Hey! Sorry I haven't written in a while. I hope you guys like the story.
Hey guys! I'm trying a new thing, I'm gonna right stories that take place in different parts of history. If you guys like this idea, leave a time period in the comments below and I'll consider them.
Hi my name is Theasus and I'm a young boy living in Athens. I have been alive for about 16 winters, living with my father who is a Senior Senator in the High Council. I had a mother but she died giving birth to me, her one and only child. It was the summer of my 16th year when my friends and I were noticing changes about our bodies. At first it was stuff we laughed at. When our voices would crack or when we would notice a hair on our chins or chest.
But then, there were things we noticed, that we found out in privacy. Our bodies got thinner, our muscles got more defined, hair grew under our armpits, it grew around our penises. Not only that they started to grow and thicken. The balls that hung beneath them grew fuller and hung lower. Well at least that's what my friends tell me... I have yet to notice any of these things happen to me.
Athens has a multitude of bath houses. Men, women, and children all have separate bath times, but being a child of a Senior Senator allowed me to go at the best time. When the water was fresh and clean, that just so happened to be when the other men washed themselves. Until this summer I had always bathed with my friends and the other children.
But one night my father sat down with me as said something that would change my life."My son, since you have now become of age I wish for you to assume some of duties of a man." He gave me a list of things that I would do.Things like, managing the financing of our family, giving daily tasks to the servants of the house, and running messages or documents that my father needs to him. But there were benefits to be a man. I would have the chance to vote, attend city and council meetings, and join the men for first dibs at the clean bath water. I was so over joyed at the fact that I was to be considered a man in the eyes of the Athenian people. Come the very next day my father left for an all day meeting, I did as he asked and gave the duties to the servants, managed the few financial problems that came up. But I was done by noon. About this time the bath houses should be ready. I order a servant to come with me to the house, being a women she waited outside while I went in alone. I changed from my tunic into a linen towel, and walked boldy out into the room. It was a quiet afternoon with few actual men around.
I removed to towel, exposing my young naked body to the men, and slipped in the water. I sat in the warm water and listened to the few conversations drifting through the air. I cupped my hands and threw some water on my face. While my eyes were closed, I felt the water ripple around my body. I looked and saw a big man climb in next to me. He had an huge figure. Each muscle was clearly defined and a thick forest of hair grew on his face and chest. He slid in next to me and smiled.
"Hello son...what are you doing here?" He asked. I smiled.

"Nothing sir...just taking a quick bath." I said, then man nodded and leaned back putting his arms on the edge of the pool.

"Your father must be a pretty high official for you to be here with the men." He said, I felt my face go red. I stood up and faced him placing my fists on my hips.

"I'm a man! I have every right to be here." I said sternly. I felt his eyes ever so quickly run over my body. He then pulled me down and whispered that I wasn't a man unless I could fuck. I looked at him and said "I can do that too!"
The man looked at me and said to follow him, together we climbed out of the water and went into a changing room where I slipped my white tunic on and he slipped on a deep green tunic. I gasped when I saw the vibrant color. This man was a Judge of the Law. He was like my fathers boss. As I got dressed the Judge kept looking at me, with a strange gleam in his eye.
When we walked out he had a quick word with my servant, and after handing her a letter, she turned and left.The Judge had me follow him up a grassy hill to a huge house, HIS huge house. He led me inside and had me sit on his bed. The house was empty, everyone knew he wasn't married and he didn't have kids, but at least his slaves should be here.

"They are enjoying an afternoon off." He explained after I asked him. Taking a seat across from me he looked at me.

"So you think your a man?" He asked, to which I quickly nodded. He smiled and stood up. After undoing the button at his shoulder, his tunic fell down to the floor, revealing every inch of him. I saw his top half at the bath house, but the thing that swung beneath his legs was more impressive. The penis was much longer then mine and a thick forest of hair grew around it.
He grab it and played with it, saying a real man has a penis like this. This made me a little mad and without thinking I stripped to, trying to prove that mine wasn't that bad.The Judge just smiled and said that a real man can cum. "Cum?" I asked.
There it was again, a gleam in his eye. He explained that boys become men when they can shoot cum or semen out of their dicks. As he told me this he sat and stroked himself, causing his penis to grow big and hard. I found myself focusing more on what he was doing then what he was saying.
As I stood there watching, I failed to notice my own dick starting to stir and rise.Only when it was fully hard did I notice it. I looked down and moved to cover myself. But the Judge stopped me. He said I would have to prove that I was a man, by cumming.

"I don't know how to." I confessed. The Judge smiled and sat next to me. He wrapped one hand around me while the other one settled on my crotch. When I felt his warm hand encircle my dick, a soft moan escaped my lips. I looked up and saw him smile. He gave me a gentle squeeze and a louder moan escaped me. He then moved his hand to grab my dick. He slowly started to move his hand up and down. He did this over and over again making me feel really good. I felt myself lean into him as he stroked me. I started to really moan as I felt a warm feeling pass through my body.

"Stop...please....I'm gonna ...pee..." I moaned, but instead of stopping he went faster. I felt my hips buck as I felt a wave of pure pleasure pass through me. This lasted for only a couple seconds but when it was finished, I slowly opened my eyes. A small white stream had leaked from my penis tip down over the Judge's hand. I started to apologize but he stopped me.

"Did that feel good?" He asked, in a stunned state I felt myself nodding. I felt the Judge laugh and say that apparently I was a man. I smiled faintly.

"Will you help me feel good too?" He asked and I quickly said yes. I moved to grab his penis but he grabbed my hands. He told me to lay on my stomach and spread my legs. I felt him push my checks apart and shivered. I felt something warm flow over my hole. I looked back to see him spitting on it, then quickly spit on his own hard penis. I asked him what he was down.

"I'm gonna make you a real man." He said, without another word I felt something bug poke my butt hole. I yelled and tried to pull away, but his strong hands stopped me. I struggled and begged from him not to do that, but his only response was that he was gonna fuck me. When he said that, I really freaked out. I tried to crawl away but he grabbed me. He then sat up and lifted me onto his lap. He pushed me down onto his penis but my tight butt wouldn't let him in. So the Judge grunted, spit, cursed, and pushed until I heard a loud *pop* and I sank to his lap. But the only thing after that I could hear was my screams. I felt like I was gonna get torn in half, the way his cock stretched me out. But my screams didn't stop him, the Judge lifted me up and slid me back down. Up and down, up and down. He did this for what seemed like forever, but soon the pain subsided. Pleasure started to mix in until it overpowered the pain and soon I started going up and down on my own. I supported myself on the Judge' shoulders but his hands played with my ass as I rode him.
After a bit the Judge started to moan and I soon felt his dick pulse inside me. Then a warm feeling filled my butt. I slid all the way down and felt his penis pulse a few more times. As he pulled his dick out of my ass, I felt something warm also slide out. He told me it was cum and that I made him feel very well. I smiled at that, but soon the Judge had me dress and go back down to the bath house to clean up. We continued to meet every two days til I was 18, in which he would jack me off and then fill me full of his cum.

So if you guys liked it leave POSITIVE comments below and I will write more.


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