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Read The Pendant 6 and 7 to fully understand this.
The Pendant 8

The evening arrived. Bobby rolled in the limo, wearing the tux, and Mom took pictures of Bobby pinning a corsage on me, which would have been hard to explain if she had any or showed them off at work, which she wouldn’t. What she was going to do with them, I, as yet, had no idea. We got into the limo, and grandly rode to the Prom. When we got there, we walked inside like it was a big occasion, and damned if applause didn’t arise. We just walked in and joined the crowd. Along the way we were handed ballots for Prom Queen and king. Our school decided that there were so many things that made them uncomfortable about the traditional way of electing a Prom Queen, that they would just have the election among the people who came to the Prom, regardless of whether they went to school here or not. “Prom Queen, huh? This opens it up to me.” I said to Bobby.

We had no intentions of being wall flowers, so we drank some punch, (non-spiked, the seniors in charge of the spiking of the punch got caught) and as soon as the music started, we started dancing.

Bobby and I had taken ballroom dancing lessons, which was partially because his mom had a dancing school, and he could go free but he wouldn’t go unless his best bud would take them too.

The other reason was that there were a number of girls to dance with, and his mom needed them to have partners. It turned out to be a lot of fun. At first, we wanted to dance with the pretty girls, and then we wanted to dance with the girls that were really good. To do the last, we had to be really good ourselves, so Bobby’s mom put extra work into our training. When, Janine (I) showed up at her door for private lessons, I told her that I had dancing lessons with my sisters, I was the oldest so I always had to lead. I told her that I was Bobby’s date, and I didn’t want to embarrass him. I also told her that I was new to high heels, and would appreciate training in how to walk and dance in them. I hated lying to her, but I was sure she couldn’t handle the truth so I made my cover story as seamless as possible. To make a long story short, she did a great job, and never once asked me if I was sleeping with Bobby.

The dancing went well. We were obviously the best dancers on the floor. People were so excited about how we danced, that not only were guys cutting in to dance with me, but girls were cutting in to dance with him. Frankly, we were so good, that we made even sorry dancers look good dancing with us. People all knew Bobby as the defacto head of the geek squad, but everyone kept asking my name, and where I was from. And from the guys, sometimes my phone number. I had gotten a cell under my Janine persona, so I freely handed its number out. Somehow, because I had not grown up as a beautiful girl and had a lot of empathy for the not-so-beautiful girls and the average guys, I was very charming to everyone. I knew I was a very beautiful girl, but it didn’t go to my head. J guess I didn’t feel like I had earned it, but just gotten it from the Pendant. That still wasn’t very different from other beautiful girls, but I hadn’t attained the sense of entitlement some of them had. In fact, I had been shot down by so many of the beautiful girls at my school, that I actually didn’t like them that much. So I was in a sort of weird place, in that I had become what I didn’t really like that much. I guess I was dressed and made up to prove that I could be more beautiful than them without being like them.

So anyway, I was spinning around on the dance floor looking like one of the professional dancers on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, and dancing with all comers, including a few girls. “Hmmm, I didn’t know she swung that way.” I thought. I gave a few of the girls my number too. The evening stayed very interesting. Some of the ugly boys were great dancers, as were some of the jocks. I tended to think that great dancers would make great sex partners, but that was a theory yet to be proven. More than one of the guys had hard-ons when I danced with them, and I sort of made note of them too.

Bobby meanwhile, was doing the same thing I was, except with girls. No guys asked him to dance, which made him relieved, and he was equally as charming, as the Geek risen to greatness and popularity. During the breaks between dances, he stood around with the guys, talking, and found that for a change they wanted to talk with him and seemed to value his opinions. He told them that John’s cousin thought it would be fun to go to a Prom, as she had been way too busy making good grades to go when she was in high school. She had been an ugly duckling that turned into a swan when she went to college. In high school she had been a Goth, and sort of an outcast. Bobby told them that she asked him to go, sort of as a lark. He, of course, was delighted and in getting to know her, found that they hit it off really well. She didn’t really seem to know she was so beautiful, which was one of the things about her that attracted her to him. Bobby seemed to be so modest and polite that everyone liked him on sight. They were dumbfounded to realize that he had been in their midst, unnoticed, until now. Bobby couldn’t see how wearing the Pendant could have brought out this change in him, so he just put it down to that he was dating Janine and shrugged.

For both of us, the Prom was more fun than we had expected. Though we did not really notice it, we were, as a couple, becoming very popular. There were a number of people there, who would like to get us alone and have sex with us, but even more who just liked us for what we seemed to be and for the most part were. This was, in a way, vindication for having been put down as nobodies, for most of our time in school. There was nobody we actually hated and wanted to get revenge on, so our goal for the Prom was complete.

But then, there was an announcement to mark their ballots and turn them in. We were not so modest that we did not write our names in on our two ballots, but not having been nominated, we were not expecting anything. Of course, since President Obama was nominated, the nominations weren’t totally serious…

The dancing began again, and we mostly danced with each other, showing off our skills, which were such that we occasionally cleared the floor so everyone could watch us. Eventually, though, the PA called the dancing to a halt, and announced that the winners for the Spring Court were determined. They went through the list alternately announcing girls and boys, from the bottom up. When they got to 1st runner up for Prom Queen, my name wasn’t mentioned, but the Prom King was Bobby. When they got to Prom Queen, they said that something unusual had happened, and the Prom Queen wasn’t from our school. I became very quiet, not knowing what to think about what was going to happen. They announced my name as Prom Queen, and I put on a big smile, while thinking what this might mean in terms of my anonymity. I quickly walked to the podium. I said, “Since I am not from this school, I am abdicating in place of the first runner up.” This was accepted with grace, and the crown was placed on the first runner up’s, Valerie’s, head. The applause was deafening.

The victory dance was between Bobby and Valerie, whom I had met and liked as being one of the least stuck up of the attractive girls of the school. Bobby told me afterwards, that Valerie had given him her phone number. I grinned and said. “I would expect no better for my best bud.”

Valerie was sort of a grind, mostly too busy getting grades to date. “But she said she could find time for me!” said Bobby.

I decided that I needed to go back to school and be John for a while, so I decided to wear the Pendant for 24 hours, and go back to being a boy. This did not stop me from fucking my mom both morning and night, but I sort of missed fucking Bobby too. Bobby and I decided that having sex both as males would just be too gay, right now, so we both just jacked off. I kept thinking that I had enjoyed sucking his penis as a girl, but… Thinking about it did help me come. I didn’t tell Bobby.

The final few weeks of school were pretty calm. People kept telling me how my best friend Bobby did at the Prom, and how sick it was that he came up with such a beautiful date. “Yeah, she is very hot, isn’t she? My cousin, Janine.” I said and grinned. Little did they know! “Wait until you see my date for the last day of school bash, she’s every bit as good looking as Janine.”

I was immediately invited to the big party at the house of one of the wealthy families in our town. I was told, “It’s going to be great. The rest of the family will be out of town, but Bill will be there. And the house has 8 bedrooms. Bill will be providing booze and beer. If anyone gets too wasted to drive home, they can just spend the night.”

“This was an opportunity not to waste.” I told Bobby. You want to go as Bobbi?”

“I have an invite to the party, but I can claim I am going to visit Janine.” Said Bobby. “You’re on.”

So we started planning our assault on the party circuit of our high school. We talked it over with Mom, who thought we should come up with a game plan. She was sure there would be underage drinking at the party, but since we had no experience with it, she thought she should buy a little beer and booze, and let us try it out at home. In our state, it was perfectly legal for a child to drink in the presence of his/her parents, but we would sort of let the rule slip for Bobbi. Since Bobby was going to be a girl when we went to the party, we would need to see how alcohol affected her. If she was completely looped with one beer or one mixed drink, it would torpedo our game plan if she had any alcohol at all, so we needed to know what her tolerance to alcohol was before the party even happened. Fortunately Bobbi was not a tiny girl, being just about the same height as Bobby, just more slender and curvy, so it was my guess that she would be less easily intoxicated than Janine would have been.

So in the evening of the night we received the invitation, we started trying to find our alcohol tolerance. Mom gave each one of us a beer. She said, “This is about the equivalent of one mixed drink, not that anyone will be mixing drinks. Spiked punch is the most likely bet, but watch out for that.”

I drank some of the beer. “Euuw, this doesn’t taste that good.” I said. Bobbi sipped hers without comment, but not gulping it down.

“It grows on you.” Mom said. “It improves after the first bottle. Different beers have different tastes. Some I think are just nasty, but others turn out to have a nice flavor.”

I turned mine up, and drank the rest like a bottle of Coke. Bobbi finished hers a little more slowly, but finished it.

“Wait a while, before trying another. Let’s watch some television.” Mom said. We were watching a dumb comedy, but gradually it became funnier as we became more intoxicated. “Try walking around and then I will put on some music and we can dance to it. “First dance with me, and then Bobbi.”

We did.

“Your physical coordination seems not to be impaired. Drink another.” Said Mom.

I chugged down the next one. “It isn’t so bad if you drink it fast.” I said.

Bobbi drank hers, then belched. “That’s sort of good.” She said.

Mom pointed out that belching isn’t ladylike, but sometimes good for comic effect; very rarely.

We watched some more TV then danced some more. “Good, you’re still functional. Both of you are probably legally drunk. Don’t be driving a car. And don’t be making phone calls, especially to me. I don’t like drunk dialers.” “This probably the most drunk you want to be at a party. Any more and you probably will not be making good decisions. You will find yourself throwing up, or in your case, Bobbi, being screwed by three football players in a back bedroom. Which will be no fun, maybe frightening, and at the least, you will end up with a sore cunt.”

“We get the point and I really don’t want to be fighting three drunk football players, and neither does Bobbi.” I said.

I’ve been thinking, is there any way that Bobby can miss the last day of school? I’m not real excited about Bobbi having to wear the Pendant to a party. I think he should wear it for 24 hours before the party, so he can go without it to the party.” I said.

“Yeah, I see your point. If the Pendant was ripped off of me, it might be hard to explain when I switched back to a boy. I can do that. There are no finals on the last day, just assemblies telling us what great students we’ve been, and the teachers telling us how much they will miss us during the summer, while they are down in Acapulco, partying and skinny-dipping.” Said Bobbi.

“Well, you two are still thinking under the influence of 2 beers. Drink another beer and see how you do.

The next two went down easy, and 15 minutes later we were feeling a little giddy. Our coordination was getting off, Bobbi’s more than mine, because of her lighter body weight.

We tried dancing, and we could still do it, but not ‘Dancing With The Stars’ quality. We were having trouble doing spins without falling down.

Two more and we were really looped. We decided to try sex. I was having trouble getting an erection, and Bobbi said she was getting numb.

At that point, we stopped because Mom warned us that anymore and we would probably puke. Bobbi pulled off the Pendant, and switched to a boy. His head was clear and he was no longer intoxicated. I was astonished. Never thought about that. I put the pendant on, and became Janine, stone cold sober. I took it off, and became John, still stone cold sober. Now that is useful to know.

Bobby and I discussed it, and decided that, never-the-less, the risk to wearing the Pendant to a party was greater than its advantage in providing instant sobriety, so we left the plan the way it was.

Meanwhile, we came to the conclusion that drinking the punch at the party was an unknown risk. It was bound to be spiked, but we didn’t know how much. One 16 oz. cup of it was unlikely to have any more alcohol than a beer, but we wouldn’t know, and we wouldn’t know what else might be in it, so we decided to bring our own case of beer, and only drink out of it. Sure everyone else would be helping themselves to our beer, but we decided to set a limit of two beers each, and no more than one an hour. If the party went into a third hour, and we still had any beer left, maybe a third, if we didn’t feel wasted, but not beer from anyone else. And we wouldn’t drink anything we didn’t open ourselves, and keep a constant watch on it. No Rohypnol , GHB or Ketamine for us. And if we saw anyone slipping something into a drink, we would find the person’s name and take note of it. Not that we were going to the party to be cops, but some things are totally out of bounds.

But then Mom, came up with a totally off the wall idea. What if I shifted to a male, and went with you.” She said.

“Would you be willing to do a 24 hour shift so you could go without the Pendant?” I asked. “I don’t want to risk taking the Pendant to the party. In fact, I would rather be keeping it in a safe deposit box, if we aren’t actively using it”

“I see your point”, Mom said. “Yeah, we could do that. Come to think of it, we need to build identities with IDs for our alter egos.”

“Well, hacking into the mainframe of the DPS or the Social Security Administration is not as simple as people on TV make it seem.” I said. “I don’t know how to establish a fake identity. I will have to look into it. Well, we can establish a safe deposit box with all three of us having privileges to open it.

Well, we did that, down at the local bank and we established a safe place for the key to the box. We decided that anytime one of the three of us didn’t have the Pendant, it would be in the safe deposit box.

So, I checked to see if we could bring a male college student to the party? Bill said Thanks for asking, no problem. There will be a lot of extra girls. I’m more worried about party crashers. I’m going to have a few of my very large friends from the football team at the front door but I’ll put you down for a date and an extra friend. By the way do I know either of them?”

“No, they’re from out of town. But my date is HOT; as good looking as Janine. You remember her, she was Bobby’s date to the Prom. They’re Bobbi and Frank” I said.

“Great. Mentioning Bobby, sorry he couldn’t make it.” Bill said.

“He’ll be there in spirit”, I said.

So that was taken care off.

The party was coming up soon, and we needed to be ready, so I sent Bobbi out shopping to pick up some partying clothes. “Make it good enough to give me a hard-on”, I said.

Mom went with Bobbi as Frank to pick up some party clothes for himself. He(she) had been looking at TV and the internet to figure out what would look cool on Frank. She came back with a nice outfit that would class her as a Stud. She wanted Frank to look good enough to make her pussy wet, or so she said. I pointed out that was self-defeating but she knew her tastes and said it would go over with the older girls at the party, and that was who she was aiming for. I began to wonder just what Mom had in mind, but reminded myself that it was none of my business anyway.

24 hours before we were due to go to the party, Mom became Frank. He went shopping for party clothes. The next day, he went shopping for some more. Then the big hour was approaching.

Mom went out to get a case of Blue Moon and a bag of Ice, which we put in an ice chest. It was party night.

I hadn’t talked Mom into getting me a cool car, or a car of any sort, so we rode in Mom’s sedan, with Frank driving.

We arrived on time, which we knew wasn’t cool, but we needed the time to find our party feet.

Frank and I carried the ice chest.

Bill met us at the door, and thanked us for coming. I introduced Bobbi to him as a cousin of Bobby’s, and Frank as my Mom’s cool and much younger brother. I said to Bill, “We wanted to contribute, and we didn’t think a bottle of wine was appropriate, so we brought a case of Blue Moon.”

Bill thanked us for the contribution of the beer. As we were walking in, Bill whispered to me, “Oh my god, she is really hot, and look at the tits on her.”

“I know, I know!” I murmured. Bobbi had gone to great efforts to push up and display her big breasts, and worn a top to maximize the effect. She was wearing a skirt, and going commando too, but we didn’t point that out to Bill. He might have had a heart attack.

Frank looked really good, as did I. I wasn’t exactly an expert on teen clothing, but Mom had made herself an instant authority on teen wear, and advised me accordingly. All three of us were dressed to impress.

We walked into the party, and found a place for the beer where we were going to hang out. We then each opened one and started drinking it. Bill had made his way from the front door, and immediately asked Bobbi for a dance. I nodded OK, and she and Bill went out on the dance floor, and started dancing. It wasn’t much like the dancing at the Prom. It looked like Bobbi was doing everything she could to make her breasts come out of her bra. Modern engineering and carefully placed double sided sticky tape prevented this from happening, but it didn’t happen. That didn’t stop Bill from watching closely in case it did.

“I’m up here, big boy” said Bobbi, laughing inside since she actually intended that her breasts would attract major attention. They certainly gave me an erection, and I noticed that Frank had one too. “Say, was Mom’s penis bigger than mine? How did that happen?” I thought.

More people kept pouring in, and a number of them were drinking the punch, which by the rapid way they became intoxicated, was very stoutly spiked. The dance floor rapidly filled up, and a number of the guests noticed Bobbi, who was the most exceptional girl there, and some of them noticed me and Frank, who was practically movie star handsome himself. Just my luck that my mom was the best looking guy in the room. But some of them even noticed me as they figured out who Bobbi came with.

I began dancing with one of the young ladies who approached me, and Frank did the same, except he had a larger crowd of girls to choose from.

Pretty soon, I noticed that the young lady, June, was being very suggestive dancing with me, in a way that would make me think that she was sexually interested in me. When she said, “Wanna fuck?” it left no doubt. Since she was one of the more attractive girls that had ignored me in high school, I was definitely interested.

So I said, “Where?” “Upstairs”, she said. “Let’s go”, I said and we trouped up the stairs. There were 6 bedrooms up there, and we went to one on the end. Before I had my pants down, she had pulled up her miniskirt, showing me she had no panties on. She laid back on the bed. Her slit was trimmed and neat, the lips of her vagina, were red and swollen, her clitoris was hard and sticking out, and her vagina was wet. Where did I get such sex appeal? Not even any foreplay. Seeing her wet and ready, my penis was already erect by the time I got my pants off. She spread her legs, welcoming me to come inside her. Now all the sex I had been getting lately, had conditioned me not to come quickly. But still this was asking a lot. I put my penis up to her vagina, and slid it right in to the hilt. She moaned loudly, and pushed her hips up into me. All her cheerleading practice clearly had paid off. I was put in the difficult position of holding myself up with one hand, while opening her blouse and undoing her bra with the other. My, she had nice tits, I thought, as I reached for her right breast. Her areolas were pink, and so were her nipples. The areolas were crinkled up and had shrunk in size by her arousal and the nipples were swollen and stiff. I couldn’t ask for more. I ducked my head down and licked her nipple, then sucked on it. All the time while I was stroking in and out of her. I was deep inside her, and pulling out about half way, going very slowly. I pushed her legs together, and put my legs on the outside, a position made easy by my over average penis. This position allowed me to support my weight partially with my knees, and provided for a lot of clitoral stimulation. This allowed me to use both of my hands to play with her tits, while she played with her clitoris. This brought her to an orgasm quickly, Where upon I pulled out, kissed he, thanked her and took her back down stairs.

Frank, having been a female all of his life, was perhaps a little less cavalier about his first female conquest, but he realized that these girls were the natural enemy of the girl she had been, growing up. She had read somewhere that beautiful women tend to be destroyed by their own beauty. Elaine was a beautiful woman, who had avidly pursued being a nonentity to avoid that trap. She did not disapprove of ridiculing those who were pursuing the trap as a goal. Pursuing beauty to use other people had a sort of “What comes around, goes around” vibe.

The first girl to approach Frank, Phoebe, was a real beauty, who seemed to have the idea that she deserved the best possible treatment from the best possible people. Since Frank seemed to be the best looking male at the party it was her natural right to stake a claim on him. She grabbed him from a crowd of admirers, planning to make him her conquest. She over estimated Franks’ vulnerability to female manipulation. Frank reflected it back on her. Sure he got a hard-on dancing with her, but was mature enough not to let the little head rule. He played a different game with her, obviously sexually attracted to her, but indifferent to her attempts to use it on him. She held him tighter and rubbed her crotch on his hard penis. She shifted his hand onto her breast. Surely he could feel the erect nipple under his fingers. The bust of her dress was of thin material, and she had on no bra, so he could feel her nipple in great detail. It was more of an incitement to her than him. She was sure he wasn’t gay, but he seemed not to care about her charms. She got desperate for his attention, and whispered, “Let’s go upstairs”, in his ear.

”For what?” he said.

“For sex.” She said.

He said, “Well, OK” and with a hold on her hand, turned and walked up the stairs.

Frank opened the door to the first room. No one was in it, so he walked in with Phoebe in tow. He shut the door and latched it. “Take off your clothes” he said, casually. She did what he said. He didn’t strip because remaining clothed put him in a power position.” Lay down on the bed…Spread your legs”, he said. He bent over and laid on his chest between her legs, and immediately began stimulating her clitoris with his tongue. Her pussy rapidly got very wet. He reached down and unzipped his pants, then pulled out his penis. It was very erect. He moved up and put it to her wet pussy. He then thrust it in to her to the base She reacted by moving her hips into him hard. She was very excited already, and he could feel the walls of her vagina squeezing him hard. He was undecided as to whether he should bring her to the biggest orgasm of her life without coming, or finish quickly without letting her come. He knew from experience that in either case, he would escort her from the room without further emotional engagement, the point being to convey to her that to him she was just a fuck. He started playing with her tits, alternately squeezing her mammary glands and her nipples, not remaining on either too long , the effect being to tantalize her with one then switching to the other, building her desire without her getting used to the pleasure from either action. Occasionally he would switch to the other breast, and also occasionally switching hands. One arm was always being used to support his weight. Her breasts were large and deeply furrowed. He idly wondered if she had been pregnant. Her pussy for all its grip did seem rather large. He didn’t want to ruin the mood by asking right then. All this time he had been thrusting into her, alternating rapidly and very slowly so she couldn’t anticipate what he would do. In her case, this was very erotic to her, the unexpected turned her on. He could tell by her breathing that she was building up. She wasn’t very vocal, but just the way she was breathing was enough to tell him what she was feeling. He would listen to her breath, and it would catch and hold for a few seconds when he did exactly the right thing to cause her to build up. He could also feel the involuntary grasping of his penis by her vagina. He could tell exactly how close by how rapidly the contractions were occurring. He could also tell by how erect her nipples were. He knew that many women’s nipples don’t fully erect until they come, and then stay erect for the length of the orgasm. He could tell that she was really building, but he knew the longer he let it build, the stronger the orgasm, so he slowed down the pace a little bit. He decided he should hold off on coming, since he expected to be fucking other girls this evening. As he slowed down the pace, he could tell that this worried her, because he could tell she really wanted to come. Counter-intuitively, this turned her on even more. It indicated to him that she was a true submissive, and that he was actually giving her what she wanted, even if she didn’t have the self-knowledge to understand it. While he was not really a dominant, still, it didn’t hurt the sex to give her what she wanted, and his ego was pleased to know that he was doing it. He decided though that time was flying, and he needed to finish this off. He started stroking faster, and moaning, knowing that this would cause her to build up. Her breathing told him he was right, and quickly she began her orgasm. Her pussy contracted on him very hard, but since he had already decided not to come, it had no extra effect. Her nipples were little mountains, erect nipples surrounded by her very swollen and contracted aureoles. Her face was all scrunched up, no longer very beautiful, but yet so attractive in her orgasmic fervor. As her vagina relaxed, he pulled his penis out of her, still hard, but decreasing as his own state calmed down from his decision to stop. He quickly pulled his penis into his pants, and zipped himself up. He gave her a hand, putting on her clothes but saying very little. He walked her out the door, and down the stairs as she was still coming down from her orgasm. He said, “it was nice meeting you, Phoebe, now I am going to dance with one of the other girls.” And sent her on her way to one of the other rooms, still wondering what had happened.

While, Bobbi was out at the pool, standing far enough away not to accidentally (or intentionally) be pushed in, and engaging one of the football players in conversation. “I don’t think big muscles and big dicks necessarily go together”, she thought. “Is it big hands? Well he has small hands. Must not be a receiver.” Meanwhile determining from their conversation, that he was not at the party for his brains, she decided to find out what size his penis was, and if he knew how to use it. Being dumb about the world didn’t mean he wasn’t smart about some things. She could hear the music from the next room, so she walked in close to him and held him in a dance move. It certainly proved he had a penis and that it was hard, and not necessarily tiny. She rubbed up against it, trying not to be too obvious, but her tits were right up against him, and her nipples were clearly pressing out through her bra and blouse. He certainly could not have failed to notice. “My, it’s could out here,” she said, even though it was 75 degrees out, knowing he had clearly seen her erect nipples. “let’s go inside.” They went in a door right by the stairs, and instead of turning right towards the dance floor, she turned left and lead him up the stairs. The door to the room closest to the stairs was latched, so she checked the room opposite, no inhabitants. They went in.

The football player said, “Err, what you got in mind?”

“What do you think, big boy? What’s your name by the way?” said Bobbi.

Continued in The Pendant 9
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