This is a true story about my ongoing sexual relationship.

Gesturing with his eyes, he drew me in closer. On the pretense of wiping off his table, I leaned in and held my ear close to his lips. "Come to my house tomorrow night," he whispered in my ear. "Eight o'clock. Be prepared to stay the night."

Standing square shouldered, I locked our gaze so he could see the joy filling me. "Certainly Mr. Andrews, it will be my pleasure," I said with a broad grin. My ex boyfriend had been successfully kicked to the curb and I was free to pursue whatever he had in mind. Since our first encounter my thoughts continually drifted to him, those thoughts always leaving me wet and wanting. Not only was my schedule clear but with my folks still away I had no fear of leaving any unanswered questions behind. Taking his empty glass, I turned and wagged my bum seductively as I strode to the bar. When I returned to his table I found him gone and his tip included cab fare. 'Classy and discreet,' I thought. This was not your average man, not by a long shot.

At a moment before eight o'clock my taxi pulled into his driveway. What I did know of him was his attention to detail so I'd been very careful to arrive when told to. Yes, when told to. I liked that. A man commands, no simpering or suggesting but demands and expects his needs to be properly addressed. The thought heightened my anticipation. I wasn't only visiting, I was doing as I was told. It set a precedent. He had taken control so I was not merely showing up, I was obeying him. I hadn't the time to analyze why the notion warmed me the way it did but I was almost giddy with that warmth.

With a flutter in my chest I knocked on the door. "Come in," he called through the door. I opened it and as I entered I saw him rise from his easy chair to greet me. Seeing a mat for my shoes, I quickly slipped them off my bare feet and set my bag down next to it. As I rose to stand upright he stopped right in front of me, reached out and taking my head in his massive hands, he cradled it and drew me to his lips. He kissed me fiercely as I rose to my tiptoes and kissed him back. There was no mistaking the hunger in that kiss. His desire for me filled my heart to bursting.

"Mr. Andrews!" I exclaimed with a wide smile. "Let a girl catch her breath!" . But there was no time for that. Without so much as a word or gesture he scooped me off my feet and carried me to his bedroom and tossed me onto his huge four poster bed. Before I could react, he pulled my shirt off over my head, released my bra and reached for my skirt. I rolled back as he tore it and my panties off me in one bold stroke. Climbing onto the bed he began to kiss me all over and roughly feel me up. I instantly and fully surrendered.

I'd never known such confidence and naked desire from a man as I did in that moment. It was new and exhilarating. I felt as though I couldn't catch my breath. His strength was incredible, his urgency unstoppable, not that I wanted him to. Sensing such desire crammed full every facet of my consciousness, filling me with an all consuming need. Wanting to or not, there would be no giving of myself, I was going to be taken as a starving man would attack a hot savory meal. I was going to be devoured whether I wanted it or not. It inflamed me beyond anything I'd ever imagined.

I wasn't wrong. This was no love making, it was pure lustful carnal sex. For no reason other than to see how he'd react, I fought him and pushed him back only to find I was indeed helpless. Now naked, regardless of my will, he fucked me, even overpowering me when it suited him. Elements of fear, lust and thrill made my head swim and my heart pound. He manhandled me until I was totally at his mercy, then I was railed and ram fucked and violated so I felt like I was being used for his selfish sexual gratification. I loved it, all of it in every way.

Afterward, I laid on my back, semen oozing from my throbbing kitty and tried to catch my breath, Mr. Andrews laying beside me panting. "Good evening Mr. Andrews," I said between gulps of air, "and such a nice greeting from you."

"Fuck me!" he exclaimed breathlessly. "Did I ever need that."

"I would have, but you never gave me a chance."

"What?" he asked, distractedly as he lay staring at the ceiling, the back of his hand resting on his forehead.

"Fuck you," I replied. "You said, 'fuck me!' which I would have, but you never gave me a chance. I'd ask if that hit the spot but I'm sure you know you hit mine over and over and over again."

Turning to me, propping his head up on his hand so he could see my face, he grinned mischievously as he said, "I'm so glad you came. And came and came." I started to giggle then laugh out loud which infected him until we were both laughing. "Come on, let's go for a good long soak in the hot tub," he said getting up.

Sitting opposite one another in the hot water and cool air, we relaxed in comfortable silence. I knew he'd asked me here for a night of sex but somehow I sensed he had a greater purpose. Although he looked relaxed and content I could see through the wisps of vapor an underlying tension in his brow. I remained silent and let him take his time.

"I'm very happy you came to visit. I wasn't sure if you had reservations about seeing me here again."

"No, none. I like you Mr. Andrews and you were just what I needed when I needed it. I knew I was coming to see you for some good sex but that was a bit startling. Not complaining though," I replied with a thin smile while studying his ruggedly handsome face.

"I need to know before we go on and get deeper into this; what do you expect?"

"I'm not sure what you mean," I asked coyly.

'What I mean is, this 'relationship' we have, it can't be anything you're used to. What do you expect of it, where will it go?"

With an evil smile I said, "sex, sex and more sex. I've never had sex with a mature man before. I mean, I thought I had because my last boyfriend was older than me, but it was nothing like what you do to me. You make me feel very vulnerable and young and it's a little intimidating, but not in a bad way. I've thought of you every day, every hour since then, and hoped you would want to take another go at me. I was so happy you told me to come tonight, and maybe a bit surprised. I know you said you wanted to see me again but I wasn't really sure if you were just trying to be nice because I was so upset that night."

His smile looked almost relieved, or perhaps assured. "I've given you quite a bit of thought since then. I've been attracted to you since the moment I laid eyes on you. I never thought we'd be here like this though, although I hoped it could happen somehow."

"Me too I think. I found you very sexy and, I don't know, unattainable? Scary, for sure. Don't be mad, but any sexy thoughts I had of you were kinda dirty. I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have said that!"

"No no, that's okay, and honest. What I want to say is that I want honest. You're a girl but no silly child. You could actually be the smartest person I know and it's sexy as hell, not to mention that bod of yours and I think you're way prettier than you think you are."

"My," I said, blushing badly. "Are you trying to flatter me Sir? You already have me in case you haven't noticed."

"I've noticed," he grunted. "What I, we, need to sort out is what the both of us expect moving forward."

"You make it sound like a business deal," I said flatly, not sure I liked the tone the conversation was taking.

"It is a business deal of sorts. I'm sure this is a different situation than you've ever been in before. I'll be blunt then. Do you expect us to go to the movies and parties with your friends and invite me over to dinner to meet your family?"

"NO!, when you put it that way. I see what you mean now. You want honest? then here it is. My father would kill you if he knew what we just did and my Mum would die, not to mention I'd be fired. I'm not ashamed but yes, it's complicated, very complicated. I sure don't wanna stop though!"

"Neither do I."

"Hmmm. How do you see it then?"

"Still being blunt then, wanna be my fuck toy?"

I sat there in silence, my mind beginning to race. A fuck toy. Do I want to be a fuck toy. If that's what I was just then when I walked in the door, then yes, hell yes. It didn't sound flattering but it did sound strangely exciting. "WeeEell, what does 'fuck toy' mean to you?"

"It means you are not a guest here, at least not in the usual sense. I practically raped you when you walked in the door. I'm guessing you pretty much liked it though. I know I did, and I want to do it again. I want it to be that when you come to visit me on my turf that you are here for my pleasure, any pleasure, assuming you find that pleasurable. You started out being my waitress, serving me, that's me in charge and you doing my bidding. Here it's the same but with your whole body, and mind too for that matter."

"So I'm not your girlfriend, just someone you bang," I spat back.

"Yes and no."

Again I sat in silent reverie. So that's it, just like that. It made some real sense though. At that moment I felt a warmth begin to grow in my kitty. My logical mind was fighting this and was more than vaguely insulted too but my libido wasn't. Going there I found I was able to get wildly aroused. I realized I'd been quiet for some time and lost in my own thoughts. Looking through my haze I saw he was patiently studying my face. No, this was not your average man, not by a long shot.

"Go on."

"Out there, in the real world we are exactly what we've been to one another and I want everyone involved to see it that way too. This will be our dirty little secret. I know you have a life and I don't expect you'll jump just because I want to see you, but when we do, here or where we go together, then the game is on. That's what I want and also what I think will work for both of us considering the 'complication' of us."

Again I fell silent. It did make sense in a kind of gross sort of way. A fuck toy. No, it certainly didn't sound dignified, maybe even a little humiliating but it made sense of a difficult situation. I'd just done the boyfriend/girlfriend thing and hated how I felt in the end and how it ended. And even contemplating it I sure felt dirty. But if I'm being honest with myself then I have to admit that I like feeling dirty. The dirtiest thing I've done was way more dirty than this and I cum the best when I think of it while masturbating. Suddenly I was aware of a grim smile on my face which I could see he was reading.

Just good old fashioned animal sex. I did say that, that first morning after and I definitely meant it. The more I rolled the thought around the more sense it made. Not because it sounded logical but on a level I didn't fully understand it was inflaming me.

"So, what does a dirty little fuck toy do in Mr. Andrews' house?"

"Think about any toy you've had. It's there when you want to play with it. It doesn't say 'no' or 'play with me this way or that', it's merely enjoyed by you as you choose to play with it when you want to play with it. You're no inanimate toy though. I know and respect that you have thoughts and passions and desires. One thing's for sure, I like you naked and fully available to me and my touch, inside and out, any time I like."

"My my, that would make me a dirty little fuck toy wouldn't it?"

'Yes it would and I've noticed you've added 'dirty little' to the title."

"Well, next to you I certainly am little and to behave that way would be more than a little dirty, don't you think?"

"Of course. That's why I like it," he said with that big warm disarming smile of his. "Deal?" he asked, extending his hand.

After a short pause I said, "deal. But, don't you think a dirty little fuck toy should suck you off on it rather than shake on it?"

With a face splitting grin he said, "you bet!"


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