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back after a long time!
You hold your sword with both hands to pass the idea of strength...this is what I was told ever since I was young...the fact can't be strong all the time...

It've sure been a while...I still had my "captain" title in the club of the Slayin' Ravens, I have always been the type of guy that suffers silently...yep...I was down because I had lost that only that time...other 3 times I fought John...I lost, miserably...I could tell that Alex could see through my mask with a smile on it...and sure...he knew I had to adapt to the fact of being...the 2nd one in control...a his place.

"What's this deal about being the best all the time?" Alex asked.

"If you had been raised like I was, with my mom, you would understand" I said.

"Your mom scares me...and some teachers at school too you know..." he said.

"Ya, my mom is 'Vida Loca' " I said with a smirk...I guess that only got him even more worried...

"You're not ok...I can see it..." He said.

"I'm ok...for real..." I said scratching my head.

"No you're not...I can see you're lying...You always start scratching yourself when you're lying..." he said, well...he actually knew me pretty well...

"I'm telling you..I'm ok..." I said grabbing his head softly and kissing him before breaking it. "No worries" I continued.

"...fine.." He said as he laid on bed.

"You didn't buy it right?" I asked.

"if you say you're ok, you're ok...I'm not gonna force you saying something you don't want to..." he said closing his eyes.

"Gonna take a nap?" I asked..

"Nah...just gonna rest my eyes a little..." he said.

I stayed in silence for a chest was burning...once I heard him snoozing...I laid by his side and cuddled...I needed him...

"People cry, not because they are weak, but because they are tired of always being strong..." I thought...made I let one tear was enough...

I woke up shortly afterwards...5 PM...probably I should go home...I got up, gave Alex a kiss on the cheek and walked out of his house saying my good byes to his parents and brothers...luckly, he has a room only for himself and it was locked...

Arriving home...all I did was fall on my bed, hoping to sleep again and forget all my problems...I had to look at the wooden sword by the corner of the room...I got up and took it into my hands...I felt like breaking it in half and giving up...then I got a text...incredible...

"Meet me at the club's room in 30 minutes...bring your sword" it said...I had nothing to lose....I got my things ready and went to school...we could actually use the school on satudays for club meetings...and when I got to the Club eyes got wide and Ijust wanted to turn away and go home...John was there waiting...and once I stepped in, he smiled at me...

"You came..." he said.

"It's what it seems...and now I'm going home..." I said turning away.

"Wait up! I just talk..." he said...I stopped and came back in again, sitting down...

"Fine..." I said putting my sword by my side.

"I was wondering...why are you fighting me...?" he asked...I was just there...and I never actually thought about it...

"I be the best..?" I said.

"Are you telling or asking me?" He asked.

"I don't know...why would you care? And How did you get my number?" I asked.

"I care because like me...I see a good potential in you...potential for a good warrior that weilds a blade..." He said.

"Still doesn't explain how you got my number,,,," I said, he pointed at the phone numbers on a piece of paper on the wall...sure...

"Ok...but what about it? I lost...there's nothing I can do about it.." I said.

"Of course there is...don't you have a reason to fight?" He asked again.

"I said I don't know...." I said.

"I fight in for my grandfather who taught me how to fight..." he said. "So I must keep my only seem to fight...for fighting..." he continued.

"One day I will come up with an answer..." I said, looking at him. He closed his eyes and smiled walking at me and putting his hand on my shoulder.

"You know...I see you have a unique...personality but...You have to come up with an answer...before we fight again..." he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"....I don't know...for real" he said smiling.

"Then what is the point of this meeting?" I asked.

"So you know what is important to you...a captain title? A leadership feeling...or those who actually worry about you...that care about you when you bleed, when you cry..." he said, I started paying attention to what he would say.

"Who are you talking about..." I asked.

"Well...I see you are...close to those boys...Alex and..Mark right? They seem to care about you a lot.." he said.

"They do..." I said.

"Specially Alex..maybe at the point of...loving you?" He said, that made me shiver.

"What..?" I asked.

"Don't worry...I won't tell anyone...I have a good perception you know...I used to live in a forest so...I had to pay attention to everyting around.." he said explaining.

"I...see..." I said, then I noticed..."Why did you tell me to bring my sword?"

"Oh...yeah...of course..." he said taking his sword. "nothing shows your inner state better than your sword..."

"what?" I asked, he sighed and looked at me.

"Your way of fighting reflects the way you are spiritually...believe me...I as a solution, you should try and name your blade." he said

" 'name my blade' yeah sure..." I said taking my sword and walking away. He started following me.

"Or we could put differences aside and I could invite you to have a snack. " he said.

"Seems better..." I said smiling, maybe if I knew him better...who knows...we could really...try and being friends.

"I don't think of you as a rival or enemy" he said.

"Really..?" I asked.

"yeah...I think of you as...a friend." he said smiling with those fox eyes he'd always make.

"Well that's nice, maybe...I won't have to kill you at all" I said smiling, he looked at me rather...scared. "of course...I'm just kidding" I said laughing.

"I know, you actually thought I was afraid?" he laughed along as we walked through the exit.
John was actually a pretty nice figure, he offered to show me his house after the snack, I couldn't accept it, so he simply offered to walk home with me since we lived in the same direction.

"You know...I thought it was pretty cool the way they ran at you when you lost..." He said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well...they seemed pretty determined to help you, Alex even threatened me!" he said laughing.

"Oh yeah, I remember now, yeah it's pretty cool."

"...You can't let them go away" he said smiling at me.

"I know...they are special..." I said stopping in front of his house.

" we are...see you tomorrow...Matt" he said walking to his house.

"Bye..." I said as I waited for him to go in, so I could leave.

Reaching my house, my empty house, I prepared something to eat and sat in front of the TV before I head the bell, I only screamed from the living room as Alex came and sat by my side, well, he threw himself on me.

"Hey" he said.

"Hey, you hungry?" I asked.

"Maaaaaybe..." he answered as I approached the fork to his mouth with some pasta.

"Open up..." I said smiling while he opened his mouth. When you see situations like this, you can actually feel you are taking care of a little brother, but I looked at him, those eyes...I loved him deeply....

"What?" he asked as he looked at me, all I did was take his glasses off as I kissed him passionatedly, you the one reading this... maybe there's no better kiss than the kiss of the person you love, we kept kissing for a long time, it was hot, sexy...everything to me...

"Let's go to my room..." I said pulling his hand along the stairs, as soon as we get there, he falls on my bed looking at me with the typical expression of "I want you". We made out as we got undressed and once naked I gave him a small bite on his neck, going up to his ear, that made him moan, and it actually surprised me. As I went down, kissing and sucking on his nipples, he moaned more as he supported his hands on my head, lightly pushing me down, I know what he wanted, I moved down again and jerked his cock, he already had precum over the head which I licked off, he had a great boy, to me, he was simply the cutest boy.

"Today it's...your turn" He said, blushing a little.

"I know...but let me do this first..." I said as I started sucking on his cock, in such little time, he did get bigger, I licked and sucked on his cock for almost 5 minutes before he took it from me.

"If you continue I'll cum!" he said.

"Fine.." I said smiling, I was actually happy of having him with me... as he prepared himself and got on his knees, I took a good look at him. How cute was he? He was simply perfect...

"You coming or not?" he asked, I finally snapped.

"Oh...sure..." I said and I went to my desk and got lube, he looked at me and laughed for a second.


"You, you look like a big kid" he said.

"I think we have the roles switched here...." I said.

"What? You want me to fuck you?" he asked.

"No! I mean the 'big kid' stuff" I said.

"Ha! As if buttface!" he said laughing.

"This is not supposed to be so funny!" I said laughing

"It's your fault!" he said.

"Yeah sure!" I said lubing his ass.

"Are you doing it or not? If not we can go play something.." he said.

"We can play after we are done here" I said as I pushed one finger in, he closed his eyes and put his face against a pillow, holding it tightly.

"Are you ok?" I asked as he lifted his head.

"'s just that it've been a while...since the...last time..." he said.

"Well I'll make you remember of how good it feels..." I said as I replaced my finger with my dick, pushing it against he ass, slowly, as he started moaning softly.

"I!!" he said between his moans.

"Your wish..." I said as I went deeper, his moans became loud as I started thrusting in and out.

I kept on thrusting in and out, eventually going faster or slowing down, it didn't take long before I asked to change his position. As he moved to lay on his back, holding his legs from behind his knees.

"You know, I could take a picture of it..." I said.

"Shut up and come here..." he said, as I kissed him while I continued thrusting, now his moans were louder since I was actually going harder and deeper now.

I couldn't stop kissing him as I fucked his ass, since I was constantly looking at him, it knew it hurted a little, but it was also hot and delicious, we both know that, I could sense that he was slowly forgetting the pain and giving in to the pleasure as he started kissing me back, forcing his tongue inside my mouth and hugging my neck as I fucked him. I started going harder and faster, at the point that the bed started moving with my thrusts, my dick was completely inside him.

"Did you know I love cream pies?" I asked him.

"S-Shut up..." he said blushing.

"I'm gonna....cum" I said as I grabbed his dick and started jerking him fastly, he moaned hard as I did that and fucked him.

"Ahh! AH! Me too! It's coming!!" He said as he shot all over his stomach, I took my dick out and jerked it in front of him as I came over his stomach as well... before I fell on the bed, panting.

"You got everything on me!!" he said.

"yep, I wanted to see you like that" I said, laughing.

"Pervert..." he said.

"Me?, let me help you clean yourself..." I said as we walked to the bathroom.

After cleaning up, I was on my bed looking up for no reason and he came closer, putting his shirt on.

"What you thinking about" he asked.

"oh..nothing" I said looking at him.

"Fine to me...what are we playing?" he asked.


"Don't 'what' me, you said we were playing something after we were done..." he said.

"Oh...sure...pick something.." I said.

" about...some BF?" he asked.

"Hehe...of coooourse...if you are willing to lose..." I said.

"Yeah...sure...hoe" he said smiling.

"Hey chubs..." I said, he looked at me.


"I love you..." I said, he smiled at me and gave a little laugh.

"I love you too hoe..." he said, I finally got up and got the game, no way I was losing...

In the end...John was right...I just can't let go of him after all...I do love him!

-=To be continued=-

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