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We all take a break to relax and clean up, but the fun continues
Part-2 During The Break ... And After
By: Pogo123

It was time for me to shower, relax and freshen up.

You were in the bathroom, but the shower had stopped, so I
knew you would be coming out soon. You were probably doing
your hair, since I know you can't have people seeing you with
"messy hair".

The "guys", John, Bob and Stephen were all lounging on the beds
catching our breath and swapping jokes, funny stories and
generally sharing our good moods.

No one was dressed, but, thanks to you, the perfect hostess,
we were all comfortable being nude together ... no
nervousness and no shyness at all.

Bob started loading another memory card into his camera as
John asked, "How much longer do you think Katie'll be?"

"Why, John", I asked, "you getting horny again already?"

That brought chuckles from Stephen and Bob, but Bob piped
up with, "Very likely he is, Mike. All he thinks about is pussy
and all he talked about on the way here was how much he'd like
to play with Katie's pussy ... and he hadn't even seen it yet!!".

"But" he continued, "I want some more pictures of Katie. She's
one beautiful and sexy woman".

I agreed with him and noticed that as the talk turned to you,
all three cocks showed some thickening ... the beginning of
three hard ons.

"After what we've all done tonight you guys may not believe
this, but Katie is really a shy woman. This whole trip is a
total departure from her everyday life at home in Europe and
she's doing a lot of this just to please me. She wants her
visit to be a memorable trip for me, too."

"Do you mean she's not enjoying herself?", Stephen asked.

"No," I replied, "She's enjoying all of it, but she wouldn't if
I weren't here or if I weren't enjoying this too. All I'm saying
is that I want her to have as much fun as she wants me to have."

"She and I are creating memories that we'll enjoy for years to
come and, though you all are part of it, they're our own
memories, just for us".

"Have any of you noticed that she doesn't talk openly about
anything except to me?"

"No", Bob replied, "But now that you mention it she does sort
of refer to things without being direct."

"Yes", I agreed, "you've hit it right on. She may not say the
sexy, direct words in front of you, but she'll get her point
across. That's part of her shyness."

"All you guys have treated her very well tonight and you've done
a great job of making her feel beautiful, sexy and desirable.
Just continue as you have been doing, don't push her. Treat her
gently and we'll all have a good time."

"That won't be hard to do, John said with a grin, "Katie's not
only beautiful and sexy, but she's also the most lady-like
woman I've seen in a long time."

"Well, just remember", I reminded him, "she's enjoying herself,
but she's also putting on a show for me, one that she knows
I'll never forget."

"What a lucky guy you are, Mike!!", Stephen exclaimed. "She'd be
any man's dream girl."

John laughed out loud at that as he said, "She's been a dream
girl for all of us tonight, that's for sure, but ... when does our
"Dream Girl" come back out here? Is she having second
thoughts about having more fun tonight?".

"It's my turn in the shower, John, so I'll see if she's about
ready", I said as I got up from the bed and made my way to the
bathroom door.

"May I come in, Katie?", I called though the door. "I need to
shower soon".

"Of course", you replied, so I opened the door and entered the
bathroom to see (just as I suspected) you brushing out your hair.

You had replaced your makeup and looked as though you'd just
arrived, not at all like you had just finished almost 3 straight
hours of enjoying the playful and appreciative company of 4 men.

From the smile on your face and the twinkle in your eye, I knew
you were enjoying yourself, which really made me happy.

I pulled you next to me, kissed you and told you how wonderful
I thought you looked.

"Well, you replied, "you four studs deserve my best. Then you
giggled and pushed me away.

Slipping into the big, fluffy robe the motel had provided, you
told me "Get your shower, Mike. I'll keep the guys entertained
until you finish, but you'd better hurry. I heard what Bob said
about wanting more pictures and I'd like you to take some of
what he takes for our album of the trip".

You leaned over, kissed me and were out the door before I could
even say anything.

I chuckled to myself as I turned on the water and got my soap
and towel ready as the water warmed up.

Ahhhh, did this hot shower ever feel good! I had finished
getting clean and was enjoying a moment under the hot water
when I heard you just outside the shower door.

"Mike? Are you about done?"

I pushed open the shower door, grabbed my towel and stepped
out into the bathroom.

"Just finished, Honey. Why? You miss me?"

"Of course, Silly, I always miss you when you aren't right
beside me, but I thought you might have drowned. You took
a very long time in there."

"Well, I'm done now and will be right out."

I had noticed immediately that you were nude, the robe was
obviously history, but then I noticed that you were squeezing
your thighs together and sort of wriggling just a bit.

"You need me to step out while you use the toilet, Sweety?",
I asked, (stupid me).

"No, but it's nice of you to ask", you replied.

Then I saw that your nipples were red and standing out, hard
as rocks.

Before I could comment you asked, "Mike, do we have any oil
or lotion with us?"

"Yes. I have some in my toiletries kit, a couple types, in
fact. Why, Katie, you need some for your skin?".

"No", you replied with a big grin, "I'm a wee bit sore and I
thought some lotion or oil might help."

"You're right, Katie, it would help, so here,, take this",
I said as I handed you a jar of baby oil mixed with Creamy
Vaseline. "It's better than plain oil, it won't leave you all
greasy and won't react on your skin."

"You want me to help you with it, to rub it on?", I asked as
I pulled you close for a hug.

"No, silly, it's for John. He's so big and I'm not as wet as I
was earlier. This is so he'll slide in easier."

I laughed really loudly and asked, "What have you guys been
up to? I thought you were just going to take some pictures
until I got there."

"Well, we did. But the guys all got excited as the poses went
on and then they wanted to pose with me and ... well ... one
thing lead to another."

"Stephen has been sucking my tits and Bob has been licking
my pussy until I'm about as hot as fireworks. John wanted in
me, but as soon as he started I could feel that he was having
a hard time and ... it hurt a wee bit. Think this will help?"

"Sure thing, Honey", I told her, "Just coat John's cock with
it and wipe a small bit on your pussy lips. He'll slide
right in, easy peasy".

"Oh, goody", you exclaimed. "You're so good to me, Mike.
I really appreciate you setting all this up and I'm glad you
didn't tell me about it before hand. I'd have died with
fright just thinking about it and would have probably
argued and backed out."

Then you kissed me deeply and, as you were leaving the
bathroom said, "Come out soon, Mike, very soon, and I'll show
you just how much I'm enjoying tonight."

I had to laugh as Katie left the bathroom.

She was having a great time, I could tell, but, even after this
many hours with the guys and me, she was still getting used to
all this attention, all this excitement and all this fun. One
thing that kept her on track though, was our love and that this
was really OUR fun, no matter what the guys thought.

Hearing her voice outside the door, I could almost see her
bouncing with excitement as she said to John, "OK, John ...
Mike says this will make everything easier."

I couldn't hear what they said, but I then heard Katie say,
"Here, let me spread some of this on you first."

I heard immediate laughter and Bob say, "On him, Katie? How
about on his back? Think that will do the trick?"

"No, silly, and don't be cheeky. You know perfectly well where I

Then I heard Bob tell her, "Wait Katie! Let me get into position
first. I'm sure it will make some great pictures of you oiling up
John's cock."

Then I didn't hear anything for several seconds ... nearly a
minute, in fact when I heard you ..

"Is that alright, John? I'm not hurting you am I?"

I did hear John then as he replied, "No, Katie. It feels really
good and having a beautiful naked woman such as you rubbing
oil on my cock is the dream of a lifetime."

"Well", you replied, "without this I don't think you'd get in
without some pain and maybe not at all."

Both Bob and Stephen laughed as they asked, "In where,
Katie? Does he need a ticket to wherever he's going in?"

After a long pause, you called out, "Mike? Are you about
finished and coming out?"

I called back loudly through the door, "Soon, Sweety, in a
few minutes. I'm going to wash my hair again and shave. You
just have fun and keep the guys entertained until I get there."

After a pause you called back, "OK, but hurry". "Bob's already
taking pictures so I'll make sure he gets lots of good ones for

With that I heard the bed squeak a bit and could only excitedly
imagine what that meant.

"I'll get on my back, Katie". John said. "That way you can stop
if it hurts you."

"Alright, John, that sounds like a good idea. Bob? Are you ready
with the camera? I don't want Mike to miss seeing any of this.
I wish he were here, but just make sure you get pictures he'll
enjoy later."

"Oh!! Be careful, Katie", I heard John say. "You almost fell off
the bed."

"This bed is so squishy", I heard you say, "that it's hard to
keep my balance, John."

"Here, Katie", Stephen said, "I'll hold onto you while you slide
down on John's cock."

"You're such a dear, Stephen. That would be wonderful."

It wasn't but a few seconds that I heard the bed squeaking in
repeatedly and knew it was in time with you riding John ...

and then you saying, "Hold my tits, Stephen. You can keep me up
that way and also keep them from flopping all over."

I knew then that you were really excited. For you to say "tits"
instead of breasts told me how turned on you were.

No one said anything after that. All I heard were bed squeaks and
the occasional click of Bob's camera when he happened to be near
the bathroom door, but I did soon hear the bed squeak tempo pick
up. Obviously John was near cumming.

"Lean forward on your hands and knees, Katie. I can see that your
legs are taking a terrible strain squatting like that", Stephen
said. "You just stay like that and let John do the work."

You didn't answer, but I did hear Stephen say to you that he was
changing positions.

"I'm going to move up and sit on the headboard, Katie. That way
I can still hold your tits and squeeze them while we both are
more comfortable."

Bob then laughed loudly, "Yeah, Stephen, right. You just want
to get your cock in front of Katie's face again."

"What about it, Katie?, Stephen asked. "My cock is hard as Hell
watching you. You want to suck it for me while I squeeze your
tits and John pounds your pussy?"

"That's great, Katie", Bob said, "But cast your eyes this way
toward the camera. I can get John's cock in your pussy at the
same time I get you looking at the camera with Stephen's cock in
your mouth."

"Oh, yes ... that's perfect."

"My God!!", John yelled ... "I'm cumming in the best pussy ever."

"Here, Stephen", you said, "You take over and jack off on my tits."

I couldn't help grinning at hearing you say that. The guys were
hearing things from you that only I had heard until now. So much
for my talk about how shy you were ...

There was no doubt that you were one fired up woman, but I also
really liked that you were comfortable enough with all three of
them that you could relax and have that much fun and talk about
it too or, maybe, you were using the words because you knew I
could hear you say them. It would be like you to do things just
because you knew they excited me.

Knowing you liked seeing any man, but particularly Stephen,
jacking off, I could only imagine the excitement you were

I could easily picture what was happening and how it looked to
you. While your pussy was still plugged with John's big cock
you were watching Stephen rapidly jacking off his cock and
aiming it at your tits.

"OK, everyone", Bob said, "no one move for a minute until I get
set up. I want to get John pulling slowly out of Katie's pussy
while it gaps open and his cum is oozing out around his cock.
That's going to be one sexy picture".

"You had better be finished, Mike", you called. "I think we all
need another shower now."

"Yeah", Bob chimed in, "and we want to be out before room service
gets here with the pizza I ordered."

"What makes the difference?", I heard you ask Bob. "So long as one
of us is here to answer the door, he can deliver it."

Bob chuckled as he said, "True, Katie", but I thought you might
want to give him a bit of a show for his tip."

"Since we are all here to enjoy seeing it and to protect you,
wouldn't you like to show your gorgeous pussy to a perfect

I could almost see the shiver of excitement as that thought sunk
into your brain.

The End
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