She asked me to shave her to get rid of the itch between her legs
Some comments are critical of the grammar in this story. The double negatives and poor grammar were intentional. Not all high school kids are Rhodes Scholars who practice perfect diction.

"Don't you dare fucking laugh but I have to ask you to do something for me. It's really embarrassing but you gotta do it.” My 19 year old sister was lying on the sofa recuperating from injuries she got when the motorcycle she was riding skidded off the road into some gravel. The rocks sandpapered her gloves then a lot of skin off her hands so they were both wrapped in bandages, she was pretty much totally handicapped until she got the wraps off. Mom and I took turns feeding her but since I'm a guy, her younger brother, I didn't help her get dressed or anything.

Once I found out she would live and her hands would be normal in a few weeks I started teasing her and fucking with her because she was a cripple. I was having fun at her expense and it pissed her off that she couldn’t hit me or something. “What? You want me to scratch your ass or something?” I smiled.

“No you stupid dick, but this is even worse than that.” She was turning red just looking at me so my curiosity was rising quickly, I was thinking maybe she needed me to wipe her ass.

“If it's private stuff maybe mom should help you.”

“This is something I won't ever ask her to do, she'd have a fit and tell me I was crazy and not do it anyway. I would ask Vera but she's not home for another week.” Vera was her best friend.

She had my full attention, “Okay, what is so goddamn urgent that you have to stoop so low to ask me do to it?”

Lanni looked up at me “You gotta swear and promise you won't never tell no one what I'm gonna ask you even if you don't help me. If I hear one word about this I'll slice your scrotum open and watch your nuts fall to the floor. You say it.”

“What the fuck do you want?”

“No, dickhead, you swear even before I say anything more.”

My interest was running full, I wanted to hear what she had on her mind. If it was cool enough to tell my friends I could forget I ever promised her anything but I had to pretend I wouldn’t say nothing to no one. I didn't say anything for a few moments making her think I was struggling with my answer “Okay, I won't say anything to nobody.”


“All right, I fucking promise! What the hell is so dark and nasty I can't ever say?”

Lanni burned bright red in the face, her eyes dropped to the floor and whispered “I itch really bad.”

What the hell was so bad about that, I could scratch her back, no problem. “Okay, turn around, I'll scratch your back.”

She looked up at me “Not my back, down there.”

I'm not totally stupid “You want me to scratch your muff?” I asked her surprised.

She got even more red “No, not scratch it, I need you to shave off the hair. I shave my pubes and now they are growing back and I itch like crazy, it's driving me up a wall.”

“You want me to shave your pussy? Totally shave it?” I couldn't believe my luck, this would be a story for the whole fucking school. She had already graduated but a lot of people still there knew her. This would be the coolest gossip I could ever tell about my big sister but I had to act like it was something I couldn't do.

“I don't know Lanni, that's really weird, why can't you ask mom to do that?”

“Cause mom won't and I would have to hear for years how depraved and slutty I am, you know how she is, she won't even admit she got screwed the two times she got pregnant. I'm not wild about having my little brother play with my girl but it itches so bad I’m desperate.” She was pleading, her eyes begging for understanding and relief.

“Okay, come on, you have a shaver or do I have to pollute mine?”

As she got off the couch she shot back “I have a very cute pink Lady Gillette, three blades for a smooth lasting shave” she sounded like a TV commercial.

I never had sexy thoughts about Lanni even though she really is a nice stack of eye candy. Most of my friends drooled when she was around but she was my older sister, I didn't understand why them cunt lickers ogled her so hard but as I watched her loose skirt twitch across the back of her legs my thoughts raised from her knees to the junction of her thighs. I was about to see and touch a part of her that almost every guy I knew wanted to see and touch. My cock flexed and began to firm up.

She turned to face me while I filled the bathroom sink with warm water. I pulled out her razor and the lotion enhanced gel then asked her “Are you ready for this?” She looked at me with doubtful eyes, shook her head no, then nodded carefully. I reached under her skirt and pinched the sides of her panties then pulled them off her hips. When they were at her ankles she stepped out of them, her face was beet red. My cock lunged against the barrier of my zipper.

Lanni stepped back and sat on the closed toilet lid and spread her legs wide, the skirt covered her so I lifted it high until she was exposed to me. My heart was slamming wildly, I felt my face burning as I knelt down and looked at her body. I had a girlfriend and we fucked every chance we got so I wasn't seeing anything new in my life but looking at my sister's gash caused my nuts to start boiling. The dark hair over and around her crack was just a shadow but long enough to be itchy. I looked into her eyes and saw determination “Okay, you seen it; now shave it” she demanded.

I filled my left hand with her shave gel then with shaky hesitation I daubed a bit on her pubis, just over the top of her pussy. With two finger tips I gingerly smoothed the creme over the triangle patch of stubble. Lanni was shifting nervously, her legs moving “Quit moving around, hold still” I cautioned her. I put the blades of her razor against her skin and lightly stroked away the hair on her lower belly. It didn't take me long to shave the open expanse of her body but the sides of her lady lips and the insides of her thighs were also hairy. I rinsed the blades then “Spread your legs, I can't do anything like that.” Lanni leaned back, slid her butt forward then spread her legs even wider across the toilet seat. Her pussy was so far open I could see the hole into her body. My balls were aching.

I smeared shave gel over my hand again then pressed it to her pussy. Lanni jerked away from the first touch but rolled her butt forward again while I rubbed the stuff over and to the sides of her slit. I noticed the insides of her right thigh vibrate briefly. I took the razor and very carefully began to shave my sister's sex, light smooths strokes took the short hairs off evenly. I got as much as I could but her position didn't let me get it all from her legs. “Stand up, I have to do the inside of your thighs.”

Lanni got off the toilet and and put one foot on the lid “This is how I do it” she told me. I lifted her skirt but it wouldn't stay up so I put my head under it to hold it up; it didn't dawn on me how it would look, my sister standing with one foot on the toilet with my head under her skirt. I spread more creme on her body then went at the rest of the hair. I cleaned her lips and thighs on one side then tapped on her foot. She changed feet on the stool giving me access to the other side of her cunt. My cock and balls were begging for mercy.

When I was done doing the most intimate act I could ever think of with my sister I was emboldened enough to feel the entire area that I had shaved, feeling for any missed stubble. I rubbed and felt her body slowly, on purpose because I knew I might never have this chance again. Lanni let me play around her slit for a few seconds then stepped back. “You have to rinse the gel off, get a washcloth.” I looked into her eyes and saw something familiar, it was the look my girlfriend gave me when she is hot and horny. I wasn't expecting to see sex in Lanni's eyes.

I soaked a hand cloth with warm water then went back under her skirt. I wiped the shaving residue off my sisters stomach then I pressed the warm cloth over her pussy and slowly massaged her clean. Lanni grunted and I saw her legs shake again. I knew without a doubt I would be hacking my meat as soon as I got away from her. I was also beginning to form the story I would tell my friends about how I manhandled my sister. I moved my head back, lifted her skirt against her stomach “Is that okay?” I asked.

Lanni looked down at herself then faced the mirror. She nodded, “You don't know how much better that feels. You did okay, thank you.” I was impressed, rarely did my sister ever say thank you to me. My cock and balls were pulsing in sync with my heart beat. She stepped back and looked at my tented crotch “You got turned on.”

“Yeah, well that happens when I'm playing with an awesome pussy.”

Lanni looked at me for a long second, “Open your pants.”

I unhooked my belt, pulled the zipper to its stop then pulled my jeans open, exposing my bulging underwear. Lanni checked out the lump and said “Come on, pull it out, let me see what your girlfriend rides.” I pushed my pants and shorts to my knees to let my long thick erection breathe fresh air. Lanni stepped back to get a straight on view then moved to my side to check the length of it. My stiff cock was thumping, a long string of goo dripping from the end. My sister moved back in front of me then dropped to her knees and put her lips over the end of my cock. She licked the head of it then slipped her mouth over me until I felt the back of her throat. She started bobbing back and forth on my erection and I could only stand there feeling shock and awe.

She put her bandaged hands on my hips but she couldn't hang on so I put my hands on her head to hold her close as she blew me. I could hear her slurping and slobbering on my cock and my nuts began to dance. I groaned a warning “Lanni, you gotta back off or it's gonna happen.”

My sister pulled off me then quickly stood “Pull up my skirt!” I lifted her skirt to her waist and she put her wrapped hands on my prick and rubbed me until I exploded. My stomach contracted, my cock cramped and I shot stream after stream of hot cum onto my sisters clean shaven body. I held her skirt until the final spurt, let it drop then plopped to my ass on the toilet lid. Lanni was smiling like she had just gotten a new toy. She threw a leg over my lap then squatted down until my still rock solid bone split her cunt. She lowered herself until she was sitting on my nuts, “Now you have something to tell your friends.” She started stroking me with her body.

“I'd never tell them nothing!” I protested.

She looked me in the eyes “I know better, you can't wait to get away so you can tell the world about shaving me.” She put her cheek next to mine and breathed hot words across my ear “Listen really well little brother, if you tell, this will be the only time we ever fuck. If you don't, we can fuck...and fuck.....and fuck....until your nuts shrivel and die from the abuse.” She rolled her hips for emphasis, smearing the cum on her belly against mine. I held her hips and we got busy screwing each other.

I never said a word to no one.

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