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alex finds out how mean his sisters can be
My name is Alex I’m 16 years old and live in a house with two devils. Most females find me attractive but I don’t see the big deal. I’m 6” feet tall and have a built body from playing football and track. I have a 7’ inch dick and am good with females but I have not found one that makes me attached to them they date me for my dick and we eventually break up later on. That’s enough about me though the story is about my sisters and I. Cheyenne and Christen are 5 foot 11 17 years old with blond hair and built bodies as well as me from swimming and tennis. They have 34 DD breast (from my guess) but I try not to look because I thought it was sick. That is the deion of us now the story starts.

Chapter 1 my new life begins
I woke up that Saturday morning thinking to myself I’m not going to do anything today. I got up and went to fix me breakfast. I got some cereal and sat down on the couch turned in the T.V when I remembered the most gruesome thing my mother said her and my dad will be gone for a week and that I had to listen to my sisters I knew it was going to be trouble. With that thought I heard my sisters come from down the stairs they were dressed in those short shorts and a white tank top I just encored them and went back to the T.V. they came up beside me and asked if I remembered what mom and dad had said before they left I said yes they said good. They both came to me and said we are going to have a nice time this week I just gulped and without thinking ran to my room and locked the door they called me bitch and told me to unlock the door I said no and called them a whore. I started to to drift off to sleep it was still early and I was still a little tired. I woke to a thump to see myself on the floor my door open and my sisters dragging me I tried to struggle away then they noticed I was awake they said were not ready for you to wake up yet and put a ragged on my face to where I could not breath I was off to sleep again. This time I awoke in my sister’s room I tried to get up put to my surprise I was tied down to my sisters bed I yelled for help but no answer it was quiet with no noise what so ever when the door opened my eyes shot to it my sisters as they walked in I yelled and called them bitch and whore then I was slapped on the face and said not to speak I was quiet they said little brother it’s time to punish you for what those words you said to us

Chapter 2 my punishment begins
My sisters closed the door and asked if I was comfortable I said screw you and was slapped me again they said its time and you just got extra slaps so I hope you’re ready. I ask what are you going to do to me they said its simple were go to rape you shock went on my face even though I had been with tons of girls I never had sex with them they just gave me hand jobs and blow jobs that is one of the reasons all my girls broke up with me. I pleaded and asked them to do anything but I gulped and said I’m still a virgin they both looked at each other and broke out in laughter are you really I thought you were a player or something I told them no and asked if they would not do it . They looked at each other and smiled NO!! I begged they said now that they knew that rapping me would be so much better I said you both are sick how you could do this I know you hate me but they stopped me there we don’t hate you we just want to experiment that’s all. Experiment on what I’m your brother not your sex slave they said that sound likes a good idea we will talk about that later for now let’s get started they said if I listened it would be over quick so I thought to myself it I did they might not want to have sex with me either they untied my legs and pulled down my shorts and underwear in one swift motion. They said to put my legs up so I did I was on all fours they asked if I was ready I shook my head yes not knowing what was coming I was turning my head when smack! my ass was hit then again I looked back and both my sisters were on the bed with paddles In there hand I said what is that they said it’s my punishment for calling them names they said I had 20 more each so 40 in all I was scared and it must have shown on my face because they started to laugh they said it will go by quick and that I did not have to worry and that it would be over soon they started to go again and again and again I got to 20 and started to tear up they said they were going to stop and relieve went over my face they turned me over tied my legs and grabbed my dick I said not to do that but then Cheyenne said shut up and put here twat on my face and said to lick I didn’t at first until christen grabbed my balls and twisted them I screamed and started to lick she start to rock on my face when I felt something warm and wet at first I started to think it was my sisters pussy taking me I got relieved when I felt a tongue lick me she was just giving me a blow job my sister was going to hell on my face and started to come she was so tasty I could not explain it Cheyenne screamed that this the best she had been eaten out but I was not trying to make this good for her I just wanted it over with I was close to but what my sister did not know I could shoot my cum like a rocket and cum loads of it I was at my limit and shot in my sisters mouth she gagged instantly but kept going and swallowed all of it she said it tasted amazing and said whatever and asked if I could go they looked at each other and said yes but for me to come down in 20 minutes I said ok they untied me and I left what they did not know once I cum I have to go a second time to relief myself for good I started to imagine all the things that happened getting spanked almost being rapped I started to talk without knowing I said their names Cheyenne , Christine your so fucking sexy I love your pussy and your mouth I shot my load and left the room I was in he T.V room when they came down they said for me to sit in the floor so I did they said this is what’s going to happen now you re now are sex slave or toy you will address us master and do whatever we say I jumped up and said hell no was about to leave when I heard my voice Cheyenne Christine your so fucking sexy I turned around and they said you will if you don’t want everyone to see this I came and sat back down on the floor and said I will do what you say sis I was smacked instantly I yelled and she said its master not sis they both jus chuckled and said this is going to be fun I knew then and there that my hell has just begun

My first story hope you like it I would appreciate comments and tips on how to improve my work

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2014-08-24 22:11:23
Well other then that other asshole its a good start to it and just brush up on your grammar and you'll be fine

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2014-01-15 07:44:05
Please go retake grammar school english. For the love of god, please.

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