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Like a lot of women, I've had some fantasies during my 40+ years, but had never had the opportunity or nerve to live any of them until now.
My First Exposure
Meeting My Paperboy
This story is woven around an old friend's fantasy
she shared with me over a span of nearly 30 years.

"You're looking at my panties again Jimmy. Still curious about
what it looks like under there?"

"I sure am. Gee, you're almost naked now any way. You might as
well let me see you completely naked. Come on Mrs. Tyler, let
me see a naked woman for the first time!"

He was getting smarter for an innocent kid. Here I was, a 40+
year old woman almost naked in front of a teenage boy and loving
every minute of it. But hey, why not. I was enjoying it as much
as he was and what could it hurt. Every young boy should have an
older woman to teach him, I rationalized. But first I wanted to
see more of that prick of his.

"Come on Mrs. Tyler, you can't quit now. You have to at least
let me see it naked with no underwear on."

"It would probably be ok but I am worried young man that you
might get carried away. After all, seeing a naked woman for the
first time might get you too excited. And it looks like that
thing in your shorts is getting awfully big," I said, letting him
watch me stare at his crotch.

He looked down and realized that his prick was exposed.

I almost laughed as this was a reverse of what I had done awhile
ago. Only this time I was sure his was an accident.

He covered it up with his hand and said, "I can't help it Mrs.
Tyler, but it doesn't mean anything. It always gets hard like
this. I won't do anything with it. Honest."

"Sure Jimmy", I thought.

"Well I have to be sure. Stand up and let me see your penis so
I can be sure you're ok. I don't want to tease you so much that
you'll hurt yourself."

I had no idea what I meant except I needed some excuse to see
his prick without being too obvious. I was hoping he was too
young and innocent to see through what I was really doing.

"Do I have to Mrs. Tyler. I've never showed my thing to any
girl before."

"No Jimmy, you don't have to. But I sure can't show you my
naked body if I can't be sure you'll be ok., that it won't hurt
you. I'll just put my clothes back on now."

"Oh no, that's OK Mrs. Tyler. I'll show you if you want," he
said as he stood up in front of me.

As he stood up I leaned forward to get a closer look and was
less than a foot away from his crotch.

His prick was so hard it pushed the leg of his shorts out till
it looked like they were going to rip. He could barely stand
straight. And the head of his prick was sticking out looking
like a big red lollypop almost close enough to reach out and
lick. mmmmmmmm ... now there's a thought.

"OK Jimmy, lower your shorts so I can be sure your penis is
going to be ok with all this sexual excitement. Go ahead, I'm an
old woman and have seen many young men's penises. There's
nothing to be embarrassed about. Just think of me as your nurse.
" Boy, there was another thought."

"Well ok, but don't laugh. It's not as big as you're used to."

He reached up, unzipped his shorts and pulled them down over
his extended prick.

As the shorts lowered past his prick, it jumped up almost
hitting me in the face. He stood there with his bright prick
standing almost straight up and looking like it would burst
from it's hardness. I hadn't seen one this hard and standing
so straight in many years. Oh the wonder of youth!

"Oh my Jimmy!! What a big hard penis you have. It looks like
it's going to burst it's so hard. Doesn't it hurt? I've never
seen one so hard and I've seen a lot of them."

"Do you really think so Mrs. Tyler. I thought it was a little

There's no harm in building up his ego but I wasn't lying. I
had seen bigger but never harder.

"It's great Jimmy but I don't know. It's so hard I'm afraid if
you see anymore of me you'll hurt this nice cock, errr, penis of
yours. I don't think I should expose you to anymore."

"No honest Mrs. Tyler. It's been this hard before and didn't
hurt me," he said.

I looked at his face as he said this and saw it get beet red.
He hadn't meant to tell me that.

"Now when did it get this hard before Jimmy. I thought you said
you hadn't done any sex things before."

"Well, I have played with it some times Mrs. Tyler. But don't
tell anyone, ok?'

"Do you mean you masturbate Jimmy. Well, that's perfectly
normal and nothing to be ashamed about. Most people do. I did
when I was a teenager and still do sometime. But I'm still
concerned about how hard it is. Show me how you masturbate and
maybe I'll see that it's ok."

"Do you really want to see me jack off? I don't know if I can
do that in front of you. What if I, you know, finish?"

He had no clue that when he uttered those words - "Jack Off"
my pussy would give a little clench ... but it did.

In certain situations, "Jack Off" sounds so much more erotic
than "masturbate" and I loved it.

"Don't worry about that. I just want to see it for a minute.
Go ahead Jimmy. I have to be sure you're ok with that prick of
yours being so hard. I wouldn't want to be responsible for you
hurting yourself at such a young age."

"Well ok, but just for a minute."

While we were talking it had softened a little but, still
standing in front of me, he grabbed it and started to stroke the
full length of it.

It was amazing. With 3 or 4 strokes it was hard as steel again
with that head glowing red like crazy.

He started to go a little faster and I knew I better stop him.

"Ok Jimmy, that's enough. Move your hand away and let me see
how it is."

Before he had a chance to object, I reached out and put my hand
around his shaft and slowly stroked it the length of his young

I put my hand over the head and squeezed, watching a drop of
pre-cum escape. I felt him shudder as I did that and knew he was
near orgasm. But not yet.

"Well I guess you're ok Jimmy. You've got a hard on but I don't
see any chance of hurting yourself seeing a naked woman. Do you
still want to?"

"What a foolish question", I thought.

"I sure do. Looking won't hurt anything."

"Well ok, I might as well. You've seen almost everything anyway.
I just hope I don't get too excited myself. After all, this is
pretty sexy for me too."

"Showing my pussy to a young good looking man like you is a turn
on for me too you know. Don't let me lead you astray now," I
said as I knew darn well I was going to show him everything and
love every moment of it.

"If you come closer, Jimmy, you can help me take these panties

I scooted down on my chair and lifted my legs straight up and
started to lower my panties.

"Here Jimmy, help me take them off."

His hands were shaking as he reached to take the edge of my
soaked panties and slid them from my upturned legs. I could
smell the delightful aroma of my excited pussy. I watched as
he took off my panties, held them up and looked at the moist

I separated my upturned legs wide and with my fingers trembling
with excitement, I separated the outer lips displaying the pink
petals of my wet dripping inner pussy.

"Is this more of what you had in mind Jimmy?" Is this naked
enough for you?"

I was getting so turned on I could feel my juices running down
the crack of my bottom.

As he watched me open and close my pussy for him, I saw him take
my panties to his face with one hand and drop the other to his
crotch. He started to squeeze his prick through his shorts while
he watched me and smelled my panties.

"Go ahead and smell them Jimmy. Most men love the scent", I said
maintaining my position, with my legs wide open and my red,
moist pussy wide open to his view.

I watched as he took my panties to his face and inhaled. He
almost seemed in rapture.

"How does this look Jimmy? Do you like seeing a naked pussy?"

"See how red and wet it is in here," I said separating the lips
even wider. "Go ahead and smell my wet panties while I show you
all of my bare pussy."

I lowered my legs and put my feet on the table behind him
encircling him with my legs.

He started to breath in the crotch of my panties as I showed
him everything.

I ran my fingers up and down my moist lips watching while he
stared at me. I opened my lips with my fingers and showed him
the opening I knew he wanted to get into.

"See this Jimmy. This is where all men want to get to. And I'm
showing it to just you. Men want to put their pricks in here
like this."

I slowly put my finger inside and moaned for him as I stroked my
finger in and out.

"Oh this feels so good Jimmy. But I'm afraid I'm getting too
turned on. I'd better stop now or I won't be able to."

He was still holding my panties to his face and now had them
in his mouth.

This guy learned quick.

"Oh don't stop now Mrs. Tyler. I don't care. Go ahead and do
whatever you want. I'll be ok, honest I will."

He still kept my panties to his face and was smelling them as
I continued to stroke my pussy.

"If you're sure it's ok. But this feels so good showing you my
pussy, I may not be able to stop soon. And it does look like
you're enjoying it."

"Do you like the way my panties smell Jimmy? Being that you
don't care what I do, why don't you get closer and smell the
real thing?"

"Oh gee Mrs. Tyler, can I? It looks fantastic."

He put the panties down and leaned closer to my dripping pussy.
As he leaned in, his crotch came up against my leg and I could
feel his hard on against me.

He stared at my open cunt and breathed deeply.

I was in unbelievable control and loving every minute of it.
It was like he was my young slave for an hour.

With his face inches from my pussy, I inserted another finger
and very slowly stroked them in and out.

I also moved my leg with the same rhythm feeling his young cock
against it. With each stroke I groaned a little for him letting
him know how I was enjoying myself.

"See how my finger goes in and out? Watch it Jimmy."

Then I started to lift my hips bringing my crotch to his face
as I brought my other hand to my clit and started stroking it
with the same rhythm.

"Watch how I rub this Jimmy? This is my clit. It feels so good
to touch it any time and even better while you watch."

I kept rubbing my leg against his young cock with my leg as he
got closer and closer to my pussy.

"It's so wet and warm in there. It feels wonderful to do this.
Get closer Jimmy. Look at it real close. Watch me put my fingers
in and out of my hot wet pussy."

I knew if I kept this up much longer I'd bring myself to orgasm
and I wasn't ready for that yet. I had some more playing to do.

I took my finger from my pussy and said, "Would you like to put
your finger in here Jimmy? Would you like to feel the inside of
my warm, wet pussy?"

"Oh man, this is too much!"

"Give me your hand."

I took his hand and gently holding his fingers, brought them
to my crotch.

I ever so slowly placed his finger at the opening to my vagina
and moved along the opening.

"Go ahead Jimmy, put your finger right in here," I said as I
guided him inside me.

He put his finger inside and just left it there for a moment
savoring the feeling.

"Now move it Jimmy. Move it in and out like you saw me do.
That's just what a man does with his prick when two people make
love. That's it. Oh Jimmy it feels so good when you do that."

He started to be less tentative and put his finger in deeper
and began to move faster. I knew that this young man would have
very little control so I decided to slow it down a bit.

I had bigger plans for my young friend.

I pushed his hand from me and said, "If you liked the way my
panties smelled, you'll love the way your finger tastes now.
Go ahead and taste it Jimmy. Lick your finger after it's been
in my pussy."

He took his hand, closed his eyes and sucked his finger like a
baby. He was in heaven and so was I.

"Do you like it Jimmy? Does it taste good? Do you like sucking
on a finger after its been in my dripping pussy?"

He couldn't answer. He was in ecstasy. But I knew what would
make him happier.

I took his finger from his mouth and with both hands opened my
pussy lips and said, "Why don't you try the real thing. Here Jimmy,
lick this for a little while. Lick right here."

Like it was second nature he brought his face to my pulsating

He licked along the lips where I had my fingers. He ran his
tongue up and down between my outstretched fingers. I raised my
hips higher and told him to put his hands underneath and hold
me up.

"Put your hands under my bottom Jimmy and lick your tongue in
here. Go ahead and stick it in right here," as I opened my
pussy lips wide and showed him the hole.

I could feel Jimmy's face sinking deeper and deeper into me as
he pulled my pussy to him. I could feel his fingers squeeze my
butt as my pussy rose up to meet his probing tongue, and my arms
wrapped tight around his head as he licked the unending fountain
streaming out of my straining pussy.

I leaned up to look and said, "Make your tongue real hard Jimmy.
I want to see it go into me."

"Like this Mrs. Tyler?" he said looking up at me like a little

He stuck his tongue out stiff as I took hold of his head and
brought in to my cunt. I wanted to be in complete control of
his actions.

With his tongue like a little prick, I moved his head in and
out of me while I separated my legs more to see.

It was so erotic to see this boy tongue fucking me with my legs
up and spread apart and my cunt wide open.

"Now lick right here Jimmy. Taste my clit." He was so innocent
he would do anything now.

"Suck on it Jimmy. Suck on my little clit."

His tongue circled and teased my hooded clit, driving me wild
with ecstasy.

Then he started to suck it while I held his head to me. It was
so erotic to be teaching this innocent young man how to eat my
pussy. I guess I should feel guilty but I just felt wonderful.

"Now lick all of me Jimmy. Lick me all over before I go crazy."

I raised my legs again and opened them as wide I could. His
tongue started to slide up and down my sweet pussy lips,
gathering and swallowing the sweet, delicious juices as they

As he was tonguing my inner pussy I started rubbing my clit
with my fingers. I was nearing an orgasm and wanted it all.

"Jimmy, come back up here and lick this," as I showed him my
clit again.

He started licking my clit like an expert.

"Go faster Jimmy. Faster!!"

I felt it start to come over me and lost control as the orgasm
overtook me. I drove his face into my pussy as wave after wave
of intense orgasm overtook me.

When I finally came down he was staring.

"Are you ok Mrs. Tyler?" my innocent young lover said. He
looked so concerned.

"I'm great Jimmy. I got carried away and you were wonderful.
But I'm afraid I led you astray and shouldn't have gone so far.
I hope you don't mind."

"Are you kidding? That was great."

I could see the eagerness and excitement in his boyish
expression, but now I became aware that we had been here
playing games for over an hour.

I didn't want to end, but I also didn't want it to happen
all at one time.

Then, too, I was suddenly aware that I wanted to be with Mike
right now, see how he felt and to share my excitement and hope
it was his too.

"I'm sure it was, Jimmy and it was just that great for me too,
but we're almost out of time.

For one thing, Mike's due home very soon and for another I
think we've both had enough excitement for one time."

Ruffling his hair and smiling at him, I said, "There may be
other times, Jimmy ... we'll see, but I want you to know I've
enjoyed you being here enough that there may be another time
we can have fun again."

"But now, you'd better get dressed and go so I can shower
before Mike gets home, O.K., Jimmy?"

"Sure, Mrs Tyler", Jimmy replied, "I sure hope I can see
you again."

For the few short minutes it took Jimmy to straighten his clothes,
he never took his eyes off my tits or my pussy.

I knew he'd call again soon with some reason to talk and,
inside, I hoped he would.

I remained nude as I escorted Jimmy to the door and with a
final hug (during which I could feel is young cock rising again)
and a peck on his cheek, I ushered him out the door.

As I walked back to the couch on wobbly legs, Mike came
through the kitchen door.

Judging from the smile on his face, I knew any fear I had for
him were groundless. His eyes were literally lit up with his
own excitement.

Mike didn't say a word, but came straight to me, took me in
his arms and kissed me tenderly, deeply and yet passionately.

"Guess you heard it all, huh?", I asked him as I leaned back
and looked into his face.

"Yep", he said, "heard and saw every bit and among the three
people who were in this house this afternoon, I'm not sure if
I could say which of us had the most fun."

"Oh, Mike", I moaned, "that was even more exciting than I
imagined it could be even though you tried to describe it to
me. I was on fire from head to toe. I wanted more and more of

With a chuckle, Mike steered me toward the bedroom and replied,
"I know, Katie. I could see that and I was very happy for you,
but right now, I'm happy for me and us because we're going to
bed and we may not get up until tomorrow.

I grabbed his hand and started running down the hall, pulling him
along as I said ... "Race you!"
End Part-3


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