The Siblings Continue their Exploration
Emily Helps Her Little Brother Chapter 3

Emily woke up the next morning and noticed that Matt was spooning her with his arm draped over her mid-section and his hand on one of her breast. She smiled to herself and gently lifted his arm off her but as she moved she notice the familiar boner poking her in her backside.

Matt stirred as he turned onto his back, “What time is it?” he asked.

“Time to get up,” answered Emily, “Mom will need my help in the kitchen. You can stay here if you want.” With that Emily got up and went to the bathroom for her morning routine.

When she got back to her room, Matt was still in bed but he had his eyes open. “Em, you are so beautiful even first thing in the morning,” said Matt with still a sleep voice.

Emily looked at him and smiled, “You are such charmer. One day some girl is going to be very lucky to have you.”

“I feel really lucky right now,” replied Matt, “I got the prettiest girl in the world to look at.”

Emily smiled and turned her back to Matt as she removed her night shirt. Matt could still see her naked breasts through the mirror on her dresser. Emily reached into one of her drawers and pulled out a pretty lace bra and put it on. She moved to her closet and pull out a pair of jeans and nice long-sleeve top. Matt never took his eyes off her. He focused on her ass as she moved around the room in her panties.

Emily got dressed and came over to Matt on the bed and planted a sweet kiss on his lips. “See you down stairs in a bit.”

“Ok, beautiful,” replied Matt, “Save some food for me.”

“I make no promises,” smiled Emily as walked toward the door, “All the messing around last night has got me starving.”

Emily left closing the door behind her. Matt looked down at the tent formed in his PJ pants but decided he would not do anything about it at the moment. He got up and went to the bathroom and after relieving his blander he felt better. By now his room was vacant so he put on a pair of jeans and a rugby shirt and headed down stairs for breakfast.

The morning was pretty uneventful with everybody doing various things - gift wrapping, cooking and making preparations for Christmas.

Emily and her Mom were working in the kitchen getting things ready for the evening meal. Emily’s Moms cell phone rang and she answered it. She had short conversation with someone and then she turned to Emily.

“I got some bad news for you, honey, the guys never made it yesterday to work on the basement and they just called and said that they were having equipment issues and would not be able to come until after Christmas,” her mother said.

“Oh well, I guess I’ll have to survive until then,” answered Emily trying to looking as though she was annoyed but not really doing a very good job of it.

“Well, the company should be gone before then and you will be able to have your room back,” said Emily’s Mom.

Later that day Matt’s Dad and Uncles went to a Brass Pro Shop to look at some stuff they wanted to buy. Emily, Joy, Sue and Aunt Carol and her two girls decided to go to the Mall for some last minute shopping.

That left Matt and Aunt Ann and baby Sarah alone in the house. Matt didn’t really think much of it until he was about 45 minutes into a good book. He heard Aunt Ann calling him from the den. Matt got up and went to the den to find Aunt Ann, once again, feeding baby Sarah. As in the previous two times that Matt had walked into the room, Aunt Ann was sitting on the big sectional couch. This time she had taken her top completely off and only had an afghan blanket draped over her shoulders.

Matt stood at the entrance of the door to the den taking his usual pose of staring at his aunt. “Matt could you go into the front room by the door and bring me my diaper bag? I left it there this morning and I need something in it,” asked his aunt smiling at him.

“Sure, I’ll be right back,” replied Matt and quickly went on the task. He came back to find his aunt putting the baby down in her crib. Ann put her finger to her lips to indicate to Matt that they needed to be quiet. Matt tiptoed into the room handing the bag to his aunt.

His aunt moved back to the sectional and sat down pulling a bottle of cream and letting the afghan fall behind her, she started to massage the cream on her nipples. Matt looked on in amazement.

Aunt Ann was the middle of three girls. Sue, Matt and Emily’s mom, was the oldest at 34. She had married at 18 and had Emily a year later. Ann the middle sister was 32 while Carol the youngest would soon turn 30. Matt’s Dad had always said that he got the pick of the litter. Sue stood at about 5’6” with a thin frame – although you would not consider her skinny – with short blond hair that she always styled to perfection. All three sisters had blue eyes. Ann was about the same height as Sue but had a little more meat on her but nothing that could be considered ‘fat.’ Carol was taller, about 5’8” and about the same body structure as Sue. Ann had light brown hair that came to her shoulders while Carol had darker hair that she wore just under her cheekbone.

All three women would be considered very attractive by any standard. So, there stood Matt staring at his attractive aunt as she massaged her nipples. Ann looked up and smiled at Matt and motioned for him to come and sit by her by patting the space next to her on the couch.

Matt moved slowly as though gliding through the air. He timidly sat next to her never taking his eyes off her breasts. Ann smiled as she saw the awed expression on Matt’s face.

“Are you all right, Matt?” asked Ann. Matt nodded in the affirmative. “I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable.”

Matt shook his head no, “No, Aunt Ann, I just can’t believe how beautiful they are… I mean you are,” stammered Matt thinking he must be coming across like an idiot.

“Well, thank you Matt,” replied Ann, “It’s nice to know that you noticed and appreciate beauty.”

“If I were Uncle Mike, I would not be able to keep my hands off of them,” said Matt with a tone of amazement.

“Ah, that is sweet for to say Matt, but frankly your Uncle Mike has hardly touched me since Sarah was born,” replied Ann with sadness in her voice.

“Wow,” expressed Matt with real surprise, “What’s wrong with him? I’m sorry Aunt Ann it must be awful for you.”

“Sometimes it is almost unbearable,” replied Ann, “But it’s just the way it is right now. I’m hoping that things will change soon.” All this time Matt’s focus went from Ann’s face to her breasts. “Would you like to feel them?” asked Ann.

Matt’s eyes almost popped out his head. He couldn’t utter a sound so he just nodded yes. Ann picked his hand up and gently brought it to her left breast and placed it so that she was cupping his hand in hers. The cream she had rubbed on was almost all rubbed in but he could still feel some of the wetness on his fingers. It smelled like coconut and vanilla mixed together.

“Wow, they are so soft and big,” commented Matt.

“Well they are not normally this big. They are bigger now because I am nursing but when Sarah is weaned they will go back to their natural size,” explained Ann. “Is this the first time you have touch a woman’s breasts?”

Matt didn’t know how to answer that question. It was not his nature to lie but he could not say no without the possible follow-up question being – who.

So he shook his head ‘yes’ and took his other hand and started to massage her other breast.

Ann whimpered a small sigh and closed her eyes for a moment as she took in the pleasure of being touched by someone else even if it was her 12 year old nephew. Matt tenderly massaged both breasts for a few minutes eliciting soft moans from Ann.

Ann broke the silence, “Matt, I was going to lie down while Sarah slept. She is up several times through the night and I like to take advantage when she sleeps to rest.” Matt started to get up so that Ann could rest.

“You are welcome to stay if you like,” Ann said as she reclined on the large ‘pit’ sectional that could easily sleep 8 people.

Matt scooted up so that he was face to face with Ann. Ann pulled a blanket over both of them so that she remained exposed under the blanket. Matt really felt bad for his aunt. She looked so sad and even lonely.

“I’m really sorry Aunt Ann that you are so sad,” said Matt truly sensing sympathy, “I just don’t get it. You are so beautiful and you have always been so sweet to me ever since I can remember. It just doesn’t seem fair.”

Ann smiled but tears began to form in her eyes as she reached out stoked the side of Matt’s face. “Matt, you are so sweet and I really needed to hear this. You are by far my favorite nephew.”

“I’m your only nephew!” replied Matt laughing, “And I mean every word. I think that you and Mom and Aunt Carol are three of the most beautiful women I know. I know that if Emily grows up to look anything like you all she is going to be gorgeous.”

Ann smiled again with the tears now rolling down her face over her nose. “Emily is going to be the prettiest in the family, that is, until Sarah grows up. You are going to be a very handsome young man just like your father.”

Matt reached up and with his thumb wiped the tears away. Ann leaned in and placed a kiss on his forehead. Matt then leaned in and kissed Ann on the cheek. As he pulled back they looked into each other in the eyes. It felt to Matt like if time was standing still. They both moved towards each other until their lips met. They kissed softly and tenderly. Matt felt like he was in a dream.

He didn’t push the issue but stayed close by and let his aunt set the pace. He had no idea where this was going but he didn’t want to miss whatever it was. The next time Ann leaned in to kiss him, he let the kiss linger. Just as she was pulling back he let his tongue flick over her lips.

Ann pulled back and looked at him in surprise. She then slowly moved in again and met his lips. This time she let the kiss linger and when Matt moved his tongue toward her lips she met it with her own. They kissed tenderly. Matt once again let his more experienced aunt take the lead. She explored his mouth tenderly. To Matt it was different than kissing Emily. Ann was definitely more experienced. Matt savored the moment reaching out with his hand and cupping Ann’s left breast.

Ann moaned in his mouth and he could feel her nipple harden between his fingers. She was definitely excited. But Matt knew that this was uncharted territory. Somehow he was able to keep himself under control. All the practice with Emily had helped Matt keep his head.

Ann finally broke the kiss. She looked down and saw Matt’s hand working her left breast. “Matt thank you for making me feel so special today. But I think we better stop before we go any further. I hope I haven’t disappointed you.”

“Not at all Aunt Ann,” said Matt, “I hope I made you feel better.”

Ann smiled, “You are so sweet Matt and you made me feel incredible. Are you sure you going to be ok?”

“Yeah,” answered Matt, “I know how to take care of it.”

Ann laughed as Matt got up revealing the small bulge in his pants.

As Matt walked through the dining room he noticed that the girls had gotten home. His mom looked at him with an inquisitive look. “So what have you been up to young man?”

“Ah, nothing, ah, just hanging out with Aunt Ann,” stammered Matt. Sue looked at her son with a halfway suspicious smile and noticed the bulge in his pants.

“Ok, if you say so. Go get ready for the dinner,” commanded his mother.

Matt went to the bathroom and washed his flush face with cold water which helped relax his libido. At dinner he kept getting some strange looks from his mom and his Aunt Ann. When Ann served him his desert she made it a point to brush him with her breasts.

While leaning over she whispered, “Thank you Matt for being there for me today.”

Matt blushed and just nodded. Emily looked at him with a suspicious look and mouthed the words, “What was that about?”

Matt just shrug his shoulders acting like he didn’t have a clue.

As the table was cleared the family decided to watch another holiday movie. Emily stayed in the kitchen putting up the dishes while Matt went to his room to finish rapping some gifts.

When Matt came down everyone was seated except him and Emily. The only seat left was a large recliner off to one side. Matt pointed to it offering it to Emily and he headed for the floor. Emily pulled a blanket off the back of the recliner and sat in it. She motioned to Matt to come and sit next to her. Matt sheepishly crawled over to the chair and climbed in it.

Emily draped the blanket over both of them and cuddled next to her brother. All this activity was not missed by their mother Sue who was watching them.

Emily reached under the blanket and found Matt’s hand and grabbed it. They spent the whole movie holding hands under the blanket.

Once the movie was over everyone vacated the den so that the Ann could put the baby down. It was still early so some of the family went to the dining room table and played a family card game. For a while Matt was able to relax and forget about the sexual frustration he had endured all day.

Soon family members took turns getting ready for bed. Matt and Emily waited to be last. Then Matt went to take a shower while Emily helped her mom prep some breakfast food for the next morning. When she got upstairs Matt was already in bed reading a book. Emily got what she needed for her shower and then went to it. She washed her hair this time and then, after drying her body and dressing for bed, she went to her bedroom to finish drying her hair.

Matt watched Emily work the blow dryer on her shoulder-length blond hair. For the first time in his life he became acutely aware of how beautiful his sister was. He had only just recently started to notice girls. What he saw before him was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

Finally, Emily finished and crawled into bed with Matt. “So, what was all that with Aunt Ann at dinner?” asked Emily.

Matt related the events of his encounter with Aunt Ann. “Wow, little bro,” said Emily really impressed, “You sure have gotten plenty of action these past couple of days.”

“Yeah, totally unexpected,” replied Matt, “But the funny thing is that I think mom suspects something.”

“Really, what makes you think that?” asked Emily.

“I think she noticed the bulge in my pants when I came out of the den. And then she gave me some strange looks all through dinner.”

“Well, if she knows something at least she is not pissed at you,” said Emily.

“Wow, that would definitely freak me out,” said Matt with real concern on his face.

“Well, there is no sense in worrying about it now,” said Emily.

“Yeah, I guess you are right,” replied Matt.

“So how is Aunt Ann as a kisser?” asked Emily, “Is she as good as me?”

“Well, she is good kisser,” replied Matt, “But then again she has 20 years of experience to draw from. I would say that you both are good just different.”

“Nice save bro,” said Emily.

Emily turned toward Matt and leaned in and placed a kiss on his lips. “So, what do you want to do tonight lover boy?”

“I don’t know,” answered Matt, “I think I’m kind of tired how about we just go to sleep.”

“Whatever lover boy,” replied Emily as she turned away from Matt. “I’m just kidding,” exclaimed Matt.

“Oh no, if you are tired we can just go to sleep,” said Emily with snooty tone. Matt reached across her body and gave her bear hug while kissing her neck, and ear.

“Ok, ok,” giggled Emily. “So, what do you want to do lover boy as she turned so she was lying on her back.”

Matt thought for a couple of seconds and then said, “I want to do to you what you did for me last night.”

“And what exactly is that?” asked Emily.

“I want to kiss you down there,” said Matt pointing to Emily’s kitty.

Emily smiled, “I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m ready to show you that part of my body.”

“Geez Em, you have seen all of mine,” complained Matt.

“I’m just kidding lover boy,” smiled Emily, “Ok, but let me keep my night shirt on just in case someone comes to the door, deal?”

“Deal!” answered Matt with renewed confidence.

Emily pulled the covers down and pulled her baby blue panties down removing them and putting them under her pillow.

Matt scooted down and positioned himself between Emily’s legs. For the first time in his young life he was face to face with a girl’s private parts. Emily’s pussy was pink with slightly swollen lips. She had a patch of thin blond hair that formed a “V” right about her slit. Matt took it all in as though he was taking a mental picture for later reference.

He began to kiss her inner thighs working his way down. He kissed just above her opening letting his tongue work its way over her patch of hair.

“Em, will you do me a favor?” asked Matt.

“Sure what is it?” replied Emily.

“Will you tell me what feels good and what doesn’t, you know, as I do you?” asked Matt.

“Deal lover boy,” replied Matt.

Matt then leaned in and kissed her on the top of her slit and began to place soft kisses all around her pussy lips. He took in her scent and again it was intoxicating. He thought to himself, “I could get used this.”

Finally, he took the leap and reached out with his tongue taking a long sweep from bottom to the top. Emily moaned, “Oh, wow that feels awesome Matt.”

Matt took that as encouragement and he let his tongue work in a sweeping motion from the opening to the top of the slit. Every time he reached the top of the slit Emily would moan and raise her ass off the bed. Soon he discovered the small nub towards the top of Emily’s slit. He noticed that it was sticking out of a small fold between the lips. He also noticed that every time his tongue touched it Emily would moan and pushed her bottom up to meet his mouth.

Emily was also producing more liquid that oozed out of her open. Every time Matt swept his tongue over the opening he got a tongue full of her juices. He actually loved the taste and more importantly loved the reaction he was getting from his big sister.

As he got braver and braver, he decided to see what it would feel like to insert a finger in her opening. He gently rubbed the opening while keep his tongue over the little nub. Emily moaned as she continued to do slow gyrations of her hips. Matt then inserted his pointer finger slowly into her hole. It was tight around his finger but it still went in easily. Emily was now in ecstasy. She threw her head back and lifted her hips off the bed as she moaned in a sweet high-pitched voice. Matt got braver and added a second finger. It was still tight but Emily’s opening gave way. Matt began to do the motion with his fingers that he assumed would mimic a penis going in and out of woman’s vagina.

Emily was now whimpering between breaths. “Oh, God, Matt, that feels so good,” she cried. “Please don’t stop. I’m almost there!” Emily grasped Matt by his hair as she pushed his face deeper into her womanhood.

Matt didn’t stop. He kept the pressure on with his tongue on her nub while working his fingers into her opening. Emily arched her back and threw her head back as she groaned, “I’m coming, oh, God! I’m coming.”

He legs began to shake as her hips gyrated up and down several times and then she went rigid for a few seconds before coming down. She panted while arching her back a few more times. After a couple of minutes she gently pushed up Matt’s head to break contact with her pussy.

“Wow Bro. that was awesome,” cried Emily, “I never imaged it could feel this good. Let me rest for a few minutes.”

Matt pulled his fingers out of her pussy and looked at them as they glistened and then licked and sucked them into his mouth. Emily watched and couldn’t help but smile. Matt scooted up her body until he was face to face with his sister. He leaned in kissed her softly. Emily could smell her sex juices on him. He leaned in again and kissed her let his tongue work its way into her mouth. Emily accepted it and kissed him back. It really didn’t taste bad at all.

Matt rolled off her body to give her room to breathe and recover.

“So did I do ok?” asked Matt with real pride in his voice. “You did more than ok, lover boy,” replied Emily, “That was the most awesome experience in my life.”

“How soon till you go again?” asked Matt with enthusiasm. “I don’t know,” replied Emily, “I have never done it more than one at a time. Let me take care of you and then we will see.”

“How about we do each other at the same time?” asked Matt.

“Ok, how do we do that?” asked Emily.

Matt scooted down the bed so that his head was even with her belly. “Come here get on top of me,” commanded Matt. “Put your legs on either side of my head.”

Emily got an idea of what he was getting at. She crawled over him and parted her legs so that her pussy was aimed his head. At the same time his hard cock was pointing up towards her waiting mouth.

“Don’t touch the top part of kitty just yet,” instructed Emily, “It is still sore.”

“Ok,” said Matt, as he started to work his tongue up towards the opening. Meanwhile, Emily took his cock in her hand and started to work it into her waiting mouth. She sucked him in gently pulling the shaft with her hand while working the head with her lips and tongue.

It didn’t take long for Matt to start bucking and moving his hips in an upward motion trying unintentionally to fuck her mouth. Emily was able to take him most of the way due to the fact that his cock was not too big. Within a couple of minutes Matt was grunting and spewing his semen into the back of his sister’s mouth. Emily calmly swallowed his cum waiting until he was through bucking his hips before pulling him out of her mouth.

“Shoot! Sorry Em, I guess all of the excitement of the day got to me,” said Matt apologetically.

“It’s ok lover boy,” replied Emily, “I don’t mind it one bit.” Emily started to move off Matt’s body but Matt grabbed her hips and pulled her back down to his face. “Please stay for little bit Em,” pleaded Matt, “I want to taste you a little more.”

“As you wish lover boy,” replied Emily as she again lowered her body on top of his. Matt continued to work her opening again attempting to get his tongue as deep in her hole as he could. Emily moaned softly with her face resting on his upper thigh and her nose nestled at the base of his cock and balls.

Matt licked up the slit working his way to the space between her pussy and her anus. Something possessed him to flick his tongue over anus. Emily moaned at the sensation of being touched down there.

Matt took that as a sign that it was ok and began lick her anus trying to insert his tongue in that tight opening. Emily just moaned as she wiggled her ass as if presenting it to him. Matt reached up rubbed her anus with his index finger occasionally putting pressure in the opening. Emily continued to moan causing his balls vibrate.

Emily was still playing with Matt’s once again hardening cock. She reached down and started to play with his ball sack. She pulled herself up so that she could lean further down, pulled his cock aside so that it was rubbing the side of her face and licked his balls. Matt moaned into her pussy. Emily started to lick and suck on his balls. Matt still didn’t have a lot of hair down there and his balls were mostly hairless. Emily worked the sack with her fingers and her mouth as Matt moaned humping the side of her face.

Now Matt got even more emboldened and inserted the tip of his finger in Emily ass. Emily wasn’t sure about this new development but she could not argue that it felt good as well naughty. She thought, “Well, what’s good for the goose…” and reached under the ball sack, fount Matt’s anus and started to poke a finger in the entrance. Now it was Matt’s turn to groan.
By now Emily’s juices were flowing again. Matt moved his mouth so that it covered her nub. He then inserted his thumb into her pussy opening while working the tip of his middle finger into her anus. He began to move his hand in out both holes simultaneously. His thumb was going deeper than the other finger but still keeping pressure on both.

Emily now started moan and grunt. She wiggled herself backwards trying to increase the friction to her clit. Matt did his best to stay on course as his sister started to hump his face. Once again Emily’s legs started to shake and quiver. She moaned deeply as another powerful orgasm swept through her teenage body. She gasped with her head buried in Matt’s groin.

“Oh my God,” gasped Emily, “You are going to be the death of me bro. Where did you learn to do that?”

“Right here,” replied Matt as Emily climbed off his body. “You are so beautiful and sexy that I want to explore every inch of your incredible body.” Emily was now laying on her back with her knees drawn up still trying to catch her breath.

“Matty, I could never have imagined that anything could feel so good,” Emily said still trying to catch her breath. “You are an incredible lover, little man.”

“Well, thank you,” replied Matt, “I aim to please.”

Emily looked up at him and smiled, “Well, let me see if I can do the same for you.” Emily turned her body so that her head was even with Matt’s hips and then she reached over and tugged on Matt’s body inviting him to crawl over on top of her.
“Get on your hands and knees,” Emily ordered, “Then lower you bottom so I can take you in my mouth.”

Matt did as he was told. Emily engulfed his cock. With one hand she held his shaft steady with other she reached up and played with his balls. Matt groaned at the incredible sensation his big sister was giving him.

“Ok, Matt I want you to move slowly and carefully in and out of my mouth. Don’t go to fast or too hard because it will gag me,” again Emily instructed.

Matt did as she commanded and moved his cock in a slow pattern back or forth as Emily provided suction. She played with his ball sack pulling on it gently. She gripped his cock with her other hand pulling him up and out and then reach up with her mouth and engulfing his ball sack. She gently sucked on it while letting her tongue massage it. Matt was now moaning noticeably. Emily once again moved Matt’s cock back into her waiting mouth and turned him loose to set the pace. With one hand she continued to massage his ball sack. With her free hand she moved up and poked his anus rubbing the outer part before putting the tip of her finger into little rosebud.

Matt was climbing the walls. He started to buck at little faster and harder. He tried not to go too fast or hard in order to keep from hurting his sister. The feeling of all the new sensations Matt was experiencing was overwhelming. He could feel the now familiar build up of his impending orgasm. He tried to slow the pace down a little to make it last longer. But to no avail. Soon it was more than he could stand and his cock exploded in Emily’s mouth. This time Emily coughed a little as it went down. Lying on her back did not offer her the ability to control how much flowed down her throat.

Eventually Matt finished his gyrations and emptied the last bit of semen stored in balls into his big sister’s mouth and collapsed next to her.

“Oh, Em, that was incredible,” gasped Matt, “Why couldn’t we have discovered this earlier?”

“Because Goofball,” answered Emily, “A few months ago you were chase bugs in the back yard and didn’t even know that girls existed.”

Matt laughed, “Oh, yeah, that’s right. Well, I’m sure glad I finally discovered them.”

Emily sat up and pulled her panties from under her pillar and put them back on. Matt also put his PJ bottoms back on. They both repositioned themselves back in bed facing each other. Emily leaned in and kissed Matt on the lips. Matt returned the kiss. They were gentle, sweet kisses.

“So lover boy,” asked Emily, “What are you going to do if Aunt Ann comes on to you again?”

“I don’t know,” answered Matt a little bewildered, “What do you think I should do?”

“Well, how do you feel about it?” asked Emily.

“I don’t know. It’s kind of weird when you think about it. She is 20 years older than me and well she is woman.”

Emily smiled, “So am I knucklehead, but I know what you mean.”

“Well anyway, I don’t know what to do about it to be perfectly honest with you,” said Matt. “In a way I feel bad because it feels like I am cheating on you. I know that sounds stupid because we are not going together but it’s just how I feel.”

Emily again smiled at her brother while she ran her fingers down his face. “Well, I will not be upset if you want to pursue that. I’m flatter that you would be so considerate of me. However, I do think Aunt Ann is really lonely and hurting. I don’t know what exactly you can do to help her but if it makes her feel better just let it run its course.”

“Yeah, I figured that from now on I will let het set the pace and see where it goes. She might not want to do anymore than what we did today. On the other hand, if mom is already suspicious about what’s going on then that might put the brakes on thing further happening.”

“That sounds like a plan,” answered Emily, “Well, I’m exhausted lover boy. Let’s see if we can get some sleep. By the way, Merry Christmas Eve to you.”

“Merry Christmas Eve to you too, Em” said Matt already giving in to slumber.

“So, any special request for Christmas lover boy,” ask Emily.

“Yeah, just one,” replied Matt, “I would love to fall asleep next to your naked body.”

“I don’t know Matt. That can be risky. We can’t lock the door or else Mom and Dad might think we are doing something in her we shouldn’t. But if we leave it unlocked then could walk in and catch us,” explained Emily.

“Yeah, I know. Just thought it would be cool,” said Matt with obvious disappointment in his voice.

Emily thought about it for a few minutes, “Well if that’s what you want for Christmas, as wonderful as you have made me feel, I can’t deny you that gift.”

Emily sat up and took her night shirt off and her panties. She put her night shirt under her pillow. Matt grabbed her panties and put them under his pillow. He then took off his PJs and cuddled next to his big sister.

Soon they were both sound asleep.

Earth the next morning, Sue came down stairs to start on breakfast. As she walked past Emily’s room something possessed her to open the door and look in. She quietly opened the door and peaked inside. Sue was surprised to see Emily’s nude upper body with Matt’s arm draped over her waist. She quietly closed the door behind her as she walked down stairs. She didn’t know whether to be furious or shocked. But as she thought about it, they both looked so beautiful sleeping in each other’s arms.

Sue would have to think long and hard about what to do about this new development.

To be continued:

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