as we begin my getting worked over.

Its a few more hours of punishment before Dad finally lets us break for dinner and Mom is the first one to notice something is wrong. “Guy, baby? Your nose is bleeding..."

“He’s fine, honey. I got it blocked off so he can train,” Dad replies without missing a bite of food.

“Okay, that’s it. This is going no further. You have been beating on him for days, now and if you don’t let him relax, he’s going to walk into this fight tomorrow a bloody
mess and leave on a stretcher,” Mom says exasperated.

“Mom, it's okay,” I tell getting a look from everyone but Dad,”I’m okay. Dad made sure every time that I’m okay. It’s hard, but, I need this to be hard or I’m gonna lose.”

I see the shock, but, when we get done with the meal, Mom has Liz and Katy clear the table and she decides to join us in the gym. While Dad would normally protest, Mom isn’t taking 'no' for an answer. Dad continues his manhandling of me and I get some good shots in before Mom makes us call it a night and tells me to meet her in the bathroom after I get out of my workout clothes.

I get to the bathroom after changing and find a bath drawn. I'm not a fan of lying in my own dirty water, but, Mom is insistent and leaves so that I can soak. I get in the warm water and I don’t know what Mom did, but, my limbs feel like jello, and it’s not too long before I pass out.

I’m guessing its Saturday morning by the sunlight creeping through my window and I’m sore as fuck when I see the clock is past nine. I start to rush out of bed only to be met by Katy who pins me to my bed and cuddles up.

“Dad said no training on fight day, so after breakfast we need to take you to Imelda; she has some people here for you to meet.” Katy tells me.

“What happened to me last night?” I ask confused.

“Mom gave you some sort of a rejuvenation bath that kicked your ass,” Katy says smiling,” Dad dried you off and we brought you in here and got you in some underwear.”

“So, I get today off,” I ask starting to cuddle in when Katy puts the brakes on.

“No, that is not happening till you win tonight,” Katy says getting me to relax.

Well, that’s just fucking perfect. Go get the shit beat into me, *then* get to have some fun. My day seems all sorts of backwards, but, I try to take it in stride as we eat breakfast with the family and I get dressed so that I can head to Johnny’s place. I ride up and see something that has me feeling like I’ve been transported back in time as eight large and heavy bikes are sitting in the main area and I can see Imelda and Kori with Johnny talking in a group of Union bikers. Johnny parts the sea to let me in. I watch as the girls wave bye to me and leave on Imelda’s bike.

“Okay, where the fuck are my girls going?” I ask Johnny confused.

“They said they were here to keep people company 'til you got here. Then, they needed to leave so they could get ready for tonight,” Johnny tells me leading me into the bikers.

I get past the small wall and see the Old Man sitting down on an old car backseat that has been turned into a couch and rush over to shake his hand. He smiles at the respect and I don’t even try to get him to stand as I sit down next to him.

“Sir, it’s good to see you out here, but, what brings you around to this area?” I ask him.

“Well, your girl called me and said that there was business up here. She said that you needed some people around to keep the peace for a little fight you were running,” the Old Man explains, ”So, I took a plane up here, and got the Tacoma chapter to bring me down so we could see what you’re doing.”

“Well, I’m really glad she did that. I did want to bring you up here to look at Johnny’s place because I think you can help each other,” I explain as we get up and I start to show him around.

As we go over the grounds, I talk to him about what Johnny has planned; how he has workers already on site and about half the machinery he needs. Johnny goes over his basic distribution system and advises us on how much more space he can have if he’s going to produce more product. All the walking and talking is good, but, I can tell the Old Man needs something a little more direct after the grand tour gets done.

“Okay, boy. My Pariah’s girl brought me out here to hear business and I’ve heard everything, but, what am I needed for?” He leans on his cane and asks.

I watch Johnny smile and light up a joint right in front of a visibly unimpressed Old Man. He's also a little put off when Johnny tries to hand it off to him.

“Boy, you do realize that you’re handing me an illegal substance and I don’t have a Glaucoma card on Me.” the Old man says as I chuckle a little.

“It’s not a jail sentence here sir,” Johnny says explaining,”After the legalization in this state, people haven’t really jumped on a distribution or even a mass production market. I can produce, but, I need seed money and businesses to connect with.”

“'Seed money.' Are you trying to be funny with me, kid?” an agitated Old Man asks.

“How much does it take to find a supplier for a Marijuana distributer? You usually have to go through a medical outlet and that produces a reduced strength product. If you get a hold of the business and help me with some funding and distribution locations, I can put out a product that would make people avoid the hospitals and bring anyone with a preion or plan right through your doors,” Johnny says laying out his full pitch.

I watch the Old Man wave him off and Johnny heads away as I get left alone with him. I lean up against the wall with him and we stand quietly for a few minutes when he finally starts to talk to me.

“This punk kid you got has a great plan. Problem is, it’s a lot of money he’s looking at having someone dump into his business venture,” the Old Man asks.

“I’ve known Johnny for a little bit now and he’s been good by me for a lot of things,” I explain to him, "I’m not saying give him everything, but, I’d see about getting him some equipment to make more out of before you commit seriously. If he fails, then you just pull out and take your equipment back.”

The Old Man is weighing the options. While I don’t know what he’s going to do, I do know that he knows a good option when he sees one. I’m concentrating on the deal when he brings up a more pressing subject.

“So, five girlfriends now,” Old Man asks smirking,” Kid, you’re going to be grey by twenty if you keep this up.”

“Maybe, but it’s a labor of love,” I reply getting a chuckle out of him.

“So, this fight you think you can win?” The Old Man asks me with a tone of seriousness.

“Not about winning, sir...” I reply calmly, ”...It’s about pain and who can take more before they quit.”

“What about your girls? They throw in the towel and you lose,” he tells me with concern.

“No one is throwing in a towel. That’s just for show,” I tell him getting an odd look,” I will hear him scream that he quits, and I will take everything from him in a few hours.”

I watch the Old man shake his head at me chuckling. I don’t know if it’s at my confidence or the straight forward approach to the situation that has him laughing, but, I smile with him and enjoy the moment. I walk the Old Man back to the main area, where the local Union bikers he brought are mostly relaxing. They perk up as we approach; I let them handle their business with Johnny before heading back home.

I get in and check with Dad, fight time is eight tonight, but, I need to be there by 6:00 for setup and rundown with Johnny and Jun. The two of them have been spearheading this whole thing, making it into a grand event. With the Old Man and some friends running security and probably taking bets, I turn to my father for focus. I leave Johnny’s place and head home for a final strategy session and prepping for the fight and I get in around one to find Dad in the living room watching TV watching sports. I stay quiet and try to relax or wait for him to start telling me what to do; I actually doze off to find him waking me up. I check the clock and see it’s five after five as Dad leads me to the gym.

“Boy, it’s time for you to get some clothes on that you can fight in,” Dad says as I strip down.

The shorts and protective gear are form fitting and the only piece Dad has me wear is the one that covers my crotch. I almost want to joke about Kyle going for the vitals, but, I can tell Dad is in no mood for comedy as he starts taking his time going over the game plan we worked on. My hands and feet get taped up; I can move my fingers, but, mostly for grabbing than fine motor skills. My feet are poised up so I can lunge forward with a bit more spring, but, side stepping isn’t as easy. I put some light weight pants on and grab my jacket I get already and find that my girls have grabbed their gear and are ready to drive me out.

We all pile into the family car with Katy driving and head off to a warehouse past downtown. Arriving there is easy enough and we get a preferred parking spot with some of the bikes surrounding and I get lead by one of Johnny’s people inside the building. The space has been cleared out and there are some side offices that have been ‘converted’ to be locker rooms. The girls get me inside and I watch as they pull out long cloaks and hoods and we all sit, with me being in quiet thought and wait to be called for.

We can hear music playing, as well as people arriving after a time. At one point, Natsuko comes in to change and the girls start talking. I don’t know when it started, but, at some point in my concentration someone started talking to me. I open my eyes and see Natsuko standing there in some tight fitting sports top-and-bottom combo; they’re black and bright blue. She also has pads on like she’s sparring with someone.

“Guy, are you in there? Did someone break him?” Natsuko asks poking at me.

I start to move and immediately Imelda backs Natsuko off a little as I stare almost through her. My gaze and focus are out in the arena; my target is there waiting for the time. I’m in such a mindset, that I don’t really notice the time passing and my girls talking among themselves. Even when Natsuko comes back after her match and is being toweled off, cooled, helped out of her gear and into some comfortable clothes, I can hear her wish me luck, but, right now, I’m ready to run on all cylinders.

Kori snaps me back to the world for a moment. “So who holds the towel, Guy?”

“You do, and no matter what happens, don’t throw it,” I tell her quietly.

“But, what if he starts to really hurt you...?” Kori asks with slight concern.

“You. Will. Not. Stop. This. Fight.” I tell her in a quiet tone.

I get my nod from Kori and while the other girls are very determined, I see her pause as I get back into my zone. Jun comes in about five minutes before the fight with a headset on and is talking through it as he walks in.

“Okay, Guy, I’m gonna lead you to the side entrance, where you’ll come into the stage. Please wait till your music starts to enter; the announcement will come as you enter.” Jun finally notices my mood. ”.....aaaaand he can’t hear me right now, can he?”

“His mind is on more important things,” Imelda tells Jun before turning to me. ”Guy, we're going to flank you on your way in. Keep your hood up 'til we get to the pit and we’ll take your gear off.”

We all leave the locker room and after a few turns in a side hall, I can see all the bright lights and all people waiting. The pulse of the warehouse is electric and I'm very amped up as I hear someone on a loudspeaker start talking.

“Ladies and gentlemen, now is the time for the main event of the evening. A no-holds-barred, no-time-limit surrender match! Introducing the first combatant...”

I hear an old familiar piece of music kick on over the speakers, it’s that same music you hear at a graduation and it sounds so regal and arrogant that I almost want to vomit. Katy taps me and smiles as the announcer comes back over the microphone.

“Now entering the arena, wearing the white, Kyyyyyyyle Traaaaaaaaviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!”

I can hear people actually cheering for him and I figure he’s enjoying the spotlight; I almost smile. I get my mouthpiece and all of us get our hoods up when I hear a talented guitar come over the PA systems. It’s almost country and I’m dumb founded until I hear a familiar voice--Johnny Cash--start singing.

Ain’t no grave can hold my body down,
ain’t no grave can hold my body down,

I try to listen but my girls start to walk and I follow all of us hoods up to the ring.

When I hear that trumpet sound,
I’m gonna rise right out of the ground.
Ain’t no grave can hold my body down.

We enter and I hear people cheering me, I almost want to shake my head but I keep my gaze down cast as the girls and I slowly enter the arena and I get lead to the mat by my girls and as they take my coat and boots off of me the announcer comes back on cutting the song off.

“Now in the arena, wearing the black and red boxing trunks, Guuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyy Donnellyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

I can see Kyle now; he’s wearing a white kung fu suit and is staring at me with a confused look. I’m in a lot less clothing and finally the referee steps forward and starts going over what few rules there are in the fight. Kyle's on his knees like he’s waiting for something to happen. The referee backs out of the way and while I can hear the crowd, Kyle is the first one to step forward. His hands are down at his sides and he’s looking like he wants to speak. I step forward and start pacing back and forth in front of Kyle as he looks like he’s finding words to say.

“Listen, Guy. I know you think this will win you Rachael, but, she doesn’t love you,” Kyle says attempting to plead his case,” Stand down and surrender. Now.”

All I can do is sneer at him with my mouthpiece in. He figures out that I’m not interested and takes a defensive posture. I take a wide and unguarded stance.

The ref stands in the middle of the ring, keeping us in our corners until I hear it....


The bell. I lunge full steam at Kyle. My first volley is hammering swings, wide and hard. Kyle is deflecting my shots and keeping on the defense, I’m keeping the pressure on when Kyle does a hard push against a haymaker and shoves me back before delivering three straight shots to my chest, making me stagger and falter for a moment. Kyle sees the opening and I can barely see the next shot, a strong left that I barely get my jaw out of the way of as it connects with the side of my head. I reel back and take a second to shake my head before lunging back in. I'm shaken, but still swinging bombs back and forth like I’m wielding hammers in my hands.

Kyle's confident; even when I bring a foot up to kick him in the face, he bats it away and I'm off balance and I can barely get my hands up as Kyle’s right crashes in them and pushes them into my face hard. I hit the ground and roll a little but not before I get my head up in time for Kyle’s covered foot to crack me in the forehead. I’m a little dizzy and I shake it off.

“Do you want to give up,” I see the biker/referee asking me.

I stagger to my feet before turning my attention back to Kyle. He’s on his knees again, but, quickly bounds up and comes at me this time taking the full offense. I’m hit with a barrage of kicks and knees, punches and palm strikes. Kyle is good, I keep my defense up and weather the storm of blows, but, it's more than I can guard against as a few shots slip past and have me looking a little winded as I see a smirk come across Kyle’s face.

I start to bring the hammer fists around again, but, instead of dodging, Kyle blocks my first big right with one hand and slams my jaw with the palm of the other. I’m reeling back as a second shot connects with my gut and I buckle to my knees at the force. I must look drained as Kyle has backed off and I push myself to my feet, I can see the girls have their hoods off and are watching but the only female in the front who looks concerned is Rachael as she’s gripping the towel in her hands tightly. I turn my attention back to Kyle just in time to turn my head to the glancing shot from his fist as it connects with my nose. I roll out of the way and while my nose isn’t broken I can see the blood dripping from it onto the ground. I make a pained effort to stand and as I get to my feet and raise my fists, I have about a second before Kyle resumes his assault.

I’m blocking shots but things are getting fast and hectic and while I’m keeping my vitals protected I don’t see the hard shot to my right knee and it buckles me down. I grab at my leg and start to try to move it when I hear Kyle over the crowd.

“Ask him. He’s broken down and can’t stand,” Kyle yells at the referee,” Ask him!”

I watch the Referee walk over but I shake him off and he backs up. I can see Kyle is confused and disgusted as he turns to Kori holding my towel in her hands. I watch him walk to the edge of the mat and start to address my girls.

“I will kick his head off if you don’t throw that damn towel in, right now,” Kyle yells at Kori.

I watch my Kori, my best girl, shake her head and calmly tuck the towel into her pants. Kyle's frustrated and rightly so. I spit my mouthpiece out. I’m down, and he’s got the chance to beat me. I watch his long, striding steps and as his right foot leaves the ground sailing towards my face.

Perfect timing. I bolt up from my spot, grab Kyle’s right leg around the knee with my left arm and grab his throat with my right hand. My speed isn’t great, but, when you
see the shot coming, you have a chance to react and while it’s not perfect, Kyle’s confused as now I’m standing there holding him as he tries to break my grip on his throat.

I staggered and faltered because I wanted to. I went on a wild offensive of easy-to-deflect shots because I chose to and I let him rain blows down on me because I spent a week taking harder shots from my Father. Honestly, Kyle doesn’t hit half as hard.

“My turn, Prince,” I growl.

I lift Kyle up and bend forward, slamming his back against the mat before moving on top of him and bringing a barrage of shots onto his face. He’s balling up and keeping me out a little, but, it’s a defense he’s not used to as every time he turns away from a shot, the next one is right where his arms are going. I pull off of him and back up, waiting for him to stand and face me. Slowly, and with hesitation, Kyle starts to stand up, and that’s when I see it; a small gash over his right eye. I watch him dab at it before coming at me fast with two quick blocks on my part before I bring a hammering shot right into Kyle’s ribs. I can tell he’s never been hit full force before and now he’s staggered. I watch him clutch his torso as I do something off, even for me. I spring up and with all my momentum I throw a straight shot and watch as it connects racking Kyle’s head back and I watch him crumple to the ground.

I hit my feet and can hear people erupting with elation from the shot. Kyle is sprawled out, but, not unconscious. As I see the ref come into view and I wave him off, I can see he’s confused and I hear my girls yelling at me.

“I’m not done with him,” I tell at the ref.

Kyle starts to roll on to his side to stand up; I move in and grab his arm putting Kyle onto his face. I put my knee on his back and bend it into his armbar at a painful angle. Kyle is thrashing to get up but, I have him pinned and keeping his arm up I can hear the crowd going nuts as I raise my hand like its school and I hear people quiet down. I know they’re thinking I’m going to make him scream ‘I quit’, but, I’m not that easy to please.

I take his arm in both hands, and--while pinning his body down with my knee--wrench up and away as hard as I can causing his shoulder to dislocate from the force. The screaming that everyone hears puts a smile on my face and I get up and start to walk away as the referee moves over to Kyle.

“NO! I won’t quit!” Kyle screams out.

I stop and smile big before turning around and seeing Kyle start to stagger to his feet. His right arm is dangling uselessly at his side and he’s bleeding a little from his mouth. I watch him start to stagger towards me and raise his one good hand to fight. I walk up and watch the first shot come from his good arm; I swat it away and deliver a straight shot to the separated shoulder. The scream that comes from his mouth is music to me, but, I don’t focus on it as I bring a hard right into his jaw. I watch him stagger to my left before bringing my knee up into his face, I can feel his jaw loosen with the shot and watch him falter before falling to the mats again. I back away and see him pawing at the ground to get away; this time, I let him. I watch the referee start to head over to him.

“NO,” Kyle yells out in pained tones,” He’ll kill me first.”

There is a little quiet in the arena with that, he won’t stay down. I look at Kori and that grin hits my face as I turn and drop down on all fours, I start slamming my fists against the ground and I can hear the crowd growing excited with anticipation. I figure that he wanted to kick my head off; I’ll kick his off, first. Kyle is on his hands and knees as I rush in covering the distance when white distracts me as it flies in front of my face.

I freeze in place and whip my head around to see Kori still standing in her place.....and the towel still in her pants. I slowly pan over and see Rachael-- beautiful Rachael--with tears in her eyes as she looks at me empty-handed. I slowly walk over to the edge of the mat and stare at her, she has fear and anticipation on her face and in her eyes as she looks at me pained. Kori and the girls flank her as they all cover the short distance to me.

“Guy, I can’t let you hurt him anymore,” Rachael tells me as the crowd erupts at the outcome,” If you do anymore to him, you'll become something you don’t want to be, and I couldn't allow that.”

I let her go past me and see her talking to Kyle on the mat for a few moments, I can see his pain as she tells him whatever it is she needs to say before returning to my girls and me as I leave the arena. I get my coat on and back into the car as Katy takes the wheel and delivers us back to my final destination for the night... Matty’s house.

We get in and all of us pile out of the car and Matty has just enough time to get the door open before I get inside and head straight to the bathroom and sit down to start cutting tape off. I can hear the girls talking about me but I’m fuming mad right now and they all know it. Rachael is worried and she should be considering she knew the plan. Nobody throws in the towel no matter what. Imelda steps in the doorway and takes a knee in front of me before pulling out a small knife and gently helping me get the tape off my hands. I let her work and see Matty poke her head in and then quickly out, my girls know what’s coming next but they are worried about Rachael and her place now.

“So I’m not stupid and I’m not going to ask you about how pissed you are because I’m a little upset myself. I just need to know what to expect when you head back out there to settle this,” Imelda asks working on the tape on my feet.

“Yeah well she needs to fucking learn fast about how shit works and understand that she fucked up,” I reply getting wary look from my toughest girl.

We get me taken care of and while my body is starting to feel the effects of the fight I’m still running on all cylinders as Imelda leads me to the Mathilda’s bedroom where all the girls have converting the floor into a giant bed again. All of them are still dressed and the only one standing as I enter is Rachael and she looks scared.

“Listen Guy, I know you’re mad but….,” Is as far as I let her get.

“Stop talking. If you know I’m mad then don’t make a noise and listen up because I’m going to say this once. You never get in the way of the plan again,” I tell her in angered tones,” This whole thing tonight wasn’t just about you.”

“But we had the fight so you could win me from Kyle,” Rachael says confused.

“And we had the fight so that I could beat him till he begged for death. And not to forget so that Kori could watch one of the last people responsible for what happened to her get exactly what they deserved,” I explain pointing out Kori who looks a little surprised I brought it up,” In this family it’s not just about you.”

“Okay Guy, I understand that there was more to it but you had won,” Rachael says quietly.

“It was never about winning,” I say with quiet rage,” It was about making sure that the next person to come along and think its okay to mess with MY girls knows that I will maim them or worse. I could have won that fight a lot quicker if I just wanted to win.”

“Okay but you aren’t some *thing* that walks around with no feelings,” Rachael responds growing more emotional,” I can’t just sit by while you call yourself a monster and then try to prove it when I see that you’re not.”

“Girl you might want to explain to the rest of us because I’m not getting it either,” Katy says trying to tone down the drama.

“He’s hard and he’s violent yes but a monster would have done to me worse than what had happened to Kori. A real monster wouldn’t have had Kori in the first place,” Rachael says trying to plead with the girls.

“Damn if you aren’t the most innocent thing I’ve ever met,” Imelda says shaking her head,” No she’s not right but I can’t say she’s wrong either.”

“I’m just saying that he’s still a person and he is fighting to prove that everyone should be equal but he’s constantly saying he’s worse than everyone else,” Rachael continues to plead.

I watch Kori stand up and put her arm around Rachael and start to calm the girl down. I’m still a little amped up from everything tonight and honestly put off by what is being said. I’m not a monster, after engineering major attacks and beating her ex in ways that you use for terrorists or pedophiles? This question has me really wondering if she’s able to handle this whole thing being one of my girls. I look to my girls and sit on the bed to relax while they talk it out among themselves. It’s after a few minutes that I see Rachael get on her knees in front of me with a less pleading look on her face.

“You did everything I asked you for and more than I expected,” Rachael tells me pained,” Do I need to leave.

“Strip. All of you,” I tell my girls.

I watch as my women strip down, it’s a wonderful array of different lingerie that is being pulled off and put to the side. I get my shorts and protective wear off and first women I grab is Mathilda and kiss her hard and deep. I can hear the girls growing a little confused by my choice. Matty puts me on my back and while we kiss and I feel her grinding her hips against me as I feel a different set of hands start to stroke me lightly but purposeful. I’m kissing all over my Amazon’s neck as I harden and once ready she wastes no time pushing her pussy around my cock. Matty is working me inside her as gingerly as she can considering she’s barely wet. I finally get buried all the way and my Amazon pushes up with her hands on my chest and the room starts to fill with the sounds of Matty’s hips meeting mine in a steady rhythm. I can hear my girls moving around but I’m more focused on my first girl tonight and start to hammer my cock up into her pussy. As warm as she was before her wetness and our hammering together is having the right response when more hands enter my view and I watch as Katy and Imelda start rubbing on Mathilda. Imelda is kissing her neck and squeezing Matty’s firm breasts while Katy starts flicking her clit. Mathilda is moaning hard now and I can feel her clamp down on me as I’m doing less of the work and my other girls are doing more. I turn my attention to Kori and Rachael who are watching the show and waiting to see what happens next as Matty starts groaning loud and bucking her hips up and down onto me as her orgasm hits.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming,” my Amazon groans.

I feel the ripple of the orgasm take her over and then she goes still for a few moments before slowly climbing off of me and laying down on a far side of the ‘bed’. I get myself sat up just long enough to have Imelda move into my lap. I get Latina arms and legs wrapped around me as she slides my cock into her furnace like folds.

“Mami is gonna get hers now okay baby,” Imelda asks wasting no time bouncing against me.

My Latina girlfriend is riding me hard and I’m relishing the change in feel and texture as we’re wrapped up into each other. Matty had help but Imelda is rearing to go as she rides me fast and frantic. I’m leaning forward and sucking on her breasts, Imelda makes no noise as I can feel her not clamp down so she doesn’t push me out accidently. I see Kori and Rachael waiting in the wings but I’ll get to them soon enough. I start to push a little bit back into Imelda and wrap my arms around her back as she wraps her around my neck. It’s a hard ride I’m getting and I’m starting to feel it a little more as I know my girl is getting closer to cumming. I love the hard ride and I’m enjoying every little moment as I hear the moaning start coming from Imelda. I don’t speak any Spanish but in moments like this I don’t need to know as my face get wrenched out of Imelda’s chest and her tongue gets shoved in my mouth. I can feel her cum against me hard and I’m thinking of everything but cumming myself. I’m trying to relax as Imelda and I finally separate but as soon as she’s off of me Katy is right there to get her turn in.

“First things first Katy,” Kori says pushing Katy aside and moving up with something in her hands,” I think we need to make sure this lasts baby.”

I watch as she takes my member in her hand and gently fastens a cock ring at its base. I watch Kori get a devilish smirk before backing up and I turn my attention to Katy who has her ass towards me and is staring backwards with a smile on her face. I move up behind her and line my cock up with her pussy before taking Katy’s hips in my hands and shove the whole length inside her pussy. Katy moans seductively as I get buried to the base before backing up to the head and slamming my whole cock back inside. I’m taking long hard strokes in and out of Katy’s warm pussy and she’s moaning softly which I don’t usually hear from her. I can feel my orgasm coming but the ring is going to help me with that as I speed up my pace. I watch and Matty and Imelda both take a spot on either side of Katy’s shoulders as I hear Kori start talking.

“If you are one of us then you must understand that moments like this are a celebration and an endurance trial for Guy,” Kori tells Rachael behind me,” And while Guy is good at pleasing one girl and sometimes three of us five is a big number which is where we help him and show each other that we are together.”

I marvel as Mathilda takes a handful of Katy’s hair and pulls her head backward gently with one hand while the other is underneath groping her breast. Imelda on the other hand has a hand in between Katy’s legs and is lying down sucking on the other breast. My girls have Katy, their sister, moaning and writhing against me as I pound her pussy with reckless abandon. I smack Katy’s ass with my hand and get a yelp out of her.

“I think she’s gonna cum,” Mathilda says pulling Katy’s hair.

“Cum Katy, you know you want to cum,” Imelda purrs still rubbing Katy’s clit.

“OH FUCK, you are making me cum,” Katy groans loudly.

I go from fast thrusting to frantic bucking as I feel my own orgasm start then stop thanks to or in spite of the cock ring. Katy’s body locks up and I feel her cum but instead of stopping and burying myself in her I keep pounding until Katy goes from rigid to shaking and collapsed on the ‘bed’. My cock falls free of Katy as she collapses and I watch as my girls pull Katy off to the side. I’m can feel my body wanting to cum as Kori lies down on the ‘bed’ in Katy’s now empty spot. My first girl is on her back spread before me and welcoming me with her arms and legs wide. I crawl over Kori’s body and feel her hands start to guide me in and I am wrapped in the velvety folds. I get buried up to my base and instead of thrusting hard I feel Kori start to massage me while inside her, we lock eyes and I smirk a little as I make my cock twitch. Kori smiles up at me and we kiss softly while grinding our bodies together. I can almost hear the girls wondering about where to get in on Kori but with me pressed down on top of her and her legs wrapped around me I’m enjoying the more tender moment before the finale. Kori doesn’t start talking or even moan as we start working her toward her orgasm. It’s a long and slow progress but with me wanting to burst earlier than I’d like I try to take my time and enjoy my first real love and how inviting her warm folds are as we rock back and forth softly. I can see she’s enjoying herself and I’m feeling more in touch with her when I start to whisper a wicked idea into her ear. Kori grins wickedly and I watch as her eyes roll up into her head before a warm milking feeling from her pussy almost has me rip the damn ring off. I get untangled from Kori and she sits up and I watch all my girls turn their attention to Rachael who is sitting on the regular bed with a bewildered look. I watch all my girls take up a position around her, Imelda at the head helping guide her down, Katy and Mathilda on either side to hold her down. Kori is behind me as I move up and with Rachael laying on her back with her ass of the bed a little bit.

“I think she’s ready for this,” Imelda says cradling Rachael’s head.

I line up with Rachael’s hips and Kori uses her hand to help guide me inside her new sister. My cock is about to explode as I’m pushed inside the near vice that is Rachael, both Katy and Matty has hands on her to keep her from flying off the bed and I start with a slow long thrust as directed by Kori helping me move my hips. Both Katy and Matty are smiling as I work into Rachael but its Katy who gets a whisper in her ear from Imelda and smirks at me wickedly. I watch as while I’m pushing in and out of Rachael as Katy reaches a hand down and starts rubbing her clit, the reaction is immediate as Rachael starts to thrash against my hips and Katy’s hand. Rachael is bucking against me and I’m pushing harder into her, the moaning and noise coming from her has a smile on my girls’ faces as they watch Rachael start to cum hard. Moaning and thrashing is barely kept under control as Kori backs me out of Rachael.

“Girl’s its feeding time,” Kori says pulling off the cock ring and allowing me to finally orgasm.

Kori is doing all the aiming as the first shot rockets out and hit’s Rachael on her small breasts, the next few are sprayed onto her torso until Kori lets me move back and I’m feeling exhausted from all my activity tonight. I watch as a shaken and calming down Rachael is descended upon by the rest of my girls as they use their mouths to ‘clean’ her up, it’s got Rachael moaning until I see all four of them latch onto her and she starts to go rigid from their attention. Kori is the first one to break away and moves over to me putting her head in my lap and giving me my final mercy of the night cleaning me off with her mouth and then pulling me down to the bed to sleep. I feel my other girls start to follow after a few moments and mercifully sleep comes hard and fast.

I’m woken the next morning by something of a fight and laughing, I start to move but my body is sore enough that my groaning has all my girls’ attention as Matty helps me sit up and I can see the girls are somewhat dressed.

“What seems to be the fight now,” I ask rubbing sleep out of my eyes.

“They left marks,” Rachael says a little grumpy.

I watch as she lifts her shirt and I see four hard hickies on her torso from last night. My chuckle doesn’t get me any favors but Katy surprises her with a hug from behind and everyone gets settled in for my day of recovery.

The next week is a light week for me, I don’t do much and I mostly keep things under wraps as I’m getting back to full strength from the fight with Kyle. People at school however are reveling in the victory for me and it’s only when the moralists have disbanded completely that I make sure not a single one of them is touched. I watch as apologies are made to some and accepted but wounds will take more time to heal than have been given. My girls on the other hand are taking care of the details as I focus on my friends and family for this short time.

It’s Monday a week later and I’m walking into school when Jun tells me that Kyle has returned. I honestly pause at the thought since this whole time he’s been gone. I catch a glimpse of him briefly in the morning wearing a loose flannel shirt and jean but it’s his arm in a medical sling that has my attention even more. I don’t know why but something about it and him is bothering me as I head into the cafeteria for lunch. I’m sitting with my whole crew and am surrounded by other’s who back me when I hear the place get quiet and see Kyle has come in here to eat. I continue to eat and chat lightly but I watch him closely as he sits at a table and I watch everyone from the table clear out and move to a different spot. I continue to observe as other’s have turned their attentions elsewhere, Kyle struggles to get into his bag and remove his lunch before trying to get items out of the bag. I observe closely and see his face is bruised and he’s pained by every single bite he takes out of his sandwich. As bothered as I was this morning I’m oddly more bothered now by seeing the sight in front of me and I’m done feeling shitty about it.

“Everyone I need two free spaces to my right, one for Natsuko and a spare chair,” I tell my group getting a shrug as I stand up and head over to Kyle.

I can tell he’s trying to ignore me as he sees me approach and I’m standing there silently when I hear him start to speak.

“Please, I’m done okay. I just want to be left alone,” Kyle asks waiting for some sort of gloating or abuse from me.

I wave Natsuko over and motion for her to move Kyle’s lunch and bag over to my table. My little assistant does so quietly and without hesitation but Kyle is confused. I help him up and walk him gently with my hand on his back to my table before sitting him down with my crew, my family. Everyone being quiet as field mice would be an understatement for the century to describe the reaction of the cafeteria to my bringing the beaten foe over. I feel a hand on my shoulder and see Kori looking at me with no confusion, just a light nod and smile. Natsuko helps Kyle eat and offers to take his bag to the next class, I watch him agree. We all finish lunch but Kyle is confused and I walk him out with Natsuko privately so he can speak to me.

“Why are you doing this, am I being set up,” Kyle asks defensively.

“Why, because I was hollowed out and left for dead a few times. Had nobody to look out for me, then I decided to become something different. Now I’ve got this little ball of innocence running around and she’s telling me that the fight is over,” I explain to Kyle getting a confused look.

“But you’re helping me, Why,” Kyle asks confused.

“Because he’s not the bad guy,” Kori says getting all of our attention with Katy in tow,” You did some shitty things to a lot of people and now you can see what it got you in the end. This is what Guy does for everyone he sees that needs it.”

“And what is that, I have nothing now. Rachael is his now and I’m past that, my friends have stopped talking to me because of what I got them to do, my own classmates don’t want to be around me because I was the worst person they met,” Kyle says depressed,” So why help me?”

“Because when everything you thought you held dear is taken away from you and you’re all alone that’s when I come in,” I tell Kyle resting a hand on his good shoulder,” I never hated you before all this Kyle and you’re right, that situation is done. Now I do for you what needs to be done. Today I start to show you about how people really are and you get to see what the people are actually like.”

“I don’t know if that is good for you,” Kyle says quietly.

“If people do not like me then they don’t, I have my family and that’s all that matters,” I tell him leading him back to the school.

My new world consists of two weeks of keeping an eye on Kyle and getting my ass through classes and homework. I notice a lot of people staring at the two of us as I take my broken foe into my fold but my girls and crew have no questions or concerns as we get more comfortable around each other. I spend some of my spare time over with Johnny at his place and see The Union has started to help him by getting some of the old motor homes moved and I see more farm equipment. A good Saturday at Johnny’s and I have the entire crew plus Kyle and more than a few of Johnny’s ‘workers’ around laughing and having a good time. We’re all relaxed when I catch an unfamiliar hood moving up and it’s only through me standing up and scaring the new guest that has them hesitate when one of the nearby crowd screams ‘KNIFE’ loud enough to clear a path. I get a good look at the flannel coat, jeans but when the hood is pulled back and Heather is standing there with a psychotic look on her face that everyone starts to get into a defensive mode.

“Everyone back the fuck off now,” I yell getting people to back away from the space between Heather and I,” Got something there for me?”

“You ruined everything. You took everything we could have had and destroyed it because you couldn’t realize that I would have made you happier than everyone of them,” Heather says in measure words.

“I ruined everything you held dear because you didn’t listen, I warned you to back off,” I tell Heather keeping about seven feet between us.

“You didn’t even try, we were something special and you just threw it away,” Heather says pointing the knife at me with a shaky hand,” Now all we have is this right now.”

“Yeah, we have crazy girl here wanting to stab me because she didn’t get her way even after the sick shit she did,” I retort harshly,” I’m right here Heather, take your fucking shot.”

It’s an oddly quiet scene with people staring and waiting for the next move as I’m staring down my ex on a Saturday afternoon in my friend’s job site as she has a knife and a purpose for it in me. I’m ready for her though; I can take that blade away and disarm the whole thing. I catch some movement and watch as Kori steps in between the two of us slowly drawing the attention off of me and towards her.

“Kori move so I can settle this,” I tell Kori from behind her.

“Guy you need to shut up right now, you don’t understand what she’s going through,” Kori says getting a confused look on Heather’s face.

“You don’t tell me what I’m going through you slut,” Heather says keeping Kori back with the blade.

“I am not telling you anything Heather, but I get it now. You were there at the beginning and you didn’t get your chance to make it right. You lost sight of how to make things better and just settled for wanting to get him back by any means,” Kori says keeping her hands up tentative.

“I just want what’s mine,” Heather says to Kori standing her ground.

“And did you think about how to win him back, you didn’t, you just decided to start hurting people until he had no choice,” Kori says and I start to see Heather’s resolve
waver again.

“He’d never want me back if you all were there,” Heather says faltering,” I needed him to be the good guy he was.”

“Did you ever think that you might have started something that made him ‘better’? Now look at him, he’s strong and hard but he takes his guidance from his women and his friends,” Kori says in a calming tone,” And did you ever think to try to be a girlfriend with us as opposed to against us?”

I can see the rest of my girls out of the corner of my eyes and they’re wondering what the hell we’re all listening to come out of Kori’s mouth along with me. The crowd is quiet and I can see Johnny has a pistol but I make eye contact and shake him off lightly as Kori continues.

“I understand you Heather. We can understand you now. You just wanted a place, you didn’t think you could be accepted so you tried to drive us all away and I get why
now,” Kori tells her quietly,” You love him more than anything, just like we do.”

“I do, I miss him and I’ve never had him like you all have,” Heather says crying with the blade still up more as a reflex than a defense.

“I know but we never had the before like you did, you could try to be one with us. You could be another sister in a group of women who have found strength with him and each other,” Kori says calmly placing her hand on Heather’s outstretched knife hand.

“I am not sure about any of this, I just don’t know if I can anymore,” Heather says tears going down her face.

“I know it’s hard but there is one thing you should have thought of when you came here,” Kori says quietly.

I move around a little and see Kori has the knife hand gently in hers, Heather looks up to see Kori’s eyes and I watch as Kori grips her hand tightly and twists the blade around in Heather’s hand before stabbing her in the stomach with it. Heather’s eyes go wide and people start to lose their shit as I rush up to my girl and Heather as Kori follows her to the ground keeping the blade in place.

“I thought…. we could be sisters….,” Heather says weakly trying to hold the knife in her gut.

“You should have known that when you attack a tigress and don’t kill her she will come back and the biggest thought on her mind is vengeance,” I hear Kori whisper with pure menace,” I didn’t steal anyone from you, you lost him and now he’s ours.”

“Someone call 9-1-1! Heather stabbed herself,” I yell out to the people gathered,” Heather you need to lie still so you don’t do any more damage to yourself.”

“But I didn’t stab myself,” Heather says confused and shocked.

“It’s okay Heather, we’ll get you help,” I tell her before looking at Kori.

I see my first girl as she’s holding the blade in Heather’s gut, blood on her hands and on the ground with both of us kneeling in it as the chaos goes on around us. Phone calls are made, police and an ambulance arrive, we are all questioned but the same thing is said; Heather was sick, she has had an obsession with me for some time and as Kori tried to talk her down she stabbed herself. Kori and I get detained for questioning but there are no cuffs and the waiting room at the police station has me thinking about what will happen next.

A few hours after the Heather is stabbed

It’s a quiet room as the girl rushes in and starts to panic a little. She’s muttering to herself about getting everything cleaned up and rushes into her brother’s room for a special little tool of his before coming back in and sitting down at the computer. She starts to separate the files and all the pictures of Guy she’s accumulated, and finally decides to go with a full purge and loads the wipe out virus onto her computer. Slowly she watches the whole computer crash and dies as she starts to cry. Another voice in the house calls out to her and she doesn’t respond as she moves to her bed and continues to sit and cry about everything she’s done. The girl’s mother enters the
room quietly seeing her daughter crying sits down next to her and holds her precious girl in her arms.

“Honey can you tell me what’s wrong,” the mother asks calmly.

“I started it all, I got everyone hurt even Kori and now there is a girl in the hospital fighting for her life because I had to do something for him,” the daughter says crying.

“Honey they are your friends, they will understand,” the mother says trying to reassure her daughter.

“No mom, I drove Heather crazy,” the girl says looking at her mother with tear filled eyes,” I was giving her all these pictures and started with the ideas, it’s all my fault.”

Kimiko sits quietly and holds her daughter’s head against her chest quietly letting the Natsuko cry about her actions. She thinks about the confession and will help her daughter deal with any repercussions later, right now she has to make sure her baby girl is strong so that she can keep moving on with nobody knowing she was the one who saw that Guy needed a push and was the one who made sure it happened.

Several months later in the spring

I’m being checked out by the orderly and again they go over the rules for speaking to patients. I left my coat outside and only have a picture to give with me as they take me to Heather’s room. They’ve kept her relaxed during her recovery months and I’m only here because her parents have told me that she’s been asking for me. It’s not normal for me to want to see anyone I’ve left broken but for me it’s kinda important. Slowly I get to her room and see Heather in her bed with a tube in her arm and a slightly glazed over look in her eyes.

“Hi there Kori,” Heather says to me groggy,” I didn’t think you’d come.”

“I figured you’ve been asking about me so I’d show up at least once to see you,” I tell her quietly.

“Yeah, thank you for coming. The doctors here have been helping me, I really don’t remember everything that happened but I wanted to thank you for keeping me from hurting myself further,” Heather tells me grateful.

“I just didn’t know what to do honestly,” I reply trying to keep calm.

“I know you still are mad at me about everything but I’m hoping we can just push past all of it and try to exist around each other,” Heather says a little downcast.

“I think we might be able to if you don’t try to stab yourself again,” I joke getting a pained smile out of Heather,” I brought you something.”

I pull out the picture from my back pocket; it’s of Guy and all us girls with the rest of the group flanking us at school. We took it months ago, I watch as Heather stares at the picture and smiles lightly.

“Thank you, I don’t deserve this,” She tells me with a little sadness.

“You need to find some way to move on and try to live. And all of us remember you Heather, when you get out you’ll be better,” I tell her solemnly.

“I hope so, I know my parents think I’m still obsessed with your boyfriend but could you please tell him that I don’t like him that way anymore,” Heather says to me with sad honesty.

“I’ll let him know, you take care of yourself and we’ll be waiting for you on the outside,” I tell Heather leaving the room.

I get out of Eagle Crest Psychiatric Hospital with my coat in my arms and see Guy still waiting for me on his bike. I didn’t think I was gone too long but he’s looking away as I walk up.

“Is she still nuts,” Guy asks me plainly.

“She’s recovering but she’s not crazy for you I think,” I tell him sweetly.

“So just you then,” Guy replies wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Me and a few other girls,” I tell him before seeing an off look in his eyes,” Baby what’s wrong?”

“Nothing Kori, just got an idea for something and am trying to work out the basics first,” He tells me trying to deflect the question.

“Okay well tell me and I’ll help and so will the rest of the girls,” I reply bringing him back to me.

“Well I need a vacation and I’m tired of all the crap we’ve been getting into,” Guy tells me before smiling,” So I was thinking of doing a road trip.”

“You want to take a road trip alone,” I ask a little put off.

“No I want all of us that can go to head out on a road trip down to Texas, I want to get away from it up here for a little while,” Guy tells me handing me a helmet.

“No wonder you’re worried, all us women in a confined space with your for thousands of miles, how would you survive,” I joke as we hop on his bike and head off down the road.

Bad year start, vacation is a great idea. Finally we get to work on something important like our future. Now to get the other girls in on the idea so we can make it work for him, he’s done a lot and it’s our turn to give him a good time this summer.

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