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A story about a man that gets involved with a mother and her daughter, both who have a rather unique problem.
Now be warned, if you are not legally of age to read literature that involves sex, then you must not read this. If you are offended by sex between adults and underage children or by incest, then I would suggest that you read something else. Such conduct is not legal, [well in most places] and I certainly do not condone it or recommend it, in fact this is a complete work of fiction. I do not know anyone who has had an experience like this one, it is nothing but the writings of an author who's mind just comes up with this stuff. If you do read it, I hope you enjoy it. The author of this little story, [AJBaker] is not dead even though rumors have been spread that he is.

It all started with a look, but then I am sure that most relationships do. The problem though was that until it happened he had never strayed from the universal norm of sexual relations. Albert had always been a one woman man, never cheated on a partner, he was not bisexual, never had a threesome or been to an orgy, had never gone to swinger parties and rarely did he ever even have a one night stand, when he did it was because the girl initiated it. The truth was Albert was a bored heterosexual romantic that had a taste for a little bondage and discipline even though he enjoyed loads of relationships and even three marriages. In retrospect many of those failed because he was bored with his sex partners, with the exception of one girl that led him to tinkering with kink.
Albert was good in bed, just not kinky, and when opportunity knocked to try something new he vacillated because he was sure the girl did not really want to be tied up or knocked around or invite another partner into their bed. His upbringing would not allow him to be any different, he was taught to respect women and they all had their own pedestal where they were neatly tucked away believing it was the right thing to do.
He knows now how wrong he was. One girl had showed him a different world and then disappeared from his life. Now all he wanted was to find another woman like her that would stay with him.
If Albert could have all of those years back his life would have been very different knowing what he knows now. If you are a man that was raised like him in an uptight religious environment I want you to read this story so that you just might not waste so much of your sex life like Albert did.

The Girls With The Blue Eyes
Erotica written by A.J.Baker
Summer was finally over and after seven insufferable weeks of heat where Albert had to stay inside where it was air conditioned he was enjoying his lunches in a small park a block away from his office. The office was nothing more than one room in one of those places where you can lease space and it comes with a receptionist that everyone shares. Gwen was a BBW that was always smiling and happy and was endowed with a sultry voice that made people that phoned think she was really sexy. Albert loved the way she handled his clients and the way she was always happy to take messages for him when he was away from my office, something she did when Al left for lunch as well.
School was back in so the average age of the youngsters at the park was about four or five, but usually they were accompanied by young mothers, many of which were attractive enough to make my noon hour enjoyable. He never went anywhere without his laptop and of course his cell phone so in reality he was essentially at work wherever he went, and the park was no exception. He just set up on a picnic table in case of incoming emails or calls, and then would unpack his lunch [usually left-overs from the previous night's dinner] while looking around to see if his favorite young mothers were there.
He saw a couple of women with their kids but none that he really would make an effort to get into bed so he unpacked my left-over ginger beef and started eating while checking email accounts. Minutes later he heard a young female voice behind him. "Mister could you help me please?"
"Huh? Oh sorry you startled me. What is it?"
"My Frisbee is stuck in that tree and I can't reach it by myself." Albert half turned my head to see the prettiest, bluest eyes looking expectantly at him. She had long natural lashes that she batted at him as he stared at her beautiful smile that showed a bunch of pearly white teeth. The girl that owned the blue eyes could not have been more than ten or eleven, later on he found out she was just about to turn twelve.
"Well now, how did it get up in the tree?"
"I was practicing making it come back to me like a boomerang but it hit the branches and stayed there. See? It is on that low branch right there. Can you get it for me?"
"Hmm, that is nor really that low, it is even higher than I can reach. Is your mom or nanny not here?"
"Of course silly that is my mom over there, the one on the crutches."
"Ah, I see, well let me think, there must be some way to get up there. I don't suppose you climb trees, I could give you a boost."
"Mom won't let me. She is afraid I will hurt myself like she did. She fell off of a ladder."
"My goodness, did she break her leg?" Even though her mother was across the park and leaning against her mini-van Albert could tell that she was probably as pretty as the little girl who stood beside him. She had the same long black hair and her body was toned and shapely. She was dressed in sweats as if she was going jogging but that seemed to add to her attractiveness.
"She says it is a bad sprain. So are you going to help me or what?"
"Patience little one, I am figuring out a way to reach your Frisbee." Like all of the trees in the park the branches were cut so that the lowest branches were about seven feet from the ground, probably to prevent vandals from breaking them or maybe to give the park a more open and less foreboding appearance. Inner city parks were often like this these days because of crime and to keep the homeless from sleeping there. The branch that the orange disc rested on was even higher, probably eight feet.
"I could reach it if you put me on your shoulders."
"Maybe, you would probably have to stand on them though, do you think you could do that if I held you?"
"Yeah! That would be great!"
Honestly I was not over enthusiastic about this but there were no other men in sight so it was left up to me by default to help the young girl recover her toy.
"Tell you what, you run over and make sure that it is alright with your mother. Oh, ask her to give you one of her crutches, maybe we can use it to poke it off the branch."
"Cool, I will be right back mister. My name is Wendy."
"You can tell your mom that my name is Albert Jones."
"Okay Mr. Jones, I will hurry back. Thank you."
She ran across the grass towards where her mother was waiting for her proving to be cute even in the way her lithe little body moved as she ran full out. She was dressed as if she was in a private school, you know with the white blouse and pleated skirt to her knees with knee high white socks and a long tie that matched the skirt. Her longish black hair was tied behind her head so that she had a long ponytail that swayed back and forth as she ran. Each stride made her skirt bounce up exposing the backs of her thighs and making Albert wonder if her legs ever saw sunlight.
In three marriages Albert only had two kids, both boys so he never really had any experience with girls as children since being a boy myself. Watching Wendy run was a semi-erotic experience for the poor man as her ass seemed to move in sync with her hair. He had to give his head a shake to get some rather unwelcome thoughts out of his head before turning his attention to Wendy's mother in the hope that my lust was really for her.
The two of them were discussing Wendy's problem and it seemed obvious that her mother was none to pleased with her daughter because she had approached a stranger to help her. Albert turned back to the table where his laptop was still open and thought about getting back to work. Checking the time he realized that his break was almost over so what he had left would just have to be finished up when he returned to the office. Albert cursed softly as he had barely even had a bite to eat. He decided to call Gwen and ask her to take messages for him for the rest of the day if he did not come back, after all he really did not feel like working much today anyway.
There was a budding idea in his mind that just maybe he might get lucky and get to know the seemingly attractive mother of the little girl who wanted his help. After all one had to take advantage of these opportunities whenever they presented themselves, especially as he was now pushing forty and opportunity did not knock all that often. He hit the speed dial number on his cell that would put him in contact with Gwen and waited for her to answer.
Two rings and a low husky voice greeted him. "Hello darling, what can I do for you?" Albert could easily think it was a gorgeous sensual woman talking to him.
"Hi hon, I am taking the rest of the day off mostly because I have nothing to do. Can you take messages and text me if something you think important enough to bother me comes up?"
"Of course darling, I am always at your command. Whatever you are doing make sure you enjoy yourself! Bye for now."
"Gwen you are the best, lunch is on me tomorrow. You order for us and I will pay."
"Well a girl can't say no to an offer like that. See you tomorrow."
Albert smiled at his phone as he ended the call, he really appreciated Gwen for a lot of reasons the huge one being the way she always flirted with him in a way that made him feel good about himself. Her husband was a big ex-B.C. Lion football player who much like his wife seemed to always be in a great mood, always with a jovial smile and kind words for everyone he came in contact with. Al envied their relationship which came across as completely guileless and natural.
Suddenly he was reminded that he was committed to helping a young girl in need.
"Mr. Jones? Mom would like you to come and meet her after we get my Frisbee out of the tree. Are you ready?" He looked in the direction of her voice to see her standing with her feet wide apart and holding her mother's crutch like a Lacrosse stick. "Mom said we could try with her crutch first but if that does not work then it is okay for me to get up on your shoulders as long as we are careful."
"Okay then Wendy let's see if we can get lucky. Here hand me that crutch and I will see what I can do." What Wendy did next was completely unexpected. She knelt and held the crutch up to him much like a page might hand a sword to a knight. He grinned and took his weapon in both of his hands thinking that there was more to this young girl than he could imagine.
His eyes slipped downward and he found himself staring at her leg where her skirt had managed to bunch up right at the top of her leg exposing her smooth white flesh almost to her panty-line. It was not the leg of a woman, just a girl, but somehow he was fascinated by the sight of it to the point that he was aroused. It moved, not to straighten as she stood up but instead the knee moved away from her other leg as if to expose more skin, as if to keep his eyes glued to it.
"Mr. Jones." Her voice was low and way too sexy for a girl her age. "Mr. Jones you are staring. At my leg I think. Don't you know that is a very naughty thing to do? I bet you like it though. Should I show you more?"
"Oh my God, what are you doing? This is crazy!"
"Please don't be afraid. I like you looking at me this way."
Albert shook himself and found himself back in reality. He took the crutch and did what he had to do, turned his back on the scene that had mesmerized him briefly. He put it out of his mind and pretended it had not happened. By the time he had tried a few times to knock the round toy from the tree branch he was already sure it had all been his imagination. Wendy was acting like a young girl again cheering him on as he tried to shake the branch to loosen the Frisbee and then when he was unsuccessful she would say something like 'nice try' or 'too bad'.
"This is not going to work. I guess we will have to try something different."
"Should I get on your shoulders now?" She seemed perfectly delighted by the idea.
"I had better reach with the crutch. Maybe you could grab the end of the branch and shake it loose. Do you think you could do that while sitting on my shoulders?"
"Sure, I think so. How do you want me to get up there?"
"Stand on the table and then when you are secure I will walk you over there where you can reach that part of the branch that is bent down."
"Cool. This sounds like fun." Right away she climbed up on the table and positioned herself to climb up on his shoulders. She tried twice to scramble up his back from the table top but failed both times because where he had to stand made it difficult for her to reach. Finally he figured out that if he sat on the bench it would be a simple matter for her to get on his shoulders and then he just had to stand up and walk to the end of the branch.
Wendy managed to get on from behind but her skirt got caught between her legs and his back in such a way that it was uncomfortable for her. Without a second thought she wrenched it free and suddenly Albert was shrouded in darkness as the front of her black skirt flopped over his face like a hood.
"Wendy! You have to move your dress honey, it is blocking my sight." He dared not try moving it himself as he had already stood up and was holding her knees to keep her secure. Oddly it felt like the back of his neck was in contact with bare flesh. Bare flesh that seemed nice and warm if not just a touch damp. Could it be that she was not wearing panties?
She giggled as she moved her skirt back over the top of his head and scrunched it down behind his ears allowing him to see but leaving her seemingly bare pussy rubbing against his neck. "Euuhhh that tickles! You have scratchy neck Mr. Jones, it is really tickling my skin." Then she started moving her thighs on his shoulders so that she was rubbing her crotch against the back of his head.
"Mmm, that's better. Okay I am ready let's go get it horsey!" Wendy spanked his back as she attempted to urge him on. Albert took a couple of steps and then stopped.
"Little girl, settle down before you fall off or worse. And sit still!" He was getting close to putting her on the ground and forgetting about helping her. The whole thing was really becoming an unbearable situation for him with her squirming around and rubbing what he was now sure was her bare pussy against his neck and head. "If you don't sit still I will put you down and you can forget about your toy, understood?"
"Gosh Mr. Jones, I was only trying to make some fun. I don't have anyone that will play with me like this, I'm sorry." Now she sounded like she was going to cry. That would only make things worse. Albert held her ankles and went as quickly as he could to where she could grab the branch.
"Here we are, now just shake the branch until it comes loose. Good girl, see it has already fallen down." Instead of going back to the table, he knelt down so that he could get her off of his shoulders. Wendy slid off of him over his head and then stopped so that her skirt once again covered his head. He wanted to close his eyes, but he knew he had to look. He found himself looking in the darkness at the cutest little ass he could imagine. A completely bare, milky white preteen ass.
Quickly he pulled his head back out from under her but not before he started to sweat. He felt feverish but without a temperature, he felt shaky as he rose from his knees to where he was looking down at the little girl that somehow bothered him on a whole new level. For a moment he felt as if he was dirty, an old man that had taken advantage of the beautiful young girl standing before him and smiling up at him in gratitude.
Still, on another more sane level he knew that he was not the one who was guilty. He wondered what would cause someone so young to be so sexually aggressive especially with a stranger. He looked over his shoulder to see Wendy's mother watching them and he felt like she was seeing right through him, he felt like she knew he was aroused even though he did not want to be.
"Thank you so much Mr. Jones. Do you want to play catch with me? Mom can't because of her ankle."
"I, uh, well I would Wendy, except I am supposed to get back to my office." He lied to her but knew it was what he had to do. He had to lie or he would be lost.
"Look, mom is waving at us, I think she wants you to come over. Won't you come and meet her? I am sure she wants to thank you too."
"I suppose I could take a minute. Let me gather my things." He packed everything away in the backpack that he used when coming to the park. He always brought a blanket in case he wanted to take a nap on a warm day, and rain gear in case he was caught unawares by a sudden change in the weather. It was going to be the rainy season soon so he even had a pair of rubbers that slipped on over his shoes.
Wendy took his hand and seemed to skip and dance as she led him over to where her mother was standing and waiting for them. "I love it when the leaves start changing color don't you? Pretty soon they will fall off of the trees and that is sad, but until then everything is so colorful."
"Why aren't you in school? I mean the school year started almost three weeks ago. Is today some kind of holiday or something?"
"No silly, I am home schooled. Mom teaches me at home because I have some problems that make it difficult to be around a lot of people."
Albert wondered if she had some sort of terminal illness. That would explain a lot of things.
"I'm sorry, that must be hard for you. Do you have friends to play with after school? Like other girls in your neighborhood?"
"We live in that really tall apartment building over there. It is close enough to walk here but with mom's ankle being sprained we have been driving here for the last few days. We have seen you here a couple of times."
Before he could reply Wendy's mother was right before them having hobbled over to meet them. "Hi Mr. Jones, I am Diane, Wendy's mother. Thank you for helping her get her Frisbee down. It would have been easier to buy her a new one, but she insisted and as you probably already know, she is strong minded."
"Please call me Albert, Diane, and yes I did notice. I am sure she is a handful for you and your husband to raise."
"There is no husband, she is my girl alone. I wanted a daughter but could never find the man I wanted to marry so I found another way. Anyway Albert, we can't thank you enough for helping her and I would like to apologize for any discomfort she might have caused you. Wendy, could you go wait for me in the car please? I would like to talk to this nice man alone."
"Sure mom, no problem." She turned and hugged his leg before letting go of his hand. Once again he felt an unwanted rush of desire. "Thank you Albert." With that she was on her way to the car.
"I'm sorry, I can see I still have a way to go in teaching her respect for her elders. That is something I did not realize would be difficult raising her the way I do."
"It is not a problem Diane. She seems to be a delightful girl even if she seems to do a few things strangely. She said something about having a condition that prevents her from attending a school." He left that hanging as he dared not appear to be to nosey.
"I can see that Wendy really likes you. I know that she can be truly precocious most of the time, she is a girl that is very determined to get what she wants. I would like to tell you something, it is very unusual and private. Can I trust you?"
"I am not sure what you mean, of course you can trust me but could you give me some idea of what you want to say before you tell me everything. After all we have just met and suddenly I feel like I should be careful."
"Fair enough. Have you ever heard about preteen hyper-sexuality?"
"No, not really but I think I can figure out what it is just from the term."
"Well it is never as simple as that, I am a mother that has a daughter that has that problem. We have tried to get her help, doctors, therapists, all that kind of stuff. My last boyfriend left me because he was afraid of what might happen and how that would affect him."
"Wow, I don't know what to say, I'm sorry I guess."
"Thank you. Anyway, what happened here this afternoon was Wendy flirting with you. To be blunt, she wants you. As her mother it is my job to protect her, not just from a predator but also from her making a bad choice. Should I go on?"
"I'm not sure. This is kind of surrealistic. I have never given a thought to having any kind of sexual relationship with someone that is much younger than me. Even teenage girls have not been something I have been attracted to, not to mention someone as young as Wendy."
"Does the idea repulse you? Does Wendy repulse you?"
"It feels like you are interviewing me for the position of being her lover."
"And that makes you uncomfortable."
"I, we, we don't want to make you uncomfortable so if you think it is best, let's just say that if you want to know more it is your decision. We can just mark this up to a kind man helping a damsel in distress and leave it at that. Wendy will be disappointed of course, but she has shown she can be resilient, I am sure she will get over it quickly."
"Thank you. I admit I am curious, but things like this get men in a lot of trouble and I have a business that I have to worry about. It was nice meeting both of you. Good luck, I mean that. You seem to have quite a lot to deal with. I admire your courage."
"Albert you have no idea. I really hate to leave it at this, could we maybe take you to dinner just to say thanks?"
"Hmm, it would be nice to have company that is not trying to pitch me for something just for a change. Let me think on it. Take my card and call me, a harmless bite to eat would give me a chance to satisfy my curiosity if nothing else."
"I'm glad you see it that way. I'll call you around five, is that okay?"
"Absolutely. I will decide by then."
"Great. Wendy, come here and say goodbye to Mr. Jones, and behave yourself."
"Yes mom." Wendy scooted out of the passenger side of the car and went over to where they were standing. She held out her hand to shake his and when he took it in his she solemnly shook it. "Thank you, sir. I am sorry for the way I acted. Mom says that I sometimes forget my manners."
"That is quite alright young lady. Everyone forgets themselves sometimes. I know I do even at my age."
"It is not like you are all that old. Mom's last boyfriend was way older."
"Wendy! That isn't nice, besides Bill was very nice."
"If you say so mom. Can we go now? I have school work to do."
After another round of goodbyes Albert watched the mother/daughter team walk to the car and drive off, both of them talking animatedly as they discussed something. Probably him he thought before leaving the park and heading home to his house that was located close by. He liked having everything in his life close by so that he could walk where he had to.
For the next few hours he used his PC to research hyper-sexuality in the hope of getting a better idea what he might be in for if he agreed to let them take him to dinner. He was surprised to find that it was not that rare of a thing both for young girls and boys. He was even more surprised to find that most pundits were in agreement that the parents of said children should not discourage their kids, but that they should be open with them while listening to them as they ask questions about sex. Some even encouraged finding a proper teacher for the child, someone that could guide them without screwing up their young impressionable minds.
It was a lot to take in, but Albert found that he was not only intrigued but he had the hots for Diane. After all she was an adult woman that was very sexy in her own right. Maybe she had a bit of hyper-sexuality herself. One could hope.
By the time Diane phoned, Albert had convinced himself that he should take a chance that he could develop a relationship with her while being an understanding and helpful mentor for Wendy. He would be able to explain things to her such as how men felt, and how there were some that would use her while not caring for her. He could even advise her that there were ways to take care of her needs that did not involve fucking a man. He felt good about it when he agreed to meet them for dinner at a local Red Robins.

Chapter 2

"Welcome to Red Robin Sir! Is it just yourself tonight or are you meeting someone?"
The girl greeting him was the typical energetic over-friendly hostess that always seemed to be in that type of restaurant. The one thing that Albert appreciated about them was that they were always eye candy even though way to young for him.
"Actually I am meeting someone, a couple of cute brunettes, a mother and daughter. Might I look around to see if they are already here?"
"Of course, but I think I know who you mean. Diane and Wendy, right?"
"Yes, are they here then?"
"Right this way Sir, they just arrived moments ago and Diane asked for a booth at the back that is sort of private. At least until it gets really busy around seven or so. You should have lots of time before that and this is usually a quiet night anyway. Your waitress will be Sammy, she is one of our most asked for waitresses."
"Well then Glenda lead the way." Her name tag was prominent on a rather nicely stacked bosom. Albert liked name tags as it gave him an excuse to look at her chest without being pervy. He also liked the way her curvaceous ass moved as he followed her through the restaurant to where the girls were waiting for him.
"Can I tell Shawna what you would like to drink Sir?" The booth was private enough although Diane was sitting in the center of one bench while Wendy had left room for him to sit beside her. He was not sure if that bode well for his plan or not.
"I think a winter ale if you have it, if not a pint of Ricker's Red would be excellent."
"Ricker's it is then, we don't stock winter ale for another month or so. Shawna will be right with you, enjoy your evening."
Albert was relieved to see that both Diane and Wendy were smiling happily at him. He had been a bit afraid that the beginning of this night might be more than awkward. "Hi girls, nice to see you again. I hope you don't mind me having a beer. I never thought to ask if you drink Diane."
"Nice to see you to Albert, and yes I do, the waitress is bringing me a Bacardi Coke."
"I am getting a Virgin Pina Colada," Wendy added emphasizing 'virgin'. "Do you like virgins? Drinks I mean."
"Wendy, remember what we talked about, don't tease Mr. Jones."
"Yes mom, I really was talking about drinks."
"No, you were not, now do as I asked so that he does not just get up and run away."
"It's okay Diane. I think I understand a little better now. Ah, here comes Shawna with our drinks. Have you looked at the menu yet? I already know what I want to order."
"You go ahead, it won't take us a moment."
"Here are your drinks. My name is Shawna and I will be serving you this evening. Would you like to hear our specials?"
"Thank you Shawna, I know what I want but maybe the girls would like to hear about them."
"We are fine with the menu Shawna, Albert why not go ahead and order while Wendy and I decide."
"Fine, Shawna, I will have your Prime Rib Burger with the whiskey barbecue sauce, fried mushrooms, nice and crispy mind you, and on the burger I want an extra thick slice of old cheddar, raw onion, tomato and bacon."
"Mmm, sounds good will that be everything for you? Soup, salad, an appetizer maybe?"
"Oh yes, a rib appetizer would be nice, do you have the long ones?"
"I could ask chef for you."
"Great, if not the baby backs will do."
"Have you ladies decided?"
"Exactly the same for me, it sounds delicious."
"Me too please, but could I have shrimp instead of ribs for an appetizer?"
"Fried shrimp?"
"Oh yes please!" Wendy seemed absolutely delighted with everything she was going to get for dinner, as if eating the same as the adults was a treat for her. Shawna gathered up the menus and left to place their order, promising to check on them in a few moments. Albert had to restrain himself from following her lithe form as she walked invitingly to the back of the dining room.
"She is very pretty, yes?" The question came from Diane but the surprising thing about it was that she was watching the waitress walk away as if she might have been the appetizer.
"Hm? Oh right, so Albert Wendy and I are very happy that you decided to join us. It has been quite awhile since we have had the pleasure of male company for any reason. Did you get much work done since we saw you?"
"I really did not have anything pressing to do so I did some research into what you told me earlier, but that conversation is for another time. For now why don't we just talk about anything else, let's get to know each other a bit."
"Are you married? I don't see a ring but mom says some people don't wear them."
"I have been, a couple of times in fact. I have been single for a few years though."
"Do you have a girlfriend?" Wendy seemed to be in charge of questioning him, or perhaps she was just so guileless that she never gave a thought to letting her mother talk first.
"No, Wendy I do not have a girlfriend at the moment. I am not sure that I am even looking for one. Maybe if the right lady happened along I would look."
"Cool, so then we are all single people. I might be looking for a boyfriend. Mom too."
"Wendy, why must you always say things like that. I am sure that Albert is not interested in us, maybe as friends. Anyway, we are just treating him to dinner because he was so helpful and understanding. So calm down sweetie."
"I know mom, but if we don't put it out there, then he would not know that we are available and that we like him, right?"
Albert was beginning to feel odd as they talked about him so he sipped on his Ricker's as he followed the conversation. When the opportunity arose, he butted in to change the subject.
"So Wendy, how is it you are being home schooled instead of attending a school?" Right away he realized his mistake. He already knew the answer but now he had opened the door to talk about it, he cursed his stupidity in his mind and waited for the little vixen to fill him in.
"The thing is Albert, she could go to a school, but it is far away and very expensive. I prefer to have her close to me and not in a private school setting. Thankfully she is eager to learn and is a very apt student. Wendy gets her work done before the deadlines I set for her more often than not."
"Mom really makes learning interesting and fun."
"Well, I try. I remember how hard and boring classroom learning was so I try to challenge her as much as I can. With nice rewards if she does well. Like taking her to the park to exercise and play as well as movie nights and small trips."
"How do you manage all of this and work as well?"
"I work at home. I use the internet to buy and sell whatever seems like a good deal. I do well enough I guess but I will never get rich doing it."
"That must take a lot of work. Research and stuff."
"Wendy is helpful and some of the things I do fits into some of the lessons that she has so she helps me while she is learning."
Dinner came and the conversation continued and to Albert's relief never went back to anything remotely sexual. By the time Shawna was clearing the plates the small group was having a great time trading stories and seemed to becoming friends.
When the bill came, Albert insisted he pay. "I am sorry but I really would feel better if you allowed me to pay the bill. You can make it up another way, this turned into such a nice evening for me I would be riddled with guilt if you paid."
"That is very kind of you Albert. I have an idea, it is not so late and I have a nice bottle of Cabernet that I am dying to try, would you care to join us and help a girl out?" Albert had begun to hope for something like this. Diane was really quite interesting and he did not want the evening to stop so soon.
"Oh please come Mr. Jones! We could have so much fun. I promise I will be good."
"Well, okay then, I am having fun and would hate for it to stop just now. Should we stop and get anything else? Dessert maybe?"
"No, I have just the thing in my fridge. Shall we go?"
"Just let me leave a tip for Shawna and we are good to go."
Wendy quickly slipped her hand into his as they stood up from the table and then put her other hand in her mother's giving them the appearance of a family leaving the restaurant. Glenda and Shawna were at the door to see them off and both of them smiled knowingly at the trio's backs. "He is going to get lucky tonight, that woman really has the hots for him."
"I know, hell I would do her if I had the chance myself." Shawna was not unaware of the looks she got from Diane.
The walk to Diane's condo was about four blocks, most of which found Wendy skipping ahead as she circled trees and lampposts, or lagging behind while she stopped to pet a dog or try to entice a grey squirrel to eat from her hand. Albert found himself both amused and captivated by this young beauty that was so adult, almost controlling and then in the wink of an eye she was the little girl she was supposed to be.
"How much of what you told me about her does she know?"
"Everything, we discuss it often because I do not what there to be any secrets or misunderstanding between us. Mostly she is this little girl, fun, smart, playful, but sometimes it gets bad for her. She gets so horny, so obsessive with her needs, but thankfully we find ways to curb her lust until it is gone. The problem is that as she gets older the harder it becomes and I worry that she will just go out one day and find a man to fuck her."
"Wow, that sounds terrible. What about professional help, there must be something they can do."
"Drugs mostly. I don't want that for her. There are therapists and support groups, some of them are for the parents even. Mostly it just comes down to me and her, her and I. Listen Albert, I know that I am asking a lot especially considering that you do not even know us yet, but we all seem to be hitting it off so well, could you find it in your heart to be our friend?"
"Diane, I don't know what to say. I want to be, god knows there are things going on here that intrigue me but I know I am not equipped to deal with something like this. Honestly I have had thoughts that scare the hell out of me and then there is the attraction that I have to you. I have no idea what to do."
"Me? Oh, I had not even considered that." She stopped to look at him as if she was seeing him for the first time. "I have been so wrapped up in her problem that I never really considered anything for myself."
"So does that mean that you and I are not a possibility?"
"Not at all, but it sort of complicates things in one way. In another way it might make other things easier. This is my building, let me rope in the whirling dervish so we can go up to my suite."
Twenty minutes later Diane and Albert were comfortably sipping wine in her very cozy living room. The furnishings were more what one would expect in a man's den than in a place inhabited by two females, but it had the advantage of putting Albert at ease almost as soon as he entered. Diane was a very nice hostess, making sure that he had his choice of where to sit and she was pleased that he chose to sit on the couch giving her the choice to sit with him or by herself in the big comfy arm chair. Of course she sat herself in the center of the sofa leaving a foot of empty space between them.
She handed him the bottle of wine and a corkscrew as a rather subtle ploy making him the man of the house for the moment. While he opened the wine she could see that he was well schooled in how to properly use a corkscrew. "I can tell you have done that a few times, do you enjoy drinking wine?"
"Very much so. In fact it has always been a prerequisite in the women I have dated that they enjoy it as well. There is something very sensual about wine, especially the red ones, that I find enhances the art of lovemaking."
"Art of lovemaking? What do you mean by that?"
Albert was a bit uncomfortable that the topic of conversation had turned to this so soon, but he decided to forge ahead and find out where they ended up. "Well, in a nutshell, anyone can fuck, but lovemaking takes a lot more. Mood, communication, time, imagination, patience, even an attention to detail. I find that the buzz you get from a few glasses of wine is enough to not only set the mood but it helps to lower one's inhibitions allowing a person to relax and communicate better."
"Very interesting. I like the way you think, and the way you put things. What you just said is something that I want in a man, not just for myself but for Wendy as well."
"You want a man that will ply her with alcohol and then take advantage of her?"
"Silly man, of course not, I hope that her first lover will be a man that thinks the way you do. I would not want her first experience with a man to be disappointing in such a way that she feels she was robbed of her virginity. I want her to know what a wonderful experience lovemaking is when it is with a caring and knowledgeable lover."
"Wow. You really have given a lot of thought to this whole matter."
"I have had to. You see, there is something that I have not told you yet. Can I trust you Albert? Can I tell you some very personal things without the fear of you judging me or hurting me?"
"I think so Diane, I know that I am already starting to be quite fond of you, and Wendy."
"Good, I feel like I need to really tell you the whole story. It has been a long time since I felt I could open up to anyone. Somehow I feel that I can trust you."
"Thank you. I really would like to know everything you are willing to share. By the way I think this wine is very good. I am not familiar with the label though."
"No, you wouldn't be, it is a sample of a new winery in California. I am hoping to get the rights to distribute it here in Canada. I did mention that I sort of buy and sell online, this is the type of thing that I am always looking for. Products that are exclusive either in the province or in Canada. Especially if they can be drop shipped straight from the maker."
"You can make a living doing that? Maybe I should look into it myself, I seem to have way too much time on my hands especially when the real estate marked is slow."
"We never talked about what it is you do, might I ask?"
"I am a mortgage broker. I have agents that when they sell a house and want the client fast tracked for a mortgage so they can close, well they call me. I find the right lender to match up with their client and presto, approved mortgage and I get a fee from both ends."
"And how is the market these days?"
"Mostly okay, it was nuts before the Olympics and for a while afterwards, but it has leveled out. Thankfully new construction has slowed down and demand is starting to become higher than the supply. I had a good run for a few years so I am set for a while even if the bottom does drop out."
"It must be nice, I have to worry about every cent on every deal just to make sure I meet my profit margin and keep myself afloat. Funny thing is that having Wendy at home seems to make my business much easier."
"Speaking of Wendy, why is she not joining us?"
"Because I asked her to let us talk for a while, I am sure she will be back bothering us before long. I should finish what I wanted to tell you before that happens."
"Okay, you have my complete attention." Actually that was a bit of a lie because part of his attention was on her body. Here in her home she seemed even more desirable to him, maybe it was the beer and wine, but sitting close to him she was very arousing.
"This condition of hers was inherited from me. I as her age when I became obsessed with sex without anyone knowing it was something other than a girl being a slut. I was crazy and was fucking anyone I could con into it including relatives, boys, men, teachers from school and the list goes on. I had an abortion before I was fourteen and have no idea who the father was. Wendy was planned but her father was kept from knowing about her, his involvement in her life was and is unnecessary."
"I see now why you are so adamant about who she learns from, from what I can tell you are the perfect mother for a girl like her."
"That is nice of you to say. My own mother never understood anymore than I did. One of my earlier conquests was her younger brother, she found out about it and has never forgiven him. She still thinks that he seduced me. As far as Wendy is concerned, I do not discuss her with mother the few times that I talk to her."
"There are a whole lot of problems and levels of problems involved in this. I would never even have considered things like that. How does Wendy feel about it all."
"It would be best if she explained that herself, but I can tell you this. She is smart and she is very aware of things. She has somehow developed a very mature way of figuring things out and making good decisions. I sure was not like that when I was her age."
"Maybe it is because you have experience and you are not afraid to share what you know with her. That takes a lot of guts as a parent you know. Most of us do not realize that being open is a better way to protect our young than just telling them what to do because it is good for them."
"I like to think so. For that reason, her and I have talked extensively about how this is going to work out, if we can find a man that fits our criteria and is willing."
"And at this moment, you think or hope that I might be such a man?"
"Well, it would be nice. I know that it would not take much for you to get me into bed right now but I would not care to just yet. Not without you giving this arrangement a lot of thought."
"The arrangement being that I make love to your daughter as well. That is a lot to think about. I had sort of decided that I could handle being a mentor if you will, a person that could give her a male perspective on her problem. You know, help her to realize that it is better if she wait until she is older so that she could be with someone closer to her own age."
"For you this is sudden, something that yesterday never entered your mind and I am not asking that you get up and go into Wendy's room and start teaching her about sex. I have taught her most of what she needs to know. I have brought her along slowly and carefully knowing from experience what her suffering is like. The reason we are talking at all is because she picked you, and after the evening we have had I agree with her choice. Just give us a chance and think about it."
"Too bad there is not a handbook for this sort of thing. Diane, I can't say that I am sexually attracted to her. I mean she is pretty for her age, but it is her age and I have never been stimulated by young girls. I think that takes a special kind of man. I like you, and maybe in a few years she would grow into a woman that would truly arouse me."
"I kind of hoped that the reactions I thought I saw today were not my imagination. I could swear that there was evidence of arousal, I was wrong?"
"Since I am being honest, no, you were right, but it was a physical response. Something like this needs more than that don't you think?"
"But isn't it a start? Don't most relationships start with a physical response to something you find attractive about the person you are looking at? Or maybe the way someone touches you, or responds to you touching them?"
"I don't have the answers, I am sorry."
Both of them were silent for awhile as the conversation seemed to reach a point where neither of them knew what to say next. Finally Diane finished her glass of wine and then sighed. "I suppose there is merit in that idea, but I doubt it would work out. I should check on her, it is not like her to be this quiet this long. Let me fill your glass before I go."
"Thank you. Do you want me to come with you?"
"No, I am sure she is fine. I will be right back."
As she got up to leave the room, Albert watched her as she walked away and once again he felt a bit of regret. Such a fine looking sexy woman with an openness he did not think many women had. He wondered if he was being a prude. As he took another drink of the wine he thought that he would like to buy a case of it. Sometimes it was nice to be able to give a bottle to a client as a thank you to show his appreciation for their business, kind of a house warming gift.
At any rate it was good wine and becoming a customer of Diane's might help to cement a lasting relationship with her. He knew he was inviting trouble for himself just by being in their home because his willpower really was never much. His lack of it was more the reason that he was a single man at the age of thirty-nine as he tended to go with the flow of things in his life. That meant partying when he should not have been, or indulging his desires when he should have gone home to his wife or girlfriend.
Albert felt that he had matured and grown over time, but the reality was he had accumulated more knowledge, become more empathetic and understanding, but he still had a problem saying no even when he knew he should.
He could hear voices from where the bedrooms were located, it sounded like someone was crying. He lost his resolve completely and rose to his feet to go and investigate. As he approached the entrance to the hallway Diane appeared from its depths.
"Oh Albert I was just coming to tell you that I must ask you to leave."
"Really? Is Wendy alright?"
"No, she is crushed. She thinks that you do not like her or that you do not think she is pretty. She will see things differently but right now she had her hopes pinned on you because we all had such a good time. Trouble is she was listening to us talking. She heard everything. I think it is best that you go now. I am so sorry for the way things worked out."
"Does this mean you do not want to see me again?"
"I can only do what is best for my daughter, surely you understand. Can we still trust you with our secret?"
"Of course, but I admit I am confused. It is not like I have made up my mind and said no to everything. You have to admit that it is a lot for a guy to work through. I hope you will take my call and agree to see me at least once more."
"Yes, okay. You are right it is a lot. But promise me that you will leave well enough alone if you decide that there is no way you can see things the way we need you to see them."
"Agreed. Diane, give me a few days, at least until the weekend to see how I feel."
"Thank you Albert. Wendy and I both hope that you will be calling."
"Please tell Wendy that I am sorry, I really do think she is pretty and I really do like her. I like both of you."

Chapter 3
The next few days went by far to slowly for Albert. He was as busy with work as he normally was and even had a very large mortgage go through giving him a better than average week. The problem was that he could not get his mind off of Wendy and Diane. He found himself wanting to call them more than a few times, but he knew it would not be fair if he did without knowing what he was willing to do.
It was Friday morning when a courier dropped of his latest cheque, the one for the mortgage on the house in Point Grey. He felt sad and kind of dull as he sat looking at it on his desk. Normally he would have been elated and would have been making plans to celebrate, all he really wanted to do was call Diane and invite them to dinner. He was facing the reality of his loneliness.
He fiddled with the phone as he thought about making the call. He thought up excuse after excuse in an effort to find a legitimit one he could use but it always came back to his word that he would not call unless he was willing to make love to a preteen girl. He slammed his fist on the desk in frustration as he wondered how this could be happening to him. "Why am I even thinking about it!?" he said aloud. "This is just ridiculous, quit lying to yourself and call them. You knew the moment you felt her bare pussy on your neck that you wanted her!" The phone ringing at that moment made him jump.
"AJB Mortgages, Albert speaking."
"Al, it's Bill. You were telling me about that great wine you tried the other day. Any chance you can tell me where to get some? I want to give a couple of bottles to the Bensons. In fact you raved about it so much I was hoping to get a couple of cases, you know how I like to keep my cellar stocked up."
"That is probably why I told you in the first place. Tell you what I will give you her number and you can try her yourself directly. Sound good?"
"Excellent, I will send you a bottle as well, two it is as good as you say."
Two hours later his phone rang again, this time it was Diane. "Hi Albert. I had to call you for the referral. Your friend Bill came over and bought three cases of wine after he tried it. I only have one case left and I have to order more."
"Perfect, glad I could help. Actually I would like to buy that case if you want to sell it to me."
"Of course. I was not expecting to sell it all so fast, I am pleased that you like it."
"I do, I was going to ask you the other night, but things sort of went sideways and I forgot to ask before I left. How is the little one doing?"
"She has been harassing me daily to call you, but I told her that you needed space and time. Sunday is her birthday and because it is a long weekend I was planning on taking her to dinner. The Marriott puts on a pretty good Thanksgiving turkey buffet."
"Wow, that is a real coincidence. Monday is my birthday."
"You're kidding. What are the chances of that?"
"You know Diane, I really want to see the both of you again. Would you join me for dinner? I cook a serious Turkey and it has been years since I have had the pleasure of doing so."
"You mean dinner at your place?"
"Unless you want your kitchen destroyed, yes. What do you think?"
"Does this mean you have come to a decision?"
"I can't think of a better way to celebrate two birthdays and Thanksgiving than with two beautiful sexy girls."
"Can we bring anything?"
"That sounds like a yes to me. Could you drum up some sort of dessert and maybe some snacks if you want to come early?"
"I can't tell you how happy this is going to make Wendy. I can say that I am really please myself. She is going to go nuts when I tell her."
"So Sunday at my place it is. Well, I had better get hustling and get some shopping done. Should I stop by and pick up the wine?"
"I can bring it if you like."
"Now I am the one that is anxious to see you."
"Good, the more anxious the better. It has been a long week waiting for you to call."
When he hung up the phone he realized two things immediately. He was smiling for the first time in days, and he was hard as a rock. It was a relief to finally know what his true feelings were even though he still had no idea how he should go about acting upon them.
At least now he had things to do in preparation for having company for dinner, first he had to find a turkey, maybe one that had been boned. Albert had always wanted to cook one of those. He started making a list of everything he was going to need and then he realized he had to go shopping for a twelve year old girl. What would he buy for her? Sex toys?

Chapter 4
Wendy felt like she could walk on air. Finally she was going to find out what it was like to be with a man. She was sure it was going to be better than making out with her mom although she really enjoyed that. Her mother was so good to her and had been making Wendy feel better for over a year now, but even she told her that when they found the right man then everything would be so much better. She had even gone to great lengths to make sure they had fun without doing anything that would take away her virginity.
Many times she had pleaded with her mother to fuck her with a dildo, but she had refused and had even made her promise not to do it to herself. It was hard sometimes, she was so horny all the time. Diane promised her that it would be worth it to wait. "I want so much for you darling, I want it to be so much better for you than it was for me. There were too many boys and men that had me before I really started enjoying sex, and it was years before a man made love to me. That was the game changer."
The two of them had just finished playing 69 and were cuddling on mom's bed when she told her daughter about the man that had changed her life. He was older like Albert. Diane had met him while working at a shop where the owners imported all sorts of things from all over the world from nick-nacks to furniture. Diane loved that job because she found she had a knack for sales and she met all sorts of men and women, some of which she found ways to meet up with after work.
Never had she seduced anyone in the shop, she respected the couple she worked for too much, but sometimes she found it to hard to resist flirting with them. After about a year of employment there Jack walked into the store and she fell in love. He was from Australia and his accent sent shivers down her back until she was virtually vibrating with lust. He was there to see if he could interest the owners in a line of products like boomerangs and other things made by the aboriginal people from his country.
Of course she let him know that she was interested in him, and he found her impossible to resist. His stay in Vancouver was only for three days, but in that three days he taught her how a man should really treat a woman in bed and out. He was so tender and attentive. He took his time while exploring her body so that he finally knew every spot that gave her pleasure, then he caressed, licked, kissed and sucked each spot in ways she never imagined. He would bring her to the brink of orgasm and then slow down almost driving her crazy before starting again until when she did cum, it was the most earth shattering pleasurable experience a girl could ever hope for.
Diane never held back from her daughter, never lied to her or told her she was not old enough to discuss something. She patiently listened to everything her girl had to say, answered every question the best she could, and gave her the best sex education a woman could give to someone so precious to her. Wendy was allowed every indulgence possible with the exception of a few things. Absolutely no drugs, and when it came to alcohol she was allowed somewhat watered down wine with dinner when at home.
On her part, Wendy explicitely obeyed her mother in every matter. She had found out during her button pushing stage in life when she was exploring her boundaries, that only honesty and obedience worked with her mother. The cool thing was that she was always told the whys of everything. She was given a reason that helped her see what was best. She could not have loved her mother more.
Now finally it was only a bit more than a day and she was going to maybe get an answer to the way her subconscious seemed to rule her body and make her so fucking horny that it was just not fair. She knew it was not going to cure her, if anything it could make it worse. Hopefully it would just take her one big step closer to being able to control whatever it was like her mother was able to do.
She considered masturbating. Her hairless little cunt was not only tightening as it seemed to shake and vibrate, but it was also wet and lubricated as if it knew that soon a nice warm hard cock was going to bury itself inside and stretch her out. Instead she started practicing the breathing exercises her mother had taught her to help her relax and gain control of herself. They did not always work, but luckily today they did.
She had been waiting patiently for her mother to finish her business on the computer. Her mother's demeanor had changed greatly since she had talked to Mr. Jones, even before that when the gentleman had bought the cases of wine on Albert's advice. Maybe her mother had known then that Albert had made his mind up to join them.
Whatever it was, Diane had been humming happily while she worked and every-time she lifted her head to look at Wendy she smiled warmly. Finally, she turned away from the monitor and rose to her feet.
"Young lady, get changed to go out. We have some shopping to do. Now I can tell you everything and I will on the way to the mall, but one thing I am dying to share with you is that we will be celebrating two birthdays as well as Thanksgiving, so we must see if we can find something nice for Albert for a birthday present."
"You mean his birthday is the same day as mine?"
"Close enough, the day after actually. He claims to be turning forty. I thought he was closer to thirty-five so I guess that means he is aging well. So you can start thinking about what you would like to get for him. It cannot be too expensive, we still have to worry about our money, so remember it is the thought you put into it that truly matters."
"Wow, this is going to be tough. I have only bought gifts for you before and that is easy because I know you so well."
"I know, shopping for a man is really difficult. Maybe not knowing him well will make it easier, after all we can't be blamed if we do buy him something he has no use for. We also have to buy ingredients for making dessert."
"Can we make tiramisu? I love that so much and it is not that hard to do."
"Good idea. I will get the recipe card so we can pick up the ingredients. Wendy I can't tell you how excited I am. I have a good feeling about this weekend."
Meanwhile Albert was just beginning his shopping. His first stop was a lingerie store in the downtown core where he knew he would find a good selection of sexy wear for a petite body. He might not know what little girls liked, but he did know that women always like to feel and look sexy. He had always had good taste in sexy wear.
When he entered the shop he was greeted cheerily by a young blonde salesgirl who did not mind using her nubile body to tease a male customer while using her eyes to invite him to all sorts of possibilities. He explained that he was buying for a new girlfriend that was very petite so could she show him the very best they had? Her smile said it all as she led him to the section of the store where racks of wispy colorful treats hung for him to peruse. She left him alone to look around after telling him to just call if he needed help.
It did not take him very long to find something he liked because he was specifically looking for blue lingerie. It looked like a girdle in a way but it was not made to make the waist smaller, it was more like a decoration for it. It was two shades of blue, one of which almost matched Wendy's eyes and it was trimmed with black lace and black satin. It had to be the most beautiful piece of lingerie Albert had ever seen, plus it was available in a petite size. After asking the salesgirl for some help she explained to him that it was a mini-dress garter. They were able to find a pair of long blue satin gloves that went perfectly with the lingerie as well as thigh high stockings that were blue with black lace tops that went perfectly with his choice. He wondered if he should buy panties and a bra, but she seemed to not care for panties and really had no need for a bra.
Pleased with his purchase, he paid for it in cash and gave the salesgirl a nice tip for her help. Her offer to wrap it for him was accepted happily as gift wrapping was not one of his skills. Then he asked the girl for some advice on what to buy for a twelve year old girl who was having a birthday. He confided that it was the daughter of his new girlfriend and he was really clueless. She suddenly became even friendlier, as she brushed up against him when she passed him to go behind the counter for the wrapping paper.
"Well, girls always like clothes, cell phones and tablets seem to be a big thing for that age group. Of course there is make-up, finger nail polish and perfume. It depends on how liberal her mother is if you buy any of those things though. I would ask her if I were you. Then you would not disappoint."
"Of course, I guess I knew that, but I sort of wanted to surprise her."
"The other thing that is safe and appreciated, is a gift certificate. There is a store just down the street that caters to tweens, maybe buying her a certificate from there would be good."
"You have been great Melanie, thank you for all your help. I will be back next time I need to get something really sexy."
"Do you mean lingerie or did you have something else in mind."
"Hmm, very good question."
Albert loved women that flirted outrageously with him, it was harmless and sometimes it even led to a few hours of fun. He took the card she offered him with her name and what appeared to be her cell number written on the back. "Thank you again Melanie, my name is Albert, just in case something does come to mind."
"I hope it does." He left the store feeling good about himself, turning forty and young women still hit on him. He never understood it, he was not particularly handsome. He dressed the best he could without being to obvious, he always kept himself neat, shaved daily and got his hair cut once a month. He was in good enough shape that he looked good in the clothes he bought off the rack. Other than that it was a mystery to him why girls in their twenties always seemed to take the time to tease him.
He really did not want to get Wendy a gift certificate, clothes were out of his field of expertise for girls her age so he decided that a tablet would be the best bet, so he made his way to the closest Best Buy. Checking his watch he realized it was important to make sure of the turkey so he called the butcher that he sometimes used to see if he could get something from him. Once again luck was with him, he ordered a 16 pound fresh bird, agreed to pay the extra for having it boned and then placed an order for sausage meat and bacon.
By the time he got home he was exhausted, more mentally than physically, but he had everything that he needed for preparing dinner plus he had a nice tablet for Wendy. He was surprised by how much money he had spent but when he considered it, an evening at Gotham's would have cost just as much for a lot less. He had dropped close to five hundred for wine and dinner for two plus a generous tip more than once there.
As he unpacked everything he found himself wishing that it was already Sunday. Now that he knew he was going to do it he could barely contain his anticipation. He was hard more than soft as if he was on Cialus. This was new territory for him, even when he was young he had never been so wrapped up in a sexual adventure. He hoped he did not fuck it up.
He poured himself a beer partly because he was thirsty but also substituted it for half of the fluid needed in his recipe for his seafood aspic. It only took him twenty minutes to prepare it to the point it had to cool down before refrigerating it. Now there was nothing to do but find a way to kill off the rest of his evening.
Online poker killed a couple of hours and he made enough money to cover half the nut for what he had spent already that day. He was tempted to try for more, but thoughts of Wendy and Diane playing strip poker with him started to distract him so he logged off of Pokerstars and opened a bottle of wine. There were no new movies on TV for him to watch so he decided to do a little surfing with the idea of looking at younger models in the hope of finding someone that resembled Wendy.
After an hour he gave it up, he was not really into surfing porn sites anyway. Like most things in his life he had already made up his mind as to what he enjoyed on the computer and spending endless hours being diverted to other sites and fighting the pop-ups was not something that he enjoyed at all. He had memberships in a couple of quality sites like MetArt but other than that most of his time on the computer was business or playing poker.
Albert really did not have any close buddies anymore and he missed that. There was no one to really talk to, but then even a really close friend might not get what he was going to do and even he did not completely understand it. Part of him was doing it for his own base desires while the rest of him was taking the high road of convincing himself that he was doing the right thing for two girls with a unique problem. Two girls that could very well have found someone that was not as nice as he was.
After all, he would never do anything to physically harm either of them, and he would do his best to not hurt them emotionally. He was deep in thought when the ringtone of his cell phone brought him abruptly out of it. "Hello?"
"Hello, Mr. Jones, this is Wendy. Please don't be mad at me for calling you. Mom wasn't sure that I should."
"No, no it is alright kitten. In fact I was just thinking about you and your mom. So what is up, I hope you are not calling to cancel our dinner party. I have already started preparations."
"Actually I am calling to tell you how happy I am. This is going to be the greatest birthday party ever!"
"Oh shit, I was thinking of it as Thanksgiving dinner. I should have thought of a cake!"
"You are so funny. We don't need a cake, besides mom and I have already made dessert. It is kinda like a cake. Like cheesecake only better."
"Mmm, sounds good to me. So what are you girls doing tonight?"
"We are so bored. Waiting until Sunday to see you is just so hard."
"I know what you mean. I have been feeling trapped in my house all evening. It is like waiting for Christmas morning when I as a kid."
"Really? That is kind of what I was thinking. Oh, I just remembered, mom told me it is your birthday on Monday! How weird is that? I mean what are the chances?"
"Yeah, it is quite the coincidence. I really had not even planned to celebrate this year."
"How can you not celebrate a birthday? That is just wrong in so many ways."
"Not to sound like a complainer, but I just don't have people in my life that want to celebrate with me. I mean they would but only if I asked. So going out to dinner or going to a club just to get drunk is just kind of boring and insincere."
"You mean you don't have any friends? I know what that is like. I am kind of the same way. Can I ask you something personal. I promise I won't get mad if you say no."
"Of course you can ask. If I can't answer, I will at least tell you why."
"Do you think that we should do this? I mean is it something that you really want to do?"
"Hmm, you ask the tough ones. Okay, this is what I think. It was not an easy thing for me to come to the decision to risk everything to make love to a beautiful young girl, a girl that I barely know at all. Your mom explained a lot to me about you, and her, and so I thought about what it meant. I thought about how I could get into serious trouble for doing it, and then I thought about what it meant if I did not want to go through with this."
"Was that an answer?"
"Silly, no, I am getting to that. I think you are a very beautiful and special girl that has needs beyond her control and that you need the right man to help you. A good man that has nothing but your safety and your ultimate pleasure on his mind. I think that I am or can be that man so it becomes my responsibility to be the one. Besides, I like you and your mother. I think I kind of wanted to be a part of your lives almost since the moment I met you."
"So the answer is yes?" Albert could not help but laugh.
"Yes kitten the answer is yes."
"So you have never been with another young girl like me? I will be your first?"
"Even when I was a young boy I was never with a young girl your age. Is that important to you?"
"Yes kind of, I mean you will be my very first, so it would be nice if I was your very first of something. Mom thinks so too."
"You have an incredible mom you know. It is not going to bother you that I like her as well is it?"
"You have to like her! Her and I are a package. I wanted you to like her as much as I wanted you to like me."
"This makes me want to ask you something. Why me?"
"That is easy. We watched you at the park, more than once. You did not seem interested in kids, but you watched the mothers and nannies in a way that showed you were interested in them but not, what is the word, obsessed?"
"Okay, I guess so."
"You worked hard but you seemed lonely. When I finally found the courage to approach you, you were very nice and considerate, and you did not act like a perv when I flashed you. Oh, and you are so handsome it makes my pussy ache when I look at you."
That rocked him. He was speechless. No woman in his life had ever said anything like that to him. He tried to think of a response but nothing came to mind.
"Mom thinks so to. Both of us are so horny and so needy right now that it is crazy. Right now all I can think about is seeing your cock, feeling it my hands. Mom says that cocks are warm and silky and hard all at the same time. Is that true?"
"Uh, I guess."
"Has your cock ever gotten hard thinking about me?"
"You made me hard within the first fifteen minutes the first time I met you. It was really kind of embarrassing for me."
"This is so nice talking to you like this. Mom had a boyfriend almost a year ago, but he was such jerk, I never really liked him much and he would never talk to me. Just at me if you know what I mean."
"I think so. Kind of like you were there and he had to talk to you but he was not really interested in doing so."
"See? You are so smart and understanding. You like talking to me, right?"
"I do, yes."
"Mom says that we do not have your address. Do you want to give it to me now?"
"Sure, are you ready to write it down?"
"Yes, oh yes, there is something else. Can I call you something else besides Mr. Jones? It feels kind of weird now that we are going to be lovers."
"Yes I can imagine. Al, you can call me Al."
"Okay Al, fire away my pen and paper are waiting."
Albert gave her his address along with instructions on how to find his place. "It is a house and the garage is behind the house in the alley. Your mom will have to park on the street out front."
"So am I keeping you from anything. Are you going out or are you expecting company tonight?"
"No, and no and no again."
"You are funny, I like the way you talk. Do you like surprises Al?"
"Sure, who doesn't? Are planning on surprising me with something on Sunday?"
"Maybe. If I told you then it would spoil it. Are you horny tonight?"
"Very much so, why do you want to have phone sex?"
"Can people do that?"
"Well sure, it is not anything like the real thing, but it can be fun."
"Maybe some other time. Okay, I have to go now, it was nice talking to you Al."
"You are going already? Okay, thank you it was very nice talking to you Wendy. It means a lot that you called."
"I loved talking to you to Al, and just so you know, there are a lot of things that I am going to love doing with you even more."
"Such a tease. Okay, bye for now."
"Mom says big kisses from both of us."
"Back at ya."
Albert was crazy hard when he hung up the phone. Knowing full well that it was not going to go soft without jerking off, he decided to take a shower where at least he did not have a sticky mess to contend with. He tried to remember the last time he was so horny that he had to take matters into his own hand. It had been awhile. Just another one of his control issues where he felt that relief was all that important.
He lathered himself up with Axe body shampoo making sure he covered every inch of himself. Once he was slippery enough he started to slowly work on his problem. It did feel nice stroking his cock, and when the thought of Wendy rubbing her bare pussy against his neck popped into his head he felt a nice rush course through his body from his rock hard penis up to his head.
He put a hand against the tiled wall to stop himself from losing his balance. He was proud of his cock, it was not big compared to what he had seen in porn flicks, but it was nice looking. It had served him well over the years giving him a lot of pleasure as well as the women he had made love to. When he was a young man in his early twenties he had an affair with an woman in her forties that worked as a bookeeper at the same place he was employed.
She had seduced him at an office party, dancing close and rather dirty with him before telling him she really wanted him to take her for a ride on his motorcycle. They almost went off the road because she had wormed her hand into his pants and grabbed his cock. They fucked outside in a secluded area by the Fraser River, she had removed her panties before she even got onto the back of his Virago. As she stood with her back to him, hands on a tree, legs spread wide enough for him to enter her, she commented that she never understood why men worried about their size, she was loving what he was doing.
Albert never knew if she was being kind, but she was his constant lover for months after that night. She loved fucking, and she never seemed to get enough of him or what she said was her favorite beautiful cock. He might have been wrong about it, or just plain gullible, but he never lacked confidence or worried about it after that.
He realized the doorbell was ringing. Had it just started or had it been going on for awhile he wondered as he quickly tried to rinse himself off so he could go and answer it. Whoever was there did not seem to want to give up so it must be important or urgent, so he just threw on his robe without drying off and hurried to answer the door.
As he left wet footprints on his carpet he cursed whoever was at the door. God forbid his cock had not softened in the least and he was wondering what he could do about it in the short time he had. To make matters worse he did not have a peephole so he would have to at least open the door a crack to see who was there. The bell rang again.
"I'm coming, just hold on a sec!" He reached the front entrance and flipped the switch that would turn on the porch light. He decided if it was a salesperson or some religious nut peddling their wares he was going to be very rude and tell them to fuck off. Usually he was at least civil to people because he knew that knocking on doors for a living was never an easy thing, and there had been instances where he was actually grateful that they had. Like that time the frozen food guy came and sold him several boxes of gourmet cuts of meat and seafood.
Inching the door open he peered out to see who was there. He was surprised to not see anyone. He opened the door a bit more and saw a box sitting on his porch. "Now what?" he said aloud. With a growl he tightened the sash on his robe and opened the door wider, peering around to make sure no one was on the street in case he exposed himself picking up the box. He took his first step outside when he heard giggling coming from the bushes beside his door.
"Who's there? What kind of game are you playing?" As soon as the words came out of his mouth he realized the box was the right size and shape to be a case of wine, that meant the giggling had to be Diane and probably Wendy. It was just enough information to prevent him for freaking out when they both jumped up and yelled "Surprise!!"
Both of them looked more surprised than he did when the realized he was soaking wet and wearing a bath robe with a rather obvious bulge just below the knot in the sash. There was a period of silence that seemed to go on forever and then somehow they all started to laugh at the same moment. Albert grinned as he made a motion for them to follow him inside. "Oh would you be kind enough to bring in the wine as well? I don't want to risk exposing my wet delicates for the whole neighbourhood to see."
"Of course, just as long as you risk exposing them when the door is shut." Diane's voice sounded absolutely wicked as she bent over to pick up the box. Thankfully they were enjoying summer-like weather so even though it was dark Albert did not feel cold. He held the door as the pair walked in looking rather sheepish as if their big surprise was badly timed. Albert noticed their looks and decided to have some fun with them before letting them off the hook.
"So kitten, when you asked if I liked surprises I was not expecting that you two had cooked up one like this. If I had, I would have been inclined to deny liking surprises very much. Now what am I to do? I was in the shower and had to rush out and come to the door all wet, I am not even sure if I managed to rinse all of the soap off of me."
"Aw, I'm sorry Al. It is just that mom and I were bored, and you seemed to be bored too. Aren't you glad to see us?" She really seemed concerned and disappointed, even a little frightened.
"Well, you know, a man's home is his castle and all that. It is not that visitors are unwelcome, it is just that I am not used to people dropping by unannounced. I am sure that I can find a way for you to make it up to me. Anyway, girls welcome to my humble abode, please make yourselves comfortable while I make myself more presentable for company."
Diane had been quiet up to that point, she had put the box of wine down in his dining room close to the wine rack that had the most empty holes. There were three of them and she quickly counted fifteen empty spaces. "Would it help if I put these bottles in your wine racks for you?"
"Thank you, that would be nice. Is there enough room for them?"
"Plenty, you have some very nice wines here Al, I guess I was expecting you did not have much here when I told Wendy we should surprise you by delivering it tonight instead of Sunday. I guess I was wrong."
"Okay, before this all goes wrong, I am going to come clean. I am more than pleased to see you both. I was just spending the evening thinking about you anyway, so this is better. Thank you for being thoughtful enough to deliver the wine and if you would please make yourselves at home, my home is your home. Now I am going to get dressed."
He found it funny that Diane looked far more relieved than Wendy did. All Wendy was doing was staring at his still bulging robe. He winked at her pretended that he was going to undo the knot and expose himself right then and there. Her eyes popped open even wider but then when she realized she was being teased, she huffed loudly, stuck her tongue out and then pouted as she turned her back to go join her mother. Albert was delighted.
He double checked to make sure he was rinsed off properly before heading to his bedroom to don some clothes. He settled for sweatpants and a t-shirt seeing as his guests were dressed casual. Upon entering the living room he found them going through is music discs.
"Would you like the grand tour now? I was not expecting company so I am afraid it is messier than it should be."
"No, I think we are good for now. We are hungry and since I still owe you a meal, we wondered if it would be okay if we had something delivered. I think I can handle the expense of that seeing as I sold four cases of wine today."
"Sounds good, and because I am such a gentleman, I will let you pick the cuisine and I promise I will not try and pay when it comes."
"Is there a good Thai place that delivers? We have tried Thai food once and we loved it."
"Happens to be a favorite of mine, I have a menu in a kitchen drawer, let me get it."
"Mind if I put on some music? You have some albums that I would love to hear. Such a selection! I am so envious."
"What were you thinking?'
"Hmm, Norah Jones maybe, Anoushka Shankar? I notice you have a disc with the two of them together."
"Ah yes, I love that one. Wendy do you mind if we listen to it? We can play something more to your liking after."
"Nope, I don't mind. I like what mom likes. I have never seen so many CD's outside of a music store. You must like listening to music a lot."
"Here is the menu Diane, pick anything you like, I will eat anything that restaurant makes. The couple that owns it are quite unique. He is Caucasian and was born just outside of Vancouver. She used to be the chef for the King of Thailand if you can believe it and you will when you taste her food. Actually he might even be the one to deliver it. Nice man."
"Wow, I am glad I asked about Thai food then. Is the restaurant close by?"
"Here, let me do the music while you browse the menu. They are located just about three blocks from here. A small place that seats maybe thirty people. I think they do well, but I heard that they are thinking about moving back to Thailand for a couple of years. Their kids have had a difficult time adjusting to the schools here."
"Too bad, it is never easy for young people being uprooted like that. I am sure they miss their friends a lot as well." Wendy was hugged against Diane and pointing at all the dishes she wanted to try as she endeavored to be helpful. The music started to play and both of them stopped looking at the menu to stare at Albert.
"Wow, your sound is incredible!"
"Thank you. It was my Christmas present to myself last year. All my adult life I wanted to have a Bang and Olufsen sound system. It is real ear candy."
"Well Mr. Jones. That salts it you will never get rid of us now. If you kick us out we will stalk you, maybe even move in when you are not looking."
"Mom, don't you think we should make sure that he likes us before we move in?"
"Oh darling, of course he likes us. If he didn't then he would not be sporting that hard-on still, but I was only kidding about moving in. We are just fine where we are and I am sure that Albert likes his space, don't you Al?"
"I do, of course I like to have company from time to time but as you can see I am rather set in my ways. I have lived alone for quite awhile now so changing that could be very difficult. As for my erection you are right, it is because I like you. I just hope that it will go away before I have to go see a doctor about it."
"Hmm, there must be a way to ensure that happens, after all we would hate to interrupt the evening by having to call 911."
"I think that changing the subject would help. Have you decided what it is you want to order?"
"Just give us another minute, any chance you might offer us something to drink? It does not have to be alcoholic, a soda or coffee would be good."
"I make a mean hot chocolate if you would like to try that."
"Okay, I think we have it. Do you want to phone the order in? After all you know the owners."
"No, you can use my phone and they will know where it is coming from. You should tell them to tone down the spice though, we have a standing agreement that any food sent here is extra spicy."
"Good to know."
They were listening to a third CD, an older Sade album when Danny rang the doorbell. "That would be dinner, you go ahead and answer the door, I want to get something for him and his wife."
Wendy sprang into action, grabbing her mother's money from the coffee table and virtually bounded to the front door. She opened it wide and invited the man standing outside to come in. "Hi, my name is Wendy." She was holding the cash out while smiling broadly at the delivery guy.
"Well, hi Wendy, I am Daniel. I have a food order here for you, is that for me?"
"Yes, it is all there plus a tip. Are you the man from Thailand?"
"Well, yes and no. I live there sometimes and then I live here sometimes. My wife Shali is from Thailand. You seem to know a lot about me, how is it I have never seen you before?"
"Oh, my mom and I are Mr. Jones' new friends. It is my birthday Sunday, and it is his birthday on Monday. We are going to have Thanksgiving dinner together. Is your food really as good as he says it is?"
"Hmm, I have to say I am kind of biased, after all the cook is my wife and only the most beautiful and wonderful cook that ever lived."
"Mr. Jones says she cooked for the King. Is that true? That must have been pretty cool."
"Yes is true and cool. When the King got married there was a huge feast and Shali was in charge of making all new recipes and then overseeing the preparation for the whole feast. It was a huge honor. We have pictures at our restaurant, you should come and see them."
"Okay, Mr. Daniel. I'll tell mom. Thank you!" She almost bumped into Albert who was standing behind her grinning at how open and friendly she was with his friend.
"That is quite the girl you have there. I hope you are planning on keeping her around. Thank you again for your patronage Al, Shali sends her love. Of course she prepared you food especially for you."
"As for Wendy, her and Diane are pretty special, I will try to bring them to your restaurant for dinner soon so they can meet Shali. I want you to take this bottle of wine and try it out. I think it would compliment some of your spicier pork dishes."
"We will try it tonight. Oh happy birthday, if I had known I would have sent something extra, no matter it will come with your next order. Now I must go, it is busy and I have another delivery in the car."
After seeing him out, Albert returned to the living room to find the girls were already setting the table in the dining area. The really had made themselves at home. He was surprised to see they had the table set with place mats, chopsticks and silver, plates and glasses, and the food was all opened up and being served by Diane. He took the chair that was empty between them and sat down.
"I noticed you giving a bottle of wine to Danny, it was from the case I brought over wasn't it?"
"Yes, they will enjoy it and it might very well get you a very nice regular customer."
"Can restaurants buy wine from me and resell it?"
"If they pay the proper taxes and fees they can. It is just a matter of a few forms for them, and maybe you to fill out."
"Wow, I never considered doing something like that."
"Don't get your hopes up too much, although it can grow into a nice regular income, if you do it too much you will find that the bigger importers will just find a way to snuff you out. I am not trying to discourage you, there are just certain ways to do things that usually take connections and time."
"Maybe you can help me out with things like that?"
"Maybe I know the people who can. In the meantime, think exclusivity, small restaurants that have a niche clientele, maybe wine tasting groups. It is amazing what you can find online if you start looking in the right places. Now try your food before it is ruined by sitting around."
"I really love this Al, I mean the food is really good even if it is spicier than I have tried, but mom and I have never sat down for a dinner like this before. It is so neat."
"She is right, food is perfect, but everything feels so relaxed and comfortable being with you. It is a whole new experience for both of us. The truth is that I never thought passed the sex when we were looking for a man for us. You bring a whole new dimension to a relationship you know."
"Thank you, I am just doing what is making me comfortable. Hey, I forgot the wine. I have a merlot that would be excellent with this, I'll get it."
The girls were surprised when he poured wine into Wendy's glass without watering it down. "Now please be sane about drinking it young lady. I want you to sip some water first to cleanse your pallet, then try the wine, just take small amounts at a time and let the experience take you were it will."
"I am not sure if this is a good idea. She has never had wine this strong."
"Don't worry, that one glassful is all I am going to allow her. If you are dead set against it, you can add water, but it cheapens the experience and is a waste of good wine."
Wendy took a sip of her wine and decided that she was madly in love with this man even though she barely knew him. She wondered what her mother would think of that but then she thought that if this was what she had been waiting for, what her mother had been training her for, then it would be just what her mom wanted for her.
"Wow, that is so different from what we drink, it is like having blackberries in my mouth with something else I cannot explain."
"Very good kitten. All wines have undertones, or after tastes like that. It is part of the experience of fine wines. In time a person can learn to recognize all of the flavors that make up a bouquet."
"Why do you call me kitten?"
"Hmm, well because you are cute and playful, you have the energy of a kitten and sometimes, not always mind you, you have the attention span of a kitten."
"Is that good?"
"I think so, I like kittens. I was thinking of getting one myself but they need a lot of attention and I am gone a lot so it would be lonely. In a way it would be mean of me to have one if I could not spend time with it to cuddle and play."
"I think I would probably need a lot of attention too. I am lucky that mom is always there for me so I get all the cuddling and playing that I need."
"You are lucky, indeed."
"Al you talk funny."
The three of them spent the next half hour just eating and talking about the different sensations and tastes they enjoyed from the Thai food. Wendy seemed to really like the lemon grass and the different chilis, and she managed to nurse her glass of wine through the whole dinner making sure she sipped a bit after trying each dish.
"I could eat like this all of the time. It is way more pleasurable than just wolfing down a plate of pasta or a hamburger."
Albert took charge of cleaning up the table when they were done, asking the girls to take what was left of the wine to the living room where they could relax and talk some more. He really did not want the evening to end anytime soon even though he knew it was getting late. There were no leftovers to put in containers so all he had to do was fill the dishwasher and put the empty containers in the trash.
"Can you give us directions to the bathroom Al? Wendy and I both need to use your facilities."
"Second door on the left and there is also an en-suite in the master bedroom at the end of the hall. Use either or both if you like."
"Thanks, be back in a bit."

Chapter 5
Albert loaded a few more CD's into his multidisk player, hopeful that the evening was not yet done. Even if it was, even if they were going to make him wait until Sunday he had to admit to himself that it was already more than he would have hoped for. He was feeling a real connection with the two beauties, a connection he had not felt with anyone for a long time.
He could almost imagine being a family of sorts although it seemed wrong to think that way as he was going to be a lover of a twelve year old girl and her foxy mother. He pushed play and waited for the first song to start in case he had to adjust the volume. The sound of Enya's beautiful music swelled from the speakers just a touch to loud so he turned it down, made an adjustment to the equalizer and pressed a button that would send the music to the speakers in his bedroom. Just in case.
He turned to go seat himself on the couch and wait for the girls to return. Standing a few feet in front of the sofa was a vision that left him speechless. He felt clumsy, weak at the knees. His mouth went very dry. Standing before him, hands clasped in front of them was a fantasy he did not even know he had.
Both of them were wearing matching black satin mini-dresses that clung tightly to their bodies, accentuating each lovely curve while showing promises of what was to come. Their heads were bowed, chins down, eyes closed as they waited shyly for him to say something.
At the sound of his voice they knelt in unison in a manner that spoke of much practice and deliberation. Diane was the first to speak.
"Do these ones please you Sir?"
"Fuck yes."
"Might this one have permission to speak freely Sir?"
"Fuck yes."
Diane raised her head and opened her eyes, somehow they seemed brighter and bluer than he remembered. "Usually we consider ourselves to be very submissive Sir, but if you would allow us then these ones would like to show Sir our appreciation for everything."
Albert had no idea what to say or do. He was still processing having a mother and daughter kneeling in front of him, their tight dresses bunched up to the very top of their ties. It was like he was seeing double except for the fact that one was a bit smaller and only had a hint of breasts while the mother's breasts were small firm little melons with nipple erections that were pointing invitingly at him.
He wanted to talk, but his mouth was too dry.
"Would Sir please sit down so that these ones can take off his shoes?"
Albert stumbled over to the couch wondering why Diane was talking like that. Why did she keep referring to herself and Wendy as 'these ones' and what was with calling him sir all of a sudden. He reached an epiphany then as he realized that these girls intended to serve him sexually in a manner that was like a Dom/sub relationship. He had always thought that to be rather overboard before but now he was ready to find out what it would be like.
As soon as he was seated, each girl took one of his feet and began untying his shoelaces before carefully removing his shoes and placing them almost reverently on the area rug they were kneeling on. Next his socks were slowly pulled down and removed leaving his bare feet feeling cool, soft warm hands began to caress them sending shivers up his legs to his groin. His hardness strained against his boxers and tented his sweatpants considerably.
The younger one giggled, her bright blue eyes smiling as she gazed at the result of their efforts. He wondered if they had put colored contact lenses on their eyes. Wendy spoke in an almost smokey whisper that seemed to be full of lust and promise.
"If Sir is comfortable, and if it pleases Sir, these ones beg to let them entertain."
His cock ached for attention.
Without waiting for a reply, both of them rose to their feet which he now noticed were bare as his were, and then turned their backs to him so they could move his coffee table to clear the area rug. The backs of the dresses were sheer nylon that affirmed that neither of them were wearing bras. When they bent over to push the table he found himself staring at two wonderfully shaped and naked asses that boasted the thin line of black thongs barely hidden in their horizontal cracks.
Involuntarily, his thighs pressed together as his groin spasmed with desire. His hand found its way to his cock and he gave it a squeeze through the nylon of his sweats.
"If it pleases Sir could he not touch himself? These ones should be Sirs pleasure."
Albert almost choked. How was he to just watch this sensuality without doing anything else? He sat on his hands.
Diane giggled and covered her face with her palms. This was so much fun for her being in control while treating Al like her master. Months ago, before even seeing him for the first time, she had concocted this idea after reading about BDSM. She was not into anything painful or really kinky, but the idea of power exchange for her and Wendy was very exciting to her.
She showed Wendy the sites she liked and found that Wendy was more into it than she had been. Together they worked out some scenarios with the hope that someday they would find a man that was capable of appreciating what they did. Earlier in the evening, Wendy had come to her with the idea of paying him a visit and getting an early start for their plans.
Diane had agreed quickly so they prepared themselves by putting the dresses and thongs in a handbag along with the make-up they planned on applying after arriving at his home. The phone call Wendy made to Albert was just to be sure he was alone. They had decided that tonight was the night and they left home as two very determined and horny women.
Albert was definitely not relaxed. In fact his whole body was as stiff as his cock. He wanted to do something but knew somehow that it would spoil the show that was unfolding before his willing eyes.
The girls were starting to dance, very slowly and sensually, facing each other while their sinuous bodies writhed enticingly, sometimes a foot apart, sometimes brushing against each other. Hands started moving up and down their bodies, caressing themselves before moving to do the same to each other. Then they were pressing fully so they sort of melded into a single mass.
It was more erotic and sexy than anything he had ever witnessed. His eyes hung desperately on every move they made, drinking in the sheer sexuality of what they were displaying.
Eventually Wendy turned so that she had her ass against Diane's pussy and she started grinding backwards, her legs spread slightly while her mother's hands began to slide up and down, one against the girl's budding breasts, the other reaching down to lift the front of the short dress up to expose a pair of lacey butterfly panties. Wendy groaned as she raised her arms so that she had one hand behind Diane's head and was using the other to squeeze one of her nipples.
Diane began kissing her daughter's exposed neck, moving her tongue until it was teasing the girl's ear. Wendy moaned and turned her head to meet Diane's lips. They kissed long and passionately as Diane started to pull her daughter's dress even higher. With a swift movement the dress was flying through the air until it landed on one of the armchairs. Wendy was left almost naked except for the big black butterfly that covered her groin.
Albert's breath was caught in his throat as he watched Wendy slowly bend over, pushing her ass against her mother and putting one hand on the floor. Her hips swayed, her ass wriggled her eyes met his with an unmistakeable invitation for him to enjoy more than just a show. Looking up he recognized the same look coming from the bright blue eyes of the mother.
Diane was proud of her little Wendy. Even though they had choreographed and rehearsed their little show many times, she never knew for sure that Wendy would be able to follow through when it was for real. She slipped a hand between the girl's legs and felt her daughter's pussy. It was swollen and almost dripping. Yes, she was ready. Lifting the wet fingers to her face, she sniffed her fingers to enjoy the scent of the virginal cunt that was about to lose that claim.
The same hand beckoned to Albert, demanding that he stand up and join them in the center of the rug. He complied, moving like a robot. Stiff and maybe a bit unsure of himself. Before he was even standing still, hands were all over him, pulling off his t-shirt, pulling down his sweatpants. He felt hands moving his feet so that his pants could be completely removed.
Hands glided up his bare legs, fingernails raked his inner thighs. Fingers searched up the leg of his boxers looking for his rigid tool. Another pair of hands brushed soft fabric across his chest and face. He recognized it as Diane's dress. Small hands were playing with his balls and pulling lightly on his pubic hair.
Diane leaned forward and found Albert's lips. The kiss was delicious, warm, inviting and then passionate and demanding, and then soft as her mouth opened to let her tongue push against his lips searching for entry to his mouth. His hands found her breasts making her moan into his mouth as he used his thumbs to push her nipples into the soft flesh.
Down below he felt his shorts being pulled down passed his knees. Hands found his cock and gently ran the length of his hardness before lightly squeezing him.
"Oh mom look, it is so beautiful. It is pulsing in my hands like it is alive!"
"Yes little one, it is a very nice cock. Now do you remember what I taught you about how to make it happy with your lips?"
"You mean I can try that now?"
"Maybe it would be better if Al was sitting on the couch. We would not want him to fall over with excitement."
Albert was already to turn back to the couch and sit down, but when he moved, Wendy's grip tightened enough to stop him. Still on her knees she looked up to meet his eyes. Then she bowed her head and allowed her grip to loosen before sliding her hands down his legs until they came to rest on her thighs.
"Sir if it pleases you, this one begs that you allow her to make love to your cock with her mouth." Albert had never had anyone ask to suck his cock, much less in such a beautiful submissive manner. He had to think for a moment, wanting to get his reply correct.
"Sweetling, Sir would be honored to be the first one to receive your loving lips." He sat back on the sofa, legs spread with Wendy still holding his cock as she moved between them. Diane moved around behind him to tease him by rubbing her nipples on his ears.
"Do you see how beautiful my little girl is Sir? Look at how happy she is holding Sir's rigid cock in her hands. My little girl is going to lick Sir, and suck Sir until Sir's cum blasts into her unused throat. Now my little girl belongs to Sir. She is willing, more than willing, she is trained to be Sir's little fuck toy."
Albert could not believe what he was hearing, it was surreal, like being high and drunk at the same time. If there had been a time in his life that he was more turned on he could not remember it. "Yes, my kitten, lick my cock nice and slow. Keep your mouth soft when you put my cock inside it, but suck me firmly. My cock is very sensitive so treat it nicely sweetling."
Wendy was in her own space, she could hear her mother and Al talking softly, but all of her concentration was on the hard flesh in front of her. At first she just touched it delicately not wanting to hurt it, when she moved her face closer she detect a nice smell that her brain immediately interpreted as the smell of a man. Her mother smelled different, muskier, but she liked the smell of cock and was now ready to taste it.
Holding it a little more firmly, she stuck her pink tongue out and licked the mushroom shaped head. It jerked in her hand but she took that as encouragement and started to lick it with all the excitement and energy that she had locked away. Her mom had taught her to move her hand up and down the shaft so tried that and was rewarded with a dribble of precum. She pursed her lips and sucked it in, savoring the texture and the taste. Licking her lips she checked to see if there was more but was disappointed.
On her end, Diane was helping out by blowing warm air into Albert's ears while massaging his chest. She liked that Albert was not overly hairy and she loved teasing his small brown nipples. His groans were deep in his chest and she could feel the manly vibrations as Wendy and herself worked their magic. She could not have been more pleased with how her daughter was giving him her first blowjob.
She had bought a six inch soft plastic dildo so that she could teach her daughter a few tricks and she had learned them well, just like she learned everything. She was a very good student. Already she was bobbing her head up and down taking almost all of Albert's cock into her mouth.
"Remember how to relax your throat honey, just breath, relax and let it slide in. It is okay if you gag, remember the nice rush you will feel all through your body, especially in that delicious little pussy of yours."
Wendy barely heard her as she was trying to work out how to get into a better position to get the whole member into her greedy mouth. She tried making herself taller but soon gave that up and then climbed up on the couch so she was kneeling beside him. That worked right away and after a few bobs of her head, she had the whole prize buried deep inside her throat.
She was so proud of herself until she started to gag. Panic set in, she struggled to lift her head far enough to remove the offending member from her throat. She swallowed back the bile that had rushed up from her gut just in time before it filled her mouth. Then waves of sensation hit her. She could not believe the pleasurable sensations that coursed through her body, almost like the orgasms she had when her mother licked and sucked her pussy.
For a moment she was confused, ready to let his cock fall from her mouth but before she could Albert bucked his hips pushing himself deeper. His cock started to pulse as he could not hold back the spasms as his cock pulsed shot after shot of cum into her. Valiantly she kept her lips pursed around him refusing to let anything escape until she was ready to start swallowing again.
"Holy fuck that feels so good. How could you know how to suck cock so bloody good?"
Albert knew that he had just experienced the first blow job the girl had given, but she had made him reach orgasm so much faster but with so much more intensity than ever before. He knew it was not dumb luck on her part, he reasoned that she had had instruction from her mother to prepare her, but there was no explaining the passion and will that was involved. From a girl that was only about to turn twelve.
"Amazing, beautiful kitten, you are so amazing."
Diane came around the couch to sit beside her daughter who was now on her elbows and knees panting and gasping as she held Albert's softening penis in her hand. Diane gathered her up in her arms and started whispering what a good little cocksucker she was, and how proud she had made her mother.
This was becoming almost too much for Albert. He could never have imagined a mother talking to her daughter like that. He could never have imagined a mother participating in her daughter's first sex act with a man so much older. He had never been so turned on in his whole life and all he could think about now was how long it would take to get hard again, he so much wanted to fuck these two women.
After a small cooling down period, Diane rose to her feet pulling Wendy up with her. Albert had a good look at the girls that were beautifully naked except for the matching black butterflies. It was weird how the only way they looked different at that moment was Diane had breasts, really nice ones, and Wendy was sort of wet around her lips.
Without a word they left the room, retreating down the hallway into the darkness of the back of his home. He figured they must be going to the bathroom to freshen up so he decided to just wait for them to come back. He needed a drink, something stiffer than wine so he went over to the liquor cabinet where he kept his scotch.
He poured a couple of ounces into a rock glass and downed it all, letting the liquor burn its way down before the warmth coursed through him and changing the buzz he already had from the wine. When the rush finally receded, he poured more into the glass and returned to the couch to sit it while he waited for the girls to return.
Fifteen minutes later he was draining the last little bit of the amber liquid when his cell phone began to ring. "Who the hell could that be? Their timing sucks whoever it is." He took the phone off of the side table and pressed the accept button without looking at the call display. "Hello? Albert here."
"Hello Sir, might this girl ask what Sir is doing?"
"Yes Sir, it is your little sex kitten."
"But why are you phoning me, you are just down the hall."
"Listen." For a moment he could not hear anything, but then he thought he heard some kind of slurping noise and then some moaning.
"What are you doing?"
"Mom is licking Sir's pussy. [groan] She has her tongue buried deep inside of it and her [moan] fingers are playing with Sir's tender little clit."
Albert's cock was rising and hardening at an alarming rate. "Oh my god, you two are the sexiest women I have ever met. Does it feel good?"
"Oh yes Sir. Maybe Sir would like to [moan] come and watch? This one would love it if you would come to your room and see what Sir's girls are doing."
He was on his feet in a second, he reeled for a brief moment as the scotch hit him hard, and then he was on his way to his bedroom, phone forgotten in his hand. When he arrived in the room he almost tripped on a butterfly when he saw Wendy on her hands and knees, head facing the doorway, eyes aglitter as her mother was lying on her back sucking on Wendy's cunt.
"Hi Sir, Mommy is getting your pussy ready for Sir." Her small hips writhed and pushed down as she moaned loudly. "Sir's horny little cunt is all swollen and ready for Sir to plunge his hardness into it."
Albert picked up the panties to find they were sopping wet, more than if someone had just been wearing them. They smelled like pussy so he wondered if someone had used them to wipe off some cunt juice before throwing them on his carpet. Wendy watched him coming toward the bed as she panted and moaned as her mother busily sucked her tiny clit between her pursed lips.
"Those were mom's, but I took them out of your pussy when she started to lick it. Mine are inside of her pussy waiting for someone to take them out. Does Sir think his pussy smells nice?"
"God yes, it smells wonderful. I can't wait to taste it."
"Hmm, mommy, Sir says he wants to taste his pussy, what do you think?"
"Mmmphfff, fffucckkittt."
"Sir, mom says that your pussy really needs to have Sir's cock deep inside of it. She says that it is terribly swollen and empty because it has been desperately waiting to feel the cock of a hot horny man. She thinks if [moan/groan] Sir's pussy has to wait much longer, well a girl just needs what she needs Sir."
Before Albert could reply, Wendy moved her leg so that Diane could get out from under her. She allowed her mother to reposition her body so that she was face down toward the headboard and ass up toward Albert.
"Sir, your horny little cunt awaits your pleasure. It is as ready as she possibly could be to be penetrated and fucked. Your cherry is waiting."
When Albert moved up onto the bed it was almost as if he was in a trance. The most beautiful pussy-lips he had ever seen were being held apart by Diane's fingers. They were pink, fresh and glistening with saliva and cuntal fluids. He no longer wondered why any of this craziness was happening to him, he just knew that nothing was going to stop him from entering that beautiful hole.
"Now Sir, these ones understand that you are very excited, but if it pleases Sir, is it possible to be tender and loving this first time? This one is sure that there will be many opportunities for you to be otherwise if it pleases Sir. She is my daughter, and we trust you."
"Of course, of course. I will treasure this always, you can relax. I will be the most caring and tender lover a girl could wish for. I have never been treated better than my girls are treating me tonight, and I would not fuck that up for anything."
He positioned himself behind Wendy but did not enter her. Instead he began kissing her and stroking her inner thighs with his fingernails just hard enough to make her nerves scream with unimaginable sensations as she was already on the precipice of ecstasy and in danger of cumming without being entered. Her groans were muffled by the bedspread but the way her hips and thighs moved made it plain she was in need.
Albert himself could barely control his urges so the feel of Diane's hand on his cock as she guided him closer to Wendy's pussy was almost enough to send him over the edge. "If it pleases Sir, this one begs his indulgence. This one has long waited this moment and begs Sir to allow her to assist."
"Of course, just know that I am ready to burst as we speak and I have not even entered this beautiful unused pussy. I fear I will start cumming as soon as my cock touches those wondrous lips."
"Perhaps this one can assist with that problem." She encircled the base of his cock with her hand and squeezed tightly so that nothing could happen sooner than it should. "Now if Sir would just breathe deeply a few times, just to settle himself down, then we can proceed. My daughter is hungry for you Sir, she needs to feel you inside of her."
"You have no idea how your talking like this is not helping matters."
"Of course Sir, this one will be quiet, now breathe please."
Albert breathed deeply a few times and found that his urge to cum subsided, he was amazed and thankful for this woman's knowledge and her desire to make this experience so good for all of them.
"I am ready little one." Diane guided the bulging head of his cock to the tight little entrance of her daughter's pussy and then placed her hand on his ass and gently pushed. He looked down to watch his cock glide smoothly passed the glistening lips until the mushroom shaped head disappeared. They heard a gasp of pleasure before Wendy pushed back to him in an effort to get more of his cock inside of her.
Albert began pushing his cock a little deeper with each controlled stroke. He wanted to make her pussy wetter so that when he broke her hymen his cock would be able to slide in and out of her with ease. The only problem was she was so fucking tight even his average size felt like it was huge as he fucked her. He was rewarded with oohs and awws each time he moved in her and that just made him want to push harder, but he kept his cool.
Diane moved so that she could cup his ball sack, letting her hand gently tease him while using one finger to tickle the spot just between his nuts and his asshole. For a second her finger slipped into her daughter's already too tight pussy alongside his cock and then pulled out so that she could apply lubrication to his anus. She did the same with her other hand with the intention of teasing her daughter's pink sphincter.
Never before had Albert had anyone do that to his anus while he was fucking someone, but then this was his first threesome. He wondered what it was going to feel like having a finger pushing into his ass but decided he was up for whatever the beauty was going to do.
Wendy was still waiting to become a woman. She was loving the feel of Albert's hardness thrusting into her so she started to work out a motion where she was pushing back at him as he moved deeper into her. It was not long before she felt him pushing against her hymen. The time had come, she took a deep breath, braced her hands on the bed and then slammed herself backwards virtually impaling her petite body on his cock.
"Aaarrgghh, ooooww, that fucking hurts!"
Albert almost withdrew completely, but as he moved back the finger teasing his anus slipped into him as deep as it could go. The surprise of it forced him forward deeply into Wendy so that his balls banged against her clit. Diane drove her other finger into Wendy's anus causing her to complain loudly once more.
"You are a woman now my sweet one, now just breathe like I taught you and the pain will be all gone in a moment. I can feel Albert's balls tightening, I think he is about to cum into your womb. You want him to cum in you don't you sweetie. You want his sticky stuff to fill you up and mix with your cunt juices."
"Holy fuck this is amazing, it feels so big, so good. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"
Albert was close to cumming, but he cleared his mind and began breathing deeply so that he could keep going. He wanted the girl to orgasm before he came, he hoped she was close because he did not know if he could last much longer. He reset the pace of their lovemaking, slowing it down, mentally counting a cadence, a second going in, a second holding still and another second pulling out. He moved his hand around her leg and found her clitoris taking the hard little nub between his thumb and forefinger, rolling it and tweaking it to intensify her pleasure.
When she came, it was like a dam burst. She screamed and started bucking wildly making it almost impossible for him to stay inside of her, only her tightness made it possible. "Oh My Godddd! Yesss! Oh fuck Yesss! Fuck, fuck, fuck, ohh mommy!"
Diane started to fuck Albert's ass with her finger as hard as he was fucking her daughter. She wished she had a strap-on at that moment, it excited her to think of fucking his ass while he fucked her daughter's cunt. She wanted him to cum, she moved closer so that her pussy was able to rub against his ass cheek as she began to move in the same rhythm that he was fucking her.
It was all too much for him, he could no longer hold back. He groaned as his sperm burst from his cock into her tight fuck hole. A few strokes later he was spent. He had just had the fuck of his forty years. Never had lovemaking been so intense or pleasurable for him. He fell to his side and drew his lovers to him so that they were a mass of naked hot flesh.
The trio rested for awhile, and then. "Wow Sir, thank you. I really liked that. Now you have to fuck mommy."
Albert wanted to, and if he had a hard cock and the energy, he would have. "I think I need a break, we can work on that in a bit. Unfortunately cocks are not able to just spring back into life, not when they are older like mine."
"It's okay, we will have plenty of opportunities for Albert to make love to me, this night was all about you my sweet one. Now do you see why mommy wanted you to wait for the right man? This one was perfect for us."
"Oh yes, can we keep him mom?"
"Well, that is up to him darling. We shall see if he wants to put up with two horny cunts like us. He might think that we are trying to do him in before long."
"No worries there, if I have to start taking Viagra to keep up then I will. This is only the beginning and trust me, I want more, a lot more. I might go to jail, or to hell, or both, but until they drag me away, I plan on making this last."
"You really enjoyed us?"
"You know it, the two of you are a wet dream come true. I can tell you put a lot of work and practice into this, and believe me it worked. Now, any chance you girls want to retire to the living room for a drink and dessert? I have ice cream, and I know that I could really use a scotch right now."
"Hmm, sure, why not. I think we might break a rule and let Wendy have some wine, sort of a celebration if you will." They took a moment to take turns kissing each other and then trooped into the living room without bothering to put on any clothes.

The End of Part One


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