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Brother and sister deal with their first serious relationships
Author's note - it has been brought to my attention that reading parts 1 & 2 may lead to some confusion. The story was meant to be read in it's entirety but had to be split due to size. My apologies because I had not planned them to be stand-alone

Part 1 – Two couples

David and Laura Ryan were not your typical brother and sister. Laura was the older of the two siblings. She was born in early October. Her brother was born about 11 months later. Due the the cutoff dates for starting school Laura and David started school at the same time. Growing up together in the same grade the age difference never seemed relevant. There was never the 'big sister' or 'little brother' sibling rivalry between them. They grew up together as friends and classmates and shared many of the same interests.

They reached puberty when David was 12 and Laura was 13 and dealt with the changes in their bodies at the same time. They turned into teenagers of average height, build, and appearance. David was 5' 7" with brown hair and green eyes. His sister was 5' 6" with dirty blond hair she wore at shoulder length. Her eyes were green as well but a much deeper emerald green compared to her brother's eyes. Her breast's had developed into a 34 b cup.

David never really took an interest in sports because of his size. Laura never took an interest in being a cheerleader or anything of that nature because she didn't have the over developed body that those girls generally possessed. Their interests were more toward academics at which they both had always excelled.

Throughout their freshman and sophomore years they both dated a variety of different people but neither found that right person they just clicked with. The sexual contact they had experienced was rather limited with members of the opposite sex and had done nothing more than heavy kissing and touching through their clothes. Like most teenagers they had discovered how to please themselves sexually at night in the privacy of their own rooms and the bathroom while showering or bathing.

"So what has you in such a good mood?" David asked his sister.

"Would you believe that Ted Stratton asked me out for Friday night?" Laura replied. She proceeded to tell him about Ted carrying her books and walking her to her classes that afternoon. "Then as we walked to the parking lot, he asked me if I wanted to go see a movie Friday."

"I had a pretty good day too. I was eating lunch and Michelle Rowe joined me. She was flirting with me and hinting about going out with me. I'm taking her the movies Friday too."

"Who would have thought that the hottest guy and girl in school would want to go out with us?" Laura questioned.

"I don't know about you Sis, but I'm not gonna question it. I'm just gonna go with it and see what happens," David said. "Ted must have more brains than I've given him credit for to be asking you out. He may be a jock but let me know if he gets out of line with you and I'll find a way to kick his ass."

"Davy, I think I'm ready for a guy to get out of line with me. Ted Stratton would be perfect to be my first."

David and Laura had talked many times that they both wanted to experience sexual relationships. The people they usually hung out with always seemed to be more interested in academics. The two siblings were smart enough to know that part of growing up was not just the books but having a social life as well.

"Yes, I know. Just before you let anything happen, make sure he's just not using you for for his own satisfaction. I don't want you to just be another one of the girls he's been with and him move on to the next one."

"I will Bro, we've talked already about about wanting the first time to be special. You keep that in mind as well when you are with your hot little cheerleader. What's that saying 'don't let your little head think before your big head'."

They both laughed at that as they arrived home.

Later that evening after they had finished their studies Laura and David relaxed in front of the television on the second floor of the house. It was almost a complete living area by itself. Their two bedrooms shared a common bathroom. There was a third bedroom with a queen sized bed reserved for out of town guests or the occasional couple who may have had too much to drink during one of their parents dinner parties. The common area had a large screen TV with a home theatre system. There as a complete set of furniture consisting of a loveseat, couch and a recliner. There was also a desk with a computer. They even had a small kitchenette with a stove, refrigerator, and small table to eat at.

Going to the refrigerator, Laura got a bottle of wine out and poured herself a glass. "Hey Davy, want a glass of wine?" she asked her brother.

"Sure. That sounds good," he answered.

David and Laura's parents had allowed them to do this when they started their senior year. The only condition they stipulated was that if they had so much as a sip they would not drive anywhere. The two teens respected that condition and rarely even drank to excess. When they did exercise that privilege it was to relax after a long hard period of studying or during their frequent discussions. The discussions ranged from schoolwork, things they saw on the news, even down to their personal lives. They were truly best friends to one another and could talk about anything. Tonight's discussion was going to be about their new relationships with Michelle and Ted.

Laura walked over and sat on couch and handed David his glass of wine before reaching for the remote. "Did you want to watch anything?" she asked.

"Not really. I actually was hoping we could talk about what happened at school today," he said.

"The same thing has been on my mind as well," she told David. "When Ted first approached me I was flattered. It surprised me that he would do something old fashioned like carry my books and walk me to class. Then when he asked me out I was like 'am I dreaming or something'."

David responded, "Same thing for me with Michelle today. I thought I was having one of my late night fantasies about her."

It was no secret to either of them that the other masturbated. They could sometimes hear the other especially when they did it in the shower or bath or occasionally left both doors open to their shared bathroom.

"I find it kind of strange that we would both be approached on the same day by the most attractive guy and girl in the school wanting to go out with us. Do you think they're playing us for some reason?" Laura asked.

"I've been thinking about it too. At first I thought maybe Michelle was doing it so I'd help her get her grades up. As I started talking with her I figured out I was wrong. She really seems pretty smart. Can you believe she wants to be an archaeologist someday?"

"I had the same thought about Ted. He actually wants to be a lawyer. He even told some of the colleges that are recruiting him to play football that his studies would come before football. I casually talked to the guidance counselor about him later and it's true."

"So I guess Ted may be tired of dating airheads, with you you he gets both beauty and brains," David complimented his sister.

Laura blushed her face turning the same shade of red as the wine in her glass. Nobody had ever suggested she was beautiful not even her dad. Dads are supposed to say that about their little girl even if it not true. She finished the rest of her glass of wine and handed the glass to her brother. "I think I could use a refill," she stated. David finished his as well and got up to get them a refill.

David returned with the refilled glasses and sat down next to his sister who took her glass. She turned and looked her brother in the eye and told him, "I think Michelle is getting a full package deal as well, I hope she appreciates having such a handsome and smart boyfriend." She turned the TV back on to watch the late news together as was their normal routine. David put his arm around her as she snuggled against him resting her head on his chest. There was no sexual intent just a brother and sister enjoying the evening together. When the news was over Laura got up and gave David a sisterly goodnight kiss and retired to her room. David surfed through the channels and seeing nothing that interested him decided to turn in himself.

Earlier that evening Michelle was taking a shower when her mom knocked on the door and opened it. "I'm leaving for work now," her mom informed her. "Are you sure you're alright with me working the night shift?"

Michelle's mom was an emergency room nurse at the local hospital. Although her seniority would allow her to work any shift of her choice, finances forced her to the work the night shift for the extra pay. Her husband of twenty years had left them Thanksgiving day.
"I'll be fine Mom," Michelle answered. "In fact I already have my homework done, so I'll probably just exercise for a while and go to bed early." Michelle was telling the truth partially. But her plans to go to bed early didn't include sleeping. The exercise she had planned would not meet her mother's approval either. Thankfully her mom did not catch the inconsistency that she was taking a shower before she exercised.

After she got out of the shower, Michelle picked up her phone and made a call. "She left about 15 minutes ago, We'll have the whole night," she said into the phone. "Great, I'll see you when you get here. I'll leave the backdoor unlocked. I'll be waiting in my room for you." Michelle finished getting ready for her visitor and slipped on a very sheer babydoll nightgown with matching panties.

She laid down on her bed and started to think about the night ahead. She started to lightly rake the nails of her right hand over her breasts while her left did the same to her panty covered pussy. Her nipples began to harden with her light touch. Reaching into her panties she slowly ran her fingers through her soft light brown pubic hair. As she became more aroused she started to finger her wet pussy. She was more than ready to feel a nice hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

When she heard the doorbell ring she wondered why he didn't let himself inside and come straight to her room like she had told him. "I could have sworn I left the door unlocked," she said to herself. She thought about taking off her wet panties because she was going to have him right there in the living room she was so worked up. She decided to leave them on because she liked having her man undress her even if she was pretty much naked already.

Before opening the door she rolled her nipples between her fingers making sure they were nice and hard. She opened the door and looked up ready to lay a big kiss on his lips.

"What in the hell are you doing back here?" SLAP!!!

Michelle's hand stung and her wrist hurt from smacking him so hard across his face. Despite the pain from being slapped he could not help but notice the taste and smell of her pussy on her fingers as her hand grazed his mouth and nose. He also could not help but notice how hot and sexy she looked as she stood before him in a nightie which left nothing to the imagination.

Brian Rowe stood in the doorway stunned both from being slapped and the sight of his almost naked daughter in front of him. He didn't expect to be welcomed with open arms but he never would have imagined his angel of a daughter would physically assault him. Gathering his thoughts he focused on the reason he came. Looking at Michelle he told her, " I know I deserved that. I came tonight to try to explain what happened. Is your mom home?" He thought to himself, "Obviously she was expecting someone else and ready for some serious sex. There was no way her mom was home."

"She's at work. She had to take the night shift to make extra money to pay the bills," she explained. "All because you left us."

"I can explain if you let me. Can I come in?" he asked her.

Michelle looked at him saw the sincerity in his face. "Okay, come in," she said as she walked to the couch and sat down. She must have forgotten how little she was wearing because she did not go to put a robe on or even attempt to hide her body from his view.

Her dad stepped inside. As Michelle took a seat her dad went to the kitchen and got some ice for the freezer. He wrapped them in two washcloths. One was for Michelle's hand and the other for his face. He walked back to the living room and handed one to his daughter to ease the stinging he knew she must be feeling and put the other to his face.

He looked how she was dressed or rather not dressed and said, "Obviously you were expecting someone else?"

Michelle responded, but not totally being truthful, "Yes, I have a new boyfriend that I really like. He is not like the jocks I have dated before. He is very good in school and planning on majoring in history in college. I think you would like him."

"So are you still planning to be an archeologist? If so, it sounds like you picked the perfect guy. I know I have no right to lecture you, but please be careful. Your mom and I managed to get through college and still have you, but it wasn't easy."

"I will Dad." Suddenly Michelle realized that she and David had a lot more in common. Being in a relationship with him may not be quite as difficult as she originally thought. "So you said you wanted to explain why you left Mom and me," she stated.

"Yes. You see I started to find out some things about the people I worked for. Bad things, they were into a lot of things that I think it is best you don't know about for your own safety. The things they were doing were highly illegal and and I could not turn and look the other way. I went to the police. I didn't think about it at the time, but by doing so it has placed you and your mom in danger. For everyone's safety I have to go into the witness protection program. For the safety of you and your mom, they are going to fake my death so they can't use you to get to me. I will be alright, I will be living a simple life somewhere safe. It is important you play along with it."

Michelle sat there in shock finding out the truth. Her dad was doing this out of the love he had for her mom and herself. She started to cry. "Does this mean we will never see you again?" she asked weeping.

Her dad reached out and took her in her arms. "One day it may be safe, but that will not be for several years," he told her. He pointed to an envelope on the table. "There are a few things I wanted to make sure of before I left to take care of you and your mom. In that envelope you will find that the house has been paid off so you and your mom don't have to worry about where you live. There is a trust fund in your name for college as well. I couldn't make it for a full four years with having to pay the house off, but it will get you through the first year. I have faith that you will pick up scholarships for the remainder and graduate school as well. Also I know your birthday is not for a few months but in the next few days you'll be getting that Jeep you've been wanting. Don't go all Indiana Jones or Laura Croft," he added with a laugh.

Michelle was in a state of awe and did not know how to react or thank her dad. She pulled herself onto his lap and hugged him close. Even though it was his daughter on his lap he found that he was aroused by this beautiful teenage girl sitting on his lap.

Michelle felt his erection and suddenly thought of how she could show her love and appreciation to her dad who she may never see again. Her lips found his and she started to kiss him. It scared her dad at first but gradually he began to respond and return the kiss. She guided his hands to her breasts. He felt her nipples harden under his touch. She started to grind her pussy against his hard cock. She was going to make love to her dad. Neither of them had previously had any sexual feelings toward the other until now. The emotions they felt overpowered the taboo nature of the act.

Suddenly they were interrupted by a knock on the door. "Mr. Rowe, we need to go. You've been here too long already," the federal marshall protecting him said.

Michelle reached into his pants and wrapped her hand around his hard cock. "Please Daddy.... not yet," she pleaded. "Let me show you how much I love you."

Her dad had come back to his senses. "Honey, I know you love me and we really don't have to make love for me to know that," he told her. "I have to go now. There is a letter in the envelope I wrote to your case she wasn't here. Please make sure she reads it and then burns it. I love both of you and always will." As he stood to leave he gave his daughter one last kiss which was more fatherly.

After her dad left Michelle went to her mom's room and took a few of her Hydroxyzine pills. She wasn't trying to harm herself. She just needed to knock herself out for the night.

Her guest for the evening arrived about thirty minutes later. He had been delayed and then when he got there saw the black SUV in the driveway. Not knowing what was going on he drove around for a bit before returning.

He found Michelle in her room but she was acting very strange. She must have taken something because she did not seem to know who he was.

"Oh Daddy, you came back," she mumbled. "Please hold me until I go to sleep."

Not sure exactly what was going on he did just that. After she had been asleep about in hour he got up from her bed covered her up with a blanket. He bent over and kissed her forehead.

Friday could not arrive fast enough for David and Laura.

David and Michelle had lunch together everyday that week. Michelle surprised him by suggesting they go see a movie based on history rather than a chic flick. Laura and Ted had decided on a romance movie.

After school that day the siblings took their turns in the bathroom to shower and get ready. They both wanted to look nice for their dates. David chose to wear a polo shirt and a nice pair of jeans. Laura put a little more thought into what she was wearing. Although she had no intention of things going to far on her first date with Ted, she still picked a matching red thong and bra. The jeans she put on were skintight. With it being winter she decided to be practical and wore a red sweater. She took her time brushing out her hair and put on just a small amount of makeup and perfume.

David was just getting ready to leave to pickup Michelle when Laura came out of her room.

"What you think Davy?" Laura asked presenting herself to him.

David looked his sister over. "You look great Sis, but don't you think your jeans are a little too tight?" he asked her. He really thought they looked good on her and wondered why she had chosen such a loose sweater to wear with it.

"Maybe a little, but I don't think it hurts to do a little advertising on a first date," she joked.

David decided to let it rest. "Okay Sis," he told her. He walked over and gave her a hug. "Have a good time tonight."

"You too Bro."

As it turned out both movies ended within a few minutes of each other. David and Michelle saw Ted and Laura in the lobby of the theatre. They were all a little hungry so they decided to meet at the local pizza shop. The two couples spent the rest of the evening together. They all agreed they had a great evening and should double date again.

When the time came for the evening to come to an end David and Michelle excused themselves. As David drove Michelle home she was worried about what David would do when they got there. He knew her mom would be gone for the evening because she was working the night shift.

When they arrived back at her place, she was surprised to see her mom's car in the driveway along with two police cars. She then remembered what her dad had told her about faking his death and this must be part of it. Pretending to not know what was going on she asked with a worried voice, "Can you come inside with me?"

"Of course," David said with concern.

As they walked to the door, Michelle held David's hand. as she opened the door Michelle was shaking, They entered the house and found her mom crying. A female police officer was trying to comfort her.

Michelle ran to her mother. "Mom what's going on?" she asked. Her mom couldn't answer. Even though she knew the death was fake, the fact that she may never see her husband again was still traumatizing and the reality of things finally set in.

When they saw her mom couldn't respond to her daughter, the female officer broke the news. "There was a terrible accident. I am sad to tell you that your father was killed in the accident."

Like her mom, Michelle started to cry. Part of the tears were a show. but most were genuine sadness that she may not see her father again. She also felt ashamed of the fact that she had started to come on to him and hoped that he didn't hate her for it. Hopefully she would see him again and his last memory of her would not be that.

The police officers turned to David and asked who he was.

"I am a friend of Michelle," he answered truthfully. It was a little early in their relationship to say boyfriend although after their date he was hoping it would head that direction.

"There are some family members on their way here, but won't be here for an hour or so. Are you able to stay with the ladies until then," the police officer asked.

David had never been in this situation and wasn't sure what do to do. "I guess I can, but really don't know how to handle this kind of thing," he answered the officers.

"You really don't need to do anything except be here for support," they told him. One of the officer's saw a liquor cabinet. "It might be good for them both to have small drink to settle their nerves."

"Both?", David questioned them. "Michelle is underage."

"We know, but they both need something to take the edge off. Just wait till we are gone. Nothing for you though especially if you are going to be driving home," they added.

The officers then left. David went ahead and fixed them both a rum and coke and brought them to them. They both accepted and said a meek, "Thank you."

Mother and daughter both drank some of their drink and it did seem to have a calming effect on each of them. Michelle then noticed that David was still there sitting across from them unsure of what to do.

"David if you need to get going, it's alright. We'll be okay," Michelle said.

"No it's fine. I don't mind staying until your family members get here."

Michelle detected the genuine concern in his voice and was quite impressed by it. Most of the guys she previously had dated probably would have dropped her at the curb when they saw police cars in the driveway. Knowing how close David and Laura were she suggested, "You should call Laura and let her know why you aren't home. She's probably waiting for you to compare notes on our dates."

Despite the situation everyone sort of laughed at that. Although it seemed strange to David, he thought it was good that Michelle could make a joke in the middle of her grief. David did call home and Laura answered the phone. David told her what had happened. Laura said she'd let their parents know and that she would wait up for him.

Michelle's uncle and aunt from her mom's side of the family arrived shortly. Michelle walked to the porch with David. She gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek and thanked him for everything he did that night. As he left she told him, "I hope our next date is a little less dramatic."

As David walked to his car almost forgot about the death of Michelle's father. "YES!!!" he said quietly to himself. "She wants to go out again."

Laura was waiting up for her brother. She gave him a hug and sat with him for a bit. Michelle had been right she had wanted to talk about their dates, but right now she wanted to make sure her brother was okay. "How are you doing Davy," she asked.

"I'm okay, I am more concerned about Michelle and her mom right now. I just want to do whatever I can to help them through this."

"I do too, I called Ted to tell him what happened. It was kind of strange how he reacted. It was almost as though it was one of his family members too. Anyway he thinks the three of us should go to the funeral when the time comes to support Michelle. I agree with him."

They both sat quietly for awhile neither saying much until they both fell asleep on the couch together.

After the funeral for Michelle's dad, Michelle went back to being her normal high spirited self.

She and David continued date as well as Laura and Ted.

David found he was falling in love with Michelle and Laura was falling in love with Ted.

There was one thing lacking in their relationships though, things had not turned very physical. It is the one thing that both Laura and David thought would be different than if they dated their friends who were more academically inclined.

From an emotional and intellectual point for them things were great. Ted wanted to be a lawyer which blended well with Laura's desire to major in political science. Michelle wanted to study archeology which blended with David's plans to major in history.

Laura and David could not figure out why neither Michelle or Ted seemed to be interested in a physical relationship as well.

Part 2 – Frustration and Discovery

It had been another frustrating date night for both Laura and David. Both had managed some passionate making out and heavy petting with their dates but that was as far as either of them had gotten.

They got home about the same time and could tell their dates had gone the same for each of them. David didn't even have to ask his sister as he got them both a glass of wine and sat down on the couch with her.

"What is wrong with us?" Laura asked rhetorically. "I am more than ready to give myself to Ted and he just keeps putting me off. Now he says he wants to wait until prom night and before that it was spring break. He found an excuse saying his parents cancelled their travel plans so he didn't have the house to himself. We don't need his house. We're old enough to get a hotel room, and to be honest I am to the point I don't care if I lose my virginity in the back seat of his car."

"I don't know Sis. Michelle is the same way. I really thought it was going to be tonight for us. Things were getting pretty hot and she actually was letting me unbutton her blouse. Then out of the blue she gets a text from her mom saying things were slow at the hospital and she was coming home early, She made me leave since she wasn't supposed to have anyone over while her mom was at work. So here I am," David said. Both of their glasses of wine had gone down quickly so David got up to get them a refill. This time he brought the bottle back with him.

Laura took her glass and downed it in one sip and quickly refilled emptying the bottle. "Is there still any of that scotch left?" she asked. She was referring to a bottle of very high quality scotch David managed to sneak away from one of the dinner parties their parents had hosted.

"Yes, I hid it in the back of the top shelf above the fridge," David answered. "Want me to get it?"

"I"ll get it Davy."

Laura got up taking their glasses and the empty bottle and walked toward the kitchenette. She needed to stand on a chair to reach the bottle. When she did her skirt rode up and exposed her thong covered bottom. David noticed and for the first time saw his sister in a sexual way. He quickly dismissed the thought blaming it on already being worked up from his date with Michelle and the wine starting to affect him.

Laura poured them each a glass over ice and returned and sat down next to David. The scotch was aged so the ice really wasn't needed. They drank the scotch a lot slower than the wine.

"This hits the spot," Laura said as she had a few small sips. The alcohol was working its way into her system and she started to relax. "Sorry I unloaded everything on you like that Bro. I know you're having the same issues with Michelle."

"That's okay Sis. I'm always here no matter what's on your mind," David told her.

They sat in silence as they finished their scotch lost in their own thoughts and enjoying the feeling of it absorbing into their system. When they finished David got up taking his sisters hand as she stood up. David gave Laura a kiss on her cheek and she hugged him in return and said goodnight.

They both headed toward their rooms needing to relieve the sexual frustration they both felt.

Despite their earlier sexual activities and the relaxing affect of the wine and scotch, both teens seemed to be having the same problem satisfying themselves. They were still trying to figure out why their dates were not receptive to their advances.

Laura was starting to think that maybe she was just sexually unattractive. She had to know if something was wrong with her. In desperation she got off of her bed and threw a robe over her naked body and walked through the bathroom and knocked on David's door. She didn't have to ask if she could come in but waited a few seconds knowing her brother was probably as naked as she was and give him time to pull the covers over himself.

David quickly pulled the covers over himself hiding his semi-erect cock from his sisters view as she entered his room and sat on his bed.

"David... I need you to be totally honest with me about something. I don't want you to tell me things because you're my brother and don't want to hurt my feelings," Laura told him straight up. "Promise me you'll tell me the truth."

"You know I've always been straight up with you," David responded. "Whatever it is you want to ask I promise to tell you what I think."

The adrenaline and need to know the truth had overpowered the effects of her earlier drinking. She was stone sober as she stood up next to the bed, untied her robe, and let it fall to the floor. She stood totally nude in front of her brother for the first time since they were young children.

"David, I know I am not as sexy as your girlfriend, but shouldn't this body excite a guy sexually?" Laura asked. She slowly turned around letting giving David the second view of her firm rear end that night, only this time there was not a thong to cover it.

David was in a slight state of shock as he looked at Laura's naked body. He already knew she had a beautiful face and his eyes wandered to her breasts. They were quite firm and seemed to be the perfect size for her build. What really intrigued him were her nipples. The aureole were much smaller than ones he'd seen in any pictures or videos. They were not any bigger than a nickel and light brownish pink in color and the actual nipples were smaller than normal also. His eyes drifted lower over her smooth flat stomach. Her bush was neatly trimmed the lips of her pussy just barely exposed. Her legs were nice and he continued looking downward to her feet all the way down to her toenails painted a dark shade of red matching the polish on her fingernails.

He looked deep into his sister's emerald green eyes and told her. "Your body is incredible Laura." If words alone were not enough to convince her the tent in the bedsheets made by his hard cock did.

Laura barely heard her brother's compliment as she noticed his cock becoming erect under the sheets. David noticed where she was looking. Nervously she asked, "Can I see it Davy?"

David nodded as Laura reached down and started to pull the sheets down exposing his naked body. A gasp escaped from her mouth when his cock came into view. It wasn't as big as ones she'd seen online, but she thought it would be big enough to satisfy most girls. Still naked she sat on David's bed and her hands explored his body. It was more a clinical examination than sexual. She eventually took his cock in her hand. She loved how it felt. It was warm and felt alive, unlike the few vibrators she had.

David's hands explored his sister's body as well. Again it was not meant to be sexual. Still her nipples hardened as he explored her breasts. His hands moved lower feeling the gentle curves of her waist and hips. Moving inward his fingers lightly grazed the wet lips of her pussy.

Feeling the fire igniting inside her, Laura got up. Her hand moved up the length of David's cock before releasing it. She was not sure what to say. "Ugh... .thanks Davy. I feel a little better about myself. I better get back to my room." She picked up her robe and returned to her room. In her hurry she left both doors to their shared bathroom wide open.

His sister wasn't even out of the room when David wrapped his hand around his cock imagining it was still Laura who was holding it. His other hand went to his face still wet with the juices from her wet pussy. As he tasted her juices he simply held his cock repeating what she had done.

When Laura got back into her room, she got a vibrator from her dresser before laying back on her bed. Unlike earlier she was already on the brink of an orgasm. She slid the vibrator over the wet slit of her pussy imagining it was a nice hard cock. It wasn't her boyfriend's cock she was thinking of but rather the one she held in her hand just moments ago. Her other hand held and explored her breast just as David had held it. Just as she was about to cum, Laura did something she had never done before and shoved the vibrator deep into her pussy.

Just as David reached his own orgasm and started shoot jet after jet of cum which landed on his chest, He heard his sister scream from her room.

"Ohhh fuck! DAVEY!"

The scream was a mixture of pleasure and pain. The vibrator had busted her cherry as she had reached a climax and stretched her pussy with its length.

David wasted no time passing through the bathroom to his sister's room to see what was wrong. He wasn't prepared to see Laura removing a vibrator from her pussy wet with a mixture of her juices and blood. It quickly registered in his head what had happened.

Laura saw her brother standing next to her. His cock was still partially hard and it looked like cum on his chest. In a brief thought of modesty she pulled the bedsheets over herself.

"Are you alright?" he asked, not sure of what to say or do.

"I think so... I guess I got a little carried away. I wasn't planning on doing that and it hurt like hell. I am still pretty sore down there," Laura replied. "I'll be alright. Do you think you could start me a warm bath?"

"Sure Sis...."

David went to the bathroom and started the water in the bathtub. It finally clicked in his head he was naked and still covered with his own cum. He took a washcloth and cleaned himself up and wrapped a towel around his waist. Wetting another washcloth he returned to Laura's room and handed it to her.

"Thanks Davy...." she said as she took the cloth from him and reached beneath the covers to clean herself up a little.

David noticed the sheets were stained with her blood. "Why you're soaking in the tub, I'll take care of changing these sheets for you."

Laura got out of bed and started to reach for her robe but stopped. "Why bother now...he's already seen me in a most intimate way," she thought to herself. As she headed toward the bathroom she felt a little unsteady in her legs. She briefly thought about asking David to help her, but the thought of his touch no mater where made her change her mind. It might re-ignite the fire she felt earlier between her legs.

David went to the linen closet and grabbed some clean sheets and proceeded to change the sheets to Laura's bed. Despite what he'd already seen that night he gave her some privacy and did not cut through the bathroom to return to his own room. When he spotted the bottle of scotch he thought they both could use a little and poured them each a small amount and went to his room. He put on a pair of running shorts and t-shirt and sat on his bed listening for his sister to finish in the bathroom.

Soaking in the tub helped ease the soreness Laura was feeling. She was still shocked at herself that it was her brother she was thinking about when she busted her cherry. She heard David back in his own room. She wanted to talk to him even though she was unclear in her head about what.

"David... can we talk?" she said loud enough for him to hear.

David walked closer to the open door but stood outside still wanting to give her privacy. "Yea... I guess" David said.

"You might as well come in. It's not like we have anything left to hide from each other," Laura responded.

David entered the bathroom and sat down on the floor next to the tub. Laura had mixed feelings that he had put some clothes on. She liked the sight of his naked body as much as it seemed he liked hers. She thought it was respectable of him to sit on the floor where he could not see her naked body instead of sitting on the toilet where she would have been in full view. He set her glass scotch on the side of the tub and took a small sip of his.

"I'm sorry I barged in on you like that," David stammered. "The way you screamed and called my name, I thought you hurt yourself and needed help."

Laura thought to herself for a minute realizing she called his name in passion and not for help before replying, "I kind of did hurt myself, just not like you probably expected. You did the natural thing and came to see what was wrong. I'm sorry you had to see me acting so.... so...." She didn't know how to put it.

David filled in the word for your saying, "human. It's okay, let's face it I was pretty much in the same condition."

Laura took a small sip of her scotch as well which helped ease the tension she was feeling.

"Well thanks for everything you did. I'm not sure many guys would have gone to the trouble you just did for me. Even changing the sheets on my bed."

"Not a problem Sis. You probably should go get some new sheets tomorrow. I don't think the stains will come out. The one's I put on were for the bed in the guest room and they really don't match your comforter."

"Yes, you're probably right," Laura said. "Would you come with me to the mall when I do? I would like your opinion on something again."

"Gee Laura it's just a set of bedsheets. Why would you want my opinion?"

"Not on that. I want to start looking for a prom dress. I want to find something that is classy but sexy at the same time. Something that Ted won't be able to resist. I think you're the perfect choice to help me find that dress."

"Okay," David agreed. He wasn't sure it was a great idea, given his reaction earlier to Laura's body. Now she wanted to try on sexy prom dresses and get his opinion.

"Hand me a towel Davy," Laura requested.

David got up and got his sister a towel and handed it to her as she stood up and started drying herself. She didn't seem to mind him still being there. David excused himself to go back to bed.

Laura returned to her room. She climbed into bed naked which she did not do that often. Feeling the most sexually satisfied that she ever had she fell into a deep sleep.

The next day David and Laura went to the mall as planned. They first stopped and picked up a new set of bedding for Laura's bed. Not only did she decide to get new sheets but ended up getting a new comforter as well. David just tagged along and did not say much.

Then Laura took David's hand in hers and headed out shop for Laura's prom dress. After trying on several and not really finding out she wanted she found what she thought would be the one. David's eyes grew wide as his sister emerged from the dressing room. She was wearing a strapless red gown that plunged nearly to her navel. It had tiny sequins that lined the edges further accentuating her breasts and fair skin. As she turned around the dress seemed to fit perfectly and was very flattering to her figure.

The clerk that was assisting them noticed the bulge in David's pants. She looked at Laura and told her, "I think your boyfriend approves", as she looked back to David's erection. Laura looked too and and found herself to be aroused at the sight and remembering the night before when she held his erection in her hand. The cost of the dress was a little more than Laura had budgeted. David saw the look in his sister's eyes that it was indeed the dress she wanted and offered to pay the difference.

Laura responded, "Well I can pay for the dress if you can help me pay for a few more things."

"Sure," he said. He thought it fair since the cost for him to rent a tux was only a fourth of what it costs for the girls to outfit themselves for the special night. He thought about how Michelle would have looked in the same dress his sister chose and decided she would not look nearly as good.

After they made a few quick alterations to the gown, Laura paid for it and again took David's hand as they walked to the next stop. David grew a little embarrassed as they walked into Victoria Secrets. As Laura looked through panties to wear with the outfit, she found a matching bra and panty set she liked that were the same material and color of her dress, She held it up and asked, "Well Davy, what about this?"

David looked at it. The panties were the tiniest thong he had ever seen. The bra was only a half cup bra which would expose most of her breasts. "I am far from a fashion expert, but I don't think the dress you picked you can wear a bra. Besides it looked great on you without one." David now imagined his sister wearing the bra and panty set she picked out and again started to get an erection.

"You're right I don't need a bra with the dress, but it might be useful for after the prom," she giggled and winked at her brother. Laura eyed his erection and knew she again had made the right choice. She leaned toward David and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "I think this will do it then," she said. "Does the offer still stand that you'll pay for them?" she asked.

"Of course," he answered and he reached for his wallet and pulled out his debit card to pay for the items.

As they started to leave the mall they walked past a jewelry store. David thought of a few items missing. This time he put his arm around Laura and led her into the jewelry store. He picked out a pair of earrings for her. They weren't diamonds of course but they had the desired affect. Then he spotted one more item it was a diamond heart shaped necklace. Laura liked the one he chose. "If I am not being too greedy, would you get me that one?" she asked pointing to one that had two hearts entwined. She wanted it more to symbolize the love she and David shared.

David smiled and agreed. Laura wanted to start wearing the necklace and asked David to help her put it on. David waited for her to turn her back toward him but she just stood there looking into his eyes. When David put his arms around her neck and put the necklace on her, she wrapped her arms around his neck and again kissed him on the lips. This time the kiss lingered a few seconds. "You're the best brother a girl could ever hope for," she told him.

That night when they returned from their dates, David had changed into a t-shirt and shorts. While Laura changed for bed he poured them each a glass of wine and sat on the couch and waited for the usual nightly talks or just watching the news.

When Laura emerged from her room David dropped his glass of wine right in his lap. Laura was wearing the bra and panty set they had bought at the mall that day. Seeing he spilt his wine she walked over and picked up the glass from his lap and went to refill it for him. She also grabbed a towel. She sat down next to her brother and proceeded to blot up the spilled wine from his lap. When things were cleaned up she handed David his glass of wine. She was also wearing the earing's and necklace David had bought her.

Laura looked at David and said, "I wanted you to see how good the things you bought for me looked. I also wanted your opinion again." Laura hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the panties. David was wondering if she was about to take them off. Instead she ran her thumbs down the inside as David's eyes followed. She didn't intend too, but when her thumbs passed over her clit she let out a soft moan.

She wanted to draw his attention to the small tufts of pubic hair sticking out both sides of the panties. "Do you think Ted would like it better if I shave down here or just trim it?"

David shocked Laura with his reply, "I like your pussy with hair on it, so I think you should just trim it."

Laura drank some of her wine and said, "Top this off for me and I'll be back in a few minutes."

David filled Laura's wine glass the rest of the way and returned to his seat. He couldn't help but start stroking his hard cock, but quickly stopped when Laura returned to the room. The tufts of pubic hair sticking out the sides of her panties were gone. This time Laura did completely remove her panties to show David her neatly trimmed bush. Standing in front of him she began running her fingers through her bush imagining it was David's fingers. "Is this how you like your sister's pussy Davy? With a nice trimmed bush?" She sat next to her brother and began to rub her nipples against his arm as she continued to play with her pussy. "Go ahead Davy, play with your cock. I am flattered I can turn somebody on even if you are my brother." She withdrew a wet finger from her pussy and ran it under David's nose.

David could not help himself as he pulled his shorts off. With one hand he started to stroke his hard cock. Laura wasn't expecting it but he took her wrist of the hand she was holding under his nose and started to lick the finger and taste the juice from his sister's pussy. Laura almost came right then. Her hand returned to her pussy as she slowly slid a finger in and out and rubbed her clit with the other hand. As she watched David stroke his hard cock she couldn't help but wish it was moving in and out of her instead of her finger. David watched his sister fingering her pussy and wished the same thing.

David stopped long enough to remove his t-shirt. Laura did the same to remove her bra. They both put an arm around the other as the continued to pleasure themselves. Laura positioned herself so her bare breasts were against her brothers chest. Each wanted to move their hands and pleasure the other instead of themselves. Inside they both felt they shouldn't because they were in love with Ted and Michelle. This session of mutual pleasure was brought on by the lack of a physical relationship with their boyfriend and girlfriend. At least that is what the told themselves.

David remembered the softness of his sister's lips from the kisses at the mall. He ran his free hand through Laura's hair and gently pulled her toward him and their lips met. It wasn't the wild passionate kiss that you would expect two people to exchange in their situation, but rather a tender loving kiss. It was only a few seconds after they began kissing that they reached their orgasms.

Since David had tasted her juices earlier Laura wanted to to taste his cum and began licking it off of his chest where it landed. When she finished David laid Laura on her back and licked the wetness from her thighs. It was very difficult for him to not devour her pussy with his tongue and make her cum again.

Neither sibling wanted to retire to their own room after what they just shared so they covered themselves with a blanket and fell asleep in each others arms on the couch.

Laura and David didn't talk much about their sexual encounter with each other in the weeks that followed, although they each pleasured themselves nightly thinking about it.

They had become very casual about being naked around each other. They shared their bathroom without regard to if one of them was in the shower and even occasionally showered together although there was no real sexual contact or intent. They would however occasionally wash each other's back. Laura especially liked to have David wash and brush her hair for her.

What came to a surprise to each of them was the apparent melting of resistance to physical contact between them and Ted and Michelle. They went on separate dates rather than double dating as they usually did. Neither couple went all the way but both Ted and Michelle assured their partner that prom night would be a very special night.

David and Laura started to feel some guilt over what they had done now that Michelle and Ted seemed to be advancing toward a more physical relationship. Their sexual fantasies gradually started to return to what would happen on prom night rather than their sexual encounters with each other.


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