Well, needless to say my tits got in the way in more than gym class.
Hello all, first, even though I write about times that I enjoyed men, I do not any longer so please do not tell me how you wanna fuck me and ask my opinion of your cock pics. I am a lesbian, no other way to say it. Being polite so please stop with the offers. Thanks.

Well, needless to say (then why do people always say it then) my tits got in the way in more than gym class and got me attention when I wanted it and sometimes when I did not want it. Older guys noticed me at 40EE on a 16 year old girl and always accidentially bumped into me every chance they got. A few girls did too but not as many as I liked. Well, guys would go by me and say things, "Would love to fuck that baby" and "Those tits are gonna get you laid" "Bet you love those sucked on" and then the one that scared me, "Gonna cut those tits off and mount them on the wall slut" and that made me nervous since I did not know who said it in the crowd around me. Well, I still had phys ed last period and so did not dress in my street clothes to go home. Usually I had on sweat pants (full length) and a guy shirt or tank top. The weather was getting hoter so I was wearing the shorts (that were a little too small for me and so too tight and I never wore them for class). I had on a tank top that was also too small and no sports bra under since the car was just 50 yards away or so. I walked around the end of one building that was on the edge of the fense and then around it to the parking lot. There was a row of maintenance doors for equipment at the end of the building I and they were never used at the end of the day so I thought nothing of walking by them.

Well, as I was walking towards them there were 4 guys that came from the gym a little behind me and I thought nothing of it since I was ahead of them a ways. One or two were calling out, "hey tit girl, give us some" and one said "come on, we just wanna see them" and other things. I walked faster and wished I was dressed better but no use in hoping for something that I had not done. I turned to corner to the building and suddenly 5 guys were in front of me blocking my way. I tried to dodge around them but they grabbed me and one put his hand over my mouth and nose and I was struggling to breathe. I felt my head spinning then blacked out. I woke up laying on some mats in a rom and now 12 guys all standing around me but a gag in my mouth. They all laughed as I looked and fear was in my eyes at first then I sat up to reach for the gag and hands took my arms and pulled them behind me and my chest stuck out and they all made very aproving comments about my tits and then my nipples got hard and grew. "Damn man, check them out." one said and another stepped closer and pulled them through the shirt. Suddenly he took the shirt material and ripped it apart exposing my tits and my dark hard nipples. "Damn man, this is gonna be sweet." another said. Get her shorts off." one said and they started to pull them off then another said, "No man, rip them off like the shirt" and two guys did just that. I was naked and laying with a guy holding a leg and three others holding the other leg and my two arms holding me down and I pretended to struggle (they did not know it was getting me hot beyond belief.) I was wet already and getting wetter and I felt my pussy swelling and pulsing and wanting cock in it.

One tok off his pants and dropped to his knees between my legs and rubbed his cock between the pussy lips that were now dripping, "Fuck man, she is turned on, she wants it." he laughed and drove into me making me cry out through the gag. He humped a few times and shot his load in me and pulled out, Got that one" he said and another got between my legs and started to do the same thing. I tried to talk through the gag and finally they listened "I mmmfta gett fuuuk" I was saying then one took the gag off. "You got something to say before I put this back on?" he said. "Well, yes, I can make this so much better if you let me do it the way I like to do it and you will all enjoy it a lot better too. Besides I love sucking cock and swallowing and I can't do that with the gag in the way now can I?" They all looked at each other and then I reached for the one between my legs after they let my arms go and pulled him down on me and reached down and guided his cock into my pussy and he moved in and I moaned, "Oh yeah, now fuck me good and hard." I moaned and he started driving deep into my pussy. After he finished I sat up the cum gushing onto the mat. "Guys, I am naked and spread out, the least you can do is show me those nice hard cocks and let me suck them too while I am getting fucked and oh yes, I love my tits to be squeezed and sometimes really hard so that it hurts, I will let you know if it is too hard, bite them and all, okay?" I said and they looked around and agreed, "Shit yes, of hell yeah" and I reached for a cock and sucked it deep into my throat, moving it in slowly making the guy really moan "Oh damn man, she is fucking good. he said. I laid back and kept sucking him and spead my legs and another took my pussy. Guys were filling me and unfortunately most lost their loads to soo but I was having an orgasm about every two cocks that fucked me and when one went off in my mouth I had huge orgasms.

Guys were now sitting around mostly naked and waiting for a sucking if they had not had one and others working up cocks for another time in me. "How bout your ass Sue, you like it there?" one guys said. I got on all four and slapped my ass, "Who is first?" and soon there were guys lined up at both ends, some taking my throat and some my ass that was getting as sloppy as my pussy was. It seemed that they all were able to get hard again after a little rest and watching me suck off other guys. I was now going around the room sucking who I liked and offering my bottom, either pussy or ass to who wanted it. There was a knock at the door, in a code I suppose, and a guy opened it and three maintence men came in and smiled, "Got her ready for some real men?" one guy said. "Come on, I am ready." I laughed and the three men took off their overalls, three good sized cocks came out, two black and one white and all of them hard as rocks. "Oh hell yes." I giggled and grabbed one and took it deep throat and the man gasped, "Damn girl, no one has ever taken that down that way." and I laughed, "You have never had anyone like me." and took it deep again and then I told thee other two, "You guys wanna double me?" and they laugh and the guys all looked around. I was lifted up and lowered onto one hard cock in my ass and then leaned back and another into my pussy and then I took the one back in my throat and we worked up and rythum and I was sprayed orgasms all over them. I swallowed most of the load in my throat and the men in my bottom holes grunted and loaded me up. I slipped off and made sre they were all ready and they moved them around to change places and did them again. After that they rested and some of the guys had gotten hard again and did as the men had, three at a time while the men rested. "I will get back to you three in a litttle while. The boys began fucking me again and now I was so hot I did not know what I was doing except fucking and sucking all I could. The last thing I remember was the men rolling me over and some of the guys had left. It was dark outside and they were almost done with me and I was finally ready to rest. The men helped me up and I got a short and shorts from my gym bag which soon had cum leaking through and they helped me to the car. "There will not be anything said?" one guy said. "Oh, I don't know, if I can get fucked by you guys when I want to there is no reasonj for it to get out that you helped gang rape a 16 year old girl." I gave them my number and drove home and went to the tub and soaked and the cum floated to the top and sank to the bottom of the tub. I laid there until I was a prune and then got up and did not even dry off but fell into bed. I woke the next morning to the smell of breakfast glad it was Saturday. I did not dress but stumbled down the stairs and sat down and Mooomy looked at me, "Well, someone was well fucked yesterday or last night." she said. I looked at all the love bites all over my body, fron my hips to all over my tits and said, "Oh hell yes Mommy, that is the best part of school." I ate and showered again and dressed to cover the marks and went to watch a movie at the mall. Mommy and I ate lunch together after the movie and I told her all about the fun I had had. "Next time, invite them over." she said and we laughed and kissed.

Talk to ya later everyone,

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