"Promise me, this weekend, I want to be with you, my boyfriend"

"I promise." said James. And he was serious; he had no intention of whoring out his girlfriend, like he had quite a few times over the past month. It would just be the two of them.

"I can't wait for the party" she said. Kelly Long threw the best parties. It was on Friday night after the football game. Her parents wouldn't be home and they'd get to relax and do whatever.

"I went out and bought a sexy outfit, just for you baby" said Kerry, clearly excited to please her boyfriend.

"Tell me about it" smiled James.

"No, it's a surprise; at the party you can see it."

The week passed slowly, because essentially nothing happened. Friday night was a cold night, so James and Kerry both decided to skip the game (which was outside) and go right to the party.

James went to pick up Kerry, excited to see her outfit.

She ran out the door and quickly sat in the car. Her parents weren’t home but she didn’t want her little sister to see how she was dressed.

She had on a tight black leather skirt that didn’t come down below her ass, a corset shirt that squeezed her breasts up, and thigh high zip up boots with high heels.

James was shocked. She looked more like a whore now, then ever when she was actually whoreing.

"Are you wearing anything under what you have on?" asked James.

"Nope" Kerry smiled.

"Not even down there" said James, motioning towards her pussy.

Kerry smiled again and pulled up the micro-skirt revealing a perfectly shaved, glistening pussy. She giggled.

Kerry leaned in and kissed James, letting her hand slide over his cock.

They set off for the party. They got their around 930; it was beginning to heat up. Kerry and James walked around, said hello to people. Every guy they saw just stared at Kerry's tits, as they seemed to flow out of her shirt that must have been numerous sizes too small.

A few months ago, James would have been annoyed at other guys so blatantly looking at his girlfriend, but he had gotten used to the idea since he had started selling her.

They sat down together on a couch with a group of James' friends.

"You want a beer hunny?" asked Kerry.

"Yes, please" said James.

As Kerry walked away, James' friend leaned in "Damn, she looks good, you must be doing something right."

James looked over at his girlfriend as she bent over to pick up a beer. Her bending exposed her entire ass (with nothing on it at all) to most of the guys at the party. They all seemed to enjoy this little show. But as all his friends were staring at his girlfriend, James was peering across the room at cute freshman girl who looked a little out of place. James smiles.

Kerry walked back over with a beer. Grinning, she gave it to James. James knew from her smile that she had purposely showed off her ass. She was clearly enjoying being a slut and this turned on James (and most guys at the party).

Kerry sat down on James lap, letting her bare ass stimulate his cock. They all relaxed this way, talking, drinking, until about 11 when the football team showed up. They had been victorious and were all very excited. More alcohol was brought out and the music was turned up.

Kerry dragged James onto the dance floor. It wasn't easy for her to dance in her thigh high boots, but she managed. After a slow dance, they had to stop because a wet spot was appearing on James' jeans from being up against Kerry's pussy that was barely covered by her skirt. Out of the corner of his eye, James saw the cute little freshman girl, still eyeing him but not smiling this time. James figured that she was probably thinking that because he had a girlfriend he wouldn’t be interested in her.

They sat down, and over walked Joey, a football player friend of James'. They said hello, James congratulated him on the victory over the neighboring town. They were all clearly excited and looking to celebrate as they got drunker and drunker.

As Joey walked away, James decided he might be able to help them celebrate.

"Come with me," said James to Kerry, as he took her upstairs. Kerry got excited, she was pretty horny and was happy to go upstairs with her boyfriend and have some naughty fun.

Once upstairs, she didn't give James a chance to say a word. She dropped to her knees and pulled open James' jeans. She wrapped her tongue around his balls and started playing with his cock.

She was hungry, and in seconds was deep throating it, making sure her tongue had as much contact with his cock as possible.

James moaned and closed his eyes. He tightly held the back of Kerry's head and without giving the slightest warning he blew his load in her waiting mouth. She stumbled back with a very naughty smile on her face. She swallowed all his cum with a greedy air.

"Now, can I tell you what I wanted to talk to you about?" asked James

"Yes, of course baby," replied Kerry, dreamily.

"I want you to fuck the whole football team in honor of their victory"

Kerry's jaw dropped, "you're kidding, right?"

"No, they played hard and they deserve some celebration"

"I don't wanna, James"

"Why not? It’s not like fucking strangers is new for you now, and they really deserve it"

Kerry was a little offended by James' remark, but she knew that she couldn't really defend herself, because he was entirely right.

"Do I have to?" asked Kerry with her big brown eyes and her tits sticking out (this usually got her whatever she wanted)


James ran downstairs to tell the football players. Kerry cried for a second and then pulled herself back together. She had no choice. She sat down on the guest bed in the room. She could hear James talking to the football players and their happy grunts as they heard the news.

James then dashed upstairs.

“You ready hun?”

Kerry looked at him sternly and continued:

“Listen, I figured it’d be easier for you if this happened quick, so the guys are all gonna come in, and at the same time you’ll take on in your mouth and one in your ass. That way you’ll be done in 2 times the amount of time.”

Kerry’s jaw dropped again.
“No. I’m leaving.”

Kerry stood up and made for the door, James grabbed her and pushed her on the bed.

“You don’t understand, I’m leaving.” James slapped her across the face.

“You don’t understand, sweetie, you’re not leaving” James stepped out of the room.

Moments later 3 big football players walked in.

“She’s dressed like a whore” one said to another. They all smiled.

Kerry’s heart began to pound. She was betrayed by James, but she was kinda used to feeling that way. But she had wanted to spend some time alone with him this weekend. However, she did feel quite guilty because she knew a part of her would love this experience, and she hadn’t drank cum in over a week and really missed the taste.

The three walked over, all were over 6 feet and well built.

“Hey sweetie” said the tallest one. He was muscular, black, and had a deep voice. He then unbuckled his pants and pulled them down and dropped his boxers to his knees. As it grew hard in front of her, Kerry’s eyes bulged. It would be more than 10 inches once fully erect, she had never experienced nor could she imagine a cock that large.

“Open wide” he said, with a grin. Kerry didn’t know what to do. Realizing she had to act fast before he began to force something, she stuck out her tongue and began to rub it around his head. Her tongue looked smaller than usual on the huge cock. She then took the head in her mouth and began to suck it. She did it slowly and quite well. Ok, this will be alright, she thought. Then suddenly she felt a hand on the back of her head, and this hand didn’t simply guide her movement. It forced her to take all 10 inches into her throat in one quick movement. At first she couldn’t believe how strong this guy was, and then it dawned on her that a huge cock was incredibly deep in her throat. She never had had a feeling like this before. Her throat felt tight and it took her a moment to realize she’d better breathe through her noise.

The guy began to bob her head up and down, taking all 10 inches very quickly and then forcing her back and fourth. Kerry was freaking out, trying to calm herself down was not working. But suddenly she realized there was other stuff to worry about. One of the guys had grabbed her and laid her down with her head hanging off the bed. The one fucking her mouth walked around and continued to do so. Her legs were straitened out and opened up. Her pussy and ass were exposed and all Kerry could see was the pubic hair of the guy fucking her mouth.

Kerry moaned through the guys cock as suddenly her ass was invaded. She wanted to scream and shake with the intensity of the feeling but she couldn’t because two huge guys were up against her.
The pounding was incredibly. She didn’t even know how to feel, there was so much sensation rushing through her body and overloading her head.

The guy fucking her ass came, and she felt the warm sensation deep inside of her self. She moaned into the cock of the big guy fucking her face, it was clear that he wouldn’t be long. As one guy stepped out, another came in and took their place.

The guy fucking her mouth began to moan. Kerry realized he was gonna cum and more than likely it would be a lot. She wanted to be ready so she could start swallowing right away, she didn’t want to make a mess because she certainly wouldn’t have time to clean it up now.

“MMM, that’s a good little bitch” said the guy as he let his load loose. It rocketed out and hit the back of Kerry’s mouth with force and then like a waterfall, it started to rush. She began to swallow in big loads, but not big enough. It dripped out of her mouth and all over her face. Kerry’s mouth felt hot and sticky as he pulled out and let the last few squirts go at her face.

He quickly left the room and another cock replaced his.

She gagged for a second, wishing she had had time to recover. She closed her eyes, realizing that it didn’t matter what the guy looks like, all cocks were really the same.

Meanwhile, as Kerry was taking huge cock after huge cock (many of the football players coming back for 2nds and 3rds), James had said hi to the freshman girl. Her name was Katie, she was tiny with small perky tits, and a round ass. She had on extremely tight faded jeans, a tight white shirt, and cowgirl boots. She smiled and flirted. She was clearly interested. James realized he probably didn’t have too much time with this girl before Kerry finished off the team.

“Do you wanna go out to my car, we can take a drive or something.”

“What about your girlfriend?” asked Katie.

“She’s busy upstairs, I bet we can be back before she’s done.”

Katie said sure. James drove to a dark parking lot where he often used to take Kerry. He turned the car off, it was nearly pitch black. Without saying anything James reached out his hands for the girl, with one hand he pulled her towards him, with the other he squeezed her small tits. Katie didn’t mind at all. She kissed him. Her tiny tongue felt small in his mouth. His hands roamed over her tits and down to her ass.

He whispered, “We don’t have much time, my girlfriend will be looking for me.”

James unzipped his jeans. Without a though, Katie put her head down, straining over the emergency break to reach his cock. She rapped her tongue around his head and swirled. She had a light touch and James moaned. She then opened her mouth and took as much in as she could. She pushed down with her sweet young lips. She stopped however, about half way down his cock. She rapped her tongue around his cock like a snake, bobbed up and down for a while, but she never took more than half his cock. James was getting annoyed. He put this hand on the top of her head to urge her to take more. She seemed to ignore and kept sucking like before.

He whispered, “sweetie, you’re gonna have to take a little more.”

Without taking his cock out of her mouth she moaned a negative response.

James sighed. He decided he’d have to force this issue.

“Katie, please take more of my cock.” No response, she just kept sucking.

James began to apply pressure to the back of her head. Softly at first, then more forcefully when she put up a fight. Now using both hands James pushed down on her head. He felt his cock push into her mouth more and suddenly begin to descend her throat. He moaned as he felt her little mouth deal with his huge cock.

“Breathe through your nose, baby.”

Katie was freaking out a little, and crying, but she realized the sooner James came the better. He bounced her head up and down by her hair. Despite her being unwilling, Katie was giving an excellent blowjob and her little mouth was idle for cock sucking

Soon James was ready to cum.

“Listen Katie, I’m gonna cum soon…you have to swallow.”

Katie didn’t even whimper in response. James exploded in her mouth. She was surprised and tightened up, but she quickly began to swallow. Because Kerry had blown him not too long ago he didn’t cum too much. Katie sat up in her seat and swallowed the rest in her mouth. James turned the car on and headed back to the party.

As they pulled up James said, “Of course you can’t tell anyone about this.”

Katie nodded, smiled a little, “I’m sorry I wasn’t good.”

“It’s ok baby.”

She smiled again. They both got out of the car.

Back in the party, James was immediately spotted by several members of the football team. They thanked him for letting them fuck his girlfriend (though they weren’t quite sure what to call her: girlfriend, slut, whore, bitch).

James went upstairs. He looked into the room. There was no one online now, only a big black guy in bed fucking his hot little girlfriend. She was moaning in what could have been pleasure or pain. The guy finished, rolled off her and left the room. Kerry didn’t move.

James walked in. Kerry’s face was covered in cum. Her tits had been taken out of her corset and were also covered in cum. Her skirt was hiked up a little, her pussy and ass exposed. Her thigh high boots were still on though they also had a few drips of cum on them.

She smiled a little when she saw James.

“Did I do a good job for you, baby?”

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